Ratings: Community Returns Down, Big Bang Ticks Up, ABC's Assets Spies Dismal Debut

Ratings Community Season 5 PremiereNBC’s Community on Thursday at 8/7c returned to 3.7 million viewers and a 1.3 demo rating.

The second episode of the Season 5 premiere then retained 3 million and a 1.2, averaging out to 3.4 mil/1.3 — down 13 and 32 percent from the comedy’s previous opener (3.9 mil/1.9) but on par with its May finale.

TVLine readers gave the double-episode premiere an average grade of — you guessed it — “A-.”

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Continuing the Peacock’s night, Sean Saves the World (2.8 mil/0.8) and The Michael J Fox Show (2.5 mil/0.8) slipped two tenths and one tenth, respectively, but Parenthood (4 mil/1.3) ticked up a tenth.

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Over on CBS, The Big Bang Theory drew 19 mil and a 5.3, up 7 percent and two tenths from its fall finale. The Millers (11.6 mil/2.9) rose three tenths in the demo, Crazy Ones (8.2 mil/2.0) ticked up one tenth and Two and a Half Men (8.6 mil/2.1) gained two tenths. (Who would watch an Odette Annable/Clark Duke/upstart software company sitcom? Because I would.)

Elementary closed the Eye’s night with 9 mil and a 1.8, up a tenth from its last outing.

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ABC’s The Taste drew 4.7 mil and a 1.2 rating across its two-hour run, down sharply from its freshman premiere (5.8 mil/2.1, on a Tuesday) but on par with its finale (3.5 mil/1.2) and improving on Wonderland‘s most recent numbers in its 8 o’clock hour (4.9 mil/1.2 vs. 3.3 mil/0.8).

The eight-part miniseries The Assets then debuted to 3.8 mil and a 0.7 aka the lowest rated in-season drama launch for a Big 4 network ever, “beating” Do No Harm‘s 0.9. Gonna be a lonnnng nine weeks for ABC.

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  1. Ames says:

    uggg,,,people please watch community and parenthood,,,please!

    • jimbo says:

      Parenthood drew 3.99 million viewers, making it the most-watched NBC show on Thursday. They’d be stupid to cancel it, honestly. At the very at least, it’ll get a 13 episode send-off but I wouldn’t be surprised if they renew it for a full season either. Why? I know networks don’t take the DVR+7 ratings into account much but Parenthood is one of the most DVR’ed network shows right now. The only reason ratings dropped and people DVR it instead of live watching it is because of the (ratingswise) miserable lead-in(s), namely SSTW and TMJFS.

      • nate says:

        i hope u are right!!

      • Ally Oop says:

        Parenthood is not a good show for the 10pm hour. I think NBC knew this when they scheduled it for this year’s slot. Also, it is a good point that it’s NBC’s highest rated scripted show on Thursdays. I hope at the very least, it gets a 13 episode send-off next year because it deserves it, as a veteran show with good-quality storylines.

        • meleliot says:

          Why would it get a send off next year if it’s NBC’s most watched show on Thursday? I am holding out for a full pick-up next year. Be positive people!

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Because network studios are full of idiots all chasing another Lost that 10-15 million viewers and is a “water cooler” show so its constantly talked about by tv hosts (late night, like Kimmel did) and on forums and websites etc. Like NBC cancelling shows and eventually getting the 10mil viewers on Revolution. If something comes up the pipeline (lets say JJ comes to them with a big idea) they would easily cancel something like Parenthood thats already walking the line (NBC’s most watched show on Thur? So the network in last places most watched show on a thursday? thats like being the strongest guy in chess club) to make room for the new JJ show.

      • TV Gord says:

        Personally, I record Parenthood because I usually want to watch it more than once. It’s that good! I also want to be sure I don’t miss any of the dialogue, which can happen when characters talk over each other. That’s not a complaint, by the way. I love the way they do that!

      • Salinas says:

        I have recently read a very funny short novel called “college leadership crisis: the philip dolly affair” by jeff ross. This book is a must read for anyone a wee bit interested in community college humor.

    • Joel says:

      Not mentioned in this article, Community may have had a 1.2 and a 1.3, but the broader comedies of Michael J Fox and Sean Saves the World both got a .8. By other network standings, Community’s ratings were not good, but based on what else NBC has, they did okay.

  2. A.D. says:

    NBC hasn’t been must see in years. The CBS lineup is awesome. The Michael J Fox show would be doing better on CBS…the reason it’s not, is because the rest of the lineup on NBC Thursdays Sucks!

