Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Arrow, W13, Shameless, The Fosters, POI, Homeland and More

SquallHas NCIS‘ Tony found a way to keep Ziva in his life? Is Arrow setting its sights on an awaited backstory? What is Shameless Sheila up to? Will Warehouse 13‘s swan song satisfy? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Curious minds want to know: NCIS‘ Tony recently mentioned having to care for a second goldfish. We know what he named his original fish. Are we safe to assume what he named his new one? –Cheryl
You would be safe, indeed! “If you’ve got Kate on one side of the bowl, it’s only logical who’s on the other side…,” show boss Gary Glasberg teases. “You can guess what the other goldfish’s name is.” Rhymes with… Viva?

Now that Emma has a different set of memories on Once Upon a Time, I am dying to know who Christopher Gorham is playing. Can you give me anything on this? – Jacquelyn
When last I spoke to the Once creators, they said that everything and anything they wanted out there on Gorham’s role was out there – meaning, basically nothing. But they did read the knee-jerk theory I posted… and, well, pretty much dismissed it. “Your speculation was very interesting, and we did enjoy it,” Eddy Kitsis allowed. “And we reserve the right to use it at a later date!”

When will the final episodes of Warehouse 13 air? –Karen
Syfy has yet to lock in a premiere date for the farewell fun, but whenever it does arrive, it sounds worth the wait. Saul Rubinek tells me fans can look forward to “a very poignant six episodes” which will, at the very least, further explore the apparent Bond between the warehouse and the Donovan family.

Why was Carrie on such good terms with Lockhart at the end of Homeland finale? He’s the man who (indirectly) let Brody die, and we’ve seen how crazy Carrie gets when it comes to Brody. —Laura
Alex Gansa responds: “Carrie had to make a choice. Is she going to continue to do what she loves to do, which is be an intelligence officer, or is she going to hold her anger and feelings of betrayal against the man who is now sitting in the chair that is going to determine where her career goes. That’s one of the reasons for the four-monthy time break. And that was, frankly, one of the things that we were trying to go with was, ‘OMG, Carrie is OK with all of this. How is that possible?’ Well, Carrie is a pragmatist. This is job a calling to her. And although [Brody’s death] was incredibly painful, she… was able to move on from that and decide that her career was more important than holding a grudge.”

Avid Brazilian reader here. I’d like to know if you have some scoop about my favorite show, Shameless. 1) How will the writers keep Sheila in the storyline, assuming she’ll stay at all? 2) Is there a romantic interest for Fiona now that Jimmy is dead? –Caio
Sheila is definitely still around, make no mistake — and now that she has no one to care for at home, she takes to cleaning the Gallaghers’ house. Your second question was addressed in our Winter TV Spoiler-palooza.

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Arrow fans know nothing about Felicity. She has no backstory or anything! Please tell me we will learn more about her soon? –Corinne
“Soon” might be pushing it, if only because Arrow has much on its plate right now, as its rogues gallery ever expands. “We have known for a long time what Felicity’s background is, where she came from and who her parents are,” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told me. “But it could be such a big story that it’s something that we might hold off on. In a rare display of, ‘Oh, that might be too much,’ we might have to wait on that.”

Whatever happened to Rizzoli & Isles? Ever since one of their castmates committed suicide, it seems, there were no more new episodes after that? Did the show got cancelled, or is it just off season? If so, when does new season start? –Nett
R&I went on a pre-planned fall hiatus shortly after Young’s tragic passing. Season 4 resumes on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 9/8c, with the last of Young’s apeparances as Detective Barry Frost.

Anything good to share regarding Stef and Lena from ABC Family’s The Fosters (returning Jan. 13)? I know they’re dealing with the Callie crisis when the show returns, but I’m more interested in them as a couple and individuals. –Jennifer
I am told that newlyweds Stef and Lena will have only a short bit of post-marital bliss before they discover that Callie has run away. This season, the couple will have to deal with Stef returning to work post-shooting, a family tragedy, and Lena will surprise Stef – and herself – with some new feelings that arise. How will the two navigate all this chaos and change as a married couple?

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Root has been going on about how “something big is coming” in basically every episode of Person of Interest this season. Is it to do with the double machines and Control, or is it something else entirely? –Bradley
EP Greg Plageman hinted at the “big” threat in our Winter Preview special. And when I ran the question by Michael Emerson, he claimed to be unsure of Root’s meaning, “but that line from her made my hair stand on end, because she clearly knows things that we don’t know,” the actor said. “She’s a confidante in the Machine in a way that no one else is, so I’m sure Mr Finch lays awake at night wondering what the heck she meant.” Might Team Machine see some value in what Root has to offer, as they brave this greater fight? “Mr. Finch is warming to her, a bit,” Emerson allowed. “She’s proven certain things, and it’s not all bad. But it’s all crazy.’

What’s going on with Unforgettable? There doesn’t seem to be any return airdate that I can find. –Lindsey
As previously reported here, CBS is apparently saving the rest of the Season 2 run for a rainy day. And thus far on the network’s drama front, it’s been blue skies. So, nothing new to report.

Got any scoop on Justified? –Jen
Amy Smart’s social worker character is no stranger to hunky lawmen, so she makes it crystal clear, soon after meeting Raylan, that they are not going to end up in bed together. Which, dollars to donuts, means they are going to end up in bed together. I’ll also say that Dewey Crowe fans (and I know there are many) are in for a treat – he seems to have a fun (meaning comically woeful) storyline ahead.

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On Beauty and the Beast, to what extent (if any) will Gabe’s feelings for Catherine bother Vincent? –Mac
From what I have seen thus far, Vincent hasn’t picked up on his potential rival’s scent, yet – being busy fighting to stay alive and all. But given how the winter premiere ends for Cat and Gabe, it’s probably just a matter of time.

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  1. Mary says:

    As for Christopher Gorham’s character on Once, still think it’s possible he’s a foster brother, though since the memory wipe/new memories Regina put in and being a year later it is possible that he is Emma’s boyfriend in New York.

    • Me says:

      Or since the mind wipe, he could be Henry’s father.

      • Mary says:

        Not likely. Regina was going back only as far as when Henry was born and having Emma keep him. She didn’t change anything before that as it wasn’t really necessary.

        • Maki says:

          I guess he is Emma’S foster brother as well, eventually boyfriend. But I guess Henry will stick with him in NY while Emma goes to save the world or at least the Enchanted forest. But I could see him be a Fairytale character who helps Emma get her memories back or at least help her believe.

