Did the Hostages Finale Tie Things Up Too Well?

Hostages Finale RecapThe following contains spoilers from the finale of Hostages.

And they (almost) all lived happily ever after…?

CBS’ Hostages wrapped up its 15-episode run on Monday night by finally sending Ellen into the OR to operate on President Kincaid — a crucible she managed to delay two weeks but no further, despite her and husband Brian’s best efforts.

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Of course, by the time the surgery finally came around, the Sanderses had hammered out a nifty Plan B with their captor Duncan, after throwing his cohorts off their scent by faking their son Jake’s cold-blooded murder. As a final wrinkle, Archer caught wind of his good friend’s deception and tracked down Jake, but ultimately — if only for a moment — cooler heads prevailed, as Duncan apologized for the switcheroo and loss of sizable payday. Alas, a clumsy and highly avoidable scuffle ensued, leaving Archer dead on the Sanders’ living room floor.

Prior to that, Duncan had to deal with Sandrine’s potential betrayal, confronting her and coercing her to instead return to doing his bidding — specifically, by finding out where Blair had hidden away his wife Nina and daughter Sawyer. Sandrine (more or less) came through, but it took a final bit of alliance-switching — Vanessa arranging some “alone time” for Duncan and Blair, who wound up dead by Duncan’s hand — to secure Nina and Sawyer’s freedom.

As for POTUS, Ellen performed the surgery with both Logan and the president’s physician watching her every move. When a “bleeder” presented itself prior to Ellen closing Kincaid up, Logan triggered a smoke grenade diversion to clear the room of prying eyes. But when Logan went to rejoin Ellen in the OR, she KO’d him with a syringe, fixed up POTUS and then procured his bone marrow. With the patient safe and sound, Ellen was warmly hugged by the First Lady — who had become wise to the assassination plot — to whom she slipped the marrow to get smuggled out.

In the end, the Sanders family reunited, despite hints that Ellen and Brian might go their separate(d) ways for a bit; Sandrine and Kramer were on their way off into the sunset, criminals in love; and Duncan turned himself into the cops, putting his wife and daughter in Burton’s care.

What did you think of Hostages‘ grand finale? Too pat, or a fitting finish to a “limited series”? Should CBS forgive the “meh” ratings and give this “15-episode thriller” format another try, with a new cast/hostage setting?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I’m satisfied with the ending. I would like to see more one season shows. I think a lot of good stories could play out well that way.

    • But the show would have had a second season if the ratings weren’t so bad.

      • David L says:

        Nope, do your research – even 10 minutes of decent searching could have clarified it for you – it always was just one season based on the original story with no further development – the writers and productions company knew that, in fact just before the premiere when there was some buzz about the plot and how it would play out, the studio asked the production company for potential ideas for the future should the ratings warrant that for another series uptake – the writers and production reiterated what they had always said even before the pilot aired that is was just ONE STORYLINE and ONE SEASON. Nothing more, nothing else.

        • David4 says:

          You are dreaming, or just naive to the real world.

          I remember the 2-3 weeks before Under the Dome came out where it was going to be a one off thing. Then it became a hit they are like “We always had 4 seasons planned!”.

          • Mike says:

            No, he’s right. This was always supposed to have an ending in the 15 show run. It’s the new concept in television. One season series. One story with an ending. I suppose they could have changed their minds. But with a story like this, it would have needed quite the creative rewrite.

        • Alex says:

          Oh, you naive boy. If the show had been a hit, it most certainly WOULD have come back with more episodes no matter what anyone said before its debut. That’s a very obvious basic of how the TV business works. You really are in denial. Only when it was a flop out of the gate did a second season become a clear no-go.

        • Jake says:

          They were always going to wrap up this storyline but spinoff into something else

          • pamela says:

            I hope so. I do get attached to characters and want to see more of them but this storyline couldn’t go any further.

        • DoYourResearch says:

          There is an interview on this site posted on 07/29 with Jerry Bruckheimer that states:

          “This is not a miniseries for us,” executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed. “We’re doing 15 [episodes] and we’re hoping to get not only two seasons, but hopefully a lot more.”

          To me that is fairly clear that if this show had been a success it was not a one and done series.

          • byoung854` says:


          • Mel says:

            Hmmmm that’s funny cause Duncan was on the talk and as far as he knew, 15 episodes but I can believe had it been more of a success, writers would’ve come up with something cause a lot wasn’t answered. Chief of staff got off with not only the conspiracy to kill the president but killing an FBI Agent and the first lady’s sister evolvement….there’s some to play with…..

