Sons of Anarchy Exclusive: Drea de Matteo Upped to Series Regular For Seventh and Final Season

Sons of Anarchy Season 7The events of Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 6 finale pointed to a larger role for Drea de Matteo‘s Wendy moving forward, and now it’s official: The Emmy winner has been promoted to a series regular ahead of the FX hit’s seventh and final season, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Jax’s junkie ex/baby momma Wendy has been a consistent presence on SOA throughout much of its run (save for Seasons 2 and 3), but this marks De Matteo’s first stint as a full-fledged SOA regular.


The upgrade comes in the wake of Tara’s (Maggie Siff) grisly death in December’s Season 6 closer, and suggests that Wendy will play a more hands-on role in the life of son Abel (and maybe Thomas, too?).

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SOA Season 7 is slated to bow in Fall 2014.

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  1. enri says:

    Boo! Still not over Tara’s death.:(

    • Save Tarra says:

      yeah Tarra was stabbed in the head, but it did not show a funeral yet….ya never know, she could end up in ICU , many have survived with stab wounds to the scalp……ya never know, the cops could always put her into the witness protection program an just let the SOA Think shes dead, an then turn back around after therapy an go after Gemma………….heheheh NOW that would we an awesome ending to series of SOA :)

      • inspirationalusername says:

        No her character was killed off – after the finale they had a “talking dead” thing (like what they do after an episode of walking dead) and maggie siff, kurt sutter, and katey segal were on it discussing tara’s death. So i believe she really is dead and gone for good.

      • Snippie T says:

        I like that idea. I
        wish someone would listen. I want Tara back too!!!!

      • Leann Morton says:

        love it

      • Tammy says:

        tara is dead and she aint coming back. didnt u watch sons afterward. im sad too but shes gone and aint never ever ever ever coming back

      • crystal Thibodeau says:

        I completely agree that you never know and that would be a great way to end the series

        • richard dickman says:

          bringing tara back would be a tarable (see what i did there) idea. seriously, she was stabbed in the head multiple times and in many many many interviews with cast and kurt, SHE IS DEAD. forever, point blank, period.

      • saprina says:

        Totally Agree!!! Hopefully Tara Is In Icu! An Not Dead! I Never Wanted The ShOw To End Like This!! =(

      • Bonnie says:

        I agree that would be a nice turnaround but also is unrealistic even for hollywood. Gemma needs to go down.

      • Glammy says:

        Now thst would be awrsome!

      • john says:

        Nope Maggie Siff is pregnant and starting a real family of her own. Said she was waitin till She was finished with the series. I miss Tara too but SOA still the greatest show ever.

      • zena deville says:

        i like the idea mayb they should think about it would make a good ending to the final series stanger things happen think about years ago whe bobby ewan came back in the shower after a whole series of him being dead explained i wzs all a dream come on kurt think about it please unless you have aleady written it

      • Kathy says:

        Yes, We want Tara back. She is coolest and smartest lady on the show. What is wrong with you Sutter. People are not happy with you killing off the Doctor that helped all the thugs out when they got shot or stabbed. We love her. Please bring her back.

      • James Parsons says:

        She is dead, she drowned in a sick of dirty dish water as well as stabed

    • Kelly Chance says:

      As long as she just stick with helping raise the boys and doesn’t get her paws on Jax. I am so NOT for them getting back together. That would really really upset me. It was bad enough Tara was killed off. That was soooo so very sad. Someone has to raise those boys and it sure can’t be Gemma.

      • Jackie says:

        Didn’t you hear Wendy telling Unser that her and Jax was never in love. They were just drinking buddies and Jax was good in bed. Gemma was the one pushing for their marriage because she wanted grandkids.

    • T.... says:

      Total Fan, even though I’m In the lifestyle, and all this fantasy BS is on the screen…. I love it…. Educating the few what certain terms mean gets them that much closer to understanding what they mean…
      The only true way of this lifestyle is to live it. Alot of fantasy they portray a bikers of the lifestyle is just is not true. But don’t get it twisted now. There area rules that must be followed…. Must Be part of you… But it helps some people understand some of the terms used…..( honor, loyalty & respect….) these are the mane ones in forced.

      Lifestyle forever…..

