Arrow EP Shrugs Off S.H.I.E.L.D. Comparisons, Instead Hails 'Golden Age' of Comic Book Fare

Arrow Versus SHIELD ComparisonsAmong the effusive reactions to Arrow‘s fall finale, one TVLine reader assigned Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to “study every episode” of The CW’s super drama over the winter break “and learn how a great comic book show is done.”

And while such comparisons have been made by others, Arrow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg doesn’t see Oliver Queen and the S.H.I.E.L.D. team as adversaries on the airwaves.

“We don’t really feel like we’re in competition with anybody else,” Kreisberg responded when I presented him with the aforementioned reader’s “homework” assignment for S.H.I.E.L.D. “We’re only trying to outdo ourselves as we move forward.”

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Kreisberg also prefers to focus on the bigger, Ben-Day dotted picture here — an overall resurgence of comic book adaptations on screens small and big. For in addition to Arrow, its anticipated spin-off The Flash and ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D., The CW is developing a pilot about DC Comics’ Hourman, NBC hopes to spin Constantine’s story, Fox aims to explore Batman bestie James Gordon’s origin story in Gotham and no fewer than four Marvel heroes are set to call Netflix home.

“I think all of us here — not just as writers but as viewers — are thrilled that we’re in what feels like a golden age of comic book adaptations in both film and television,” Kreisberg shared. “We’re excited to be part of this real shift in the TV landscape that includes S.H.I.E.L.D. and hopefully for next season Gotham and Constantine, and even the Daredevil show, which I’m really excited about.”

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“We really feel like a rising tide lifts all ships,” Kreisberg concluded, perhaps (?) unaware that his choice of words evoked the name of a S.H.I.E.L.D. nemesis, “so the more comic book adaptations the better!”

Do you echo Kreisberg’s POV — that it’s not “Arrow versus S.H.I.E.L.D.” but simply super enough that TV is embracing comic book fare?

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  1. Kale says:

    Arrow has it’s own issues to work on but in comparison to AoS its miles ahead.

    • Sam says:

      AoS still doesn’t know what direction it wants to go – whether more supernatural like Heroes or God knows what…. It needs a massive revamp. Arrow on the other side found it’s footing extremely early but was very engaging from the very beginning proven by the steady ratings unlike the free-fall that is SHIELD.

      • Damian Black says:

        SHIELD has a direction and has been going in that direction the whole time. The ratings have been up and down, but, no where near a free fall. In fact it is considered one of the top shows of the fall. I could post a link if you need it, although I am pretty sure you won’t believe it either way.

        • PB says:

          Go ahead and link, because it’s invariably untrue. It saw it’s ratings “surge” in the last week of November, when NCIS took the week off. Two weeks later? It was a series low of 2.0/5.92 total viewers (1.9 in the 2nd half). It also bleeds viewers from half hour to the last. It’s a show that looks like it’s trying to find it’s support level and that’s got to be extremely concerning for ABC/Disney especially considering the buzz and hype it enjoyed from IM3 this summer and a very healthy Thor2 giving it panache. But it premiered at around 12 million total viewers and a 4.6 in the demo. Thank about how far a slip that is and it hasn’t even stopped.

          Now it does have some nice DVR stats and that can sometimes help shows get picked up for another season, but AoS doesn’t need that, it already has a full year and it’ll get year 2. ABC needs it to be a hit and if it fall into the high 1’s in the demo, then it’s just another show with high cost (despite dreadful production value looks) getting it’s but kicked by NCIS.

          Why does it continue to lose viewers? Simply because it’s not a very good show. It has no idea how to incorporate it’s family fare while also appealing to the more hardcore comic/superhero fans. It some off as a show that should be on ABC Family. Good news is that it’s gotten a bit more darker in recent episodes, but it may be too late. We’ll see. It probably needs a cast shakeup and a big name to come in.

          • Sam says:

            You’ve nailed it! With a 2.0 in Fall expect it to be hovering around 1.4 in spring. It’s a disappointment creatively and ratingswise!

          • Look the viewing averages for Arrow season one are something like 3.5 million viewers including DVR numbers. Agent of Shields are around 8.25 million viewers on average. You cannot compare like for like. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Josh says:

    Let’s be real. Arrow was a TERRIBLE show when it first started too. It was none more for wooden acting and abs. SHIELD has it’s issues, trust me, I have plenty with it, but I’m not ready to say which is better, especially if we compare both shows’ season one.

    If SHIELD can get its act together, figure out its plot, either drop or revamp the Skye character and expand on the others(Ward has improved A LOT since they paired him with other people), it can definitely be the better show due to the fact that it has some great writers too, higher production value, a great universe to explore and better actors than Arrow(because no matter what season we’re talking about Arrow’s acting is..uh…weak…)

    • Lena120 says:

      I actually disagree with your thoughts on Arrow. I liked it from the very beginning. Did it have weak spots? Yes. But it was nowhere near terrible. It was a solid first season that only improved with time. My issue with AOS is that I hate ALL the characters. On Arrow, I can’t stand Laurel but I love everyone else so I don’t let one bad apple spoil the batch. AOS’s characters are like cardboard cutouts. Not engaging at all. They’re stories are also very boring. As others have stated it’s just a procedural drama. It might as well be executive produced by Shane Brennan. I know they didn’t want it to be overshadowed by the MCU, but come on. Don’t just depend on Clark Gregg to carry the whole thing. It’s supposed to be an ensemble.

      • Damian Black says:

        Arrow’s first year was a predictable CW drama, made partially for young girl who wanted the stupid love triangles and wanted to see Amell without his shirt. It was also partially for the young testosterone filled young men who wanted more of the Nolanized Batman. They wanted to see more explosions and fights and parkour and they loved the idea of a hero who kills.

        The characters in SHIELD are varied and in some ways broken but they all have something to offer the team. We have seen growth from them and they are working on becoming a cohesive unit. I like these people. there are only a few characters to like on Arrow.

        • Dominator of destruction says:

          Oh ok we get it your a Marvel fanboy Arrow had me hooked from the start and even its first 9 eps were still miles ahead of what a.o.s is now

      • JC says:

        I actually find Shane Brennan’s NCIS LA to have more engaging characters than SHIELD does. SHIELD doesn’t have a Hetty, or Deeks, or Kensi, or Sam. I’d take those characters over the majority of SHIELD’s. (I like FitzSimmons though.)

        • Josh says:

          Yeah, sorry you lose there. NCIS: LA is horrid. AOS isn’t that great but it at least feels SLIGHTLY different(SLIGHTLY) while NCIS: LA is just..well..NCIS.

          • JC says:

            I lose? How old are you, 12? I wasn’t aware that it was some sort of competition. If you don’t like the show(s), fine, but I and a lot of other people do, and the main reason is the characters. Which are, in my opinion, better than SHIELD’s at this point. I wasn’t discussing the plots or storylines.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      “If SHIELD can get its act together, figure out its plot, either drop or revamp the Skye character and expand on the others…”

      So if they change everything about the show that makes it a show (story lines, the main character, the supporting characters), it could be better? Does the word “duh” mean anything to you?

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      You must be having a laugh? The first episode was great. I loved Arrow from the start. It’s superior in every way. AOS is really boring and the cast is terrible. Coulson is not leading man material. He’s the funny guy who gets a couple of scenes in the marvel movies. That’s it. He can’t carry a show. The rest of the cast are nobodies. They need a big name actor to take the lead and save this show.

      • Alan says:

        this time last year people were declaring war against the writers of arrow for inflicting the awfulness that was most of the first season on us.

      • Josh says:

        The whole cast of Arrow are nobodies too, if we’re being fair. And imagine if Oliver looked like Coulson. Would he be able to carry the first season of Arrow without his rock hard abs. Just because YOU liked it, doesn’t mean that I did. I don’t like AOS either atm, but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt like Arrow, which was terrible and still has its issues(mainly the bad acting(especially from Colton Hayes and Willa Ford) , and the weak female characters(sorry but just because Felicity is “nerd fantasy” doesn’t mean she’s a strong character).

    • PB says:

      This is a terrible opinion. While Arrow definitely has some CW trash to it, it’s ions better than AoS, which is lost in to what kind of show it wants to be. Arrow was defined. It wanted to continue a more realistic version of what Nolan did and give a more realistic version of the Superhero fare.

      AoS wants the humor and banter of The Avengers, but it doesn’t have the writers (even Joss phoned it in), the dialogue, or the actors. It’s also trying to appeal to the tweener crowd with the wonder nerds, Skye, and Ward. It’s do better to remake itself a bit more sophisticated and skew a little more towards the adult crows than the Mickey Mouse crowd.

      Arrow is definitely a stronger show and has been from episode 1 on thru episode 10. Now, AoS has some smart folks working on it. Maybe it can get it’s act together, but right now it’s a bad show that has gotten a little better. Coulson’s kidnapping will hopefully usher in some needed dramatic tension. AoS also needs to incorporate some of the B/C list superheroes in it’s arsenal (Right now they use allusions to F list guys) to kick start some general interest. Otherwise, they’re sort of like a lame Fringe team or a terrible X-Files except with the superhero persuasion (with no superheroes). There is a reason that people are tuning out of the show.

      • Josh says:

        So you mean Arrow was just trying to be the Dark Knight? You do realize it got better when it stopped trying to be the dark knight and instead embraced it’s comic roots, right? Right around the time they stopped trying to be Nolan the writing on the show improved tenfolds. You sort of prove my point by pointing that out. In the beginning the show was trying AND FAILING(mostly due to terrible acting) to be Nolan-esque.

        But it’s shed that. It’s not campy or light-fare, but it now has a very modern comic feel(which is a good thing, IMO). So, yes IMO, when the show was taking itself too seriously and trying to be what it couldn’t be, it was not a good show. But than it found it’s voice. I’m not alone in saying this. Many people who actually get paid for an opinion thought it too. It was a show with sub-par writing, wooden acting and a hot shirtless guy. Now it’s much more than that(save for the acting…cause, yeah still bad, but I live with it :p)..

        SHIELD is going through the same thing. It’s trying to figure out what it is. There have been some good episodes(any episode that doesn’t focus on Skye is great and the episode with Simmons getting diseased? That was great. As was the one where Ward/Fitz on a mission, and the one where Ward/May hooked up)…yes there have been sub-par episodes and the characters are still weak…But there is potential there. They’ve got great writers and great actors(Ming-Na Wen, Clark Gregg, the guy who plays Fitz was awesome in the UK series The Fades and Simmons I think is pretty good).

        It’s the same thing with Arrow. It’s a show trying to figure out what it is. And though you did not intend too, you did prove my point. Arrow is no way Nolan-esque anymore. It’s not even Man of Steel-esque. Which is a good thing. It’s embraced a modern comic feel and that’s why it’s succedding.

        AOS can’t decide what it wants to be. It has NO identity what so ever. It’s just a lot of ingredients brewing, so yeah while Arrow did it poorly, it at least had an idea of what it was trying(and failing to do) and that allowed it to recognize, “Hey, let’s no do that anymore, let’s do this”). I think AOS probably has A LOT of cooks in the kitchens too…Marvel, ABC, Mutant Enemy; everyone telling them what to do and what not to do. The show needs to embrace something, because right now it’s just super generic. It shouldn’t be NCIS: SHIELD. It doesn’t even feel like the Marvel universe, it doesn’t feel like the comics, or the movies. It just feels like some 80’s show focusing on a group of people who deal with STRAAAANGE science. And that’s boring.

        But I’ll give it a while, like I gave Arrow a while because I guess I have “hope” that something better can come from it. And I won’t lie. I have a lot more faith in this team than I did Arrow’s, which also means I’ll be judging a lot harsher

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Josh when you graduate from primary school come back i will be interested to hear your opinion when you mature some more

  3. Roger says:

    The bigger picture he is correct, show compared to show it’s easier to see which offers the higher quality. Arrow focuses on Oliver Queen, Agents is S.H.I.E.L.D does not and needs a more engaging formula to lock viewers in.

    Long story short, golden age of comic book TV and movie adaptions are meaningless if the quality is there. They will be doomed to be canceled.

  4. 80s says:

    DC wins TV, Marvel wins film.

    But my god, Arrow is SO GOOD.

    • Lizzie says:

      Agree! I think DC films are not so entertaining because they go for a more methodical why of thinking. At least batman and superman tried (green lantern is trash). Marvel on the other hand says lets blow things up, which is great too. They tried to translate that on too tv but it just doesn’t work the same. That is why DC methodical thinking works best on TV. Face it Marvel is about blowing things up and DC is about complex character analysis and psychological problems. But Arrow in my opinion is miles ahead of AOS. Whoever said Arrow Season 1 was bad your crazy this show has been solid from the get go.

      • Zach says:

        The funny thing is is that Green Lantern was from the guys behind Arrow. I think they learned from their GL mistakes when adapting Green Arrow to TV.

    • Shaun says:

      I agree. With Smallville, and the Batman and Justice League animated shows, DC has done good with TV for quite a while now.

      And lets be real now. SHIELD has no superheroes in it. At least Arrow is based on Green Arrow. I think Nick Fury is the only ‘hero’ to have appeared in SHIELD.

      • Alan says:

        shield isnt supposed to be about the heroes, its supposed to be about the ordinary people in this world, thats exactly the wrong kind of criticism to post about the show and proves it never stood a chance with you because you have completely missed the point.

        • Shaun says:

          FYI I do watch SHIELD and I have seen every episode since the beginning. For someone who is criticizing another for missing the point, you surely assume and judge too quickly. And SHIELD is about superheroes whether they like it or not. Its like saying The Walking Dead isn’t about zombies. I’m just saying SHIELD should feature more canon superheroes from the comics rather than relying on new characters who can be quite uninteresting, especially considering Marvel movies are so over-the-top (in a good way).

          • Alan says:

            actually the walking dead isnt about the zombies, they are just the set dressing, take those characters and put them in any other post apocalyptic scenario and it would still play out the same way. the walking dead is about human nature and how its affected by the breakdown of society, the zombies are just there for a quick and easy way to kill off some characters every now and then.
            anyway i think it was the right thing to focus on developing the main cast for the initial batch of episodes rather than just throwing random names for the comics at them because that would just overshadow them and ruin any attempt to make the audience interested in them; whereas if you wait until the characters have been properly established then the audience will be interested in their story as well as those of the names from the comic book which are coming in the second half of the season.

          • john says:

            my god shaun…you must have an iron stomach for watching all of aos episodes..

        • PB says:

          Who investigate supernatural events, often tied to Superheroes……This guy…..

        • Dominator of destruction says:

          A typical response from a.os nuffies and it only signals defeat just raise the white flag already

  5. Rachel says:

    I think the more superhero/comic book fare on TV, the more these people will realize that it’s not the huge explosions and crazy special effects (a la SHIELD) that draw people in, it’s great writing and fun characters. Arrow’s a great show not just because he’s a butt-kicking superhero, but because the writing and the cast are fabulous.

  6. Allen says:

    I think this is either the Golden age of comic adaptions of the beginning of the end. Every company is looking for a shared universe like Marvel with an overload of TV and film adaptions. As much as comic fans love this I wonder if the average viewer(which makes up most of the viewing audience) will tire of the same ole stuff and the comic genre ends up over saturating itself in this upcoming year

  7. Dean says:

    My view is that there isn’t really any comparison. I really enjoy Arrow and I gave up on SHIELD after three or four episodes. Coulson and the rest just aren’t characters that interest me and I’m not really a fan of the writing, which although witty of occasion just doesn’t draw me to the characters.

    Arrow for me is just a whole different ball game. I could watch a separate show based on the island and their flashbacks on its own, that’s how much I enjoy the story telling and characters we’re shown.I will probably take another look at Shield somewhere down the line but from what I’ve seen right now, I really don’t think there’s any comparison. Arrow is way ahead in my personal opinion.

  8. b says:

    Agree. I wanted to love AoS but couldn’t. Arrow on the other hand has me hooked. I gave up AoS for The Originals, though, lol!

  9. MisterGrimmster says:

    Arrow > AoS

  10. I’m not saying the first season of Arrow sucked but it does remind me of how many shows can really struggle in their first season to find footing. Hell thinking back to the first few episodes and how everyone was kind of underwhelming (I remember groaning whenever we got a scene in a courtroom as the dialog or performances were damn awful). I think one of the things Arrow did well in the first season was play with expectations, having Ollie reveal himself quite a few times, actually commit murder (which was commented on, thank God, no damns were given in the Wonder Woman pilot), and even get arrested due to being suspected of being ‘the hood’ at the end of like the 4th episode. Now however with the island plot starting to affect the present, more and more DC faces showing up (often for the better, though there are exceptions of course, and sadly) and the intricate plot actually weaving together quite well so far the show really has stepped up.

  11. shuayb says:

    LoL. I think that people shouldn’t conpare the shows because even tho they are based on comic books they are nothing alike.
    Quite frankly I find Agents to be a good show. I don’t see what the problem is. May and Coulson are great. Fitzsimmons can be wanky but are fun. There lots of mystery.
    I’m not sold on the other guy. Can get his name now. I think whedon should have used someone h worked with previously or wooed a big name,.

    • Carrie says:

      I agree. I don’t even know why they’re being compared. “Arrow” is about a superhero from the comics, AoS is about an agency that ‘cleans up’ after super powered people. The tones are completely different as well. I, personally, greatly prefer AoS. The acting is far superior and whereas I like all of the characters on the show, I don’t care for most of the characters on “Arrow”. I gave up on that show after a couple of episodes because it was pretty terrible. I’ve watched a couple of episodes since and it never draws me in.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        The acting on a.o.s is far superior lmao.I will take Susanna Thompson,Paul Blacktorne,Manu Bennett,Stephen Amell and David Ramsey over anyone from a.o.s

  12. Gwen says:

    We watch both shows and we enjoy both shows for different reasons. There’s still room to explore the “back stories” of the characters on AoS, and of course we’re still not sure if the Coulson of AoS is the “real” Coulson or some sort of clone/android copy. Happy New Year, everyone!

  13. Lysh says:

    Besides both being based on comic books, I don’t think the two can compare with each other. Arrow has an engaging plot, both in the city and on the island, that still leaves room for character development and character moments. I watched AoS for four episodes and had trouble caring for this team of characters I knew nothing about, apart from Coulson a little bit. It’s funny though that the characters in the Marvel movies is one of the things that make those movies work so much better than the DC movies. Like, I didn’t like Iron Man 2, but I love Tony Stark.
    I heard there was some character backstory on Skye in AoS, so I might try to watch again eventually.

    • Liz says:

      Iron Man 2 was dreadful wasn’t it. But then 3 was fantastic, so there’s always time for growth. AoS will find it’s feet

  14. Adam says:

    I think the comparisons between “Arrow” and “Agents of SHIELD” are pretty superficial. I do think that “Arrow” is the better television show, but they don’t seem to be trying to be the same kind of television show. “Arrow” is a serialized superhero series with procedural and soap opera elements; meanwhile, “Agents of SHIELD” is a pretty straight forward procedural with superhero elements.

  15. Bob G. says:

    I happen to love both shows. I had a few issues with Arrow at the beginning of their first season and they ironed them out. In my opinion AoS is a good show that just needs a little improvement in the writing. I’m sure that both shows will continue to improve over time and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do it.

  16. Damian Black says:

    Arrow and SHIELD, while both are born from comics but the shows are nothing alike.

    Arrow is a series based in a stationary place and focused on one person. It is a show about Superheros. They are able to bring in as many supers as they like because they have no limits. Arrow is great for those who loved the Nolanized Batman movies. Everything is dark and gritty and the hero is tortured, sad and angry. He never has any happy moments that last more than a fleeting blink of an eye. There are a few quips here and there but that is usually carried by one person (Felicity Smoak). The darker moments drive the show, mostly the fighting which usually take place in a dark place full of shadows. I like Arrow. I have seen every episode of both seasons but I will not pretend that there are some major issues with the show.

  17. Damian Black says:

    SHIELD is a mobile show. There is not a specific locale, they can go anywhere. While SHIELD is based in a world where Superheroes exist, it is not a show about Superheroes. SHIELD is about a group of agents brought together by Phil Coulson. He put the team together and we have seen them get to know one another. SHIELD is a show shot in the light with lots of color and with a mix of humour. Phil Coulson is also a tortured soul but he cannot be selfish in his pursuit of answers. SHIELD has been building, slowly, to a bigger event. What really happened to Coulson and why has Big SHIELD been lying to him, he no longer trusts them as he did before. Who is behind the Centipede Super Soldier Project and who is the Clairvoyant?
    I love SHIELD it is a show that I can watch with my family. It has likable characters who are growing on us and an underlying mystery that has us all very interested.

  18. Allison P says:

    I watch both shows and love them both, too.

  19. Damian Black says:

    The Powers That Be at Marvel / Disney, limits SHIELD on what they can and cannot do because they have to tie into the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe. With so many projects in the works, some known and others that may not be known, SHIELD cannot use the full slate of characters that they may like to.
    DC doesn’t care what Arrow uses because they don’t have the universe ties together like Marvel does. It makes things easier for the writers of Arrow. They can continue to throw any of Batmans villians into the show as much as they like.

    Arrow is better in its second season than it was in its first. SHIELD will be better in its second season than its first.

  20. tv2day says:

    2nd season of arrow is really good. First season was just good and picked up mid season. Aos seems like its written for 12 year old kids and the characters kind of suck.

    • Damian Black says:

      I find Arrows writing to be for the young, not so much for the writing of SHIELD. I think the first season of Arrow was written for the CW crowd, lots of young attractive people, half dressed quite often, simple storylines without much depth.

      • Shaun says:

        Care to give examples? Arrow had a courtroom story line regarding Moria being tried for the murders because of of her complicity in the undertaking.There was also a plot regarding Thea taking drugs and she is just an underage teenager. Ollie also had this big issue about killing bad guys in which he crossed the line several times. SHIELD plot involved Fitz and Simmons pranking each other and Skyes cliche long lost mother story line. In terms of mature and complex plots, I think Arrow has it in the bag.

        • Damian Black says:

          Well the easiest example would be the interactions of most of the characters.
          Tommy is dating his best friends ex. Laurel is dating his ex’s best friend. Moira has married her ex’s friend and Diggle is trying to date his dead brothers wife.
          The love triangle is stock and trade drama for the tweens that watch the CW, from 90120 t0 The OC, Reign, Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie. That is how you cater to the young crowd. Lots of pretty young, half dressed people.
          Court cases and drug use does not an adut show make. ABC Family has shows about those kinds of things and more. Oliver killing people is, IMO, one of the biggest draws to the show for the young males who gravitated to the Nolanized Batman.
          Fitz being forced to go on a mission and having to prove that he is a capable SHIELD agent even after having the extraction team pulled from them.
          Simmons being infected and being willing to sacrifice herself to protect the rest of the team.

          Arrow has more death in it because Oliver Queen murdered people regularily in the first season but that in itself doesn’t mean that it is more mature.

          • Shaun says:

            So you’re saying that just because SHIELD doesn’t have a love triangle, it means that it is written more maturely. (Not to mention, there was a misunderstood love triangle between Fitz, Simmons and Ward) LoL. No offense but I think big airships with lots of flashy special effects draws a younger crowd than tweens. Buffy had love triangles and half naked people, and ironically it was from WB (which is now CW). I’m pretty sure Whedon (or whatever producers they have) is after the same crowd as Arrow.

          • Damian Black says:

            I am not saying that not having a love triangle makes it more mature, just that all the silly tropes that drawn in young females and tweens are used on the CW shows including Arrow. You are telling me that you believe that Tommy, Laurel, Moira and John could not find anyone else to get involved with or did the writers connect everyone to each other to add a twist for the ladies. Are you telling me that you didn’t know that Felicity would have a thing for Oliver? because that is always the case on shows writen like that, just like Felicity was supposed to have a thing for Barry. Did you not guess that Isabel and Oliver would end up in bed? BTW, why in the heck did that need to be in there at all? It’s all contrived to generate interest from young ladies and tweens. The violence is made to keep the young men interested. All of the well orchestrated fight scenes, and they are very well done, are done for the majority of the male audience.

            There was no misunderstood love triangle on SHIELD. Fitz was upset with himself because he was not able to save Simmons, it had nothing to do with Ward. What big airship are you talking about? The Bus, which is a plane and what flashy special effects?

            Buffy ended in 2003, those people who were the major audience would propably be in their late 20s to mid 30s. That group makes up the best SHIELD ratings, so I would say that they are getting those same people while Arrow skews younger ,probably a lot younger.

  21. Juan says:

    I really like both, and I don’t know why people crap on SHIELD so much. It’s a fun show that maybe people were expecting to be a masterpiece or something because of the Whendon name but it’s like any other new show with potential.

  22. Tookie Clothespin says:

    First off, AoS needs to start utilizing some superheroes from the Marvel Universe. Doesn’t have to be huge names that Marvel is utilizing in the movies but, seeing Silver Sable, Moon Knight, Rage, there are many others that could be used, would give the viewers something exciting to see and would tie the show into the Marvel universe better. And second I think that AoS would benefit from changing formats a little. I would like to see them go in the direction of the 80’s show Wiseguy, where they have every 5-6 episodes be a story arc of it’s own within the season and in between those arcs could be stand alone episodes that delve into the character’s backstories and whatever else they want to tell. I think that the stories so far have been solid but start to falter when every one is wrapped up in a nice little bow and each week it starts over. Just my two cents.

  23. Truth says:

    I think they both suck.

  24. DarkDefender says:

    It’s not Arrow v. S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s more like Arrow was okay season 1, but so far for season 2 it has hit it out of the park.
    S.H.I.E.L.D. Can take a lesson, by improving on the show and building to a better manner of story telling and weaving in the MCU in the way Arrow has woven the DC universe.

  25. JC says:

    I don’t think it’s SHIELD vs Arrow. I think it’s SHIELD vs itself. I watch both shows, but for me, Arrow is far and away the better show. I didn’t go into SHIELD expecting superheroes or superpowers. I went in thinking SHIELD agents + Joss Whedon = automatic win. But something went wrong along the way. I blamed the casting in a comment last week, and I do think that’s a big part of it. But the writing has been subpar too. The show is completely and utterly predictable. Whedon is known for his characters and his quirky writing, and that’s been largely absent here. The characters are…not bad taken individually, but altogether they add up to a whole lot of bland. Buffy’s first season may have been rough, but made it work was some great casting and characters right from the beginning. I think people would have given SHIELD more time to work out the writing issues if they’d given us more reason to care about the characters. Arrow on the other hand has (with one IMO notable exception) done a great job with the casting, the pacing, and with keeping the audience guessing by not always going where they expect the story to go. And it just keeps getting better. SHIELD has made some improvements, but it’s been slow, and not nearly enough. I’ll continue to watch both shows to the end – I’m just regretful for SHIELD could have been.

    • Damian Black says:

      Joss Whedon is not involved with the day to day running of the show, so that is off the table. The characters on SHIELD are really likable compared to the characters on Arrow, The Queen ladies and Laurel are bad characters, there is nothing likable about any of them.
      Arrow is very predictable. Oliver will be angry, Diggle will chastise him for something he did or didn’t do. Felicity will be upset about something she was asked to do but will end up finding something to save the day. Thea will whine, Roy will sulk and Laurel will be moody and at the end of the day, The Hood will out shoot several men with automatic weapons, which is completely realistic.

      • JC says:

        You’re stating a lot of your own opinions as facts. YOU may find the SHIELD characters more likeable, but that is your opin

      • JC says:

        opinion. I personally do not find them more likeable, and that’s my opinion. And as far as the ladies go, while I’m not saying Arrow’s perfect, I happen to very much like Moira, Sara, Isabel, Felicity, Thea, and Sin (although yes, Laurel is admittedly an issue). No-one is comparing the realism of the shows – neither is realistic – so I’m not sure why you brought that in. And maybe Joss Whedon isn’t directly involved with the show, which would explain a lot, but it was certainly marketed as a Whedon show, which meant there was certain expectations. Which it has not met.

        • Damian Black says:

          Aren’t we all just stating our opinions? I’m glad you enjoy the shows that you do and I will continue to enjoy that shows that I like. No big deal either way. I watch Arrow, I have from the beginning and will continue to do so. I will support as many Comicbook genre shows as I can because, in my opinion, the more there that succeed the more the networks will be willing to try. I watch Arrow and I like it. I watch SHIELD and I love it, I will watch Flash and Gotham and Hourman and Daredevil and Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and Iron Fist and any other that they put out.

        • Damian Black says:

          I am not saying that SHIELD is perfect by any means but I am saying that it is a good show and millions of viewers agree. It can certainly get better but I can;t think of any shows that couldn’t get better. I disagree with you about the characters on Arrow and SHIELD but if you like them, more power to you. I find Moira, Thea and Laurel very simplistic characters. Maybe the writers will work on them at the end of this season but for the first season they were very shallow. I like Smoak but she isn’t very deep either because the writers haven’t given her a backstory yet. Sin and Sara have had small arcs in season 2 but were completely absent for season one.

          If you want to say that Arrow has more established characters in season two than SHIELD does in its first ten episodes, I would be foolish to disagree, but my opinion will not be changed about them being likable. Diggle is okay, but he will never be more than Ricardo Tubbs to Olivers Sonny Crocket. They miss used Colin Salmon (Walter). That man added gravitas to the show that none of the other actors can, He was almost the first black James Bond for goodness sake, Amells acting is still wooden in anything other than action scenes, Roy is even worse.
          And with all of that being said, I still will not miss an episode because it is a fun ride.

          • JC says:

            If you prefer SHIELD to Arrow, fine. Everyone sees things differently. But as one of those millions of viewers, I doubt that all of them feel as you do. The show’s lost over half its audience since its premiere. And I think only once did it go up but was then down again, which means it probably hasn’t found its ratings floor yet. A show like this should not be getting Castle level ratings, and yet… I’m not rooting for it to fail, believe me. Quite the opposite. I was happy when it seemed like the ratings had stopped falling. But I think if something doesn’t happen soon, the show will end up being another V or No Ordinary Family.

          • Damian Black says:

            I understand what you are saying and I thank you for saying it in a mature fashion. I think a lot of people have a misconception of the ratings that SHIELD is getting. Yes the ratings have been up and down. They fell hard in the first two weeks as they burned through those who were expecting The Avengers on TV, but since then the ride has been up and down making gains in two consecutive weeks before coming back from a week off and falling to it’s lowest point. Here is what TV by the numbers has to say about the SHIELD ratings. I think it is a different picture than most have. TV by the numbers:

            “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (8:00-9:01 p.m. – 6.1 million and 2.1/6 in AD18-49):

            Returning to original after the prior week’s repeat, ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” earned second place in the 8:00 p.m. hour to CBS’ top-rated “NCIS” among Adults 18-49, while finishing as the No. 1 series in its time period with Men 18-34 for its 10th-consecutive first-run airing.

            •On the most recent week of L+7 data (w/o 11/18/13), “S.H.I.E.L.D.” added 1.6 rating points to its L+SD total, outdelivering CBS’ “NCIS” among Adults 18-49 (4.0 rating vs. 3.9 rating). In fact, on average in the Live + 7 Day ratings for original telecasts, ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is Tuesday’s No. 1 TV show this season in Adults 18-49 (4.8 rating), outdelivering NBC’s “The Voice” by 4% (4.6 rating) and CBS’ “NCIS” by 14% (4.2 rating).

            •On average, “S.H.I.E.L.D.” has improved its time slot by 86% in Adults 18-49 over the comparable weeks last season, making it ABC’s top-rated program in the hour in 4 years – since the 2009-10 TV season

          • JC says:

            That’s an ABC press release – TVBTN just posted it. It’s not the site’s own view. They tend to take a dim view of anything other than live + SD demo numbers. Check out their article Network PR Jedi Mind Tricks. It is true that the site does seem to believe the show is likely to get renewed at its current ratings levels. The Bubble Watch did point out however that after two weeks of gains (not one, my mistake), the show ended up hitting a series low. If it keeps going down when it comes back, it’s going to be in trouble.

    • MagicThings says:

      Well said, mate. I agree 100%. I watched both shows and if I had to pick, I would choose “Arrow” every single time.

  26. MDExtraordinare says:

    Shield is more like a saturday morning cartoon.

  27. Rich Abey says:

    I think we all are missing the main point here. Agents of SHEILD boss is Joss Whedon, but due to contractual obligations & other projects, Joss hasn’t been able to fully invest in AOS so far, unlike his previous hit action shows like Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse & Terminator. So if he can take AOS into his full grasp we can be assured of something awesome & spectacular…cause after all lets not forget the awesomeness of last years Avengers!

  28. Garnet74 says:

    I’ve watched both shows. I really expected to love Agents of SHIELD and not really like Arrow, so I was surprised when it was the opposite. I don’t think you can compare the shows at all. I mean, it’s be like comparing Bewitched and American Horror Story: Coven. They’re both about witches so therefore they’re the “same show,” right? Of course not. that’s silly. So comparing shows just because they involve super heroes brings the same reaction from me.

    That said, I think Arrow did an outstanding job of being open to feedback, very quick in tweaking their show during season 1, and being hyper aware about its own weaknesses. If you watch the Pilot and then episode 6, then random sample any of the episodes after that you’ll see huge shifts in how stories are pieces together, how Oliver’s character is presented, relationships evolve, character focus taken away here and focused on other characters there. It was A LOT of work to make Arrow such an enjoyable show but the actors and writers and execs put it in and so when you watch it, you get a lot out.

    I’ve never been tempted to go back to Agents of SHIELD to see if it’s gotten better but that’s not because I’m sitting here thinking: Arrow is good so no other shows involving super heroes can be worth my time. Each has to swim — or sink — completely on its own.

  29. Try Again says:

    I love watching “Agents of SHIELD”. It’s badass as f.
    Haters gonna hate. Bye.

  30. Ray says:

    I’ve had AoS on my DVR for months but have been putting off viewing because there were enough other shows to watch. I just got around to watching the first couple of episodes and boy is this show dull as dirt. Can’t believe it was picked up for an entire season.

  31. Jared says:

    ARROW is one of the best overall shows, period!

    • Damian Black says:

      HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! This just off the top of my head
      Downton Abbey
      Walking Dead
      Orphan Black
      The Returned
      American Horror Story: Coven
      The Amerikans
      Game of Thrones
      Boardwalk Empire
      House of Cards

      • Francine says:

        I agree that Arrow is nowhere near as good as most of the shows you mentioned- but hey, it’s their opinion. I may not understand or agree with it but I don’t laugh at someone for having it. Just my two cents though, not trying to start a war :)

        • Damian Black says:

          Jared did not offer his comment as an opinion but even if he had, it is a laughable statement. If someone said, to you, that the sky was green and the grass is yellow, would you not find that laughable? He, and anyone else, is as welcome to their opinion as I am to mine.

          • Francine says:

            Well he made a comment- that is obviously him giving his opinion. And yes, I would laugh if someone told me the sky was green- because its a proven fact that its not. What tv show is the best is not a fact though. Thats all subjective and depends on someones personal preference. He has his opinion, you have yours, I have mine… we’re all entitled to it. That wasnt my point though. I just dont think its necessary to laugh at someones opinion on a subjective subject even if I disagree with it. Thats all I was trying to say. You’re free to feel differently. Like I said, no need for an agument. Have a good one!

          • Damian Black says:

            Thank you for your input. I was not trying to start an argument with you or anyone else. I feel that this is a forum for voicing one’s opinion, I would assume that this is why we all come here. Be well and Happy New Years to you.

          • Francine says:

            Damian, absolutely! Honestly, its nice to discuss things even if we don’t agree on everything isn’t it? So many times things turn so nasty. Anyway, Happy New Year to you as well!!

      • lovemunkey187 says:

        Damian, You actually liked Vikings?
        Ok so it seemed more factual/realistic than Spartacus. But really as a show as good as GoT, The Returned or Boardwalk?

        For the record I think that Downton Abbey is absolute dog toffee and seriously overrated.

        • Damian Black says:

          Actually I thought Vikings was really well done. My biggest surprise on that list was Orphan Black and The Returned. Tatiana Maslany is absolutely brilliant and The Returned handled the interactions of the characters so very well, it was hard waiting for the next episode. I’m glad it was picked up for a second series.
          I like the Character study od Downton Abbey.

  32. Rob says:

    Although I don’t get y everyone compares a show about a super hero with a show about agents investigating the strange & unusual. Apple’s to oranges ( both fruits but have different taste, texture, vitamins,& colors). I get it their both comic book shows but we don’t compare them to Walking Dead. Once Marvel’s Dare Devil show comes then that would be a fair comparison to Arrow.

  33. Mark says:

    Agents of SHIELD has it’s moments, and I think the second half will get better as they focus on the Big Bad of the season (Joss formula anyway?).

    I really have loved Arrow since the beginning. It’s still not perfect, but it is fun TV every week that I really look forward to watching.

  34. Quinn Mallory says:

    I imagine AoS will get a lot super in its subsequent season. Still, the two shows are different enough that they can both succeed in its own different way.

  35. Anne says:

    Arrow is garbage. I remember in episode 1 the doctor saying Oliver had scares over 70% of his body. Utterly stupid. If AOS should aspire to a comic show, then I would perfer Walking Dead to the bimbo with an Arrow.

  36. Marco says:

    I watch both Arrow and AOS and love both. Not to mention they’re widely different shows, and I remember people ranting about Arrow in the first part of its first season in a similar fashion to what they’re doing now with AOS.

    And if you thought the first episodes of AOS were horrible and/or awfully boring, you haven’t seen much bad TV, have ya.

  37. A says:

    I really enjoy both shows but Arrow is my favorite show on TV right now. I really did not like Arrow when if first came out but the addition of Felicity made me fall in love with the show.

  38. lovemunkey187 says:

    For me a way to improve AoS would be to kill off one half of Fitz/Simmons. It’s like they had an idea for a non-gender character and couldn’t decide which acto to use and decided to have them both.

    They also really need to delve into the vast array of supporting characters from the MCU. I realise that thanks to FOX, the “M” word is taboo but they need to utilise some more powered characters. Because, let’s be honest, it’s what is expected and wanted from a Marvel product.

  39. jj says:

    The only thing TPTB of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has to do is to replace every cast except Clark Gregg. And preferably, this time around, find people that can at least half act if asking for good actors are too much to ask.

  40. roxriotour says:

    Reblogged this on Roxie's Random SpirituaL {MU5inGzzz}…… and commented:
    Sexy man abs n’ nipples, or Stern, CurvaceouS #ROCKALICIOUSNESS

  41. A fan of both, by the way says:

    Arrow is better, but then again, Warner Bros/DC has about 10 years more experience than their counterparts in this field. Also, when people hear comic books, they think superheroes, as many have said, AOS isn’t about Superheroes (or even anything close). It’s about a government agency. Plus it had a rocky beginning. The characters they started out with were poor, superficial, and stereotypical. They were dealt a losing hand. I think it’s slowly getting better, though it would certainly help if they could get any help whatsoever from their movie counterparts (they seem content to act like they don’t exist. It’s doing the show no favors).

  42. Mikael says:

    I like both DC and Marvel, which apparently is not allowed. I’m a huge fan of Arrow and I love that they’re beginning to embrace the more “comic-bookie” stuff like The Flash and his powers. Amell’s acting has improved as well. I really wanted to love AOS, but it just hasn’t risen to the occasion for me yet. It has potential: Melinda is starting to open up as a character, and Ward has gotten better since they toned down his interaction with Skye. FitzSimmons is my favorite. I just wish they had at least ONE character from the comic canon. Quartermaine? Mockingbird? Spider-Woman? There are many to choose from and they created original characters who are taking forever to develop.

  43. Every time someone compares a problematic, twist-based sexist mess that is the current season of Arrow with something decent like Agents of SHIELD, I can’t help but laugh.

    First season of arrow? maybe one could compare but even then Arrow did not really get GOOD before the second half of s1.

    Second season of arrow? Trash. If AOS was written same way as current Arrow writing, Skye would be sitting in bath dealing with a drinking problem instead of being a badass she is meant to be and the show would jump around pointless plotlines that do not further plot in any way, shape or form.

  44. Alexis says:

    Arrow sucks by saying you like arrow you are saying Hale Hydra so you have failed the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division or as most call it S.H.I.E.L.D

  45. Captain Steven Rogers says:

    lol.. I don’t know why people are fighting which show is better. I love both Marvel’s A.O.S and DC’s Arrow. Both are unique in it’s own ways. I love the way A.O.S season 1 ended. I couldn’t stop laughing , how Agent Coulson finished Hydra’s second head with a bang! . lol.. While in Arrow , the action scene was superb in Season 1. I love how dynamic Ollie’s character is. The fighting sequence between Malkin Merilyn aka Black Arrow and Green Arrow, was really great . I was a little disappointed with the 2nd Season ending. Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. Could have brought so much more to the table. I feel like the producers teased and robed us from a great ending battle. Okay to summon everything up, both shows started pretty much boring. They both got better along the way. And both first season’s ended with a solid performance. The only difference is that Arrow has a 2 second season avantage , which it was even better then the first. Just that the ending basically sucks. I just hope that A.O.S and Arrow , can out do them selves, each upcoming seasons to come. So we can keep this 2 Awesome shows alive and keep bringing more comic book character shows , to our TV’s home screens.