Stephen Amell Teases Arrow's Mirakuru Freak-Out and a First-Of-Its-Kind Oliver/Laurel Scene

Arrow Season 2 SpoilersOliver Queen has been hit with perhaps his biggest blast from the past.

As The CW’s Arrow flew into the holiday break, Oliver was distraught to discover that the Mirakuru serum he first encountered during his island days has found its way to Starling City and into the hands of a mystery man hiding behind a skull mask (aka “Brother” Sebastian Blood).

Yet just like that, the grunts exhibiting superhuman strength that Arrow had grappled with in recent weeks made all the sense in the world. And yet… didn’t. After all, how did the serum that first infected his island pal Slade Wilson find its way to Oliver’s hometown?

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To get answers, as the season resumes Wednesday at 8/7c, “Oliver is obsessed with whomever the guy in the skull mask is,” Stephen Amell tells TVLine. “Like, he’s losing his mind, freaking out because Mirakuru has a tie to the past for him” — and a very haunting one, at that.

“As we’re learning, all the stuff that happened on the island and [on the freighter] was not good,” Amell reminds. “It was stuff that he thought he had buried in the past. So for it to crop back up again is not a good sign.”

And though we, the viewers, are now privy to the connective tissue between Oliver’s past odyssey and Arrow’s present-day crisis, Amell says, “Oliver has no idea” that Slade, too, is in Starling City.

Watch a promo for the winter premiere, then read on for more:

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Elsewhere on the action front, Amell says it’s “extremely exciting” to play with some Batman DNA and bring an al Ghul to town, when Spartacus‘ Katrina Law guests as Ra’s daughter Nyssa in Episode 13, “Heir to the Demon,” and he promises “a really, really good” fight sequence in Episode 14 — one that required him to “slide down a bunch of stairs,” leap over a railing and tussle with toughs who “really aren’t a Arrow Season 2 Spoilers Laurelmatch for me, so I have to find creative ways to take them down.”

Oliver’s personal life portends to be just as bumpy a ride, when, as revealed in TVLine’s Winter Preview special, onetime lady love Laurel (played by Katie Cassidy) hits rock bottom with her drug and booze abuse.

“Oliver’s going to play a part in [that arc], but not in the way you might think,” Amell teases. “Oliver has always been very protective of Laurel, and her moment of clarity, so to speak, happens after an encounter with Oliver unlike one that we’ve ever seen on the show.” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. Maki says:

    One of my fav shows this year, they are killing it and I can’t wait for next week to happen. And I cant wait for the Laurel focus the girl really deserved it.

    • Ella says:

      THIS. I’m really excited to see Laurel’s arc develop and for her to start being a bit more badass as the Canary. Katie Cassidy has been given terrible material so far and it isn’t fair because she’s actually pretty awesome.

      • Naazneen says:

        YES. I have always liked Laurel, apart from her focus as soley a love interest for either Tommy or Oliver. Hope we get some good stuff for her. While i am an Olicity shippper, im kinda silently rooting for Laurel too!

  2. jk says:

    I dislike Laurel. I hope they change their minds about making her the canary.

    • nate says:

      how the hell are they gonna change their minds?? when shes canary in the comics, moron

      • kath says:

        Diggle isn’t in the comics, Tommy is the one who becomes the Dark Archer, and Felicity Smoak is in a completely other universe.

        One thing I appreciate about the Arrow producers, they aren’t afraid to ditch what happens in the comics and go with what works instead.

        The only time I liked Laurel was in her relationship with Tommy. She’s unsympathetic with her parents and a questionable lawyer. The relationship with Oliver so far has been a huge black hole for the series, and I don’t know how Laurel can be made interesting enough for me to want to watch her.

