Doctor Who Recap: Out With the Young, In With the New -- Grade Matt Smith's Swan Song

Doctor Who Matt Smith Final EpisodeThe following contains minor spoilers from Doctor Who‘s Christmas special, The Time of the Doctor.

Given the great hullabaloo that surrounded the casting of Matt Smith, then just 26, as Doctor Who almost exactly five years ago, it’s funny that for much of his final turn he appeared in old age make-up.

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In the series’ latest Christmas special, The Time of the Doctor, the 11th-ish Time Lord found himself tasked with protecting a sleepy town called Christmas from no less than “all Hell” — in the form of a new Time War, were he to speak his name and thus open the door for the Time Lords to return, through a crack in the universe.

So diligent is the Doctor in assuming this role as “protector” that he’s still at it, and looking markedly older, when Clara — whom he tricked/left behind (and not for the last time!) before committing to his peacekeeper fate — returns some 300 (!) years later. He can’t run from his responsibility, lest he leave Christmas (aka Trenzalore) vulnerable. And he cannot regenerate any further, he explains, given 10’s second regeneration and counting the War Doctor. He is, technically, 13. No tricks left.

But just as this Doctor, looking very much an old man, prepares to face his last battlefield, with Daleks dead-set on delivering destruction, Clara makes an appeal to those listening from the other side of the crack in the universe. “His name is the Doctor,” she asserts. “If you love him — and you should — help him.”

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Moments later, as the Doctor wages his seemingly last war of words with the grouchy, terse Daleks from atop a bell tower, a crack forms in the night sky, and through it pours the sparkles of regeneration — which a rapturous “13” promptly uses to fend off his frequent foes.

Once the dust settles, Clara goes searching for her Doctor in the TARDIS, and for a moment it appears that the regeneration has already taken place. But it hasn’t, not just yet. Not before Matt Smith/this Time Lord can say a proper farewell to his role and Clara/Jenna Louise Coleman — “I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. Doctor Who Peter CapaldiI will always remember when the Doctor was me” — and then share a lovely final scene with the spirit of Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond, so happy to see her “Raggedy Man.”

But then, a few instants later, the regeneration takes hold, and suddenly, we have a new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi — one who is alternately thrilled to have new kidneys (though not fond of the color) and desperate to know how to “fly this thing.”

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What did you think of Matt Smith’s swan song as Doctor Who? Did the clunky-ish storyline surrounding the town of Christmas bog things down some? Or, all things considered, did the tale dot enough I’s and cross enough T’s in dangling mythology to satisfy?

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  1. Bob says:

    It wasn’t a killer episode, but it was good.

    • John B.Duff says:

      I have read the comments and all I have to say about this is that this Dr.Who episode was a load of tripe how can the BBC waste our money on this program.

      • Rob O'Hannon says:

        I can’t believe i wasted timey wimey responding to your tripe of a post.

      • Nikki says:

        THANT YOU!! I’m sorry to say I was Sooo disappointed! I watched it 3 times to try to like it.. to try to find any feeling or excitement… but since I never saw ANY chemistry between Clara and Matt – I’ve been disappointed for a while now. My hopes fell upon the new doctor ‘s entrance and a new companion on the way … one where chemistry blasted the screen once again. My hopes of seeing that are so slim and I don’t mind waiting to be disappointed. Where oh where did they go wrong? Matt’s time (as much as I love him) should have ended with River – his WIFE – and with the good-bye of his two best friends… after the chemistry between the actors in Matt’s time as the doctor, anything else would have been a downfall… They cleaned up the Rose issue beautifully with David’s doctor… now I feel as though they have to bring River back with the new doctor – but that will not happen. Clara is a dud and has none of the qualities or chemistry of a long-term Dr. Who companion should have…. and the new doctor looks to be Rubbish.

        • Rob Davis says:

          Absolutely on point! Every single thing you said. I’m sorry to say that unless there are miracles found, and found soon, I am no longer a fan of the (new) Doctor.

          • Nikki says:

            Thanks for the back up… boy, you get nasty comments here if you don’t agree with someone.. I’m not typically a blogger… but was so truly disappointed I sought out this site. I will still try and like the new Dr Who season 8… but canceled my BBC subscription… will watch it at a friends and give it a try or two.. but I fear that it is just kinda over… really let down. Chemistry, synergy, and in business (I’ve owned three very successful ones) the keys for success and longevity are always to make sure the business is predictable and repeatable. In this case, predictable would be good casting, writing and synergy between characters – and repeatable would be that it would come with every regeneration..

          • Danielle says:

            Then go away. We don’t need haters such as you idiots in our fandom.

          • RobD says:

            Then go away. We don’t need haters such as you idiots in our fandom. Hmmm. Nothing I said was “hateful” or anything approaching it. “Your Fandom” means nothing to me or most of those people who watch the series regularly. I have my opinion, you have yours,. Leave your fanatic-dom hateful language out of it. If you REALLY had a Fandom, you’d be trying to convince anyone dismayed by the current trends in Doctor-dom that everything would turn out alright so you could increase membership. I said IF> it looks like you are the hater here.