      • horse says:

        You’re a poser and a idiot. You might be in a support club but that’s about it. The word lifestyle pertains to swinger groups and is not part of our lives. Your use of the English language is also poor at best. Stfu

    • lisa says:

      miss tara…she gots to.jam!!! ….gemma.is so gna.take.control….luv it!!!….protect and stay quiet

    • Judy Connor says:

      Don’t think I care to watch this coming season with no Tara. She’s the only character in the series that gave me hope for them all.:((

  2. CH says:

    I think she’ll be one of the only ones left standing & end up raising the boys.

    • V says:

      I hope this is how it goes. I’m still a Gemma fan (not a blind one, though. What she has done is horrible and irredeemable but I still find her interesting to watch) and the only person I would want to see take Gemma down is Wendy! So fingers crossed this is the case and she can take those boys to a safer environment.

      • Francine says:

        I still hate Gemma’s character even though Katey plays her fantastic. I haven’t liked her for several seasons now but she is interesting to watch. Since it can’t be Tara, Wendy really is the only hope left for those boys. But they’ll need to have her stand up to Gemma. Right now she’s getting manipulated by her and its hard to root for her just yet (for me anyway). I can understand why she’s letting Gemma have control over her in the wake of her relapse because she’s obviously vulnerable, but I need to see some growth on her part before I’d be satisfied. Just my thoughts though.

      • sawyer says:

        How can anyone be a fan or in Gemma’s camp. She maybe an interesting character, what made her interesting was the dialouge between Siff and Sagal. Now that is gone Gemma has not been interesting since S2 or 3. I understand the reason for killing off Tara, I truly believe Season 6 should have been the last season for SOA. Kurt sutter should have asked for an extended season and wrapped up the storyline in 4 more 90 minute episodes. The show will not be the same without Tara.

    • Aleksa says:

      She’d be a much better mother to those boys than Gemma.

  3. Beth says:

    As long as it’s not Jax and Wendy take 2, that would be too easy writing wise. She gets manipulated by Gemma quite frequently so it should be interesting. That said, I like her acting even when I don’t like her character.

    • sawyer says:

      I am sure it is going to be a Wendy and Jax2. Which is fine with me. Jax never loved Wendy, married her to get over Tara. Wendy will not care if Jax’s sleeps around, she is not into men. She will care for the boys. Miss Tara though.

  4. Megan says:

    Boo! Never cared for Wendy. Kurt loves hiring his friends though.

  5. angelwings says:

    That is extraordinarily disappointing! I have hated Wendy since the pilot episode and that has only been further reinforced every season. I no desire to see her involved in Jax’s life nor the lives of either of his sons.

  6. wypena says:

    tara’s death was 4 seasons over due!!!!!

    • Kristin says:


      • sawyer says:

        I find it fascinating how many women hate Tara. I wonder if their husbands or significant others whored around killed innocent women, and children they would stand by their man. I guess I don’t understand the Tara hate. I could understand the Gemma hate.
        I am glad this is just a tv show. The true colors of bitter women and men come out when their is a strong female character that is not white trash and became a doctor. Tara’s short coming she fell in love with Jax an outlaw,

        Maggie Siff/Tara did a remarkable job with Charlie/Jax for 6 seasons. I thought they had amazing chemistry, really only reason I watched. Tara and Jax’s love story. Maggie Siff deserves an emmy nod for her performance this year and so does Charlie. So much hate for Tara, and so much love for Gemma. Wow. We certainly live in F-up world.

    • dpaqxo says:

      Thank You!!!

    • sawyer says:

      you don’t like women or strong women with character? I would say Gemma storyline ran it’s course in Season 2. Watching Katey Sagal slutting it up and having to watch is torture enough.

  7. Kevin says:

    Ugh! Boo. Can’t stand the character!

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    Gotta go with the BOO’s. Not a Wendy fan. She’s gonna be Gemma’s puppet.

  9. B.g. Willis says:

    Why am I not surprised. This sucks almost as bad as killing Tara. We lose Tara but we get the junkie skank who’s just one step above the murdering mother? How many people can Sutter drive away from the last season. He’s making it easier and easier. Weeks later and Tara’s death still bothers me and its made this show hold even less appeal for me. The one thing that made all the death and destruction bearable is gone (Jax and Tara and their family). All that’s left is Gemma and the junkie. No thanks.

    • V says:

      “Junkie skank” Last time I checked she was trying to get her act together. Maybe this time she’ll come back stronger and will able to take the boys away from Gemma and Jax. Like it or not, Wendy is their only hope now. This makes perfect sense. Can’t wait.