        • mank says:

          Idiot is big on this one, fringe was only going to be a short show, the 4400 was only going to be a short show, prison break was only going to be a short show, should i continue?

        • Brian says:

          Well said sir

      • Jim says:

        What would they even do in a second season. Either they could have planned it to go more than one season and made the whole thing drag on forever or they could start some new story in season 2 which probably wouldn’t have much to do with the original story.

        • Edward Brita says:

          who cares what the new series plot would be! This was a great series! why even tease the public with such a nail biting 15 episodes. So the writers came up with this I am sure Season 2 would even be better. Ratings bullcrap does that include those of us that tape it???? change the time slot. Come on do not cancel this I will only watch The Blacklist then and that is not even this network! Think again. Thank you

      • Edward Brita says:

        Change the time slot duh!

      • Mel says:

        Don’t think so….as far as I know it was always intended to be one series….I suppose minds can be changed

    • Rosemary says:

      I think the series was Fantastic!!! Such a good story line and great actors. I think the ending was terrific and DID leave open some doors for another season. I hope there will be more shows coming up and the SAME actors. Great job!!!

      • Brenda H says:

        I totally agree, loved the story, actors and would like to see another season.

        • Judy says:

          I totally agree. Fantastic show, each week was great! Never a dull moment. One of the best TV shows in 2013. Great actors! If they don’t bring back a season 2 I sure hope they start another fantastic show with the same actors. Of course Hostages will be tough to beat.

    • soulfooder says:

      This is how they have developped crisis which will air on ABC, another hostage taking situation, which i don’t think should be dragged for more than a season!

    • Maria Brita says:

      Please please continue this show! Every week my husband and I sat on the edge of our seats! This was the most exciting new series to end it would be a discredit to your network. You placed this against the Blacklist we would tape both but watch Hostages FIRST! change the time slot but this show was extraordinary!!!! Please renew this series. You will regret it and so will we. With all the new shows I have lost interest with the exception of 2 shows Hostages and the Blacklist. Think again before you cancel this show……

  2. bt says:

    What a rushed ending. What happened to Logan? What happened to the president after his wife called him out? And way to kill all 4 black characters on the show.

    • Mug says:

      Of course they killed off the black guys, it’s America, the country that hates and fears the black man.

      • SH says:

        Seriously? Why do people say such things? It is sickening to me. Just because a person is not black doesn’t make them an automatic racist! I am so sick of these comments! I am so sorry, and know this isn’t the forum for this, but it gets so tiresome.

    • Weezy says:

      You know BT, as I watched Hostages last night I thought to myself when Blair was shot “I bet some complete idiotic moron who doesn’t understand racism and is completely clueless to REAL racism in this country thanks to the mainstream media and their constant race baiting (look up social engineering/programming…they’ve been saying publicly for years this is the plan) would somehow think it was racist because the black characters died.” Then I thought to myself no one could be that stupid. Then I remembered that no one in the mainstream conscience EVER talks about real racism issues. Like 52 million aborted black babies since Roe v. Wade with an African American woman writing a book during that time stating that they needed to get abortion legalized and make it trendy to kill off all the “rats” as she called it. Or that 94% of African American murders are committed other African Americans thanks to the hip hop culture/etc. It’s not really your fault that you don’t understand these things., it’s the fault of the state run propaganda whore media, But if you are really interested on the subject you should do some research. Mainstream racism is nothing more than a divide and conquer tool meant to keep all of us outside of government fighting so we can’t ever band together in the name of liberty/freedom. True racism does exist but it has NOTHING to do with the nonsense you are programmed with via media. If it did how come they don’t ever mention real facts or come up with real solutions to help the African American community as a whole?

      • swilliams says:

        Add to all of that the fact that every black character on the show was killed off. As always.

      • Pinky says:

        You launch into some diatribe about black on black crime (essentially suggesting that black people are to blame for all their misery, not institutionalized racism, government-induced poverty, white flight that led to the depletion and decimation of America’s once stellar and unparalleled public school system, political parties developed for or funded with one of the express purposes being to keep “minorities” in check) and completely miss the OPs point. Fail.

  3. Evan says:

    Ehh…would’ve liked to have seen a curveball thrown in there. This ended exactly the way one might’ve guessed from the beginning of the season. And ending the whole season (series) with Duncan turning himself in?! I rolled my eyes at that one. Was there supposed to be significance to the dog being alive? Because I thought we already knew from the first episode that the dog was alive the whole time. I was glad to see the President still get his comeuppance, but I really hated the sister-in-law who teamed up with Blair, would’ve liked to have seen her join the body count.

    • bltcubs says:

      almost forgot about the dumb dog thing.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The yipping dog moment was so full of cheese I felt bad for any lactose-intolerant viewers out there.

      • P99 says:

        NICE!!!! :D

      • N tTVf says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

        The question at this point is, would CBS green light this ‘limited run’ Hostages series again knowing what they know now in January’14? Is CBS happy with the results of this limited run series?

        Perhaps we’ll find out this spring during pilot season. I think CBS will green light more ‘limited run’ series like ‘UTDome’ at the Upfront in May, but how many more ‘Hostages’ will they green light? Lesson learned.

        • N tTVf says:

          CBS will be watching the ratings and numbers very closely for ‘Intelligence’ as it premieres next Monday night in its new slot, 10pm (it debuts tonight/Tuesday, 9pm/CBS).

          If Intelligence produces the same numbers as Hostages, that will tell us something, and then trouble could be coming for the CBS Monday night lineup this spring. The problem for Monday nights was/is larger than just Hostages.

          If the numbers for Intelligence go way up from what Hostages was producing, then they/CBS and we/viewers will have a better idea of what went wrong on Monday nights at 10pm the past three to four months. Let’s see what Intelligence can do in this 10pm slot.

          • I think this was a really great show. The story line was interesting and kept me waiting for what was going to happen next. Josh Holloway makes the show. There will be females of all ages watching because Josh Holloway is the most sexy good looking man on TV or movies or anywhere else for that matter. #1 fan

    • Ronnie G says:

      Duncan’s role was the main theme in the sense that he was portrayed as the evil architect and that it was all him, when in fact he was ONLY doing it for the greater good, being his wife. Simple as that, so his character was shown to be the complete opposite, and as soon as the marrow was procured to give his wife that chance, he turned himself in and accepted responsibility. He did what he has to do (wife’s ONLY match for the rare type was the president etc). Poses the question how far any of us would go for a spouse or child that we truly love, regardless of what it might involve to do that – if there’s even the smallest chance, would we go for it?

  4. queerbec says:

    An overall mediocre series dragged out beyond comprehension. No great twists or surprises (no doubt terrified CBS executives demand a neat tidy essentially happy ending). If this were on cable, Archer may have actually killed Ellen’s family, the FLOTUS may have decided to do the honors on the President herself after finding out about his illegitimate daughter and his milling of her brother. I do hope that Logan gets his after Duncan confesses, but I’d be afraid that he’d be out for revenge against Duncan’s or Ellen’s families. And all those Secret Service agents who killed their numerous colleagues in the hospital shoot out–some of them may be loyal to Logan. And the First Lady’s sister serves to go down but it looks like she may end up as Veep, unless Duncan confesses (as Ellen didn’t know of her involvement when she confessed to the First Lady).

    • Cassandra says:

      While I agree with almost everything you are saying, I don’t think the secret service agents slaughtered a bunch of their own members. I think the guys they were killing were dressed to look like secret service but were really the anarchist group that Archer had set up to take the fall for the president’s death.

  5. Renee says:

    I liked the series. Toni Collette is good in everything she does. For those of us who live in the country and don’t have access to cable TV, it was frustrating to have three good shows on at exactly the same day and time. That hurt Hostages. I had to watch it online most of the time.

    • Hostages would have held up if it were a better show. The 10:00pm hour is not that competitive, ratings-wise. The show was slow, then convoluted. I didn’t care after the fourth episode. Had the series worked as well as the finale(whic was still mostly mediocre by all accounts), I probably would have continued watching the entire season.

      • N tTVf says:

        Agree with your assessment of the show, but not sure I can agree with the ’10pm hour is not that competitive, ratings-wise’. NBC has ‘Blacklist’, ABC has ‘Castle’. That’s pretty good competition, but we’ll know more once CBS introduces ‘Intelligence’ later tonight, and then has the show running on Monday’s at 10pm starting next week.

        • Brent Taylor says:

          Networks need to abandon the idea of “when” we watch shows. Sure, lock in the commercials, but let people watch when they want to, what they want to. And track those results as to whether a show succeeds. We (FINALLY FOUND) watched all of hostages this past week over two days. Liked that much better!

          Glad the show ended though. How would they do a second a season? Duncan? Certainly not the doctor or the white house soap opera. The show was convoluted — like The Following has too many convenient interwoven threads and characters, as well as portraying law enforcement as corrupt, blind, obtuse, incompetent buffoons. The very vetting of Secret Service agents predisposes they would NEVER behave as Logan behaved. The lead SS character would never be that oblivious.

  6. I thought it should have ended with Ellen finding her family dead in the warehouse, having been shot execution style by Duncan.

  7. neha says:

    A boring and unoriginal ending to a boring and unoriginal show. I can’t believe this show made Ausiello’s “top 5 new shows” this season. He usually has great taste!

  8. Gail theller says:

    I loved the show and want a second season,

  9. SakkeL says:

    I’m glad they made an ending to it, unlike so many good cancelled series.

  10. Jake says:

    It’s good of cbs to finish this series in its original time slot, I am curious what a second season would have looked like since they clearly knew the writing was on the wall

  11. Bonnie Rodriguez says:

    Please bring back this show. The writers could build another 15 episodes around building the relationship between Dylan and Toni. There was a chemistry between them, that could be explored and developed into a full blown relationship, while they fought to bring justice to the corrupt politics. Besides, the president’s wife looked like she wanted him dead by the end of the show. Her sister is obviously a perfect villain type, who might still carry out the evil deed. there are so many possibilities?

  12. Cassandra says:

    My biggest issue with the last few episodes of Ellen pairing up with Duncan, was that it made it appear that she forgave him for kidnapping her and her family and no real harm was done(I mean they even got the dog back). But I don’t see her hugging goodbye the man that killed her best friend and then forcing her to bury said friend. I think it would take a little more than 2 weeks to let that sort of thing go.

  13. wrstlgirl says:

    All tied up in a nice little bow. It was pretty good but they dragged it out to long for me with no real suspense. Some episodes were really boring. Nice concept though.

  14. Joey says:

    They wrap up the show well with last two episodes. Glad the show got a good ending.

  15. SouthernBelle says:

    I kind of liked the finale, and I really liked the show, but there wasn’t enough suspense, not enough intensity built into it for my taste. I’m really disappointed Ellen and Duncan didn’t end up together, no matter how unlikely it always was. Their relationship was the most interesting part of the show IMO; I hate that she is giving Brian another chance instead of shoving him out the door. In any case, it was a fun ride.

  16. Andrew Hass says:

    I didn’t watch the show but i’m sure if it had been a hit or maybe close to it CBS would have found a way to bring back for another season but maybe changed it a little.They could do a time jump and Ellen and/or her family could be in danger again but this time Duncan comes to the rescue.

  17. Heidi says:

    I actually liked the show & even missed ‘RHOBH’ last night to enable me to watch the finale’…..:) After reading the other posts indicating that it was meant for just a one season show really is a bummer for enjoyed the show…….

    Question: So, am I to understand that ‘The Dome’ was another ‘one season show’? If so, another disappointment……

  18. cal says:

    I can’t believe Toni Collette was in this. Hopefully she finds a better TV series. I had to quit once they botched their escape plan early in the series.

  19. Jim says:

    I’m glad it ended the way it did and wouldn’t care at all if it didn’t get a second season. In fact, considering how the story was written a single season is best. Every thing was wrapped up at the end. The hostage situation was resolved. The presidents surgery is done. What else is there to do that wouldn’t make it seem to drawn out? It worked better as a mini series because of the concept of the show.

  20. Miguel says:

    I know how the series could go on. There are still A LOT of unanswered questions, and complications that in my opinion demand a continuation of the series. First of all, if Duncan’s turning himself in, what is he turning himself in for? Whatever he can say would directly tie in to the larger plot to assassinate the president which would incriminate others including Vanessa, his father, Sandrine, Kramer, Logan, and possibly even Ellen herself for cooperation in the matter despite the fact that she was under limited duress. Personally, those issues alone are enough to branch off into further storyline, and develop into new plot. Also, Ellen and Duncan still seem to have some feelings for each other. Surely it can’t end there? I saw it in their eyes!!! He watched her go. And Sandrine and Kramer, there must be more to that story? If she has her child now, why is she still on the move?? This series is NOT over. IT MUST GO ON!!!!!!

    • Heidi says:

      Count me in for I’ve just jumped on the ‘Save Duncan’ train…….:)

      • Yes, you’re RIGHT. It must go on. It was honestly one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. Suspense level on par with ‘Alias’. Hopefully the producers themselves, despite the reaction of the general public, will continue this series for the satisfaction of the many fans that it does in fact have. I LOVED THE SUSPENSE. Every episode was a twist and kept my Mom and I yearning for more. One episode a week was simply NOT ENOUGH for this high-octane show. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!

      • N0S4AT2 says:

        me too! hated it when i found out that it was a 2 hr series (and not season) finale, which means there is no more :( please bring it back for another season and “save Duncan!”…

  21. I liked it. The final two hours were average enough, but they ended the story. All in all, it’s been a good season. It was a fun ride and I’m glad I watched. I’m a huge 24 fan and this was 24-lite :)
    I’d love to see more one season one storyline shows.

  22. cb says:

    I had just the same thought after watching the finale, Matt. I can’t remember the last time I saw a show that was wrapped up so neatly in the end. But too much so. I kept waiting for the “gotcha” moment that never came. Though I prefer an ending over a non-ending.

  23. The following week shows were always ruined by the previews, the story line grew tedious, the actors playing Ellen and Brian were horrible and Duncan turning himself in was the final insult.

    • Jim says:

      I disagree with everything you just said. Ellen was great. Brian was pretty good. Duncan knew what he did was wrong and turned himself in. It’s the only way he could even come close to making it up to his wife.

      • Pat G says:

        I am curious about Duncan was going to admit to. If he told the whole truth, a number of people at the end that thought they were returning to a happy normal life, will not be doing so — some looking at jail time — and others being sucked into a nasty scandal. Maybe a presidential pardon because in the end he help save the president’s life?

  24. ending was awful… i love the show and want more…but the production of the finale should be an embarrassment to the execs on this show…i’d go into detail of all the WRONGS on this ending but on an ipad it s too much trouble!

  25. dnj says:

    I liked the one season show and would watch another one if a similiar genre to Hostages.

  26. Diz says:

    I enjoyed Hostages for what it was, but boy did it drag on & on. 10 episodes would have been sufficient. I didn’t think everything was tied up at the end so I could see where they would have enough unanswered questions to start a new season if they wanted. I think they failed in their execution of this though with 5 too many episodes and don’t really desire to see any more from it.

  27. Steve W says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this show take a turn like how American Horror Story does and make every season its own thing. I loved this season but questions IF there would even be a 2nd season given how this first one played out. Given that all the loose ends were tied up in the finale, I would love to see a second season with all new characters and a whole new storyline.

  28. Coralea says:

    I think it was a great show. It was a little slow in the beginning, but it got better! I am sad to see it end, I think if maybe if it hadnt been known that it was a one season show maybe more people would have put some interest into it and a second season would have been possible.

  29. Robyn says:

    who was man following Brian and his daughter? who did he work for?

    • N0S4AT2 says:

      Oh my goodnes, I just thought about this now that you pointed it out and come to think of it, this was never addressed! So there. We need another season to answer some of these questions (on this message board). Enjoyed the show thoroughly right from the beginning and very sad to see it end…

  30. Valerie Tower says:

    The finale was much better than I had expected. I lost interest in the middle of the series because there were just too many different story lines going in too many directions, but I kept with it because I love Dylan and Toni. Glad I did. Good ending.

  31. Domi says:

    I’m just happy i got to see an ending to the story. I’m tired of watching series that are discontinued and you never get to know how they end. It was predictable, but i’m happy with the way it ended.

  32. JM says:

    This series was pretty poorly written, IMO. Could see everything coming from a mile away. Don’t agree that Archer was the ‘good’ guy when so many innocents ended up dead. The show really didn’t deal well with the lasting repercussions. Disliked most everyone, including Burke who almost killed poor Nina’s mother, something never really dealt with. People would suddenly act out of character with no rhyme or reason.

    And talk about heavy-handed. It wasn’t enough that the doctor almost let the ‘bad’ patient who shot the police officer in the face, die, and Ellen stepped in to save him, we had to have the patient’s son congratulate Ellen, stating that said patient was still a human being. Subtlety at its best.

    The only characters with any real conscience were Nina and Kramer. All others I really didn’t care about.

    • I don’t understand why you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. It was amazing. I think overanalyzing everything, and that prevented you from getting caught up in the story and noticing everything in suspense. Yes, we’ve all seen a lot of TV shows, so virtually nothing is going to be that unpredictable if you analyze it in comparison with all of those examples. Every episode offered a brand new twist and I don’t know, maybe I’m just highly emotional but I COULD NOT WAIT for every episode each week! Would love to see a second season and if you’re wondering how, I already detailed a plausible storyline or basis on which to follow in one of the EARLIER comments I made on this post.

  33. swilliams says:

    I like the show. They could easily bring back the Duncan character (since he’s still alive) and they probably will.

    But a one-season show prevents circuitous, rambling, undirected hot-messes like ‘Revenge’, where the same old ‘the Grayson’s are gonna pay’ script goes on . . . and on . . . and on . . . and on without ending.

  34. Shari says:

    I, really, enjoyed this show and would love to see another show that involves the extensions of the families that were involved in this series, (ie, Sandersons’ and Duncan Carlisle’s family).

  35. S McKenney says:

    I thought the show was action-packed every week and so it kept me coming back and wanting to see what happened. If a show can do that for me than I would like to see it come back on. Like Revolution and Under the Dome. Both shows kept me interested and I will watch them both when (and if ) they come back on. I would watch Hostages again if there is a second season. Don’t think it will come back but if it does I will be watching.

  36. Jon says:

    Great premise. Amazing cast. Bad execution.

  37. Beverly Redfield says:

    this is the worst. Even the actors know it. I laughed until tears came when the head guy hit the girl on the head with the frying pan. KLANG! Did they take that scene from a roadrunner cartoon? I don’t how old these people are that thought the ending was great, but one thing is for sure….they’re easily entertained.

  38. Keith says:

    Great Show! The ending lost its punch. Waiting for Season 2.

  39. Heidi says:


  40. meatwad says:

    did anyone else get the vibe that Ellen still wanted a little something to happen with Duncan when they last met?

  41. The Doctor says:

    Excellent series with a great ending! I really don’t understand all of the comments saying the show was boring and had no suspense. I respectfully disagree. Hostages, The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow and (last year) The Following have renewed my faith that television isnt all degenerate reality show programming that panders to the lowest common denominator. Very well done, kudos to everyone involved with the show.

    • Brent Taylor says:

      Didn’t watch/haven’t seen Sleepy Hollow (no interest) or Blacklist (maybe** on DVD); but, The Following was/is a crappy show for many of the same reasons Hostages basically sucked. Too many connections, coincidences, impossibly inept and/or corrupt law enforcement personnel, improbably story lines and lousy acting (aside from Bacon, Purefoy and Collette) including McDermott (script, direction and exposed lack of talent to carry a crappy show).

      **As interesting as The Blacklist looked/looks, I just passed on it for now because it is on NBC!!! A network with a reputation of cancelling great shows early (Life, Journeyman, The Cape); don’t want to be burned again.

  42. The Doctor says:

    Oh, I forgot one thing. It broke my heart to see Myka playing a murderous vixen!! ;)

    • maria brita says:

      Bring back the Hostages or be morons. The choice is yours. FBI agent arrives to stop Duncan for a new job now how simple I’d that? Maybe you need me as a writer. Sorry I would rather watch!

  43. Nokuphiwa says:

    The show was alright. Didn’t like like that all the black people were killed off

  44. How anyone can say this show lacked suspense or was boring is simply beyond me. Every week I was left on the edge of my seat with my jaw on the ground as more pieces of the puzzle were revealed. It really is one of the best series I have ever watched and I hope the show is renewed for a second, it surely deserves it and so do we!

    PS: Anyone else get a Stockholm Syndrome vibe when Ellen & Duncan first kissed?!

  45. Danny says:

    I love the ending i hope comes back for a second deason

  46. Diane says:

    A great show, more action then just boring talk. I hope it comes back on the air. It’s a good story, good actors, and keeps you anxious to watch each episode.

  47. naomi says:

    i was waiting to see the love story between Ellen and Duncan

  48. christine tierney says:

    Where I live they never showed the last episodes. Never saw it after November. What happened?

  49. Special says:

    I cant wait for d season 2

  50. sharon allen says:

    One of the better series since “Lost”