  2. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    It wasn’t Amy’s spirit; it was two different hallucinations of her

  3. Ed says:

    only the last 10 minutes was worth it

    • mayiread says:


    • Boston2AZ says:

      Spot on.

    • Nikki says:

      Agreed!! But so disappointed about the new doctor.. the way he was only given 2 seconds for us to give him a thought.. and knowing that Clara will stick around is enough to disappoint me even more… I endured season 7.2 – tried soooo hard to like it… just couldn’t. I wish I could say I have a good feeling about season 8. But there it is.. so sad.

  4. Al says:

    The most overrated show from third country, take it back to rainning country.

  5. JeffDJ says:

    I enjoyed the episode, although my initial reaction to that split second transition to Capaldi was a little disappointing. Granted, we got the familiar, explody part of the regeneration earlier at the bell tower, but it was still odd seeing the actual change happen so fast. It was different, I’ll give it that.
    I liked Handles the Cyberman head. Would have been neat if he’d stuck around into next season.

    • george says:

      It’s a testament to The Moff’s writing that I found myself so sad at Handles’ departure.

      • Alan says:

        man i wish there was some way handles could be brought back next season as a regular character, he was such a good addition to the show.

        • JeffDJ says:

          I agree! I loved Handles and it was sad to see him go. I would have liked to have known how the Doctor ended up with him. I’m surprised Clara didn’t ask “What’s with the Cyberman head?” (I mean, why didn’t she?? It would have been the perfect opening!)

          • Alan says:

            he got it from doriam maldovar’s (the big fat blue guy who appeared a few times ove the course of matt’s run) shop, and clara did question it but before she had even finished the question he started the answer.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree. Handles would be so great to bring back… sort of like the dog.. (not Micky – lol) – but if we are all talking about bringing back Handles and how great that would be.. (a powerful part of the episode I thought.. he had to make his own companion – which was one of the only things I liked at all about the episode) … but if we are here asking for Handles to come back.. and this is the focus of the long awaited Christmas Specials… how very sad… I say get rid of Clara and bring Handles back. (btw – i don’t dislike Clara.. I just think there is no chemistry there and she does not stand up to ANY other companion… not even Handles who had maybe 5 minutes of airtime) Clara and her story bores me to tears.

  6. ggny says:

    The problem ive been having with Doctor Who lately is that Clara just doesnt measure up to Amy Pond. The Amy Pond character was amazing + Rory was a great character also so them two + the Doctor made the show great but Clara has just been a dud and the show just wasnt the same with her and it has shown the show just hasnt had alot of buzz around it after Amy. It was everywhere in the US and that seemed to die down with Clara coming in and Karen Gillian leaving

    • Summer says:

      This is why many people didn’t like Martha Jones very much; she had the misfortune of coming after Rose Tyler, a companion not only loved by many but who had two years and a regeneration to go through.

    • I could never stand Amy, loved Rory and love Clara

      • asniech says:

        I prefer Clara to Amy as well. Amy annoyed me, particularly in the 6th and 7 pt 1 seasons. Rory was fine but only there b/c of Amy. I really got to like Matt Smith much more with Clara and was sad to see him go, but am intrigued by Capaldi and how that’ll play out. Rose will probably always be my favorite companion though, followed closely by Donna. i’m looking forward to more Clara though

        • AnnieM says:

          I agree with this x100 – Amy irked the hell out of me; can’t understand why so many thought she was so great. The capper for me was her cavalier attitude when her newborn was taken; oh well, the Doctor will find her, blah, blah, blah. I liked Rory, and I think Clara is wonderful. All in all, I thought most of this episode was kind of a bore – pity. But the ending was great,and the abrupt change to Capaldi was interesting. Handles was a hoot.

          • maggie says:

            I liked little Amelia Pond, but disliked grown-up Amy Pond. I wish they had little Amelia be the companion instead of her grown-up self.

            I disliked Amy and wondered why someone like Rory would be so in love with her. Amy mostly acted as if Rory was an annoyance. Poor Rory was a glutton for punishment.

    • I guess everyone has their preferences. I feel like Rose was tremendously overrated. Nine called her “stupid” at one point. She seems to cause more trouble for herself and the Doctor than she helps solve, at least for that first season, where she constantly needs rescuing. Even Martha executed a plan to empower the Doctor, enabling him to defeat the Master. My favorites are definitely Amy and Rory, though. Amy’s intelligence and wit were higher than the average companion and she was rescuing and inspiring the Doctor seemingly more than any other before (at least with the current run of the show). I still like Clara, though. While she seems like grape-flavored Amy, she seems to be even more clever and is more selfless than even Rose. I mean, come on, no other companion can say that they died repeatedly rescuing the Doctor across time.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think what it really comes down to is the recipe use to introduce us to Amy was perfect. A Doctor we loved not wanting to go, and hes alone…then the new Doctor starts, whos a young goofy weirdo, and he meets a little scottish red head…awwww….and right off the bat has this great chemistry with her, hes her raggedy man, and then hes gone for x years and comes back and shes this big ball of attitude. She was a true, fully flushed out, stereotype breaking female character. She stood toe to toe with the Doctor yet was still vulnerable and feminine. Introduce Rory and he just gave her more depth. Let alone the amazingly deep plot there had (River Song plot line, death of the Doctor, etc).