  10. DavidSask says:

    Not a fan of this character getting full time arc and especially if they try and redeem here and make her nice!

    • V says:

      She’s always been “nice” though, just because she’s a junkie doesn’t make her the worst person on this show? So what, a junkie got her act together isn’t believable for you but the whole Tara being so blinded by a monster like Jax is? LOL, pls.

  11. jasie says:

    Great news. Drea is great in SOA. I actually like the Wendy character and can’t wait til next season.

  12. Eliza says:

    Meh. That’s all I got. Couldn’t care less about this character. And mustering up continued interest in this show is still hard….

  13. Lana says:

    Um…ew. Come on Sutter. You are killing this show.

  14. V says:

    YES! I love Drea AND Wendy. :)))

    • sawyer says:

      So you love skanks that try to kill their own children in the womb? Interesting? I guess you must be the target audience Sutter is looking for. All I can say is good riddance to SOA, your comment has totally turned me away from the show.

      • Kyle says:

        Sawyer…then you were never really a fan of the show if such a minor issue causes you to write off one of the best shows on TV. I am sure Kurt Sutter, the case and real fans will not lose any sleep over your hasty and ill advised departure for irrelevant reasons…..

        • LeAnne B says:

          I agree Kyle.. and for “sawyer” to say that the comment left by V has “totally turned me away from the show” is quite telling. A true fan would not let a comment left by a stranger nor an actress who’s character he doesn’t care for stop him from watching. The story that Kurt is telling is not over yet and he should be given a chance to tell the full story.

      • Name says:

        Tara killed a baby in the womb (Stalker Boyfriends) and was on her way to get another (Jaxs) until she was kidnapped.

        • Synndra says:

          If I was in her situation… I would terminate a pregnancy..And I am against abortion for myself. ( what a woman does is her own. I don’t advise abortions btw.) SOA is pretty much a dead cause since S4. Pretty much kill a decent character and leave the worst two possible. And no offense but a abortion is easier to swallow than some selfish junkie who should have aborted but instead poisoned her baby… Will I watch the last season.. Well yes but I already know it’s not going to be anything more that a suck fest.

  15. Chris Kelton says:

    This really makes me wonder what is going to happen story line wise. While I love Drea, I can’t stand Wendy. I guess that’s what makes Drea such a great actor. In other words, I hope Wendy gets a decent resolution in the finale, something like redemption, rather than Wendy just continue to be Wendy.

  16. Bee says:

    i like wendy. she’s a good person and i hope she can be sober and okay again. but ALSO, is it actually confirmed that this 7th season will be the last?

    • V says:

      Yes, it has been confirmed numerous times that next season is the last by Sutter himself. Although there hasn’t been an official “press release” yet if that’s what you’re asking. :)

  17. Patrick Maloney says:

    She’s the only character I really liked outside of Tigg and Clay because they were very honest characters. Yeah they do bad things but they don’t hide behind some false honor like Jax.

  18. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Whoa, a surprising amount of Wendy hate on this board. I have no beef with her, so I’m fine with this news. It seems like so many female characters from TV dramas are hated violently by many fans in a very misogynistic way (i.e., Skylar White, Margaret Thompson, . Tara, Wendy, Gemma, Megan Draper, Dana Brody, Lady Edith). It makes me wonder what kind of female characters people would actually like to see on TV these days. Spoiled? Submissive? Completely dependent on their male counterparts? I suspect whatever TV fans are looking for in female characters, those characters wouldn’t be very interesting.

    • xx says:

      I suspect these idiots don’t want female *characters* on tv- just the occasional 20-something fanservice machine their heroes can screw and throw away.

    • Francine says:

      I agree that a lot of woman on shows are hated for stupid reasons, but I dont think you can make that case here. Wendy was a junkie who let her child suffer from it and now is getting manipulated by Gemma. Gemma killed her sons wife, the mother of her grandchild, for her own selfish dislike. If it was truly for her son, she would have got some information before making such a rash mistake. What’s to like about either of them? On the other hand the majority of people seem to understand Tara’s actions, because while she did some bad things, her only goal was for the safety of her children. I just don’t think that’s a fair assessment to make here. I don’t want to see submissive females but they can be strong without being junkies or killers. I hope they can do something to redeem Wendy though, I really do.