  3. b says:

    The Crazy Ones is the best new comedy of the year. Hoping for a second season. The show has found it’s footing/groove and will continue to improve. It has unlimited potential.

    • Brian says:

      I like it so far… I just wish it made me laugh more.

      • DL says:

        Different strokes for different folks. ;) I was cracking up at last night’s Crazy Ones, but the Community premiere unfortunately just didn’t do it for me (even though I love the show). Especially the “Repilot” half hour; I barely laughed at all; it felt strangely depressing.

        • Brian says:

          Yeah, the first “Community” was strange… But I did enjoy the second one. I heard it gets better in subsequent episodes. I laugh at “The Crazy Ones” and I really enjoy it, but I feel like there’s something missing… I don’t know. I do hope it gets picked up for a second season.

        • Ron says:

          Personally, I laughed at both Community episodes and enjoyed them, though I do understand what you mean by a tone of strangely depressing. I think we also have to remember that it was called “Repilot” for a reason — it had to completely undo the mediocrity that was season 4 (the whole gas leak thing had me cracking up) AND THEN reestablish the characters and a new course of direction. In my heart of hearts I truthfully think it’s going to get even better (though I liked the first two episodes). I just hope you stick with it.

          • DL says:

            Oh, I will. I couldn’t stop watching Community, not after all the laughs it’s given me over its run. And the whole Abed/Nicholas Cage bit was brilliant. Always Be Cageing! I agree it essentially needs to “re-find” its footing. I do hold out hope that it will recapture the awesomeness of previous seasons.

      • TV Gord says:

        I enjoyed the 90-minute combo of two Communitys and a Crazy Ones. It made me realize the shows have a similar comedic sensibility and adjust my thinking about The Crazy Ones. It also helped that SMG went a little Buffy on this episode. I enjoy all of the characters on the show, but her role needs to be fleshed out a bit better.

  4. Tom Charles says:

    not cool not cool not cool

  5. Boiler says:

    Can’t speak for NBC shows as I don’t watch but my live TV is on CBS all night Thursday. Glad Taste didn’t do great. How did it compare to Wonderland?

  6. Maggie says:

    If PARENTHOOD was on at 9 PM, more people would watch it. It is the best written and best acting show on TV. Please DVR IT AND GIVE IT A TRY.

    • DL says:

      Bested acted show, yes, hands down. Every single member of the cast is stellar. Its ensemble is unbelievable. That said, the writing has been up and down for me this year. Lauren Graham’s Sarah inexplicably being the super of an apartment building… huh? How did that happen? No explanation. Also, the will-they-won’t-they between Sarah and Hank is just too cliche. As for the Joel/Julia storyline, though it is dramatic and heartwrenching (and despite the fact that Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger are phenomenal), I just don’t care for it. And I happen to be someone that actually likes Romano’s Hank. I just wish it would either happen for real, or it would be done.
      All that said, however, Parenthood is still one of the best shows on TV, and it makes me tear up almost every episode. Amber’s storyline has been fantastic this season, as, I think, has been Drew’s, Kristina’s, and Zeek/Millie’s.

      • DL says:

        Totally went back and added that last sentence about Hank before I posted, it should’ve been before the bit about Joel/Julia. xD

      • TV Gord says:

        I don’t think Sarah and Hank are cliched. I think they’re over, and he just still has regrets about that. I think the best storyline last night was the Hank/Max one. We finally got to see Hank realize what viewers have pretty much known from the beginning.

  7. GuessWhat says:

    COMMUNITY has gotten so many chances and unexpected renewals despite uneven creativity and lousy ratings. I used to love it, but it’s time to put a fork in it. RIP.

  8. Jared says:

    I love Joel McHale but I do not get the appeal of Community at all.

    • Zach says:

      That’s understandable. It really has an odd humor to it that makes it appealing to some (myself included). That’s what gives the show its cult following.

      • Suzie says:

        You’re probably right. I remember watching Steve Martin doing stand-up with an arrow on his head and wondering why people found him amusing, although I love him in films. By the same token, I don’t get Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell or Zach Galifianakis. Ferrell and Carell just annoy me.

  9. RUCookie says:

    I really liked The Assett. I am interested to see their take on this chapter of American History. Plus, how wonderful is it that the woman behond the story gets to remain a strong woman… I was worried about that.

  10. DreamRose311 says:

    It’ll be interesting to see next week’s numbers when there isn’t a Sugar Bowl going on…

    • leigh says:

      I agree. Alabama vs. Oklahoma on ESPN was a big game. I do not understand why the networks show these new episodes opposite big games like this one. I worry for Castle as it airs opposite the National Championship Game.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Yeah, but on NBC at least, the Olympics are fast approaching. They’ve got to fit those new episodes in somewhere, and I doubt the other networks will be airing very many new episodes against the Olympics.