      You then compare that in your head to Clara…and in every aspect it just doesnt add up. Especially because it was with the same Doctor as we had with Amy. Clara has her mysterious back story and all that but for the most part shes just a really gorgeous/hot female character who has a crush on the Doctor (true Amy did too but her crush made since, all those years pining for him etc). So for most of the episodes Clara has been in shes just been a plain jane companion. Not much unique personality, not much unique story line, just kinda filler.

      To conclude, Doctor Who with Amy (and Rory) was really Doctor Who staring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill. It felt like a Duo that then turned into a Trio. With Clara its more like Doctor Who staring Matt Smith, and guest starring ‎Jenna Coleman.

    • dan f says:

      I much preferred Rory to Amy and I loved Martha.

    • Ewa says:

      YMMV – the Ponds were what turned me off Doctor Who. Once the show became so much about the companions (the Ponds) and romantic relationships (the Ponds, Doctor/River) it became unwatchable to me, apart from one-off, like Doctor’s Wihe and the 50th anniversary. And the, Clara is half-a**ed at best, and the fact that the Doctor keeps repeating how super-dooper-special she is doesn’t help. Rose was not perfect, yet she was a fully realized character without having to overshadow the Doctor, and while there were things about her that were special, we didn’t have to keep hearing about that every episode. I miss that. (And I miss Donna. After all this time, always :) )

      • Mari says:

        Yay–another Donna fan. Can’t say I’ve actually enjoyed most of the other companions.

      • Susieqt79 says:

        I have only started watching since Doctor #9 so I can’t compare any of the earlier companions but my favorite companion is Donna! She didn’t have this romantic relationship with the Doctor and she just wanted to travel and experience just like The Doctor. I cried when everything happened with Rose at the end of the second series. When Donna left I just bawled like a baby. It still gets me too this day it was so heartbreaking.

        I had a hard time with Matt Smith and I have to agree it was much more about the companions than him sometimes. I did like Amy/Rory (my fave)/River but it was just too much at times. I hated that the intro for the second season/series he was on. To this day it grates on my ever living nerve. It wasn’t Amy Pond it was supposed to be Doctor Who.

        I do have to say that I was amused how some people were all up in arms b/c this new Doctor is older. I am glad that they will (hopefully) get away from the romance aspect of the companions & The Doctor. Although I enjoyed River (and Rose somewhat) I was just so tired of it. I am excited what direction this new Doctor is going to go. I just can’t wait!

      • Susieqt79 says:

        OH and note – when Amy first showed up in the last few moments she got so close to his face I thought (even though it was a hallucination) that she was going to kiss him and I was like NOoooooooooooooo….then she said Goodbye. That’s it I was done then!!

      • Nikki says:

        I liked the Ponds.. but respect how you feel… but your thoughts on the Rose character could not be more accurate! Very well said!

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      What was so great about Amy as a character? Not the stuff surrounding her but the character herself?

    • tabularasalocke says:

      Oh I would totally disagree. I could not stand Amy Pond. I have no idea what made her so special. She was just really selfish. I liked Rory, but he was treated like a doormat. Clara’s not a great companion. Moffat has yet to write a companion that I like as much as Rose, Martha, or Donna, but I’ll take Clara over Amy Pond any day.

      • asniech says:

        I agree with this, though I like Clara, she’s almost too perfect. I’m hoping now that the mystery of her is solved, she’ll become a more fully developed character. Amy became my least favorite companion, though I kind of liked her at first. By the time she left, I was like good riddance. Loved Rose and Donna!

        • maggie says:

          I like the actress who plays Clara, but the character isn’t anything more than a device designed to help The Doctor. I hope that he character develops more, and becomes an interesting character. I love Donna because she developed from a woman looking for a man to complete her life, to a confident, adventurous, intelligent woman. Donna was a true friend and companion to The Doctor, without romance getting in the way.

    • Gilda says:

      I like Jenna Coleman and I think the character is likable and potential, but she hasn’t been written well. She has no flaws. Literally no flaws. Amy had abandonment and commitment issue. Rose didn’t continue with her education and regreted it and didn’t have any direction. Martha couldn’t shake an unrequited love that was messing her up, and Donna was…well, Donna! Even if I like some of these companion less than others, they were all written as real people. Clara is just written as…what, quirky and pretty? She doesn’t really have any flaws or any depth as far as I can tell and I want to like her, but can’t connect with her as I would a realistic character.

      • Luis says:

        I agree that Clara has yet to show any depth or vulnerability as a character. I have liked her grit and spunk and courage, but there’s yet to be any suggestion of a weakness in her character, nothing that really defines her. I like Jenna Coleman and I think she has done well with a character that has been badly underwritten, but I hope we something more for her with Doctor . . . 14? 2.0? The Next Re-Generation?

        • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

          Were you even paying attention?

          • Nikki says:

            CLARA? I don’t care if you like Rose, The Ponds, River… or don’t … but CLARA has got to be the weakest character since 2005 at least. there is NO Chemistry and she bores me to tears! NO STORY there… it is just silly and so sad… I want to like her and have tried.

    • steve says:

      Personally never loved Amy much prefer Clara

    • Nikki says:

      Well Said. Thank YOU!! I never saw ANY chemistry between Clara and Matt – I’ve been disappointed for a while now. My hopes fell upon the new doctor and a new companion … where chemistry blasted the screen. My hopes of seeing that are so slim and I don’t mind waiting to be disappointed. Where oh where did they go wrong? CLARA!! Bad BAD choice .. (nice girl but does not measure up) – Matt’s time (as much as I love him) should have ended with River – his WIFE – and with the good-bye of his two best friends – Amy and Rory – or during the Christmas Special after Amy and Rory left… after the chemistry between the actors in Matt’s time as the doctor, (excluding Clara) anything else was a HUGE a downfall… They cleaned up the Rose issue beautifully with David’s doctor… now I feel as though they have to bring River back with the new doctor – but that will not happen. Clara is a dud and has none of the qualities or chemistry of a long-term Dr. Who companion should have…. and the new doctor looks to be Rubbish. If it were not for the disappointing season 7.2 and Clara I would have hope and be excited. Not now.

    • tarc says:

      Yeah, none of that post makes a bit of sense. Amy>>Clara? Nope. Rory>anyone? Not in this universe. Wild.

      • RobD says:

        Once again I guess you have indicated you don’t like romance or bromance. Sad. That made the humans more human and the Doctor love them more, including Rory. Despite my complete loyalty to David Tennant I thought the Amy AND Rory episodes with Matt were the best yet. By the by, you’re just a bit on the rude side telling the poster they didn’t make any sense. They made lots of sense. Opinions are just that. Play nice.

  7. Liz says:

    It was sad to see Matt go but not as hard as the 11th hour & Amy’s swan song. Buy having Karen come in the last second was the best. She was the first face she saw & the last. No to wait until January/ February

    • Scott Sandler says:

      January/February? Hate to break it to ya but… how does August sound?

      • Indeed DW won’t be back until later summer/fall

        • RobD says:

          Still too soon for a 58 year old Doctor tho. So sad they went back to old Doctors. Clara seems like a really young girl now..only thing I could see would be bringing back a Rory-type 3rd wheel, good looking and in his 20’s. The new old Doctor is going to crash the show. So very sad.

          • Nikki says:

            I’m in total agreement… actually, I believe you to be so correct that I just canceled my BBC subscription… kinda done. And kinda sad… may pick it up again.. will watch the first episode or two and give it a try out of loyalty… can always add BBC to my package again…. but for now… what is the point.. well… in April Orphan Black… ok, that will be worth it.. but not until April… lol

          • Alan says:

            since you clearly dont care why are you still here? seems like you are wasting your time and everyone elses with your little hissy fit, it would be best for everyone if you actually did what you say you are doing and stop caring about doctor who.

          • Nikki says:

            Never said I didn’t care.. NOT once did I say or insinuate that I didn’t care… as a matter of fact, expressing deep disappointment describes just the opposite… it describes a strong level of caring and feeling. If you don’t like my posts you are welcome not to read them. I hope you are more excepting of others who have opinions that differ from yours… it is a tough world out there… thin skin is a hard way to live… do you melt in the rain as well?

      • Susieqt79 says:

        I might just cancel my extra cable package so I can have BBC America until then!! O.o

  8. Lliannan says:

    Had some interesting stuff, but wasn’t great. Wish it had been better for Matt Smith’s finale.

    • JeffDJ says:

      Yeah, it’s gonna be one lonnnnng wait till August. I’d love to see McGann back again in an Eighth Doctor special between now and then to tide us over, perhaps the adventure that leads into the “Night of the Doctor” minisode.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree. Matt’s farewell should have been when Amy, Rory and River left….. trying to bring Clara in after such a strong bond between this Doctor (Matt) and his companions… how sad. David got such a great send off!! Also had the “Stolen Earth” episode to celebrate…. Matt deserved more.

      If you read the comments – MOST of them are DISAPPOINTMENT… then how can the vote be so high for “the best show ever” rating??? C’mon… really?

      • Phil says:

        I’m not sure what everyone’s problem with Clara and Matt Smith’s Doctor are.

        Yeah, the Ponds and Riversong were a major part of the 11th (13th) doctor’s time, but everything that has a beginning has an end. Did anyone actually watch “Snowmen”? The Doctor DID mourn the Ponds, he spent years (decades/centuries?) sulking and refusing to get involved in other peoples problems. Clara dragged him out of his navel-gazing self-indulgent sulk, AND gave him a puzzle that was , on its surface, impossible, Something the Doctor had not experienced for a long long time, if ever.

        One of the features of Matt’s performances was that despite his young body, it was made obvious, regularly, that the Doctor spent years, sometimes centuries, between episodes. [The Doctor who invited the Ponds and River to the lake where he was meant to be assassinated was 200 years older then the Doctor who was summoned but arrived at the cafe late.] As for Matt’s age, if you were could regenerate when your body grew too old/was damaged beyond repair/etc., wouldn’t you regenerate into a young body? Matt’s Doctor was young of body,but getting old and jaded inside the surface wackiness. After seeing the beginning and end of the universe, I’d be running around showing off to people who’d never experienced what I had, if only to try and recapture how I felt the first time around.

        As for chemistry between Matt and Jenna, maybe I look for something others don’t. The actors and their roles rebounded off each other as each tried to out-do each other, while trying not to admit to the other how exhilarating the ride was. Clara had a sense of fun, and reminded an old, old, man who had either lost everyone he’d loved (the Ponds, River, etc.), [or driven them away because he had trouble saying goodbye (Sarah Jane Smith)], that the universe still held tings to see and places to be. That sort of chemistry, of shared wonder, impresses me more than Martha’s unrequited love.

        • Mallory Williams says:

          Oh thank you Phil, very well said. I started out liking the whole Pond story, but when they started introducing the show, as “My Doctor, my this etc” they lost me totally. I’ve enjoyed Clara from day one, and she brought life back into the companion. I am very curious to see where they go from here. There was a spark between Clara and the Doctor and now am wondering what’s going to happen next.

          • maggie says:

            I hated the BBC America opening when the episodes started with Amy saying, “My name is Amy Pond. When I was a little girl I had an imaginary friend. When I grew up, he came back. He’s called The Doctor.” It went on longer, but the point is that the focus was on Amy, as if the show was about all about her.

        • Nikki says:

          needed a season with a companion more like Donna.. A true friend that looks our for the Doctor… so sick of hearing the Doctor tell us all how special Clara is.. the impossible girl… c’mon – ugh

  9. Billie Doux says:

    The last few minutes of Matt were moving, but the rest of it was somewhat disappointing. Lots of dotting the i and crossing the t and winding up his years as the Doctor. And if so, where was River Song?

    • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

      Her story was wrapped up in The Name of the Doctor

    • Scott says:

      Who do you think Tasha Lem was? She had a long and very friendly history with the Doctor, could operate the Tardis..just couldn’t operate the Doctor…and Lem backwards is Mel (anie Pond).

      • Anne says:

        You mean Melody, right?

      • Tess says:

        Nah, Tasha Lem cannot be Melody/River – River died in the Library and she was not ever converted to a Dalek. Besides, we saw when Mels regenerated into River and there was no indication she ever previously regenerated into Tasha, only that she had previously regenerated as a child which we also saw happening in “Day of the Moon”. It is curious how Tasha Lem knew how to fly the TARDIS and that the TARDIS was allowing her to do so, but it’s highly unlikely she’s a version of River.

      • Nikki says:

        Wow… you just gave me something to like about this episode… would be great to get info on her and the doctor… thanks for giving me the slightest bit of hope that I’m not done watching nothing but re-runs.

    • Cheryl says:

      Right? WHERE WAS River? How can they bring back Amy for a moment and not his own wife? Seriously? I was disappointed in the episode, thought it would be a lot better?

  10. Scottye says:

    I thought the episode was close to perfect. My only problem is that I wish Moffat had introduced Tasha Lem earlier in the season. The relationship between them felt rushed and honestly seemed more like the relationship between Eleven and River. That’s really my only nit pick, everything else was pretty spot on, especially the actual regeneration. I loved the whiplash effect it had emotionally. I can’t wait until August.

    • jim smith says:

      Tasha is River, how did you not pick that up?

      • Boz says:

        How do you get the Idea that Tasha is River? Just cause Lem is Mel backwards? No one would pick that up cause Lem is not river. Theres working out the clues and then there is jumping to wild conclusions, and stating arrogantly to others that they should know something that is clearly wrong is just obtuse. Grow a brain and get some manners you tool.

        • Nikki says:

          lol… I did not get the feeling or even consider that Lem was River… but as far as guessing goes… I’ve never seen any “guesses” in these blogs be correct in the end…. but Lem might be a great way to get rid of that CLARA!!

          • Rob says:

            I think Clara is simply scrumptious!

          • RobD says:

            More hallucinating I think. Lem was NOT River.

          • Jez says:

            I am watching this now – The Doctor says to Tasha Lem ‘You’ve been fighting the psychopath inside of your your entire life!’. A few minutes earlier, Tasha spoke of how there was a psychopath bred by the church to kill him and he responded with ‘Totally married her’ and the look on Tasha’s face was very much a ‘Yes, I know’ face. :) *I* totally thought she was River. :)

        • RobD says:

          Your disparaging and privileged tone is not appreciated. Comments are comments. Play nice.

  11. Sunshine says:

    Overall good ep. Good balance of whimsy & serious. I like Clara and her dynamic w/ 11. Loved how Amy popped up but would have loved to have seen River too.
    It’s taken me quite a looooong while to warm up to Matt Smith as I preferred 10 (still do, David Tennant is & will always be my fav & ideal doctor of all the docs). Since it took me so long to really invest in Matt Smith as the Doctor it shouldn’t take long to acclimate to a new doctor…. only one problem…. A big one. I can’t friggin stand the actor, Peter Capadi. I think his acting is barely tolerable. Ugh. :( When he talked about his new kidneys I just rolled my eyes and omg that face made.. Thought his eyes were gonna bug out of his head?! Really?!!!
    I really hope his portrayal of the doctor improves or better yet…. REGENERATE AGAIN!!

    • Chiana says:

      I tend to feel the same way. I adored Christopher Eccelston and was pre-supposed to not like David Tennant, but of course I grew to love him even more. And at first I felt that Matt was inferior to David, but now I like him almost as much. So I would think that I will enjoy Peter Capardi as well, but I agree, he strikes me as more annoying than anything. I do think he is a little too old for the part too. If he’s going to be a permanent doctor – although difficult to see, given their propensity for kicking the doctor out too early or treating them badly (thinking of CE here), then I think it makes sense to have cast somebody in their mid-thirties, at the oldest.

      • Chiana says:

        Forgot to add, I think Matt Smith did a wonderful job, especially in the closing moments. The transformation seemed a little abrupt, especially compared to the switch to Matt from David. I’m really sick of Clara myself. The first episode I saw her in was the one where she’d been killed by the Daleks, and was confined to the spaceship’s operating centre/computer. Thought she was wonderful in that episode and that it was a shame she wouldn’t be back, I quickly changed my mind when I saw her in every other episode as well, especially when you compare her to Amy and Rory, two amazing characters that I really loved. (You can probably tell that my watching has been haphazard and not in chronological order). I hope that Matt’s career proves to flourish as well as Davids has post Dr. Who. I would love to see him in something else.

      • Nikki says:

        I think he is creepy looking.. ugh..

        • tarc says:

          Yes, too old and kinda creepy…

          • Nikki says:

            I wish I didn’t feel that way, maybe it was him just “popping out” of Matt Smiths head that gave me such a reaction… at least when Matt came on he had a bit of screen time to at least know he was going to be interesting… but this one… just some old guy and the first thing he talks about is his kidneys? Could it be prostate problems? lol.. I hope he is great but either the way it was done or the actor himself… just made me feel creepy. So sad to say

          • Alan says:

            the first thing matt smith talked about was his legs, one of the first things tennant mentioned was his teeth, and one of the first things eccleston talked about was his ears; every doctor makes a comment about their body quickly after regeneration, its nothing new.

          • Nikki says:

            Of course it is nothing new.. lol.. I have been watching for 9 years and have watched every episode at least 2x (I own the entire collection on DVD) – But the age with the talk about his kidneys made me think of my grand father … he may as well have complained about his prostate… and he mentioned nothing about “ginger’ which was a disappointment.. not disappointed that he was not ginger… either way would have been fine with me… but he could have mentioned it. They introduced him very poorly indeed. Just popped out of the face of Matt Smith… after Christopher – David and Matt… it was a bit shocking to see someone looking kinda rubbish (to me … my personal opinion) – and kidneys just kind of re-enforced my initial reaction. Thanks for responding.

          • Lisa Benwitz says:

            I took the comment about his kidneys to be that Matt Smith’s Doctor had been really old only a few minutes before, and now he was excited to have new kidneys… this really seems to have turned off a whole bunch of people. And it gave me a little giggle (respectfully) to see comments like “a young, good looking Matt Smith” – after Matt’s first appearance, I seem to remember people were very upset about the way he looked–goofy, silly, and a lot less flattering adjectives. I understand people have gut reactions–but as in real life, it’s always better to get to know someone. It’s what’s inside that makes someone attractive–case-in-point, Matt Smith. That being said, I agree the regeneration was handled poorly, and I think shock value was certainly intended. In my mind, even when I don’t enjoy every single episode as much as others, there is still nothing like this on American TV, and it is enjoyable to me for that alone. I’d certainly rather hang in there with a Doctor I’m not quite sure about to see what happens than to watch most of the offerings we have to choose from.

    • Kim says:

      I haven’t watched the episode yet, stupid work, and totally spoiling myself here… But Capadi reminds me of my dad. And it’s really hard to say “The Doctor is hot” and people think you’re talking about the new one and it’s like “crow, I meant 11.”

    • Nikki says:

      I did learn to love Matt and even though I shed a tear and was so mad that David was leaving… At the end of David’s time they gave us enough … a few more minutes to see a bit more of Matt and I thought… ok, maybe… but the way they had 2 seconds of an unattractive – rubbish looking old man … was sooo UGH… you got it right… that is the word I would use for my first impression of the new doctor and the actor – UGH! I barley watched season 7.1 because there was no chemistry between Matt and “Clara” – but now to have Peter and “Clara” — who cares if the new season starts in Feb 2014 or July 2016 – I’m not looking forward to it. I’m with you.. I hope he takes Clara… regenerates 10x faster than the 9th doctor… would be happy with one episode to start “anew” – but look at the poll they took here???? All negative comments but the “poll” shows that everyone LOVED it.. UGH… that is the perfect word. Thank you

      • Nikki says:

        EXCUSE me.. I need to correct the above… I loved season 7.1 – I could barely watch season 7.2 with Clara… no .. NO chemistry. Sorry for the confusion

        • tarc says:

          Seriously? Clara is the best companion in ages… chemistry galore and no icky romantic edge.

          • Nikki says:

            glad you like Clara.. am happy for anyone who does… I just felt no chemistry between them and found the story line to bore me to tears…. we all have our own faves…. but I truly am glad that you do like Clara… I want people to enjoy the show I have come to adore… but I am still so terribly disappointed. Enjoy – BTW, thank you for responding without being nasty.

          • RobD says:

            “icky romantic edge”? Then I guess you didn’t like the eye contact during the Amy-Rory days that suggested the Doctor loved them both? Personally I feel those times especially made the Doctor love humans more and me love him more. The idea my grandfather would have such feelings is overwhelmingly icky to me, thus my preference for a younger Doctor.

      • Mallory Williams says:

        Seriously? “ALL” negative comments? I suggest you reread ALL of the comments. Speak only for yourself, please. We all get it, you don’t like “Clara”, but guess what? Some of us do. If you aren’t looking forward to the next season don’t watch.

        • Gareth says:

          I’m hoping the next season redeems the show after the fiasco of Time of The Doctor. And that is not to be taken that I don’t like Matt Smith as The Doctor. I do. And I will like Clara if she has more of the personality from ‘Day Of The Doctor’ and not the pallid thing she showed in ‘Time Of The Doctor’.

        • Nikki says:

          My point exactly… and I don’t intend to. Canceled BBC on my tele package today :)

  12. Gail says:

    I am glad Karen changed her mind and agreed to come back one last time. When she left she said she wanted a final exit and did not want to be one of the companions that keeps coming back. I wonder when her part was filmed and if she was wearing a wig since she shaved her head was an upcoming movie.

    • Evan says:

      She still hasn’t grown her hair back all the way (course they have to be ready for reshoots so she won’t for a while) and Matt also had really no hair at the time (that was really his bald head) so they were both wearing wigs for that scene.

    • Alan says:

      remember when it comes to doctor who everyone lies, its highly likely that karen was lying back then too.

  13. Rob says:

    I find the stories get crappier and crappier.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree.. once the “Clara” generation came into being… it has just gotten bad.. so sad… so why is the poll taken here so “wonderful” – everyone in the “poll” loved it… but all the comments (or most) are disappointed at best.

      • Mark S says:

        My God, you’re like a broken record aren’t you? Blah, blah, blah, i hate Clara, blah, blah, blah, i don’t like the new Doctor. We get it, you don’t like them. But here’s some information for you: Peter Capaldi is the most popular choice for the role among Who fans since the show came back. And as for Clara, an overwhelmng majority are looking forward to the new dynamic between an older Doctor and a younger companion. It could be Third Doctor/Sarah Jane all over again.

        • RobD says:

          “…is the most popular choice for the role among Who fans since the show came back”??? Really? What poll is that. Let’s see some put-up or shut-up. I think you’re talking out of the side of your mouth. You’re a walking talking rudeness, ya know, pal? It’s completely unnecessary. These people have taken time out of their lives to make their comments about a show they obviously care for or wouldn’t have taken the time to comment, and all you do is bad mouth them. Enough already.

          • Mark S says:

            Okay, mate, go to any Who fan site (and there are lots of them out there) and you’ll soon find out just how popular a choice he is. Is that good enough for you? And as for the rest of your comment, when the same people post multiple times about how much they didn’t like the episode and how they don’t like the new Doctor (despite only seeing him onscreen for barely a minute of screen time) and then wonder why the poll is so overwhelmingly positive toward the episode, theh it seems to me that those same people are just trying to see how can shout loud enough to convince everyone that just because they didn’t like it everybody else should too and anybody who didn’t is wrong.

  14. Not a memorable episode, I’m afraid.

  15. Doctor Who is crying out for Mark Gatiss or Russel T.Davies to return. Moffat is destroying this show with his endless repetitive storylines.

    • Mark S says:

      RTD ain’t coming back. Get over it.

      • RobD says:

        Once again, Mark S, bad bad form. As for your posit, stranger things have happened. Get some rest. Be a better human. I haven’t seen ONE commenter that said such horrible, unflattering things about the show’s creators/writers bad enough to disparage their opinions.

        • Mark S says:

          Really? So, someone complaining that the showrunner is destroying the show is not unflattering? please! And as for RTD he has spoken numerous times that he is done with the show. Throughout the history of Doctor Who, one a particular creative team’s era is done, that’s it. Nada. So, no, he won’t be back (Steven Moffat has even asked RTD to write an episode of the show every year since he took over, but Russell is now busy looking after his very sick partner and is about to start work on two new dramas in the UK)

  16. The Doctor acquiring a new set of lives is exactly what I wanted to happen in Time of the Doctor. It didn’t happen as I would have liked it to happen or was expecting ti to happen,but it happened.