        • Astro says:

          @Kath Felicity is not from another universe fool, she was in the same universe just in a different comic. Tommy was never the dark archer in comics. Don’t talk about comics if you don’t know what you are talking about.
          Fair enough if you dont like Laurel, Laurel/Oliver but come on double standards you like Tommy/laurel. Tommy was a selfish and self centred jerk, he only cared about his needs and feelings, what makes him worse than Oliver is that he does this in present time, doesn’t apoligize and people make him to be a saint. And its clear he was second choice to Oliver in Laurel’s heart anyway. You must be an Oliver/Felicity fan, they only “like” Tommy and Tommy/Laurel when it convenient to you, for obvious reasons duh. Oh I dont know maybe if they kill off Felicity, Laurel might be treated well again to be interesting, since they are currently so obsessed with Felicity. The series as a whole might even be better if she wasnt there to suck up so much screentime.

          • Alan says:

            you do realise that people say “the batman universe” or “the green arrow” universe when talking about specifics that apply to only that character’s world, so its perfectly acceptable to say felicity comes from another universe.
            tommy was the nicest guy in the cast and easily the best character on the show when he was killed, and he even managed to make laurel scenes tolerable last year. and dont try and pigeonhole me as an oliver/felicity fan because i do not care about shipping in the slightest. laurel was never a good character, she has been the weakest part of the show since the very beginning and its slightly delusional to think that felicity is stealing the good characterisation because its utter nonsense that the writers would writer her well and not laurel if they had the option they would both be written well all the time.

          • Jess says:

            Relax, producers/writers haven’t actually been 100% sticking to the comic books, I for one like that they haven’t. As for Katy Cassidy, she is wonderful actress but Laurel is just annoying me so much and she at least according to me doesn’t really have much chemistry with Stephen Amell. I don’t ship anyone with anyone at this point and am just going with the flow. I know according to the comic Oliver and Laurel is the couple but I just don’t feel that with the actors in Arrow. Also Laurel’s character needs better material because she is at this point unbearable for me to watch.

        • Mary says:

          I like that the producers and writers are not a slave to the comics, it makes things more interesting. Also, I’m with you on the whole Laurel issue. Tommy made her likable, and without him she’s blah. Actually in the first season whenever she had a scene that didn’t involve Tommy I was bored.

      • Erin says:

        It’s not like they’ve followed everything in the comics 100% so far. I think it’d be pretty easy to just keep Sarah as the Canary. I find Laurel the most annoying / boring character on the show and wish she had been killed off instead of Tommy.

      • Robin says:

        Could it be because the actress they got for her cant act and not right for the role, now Im all for comics, but this was a mistake casting that makes it impossible to go this route. They cant go back in time so time for plan B, and that plan is to leave Sara/Caity as the Black canary.

        • mongoose22 says:

          Thing is, Katie Cassidy has been in awesome roles, too. Her stint as Ruby on Supernatural was great. But Laurel is frankly a wet blanket on Arrow, and she doesn’t have the requisite chemistry with Ollie IMO.

          • Mikael says:

            I agree. She had chemistry with Dean on Supernatural, but she and Oliver just don’t have it. Laurel is written terribly.

  3. CBWBDK1 says:

    This season has been epic!

  4. Azerty says:

    I am way more interested in Slade, Sara, Ras Al Ghul and Mirakuru than in Laurel’s story. What about the rumor of that guy from Vampires Diaries playing Nightwing? I really want to see him in this serie.

    • Zach says:

      That rumor is for Batman vs. Superman. All rumors point to the DC movie universe and TV universe being two different universes.

      • Azerty says:

        No I think there were 2 rumors: Adam Driver for the movie Batman vs Superman but also Steven McQueen twitted in november that he had a “superhero conversation” with the producers of Arrows. But maybe they were fake that’s why I am asking.

    • Delirious says:

      I’m actually wondering if Oliver being injected with Mirakuru will play a big role as the show moves on – giving him an extra edge, physical/skill-wise… But yeah, I agree with you, Laurel isn’t a real attraction to me, unless it means she’ll become Canary later on. And I’m not sure if I like the idea, since she seems really bland and uninteresting right now, so I wouldn’t like a bland/uninteresting Canary, tbh.

  5. chelle says:

    really hope Felicity gets a storyline soon, she is my favorite character! Woudn’t say no to felicity/oliver scenes either ;)

  6. enri says:

    This season has been amazing. Less Laurel the better.

  7. I really hope that Laurel and Oliver stay platonic. I’m looking forward to seeing him be there for her as a friend. I’m also excited to see how the conflict between Team Arrow and Slade (the serum) plays out, especially now that Roy is involved. Lots of exciting stuff coming up!

  8. Georgia D says:

    So excited about the return of Arrow! Definitely my favorite show atm though please, PLEASE less crying soapy Laurel. (This teaser isn’t pointing to that direction unfortunately).
    I say more Slade in Starling City (Best villain EVER!) and more Team Arrow and Oliver/Felicity.

  9. Jenny says:

    Well, I guess I belong to those viewers who actually like Laurel and I’m happy to see her get a storyline. Of course, of you are disappointed that there is less Felicity/Olicity ship tease, maybe you should join the Olicity fangirls on tumblr, who are threatening to boycott the upcoming episodes. On the other hand, there will be some Olicity in this ep as well-in fact one spoiler site announced that Oliver and Felicity will have “a devastating love quarrel”, so I’m sure the oliciters will get their due as well!

    • Liz says:

      Not really sure why you stating you liking Laurel lead into a bashing of Oliver/Felicity fans. I don’t like Laurel and it has nothing to do with me being an “Oliciter”. Because I’m not. Oliver’s love life is the farthest thing from my mind when it comes to the epic-ness of this show. A lot of people dislike Laurel because she’s a wet blanket and it has nothing to do with Oliver and Felicity sharing screentime. I don’t like her because no self-respecting, strong, kickass woman (which is what she’s supposed to be) would ever let a man like Oliver back into her life after what he did with Sara. Look at that. Nothing to do with Olicity.

    • Mary says:

      I may be a Olicity fan but in my defense I disliked Laurel even before Felicity was introduced. I’m not going to threaten to boycott the show because Laurel has an upcoming storyline that’s supposed to be big, I will just take my time at getting to those episodes.

    • It makes me so sad when people bash Olicity fans and accuse them of hating Laurel. I want Oliver and Felicity to be romantically involved, but that doesn’t mean I dislike Laurel. In fact, I love Laurel. I just don’t think she and Oliver bring out the best in each other. I’m looking forward to all the characters having interesting storylines.

  10. DS says:

    All this hype about Laurel’s storyline in the next few episodes makes me wish she dies a honorable heroic death by the end of this arc, so Sara remains the Canary for the rest of the series.

    • Allie says:

      Yes, 100% agree. Or if they can’t kill her off, at least move on from this booze/drug thing and find her an actually interesting storyline that ties into the much more interesting stuff happening everywhere else on the show.

      • DS says:

        Might be too late for me. Even if the writing stops being awful, I doubt KC has the acting chops to make Laurel compelling anymore.

  11. Wayan says:


    He is the only reason Im excited for these following episodes. Cant wait to see him using his new powers.

    And IM really liking SIN, she is cool.

  12. Mia says:

    Looking forward to more Laurel! :)

  13. wrstlgirl says:

    Don’t like Laurel and I could care less about anything happening with her. I will likely record the show and ff through all her scenes. I enjoy the show so much better that way.

  14. Dan says:

    Lets face it, if they stuck religiously to the comic books then there would be no point in making a TV series. You could just read the comic books. So I’m all for allowing a bit of scope for the writers to mix things up.

    Laurel is an okay character but has seemingly become more and more superfluous to the show. To me, Felicity has taken on the lead female role for the series and the show has been better for it.

    Mixing things up and giving Laurel more screen time is fine, but they need to balance that with whats making the show great. Less Felicity and more Laurel forced on the audience, wouldn’t be perfect in my opinion.

    • K says:

      Noone is saying they should stick to the comics religiously, just a significant amount of it especiallty the most basic elements.

      What would be the point of making a TV series based on a comic when they barely use the material, might as well make another 90210 or Hart of Dixie.

