People's Choice Awards: Big Bang, Castle, Beast and Vampire Diaries Among Big Winners

The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards - ShowThe people have chosen, and The Big Bang TheoryThe Good Wife, CastleBeauty and the Beast and The Vampire Diaries reaped the rewards.

Each of the series took home two trophies at the 40th Annual People’s Choice Awards, which aired Wednesday on CBS.

2 Broke Girls‘ Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs emceed the ceremony, which also awarded Favorite Streaming Series to Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black and Favorite New TV Drama to The CW’s Reign.

Scroll down for the complete list of TV winners.


Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report


Queen Latifah, The Queen Latifah Show


The Voice


The Good Wife


The Big Bang Theory


Josh Charles, The Good Wife


Stana Katic, Castle


Chris Colfer, Glee


Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory


Lucy Hale, Pretty Little Liars




Super Fun Night


Joseph Morgan, The Originals


Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Crazy Ones


Orange Is the New Black






The Walking Dead




Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead


Damon and Elena, The Vampire Diaries


Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries


Kristin Kreuk, Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast


American Horror Story: Coven


Breaking Bad


Rachel and Santana, Glee


Sam, Dean and Castiel, Supernatural


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  1. Linda says:

    What about any that were given away on the red carpet?

  2. Has Muse won? Did they? I love Muse!!!! Someone tell me !!!!!

    • Angela says:

      From the award show website, it doesn’t look like that award’s been announced yet. But I too am hoping they’ll win-Muse is awesome :D.
      In other news, I saw that Stephen Colbert won for best late-night talk show host, which makes me very happy.

    • Angela says:

      Just checked back and sadly, no, Muse didn’t win. Fall Out Boy did.

  3. Steven says:


  4. emmalemalin says:

    Didn’t they announce that Stana won for Best TV Drama Actress?

    • Heat says:

      It was so quick that if you sneeze during the intro, you wouldn’t have known. Even the PCA official website didn’t realized they ‘ve announced the winner for this category . They haven’t updated the status yet either. You would think Dramatic TV Actress is one of their major categories.

      • Megan says:

        ‘,You would think Dramatic TV Actress is one of their major categories.”
        It’s like when Supernatural won the TV Drama category 2 years ago and they just denied the show’s existence by refusing to tell the winner during the gala and not invited the show’s actors. They didn’t invited the SPn’s stars this year either cause ”they couldn’t find tickets left”, and yet there was about 30 people from the Big Bang Theory.

        Basically they’re saying ”oohh we’re sorry, we thought it was OUR choices awards”

        • Whatevah says:

          Isn’t it a little odd that most of the big winners are CBS shows? And this show was on CBS? I mean The Good Wife over Scandal? I know The Good Wife has fans, but I believe Scandal beats it out in the ratings so who are these people that actually voted because I never saw anything.

    • Panagiotis Katsa says:

      It was sad, I had to go back to realize that our favorite actress had won in that category. She was gracious enough to thank all her coworkers and the workers behind then scenes , before she made her presentation Panagiotis

  5. John says:

    Ooooh come on … Kevin Bacon lost ??? Shame ….

  6. Brooke says:

    Two things about kat dennings and Beth Behr hosting:
    1) they reminded me why I don’t watch two broke girls
    2) they looked like a lesbian couple in the last thing I watched where the blonde was butchering songs before I flipped to a big bang theory rerun.

    • Better Sundays says:

      Dunno about the whole “lesbian couple” thing (because, ya know, there’s nothing wrong with that), but Beth Behrs is NOT funny. At all. Pretty, though. CBS oughta put her somewhere else — ANYWHERE ELSE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD — except in anything remotely comedic. Dennings has potential, although the snarky shtick on 2 Broke Girls has gotten old like, a whole season ago. Without these girls’ cleavage combo, that show would’ve been axed a long time ago.

      • c-mo says:

        So happy I dvr’d this, I ff’d through their schtick during the “impromptu” singing that was too painful to endure. I vote that they bring back Kaley next year or find someone from one of their other struggling shows, anyone would be better than Behrs and Dennings…neither are funny and they became less pretty as the evening wore on. And why is it called an awards show when 90% of the trophies were awarded off camera?