      • V says:

        But see, even with all the “bad” stuff these women have done, the men on this show aren’t really better than them. There is an obvious difference with the amount of hate the ladies have gotten (horrible Gemma included) compared to the hate Jax and even Clay got. People were so quick to forget EVERYTHING Clay did and found him “honest” and even “sweet” but to me, I always remembered Gemma’s bruised face and Tara’s broken hand. It was so easy for Clay to redeem himself but people will never forgive Tara, Wendy, and Gemma for their wrongdoings. What they’ve done is no more horrible than what Jax, Clay, fan favorite Tig have done. Yes, killing your own daughter in law is disgusting, but so is beating your wife to a pulp, injecting an ex-junkie with drugs forcefully, and being the cause of many murders around Charming. Just my two cents.

        • Francine says:

          Oh I actually agree with you on that part. The women do tend to get it harsher than the men. I just don’t think all of us think that way so its not really fair to make a generalization. I find the men despicable so they don’t get a free pass from me, just as the women don’t. Some people may feel differently but not everyone who dislikes the women on this show are only doing it for petty reasons. Tara was really the last person I rooted for. Now that she’s gone…. Jax did redeem himself some in the last episode so we’ll see how that goes.

        • Lynzi says:

          Bunch of unforgiving hypocrites !!

    • Eliza says:

      I just don’t care for Wendy. I was a Tara fan since season one. I’ve always liked Skylar White. Had no issues with Dana Brody, and Lady Edith doesn’t bother me like some people. So, the fact that Wendy’s character has never interested me & I loathe Gemma doesn’t mean I hate all female characters….

    • Vicki says:

      one like Tara, true to her man, devoted to her family and willing to do anything to protect her children. I would say we want to see strong women who are real, ones who show fear and utmost bravery all at the same time, One that loves beyond a mans mistakes, one that vows to her man that she will love no one but him and follows through that is not boring that is interesting because with the caliber of men we have these days it is challenging to develop and maintain trust and commitment to someone who does not feel the need to return such characters.

    • sawyer says:

      Thank you. I could not spell misogynistic. Bravo post.

  19. hilda says:

    Sure, fully destroy and kill off the Surgeon Mother, and bring back the Junkie Whore. This show has gone so far downhill, just a waste of tv programming at this point. The last season of many shows are usually a waste to watch anyway. The only ones that are not, that I can recall, have all been award worthy. Unfortunatley SOA, or what should have been more appropriately titled “The Gemma Show,” ain’t one of them!

    • sawyer says:

      That’s is funny and so true. LOL

      • Randy May says:

        I’ve been doing a re-watch of Seasons One through Five – all the way through those – plus whatever I still have of Season Six. Throughout I find myself thinking “Gemma with her nose in this, Gemma with her nose in that. Truly a gift to her from her husband.” So, I couldn’t agree with you anymore than I do. It should’ve been titled “The Gemma Show”.

  20. Meg says:

    This show should’ve ended 3 seasons ago. Wendy should have never come back after S1.

  21. Amanda says:

    I’m on the fence with this….but I kinda knew it was going to happen, the writing was on the wall when they killed Tara. While I think Drea is so beautiful and not a bad actress, I never thought she was a good fit as Wendy. I don’t know who is doing her clothing and make-up, but they make her look so old and worn out. I know she is suppose to be a junkie, but even when they cleaned her up, she still look like she should have been Gemma’s childhood friend versus her former daughter-in-law. To me she wouldn’t be someone who I would have picured Jax’s marrying and procreating with. She looks like she should have been better with Clay or Tig…lol And think that’s why I couldn’t never appreciate Wendy’s character, because I don’t think she’s a good fit on the show. I don’t know, guess I’ll wait and see where he goes with this….I wish Opie was still there though…..

  22. Tamsy says:

    Watching Wendy is like watching my sister– it is almost as if Kurt has a secret camera following her around. With that being said, if Wendy is in fact “last woman standing”, these kids are screwed. The fact that she is still so easily manipulated shows what a weak mother she will be. Tara might have done some truly messed up things but it was for the good of her children. You never truly know crazy until someone harms your kids. Anyway, back to Wendy, love the actress, hate the character and will be extremely disappointed if she wins in all this.

  23. LuLu says:

    Makes sense. I have a feeling Wendy will be one of the last ones standing, who else is gonna raise those kids. I gotta feeling that Jax/Gemma are not gonna make it out alive.