      • Gail says:

        I think it makes sense that Neil is completely removed from Emma’s and Henry’s memory and that Gorham’s character and they believe Gorham is Henry’s father. Remember all traces of the Fairytale characters are forgotten and that should include Neil. It shouldn’t matter that Emma knew him before she knew he came from the Fairytale land. It also shouldn’t matter that he, Neil wasn’t cursed. For whatever reason he, Hook and Tinkerbell (also not cursed) had to go back.
        Maybe Emma is in New York because she filled in people’s memories for the missing Neil. Perhaps whatever problems that would happen from everyone forgetting that Neil existed are filled in by everyone remembering that Emma was there instead. Lastly just because the only false flashback we saw was Emma keeping Henry, it doesn’t mean that was the earliest change.
        Don’t forget Pinocchio was with Emma when she first arrived in our world. He has to be forgotten with Emma’s origin of being found in the woods changed also.

  2. Alison says:

    More Warehouse 13 news as soon as you have it please! Thanks!

  3. DorisA says:

    Kate is dead. Why would Tony name his goldfish after Ziva if she is alive?

    • patti says:

      hopefully the powers to be have a way of bringing Ziva back. This new agent just does not cut it. no excitement, boring, if they could not get Ziva,maybe agent Barrett would have been better. that said I would still like Ziva back. Pst

    • Sandi says:

      No kidding. Ridiculous.
      His partner left uncertain of her worthiness, in emotional pain and maybe still the target of a terrorsit group. A TERRIBLE write off for fans who watched this character grow and develope and who watched the Tony/Ziva bond grow and develop.

      This man spent went to Somalia for her, told her he “can’t live without her” then spent months locating her after season 10 finished. So then they kiss ONCE and he waltzes away, has a couple of bad weeks before getting a FISH and naming it after her and becomes all cheery and is now moving on so easily?

      The way this years storyline was handled was a slap in the face to all of us fans who diligently watched this duo over eight years. The current season’s treatment of Ziva’s character and her place in Tony’s life is like CBS is trying to undo everything about these two together that made us love coming to see NCIS and watch them. To backtrack on their bond.

      Ziva fans wanted them to finally get happy times. Now Ziva’s lost everyone and Tony’s a happy fish owner. Oh joy!

      • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

        THIS. Even though it made no sense to leave her adopted family and have a mental breakdown alone the worst thing about the whole situation was how they made Tony completely forget his promise to Ziva that she is not alone. He was supposed to be the sane one in this situation and he did nothing to help her and just walked away. I thought the 180 line was just awful because it just erased everything that happened to them for eight years.

      • FO (@FO666) says:

        I’m not blaming those who think the send off they gave Tony and Ziva wasn’t enough, but Cote chose to not accept the contract offer the show gave her, so what option do the writers have really… The have to work with the current circumstances, they can’t assume (or even hope) that Cote will come back, so they have to make up some reason for Ziva not being in close proximity to Tony anymore and let him move on.

        • Erin says:

          I was sick of Ziva three or four seasons ago and quite frankly, was glad that CdP decided not to renew. The show had turned into a cliché about a wonder woman and her melodramatic tragedies. I hope that they take this opportunity to finally feature Michael Weatherly’s Tony in his own right instead of always using him to shore up Ziva and Gibbs dramas.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i totally agree…..i was HOPING, that once she LEFT….that would be the END of it…..tony was NOT truely IN LOVE with her…..and it was NOT a relationship on “respect” on both sides…..she did NOT respect him as her SFA…..that last season or 2 before she left: she acted as if she was the SFA and BOSSED tony and tim (a jr. agent) around…..and i HATED how gibbs allowed it…..he allowed her to get away with MURDER…..had that been tony….he would have been YELLED AT until he couldn’t hear any more…..PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF “TONY”: STOP WITH THE “TIVA” CRAP……not everyone LOVED it…..i HATED how tony was treated when she was around….and other characters ended up in the background for gibbs & ziva/ tony……it’s time for TONY to be allowed to SHOW “why” he is gibbs’ SFA and still at NCIS after all these years.

          • Well that’s not happening. Tony, along with the rest of the team, now just stands around and gapes at Bishop. His character needs to get out of that job where he’s been spinning wheels for years. A man with his skills in the prime of his career should not be in the same job for 12 years.

          • carol says:

            I have stopped watching since Ziva is gone. I cannot stand her replacement, I always expect her to break out into a chorus of the good ship lollipop.Euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuw. Usually it is the writers that end up messing up a good show. This time it was the bean counters, God bless their stingy souls. They were a cohesive group that played well off each other. What they did was like replacing THE GIBBS with Captain Kangaroo, or how about instead of abby we get GAGA, or maybe ducky could be Mr green jeans. She makes my teeth hurt just watching her stumble through her lines. A bed pan has more personality. YUCK YUCK AND DOUBLE YUCK.

          • Whatareyou12? says:

            Dear Carol, grow the hell up………

      • marquita says:

        I agree it’s hard to let go, but, I guess we have too and the way I’m doing it is to stop watching or stop watching as much. Don’t get me wrong I love the show and the peps but there was something about Tony and Ziva together.

    • Melissa S. says:

      I think Tony named the fish Ziva because it’s his way of having her close, even though they can’t be together right now… Just a Theory…:)

      • Aqueelah says:

        I agree with you its just this simple he wants to keep her close in his mind so he won’t forget. Geesh ppl need to just hush up now and watch the show I didn’t watch when Ziva initially came in but I’m sure if I did I would’ve hated her bcuz I loved Kate and she was her replacement, but then I went back and turns out Ziva aint so bad actually she’s the bomb ofcourse everybody noticed how they belittled the other characters to pump her up like McGee I was pissed her name came before his when he was there before her but I got over it and even how they kept Tony trailing behind her all the time like she was more qualified or sumn just cause she was a trained assasin even how Gibbs took to her and them having her kill her own Brother man but the truth is all that I could over look cause she was a great actress and I loved Tiva, then she left and the writers throwed us some half ass story about crap but that’s the best they could do so once again I got over it. I talked for weeks saying they should get back Ziva but that aint happening besides it’s CdP’s decision then they went and got this Bishop chick and I wanted to jump ship but who know’s maybe she’ll turn out like all the rest and I’ll end up loving her or I wont or she will eventually get fired. Point is we just gotto go with the flow cuz we love the show

      • Yes, I agree. You don’t have to wait for someone or something to die before you name something after them because of the way you feel.

  4. Amy says:

    I have yet to watch an episode of Rizzoli and Isle since what happened to Young.. I just can’t.. I hope I can again one day as I really like the show, but Young was definately my favorite part of it.

  5. the girl says:

    What if Chris Gorman is playing Henry’s father in the new memories timeline? I thought Regina only changed Emma’s memories starting at the moment Henry was born, but what if we were wrong to assume that?

    • Mary says:

      Because they showed just that moment. Regina’s spell was meant to only effect Emma’s and Henry’s memories, not totally alter his DNA.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      I think Regina altered memories not history. If Hook showed up it means it’s possible to restore her memories. But we’re talking about a year later and it is possible Emma has a boyfriend. Which will drive the shippers crazy.
      Maybe he’s from FTL not present.