      • J.Norman says:

        The schtick on 2 Broke Girls has always been “pretty blonde heiress talks dirty”.
        That got old about 2 seasons ago and has been reflected in a steady ratings drop.
        Not enough yet to cancel, but in one more season . . good-gye

  7. Flick says:

    Woooo go Stana! Super proud of her :)

    • Kathie Menker says:

      So glad Stana got this award. Personally, I think Nathan deserved one, too. I was also glad to see Castle got best TV Crime Drama, which is ironic because the guide reference on my TimeWarner TV remote lists this show as Comedy. Makes no sense! There’s a lot of comedy in this series, but mostly good police procedural drama. I have absolutely loved this show from the first episode and watch the re-runs on TNT almost every day.

  8. Lexi says:

    Stephen Amell didn’t win favorite scifi actor, but I still got to see him on stage for 10 seconds!

    Hopefully Supernatural wins for favorite bromance and Tatiana Maslany wins for favorite scifi actress! She plays 7 different characters, she deserves to win!

  9. Emily says:

    Wait the good wife and Josh Charles won? Wow like I’m glad but I mean I can’t imagine a serious-ish drama coming within 10 miles of the crazyness that is the peoples choice awards. Also (and I speak as a fan if the good wife) I can’t really imagine the audience mass clicking and voting but yay I guess

  10. Lupe says:

    Super Happy for Stana!! :)

  11. Isabelle says:

    Yes for Joseph Morgan!!!

  12. Leigh says:

    I know it says more to come but werent there more categories that we voted on? Or is it just me. They just said the show is over.

    • scooby says:

      Oh there’s a ton they didn’t announce, plus their own website isn’t updated. RDJ and Stana’s wins aren’t even up yet. Maybe cut the stupid banter and announce the awards even if it’s in the bumpers between commercials.

  13. Leigh says:

    And yay Stana Katic!

  14. Babybop says:

    I only TiVoed this in case Ian Somerhalder won so I could stare at him being sexy. He did not disappoint. It should be illegal for one man to be that attractive.

  15. anyone know who won for favorite tv crime drama? I don’t think it was announced on the show!

  16. Carlos Alvarez says:

    I’m right there with u babybop. Ian is such a hottie

  17. Leanna says:

    Yay Sam Dean and Castiel from Supernatural for best bromance!

  18. Lyss says:


  19. Supernatural is the best tv show. I am starting to think people rigged it somehow online because no one is really watching Beauty and the Beast so there’s no way it should have won. I am losing faith in the voting system. Something is really wrong here

    • bia says:

      I agree with you 100%. Something is really really wrong.

      • Kevin says:

        agreeed, no offense to kristin kreuk, but other actresses, like nina dobrev/tatianna has done better work :P

      • Garnet says:

        I agree. Carrie beating The Conjuring, Super Fun Night beating The Crazy Ones, & Reign beating Sleepy Hollow. I mean, I love Reign, but Sleepy Hollow is like the #1 new show this year.

        • Angela says:

          “Sleepy Hollow” was the only one of the new shows nominated that I’ve seen, so I was totally rooting for that one to win :p. Shame it didn’t, but ah, well. Maybe next year?

      • Claire says:

        I was voting over and over (of course) on but yet the numbers kept going up and down with each vote. I wonder if something like that was going on. Because we ALL know how nuts we are for SPN!

    • Moria says:

      You mean you’re just now losing faith in a voting where you can vote all day, everyday, over & over for the same catagory?

    • Dina says:

      It’s called “favorite” not “best.” It is not rigged – “Beauty and the Beast” fans are so passionate to save their show and voted to reflect that. They beat shows with higher ratings because their fans cared enough to dedicate hours to voting legally through the app, twitter, etc. Your show has run for 9 seasons despite being on the edge of cancellation for years – be happy you can enjoy it without having to constantly promote it in social media in hopes that CW renews it.

    • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

      We are watching Beauty and the Beast. We are millions of fans from all over the world, but we can’t watch it live, so our watching doesn’t count in the live-ratings. Have a look at the dvr and online numbers instead, and you will see a big difference.

      • clearhaven says:

        OMG This comment! I don’t get why people think because they’re no longer interested in BATB, then it means others aren’t watching it too. It’s such a wonderful show. i just wish people would give it a chance.

        • ronnie says:

          bc the show is s__t and ratings sucks thats why. nobody watches that crap.

          • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

            Obviously a lot more people than you think are watching it. There are a lot of #beasties around the world, which shows here…

      • ronnie says:

        who cares about you ffs? millions out of billions is nothing. NOTHING. and cheat all you want losers ratings says it all

        • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

          No, ratings doesn’t say it all. Because all us international #beasties can’t watch it live. But we watch it using vpntunnels so we can watch it from CWTV website. We watch it on Itunes, Hulu and whatever means we can.