    • Boiler says:

      Although I don’t watch the bowl games due to all the hype and amount of them, I am surprised at the 1st run episodes opposite them. It didn’t hurt CBS but ABC on Monday seems nuts, especially against a sister channel, ESPN

  11. Jessica says:

    This is what ABC gets for pulling Grey’s Anatomy (as well as other shows) off the air for 10 WEEKS!!! A 2 1/2 month mid-season hiatus is absolutely ridiculous and I will not be watching their Thursday night lineup JUST BECAUSE my favorite show is not on for the next 2 months!

    • Jerry says:

      I think ABC is trying to find another way to prevent viewers from getting tired of the on again off again schedule that is hurting Grey’s and especially Once Upon A Time and Revenge. Only Scandal is immune last season due to its persistent hype and storyline.

      I think the viewers lost by one extended hiatus of 10 weeks will be a lot less than the viewers lost due to frequent breaks. Particularly, I think it hurt Once Upon A Time and Revenge the most. Yes, they have bad 2nd seasons, but their worst episodes is really at the beginning episodes, where ratings didn’t decline that much because it’s on week after week in the fall. It’s only during the January-February months (when the storyline is actually improving) when people abandon the shows due to double whammy of multiple breaks and award shows. Disinterested viewers may still watch the show if the show is consistently on, but disinterested viewers will almost certainly not take the time to catch up after missing a few episodes due to awards shows or take the effort to keep up with schedules. Of course, I am talking about casual viewers that don’t keep themselves informed on schedules.

      • zacqua10 says:

        I feel like for Once everything after The Millers Daughter was bad. But then again, that’s when the constant breaks started. I have to wonder if the back half wouldn’t have been perceived as better if it was aired in one continuous run like it will this year.

        Maybe I’ll try to binge watch season 2 on Netflix (it’s gonna be hard since I already know I didn’t like it the first time) and see if my opinion changes.

        • Jerry says:

          I am an overseas viewer so I kinda binge-watched Revenge and Once Upon A Time, and really it’s not that bad, their second seasons. Maybe the frequent breaks gives viewers the time to “reflect” again and again and decide not to continue.

  12. Et al says:

    It’s downright frightening that so any people watch the Millers.

    • Et al says:

      I meant to type ‘many’ but honestly ‘any’ works too.

    • crog says:

      They only watch it since it’s after the big bang theory. If CBS put it on Monday swapped with mom the numbers would be switched. Hopefully two and a half men doesn’t get canceled

      • freckles says:

        That is never gonna happen. The Millers are bound to be renewed. Not only are The Millers 3rd highest rated sitcom on CBS, its also owned by CBS. The Crazy Ones for now seems to be the first suspect for canceled show. And since CBS wont be canceling 2 Chuck Lorre shows in one year it will probably be a choice between Two and a Half Men and Mom.

  13. Kyle says:

    I think NBC needs to move Community / Parks away from that timeslot. Putting comedies against Big Bang Theory is not a good strategy. I don’t know where they could be moved (perhaps to a new post-Voice 9:30 slot?) and I don’t know what could go against TBBT either, but they just need to move.
    I gave Sean and MJF a try, but the shows are just not good

    • josh says:

      i think Community needs to move from NBC, besides community and parks and rec there isn’t a single show worth watching on that network (at least comedies, i don’t really care about network dramas

  14. Hopefully Community’s DVR numbers will be high

    • Ron says:

      I have no idea what NBC is going to do with Community. I’m still holding out hope for #sixseasonsandamovie but who knows. I think Community is going to be NBC’s best-performing comedy, but that’s not necessarily saying much when they have 4 comedies (Community, Parks & Rec, SSTW, and MJFS), and SSTW and MJFS are pretty bad. I really think Community and P&R would do better if NBC didn’t insist on putting them in direct competition with TBBT, because let’s be honest, no comedy is every going to perform amazing in ratings if it’s going up against TBBT. As much as I’d love Community to continue another season, and Parks & Rec to continue as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if NBC decided to do a wipe of all their comedies next season … even though I doubt they’ll be able to perform like NBC would like either. But like you said, hopefully the DVR numbers will be reasonably good, which *may* give the show a fighting chance.