  6. How about Tony keeps Ziva in his life by phone or Skype? Wouldn’t that make sense? She is not dead, he should be contacting her – not naming a goldfish after her. The crumbs CBS is throwing TIVA fans are a joke.

  7. Wow, so on NCIS Tony named his fish after Ziva, who is very much alive? Really doesn’t make sense to me and what a way for them to pay respect to such a great character.

  8. This whole storie around NCIS make no sense. The character of Tony has nothing more to do with the NCIS storieline. CBS was proud to have found a timeline near reall time. Fact is it’s a timeline outside all and without any link to realltity or real time. The behavier of Tony Dinozzo is simple awkward. An 180 grad turn and love to a gold fish. What CBS think about viewers that we have all dementia or alzheimer. No wonder that france has canceld NCIS.

    • Mel says:

      France hasn’t “canceled” NCIS. As they do EVERY season, they take a break between airing a certain number of episodes and air a different show, then go back and finish airing the remainder of the episodes. This is nothing new.

      • This break was not planed and show what value in moment has. They restart even this mess is solved, not before.

      • French fans are saying they contacted the M6 network and were told that Season 11 might never be aired.

        • leia says:

          then France is as screwed up as I always thought they were . And Cote’s army really? In case you hadn ‘t noticed Cote’s not asking you to be her army. She’s happy with her decision as it gives her the freedom that she deserves. We don’t own Cote and neither did NCIS or CBS . They don’t think they owned her so why do you obsessed fans think you can force her to go back to work when she;s happy with her decision.

          • Kenneth Allen says:

            Thank you for stating that very clearly. I like Cote and her character, however, she wanted to not continue with NCIS. It was her choice, a true fan would honor her wishes. It’s truly amazing how some people can be so bloody selfish.

          • Sara #CotesArmy says:

            We created Cote’s army because it wasnt her decision to leave. I mean it was but she was forced to. She was practically fired because she couldn’t agree with CBS on contract terms but SHE WANTED TO DO THE SHOW. CBS didn’t want her so they made her leave. Plus,(since all this happened on twitter) Cote’s army asked Cote’s best friend, Diane Neal (who plays agent Abigail Borin) to tell them if they should stop with this. She told them not to. So clearly Cote wants to come back, damn it. And a fish named Ziva? No way. Kate is dead so ok, you remember her naming a fish after her, but ZIVA IS ALIVE so dear CBS we want the real Ziva, not a stupid fish. And dear haters, mind your freaking own business. (Woah I was very polite this time)

          • Alisa Neely says:

            well according to an INTERVIEW cote gave, she LEFT for PERSONAL REASONS……you just WANT to BLAME cbs for this…..i do agree with 1 thing though: naming a fish after, when the character is still alive ( as far as we know): is STUPID.

          • who said anything about cote’s army?

          • Good answer Leia, please give me an adress or contact to proof your comment. You post so clear so it’s no problem for you to named your source. I’m looking forward to hear from you.

          • 88Keys says:

            THIS. A thousand times THIS. Well-said.

          • flootzavut says:

            About 30 seconds on Google will find interviews with Ziva saying it was for personal reasons. It’s not that hard.

      • No, France doesn’t cancel it, it wouldn’t show it at all if they canceled it. it simply goes on hiatus at certain times of the year because of other television commitments. Australia does this to at the ‘no ratings’ season time of the year.

    • leia says:

      Makes a lot more sense than obsessed people professing to be an army for someone who doesn’t wish that army to exist. You don’t own Cote, she wants to be gone, be glad GG didn’t kill her. I think the fish is appropriate. You assume the fish represents death. I assume the fish represents honored colleages, or missed opportunity. Tony is back to being Tony, occasionally goofy, very competent, and trying to enjoy life and the commitment to his job..

      • I totally agree with you.

      • flootzavut says:

        I like Cote, and I liked Ziva as well, but honestly at this point I almost wish they’d killed her off, at least we wouldn’t have to put up with the Cote’s Army nonsense :-/ then again, maybe they’d be battling for her to be resurrected…

        • JC says:

          I fervently agree with this. I had no issues with Ziva either(though I didn’t like Tiva), but at least killing her off would have put a decisive end to all of this. :(

          • flootzavut says:

            I’m really saddened that it’s come to me thinking this. My first thought when I heard she was leaving was “please don’t kill her off!” When I heard she wasn’t gonna die I was relieved. It really says a lot that now I find myself wishing they had so that the nonsense would just stop.

          • JC says:

            I was torn, because NCIS had killed off so many of their female characters that it really seemed awful to want to add to the body count. But on the other hand, I knew that as long as they left her alive, this was never ever going to end. And it hasn’t. So yeah, I really do wish they’d just put a very final ending on the whole mess.

          • flootzavut says:

            Yeah :-/

    • Pete says:

      Well you certainly seem demented.
      I have the misfortune to see your creepy comments all over the place and really it’s not healthy to be this obsessed with a public figure.
      You must also have rather lost something in the translation from English to whatever your language is because Tony is – and always has been – an integral part of NCIS.
      It is Ziva’s story that is played out and she should just never have been heard from again after resigning with Tim and Tony at the end of season 10.

      • coskip7 says:

        I’m guessing that perhaps the writers did not know that Cote was leaving the show at the time they wrote the storyline of Tony, McGee, and Ziva quitting NCIS. Just a thought…

        • Pete says:

          No, I don’t believe they did know she’d be leaving when they wrote that storyline – and ironically they missed the perfect setup to write her off the show.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            NO, they had NO IDEA she was leaving…..they were STILL IN TALKS with her over her contract….it wasn’t until shortly before they were due to START taping the new season, that she said she was NOT returning…..and only agreed to enough to wrap up the character….MEANING: they had to do some FAST RE-WRITING of the opening eppies……and her cast mated didn’t known she was leaving, until right before the PRESS RELEASE went out…..(supposedly, any how).

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i agree with you….however, they had the scripts already written for the new season…..so, they probably already had her written into it….so, when she left….they had to do MAJOR QUICK rewrites.

  9. JC says:

    The only thing I am hoping for from the Warehouse 13 finale is that they do NOT pair Pete and Myka up. I’ve heard some unsubstantiated rumors that it might happen, and it’s got me worried. I think I would be ok with almost anything else happening. I have loved what they’ve done with that relationship over the course of the series and one of the things that’s made it so special and unique is that close platonic bond. They’re just best friends who are not in love with each other, and how often do you see that on TV between male and female leads? Don’t ruin it at the last minute, WH13 writers! Please!!

    • Tina says:

      Actually JC, if you’ve watched W13 from the beginning, you should remember that they did already establish that Pete is in love with Myka… she’s the one whose feelings are in question. Personally, I won’t mind either way, but I certainly won’t be surprised if they do choose to go the couple route at the end. Then again, they could do a complete 180 and go for the ‘shock’ ending of Pete with Steve…. ;-)

      • JC says:

        I have watched from the beginning and no, I don’t remember anything like that. That he thinks she’s hot, sure. He’s a guy, straight, and not blind. But I’ve seen nothing to indicate being in love. And I don’t think there’s any question about Myka’s feelings about him. She called him her “big brother” and set up the scenario of them being in bed together because even out of her mind she knew it was the last thing she would ever do. If that didn’t make it clear where her head was about Pete, nothing will. And I will be pretty upset if they suddenly do a 180 with her to say oh she’s really been in love with him all along.

    • xx says:

      My favorite thing about four years of Warehouse 13 is that we get to see a genuinely loving connection between coworkers that isn’t loving in a romantic/sexual tension way. It would really hurt my repeat value of the series if they hooked them up.
      (I confess I’m hoping HG comes back for Myka, though.)

      • JC says:

        I completely agree. I love that relationship just as it is – and it would spoil it to suddenly have it turn romantic at the end, especially since there’s been no lead up for that at all. I love that Myka, Pete, Claudia, and Artie are just a family. You can love each other deeply without it being romantic. If they hook them up, it would ruin the whole family thing.

  10. LPala says:

    Just so Felicity (Arrow) doesn’t turn out to be related to Oliver in any way.

  11. as524 says:

    The sheer idiocy of naming a fish after ziva & attaching it to Tony is beyond measure. ziva is, unfortunately, not dead (yet). Just drop any mention of her from NCIS already!!!

    • any chance you will stop mentioning on every social media site how much you hate Ziva?

      • Alisa Neely says:

        don’t count on it…..because, we “anti-ziva/tiva” people have just as much RIGHT to have our say, as you FANS…..cote wanted OUT…..DEAL WITH IT…..that show doing GREAT without her…..1st place in the TOP 10……FINALLY the show can get back to doing what was GREAT….dealing with crimes, some family drama….and allowing OTHER characters AIR TIME….something they LOST with her there.

        • Kenneth Allen says:

          Ah, but sadly, you “anti-ziva/tiva” people are just as annoying as the pro-ziva. Here’s a thought,
          why not BOTH sides give it a damn rest and try to be halfway civilized when discussing the show? I used to enjoy hearing what other people thought of the show until all of you started……

          • Angela says:

            I love this post. You said it all. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like people on either side of that debate seem willing to listen. It’s nice to hope, though.

          • flootzavut says:

            Well said, Kenneth. I wish I thought this was a likely option…

        • Sara #CotesArmy says:

          Shut the hell up you don’t even know why Cote left so mind your own buisness and don’t come here and write things without knowing exactly what’s going on and what happened.Keep watching this boring show, I dunno,so the audience increases, because well it has pretty much decreased since Ziva’s departure, but leave us alone with our fight to bring cote back. And if she comes back I will totally laugh in your faces you stupid haters -.-

          • Jerri says:

            Sara, you need help. Of the mental kind. In your own demented mind you think there’s a conspiracy to get Cote out, yet we haven’t seen cold hard proof of that beyond the rumours and conspiracy theories “Cote’s Army” coughs up in their vile attempts (and by vile I mean you guys are attacking everyone who even dares to speak some sense. attacks that include death threats on Twitter and other social media whenever any news piece featuring NCIS, but not Ziva/Cote is tweeted. your response of “SHUT THE HELL UP” shows you aren’t likely out of your teens yet, if you aren, then you really need help, soon!) to bring the actress back. The viewers don’t own her, she has the right to live her life however she wishes. She has the right to decide not to do a TV show that she’s spent eight years of her life doing. Respect her choice to move on. And respect her privacy.

          • Pete says:

            You don’t know why de Pablo left, either.
            All you know is the conspiracy theories from a bunch of people that can’t even tell different commenters apart on forums like these.
            When you are totally blinded by your own prejudices you are unable to objectively evaluate information in front of you.
            Yes, it’s possible that CBS shafted de Pablo. It’s also possible that she has become a diva and assumed that she could dictate terms to CBS – without knowing what was offered/asked for I cannot judge if either were the case.
            Of course you could actually believe the public information that is out there – rather than assuming that both CBS and de Pablo lied in the press release, and that everyone else has been lying ever since – and accept that when it came to the crunch she couldn’t face returning to the set.
            Aside from the frustration that they cannot defend themselves against the hate being thrown at them for no reason, her ex-colleagues all seem pretty cool with her decision. But that’s not dramatic enough for all you drama queens whose only defence of their argument is to call the rest of us ‘haters’ and tell us to “shut the hell up”.

            If you find NCIS so boring, stop watching and find something else to expend your energy on – and leave the rest of the fans to enjoy their show.

          • Time for you lot to grow up. Cote will not come back with all the crap that has gone on. Have any of you ever wondered how she feels about all the horrible things that have been done and said to the cast that she loves? You all keep blaming CBS, the cast and writers, even the casts wives have been treated badly. The facts are that Cote left because she chose her family over work, and her boyfriend to, over a 2 year offered contract. She was offered more money as well. She has hinted in past interviews that this was not going to be a permanent stay for her. Her decision could have been to stay, but it was her family who told her it was time to leave so she did. No one knows if its permanent. Her character is still there. I don’t really see her returning after the way her cast members have been treated and the disgraceful ‘carry on’ by so called NCIS fans. I think she would be very unhappy at all the hate and spite that goes on day after day. Would you return to a work place if you can see its too much of a divided force? I’d feel terrible knowing how some of the fans felt which would put so much pressure on the character to please everyone.

  12. Lysh says:

    I hope we at least get little bits and pieces along the way to Felicity’s “big” backstory. Like I believe she mentioned once she went to MIT. And that she’s Jewish. Little things. She’s a huge part of Oliver’s team and I can’t wait to learn more about her.

  13. JC says:

    I’m actually ok with waiting on Felicity’s backstory for a little while. They’ve set themselves up a whole lot to deal with throughout the rest of this season. Just so they don’t end up putting it off indefinitely.

    • brenna says:

      I’m thrilled that they have something so big for Felicity that they are waiting to make sure of the timing. A great character deserves a great backstory and I look forward to it. Right now, I’m just loving the Arrow team and loving everything they’ve done with Oliver and Felicity.

  14. Larissa says:

    Thank you for the scoop on BATB! We are so fortunate to have you guys!

  15. kate says:

    As it was my initial knee jerk reaction to that Christopher Gorham is grown up Henry (I have this whole thing where the grown up Rapunzel meets up with grown up Henry…which might not be his name. And invokes a true love thing and we are returned to Emma and Henry in the car and they have no choice but to stay in the real world until Hook comes knocking but Emma wants to protect Henry).

    As to Arrow…well wasn’t Oliver just yelling about he had done his background research on Felicity and Duffle. So I’m not too worried about it.

  16. BlacklisterNo.134 says:

    I do not want Ziva the goldfish because I want the real deal. Their treatment of Ziva has turned NCIS into a joke. Glad I am not watching it because I love the other characters too much to see them turned into caricatures. I will stick to the first ten seasons.

    • Pete says:

      Ziva resigned from NCIS at the end of season 10 – along with Tony and Tim.
      Tony and Tim returned, Ziva should never have been seen again.
      They missed the opportunity right there to write her out and instead gave us the most boring episode in the history of the show with the soapy story of Tony wasting 6 months of his life following her around the Middle East when she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

      And, if you are no longer watching, then you have missed the caricatures that the team became in Ziva’s presence turning back into the characters we knew and loved in the early seasons.
      But it does begger the question of why you watched season 10 where all of the characters were trashed to enable the stupid revenge storyline that made no sense and especially made a mockery of Ziva’s character.

  17. Wyngate says:

    This upcoming season of Homeland will be it’s last. Actually it ended at the end of Season 2, at least for me. Never will watch it again. And Showtime lost me as well.

  18. Donna Hayes says:

    I love NCIS and though I liked the Tony/Ziva chemistry, I don’t consider myself a TIVA fan. I was very sad to see Ziva leave the show and was excited and willing to give Bishop a chance. She (Bishop) is a great actress, however, the storyline that the writers have given her is horrible. For this reason, I am extremely disappointed in NCIS and hope it takes a turn for the better real soon.

    • cheryl daubenmire says:

      I agree with you. I like watching NCIS. I enjoy all the actors and story lines. But the show is not very interesting right now. I hope the writers turn it around. I was sad to see Cote leave but she wasn’t the only reason I watched it. I enjoyed the bantering with each other. The Bishop character hasn’t connected with the team or the audience. The writers need to get inspired.

    • luzma says:

      yes with you..it is

  19. GildedRose says:

    Arrow always does a great job when it starts to reveal character backstories. You can see that they give them a lot of thought and work hard to tie them into bigger things, like Diggle and his brother and HIVE and all that. You know it’s going somewhere. So I’m more than okay with waiting for them to reveal Felicity Smoak’s backstory. I’d rather see them take their time with it than rush it and try to cram it in somewhere just because people are asking about it. Felicity’s a terrific character and she shows exactly who she is in her words and deeds. So take your time, Arrow writers. Do it right. You always do.

    • Claire says:

      I agree, I am willing to wait. Felicity is such a terrific character, and we’ve seen glimpses of her many layers that have yet to be explored. Strength, resolve, loyalty, vulnerability … and we don’t even have a backstory yet. So yes, by all means take your time Arrow writers — don’t mess it up! They have it in their hands to make a truly memorable and amazing character who in my opinion has hero potential all on her own without the torture and drama.

  20. Mel says:

    So technically then, “Ziva” is still on NCIS. Good, then maybe we can stop all this fandom hate and idiocy? Yeah, if only….

    • Mari says:

      More than a fandom idiocy I think is about what the show built in 8 seasons.
      I’m not a hardcore fan of Tony and Ziva, but I admit I would have liked to see them together, even if for a brief time, since the show has been almost constantly pushing in that direction since her appereance.

      I think they’re handling the actress departure really badly.

      Putting Ziva in the same category as Kate – by having him name a fish after her is just a nono, imo.

      I mean, reducing the hardest 180° of his life to a goldfish feels to me like they’re acknowledging Ziva’s existence but downplaying it.

      And I’m not basing it on fandon expectations, but on what the show has built for the past seasons

      • Lillian says:

        Except for the last few episodes of S10, I didn’t see them building anything but a contentious relationship over the past 8 years. It’s only with Berlin (barely) and the first 2 episodes of this season that they wrote an overt relationship. They thought there was a bigger audience. They’ve since learned otherwise.

        • Mari says:

          I don’t agree with you.
          Uhm, Somalia? Hebrew? Being supportive of each other all the way?
          For me that was always an underline current of “they will get to it – right – eventually”. Just like Bones or Castle or Remington Steele.

          And that’s why I’m baffled. I think that if they were to handle it in a different way I wouldn’t mind it so much.
          But denying her importance to the devolpement of Tony’s character and his feelings for her (at least as how I think they portrayed them) and having soapy arcs for him that make him go back to his former self it’s wrong.

          In real life, if people were to have an connection so intese like them, it would take time to properly get over it.

          Anyway, it’s just my two cents, so…

          • Debbie says:

            When has Tony gone back to his former self this season? I see him working to become a better version of himself. Treating Tim with more respect and letting him see the real Tony. Riding the bus, observing people. Seeking help through a support group. Easy banter with Gibbs (more on an equal footing rather than acting afraid of him), More self-examination. I like this season’s Tony.

        • Debbie says:

          And that overt relationship came out of the blue. That was the hardest 180 for me to experience. Up until that point, the show had to tell us, through every character that traipsed through, that T & Z should be together. Why? Shouldn’t that have been obvious? Nope, because Ziva was either knocking Tony down and pointing a gun at him, or insulting him with disdain at every turn, while Tony would just keep on forgetting and even wanted to go thank Orli for the woman Ziva became!!
          So we got 4 episodes fast-tracking a “love story” wherein the two principals never, ever even dated?
          What the show built became irrelevant the minute the actress decided not to renew her contract. And the show that built it has chosen not to continue in that direction. I think it’s their creative right to do so. I also think it’s smart for them to do so. Co-writing the show is not the fan’s responsibility. But fans have the ultimate power – their remotes. So far, NCIS’ audience just keeps on growing.

          • Mari says:

            Yes and no.
            I mean, for me the show is still great, but I don’t like the direction Tony’s going. Maybe the difference is in how I perceived their relationship.
            So for me this is confunsing, and wrong and I don’t even know.
            Maybe I was more of Tiva fan than I realized. XD

            I would be okay with him moving on, but in time, and with an arc that made sense in my eyes.
            But as you said, fans don’t write the show, so in the end they just haveto accept the writer’s decisions. And if they don’t like it they can just drop the show.

          • While the audience may be growing, the coveted 18-49 demo has been shrinking compared to last season.

          • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

            The ratings average for Ziva-less NCIS has been around 2.9. It is a good average but nothing to write home about compared to the 3.3 of Season 10.

          • NoChance says:

            There was no love story, they never even went on a date. Neither ever said “I like you” let alone “I love you”.
            They had just 2 kisses in 8 years and one of those was when they thought “Jean-Paul and Sophie” might be being watched but the bad guys way back in Season 3.
            The other was a “it never could have been due to Rule 12 kiss” – a resolution of UST – much like Hot Lips and Hawkeye had on “M*A*S*H (they had just 2 too).
            It was a nice kiss and for all but the most ardent Tiva fans who needed to see it all play out from week-to-week was a good ending for the two.

            As for Somalia, that wasn’t a rescue mission, it was a “revenge” mission to kill the guy she’d been on her way to kill when the ship she was on when it “sank” in a storm.
            Besides, McGee was with Tony when they let themselves get captured and Gibbs was there too waiting for the right time to kill that Saleem guy.

            Anyway, I don’t see what’s the big deal about Tony naming his 2nd “fishy child” after a 2nd departed teammate. Ziva may not be dead but she is gone so it’s a nice memorial.
            I guess he could have named it after Pacci or Mike Franks or Paula Cassidy since like Kate, they’re dead.

          • Lillian says:

            But they’re leading in all the other demos, as CBS likes to promote, so it appears that they’re happy with the ratings. They’re also the most watched drama on the most watched network, which Forbes reported will add to CBS’s ad revenue. In other words. The show is sitting pretty with CBS, even Ziva-less.

          • NoChance says:

            To everyone saying that ratings are falling, I got my TV Guide a couple of days ago and it shows the 7+ ratings as 22.4 million viewers for the week of December 16th. I’m sure CBS and the people who work on and for the show are very happy. Lots and lots of shows would be overjoyed to have those numbers.

          • JC says:

            @Maria and Blacklister – CBS is down across the board this year, as are all the networks. Network audience demos continue to drop year to year, as the audience becomes increasingly splintered. NCIS is still their highest drama in the demo however. So I would be careful about claiming that any drop is due to Ziva’s departure, since everything pretty much is down. If you’re really interested, however, and have access to the numbers, you might look at how much NCIS has dropped compared to how much all the other shows have dropped. If you do indeed find a sharper drop than average, that would be an indicator possibly that Ziva’s departure has had an impact.

      • coskip7 says:

        Mari, I totally agree with you

  21. karkar says:

    Enjoyed the preview. I just can’t see Caskett having a big wedding. Buying a wedding dress seems important to Beckett. So why not have a small wedding with close family and friends and after the honeymoon plan a small reception at the Old Haunt!!!! I think Castle would feel confortable with that!

  22. Leah Agonofski says:

    I’m wondering about last episode of Revenge, any thought?

  23. Kate says:

    WOW. If NCIS could possibly crap more on the Tiva fans, that would be awesome. I feel terrible for the one who are still watching. Also, WHY ARE YOU STILL WATCHING?

    • leia says:

      Because we were never TIVA worshipers. There are 7 other people that we care about , all of them were there before Ziva, except for Vance of course. So 20mil + of us didn’t die because an actress decided to call it a day. It was her right to do it , we don’t own her and the show has to find its own way without her. That’s just life. Deal with it!

      • Leah says:

        Hey I think you make a great point. It wasn’t the Tony & Ziva Show, Ziva was one of my favorites and I’ll miss her but I still like the other characters. Jethro was why I started watching in the beginning.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          then explain WHY the other characters seemed to TAKE a backseat to them?….or WHY, every other character seemed to HAVE to make a comment about HOW they should be together?…..HELL, “HAWAII FIVE 0” is almost as BAD, with all of the “STEVE & CATHERINE” crap…..he can’t even look at her much this season…..we’ve gotten MUCH LESS “MCDANNO” and “CORE 4” stuff…..yes, i know grace park was off some due to having a baby…..but, was it REALLY needed to make the head of SWAT a “regular”?…..we need LESS catherine, less steve DRAMA…..there are OTHER characters on the show as well.

          • TV Gord says:

            When did other characters make comments about them being together? How did I miss that?

          • Kenneth Allen says:

            Thank God, TV Gord, I’m not going blind, I never saw that either–and I haven’t missed an episode yet. Are they showing “special” episodes of NCIS in the Twilight Zone or something, that only certain people can see?

    • flootzavut says:

      See, this reaction would be about right if they’d killed Ziva, in front of Tony, and blamed it on him. The melodrama and overreaction from the extreme Tiva fans is making you more and more difficult to take with any degree of seriousness.

      I really hope at some point you’ll realise how ridiculous you sound, and then will shut up about your poor wounded feelings.

      It’s a TV show. Grow up.

  24. Lane says:

    Felicity is so overrated , there was no reason to make her a regular in season 2, she is of better use in small doses. See, they don’t even have a backstory for her (enough with the excuses), this is what happens when you make decisions based on favoritism and fan pressure.

  25. b says:

    No spoilers for my favorites: Revenge, The Blacklist, and Sleepy Hollow! I need scoop asap! Like what can we expect when Sleepy Hollow returns? Matt your my fave well you and E!’s Watch With Kristin

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      My emailbox sadly gets precious few questions about those shows, and I can only answer Qs that I actually receive.

      • DarkDefender says:

        No need for scoop about Sleepy Hollow, Matt. It’s a revelation seeing what happens each week.. No need for spoilers.. Castle on the other hand.. Love all that you give us on that. :D

        • Angela says:

          Indeed-because I was behind in catching up on “Sleepy Hollow” I’ve been purposefully trying to avoid spoilers. There’s something about the element of surprise on that show that makes it all the more fun to watch.

  26. b says:

    The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Scandal, The Crazy Ones, and 2 Broke Girls

  27. kris says:

    POI is less without Carter. Root is creepy and has lessened that once fabulous program. I can only hope that she does not stay long and is very dead at the end of her run.

    • lll says:

      I agree about POI’s direction after the loss of Carter, but I believe the producers are listening to the backlash. They aren’t going to let her be forgotten anytime soon thanks to the way they’re writing Reese at this point. I do like Root, however, and find her interesting as she is starting to make some sense. However, I do agree that this character has this season and maybe next (that’s a stretch) and I see her biting the dust afterward. I still can’t warm up to Shaw but this is going to be about her and the government for a while (this is not hate, but is my opinion) so I will have to deal with it.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Root is the only interesting thing about the show for me and the only reason i continue to watch

  28. DanielleZ says:

    Thanks for the Homeland and POI scoop. Looking forward to a new episode of POI next week!

  29. ajintexas says:

    I’m waiting for “the machine” on POI to decide to build copies of itself or other similar machines. After all it has formed it’s own company to buy up payphones and to make backup copies of it’s memories form each day. It also had itslef moved. At some point you have to wonder if it goes all Skynet. I know that is a bit far-fetched when it comes to the premise of the show, but a machine that can do all the things it has done can surely reproduce itself.

  30. NoChance says:

    You, Matt are a really bad boy with your Ziva “returns” headline. You might need to consider changing your name and becoming a cloistered monk. :-)

    • NoChance says:

      Sorry, put my apostrophe in the wrong word: “Ziva’s” return – but you’re still a bad boy.

    • leia says:

      You know the media does this to rile people up, look at the percentage of comments that are NCIS over a fish, and I’m not pointing at GG either, It is logical that Tony would name his fish after someone he cares about. He can talk to the pet, I think it would be up to Ziva to contact him when and if shes ready, and Tony with his work schedule shouldn’t have any pet other than a fish!

      • James Cumber says:

        As far as a fish goes, I could also see Tony with a tomcat instead of a fish. Cats are somewhat “independent,” but are surprisingly intelligent, too. Some can even TALK, after a fashion, on the internet there is a cat named “Tigger” who distinctly says “NO!” to attempts to give him a bath! In addition to above mentioned, there was a cat in the movie, “the Undefeated,” who’s “pet parent” swore that his cat was “the best partner I ever had: he washes his own paws and buries his leavings!”

        My “little buddy” (a young tom a year and a half old) is intelligent enough to be able to open drawers and doors all on his own, with surprisingly flexible paws! He is also somewhat of a comedian, and loves to “pose for nick-nacks,” in comical ways as well as having several endearing traits, including a tendency to want to curl up in bed with me on cold, winter nights. Besides, a cat might help tony’s “love life.” Often the gals tend to like cats and the guys that share the feline fancy. – Jim Cumber.

  31. Tonyfan Ncis says:

    I am completely blown away by the stupidity of Gary Glasburg. Where did this guy come from? I appreciate the fact that being a showrunner is probably by and large a thankless job- with the exception of the salary- but really. First he names one fish Kate. That’s bad enough. But to name the second one Ziva? You have got to be kidding me! She is the love of Tony’s life, and it’s ok that he never mentions her, but he names his FISH after her? To both characters and actresses, it’s disrespectful- to both their acting, hard work, and especially the characters as they were written years ago. If someone I loved left- either died or that i might never see again- the last thing i would do to honor their memory is to name a goldfish after them.

    • Tina says:

      Well at least this “Ziva” won’t treat him like dirt and assault him;) Plus its just a fish. Its not like he named his toilet after her.

      • I wonder why it doesn’t seem to bother any of you that Gibbs treats Tony like dirt and headslaps him, and the audience thinks it’s hilarious and keeps asking for more.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          oooooooohhhh believe me, i HATE how gibbs TREATS tony….that FACT, that doesn’t show his OWN SFA “RESPECT” is why the younger agents think they DON’T have to….and i DON’T agree with the HEADSLAPS…..it’s ABOUSE……i’ve said it in the past…..if it was me, i would have LEFT long ago.

        • Tina says:

          Not a big fan of the headslaps but Gibbs also isn’t supposedly in “true love” with him either. He also doesn’t treat Tony like he’s gum on his shoe nor has he ever knocked him to the ground when he already had broken bones and pointed a gun at him. Never understood why people would root for a romantic relationship like that. Definitely not my idea of a fun. To each their own. Again though I love how people are getting upset about a fish…hysterical! Of course I named my dog after a still living football player so I see don’t see what the big deal is ;)

      • What is wrong with peoples thinking? Would you want to be named as camel or whatever, only toilett is not ok? Start to think.

    • DeShoun Garcia-Washington says:

      Unless goldfishes bear some negative meaning in your culture, I really don’t see the point. There is nothing disrespectful in that, It means he cares and he is “mourning” the loss of loved ones he misses greatly (one dead, the other far from him), and I think it’s cute and proper. I am not a shipper nor a ship-hater, so unless you like to come across like a lunatic, I respectfully suggest you take a chill pill.

      • Srsly says:

        It will be hysterical when we discover the fish has a different name than Matt implied! Can you imagine all the same lunatics, who are complaining now, freaking out and taking offense that the fish’s name rhymes with “penny” or “holla” and, once again, accusing GG of lying to them when he obviously didn’t? What total fruitcakes!

    • Pete says:

      And herein lies the heart of the problem: Ziva was only the ‘love of Tony’s life’ to a very small percentage of the NCIS viewers – and some particularly ungrateful ones at that.
      If you believe that her behavior toward him indicated love then you have a very distorted view of the world.
      It’s not just about the assault, but about the fact that she never had a nice word – nor even any respect – for him. I looked hard in season 10 for indications of ‘love’ because I was reading comments by fans eulogising how Glasberg was taking it slow and drawing out this ‘wonderful love story’ – but no, not a bit of it for me.
      I saw a loyal team player, Tony, and a selfish, undisciplined woman, Ziva, who thought he was barely good enough to worship her.

    • John 1138 says:

      Hopefully he’s placed a little Eiffel Tower in the bowl since that one and done in Parus was all there ever was. He misses a colleague and I can understand that.

      But their clear lack of follow through on Paris says there was no. ” there ” there beyond teammates. They just gave it a shot in Paris and not being impressed, moved on.

      It happens.

  32. JM says:

    I’m probably wrong, but I still say Gorham is the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and will play a part in either recovering her memories or returning her to the Enchanted Forest.

    Also, very happy with the Dewey news. Not so about Amy Smart. Kinda tired or Raylan’s flings.

  33. Ruth says:

    When is Who’s Line is it Anyway? returning with Aisha Tyler and the rest of the gang?

  34. A says:

    I can’t wait for Felicitiy’s back story. She is one of my favorite characters on TV. I’m intrigued about her parents possibly being important people in the Arrow universe

  35. Michu1945 says:

    Who cares about Emma, when she is still alive?! How about question “WHERE IS or WHAT HAPPENED TO RUMPELSTILTSKIN from OUaT?!?!?!?!?!?”

  36. Alice says:

    I liked the dynamic between ALL the characters but definitely the chemistry between Tony and Ziva was something special! It would be more realistic to know that Ziva is in contact with Tony, the goldfish is really stupid, i no longer recognize NCIS! I don’t like the show now and i don’t like how the characters have become! Bishop is terrible, i don’t like her at all! I think now i’m a casual spectator and i’m sorry but i don’t find more magic here!

    • leia says:

      The chemistry between Tony and Ziva was all about the tease. That got old, and they couldn’t take it to the next level because of the rules. To shake up a show you might lose some viewers but now, at least , there is less snark and angst, more team work and personal stories that don’t involve the romantic tease that all these shows seem to depend on these days.

      • Federica says:

        Instead for me the chemistry between Tony and Ziva was something special and brought magic in he whole team and show! A unique harmony! Now I find it boring, nothing special!

        • Pete says:

          I am genuinely sorry that you now find the show boring.
          My enjoyment of the show has been spoiled in recent years by the extras telling Tony and Ziva that they were made for each other when their behavior toward each other indicated anything but. I also found Ziva’s insults and lack of respect for her team mates to be a factor spoiling my show – she never seemed to want to be part of the team, everything was always about her.
          I don’t like that about real people and it’s unnecessary in fictional characters who are supposed to be a part of a team.
          However I like everything else about the show and I didn’t let Ziva’s presence or behavior stop me from watching. Now may patience has been rewarded, I have sat her out and there is much to enjoy about season 11 and very little to spoil it.

          • Federica says:

            Obviously we have different thoughts but that’s okay :-) For me Ziva is one of the best characters on TV and I hope to see her again!

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i don’t have a problem with “romance” in my cop shows….HOWEVER, it has to be the RIGHT pairing, with REAL CHEMISTRY….with RESPECT between the 2 involved….and it doesn’t OVER TAKE the show….i.e. other characters aren’t SHOVED to the back and playing “support” to the so-called pairing…..that is partly what happened with NCIS & TIVA…and they also had to dumb down tony….to make ziva look BETTER, then she truely was……i’m seeing a “non-chemistry” thing with H5-0’s STEVE & CATHERINE….and it’s OVER TAKING the show….the WINNING element MCDANNO, has been pushed to back….and alex HONESTLY looks uncomfortable in scenes with MB/catherine….since she’s been made a regular…..when the focus of made the show WORKED before the romance took over, is messed up….it’s time to RE-THINK the pairing…..and MW has ALWAYS made it CLEAR, how he felt about the pairing….he did NOT want it….because, he KNOWS what can happen to a show when 2 main characters are paired….it tends to KILL the SHOW…..and ALOT of fans STOPPED watching, because of the FORCED “tiva” thing…..it got tiring to see spoilers talked about….i.e. questions asked about “another character” and the answer ALWAYS seemed to INCLUDE ziva/tiva……cote CHOSE to leave for HER OWN REASONS……i for 1, am GLAD she is GONE…..it’s nice to see “some” balance back….and tony actually, seeming to be MORE then the “class joke” all the time.

  37. A Rachel Fan says:

    So Tony has finally filed Ziva under the regrets and missed chances and is starting to move on with his life?


    Bring back Rachel, Kate’s sister. I always thought her and Tony had some serious potential chemistry together. No rules and chain of command to worry about. Not to mention she’d be a great sidekick to Tony’s new people watching hobby.

    • I found Rachel disturbing. It’s an incredible professional breach for a psychiatrist to take a job under false pretenses, then grill everyone to learn more about her dead sister. Tony was smart enough to figure out who she was, and thank god.

  38. JC says:

    All this fuss over a fish name. C’mon Tiva shippers, what are you really upset about? That he named a fish for Ziva or that it puts his feelings for Ziva on a level with his feelings for Kate? If there had never been a Kate fish, if Tony had just brought a fish home and named it Ziva, would you all be quite as upset? But no, this means that Ziva may not be quite as special in his mind as you wanted to think, or maybe it means admitting Kate was more special to him than you wanted to believe (I saw at least a few Tiva shippers mocking the Kate fish thing when we first found out about it). Why not just admit that he cared about both women and let it go? I’m not actually a Tate shipper, even though this probably sounds like it. But I did like Kate and I get tired of her getting put down. If it’s so disrespectful to name a fish after Ziva, why wasn’t it disrespectful to name a fish after Kate? I didn’t dislike Ziva, but I’m getting tired of the pedestal so many of her fans have put her on, and seem to expect Tony to put her on too.

  39. Thanks for answering my POI question. Can’t wait for the next episode of that.

    I think it’s nice that Tony has named his latest goldfish Ziva. OK, she’s not dead like Kate is but it’s still a nice gesture to show how he cares for her.

  40. Brandy says:

    Thanks for The Fosters scoop

  41. Taffyposh says:

    Just wanted to comment on Unforgettable. Three new episodes aired on AXN this past thursday(0208/0209/0210). I believe the next three episodes will air next thursday completing the season in Europe.Poppy has done a lot of promotion recently both in Germany and France for the show…. she is looking great and says that she is looking forward to starting filming the third season starting in April. Episodes can be found in the usual places!

  42. Atlantic says:

    Why are you still telling about homeland? It’s over and it sucked. Get over it and move on to better shows.

  43. Tweety says:

    OMG! I’ve been reading this entire post up until the cat thing! JC you must be a cat baby instead of cat lady. I missed Ziva but time and thoughts have almost hoping she does’t come back. As for the fish, if I were writer, I would let Tony get word off her drowning in battle. In dibelief he goes home and finds her name sake belly up. Okay, change in characters…Ziva was too domineering, the young married couple go off to have a baby and live a family life but by all means gone just popping in now and then. There HAS to be a mysterious background, nobody is that stupid. As Tony hangs on to his loss we will see a rougher side to him. Maybe he will talk Gibbs out of the weakling wobbly googoo eyed character he is to become. Abby? She and Ducky will carry the show as the only two that have kept their marbles. In comes a new assistant to Ducky – personality to be determined in the future.

    If any one disagrees, I sure don’t blame you. I just spun off a scarily stupid show. lol

  44. Fernanda says:

    The output of Ziva David’s show was poorly made. The construction of the new character was also poorly made: it is totally different from Ziva but is fully equal to Abby until the treatment that Gibbs and Tony give her. I can not even tell if these two factors are purposeful or are just lack of creativity. It takes more time to learn, so if I can keep watching NCIS. The show is boring.
    As the story of the fish … is just ridiculous.
    Incidentally, I never understood why Glasberg decided to dig up Kate from “A man walks into the bar …” .

    • flootzavut says:

      Probably because Kate was a beloved character and they wanted an excuse to feature her/introduce her sister. It’s not rocket science.

  45. Tim Hughes says:

    I love Shameless..every time I watch it though I keep expecting Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, or Neve Campbell to come running in through the front door…,

  46. Samantha says:

    Felicity’s backstory is better be freaking HUGE!!! We are all waiting and dying to know more about our favorite girl.

    • RichieS says:

      I have a feeling she may be an orphan that was adopted by everyone’s favorite foster parents the Kents. Would that be HUGE enough?

  47. daphne says:

    as a new ncis viewer and a golden oldie can anyone tell me who the red haired woman who keeps picking gibbs up in a very expensive car is?

  48. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Even with Gansa’s explanation, it still upsets me about Carrie and Senator Lockhart. It seems so woefully out of character, like having Carrie become a smoker while she’s pregnant.
    It feels like Shameless has been really reaching for quite awhile now trying to keep Joan Cusack on the show. It also bothers me she keeps appearing in the guest actress category of the Emmys for that show when she is literally in just about every episode that Shameless airs. Last season I’m pretty sure they upgraded her to full cast member too, so why does she keep taking guest actress spots from actresses who really did appear on shows in guest performances? That being said, I am SO excited for Shameless to come back on the air. Justified too. Bring on Dewey and family Crowe!

  49. cherry says:

    From what i am reading, cote/ziva is coming bavk because she wants to be with Tony. She is supposed to be working for another department and will help the team on special cases. Parma is supposed to be back & a familiar face suffers a critical injury witch may affect his or her life. McGee is emotionally shaken. It is supposed to affect the team for the rest of the season. This is probably why doctor Cranston comes back.

  50. cherry says:

    I read it under ncis spoilers.