          And you are welcome to not like the show. Let us fans like it. You don’t have to bully us about that. I’m pretty sure that you are watching shows that I don’t like. I don’t bully you for that. It’s your choice.

        • dahliademonica says:

          awww, somebody is whiny and think childish behaviour would hurt beasties! We won both our catagories because we didn’t cheat and just keep voting like crazy.

    • Lori says:

      I agree with you! I think Beauty and the Beast is in danger of being cancelled so maybe people voted American Idol style but like so many other winners here it seems wrong!

    • soundscene says:

      The People’s Choice Awards used to be popularity contests, but now because of online voting and super-obsessed fan groups, even little-watched shows that sometimes win over more-watched shows. In other words, it’s not really a popularity contest anymore, it’s a voting contest, where the contestants are the fans, not the actors or TV shows themselves. Who can vote more within the period allotted? Even shows like Sleepy Hollow and Supernatural, both of which have rabid fan followings, can be bested by smaller-sized fan groups that want the win just a little bit more.
      And no, I don’t think B&TB’s international following as anything to do with it. Supernatural has a significant international following that doesn’t count towards American ratings, either. Unless a TV show simply isn’t airing overseas, you can count on an international following of some sort, and I doubt B&TB has a uniquely large, more significant international following than TV shows more popular overall.

  20. Kate says:

    So glad Stana Katic and Castle won!!!!!

  21. Elissa says:

    What about alt band?

  22. Brandy says:

    So happy Kaley & Reign won.

  23. Casey says:

    they must had think it was their choice awards or something, come onm beayty and the beast is about this to be canceled for not have a good audience. How this is even possible?

    • Megan says:

      Don’t mix up ”Live US audience”(everyone counting one time) with online, international fans who can vote as many time as they want

      • Casey says:

        So the fans voted but they don’t watch the show? So, how there are fans?
        it’s what looks like, sorry

        • MisterT says:

          You don’t get it, do you?, they voted for the show because they like it, they’ve been watching the show but they’re not in US, they’re from around the world, they watch online, netflix, hulu, buy on itunes… so they aren’t being counted in Live Rating in US, that’s why they won because they’re truly passionate about their show.

          • Dina says:

            Correct – Beauty and the Beast is huge internationally. The new killer time slot in the US has hurt their overnight ratings but their DVR playback and streaming numbers are terrific.

        • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

          Oh you are so wrong. We watch the show. There are tons of fans of Beauty and the Beast all over the world. We pay for vpntunnels, just so that we can watch the show from the CWTV website. We buy seasonpass on itunes, and whatever other thing we can do, to show our dedicated love for the best tv-show on earth. And once the show airs in our countries, like in Sweden it premieres today, Jan 9. We watch it again. And we vote for our show in every poll we find out about.

          Don’t underestimate the #beasties. We are many, and we are loud. And we roar for #BATB

          • Dutchie says:

            So like you comment Irene.. and you are so right! Here one from the Netherlands who watches every episode she can for like 10-15 times.. Never get enough of my beloved Beauty and the Beast and yes we rooaared really loud and voted our hearts out (some day and night).. and that’s how we won those PCA’s.. not by sitting on your behind and let a bot (Tweetdech) do your voting..

          • Claire says:

            So many ppl talking about B & TB that I guess I’ll have to start watching!

    • bestman says:

      cbs would rather give an award to a cbs tv produced show than a wb tv produced show. no way a show with 600k viewers beats a show with 2.3m

      • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

        I guess you are referring to Beauty and the Beast? The thing is that the show has a huge international fandom, which doesn’t show in the ratings. But we roar when we can vote for our beloved show!

      • jess says:

        oh they just cheat and have no life lol losers

        • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

          So voting for a show that we love is considered cheating? The fandom of the show you like obviously wasn’t as dedicated as we are.

          The international fandom can’t watch the show live, so we’re not visible in the live-ratings. But we watch the show online from CWTV, using vpntunnels. WE watch on Itunes and Amazon. We use Hulu and what ever means we can, to support our show.

  24. Danielle says:

    At least Jensen and Jared and misha won for that check the votes again supernaturals awesome

  25. Vic says:

    Do people actually waste time voting?

  26. jph says:

    I’m really happy Stana won her category.

  27. anna says:

    did sons win

  28. Julie says:

    Do they still do the Teen Choice Awards? Or is that what this is?

  29. bestman says:

    Batb and Reign win because the show is produced by cbs television studios, people choice awards is produced by cbs…fake awards show…almost as bad as teen choice awards

    • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

      No, they won because their fans spent relentless hours on voting for them. I don’t know anything about Reign, but Beauty and the Beast have a huge international fandom. A very dedicated fandom. And we don’t count in liberating in the US, but we are seen in the dvr ratings.

  30. whoajulie says:

    I just recently started watching The Good Wife on my Amazon Prime, and boy am I kicking myself for not watching it sooner. I can’t wait to get caught up! It’s hard to avoid spoilers. :D

  31. Emma says:

    Stana was so gracious and humble! So happy for her!!!way to go Castle too..3 peat!

  32. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    TVD, Castle, Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory, and Justin Timberlake!!!

  33. AB says:

    Any award show that even nominates Beauty and the Beast is ridiculous. And Stana Katic? She is fine on Castle but hardly impressive at all. IDK, so many wrong things with these winners…

    • scooby says:

      You obviously aren’t a regular watcher. “Fine on Castle but hardly impressive at al” is a bizarre understatement. She’s one of the most underrated actresses on tv. I’m guessing you’re just mad your favorite didn’t win. No need to be insulting. I thought Castle deserved to win Bromance and Chemistry but I totally get why Supernatural and Vampire Diaries won. It was obvious they’ve got big fandoms for legitimate reasons so congrats to them. Those two shows deserved recognition too.

    • abz says:

      I wouldn’t say she is “hardly impressive” because she is great on Castle and is a big part of why the show is successful, but I agree about her getting the award this year. I think it should have gone to Julianna Margulies for TGW this season. But then again it’s fan voted, so not much we can do about it. If you want your show/fave actors and actresses to win, you have to keep voting.

    • Mary says:

      “hardly impressive at all”? It´s in the eye of the beholder, I suppose, because I remember her from just one appearance at C.S.I Miami precisely because I was impressed with her acting skills!

    • Mary says:

      I don’t watch Castle so I obviously could not say if Stana Katic is an incredible actress or mediocre. I wish that Kerry Washington had won and Scandal had won the drama category, but there’s no reason to insult others. People Choice Awards is based off of online voting, probably why there was so much love for the CW. There’s also the Emmy’s and the Golden Globe’s if you don’t like the results of this awards show.

      • Beatrice Scolfield says:

        I see Castle and I think Stana deserved the PCA. i also see Scandal and Kerry Washington is a amazing actress too.. I agree with u 100% there’s no reason to insult others. And like you said people’s choice awards is based off of online voting! of course we want to our favourites win but we need to see the truth other people voted more! they deserved it! This year person A won but who knows?! next year could be person B

  34. Samson says:

    YAY! Beauty and the Beast and Kristin KreuK WON!!! Congrats love them!

    • clearhaven says:

      I know!!! I ‘m so happy! I hope this means they’re not cancelling the show anymore :D

      • Brandy says:

        PCAs won’t stop BatB from being cancelled.Its ratings are terrible,the unplanned hiatus with no return date and being replaced by TTP in March means its done.PCAs aren’t a deciding factor in renwal and cancellation.Moonlight and Leverage both PCAs and were cancelled.TTP replacing BatB on Mon means CW thinks/hopes it will/can get better ratings in that timeslot than BatB.PCAs are nothing but PR/Spin/bragging rights and cAs mean nothing, they’re not the Emmys or Golden Globes.

  35. Sasha says:

    Keep hating! KK and BATB won cause their fans voted more. You should have voted more and u could have won.

    How was it rigged? BATB and KK wins were not even announced live so take a seat

    • Dina says:

      Agree – thrilled that BATB and KK won against killer competition. So tired of the hate for this show – don’t understand it. Its fans adore it and other randoms hate it for that? Watch what you want and leave others alone.

      • Dina says:

        *Should be fandoms, not randoms (weird autocorrect – LOL)

        • Kevin says:

          In some ways, the hate towards the show and its low ratings actually fuel its fandom! these 2 wins are exactly what batb needs to be talked about again, and maybe, just maybe lead to a boost in ratings

  36. Monica says:

    I’m so excited about Beauty and The Beast and Kristin Kreuk wining the PCA. They deserve the win. It’s so a great underrated show.

  37. BeastieA says:

    Be Autry and the beast won for best scifitv tv and Kristen Kruek for sci fi actress, Beasties are the best!

  38. Really says:

    So happy for Stana Katic

  39. LL624 says:

    Sooooo happy for Stana!! Congrats also to Castle, BATB, & Kristen Kreuk!

  40. maria says:

    maybe the mentalist needs to make some changes. Dont like the new show: the new characters,…I miss PJ habilities, brind games,, tricks. Bring back Lisbon old crew from CBI, the best team. Lately is more like a soap opera than a good police drama with a sense of humor.

  41. Alicia says:

    WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR BEAUTY & THE BEAST for best sci-fi show when clearly Supernatural should have won! No offense to Kristen Kreuk shouldn’t have won because she isn’t the best actor in the category and I loved her on Smallville! I couldn’t even watch past the first three minutes of it because it was so bad!

    • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

      The fans, also know as #beasties, vote for Beauty and the Beast, and for Kristin Kreuk. Had Jay Ryan been nominated in the best male category, he would probably have won that as well.

      We #beasties are a huge international fandom, and we love our show. Which is why we so often win whenever there are polls.

      • J.Norman says:

        I doubt the validity of the “huge international fandom”, but I don’t doubt the ability of (mostly younger) rabid hard core fans to power vote in a manner similar to American Idol and The Voice.

        • Irene from Uppsala, Sweden says:

          Well, for starters, I’m 53 years old… And I power voted.

          And the international fandom is huge. Like in Spain the ratings for S1 was somewhere around 10 million viewers…

          So the show is so much bigger abroad than it is in the US.

    • Jules' fan says:

      B&TB is so bad it hurts. The fandom is crazy lol. Probably one or two kids with a lot of free time in their hands.

  42. Chrissa says:

    Wow! Wonderful!!! BATB and Kristin Kreuk won!!! It’s a big pleasure to see it. Thank you!!!!

  43. Audrey says:

    Congrats to Sandra Bullock (so happy she took Melissa McCarthy onstage too!), Stana Katic, Castle and The Good Wife!!! I was hoping for Modern Family to win comedy and Orange is the New Black to make an appearance though. Adam Sandler, really?

  44. Fernanda says:

    Chris Colfer beats Darren Criss…listen to the people Glee producers… no more BLEE please!!

    • soundscene says:

      I would have a hard time watching Glee without Darren Criss. I don’t need Klane or Blurt or whatever it’s called, but Blane is a good character (and Criss has (*gasp*) actually sang live on the show a couple of times, to great effect). The idea that Glee is mostly about him now seems insane. They haven’t really done much with his character all that much this season (even the Klane stuff is primarily about Kurt). So I don’t get all the annoyance.

  45. This may be my last year voting for the PCAs. Only happy about SMG and the Bromance category. Everything else… just NOPE.

  46. abz says:

    LOL I’m laughing at Lucy Hale winning against Claire Danes. I mean I like Lucy Hale, but come on! Even with a mediocre season of Homeland, Claire Danes was still great. I get annoyed sometimes with her always winning or taking a nomination slots at these award, but in this case, I think she was the clear winner.

  47. abz says:

    Also, I adore Stana Katic, but that award should have gone to Julianna Margulies. Castle’s decent this season, but The Good Wife’s current season is exceptional and so was Julianna’s performance.

  48. Cherie says:

    Woo! Fall Out Boy!

  49. Shayla says:

    Wow. Really? The vamp diaries? Soo dumb. Jensen or Jared shoulda won that! Shoulda won them both!:( they only won 1 award out of 3. And those victories wen to the vampire diaries. Lame… im so sad:( at least they won TV Bro-Mance….there’s that.

  50. nate says:

    congrats if only the ratings showed it!!!!!!!!

    • Mike R. says:

      Still doing better than Beauty and the Beast, I’d put my bets on a season 2.

      • bowel movement says:

        oh it will be renewed, cw gotta renew something unless midseason surprises

        • Mary says:

          It depends on how many new shows that have in the works for next year. Nikita’s gone so that leaves one slot open for next Fall but it’s doubtful CW is going to keep everything even if the midseason stuff bombs.

          • Brandy says:

            They’ll probably pick up five new shows for next season like theyve done for the past few seasons.Youre right that they won’t keep almost every show like they did for this season.Yes Nikita’s gone ,BatB is done(terrible ratings,going on unplanned hiatus with no return date and episodes left to air and being replaced by TTP).CD,TTP are also very Likley to be cancelled.

    • Ava says:

      Happy for Reign and The Vampire Diaries!