Nikita Boss on That Shocking Twist and Amanda's Fate - Plus, the 'Mikita' Ending You Didn't See!

Nikita Series FinaleAnd they all lived happily ever after…

No, really! The CW’s cult-beloved spy thriller Nikita wrapped its four-season run on Friday with the entire crime-fighting crew — save for last week’s fallen fan fave — being sent off in satisfied (and satisfying!) fashion.

With Amanda back in the basement — this time, forever — Nikita was finally able to let go of her past and look toward a future with her main man Michael. Alex, meanwhile, went on to earn accolades for her crusade against human trafficking, with an Owen-esque Sam by her side. And Birkhoff graced the world with Shadownet’s brilliance before retreating overseas to his lady love Sonya.  Oh, and did we mention that ‘Mikita’ eloped?!

Here, Nikita mastermind Craig Silverstein delves into the series finale’s biggest twists (Amanda lives! Nikita cons us all!), reveals what he would have changed had time permitted (we’re looking at you, ‘Olex’) and shares an alt-ending for ‘Mikita’ that would have no doubt left fans up in arms.

TVLINE | First, we have to talk about that final moment in last week’s episode. Talk a little about bringing Nikita and Alex back together in such a full-circle way.
That was super important. We set that marker way out and then forgot about it, in a way, and then came back to it. I remember pitching it out in the room and [executive story editor] Kristen Reidel said, ‘That makes me happy.’ When she says that, you know something’s right. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Were you able to squeeze in everything you’d hoped to in just six episodes?
We included pretty much everything. We probably just would have liked more of what we did hit, like more of an Alex/Nikita reunion and more of them all working together.

TVLINE | Was there anything or anyone you’d considered including but it just didn’t pan out?
From the start of the season we thought it would be great to get Percy back in there, in a flashback to bring it full circle, but that opportunity never really presented itself in a real, organic way. It would have felt a little forced once we got to it.

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TVLINE | So, Amanda lives! At what point did you know that she would survive?
It was an instinct pretty early on. A few people on our staff did want to see her die, but I just felt that if it wasn’t by her own hand somehow, it was the wrong way to go. What would that say about Nikita? That’s she’s really come nowhere and just kills her? Their conflict isn’t about physical strength or violence versus violence; Division changed Nikita’s life for both good and bad, and how to reconcile that really was the more interesting question to me. Yeah, Amanda tortured her and did a lot of bad things, but she also took her off the streets and gave her these skills and taught her how to hold herself and become more powerful. Nikita’s journey is to use that power the way she thinks it should be used and not the way Division was forcing her to use it.

TVLINE | Why is seclusion a fate worse than death for Amanda?
Because she’s back in the basement, back where she came from. She started in the basement as Helen. The only other [ending] we had [in mind] was this image of her in a padded cell saying, ‘I’m Helen, I’m Helen,’ over and over again, because she had worked so hard to create Amanda and to steal her sister’s identity. [Executive producer] Albert [Kim] used an analogy about this famous golf match where two golfers are one-upping each other until the end when one of them wins by one point — but they were 20 points above everybody else. They didn’t even notice that until the end of the match. So, that was the analogy for Amanda and Nikita; they had upped their game… Amanda realized that she’s learned a lot from Nikita — and Nikita did as well, but she made the better choices.

TVLINE | Why did Ryan have to die?
Well, he was the only single guy, I guess. Everyone else was paired off… [Laughs] Really, we needed someone to die because we needed to believe that Nikita would go on a rampage in the finale. I don’t know if everyone will buy that twist; some people will see it coming that she’s pulling a con. But the only way that it could hopefully work was if there was a real outrage and we both feared and wanted her doing [what she does].

TVLINE | I didn’t see that twist coming. How difficult was it to map that out?
It was really difficult. We talked about it a lot. Albert Kim’s head was hurting. [Laughs] We were trying to make it work on the surface and then also when you look back at it. The trick with those stories is that you need to structure them in a way that if there was no twist, you would still be satisfied — but you’re even more satisfied that there is one… The idea of a con came in near the end — and maybe [the writers’] minds just naturally go there. There was something like that at the end of every season, if you look back: Percy pulled a big thing on Nikita at the end of Season 1 and he did a similar thing in Season 2, and Amanda did it in Season 3. So, for Nikita to turn that back and pull the massive switcharoo on her own, it was a better statement than her winning with an assault riffle.

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Nikita Series FinaleTVLINE | There’s not really a question here, but I just have to say that Aaron Stanford really delivered in these final two episodes. He was so much fun.
Aaron had a total command of that character. Seeing him smile at the end was great, I thought. He just knows Birkhoff inside and out and always makes him a little more interesting than is on the page, even.

TVLINE | And ultimately Alex and Owen ended up together–
Oh, that’s a good one, Meg! Alex and Owen could have used more time. I liked it, but it could have used more time.

TVLINE | How important was it for you to give everyone some sort of happy, peaceful ending?
For me it was important… if it was earned. I don’t have a real desire to see someone come to a bad ending. I’m never quite sure what the point of that is in something that is essentially entertainment, where everyone is striving hard to find that happy ending — is it for surprise value? [Laughs] For that one moment it’s great, but then it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and I’m not sure what the value of that is.

TVLINE | And Michael and Nikita received the sweetest, most satisfying sendoff of all. Were you happy with how their story wrapped up?
We did think of a lot of endings in which Michael and Nikita didn’t end up together. I still think that there is a satisfying ending out there, one that I saw hazily, in which Nikita went off on her own and Michael got back to a normal life, which is something that he always wanted. But with everything going on, there wasn’t enough time to make that ending right and satisfying and to have a real, viable alternative for him that caused the audience a lot of heartache but that they understood. So, the happy ending worked, too. [Laughs]

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  1. michelle says:

    This show deserved 6 seasons and a movie. Not to mention a network who deserved it. The story was fantastic, the acting superb, hate to see it go. I’m happy we at least got 6 eps, but wish it was more. So sad :(

    • Jerry says:

      I thought CW was being quite generous to give it 3 seasons and 6 episodes. By conventional standards, by ratings alone, it is expected to last only 2 seasons at most.

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      Your comment is very ignorant. If Nikita was on any other network it would have been cancelled after one or two seasons. You should thank the CW for keeping it around this long.

      • sonny4F says:

        If Nikita was on a network like ABC or CBS, it would have known another fate and the rating would have been much better. Anyway, like you said, we gotta thank CW for keeping it around 4 seasons. It’s not their fault if they don’t have the right audience for this show.

  2. JJM says:

    If ANYONE had to die I’m glad it was Ryan. He was okay during seasons one and two in a recurring role, but that was just too much of him in seasons 3 and whatever time he had in 4. Also, the constant shocking ‘oh my God’ look he would give every episode was really losing it’s value.

  3. Sasha says:

    I liked Ryan! He shouldn’t have died. But I’m all for Alex and Owen

  4. Cam says:

    Season 4 didn’t make up for the crapfest that was season 3. Too much Amanda, too much Ryan. I wonder how season 3 would have been if they hadn’t killed off Perry.

    • CJ says:

      I do think killing of Percy then was a bit of a misstep, but I feel pretty satisfied with the ending overall. Can’t help but wonder if it would’ve lasted longer with him living into season 3 though.

      • dude says:

        I disagree. Either Amanda or Percy had to have died by season two. With major villains like that, either they overstay their welcome and stop being intimidating because they’re losing all the time or they make the heros look weak because they win too much. At some point they have to die.

    • Trinity Melyssia says:

      Percy, his name was Percy. But somehow I think you knew that.

  5. Tessa says:

    I absolutely did not see that twist coming! When Nikita was telling Amanda how they set up the con, I was awed! Everyone got their happy endings and Mikita ended up together in the best way possible. This is my second favorite series finale of the year, Fringe is the first!

  6. Jessica says:

    I will forever love this show. This series finale was epic, no doubt about it. That twist was crazy! Nikita had a really good run. I’ll definitely miss it .

  7. Amy says:

    I do love Mikita but it did feel that the show lost the original premise which was Nikita/Alex against Division.

    • James says:

      Because they already fulfilled that by the end of Season 2 but then, we have Amanda to worry about, whose antics towards the end of that season merely setting up events for Seasons 3 and 4.

  8. Sarah says:

    Loved everything about the whole series!!! I’m glad there was a happy ending for Mikita!!! Sad that the series is over but pleased we have 4 seasons on dvd to watch over n over!!!

  9. Allison P says:

    I was pretty happy with this finale. It does suck that we only had 6 more episodes, but the writers did the best they could with that limit. Looking forward to the extras when the DVD comes out.

  10. dude says:

    It was a very fitting ending. I was floored by the twist in the pilot and I am floored by the twist in the finale.

  11. Anna says:

    Olex? Barf!

    • Kelly says:

      What annoys me is everyone keeps saying it’s Owen and Alex but it’s not. It’s Sam and Alex and Sam is very different than Owen…unfortunately. I still miss Owen tons.

    • kat says:

      I love that they just straight up stopped pretending they didn’t kill Sean purely so Owen could take his place. I mean, in the end Sam/Owen was her bodyguard/sort of boyfriend, aka Sean’s literal exact roll in late season 2/early season 3. If they wanted Alex to end up with a guy they should have continued to develop Sean/Alex rather than shove a 4th love interest down our throats in 6 episodes. Alex was never allowed to NOT have a love interest, it was gross. At least with Sean it was built up over an entire season. With only 6 episodes Alex should have been allowed to find her happy ending without throwing dick at her. Oddly enough we women don’t always need men to be happy and fulfilled.

  12. Taylor says:

    Great series finale! Yeah Craig, let’s not forget Nikita & Alex teaming back up (finally in season 4 it took awhile but satisfying). And one of the best lines & twist of the series: “Welcome back to the basement, Helen” (drops the mic)

  13. ren says:

    alex/owen will never make sense to me. not a fan of mikita. more a fan of owen/nikita. i don’t like sam. it did tie things up though so that’s a good thing. this season should have at least got 12 eps to properly stretch out the characters intertwining- like alex/nikita. they deserved way more time together & so did owen/nikita.

    • Mari says:

      I liked the final.
      I never understood how people could root for a romantic relationship between Owen and Nikita.
      Even though the two actor had an amazing chemistry, I feel that if that ever happened it would have diminished Daniel’s importance in Nikita’s life…
      I mean, of course Nikita forgave Owen for killing Daniel, the whole premise of the show is that even people forced to become assassins can redeem themselves, but, for me, a romantic relationship between the two never made any sense. It was always out of the question.

      And while the Nikita/Micheal relationship had (huge) flaws, I’m glad there was a show in which a couple overcome obstacles and took breaks from each other without there being swapping of couples (I’m looking at you, Rookie Blue’s 4th season).

      It felt closer to real life – you know, apart from the spy drama, evil fake hand and so on.

  14. Lori says:

    It was a satisfying ending with Mikita eloping. I do prefer Owen to Sam. I was happy to see Alex starting a new path just wish it was with Sean.

  15. greysfan says:

    I did NOT see that twist coming at all. It was extremely well done and for me that was a satisfying series finale. I too would have loved to see Amanda killed but then like they said if Nikita did do that then she learnt nothing. I’m going to miss this show because it was a great series and i am glad CW gave us the final 6 episodes to end the series on a good note. Kudos to them.

  16. Joseph Massa says:

    I think the series finale was the perfect ending! This series was a favorite of mine for it’s entire run. I am sad to see it go, but I am very satisfied with the way it ended. I just missed Sonya.

  17. Et al says:

    One of the better series finales I’ve seen, and I didn’t see the twist coming. Well done to all imvolved!

  18. Dominique says:

    really powerful episode, did NOT see that twist coming! i was actually wondering throughout the episode how they were gonna fix this in such a short time.
    loved Nikita/Alex teaming up again, loved Birkhoff being his usual badass nerd-self, LOVED Olex ending up together. ultimately, i feel like these are two people who are connected in such a way that it woulnd’t make sense for them to NOT end up together.
    too bad we didn’t see sonya though. she was never a fave of mine, but she was a part of birkhoff.

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  20. Michelle says:

    Holy meatballs. That finale was incredible. There are some things I don’t like – “Olex” for instance, the lack of a happy, normal “family” scene with all of them, no Sonya, didn’t get to see the Mikita wedding, etc. – but ultimately it was satisfying and brilliant and god am I so bummed that this show did not have as big an audience as it deserved. Truly an intelligent, entertaining, mindblowing masterpiece. Thank you, cast and crew! What a great ride it has been watching this amazing little show and I’m certainly going to miss having my mind blown week after week!

  21. Fido says:

    Just one thing jarred this awesome ending – where was Sonja ?? They kept referring to her and I would have expected her to be at the “star wall pardoning” scene but no. Did something happen to her ?
    As for everything else, wowzers and I didn’t see it coming either and the writers deserve a big hug for giving all us Nikita fans a cracking round off to the series.

  22. I’m glad to read that the show’s creator Craig Silverstein acknowledged that they could/should have spent more time on the Nikita/Alex reunion, but due to time constraints, they didn’t. I still think it was a bad decision to wait until the end of the penultimate episode to have them reunited.

    For me, this show has always been about the relationship between Nikita and Alex and this is why I wasn’t a fan of this season because that relationship wasn’t explored deeper and in a satisfying way. The first few minutes of the finale almost made up for this misstep because we got to see both of them being total badasses and being a great team. And I loved Alex saying to Nikita that “If you want to invade the moon, I’ll find you a rocket ship.” Talk about loyalty.

    All in all, it was a satisfying finale to a great series. I’m going to miss this show and I hope to see the cast in new projects in the future. I know the guys (Shane West, Aaron Stanford, and Noah Bean) already have new TV projects lined up, so I’m hoping the ladies will follow suit. I know Maggie is going to be in the Divergent movies, but what about Lyndsy Fonseca? I’m not ready to say goodbye to her pretty face!

    • Lucas T says:

      Lindsy Fonseca is gonna be on How I Met Your Mother, but I’m not sure if it’s gonna be a pre-recorded piece of her as a child.

  23. ELIZ says:

    I look forward to the show every Friday, I will miss it. why did you give it more time?

  24. titie tador says:

    je ne l’ai pas encore mais je suis sur que c;etait jolie j;espere que nikita et michael ont eu une finn heureuse

  25. Carrie says:

    I was very satisfied with the way things ended. It’s too bad that Ryan died, but I liked that little unexpected moment where Nikita saw his ghost. I liked the way things ended for Michael and Nikita. I also liked Alex and Sam together, but it would’ve been nice if they’d had more episodes to develop that relationship. The twist was really good. I would’ve liked to have actually seen Sonya in the finale and Michael meeting up with his son again.

  26. frog212 says:

    Great series finale! I only watched part of season 1 and S2. Then, I watched these last 6 episodes and every episode in S4 was amazing. There are so many other finales this past year that just sucked/ or left you unsatisfied. It’s not as good as Breaking Bad but better than Dexter.

  27. Lisa says:

    An amazing end to an amazing show with amazing actors ( Aaron Stanford you rock!!! ). Nikita is and always will be one of my favorite shows. Good thing we have DVDs!!!!

  28. Nikki says:

    I can’t believe this show’s ratings, why people didn’t watch it? The casting is outstanding, the story is brilliant, the action sequences amazing! I agree that it deserved 6 seasons and a movie. Meanwhile shows like Arrow somehow have better ratings.

  29. Cindy says:

    The ending was ok. However I didn’t like the Alex and Sam pairing.Not everyone needs to be paired.The writers seem to neglect the friendship between Nikita and Owen.Nevertheless am happy mikita had a happy ending.

    • Michelle says:

      Agreed. My biggest gripe about Alex and Sam, other than it is SO forced and contrived, is the complete neglect on the developed relationship of Nikita and Owen. That scene where he talks to Nikita on the phone reminded me of what a great relationship they had and how only Nikita could really get in touch with Sam’s inner Owen. Oh well, I’m glad we at least got that scene.

  30. Wrenn says:

    I loved the finale. I wish Ryan could have made it, but I understand why he didn’t. I love that the twist. I’m so pleased. I loved that Sam/Alex got together. I saw the potential for them in the beginning. I wish they had went there earlier, but with six episodes I’m pleased with what I got. I see others getting mad b/c it wasn’t Sean. It’s not like they declared their love for one another they were about to go on their first date of sorts. Anyways, I’m happy.

  31. wasiu olaleye says:

    not like legend of the seeker that we did not know where khalan and Richard ends, and even zedd and shota , cara, niki, are no where to be found

  32. Zoe says:

    On the alternate ending topic- The USA network Nikita ended with Nikita alone and Michael off with his child . So to use the same ending would have been disappointing . And Shane West has acted with 2 Nikita’s now

  33. Diz says:

    Amazing! Thanks Nikita.

  34. dreamlife613 says:

    I loved the finale and the final season overall. They made excellent use of the time they were given to tell a tight, emotional story that felt every bit as powerful as the previous seasons.

    Great job to everyone involved, and I’m just really grateful that we got these final episodes. Also, I’m always on board for a happy ending, so that really made my day.

  35. mark says:

    nice finale..-to all olex hater’s,the producers were able to explain sean and alex relationship because it had 22 episodes, assuming season 4 had 22 episodes the producers would have time to explain the sam and alex relationship, season 4 had 6 episodes so they had to go straight to the point, if season 4 had 22 episodes the sex scene between sam and alex will be seen in episode 17 or so, sean is dead and life goes on for alex. sam has been thrown into alex orbit, yh nikita got help from owen, owen likes flying solo like nikita that’s how they connected, nikita asked sean to bodyguard alex, sam became a bodyguard because he’s with alex,sam was a guardian so it makes sense seeing him as a bodyguard for the udinov company/zetrov, he was some how working with gogul before in season 2,

  36. mark says:

    its nice sam and alex are together, i was late to watching Nikita,as a new fan and already a big fan of the show, i watched Nikita from season 1-3 before seaon 4 premiered, owen was a per time team nikita even b4 micheal, he became full time team Nikita in season 3 where he met with sean and others, am happy olex happened in season 4 but to be honest i wasn’t happy when sean died, i think they had to kill the dillon casey character/sean because of scheduling or so, anytime something happenes to a member of team Nikita, Nikita brings them back home, mickey went to london to spend time with max but he came back, amanda captured birkoff-nikita rescued him, sean was framed, fletch was framed too-Nikita rescued them, amanda twisted alex mind with her psycho thingy,she wanted to fly solo-nikita brought her back then owen became sam because of amanda-nikita should have been the one to bring back owen but it ended up been alex in season 4

  37. mark says:

    i knew one of the main characters will die,someone had to go,and sadly it ended up been fletch,i wished season 4 had 12 or more episodes, the 6 episodes was not enough,its funny tho sean is dead but i still see some olex haters hating like sean ain’t dead, Nikita first boyfriend died before she ended up with mickey in that way too sean died then alex ended up with sam,i wished they exploited owen and emily relationship in season 2,the sam and alex story would have made more sense if season 4 had more episodes, everyone had a happy ending tho-awesome

  38. Radha says:

    I don’t know why people are griping about Sam/Alex. And this is coming from a Sean/Alex fan. Even in Season 3, it was clear Alex had a connection with Owen, even going so far as to have Sean be slightly threatened by it. Has anyone forgotten that she explained the butterfly meaning to Owen/Sam and not Sean? I think Alex loved Sean but she probably always felt inferior to him seeing as how he was a ‘golden boy’ type. Very upstanding individual, hero etc. I’m not saying they didn’t belong together, but I think Alex, who was still haunted by her past and also Amanda’s mind control, probably felt it was easier to talk to Owen/Sam. If that makes sense.

    In season 4, it was clearly just that connection developing into an ATTRACTION. Neither of them said the word love or declared their undying devotion to each other. Yes, for us, the audience, this appeared to have happened quickly, but it’s been several months since Sean died when the season started and Alex never said she was completely over him. Having an attraction for someone else doesn’t mean she’s forgotten Sean.

    Sam and Alex (because by that point he was just Sam) worked together all of Season 4 and you can see him struggle with his morals and right and wrong–which shows that he isn’t truly just Sam anymore. Some of his false identity, Owen, has stuck and is mixed in with his original self. Several times he was going to do the wrong thing and then he didn’t. He made the decision to do the right thing. After he and Alex acknowledge their attraction, they have sex and he tries to rush a relationship and Alex is the one who, smartly, says they need to take things slow. Figure out who they both are before possibly going further.

    At the end, clearly she’s asking him out on a first date. If they were already dating, he wouldn’t have asked her about needing him to open a wine bottle. As far as I’m concerned, the writers did the best they could with STARTING a budding relationship with them in the six episodes they were given. And I was happy. I get some people are like, women don’t need a man. But no one is saying that Alex does. Clearly she and Nikita are very strong women indeed and have saved and been saved many times during the show. I hate how everything seems to come back to feminist crap. People want to end a show that they are watching seeing the characters they have grown to love end up happy. And most people equate happiness with being successful and having someone to be their companion. Someone to share their happiness WITH. What’s wrong with showing Alex starting a potential relationship with Sam–who does seem to be trying? She’s not Sam’s doormat. She’s not in his shadow. She was the one asking HIM out and striding across the stage to be a human right’s activist like the boss lady that she is.

    I thought the show ended just right. I personally would have wanted Amanda dead, but I also see the poetic justice that was served to her in the end. And Mikita and my beloved Birkhoff were on point. I just wish we could have seen Sonya with him. All in all, I will miss this little show that could.

  39. Deion says:

    So amazing. Excellent way to end Amanda’s reign of terror. Putting her back where she was created. That the writers didn’t have that planned from the time her story was revealed baffles me. Never warmed to the Sam character, but I was grateful that they had him show that he knew what it meant to be Owen, even if they weren’t the same. Devon Sawa was amazing in both roles. I hope to see him again soon. I don’t mind him being with Alex. It ended with two damaged people taking steps toward one another. As for Michael and Nikita, if they were going to break them up, it should have been in season 3. The distance in these handful of eps wasn’t believeable. Noah Bean’s characters always have to die, so that they can appear to the main character at crucial points and let them know that they done good. As far as the series as a whole, Percy should have escaped in Season 2 so Season 3 could be Amanda/Division vs. Percy/The Shop vs. Team Nikita. Percy was an excellent villian. Xander Berkley was genius. Two seasons wasn’t enough. And I always felt like he would have rather lived to fight another day by escaping in some contrived escape device than take on Nikita in that silo. Totally going to miss this show. Fan from Episode 1.

  40. JC says:

    This is was a great and satisfying series finale. I love the idea of Nikita and Michael still doing some ass kicking even after eloping. However, I would have liked a bit more of Nikita and Alex for the final season because the bond that they have is more than friendship, it is a special sisterly type of bond. Since the finale was open ended a movie can still happen so start campaigning a Nikita Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Cali says:

    I have loved Nikita for a long time…the 1st series and this series…What a shame the CW canceled it and kept some of the shows that are left…

  42. daisy says:

    i love the finale,sad it ended!

  43. Mikael says:

    The whole final season up to the last second was great. I’m grateful we got it at all, but I just wish they had a few more episodes to flesh it out more. It was just over so fast!

  44. Bazmatron says:

    I can’t remember – does Michael still have the nano-toxins in his hand or did that get taken care of?

    • Trinity Melyssia says:

      That was taken care of. The gang killed Michael for a few minutes using hypothermia, Nikita shows up and her love/voice wakes him into consciousness. Once the host dies the toxins die so they tricked the toxin in a way without truly harming Michael.

      • Bazmatron says:

        Thanks Trinity Melyssia, you’re dead right, i’d forgotten that bit. One of the things I loved most about this show is how they always took care to explain and tie everything up, never leaving the viewer dangling for long. But I just couldn’t remember how they had sorted this out, so many thanks!

  45. Ben says:

    Sam was a bastard until the 11th hour, then he and Alex are an item? I didn’t get that. Far too contrived.

  46. mike white says:

    This show should never have been on regular network television this is a new generation if a show like 24 was to come out now instead of 2001 it would be canceled after one or 2 season because people know and days don’t know what good shows are this show Nikita had no business being on the Cw this show should have been on cable channel like USA look at show like burn notice or white coller or royal plans and other good shows on that network or they should have put this on TNT or TBS but putting it on the CW pretty much guaranteed a short life for this show

  47. ikechukwu says:

    i wish this movie could happen more,we need season 5 any how do it again

  48. Tobias says:

    I fall in love with the whole movie I never missed any show though I would have like seeing amanda ending up dead.I did not see alex and sam ending together but since sean was dead there was chance

  49. kingsley says:

    is my best movie series,hope it ends at season 10.