      The season has been better not because of Felicity but because the show Incorporated comic elements. They finally stopped running away from being a comic book show and embraced their comic roots more,with the introduction of superpowers through the miracle drug, the debut of Flash and Black Canary bringing in smashing ratings, a season high.

      • Dan says:

        I wasn’t suggesting that they go away from the material entirely, that would be a bit stupid. I love the comic books and they were the reason I started watching Arrow. But I don’t want to go through the series knowing what the end game will be, it defeats the purpose of watching the show for me.

        Saying something can’t happen because its not in the comic books is so restrictive. Thats what I don’t want to happen, that the stories or characters become restricted.

        Neither was I saying Felicity was the singular reason why the show has been better. The incoporation of the comic elements have definitely been the most significant factor to that end. But I think the increased role for Felicity has certain made it better too, at least for me.

        Her character is eminently more likeable than Laurel. In my own opinion anyway.

  15. Soulfire says:

    Ugh, can’t stand Laurel. Not sure anything can make me like her character–and if Arrow are going to switch out Caity Lotz’s Canary for her, they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Felicity’s Arrow’s new female lead. Accept it.

  16. b says:

    Katie Cassidy is beautiful and she can act will an Emmy or Oscar one day proably not but she dors her best with what she’s given which hasn’t been much. Give her time. I think she’ll make a great canary.

    • Mary says:

      I have nothing against Kate Cassidy, I just don’t like her character of Laurel. As far as saying she’s going to win an Emmy or an Oscar I would say that’s reaching. As for making her the Black Canary I don’t see why the show should bother considering Sara/Caity already rocks.

    • Alan says:

      the only reason “katie cassidy” and “emmy” should ever be in the same sentence is the say that she is awful and will never win one because she is the reason laurel has failed as a character. ive given her time, a season and a half, and literally the only time she was ever tolerable was when colin donnell was in a scene with her as tommy and he was doing all the heavy lifting. im in no way surprised that she has been marginalised by the writers this season in favour of better actors with more interesting stories.

    • Robin says:

      I dont want to wait for the trainwreck and disaster that would be Katie Cassidy as Black Canary, no thanks. I have seen enough of her acting, not just in this show but other projects to not want to see anymore.

      Caity Lotz is leaps and bounds ahead of Katie Cassidy in pretty much everything acting talent, likability, chemistry, physical prowess, there is no reason to downgrade, we have the best possible Black Canary with CL.

    • K says:

      URgh! Be realistic when you SAY what you say.. She horrible in ARROW..It’s not bashing, it’s the truth!

  17. I want them to get over this Laurel arc soon so they can push her back into oblivion. The first half of the season was so good with very little of her.

  18. Patrick Maloney says:

    I really hope they give us a sort of one-off episode with Oliver focusing more on Shrapnel than the big storyline

  19. Alan says:

    kill off laurel, give caity lotz the spot in the main cast currently filled with the talentless black hole that is katie cassidy, and give paul blackthorne more to do and i will be very happy with the people in charge.

    • K says:

      Totally agree with you but it’ll NEVER happen..CW/ARROW is so insisted on making “laure” BC that they don’t SEE what a TERRIFIC BC Sara makes..It’s utterly disgusting and pathetic of CW!

  20. Zathe says:

    Oh come on why do you expect us to care for the laurel’s story when its not even important enough to be included in the producers’ preview, in whats supposed to be laurel centric episodes?

    I think these showrunners are playing games with us. Do you want us to like and root for her or not.

  21. moviefreak92 says:

    I’m super excited about arrow coming back.its just solid gold. Stephen acts really well,the trio is at it’s best and the Oliver and felicity angle is great. I read the comment where someone said all Olicity fans want to boycott laurel. Seriously that is just downright mean. I felt like I couldn’t take laurel’s episodes but I’m willing to give her a chance because everyone deserves equal screen time on the show. I prefer CL to be the BC and making laurel the BC would be something difficult to digest if she was made BC now with no training. Please bring on Ra za ghul(not sure of spelling,blue beetle and even night wing. That’s what makes this shoe amazing is they make these bold dc comic references and bring many dc villains and characters to the arrow universe. Im totally invested in this show till the end!

  22. azu says:

    Kate cassidy’s poor acting skills is evident. Please kil her useless character off!!! It’s to absolute worse aspect of the show.

  23. Michelle says:

    I don’t miss Laurel when she’s not there. And I don’t care about her problem. She’s just a giant vortex of suck for the show. I kinda wish they’d killed her instead of Tommy.

    • K says:

      AGREED!! I’m happy when she’s NOT ON the show/ep at all..VERY happy indeed. TOO bad CW will KILL off Sara so “laruel” could be BC..SUCKS, big time!

  24. A says:

    Wow looking at all these comments you can really see how polarizing Laural is. Personally, I love the actress but don’t like the character. My favorite episodes have been the ones she is not in. I hope she gets written off so the actress can star in a different show where she can play a better character.

  25. Dominator of destruction says:

    Just reading through these posts I’m trying to imagine Allan and Andrea together wouldn’t they be a miserable duo i can just imagine the pillow talk add in a bit of Robin and its a screaming match lol

  26. Claire says:

    I am very excited to have the show make its return after 5 weeks, but who’s counting! If this next set of episodes is anything like the first, then bring it on and let us see what they can do to surpass and surprise. I am beyond ready!

    That being said, I am not shocked at the criticism of Laurel I am reading in the comments, but I am at the amount of vitriol contained within. LOL I understand where a lot of the comments are coming from as I was one of those that loved the show the first season, but found the Laurel scenes lacking when with any character other than Tommy. And then he died. What to do with Laurel?

    First I don’t think the writers did the character any favors by making the back story what it was from the outset (Oliver being quite the playboy — get it. Oliver taking off with her sister — boundary crossed) What Liz stated above summed it up quite nicely for me “I don’t like her because no self-respecting, strong, kickass woman (which is what she’s supposed to be) would ever let a man like Oliver back into her life after what he did with Sara.” So from the outset, her story was flawed as she was set up to be the leading lady to Oliver, but with every scene they shared I just couldn’t buy it — toxic baggage hung in the air.

    Full disclosure on my part, I do like the Felicity and Oliver pairing; however, that is a recent development, but it is what made me a vested viewer of the show. I cheered when they made Emily a regular and I also found myself leaning towards all the Team Arrow scenes, TEAM being the operative word there, NOT the idea that any kind of relationship was possible.

    The scene with Laurel and Oliver reigniting their what-would-be short-lived relationship did two things for me at the end of season 1
    1. KILLED Radioactive by Imagine Dragons for me — I have to put up mental blocks when the song I once loved comes on. Trying to let go of resentment on that one … trying.
    2. OBLITERATED O/L already severely lacking dynamic. By that time, not even part of me was saying maybe O/L can work it out because there was Tommy and Laurel—THEY need to work it out. But then Oliver turns around and sleeps with his best friends love AFTER he told they guy to fight for her. There is nothing but toxic waste in their wake.

    When that occurred with Tommy, I thought for sure it was going to be the catalyst for nice guy Tommy to turn evil. Then they killed him! At the time that was horrible, and shocking, but hindsight — brilliant! I Liked Tommy, but I think his dying was by far the strongest route to take for the character and the story. Unfortunately his death left one loose end — Laurel.

    Sadly, Laurel’s character didn’t leave the starting block with the best story, but now after a year and half, is it just this the storyline or the actress? At this point it is all so messy that I just don’t know anymore, but I am looking forward to the new episodes and I guess this will be the tell. Question is, what if they are not able to change people’s perception and it is not well received? eeeeep! Hoping for the best!

  27. MagicThings says:

    Guess I’m part of the minority regarding Oliver/Felicity. I really, really would rather not see the writers pursue that route. It rings too much of Clark/Chloe: Felicity, the awkward, bumbling tech girl secretly pining after the hot superhero. I like Felicity’s character as is, though season 2 Felicity has been grating on my nerves. I hope she doesn’t get ruined with a messy love affair with Oliver.

    As for Laurel, I’m usually apathetic about her. Wish the writers hadn’t jumped the gun and made her a series regular so early on. She should’ve been the one Oliver went on the boat with and then returned as the Black Canary/Canary. The fact that Oliver cheated on her with his sister is boatload of toxic baggage weighing their relationship down and removing any credibility or strength from Laurel’s character. I know Oliver’s a changed man but every time they share a scene together I cringe because they both deserve better than that. It’s sad how many viewers want her character written off (or the actress removed). Yes, Laurel can be annoying but so are the other women on this show. Thea is constantly bouncing between: “I love you/I support you mom” and “I hate you/I want to hurt you mom”. Felicity’s reckless, awkward behavior is probably going to get Team Arrow caught especially with Isabel around. I also kind of detest her new wardrobe. I liked her frumpy, IT girl clothes; these skin-tight dresses and skirts are really pushing that “hero falls in love with girlfriday” angle and I don’t want Felicity’s character degraded to just being a love interest. She was so AWESOME in season 1. Her word vomit always made me chuckle. Now it just makes me cringe because it’s always laced with lusty/romantic under currents.

    Regardless, I look forward to seeing how the writers will resolve Laurel’s situation; I think the character and the actress both deserve more solid, engaging story lines.

  28. Ralu says:

    I am really disappointed in the turn things took with the superpowers and all. I think it was AWESOME how the show dealt with the “superhero” concept up until now: hard training and years of practice… The solutions were plausible- from Oliver’s abilities and language skills to black canary’ s “super cry”… It made the show real and darker… I’m still going to watch but now it’ s somehow less believable. And less balanced. It’ s no fun watching Ollie being tossed around by characters far beyond his …we’ll… human skills. Why did they even bother the first season and a half???

    • Gail says:

      AGREED. Oliver should be the most badass character on this show – it’s his show after all. I did not enjoy seeing Roy throw him around so casually.

  29. JC says:

    I don’t watch much TV, but have been watching this since it started as I was a comic fan as a kid and have a cousin who is a inker for DC, this by far is one of best comic to tv/movie shows that has been done. They have brought the best elements, in my opinion, from the different era’s of the Green Arrow comics to life for us and have made changes where appropriate. Everyone that is complaining about this character or that character, it’s fine if you don’t like them but remember the show seems to mainly be about the journey’s that all of the characters have to go through to get to the Hero/villain characters we all read about in the comics( i.e Dead Shot, the huntress, Arrow). Ollie’s journey is being told every week with the flashbacks, but what we have been seeing in real time is the journey’s for The Green Arrow, Roy, Dt. Lance, Sarah, Moria, Laurel etc. and how the choices they are making change them into the characters that we know, and how they effect the shaping of the other characters with the choices that they are all making. Laurel could not be a “bad@$$” Black Cannary, without losing her sister and Oliver, her mom leaving, getting captured how many times? having been almost murdered I think twice, tommy dying, the trust issues we have seen between her and her father and her and Ollie, now the drugs, loss of her job, and my prediction that Sarah is going to be killed by the Squad after she has revealed to Laurel that she is alive, she will find out that she was the canary and this is when she will take up the mantle of the Cannary for her sister and I think this will also bring her and Ollie closer again, all of these “annoying” episodes that some have mentioned, I actually think are being played out very well, I think she will prove to be a great Black Canary in the end, I also think that the early beginning’s for Speedy/Red Arrow are coming along nicely as well as the Death Stroke character. If they get the “powers” part correct(and it looks like they will…so far) with the way things are rooted in the reality of today, I think we will be seeing more characters passing through here, such as Nightwing (blood haven was already introduced in S1), as a testing ground for other projects like they are going to do with the Flash. It would be a big mistake for DC and WB NOT to use this Arrow show/portal, or to have a new Green Arrow for the upcoming JLA movie they are going to try and make. Just my thoughts and opinions.