  15. Ron says:

    Give me Community and Parks & Rec any day over ANY of the “comedies” on CBS. I feel like NBC comedies, especially shows like Community, offer more smart and witty humor (with glaring exceptions like SSTW and MJFS), whereas CBS comedies are dumbed-down and offer more broad appeal. I *really* don’t mean this as an insult. I can appreciate networks having more broad shows because that brings in the ratings and the money. But I love the witty, meta humor of shows like Community. Personally, I don’t understand the CBS “comedies.” Two and a Half Men should have been cancelled many, many, MANY seasons ago (if I wanted to watch idiots make cheesy, unfunny sex jokes I’d watch a porn movie). The Millers is just an embarrassment to TV. And TBBT hasn’t been good since the third season (they’ve unfortunately moved SO far away from what initially gave that show a heart). But you know what, I’d rather have a few seasons of a great, smart comedy than umpteen seasons of a mediocre-at-best comedy.

    • Larry says:

      Parks is great but Community is not, and TBBT is still good and hasb’;t changed much since the beginning.

      • Ron says:

        I guess I just kinda feel that Lorre and the others over at BBT have moved away from the social awkwardness, fun, geeky sides of four geniuses and their inept interaction with a hot girl and transitioned solely into cliche relationship plot lines and unsophisticated jokes that don’t fit with the characters (the jokes in the beginning seemed so much more tight and true to the characters). Even Sheldon is a shell of his former self. In the beginning, he was a neurotic, socially inept nerd, but somehow the writers of recent seasons have just turned him into an outright dick. But that’s just my opinion, and it clearly doesn’t mean much because the ratings are higher than ever.

        • tp says:

          I wholeheartedly agree with you about Sheldon. It’s almost a turnoff for me. I’ve been watching it for so long now that I feel obligated to continue until it ends. Kinda how I feel about HIMYM.

    • lmjo says:

      Speaking of witty comedies and NBC – I miss “Frasier.” (Although, I do think it ended at the right time). I just miss that witty, slightly smarter writing. I still laugh at old episodes, even if I’ve seen them many times before.

      I think part of the issue with NBC’s Parks and Community is that the humor seems very niche. If NBC could find a balance between the wittiness and a more ‘mass appeal’ humor, I think they could have a shot a ‘hit’ comedy again.

      • Ron says:

        Yeah, I definitely think niche is the best word to describe the humor of these shows, especially Community. I love Community, but I think that’s because I get about 99% of the pop culture references. I know many people who hate it, and they maybe get about 20% of the pop culture references. I can understand why someone in that position wouldn’t want to watch the show. Also, I love the meta stuff the show does, and I can get down with darkest timelines and a 3-years-long gag of a Beetlejuice joke with a 3 second payout and no acknowledgment. Thinking about it, Community is SUPER niche. I’m always an advocate for people watching this show, but I really can’t blame people for not being able to get into Community when so much of the humor depends on outside knowledge of pop culture and other complex things.

  16. Justin says:

    (Who would watch an Odette Annable/Clark Duke/upstart software company sitcom? Because I would.)
    Its funny you say that becuase I was thinking something similar last night. It would be a unique way to spin off a show. Start with the company in a garage and 2 employees and by the time you spin it off its a work place comedy with a ensemble that could be hired through out the season as they grow. It could also be a way to give Kutcher a place to go incase they want to end 2 1/2 Men but want to retain Kutcher or just want to split him off and have Cryer go a different direction with 2 1/2 Men.

    • TV Gord says:

      I would, too! They were a terrific combo! Poor Jon Cryer had me singing the “One of These Things Is Not Like The Other” song from Sesame Street. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Men morph into a Walden Schmidt spinoff without the remnants of the current show (except maybe Berta, whom I would enjoy seeing in a beefed up role).

  17. tina says:

    i just love tbbt

  18. Mo says:

    It’s ABC’s fault regarding The Assets. I watch a lot of television and I had no idea it was coming on. Horribly promoted by ABC. They must not believe in it. Though my brother really liked the first episode.

  19. Paige says:

    The Assets was truly dreadful. I only knew that it was coming because I actually look for the midseason shows the networks put on but ABC did a horrible time promoting it. The other problem with the show is that it seems too similar to The Americans which is awesome.

  20. tp says:

    Parenthood was awesome last night.

  21. lmjo says:

    And ABC thought they had hit the ratings bottom with their 2013 midseason drama Zero Hour, which they cancelled after three episodes. Zero Hour’s premiere ratings were almost double those of The Assets. Haha!

  22. David says:

    CBS lineup is performing great and i like them.

  23. Jeffrey Ross says:

    Folks hungry for community college humor might want to check out the comic satire (novel) College Leadership Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair…