Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Mentalist, NCIS, S.H.I.E.L.D., Blacklist, Bones, Hannibal and More

The Mentalist Lisbon Boyfriend SpoilersWho is The Mentalist‘s rival for Lisbon’s affections? Will NCIS host an U.N.C.L.E. reunion? What surprises does S.H.I.E.L.D. have on tap? Who’s hungry for romance on Hannibal? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Matt, we heard that Lisbon is a getting a boyfriend on The Mentalist. What can you tell us about this guy? –Charlie
He sounds like a catch! FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike, who debuts in Episode 16, is described as “a charming man with integrity, a blue collar cop with FBI smarts.” When he brings in Jane and Lisbon to help track a band of art thieves, he takes an instant shine to the latter and sets out to sweep Lisbon off her feet. He’ll be around for at least five episodes, maybe more.

Will Robert Vaughn ever make a guest appearance on NCIS, paired up with David McCullum? I’d love to see a Man from U.N.C.L.E. reunion. –Bill
As would many readers of/writers to my column. I asked show boss Gary Glabserg about such a reunion, and he said that while the idea has “never been formally presented,” it has “always been something that’s in the ether, but then never materializes. But it’s something worth talking about, that’s for sure.”

Absolutely loved NCIS “Kill Chain” and I’m so ready for the upcoming episode, “Double Back”. But is this going to be the token “McGee angst” episode for the season, or is this emotional fallout going to continue on? –Leilani
No, I am hearing that the “McGee angst” will not be 100 percent nipped in the bud in the very next episode.

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Any word/news/spoilers/intel/info/revelations about The Blacklist? –Elisa
Episode 13 will introduce us to our second female Blacklister, Madeline Pope – and this gorgeous and formidable businesswoman has a bit of a (ahem) “past” with Red. In fact, one of them might end up “tied up” by episode’s end.

Just wondering why we are only getting to see one NCIS: LA in January. As a fan I am not happy. –Sharon
Does it turn your frown upside-down at all to hear that in trade you’ll get many fresh episodes in February/March…?

Do you have info on the upcoming season of Hannibal? I’d take any morsel of info you can find. –Hannah
Here’s a juicy morsel, indeed. Toward the end of Season 2, we will meet the recurring character of Margot, a patient of Dr. Lecter’s who has issues stemming from her serial killer twin brother’s abuse of her. (In fact, she once tried to kill her kin in retaliation!) So who, of course, will this broken women strike up a romance with? Yep — Will.

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Can I get some scoop on S.H.I.E.L.D.? –George
Now that we’ve finally been fed scraps of info on Coulson’s resurrection, the next reveal to wow you may involve Skye’s search for her momma. “There’s a lot more to the story of Skye’s parentage than meets the eye, and that comes up in the next couple of episodes,” Clark Gregg told me. “She turns out to have a mystery of her own, one that is as existentially startling and threatening as anything Coulson’s dealing with” — which is saying something! Oh, and Ming-Na shared with us this teaser about an upcoming episode: As Melinda May, “I get to put on an interesting outfit. Let’s put it that way.”

Will we see Johnny again on Justified this season? –Francine
Yes, you shall!

Do you have anything interesting on a Bones that you or Ausiello haven’t previously teased? –Cassidy
I’m not one to bust out the old “Have a Kleenex handy” line, but next Friday’s episode, in which Brennan comes to suspect that squintern Wendall’s hockey injury may be about something more, could very well open up your waterworks, thanks in part to the fine work of Emily Deschanel and director David Boreanaz.

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Matt, please explain how the ratings game works for TV shows. What numbers really matter to CBS/NBC/ABC etc? Which numbers matter to the advertisers? –Tory
Most simply said — and yes, someone will chime in below to nitpick this admittedly rudimentary answer – advertisers at most will give a fig about which of their ads are consumed within three days of broadcast, or the “C3” rating. The networks, understandably, would love to see C7 become the currency, but that’s an uphill battle. The Live+7 DVR viewership is of interest only the networks, as it gives a picture of the potential audience for a show (and also can sometimes nudge along international sales/syndication). I wrote 1,300 largely still-relevant words about it last year.

Just wondering if you have any info on when NBC’s Undateable will air. I was present when the pilot shot, and I thought the show was amazing. –Steve
I just checked with NBC, and there is zero word as of yet.

Any news on a wrap-up episode for The Glades? Just one episode? –Sue
Alas — and I hope Lying Game fans read this, too – it’s not that easy. By the time a show gets cancelled, it’s usually been months since filming on the final season stopped, so the actors are scattered about, the sets have been struck down…. It’s logistically difficult and not financially prudent to start back up the production machine just to bang out an hour of closure. Sorry!

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  1. Aleana says:

    Do you have any scoops of any network doing a women super hero show I’m happy we getting a spin off for Flash but can we get a show with a woman super hero

  2. “Will Robert Vaughn ever make a guest appearance on NCIS, paired up with David McCullum? I’d love to see a Man from U.N.C.L.E. reunion. –Bill
    As would many readers of/writers to my column. I asked show boss Gary Glabserg about such a reunion, and he said that while the idea has “never been formally presented,” it has “always been something that’s in the ether, but then never materializes. But it’s something worth talking about, that’s for sure.””

    Sooner rather than later.

  3. gabi says:

    I cannot wait for the Blacklist. Love me some James Spader!

  4. Luis says:

    I’ve never understood why NCIS producers haven’t made a Vaughn-McCallum reunion happen in all these years, unless the actors have some unknown objection.

    • Claudia says:

      My understanding is that until just recently Robert Vaughn has been tied up acting in a British series and not available. But there’s always hope for a reunion.

    • rav says:

      What we need is Staephanie Powers and Robert Vaugh as Bishops parents. Robert Wagner is already established so we could have a Man from UNCLE and Girl from UNCLE reunion. The Tony hooks up with Bishop have a kid and we have a Granchild from UNCLE.

      • Ede Kline says:

        What we need is for CBS to bite the bullet and BRING ZIVA BACK. Give her the raise she deserves…NCIS is not the same without her. GIVE BISHOP THE BOOT! She has no personality and adds nothing to the series. I have been a NCIS fan since the series began and always caught up on-line if I missed a show; now, I find myself flipping between channels, or not watching at all. Show is boooooooring.

        • Nancy Kochevar says:

          Can Bishop PLEASE SLOW DOWN the speed of her talking?? I love all the characters, but Bishop needs to speak louder and a little slower. I end up listening to the other actors in hopes I can figure out what she just said!

        • flootzavut says:

          The constant drivel about how the show is nothing without Ziva, now that’s boring.

      • To be hones, I’d rather see a Stephanie Powers/Robert Wagner reunion than a SP/RV one. I’d love to see her be a potential stepmom for Tony!

    • Nancy Kochevar says:

      I completely agree-I wish they made a box set of “Man from UNCLE” DVD’s-I would be the first in line!

  5. Duke says:

    “It’s logistically difficult and not financially prudent to start back up the production machine just to bang out an hour of closure. Sorry!”

    I feel like they should start putting an “end of series” clause in their contracts… eg. “In the event of cancellation, parties agree to financing and producing an extra episode to serve as a “finale”, if such content was not produced within the normal episode order.”

    • Duke says:

      ^ With the business reason in mind that selling a series to new consumers in the home video and digital markets would probably be easier if the show had the appeal of not ending on a cliffhanger that leaves gigantic loose ends.

      • Maryann says:

        I know I would not start a series from the beginning if I knew it had a terrible or cliff hanger ending. That should mean something in terms of sales to syndication or a company like hulu, if others feel the same.

    • kelly says:

      Besides, it’s not always the case that a show gets cancelled during it’s season hiatus. If the network lets a shows producers know soon enough, they can make adjustments for THE END. The writers for Wonderfalls and Leverage both suspected that their shows would not be renewed so wrote season-endings that would be acceptable as series-endings but with enough left open to allow for a return.

      Otherwise, the castaways from Gilligan’s Island would have been rescued 11 years sooner. That show was supposed to be renewed but one network exec decided after the 3rd season had wrapped that it would not return. The castaways would not be rescued until they made a tv movie in 1978.

    • Very simple……do a series finale in the middle of the first season and can it…….

  6. Marco says:

    Is the surname of the Margot character in ‘Hannibal’ perhaps… Verger?

  7. prish says:

    about Glades: they need to start producing novels as a show’s windup. i.e., Life, Fast Forward, Terra Nova, etc.

  8. Ally Oop says:

    Both NBC and FOX are taking forever releasing their post-Olympics schedules. Still no word on About a Boy, The Nightshift, Gang Related, Surviving Jack, Crossbones, Wayward Pines and Believe, all shows which I have an interest in.

  9. TW says:

    Okay, I’m missing my usual overdose of scoop and and spoilers on Glee, Scandal and Grey’s. What, no news???? And can we ever, ever please get something on Newsroom?? Pretty please?

  10. Heidi says:

    I saw a commercial advertising “Hostages” returning this fall on CBS yesterday during the the show, “The Talk”…. It’s also online. Is that factual or did someone goof & it’s an old commercial?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I ran this by several people at CBS, and no one has heard of any such promo.

      • Heidi says:

        Well, that shot down all my hopes :) However, should you go to cbs.com & pull up a show called “The Talk” from 1/9/14 that commercial is there. Think it’s within the 2, 3 or 4th commercial break covering multiple commercials…. Obviously, someone made a ‘goof’ by inserting it there…. Thanks for update…..

  11. J says:

    Thanks for The Mentalist scoop!

  12. atlanta says:

    Looking forward to the David Boreanaz directed ep, he always kills it, such a great director with such a good eye.

  13. Kat says:

    OMG… do they kill off Wendell on BONES? He’s literally the ONLY intern I’ve ever cared about :( But it would explain why they’d bring in yet another (male) intern… oh nooo… :'(

  14. Bethany says:

    Could you follow up with the Glades showrunners on what would have happened?

    • Winter says:

      Yes that is all I really want! Just have them tell us what they would have done if renewed and how they would wrap up the show.

  15. N says:

    Yay Hannibal!

  16. AAAAA! Who is playing this Marcus Pike on the Mentalist??

  17. GWC says:

    On your renewal scorecard I don’t see “Reign”. Yet, I used to. Why is it not there?

  18. ida rose says:

    when will celebrity apprentice come on

  19. Todd says:

    Any news on if Haven will be getting another season or is SyFy going to keep us hanging?

  20. EL says:

    Bruno Heller and the deciders on The Mentalist need to revisit what happened with Bones in season 6 and the SO plot arc with the two main characters and the disaster it caused.

    • Lisa says:

      you mean the bones, booth and Hannah thing?

      yep that whole threesome sucked.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Well Jane & Lisbon were never even an unofficial “couple” like Booth & Brennen were before Hannah came into the picture. Yes they are very fond, caring & protective of each other…because they were in fact “best friends”. They couldn’t hope for anything more due to the elephant in the room: Jane’s past. He could not get over the loss of his wife until he killed Red John & briefly went out with Kim (to test the waters)..and still he isn’t fully committed. So don’t expect them to hook up any time soon…particularly given the potential for Lisbon’s bf to stay beyond 5 episodes!

        • “particularly given the potential for Lisbon’s bf to stay beyond 5 episodes!”

          But that potential only lasts one episode as of now, since after episode 16 there is 6 episodes left in the season (There are only 22 episodes this season from what I heard), and it’s uncertain if there will be a 7th season.

          I just hope that Lisbon getting a boyfriend doesn’t start a love triangle. Even though I like the idea of Jane and Lisbon getting together, I’d rather they end any and all possibility of them getting together before introducing Agent Pike.

          • Rich Abey says:

            Well when you apply such a dim look (no Season 7? let’s no hope it comes to pass), yes you are right. But still it more that likely that Mentalist will get a Season 7 due to the following reasons:
            – Ratings are on the upward curve this season compared to the last 2 seasons.
            – CBS has committed a fairly large budget this season, what with the move to FBI Texas.
            – Season 6 so far has been one of the best seasons of the whole series. The serialized approach to ending the Red John arc in the first 8 episodes and the preceding transfer to Texas were high quality stuff.

          • DanBCT says:

            Lisbon is possibly the least believable female law enforcement officer on television, with Van Pelt a close second.
            they gave her a screwed up back story, that didn’t help.
            give her a plausible love interest, I’m all in favor. anyone but Jane.

  21. I would really love to see David James Elliott on a few episodes of NCIS! After all, NCIS is a spin-off of JAG! DJE, CB, PL, KT, SL, ZM, etc. should have a reunion, perhaps on NCIS. That would be great to see DJE assist on a case of NCIS with Mark Harmon. He did say he owed Gibbs one! Is it likely to ever happen?

  22. kath says:

    I had high hopes for it, but at the best of time S.H.I.E.L.D. is only marginally interesting because it seems to much paint-by-the-numbers in terms of both characters and plots. But the worst thing on the show for me is Skye, who seems to be so beloved by the producers that Mary Sue doesn’t even begin to describe her. May is the only one I can tolerate her with; she brings both Coulson and Ward ( her annointed ‘ship) down. The information that there is going to be episodes and more about her backstory makes me run to find something else at 8 on Tuesday to watch.

  23. Has NCISLA closed? I don’t see it listed for Tues. PM @ 9.

  24. I like the idea of Lisbon having a boyfriend. However because he is said to have integrity,I think he’s going to be a lot like Lisbon.

    I just hope that Lisbon having a boyfriend doesn’t cause some type of love triangle. I think it would be for the best not only for fans that want Jane and Lisbon but especially if the plan isn’t for them to get together (Especially since in Lisbon’s FBI file it said “their working relationship teetered closer to something deeper” before Jane killed Red John.) , for them to end any possibility of Jane and Lisbon getting together before they introduce Lisbon’s boyfriend.

  25. Carlos says:

    Will we ever meet Gibbs 3rd wife ??

    • Stephanie says:

      Actually the only one we haven’t seen is his second wife (aka Ex #1). We’ve seen Shannon in flashbacks, and Diane (Ex #2) and Stephanie (Ex #3) have both shown up.

      • Rhonda Roland says:

        No I don’t think they count Shannon his first wife as an EX-WIFE, she was THE wife! The other 3 are EX-WIVES! I still want to know who the red head was that was always picking him up in at least the first 2 maybe 3 seasons? I’ve always believed it was Pam Dawber his real life wife?! Anyone who knows anything please post.

        • Stephanie says:

          That was actually Don Bellisario’s wife, but on the show her character was never given a name nor did we ever find out exactly who she was to Gibbs (I’m guessing girlfriend).

  26. Shiloh says:

    Thanks for the news on ‘The Blacklist’ – my new favorite show. I’m happy it’s finally returning. Spader rocks. :)
    Re: ‘The Mentalist’ – Lisbon is great. One of my favorite female t.v. characters. I was bummed she seemed to be barely there in this week’s episode. So, I take it if there’s a “rival for his affections” then maybe he actually realizes what she means to him and ups his game? That’d be nice. I’m not excited about the new love interest really except for how it pertains to Jane and Lisbon.
    I hope it’s not cancer on ‘Bones’ because, you’re right, I’ll need Kleenex. :/
    Thanks for the scoopage on ‘AoS’ too. The characters are all finally growing on me more. At first only Coulson and Melinda May were the ones who interested me.

  27. Cam says:

    What are your sources here? Is this verified by people involved in production or just rumors? I’m having trouble believing that Bryan Fuller would change Margot’s sexual orientation…

  28. Rhonda Roland says:

    U know folks I never thought I would EVER be saying this but now that Ziva is gone from NCIS & we have such a lively gorgeous unpretentious young lady to replace her, I am SOOOO relieved! I didn’t even realize how sick of of all her heaviness, her brooding, her melodrama, I really was! I admit it took me a whole season to adjust to her in the first place but whee now that she’s gone I’m dancing on air! Don’t get me wrong I was almost as worried as many posters here said they where but looking back I was mostly worried about who they might try to force down our throats but they could not have done a better job! Thank you all at the ” NCIS decision table” & thank God this fresh new talent accepted the role & with such gusto! I think I can watch for another 10-15 years now! Happy happy! I also want to say how entertaining the transition was–each week another surprise “guest agent” & plenty of laughs to cover our pain & loss! So far all in all a VERY GREAT season of NCIS. Sadly, I’m not feeling the same about the changes in “The Mentalist” I surely do hope they will settle back to having wonderful happy times solving crimes—-AT CBI! Who needs another FBI same ole same ole! And just how can Jane pull off all his helpful trickery & shenanigans without the best & funniest “Rube” of them all Rigsby!

    • on NCIS, I like Bishop as a characgter but on the team she is a TERRIBLE addition. her work habits and skills do not fit at all. in the field the guys have to babysit her (can you imagine Kate or Ziva needing to be protected?). In the office she is smart, but she cannot work with the others. she has to be on the floor figuring things out, while the guys stand and gawk. they do NOT have any teamwork. It is them or her. She is a GOOD characgter but she needs to be behind a desk. Her chemistry with the guys is just weird and painful. they look like they are babysitting a little girl. If she was in an office it would be good, it would make sense.
      you know what is a relief to me? Watching old episodes of NCIS with Kate or Ziva. Both FULLY trained fighters who didn’t need to be protected, in fact they protected the guys in the field. They were both the first in teh building. BOth of them were fully trained in teamwork and taking orders. They just had to get used to Gibbs. they had to learn his rules and learn how to investigate. Bishop has NONE of the skills Kate and Ziva spent years acquiring. she is a danger in the field.
      She is a good character, cute. I don’t want cute in a field agent. I want competent and able to hold your own.
      This would work if she was a secondary character sitting at a desk. and they still need some kind of muscle on the field team. man, woman, whoever. They need someone out there who won’t get everyone killed.

    • DanBCT says:

      After Ziva left, this season has been bad. Worst season ever. New agent is boring and should not be in the field. All the other characters are dumbed down, no need to pay them. SHould have gone with NO new agent as opposed to this one. Gave her 4 episodes, I’m done watching.

    • Ede Kline says:

      Then that’s 1 for Bishop and 10,000 who think she is a complete boob!

  29. Hi, Matt! May I have a question? Why hasn’t TVLine posted any Teen Wolf spoilers at all since October? Nothing at all. Zip. Nada. THR, E!Online and others have but you? Not one bit. We get spoilers for shows that won’t be back for months but Teen Wolf is airing right now and nothing from you at all. I just find it really weird.

  30. Carol D says:

    Is Ripper St coming back to BBC?

  31. robin says:

    Blue Bloods could go either way? Figures I finally find a watchable show and it sits on the bubble…my luck is always bad!

  32. thanks for the Blacklist tips. FANTASTIC show. this and SleepyHollow are the best shows of the season for me.

  33. Stephanie says:

    I know she’s tied up with other commitments right now, but I’d love to see Allison Janney on NCIS one day. Her chemistry with Mark Harmon on The West Wing was phenomenal. It’s a treat to revisit those season 3 episodes and see those two play off each other so well.

  34. JoyAnne says:

    In the what to watch tonight column. That episode of The Mentalist is last weeks show.
    Well at least you recommended it. :)

  35. cherry says:

    Bishop is growing on me a little. Have not decided if she really fits into the team. Guess i expected her to be more of a probie, like McGee was when he started. Time will tell.

  36. Pearl says:

    Any word/news/spoilers/intel/info/revelations about The Blacklist? –Elisa
    Episode 13 will introduce us to our second female Blacklister, Madeline Pope – and this gorgeous and formidable businesswoman has a bit of a (ahem) “past” with Red. In fact, one of them might end up “tied up” by episode’s end.

    Am I the only one thinking someone is paying homage to Mama Pope in Scandal???

  37. kelly says:

    Was disappointed in the Gibbs/Mann reunion in “Kill Chain”. I was hoping for a lot of sexual tension (or at least the potential for it) to accompany the great chemistry the two have always had. So much more than Dr Ryan. For the writers to nix the possibility of a romantic reunion so quickly with such a glossed over “I got married” really killed me. Now that she’s back in D.C., there will be many more opportunities for them to work together. If she were still unattached, it could have made for some great re-appearances by Hollis Mann.

    It would also have been nice if she could have said something in the way of condolences over Ziva’s departure and Jenny Shepherd’s death even though Hollis wouldn’t know what really caused it.

  38. Louvernus says:

    Two things..
    1. Why has Tony’s ex-girlfriend Jeanne Beniot drop completely off the earth? I would love to see a scene or two where she appears and need Tony’s help for some reason, or simply frame him for a crime.
    2. Also I agree with a previous post, Bishop is a major step down from Kate, and a Huge step down from Ziva, she is a federal agent who can’t handle herself in the field, not feeling that at all.

  39. daphne says:

    re zivas replacement on ncis i liked the agent cant remember her name who threw herself on a suicide bomber and i thought she had a good personality. tony liked her and she was in various episodes. she cant come back from the dead i suppose shame

  40. William R. Hancock says:

    I continue to be intrigued by the idea by the idea of an NCIS/JAG re-teaming as a two-parter or three-parter. In real terms, both of part of the criminal investigations process of the Navy and NCIS are…in REAL LIFE…FREQUENTLY testifying at Naval Boards or Inquiry or Courts Martials. Its a FACT OF LIFE. So why not SHOW it? And more than once! Would VERY much like to see Harmon Rabb and/or “Mac” MacKenzie turn up at one time or another! Would also…if arrangements with the Glen Larson people could be worked out….(since Bellisario was afilliated in the production)…LOVE to see a Naval Intelligence angled storyline at NCIS that would involve a GUEST APPEARANCE (however brief) by TOM SELLECK as “Captain”(?) “Admiral” (?) Thomas Magnum. I think some storylines that hit on the Rabb/MacKenzie/Magnum characters would knock NCIS’s ratings right out of the ballpark!!!! Talk about killer-diller reunion shows!!!!! Best deal would be a boffo season premiere or some such that would feature ALL the “old school” gang: Magnum, Rabb, AND MacKenzie.

  41. Atcha says:

    Ziva’s languages: French is MUCH better (than Cote’s). Her Spanish is not as good as Cote’s. Yes, bring Ziva back but teach Cote an ISRAELI ACCENT first; Ziva’s English is not supposed to be so American-perfect. Otherwise introduce a French accent to the series – bring in a new face/agent/newbee.
    A Man from U.N.C.L.E. reunion?! Ilya Kuriakin was not a medical Doctor and, if I remember correctly, not a Scot.
    Lisbon. She should develop a stronger character and not be Jane’s side kick. They should work as a team. After all, she is the leader of the group. How about solving some cases without the direct help of Jane?

  42. Nic says:

    Looking forward to seeing all of the new features these TV productions will bring. They all have a great set of characters and a fantastic story line. I gotta catch up on my shows!

  43. Vickie says:

    Is there any chance at all that the powers that be will bring Mike Franks back to NCIS? They could make all that stuff about Mike being sick and then getting killed just one Gibbs dreams. There are lots of us who love Mike and WANT HIM BACK!!!!!!!!

  44. Ray says:

    I always thought it would be cool to see Sam Becket leap into a character on NCIS. The shows both have the same producer (Bellisario).

  45. I am going to be hesident to watch A&E drama when they just cancel their shows with a cliff-hanger like they did with both The Glades and Longmier. If they knew they were going to cancel the dramas DON’T END WITH A CLIFFHANGER!!!