  24. Liz says:

    Gemma has to become dead this final season! Even though the actress is Sutter’s wife, there is no way he can let her live after all she has done. I hope Jax strangles her while telling her how much he hates her for killing Tara and his father (which he better find out). I don’t know if Jax will die or go to prison, but it seems like the end game is for Wendy to get both boys. As a side note, I always thought Wendy looked way older than Jax and seemed a better match for Tig or Chibbs.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      I STILL don’t trust Wendy i can’t picture HER raising Abel and Thomas. I feel she’s gonna F- up and die. I say Tara’s boss margrett should take coustdy of those boys.
      Gemma for sure is going to DIE as much as i like her cause Katey Sagal does a great job protraying her i hate what she did to tara and all the other BS things she did inculding giving CLAY her ”blessing” to kill JT.
      Jax is going to have his hands full YET again but how the hell is he going to kill gemma if he’s going to prison for the school shooting/KG-9 in ep.1?

  25. JL says:

    Wendy coming back never seemed true to the whole story to me for some reason. While I hate the violence and death on the show it does seem true to what would happen when you are dealing with these characters. A junkie cleaning up that used to be involved with a gang member does not fit to me. If he’s going in that direction that Wendy cleans up and gets her boy then it won’t ring true to me. If he was going for a happy ending then I would have preferred Tara and the boys riding off into the sunset together.

  26. Ms. Lady Jay says:

    Not a huge Wendy fan (she is manipulated by Gemma way too much – anytime Wendy starts to waiver Gemma will throw out the whole lets be a family and Wendy believes it – what a dumbass)…but out of everyone, she is the best bet for getting those boys out of Charming and away from the MC. Especially if she stays clean. I REALLY hope they don’t hook her and Jax back up, mostly because it would in no way be believable – she almost killed Abel by taking drugs and Jax shoved a needle full of drugs in her arm after she threatened to take away Abel. Definitely no love there. I do think Wendy may be the key to Jax figuring out who killed Tara – remember in the 1st season Wendy told Tara she needed to get out of Charming because Gemma would never let her and Jax be together and would eventually kill her. We’ll see what happens.

    • ES says:

      By that same logic (Gemma preying on Wendy’s need/love for family) – then yeah Tara what a dumbass – she was manipulated by Jax way too easily then too as soon as he threw out the ‘everything is going to be better’ angle.

      • sweetlady03 says:

        Tara was a dumbass too for constantly believing Jax would walk away. After the second/third time he changed his mind, she should have just taken the boys and left, especially when he TOLD her to do it, but she was IN LOVE and refused. That was her fatal mistake, she believed he loved her and the boys enough to leave with them but he didn’t/couldn’t leave, and now she is dead. The difference between the two (Tara and Wendy) – Jax really did/does love Tara, and in the end he decided to do what was best for her and the boys – go to jail instead of her, Gemma in no way shape or form cares about Wendy, and she damn sure wouldn’t sacrifice herself for her, she would sooner toss her under a bus. She uses Wendy (and everyone else) for her own sick/twisted needs.

  27. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Wendy will NOT be the key when it comes to who killed Tara. It’s gonna be Juice since he was there and got rid of all the evidence and covering Gemma’s ass. But i have a feeling that Juicy MIGHT rat Gemma out…… Which i hope happens! They’re BOTH back on the same boat from S5 when it comes to jax’s bad side.

    • Randy May says:

      I’m not sure why, but I also have a very strong feeling that Wendy will play a part in how/when/where Jax finds out that Gemma killed Tara. As I stated above, I’ve been doing a re-watch of S1 – S5 plus part of six, and during this time I have gotten the overwhelming feeling he’s (Kurt’s) gonna use Wendy for something. There’s a reason why she’s there. And whatever that reason is, it applies to Wendy only and nobody else. Same thing about Juice. Why is Juice a Son? There is no justifiable reason for him to be still alive on this show. Kurt could’ve killed him off long ago, but didn’t. Juice takes no initiative, gets in trouble far too often and doesn’t know how to get out of it, depends on others too much, and never draws a gun unless everyone else is shooting too. He’s an idiot IMHO, and there’s no reason for him to be there, except whatever reason Kurt has for keeping him around. If you watch a lot of this show at one time or within a short time period, you would see that Juice is, and always has been, a consistent screw-up. I’m sure that’s not an error on Kurt’s part.

  28. wyneybaby says:

    Hate, hate, hate the way 6th season ending and not looking forward to Wendy in the final season. Sooooooooooo disappointed because I WAS an avid SOA fan.

  29. Joe Yankevich says:

    This Final season is going to be fantastic. It’s like ending where it started with the mayans being the enemy again. I am so excited for the season opener.

  30. steff says:

    I hope Wendy cleans up and gets those boys out. She’s just so weak though. Gemma controls her in a bad way. I really think this season is going to be explosive. One way or another Jax is going to find out what really happen to Tara. And juice is a loose cannon. He’s had some issues last season that never really came to light and Jax is going to be in jail I’m sure. I love this show And will watch to the end!

  31. Krista says:

    I dont usually give my opinion but here it goes.. lol Unser will raise those boys while everyone is gone. Wendy will be his side kick but he will not leave her alone. Juice I think will take the fall for Gemma. He is connected with her through his loyalty and guilt trip to clay. He will do what Clay would have wanted him to do. And for those that think Wendy will kill Gemma. In Hamlet she is killed by her son. Of course loose interpretation she will be killed by one of her “sons” so maybe just maybe its Juice. Maybe Im wrong about him protecting her for Clay and maybe he will avenge Clay?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Ha!….Funny about Unser taking care of the boys but that’s not going to happen he’s gonna die. But i like your point on who will kill Gemma a choice btw Jax/Juice. Honestly Jax is the MORE perfferd choice since she’s his mother and is responsible for both deaths of Tara and JT.

      I also agree W/ Steff’s comment about Juice being a Loose cannon…….It’s Roosevelt’s FAULT that he became the Rat in S4. He forced juicy to turn on the MC and the info on his father’s identity was Leverage if he didn’t coroperate w/ the FEDS. So that’s also a reason Juice killed him……He learned the hard way-DON’T mess w/ him and the MC.

  32. Olivia says:

    It’s ridiculous to me how much I am still annoyed by Tara’s death, and it’s been a month. I can’t get over it. I think Season 7 will feel like it’s dragging on forever because the main issue will be Jax finding out all the things Gemma did and killing her. How can that take 13 episodes? If Tara “had” to be killed, why not keep her for half of season 7? I’m bitter! Anyway, I think Wendy is the best bet for the boys. People can change, and if she can get them all out of Charming, she has a really great chance. I definitely don’t want to see Jax & Wendy together romantically. That makes no sense, with all that has happened between them. However, not calling your co-dependent overbearing mother to tell her you’re going to turn yourself into the cops before going to prison makes no sense either! Sorry—still so bitter!

    • sweetlady03 says:

      Jax DID try and call Gemma. When Unser came to tell him that Gemma had taken his truck, Jax said he was trying to get a hold of her but couldn’t reach her. I hope they don’t drag out Jax looking for Tara’s killer. I hope he figures out/finds out the truth early on.

  33. Steve says:

    Everytime I see her on this show It reminds me how much I miss The Sopranos

  34. bri says:

    I want see Tara miraculously survived and Grandma goes down for it all, and Tara n jax live happily ever after in WP

  35. Kate Geiger says:

    Not a Wendy fan either. Totally over Gemma now. Just about over the whole damned series. Although Kurt has done a masterful job of twists and turns, I think everyone has lowered themselves to the rank of street thug. I really had some hope that this whole thing would not only go legit business wise, but Jax would raise the club out of the 1% mentality. Kurt has his work cut out for him now. I have little hope that at the end of the series, there will be anyone worth liking except maybe Bobby.

  36. babygirl623 says:

    I like wendy I can relate to her. her and tig are my favorit. I too use to use and lost my son to a fire when he was 2 years old so i no how you can turn life back around for the good i think it’ll be good seeing the frowned upon come out on top.

    **so its known the fire was in no association with drug use i started using after death of my son**

  37. Kevin Jones says:

    Boooo Wendy Booooooo!

  38. Gary Kelley says:

    Are y’all forgetting that it’s a TV show???? It’s not real, y’all are identifying with em like they are real people.
    You can bet the writers will so whatever they want to keep ya hooked

  39. Maddie says:

    It will be a good season. The writers are inventive.

    • sawyer says:

      No Kurt Sutter is a lazy writer. There were so many plot holes in the season finale it was ridicules.
      He did this in The Shield and he is doing it again. This show is not new, it is based on Hamlet just a Harley Davidson’s instead of a hoarse and carriage.

  40. Chelle says:

    I want Gemma to go to jail forever. I am so sad about Tara. I want a nice family to adopt the boys and take them away from all that crap. They would be way better off. I was sad when Opie died. I liked Juice too but now I’m upset he has turned in to a junkie too. I don’t care much for Wendy she’s a dirt ball. Jax cheating on Tara with that whore also bothers me surprised he doesn’t have a std yet. Tig well I have mixed feelings about him. I’m also sad the cop died charmings sheriff he seemed decent. Excited to see next season no matter how it plays out.

  41. sawyer says:

    I am really not surprised by this. I watched Lost for 6 seasons, in the 5th season they killed off Juliet. LOST decided to go back to the very begining of Season1 with the characters and cast. Only to end it the same way it started. However the writers got so much back lash for killing off Juliet. They had Juliet return in the season 6 premier and series finale.

    I am still not over the death of Tara, which is still gut wrenching. This actually makes sense. I know like a lot of people stated they were done with SOA. I said the same thing, until I read an article about Maggie Siff, she is planning on watching, Siff is a fan of the show and want’s to see how everything plays out in Season 7. I know I will watch the premier and the series finale, I can not guarantee I can watch the whole season.I would rather see Wendy with Jax, considering she prefers women, to men than that skank Collete who is as old as his Gemma, trying to care for the boys.This way I won’t get so upset when Jax is sleeping with every skank he can find. Tara also wanted Wendy to take care of the boys if anything happened to her, even if she did turn wuss on Tara at the end. Tara always thought Wendy had some good in her. Tara also saved Wendy and Abel’s life in Season 1. Wendy did warn Tara that Gemma would never allow Tara and Jax to be together. Wendy will also point the finger at Gemma for Tara’s death, to get the boys out of Charming. Jax hopefully will end up killing Gemma in a fit of rage, once he finds out his Mother killed John Teller his father and Tara his wife.
    I would not be surprised to see a cameo of Maggie Siff this season haunting Gemma. Now that would be great. Gemma goe abosuletly insane.True Shakespearian. LOL

  42. ES says:

    This is a really good thing. Wendy deserves it more than any of the others. If Wendy becomes stronger again, Gemma might still stand in the way though…

  43. christina says:

    I agree with some of the post so far, but what I hate about gemma is the hypocrite that she is. She claims she does everything to protect her family & the club, but hates Tara for trying to do the same thing!!!! I mean come on Gemma only looked out for Gemma!!! Just like when she wanted the letters from Tara, & told her it was to protect jax, & they could leave charming, but then tore all the stuff about her out, & took em straight to jax, so he would kill clay & take his seat where he belonged!!! She only done that, for herself, she didn’t wanna lose her power, if someone besides jax got n there she wouldn’t have so much control!!!! Tara should have never been killed & Opie should still be here, that’s what kept jax straight!!!!

  44. Nancy Huddleston says:

    I’m still upset Tara is gone but I hope it will be all a bad dream or maybe she isn’t dead but in hospital. I don’t want Jax and Wendy together and I sure don’t want her to get custody of the boys. Any thing sets her off and she could use again. Hopefully Jax will step up and be a good dad to the boys and (own his place). Still don’t understand why he didn’t tell Jemma what he was doing. Like I said still upset about Tara. Really wanted her and Jax together at the end.

  45. Natalie says:

    The more Drea the better!!!

    • sawyer says:

      Wendy’s part has been minimal from the start. The only connection she has with Jax is she is Abel’s mama. I guess I don’t get why people are either mad or happy, she was never a main character. Sutter should promote Collete to the main cast. You know this kinda of sucks. Tara dies and Wendy get’s a promotion. Now I am pissed again they killed Tara off. Oh f##k Sutter, for his shock and awe, pathetic writer.

  46. marla says:

    i think the show is still as good as it aiways has been if it wasnt there wouldnt b so many people talking about it

  47. Jay says:

    After Tara’s death I lost all interest in the show. She didn’t deserve to die. Specially that way. The only reason I will watch the last season is because I want to see Jax and his sons in a better place. Hopefully Kurt Sutter gives it a fairy tale ending without Gemma and Wendy.

  48. jamie says:

    I liked almost all the characters in the show. I enjoyed all parts of this show weather good r bad. Cant wait for the last season.