    The Doctor’s time on Trenzalore and how much he aged gives us an idea of how long the Time War lasted. Taking into account the 300 years he spent on Trenzalore plus the 200 years or so he aged sometime between The God Complex and The Wedding of River Song, we can assume that the Time War lasted about 500 years, which would account for how much the War Doctor aged between his first appearance in Night of the Doctor and last appearance in Day of the Doctor. Or at least that it lasted 500 more years between those two points. It clearly lasted longer since it was already going by the time he appeared.

  17. Adam says:

    It pains me to say it, but I thought it was rubbish. How does Matt Smith die? Absorbing radiation? The time vortex? Nah, he just grows old and dies. Except he doesn’t – he regenerates. But how can he regenerate when he’s on his final life? Fans have been scratching their heads about this for years. Well, the answer is, his friend asks really nicely and the Timelords send him thirteen new lives from another universe, through space and in to his mouth, no questions asked. Enjoy!

    I love DW and the Day of the Doctor was my highlight of the year, but this felt like an afterthought. At the very least I was hoping I’d be able to find out what accent Capaldi would be using and while most people online seem to think it was Scottish, I’ve watched it a few times and still can’t tell.

    Hey ho – it’s still been a great year for Doctor Who and I can’t wait to see the fantastic Capaldi nail it in the Autumn.

    • Nikki says:

      Thank you Thank you Thank you…. why is the poll taken on this page showing such love for this episode when it is clearly not liked, loved… when all (or most here are so very disappointed? – I could not be more disappointed and feel that my days as a Whovian are at an end… I can’t believe I just said that outloud… lol…. ok, wrote it in the open… There is something so sad about being disappointed when a series such as this seems to be dying… the only thing I have to disagree with.. and I hope that you are right and I am wrong… the new doctor.. Capaidi… looks rubbish to me!!! NOT looking forward to it and so frustrated that Clara will be back. Like her as a person and a “side – way way side character” but as the Doctor’s companion? Where the heck is the chemistry?

      • Tess says:

        I think maybe people are grading on a curve. Matt was really good in the episode and since it was his last one, I think many people are giving an A more to him than to the episode itself. If I were grading just his performance I’d give an A too, but the episode itself was lame and I thought the regeneration had no punch (and really, he’s complaining about the color of his kidneys? Was that a joke since most people would expect him to be asking Clara whether he’s a ginger instead?). Perhaps if we got more than two seconds of Capaldi it might’ve had more impact to it. Matt’s goodbye was sad, but I almost felt it had less impact than when Handles died (and it says a lot that more people seemed to like the disembodied Cyberman head as a companion over Clara). It felt like the show had a lot of action and yet the Doctor was involved in none of it, save for the end when he was granted the ability to regenerate again by the Timelords and took out the Daleks in the process. I gave the episode a C. Matt gets an A for doing what he could with a lacking script but the episode itself was a disappointment.

        • Rob says:

          Yeah, maybe. I think Matt did a great job as the Doctor, but IMHO the stories he had to work with sucked.

          • Nikki says:

            You are so right… and how sad it is… Matt was great. The story between he and River Song, starting w/ Silence in the Library was rockin… after the ponds left… as much as some people didn’t like them… I did after a bit… his time should have been over… Clara and all the episodes after the Christmas special were just so hard to watch… I would have loved to see Matt continue after the “Ponds” as David did after Rose… it was poor writing and a bad choice of companion that made it so painful!!!! BRING BACK the Doctor who writing days of the Tenant years!!

          • RobD says:

            Agreed. And the softness and power of goodnight from Amy would have been better served if Rory were there too (hallucination or not) as well as River Song, instead of all the nonsensical fighting and posturing of enemies. It was if they were trying to regain the spectacle of the end of the world episodes with David Tennant. In any case it fell flat. On the new (old) Doctor’s kidneys.

      • Alan says:

        did you ever think that the people who liked it dont need to carry on like petulant children and are just able to vote on the poll and say they liked it? anytime there is any kind of discussion like this the majority of the comments are from the same few people throwing a tantrum because they didnt like it, maybe you should go back and look at who is posting the comments and you will see that the “majority” you are talking about is made up mostly by the same people posting over and over again while the happy comments are mostly from different people who showed up to post that they liked it then left.

      • Mark S says:

        Maybe because thec majority of people loved it and didn’t feel the need to comment. Whereas, it seems to me there are alot of Moffat-hating whiners on here like you who feel a constant need to drone on about how much they didn’t like it. Boo-hoo.

        • Nikki says:

          If you would have read my defense of Moffat for his brilliance with episodes such as Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead… and the like, you might not have written what you have… I’m not a hater.. but terribly disappointed.. and actually, as many have pointed out to me, those who were disappointed in this were less likely to vote than those who loved it.. either way, I could not be more happy that you liked it. I WANT people to like Dr. Who for all time… I am just personally disappointed and have a right to say so. Unlike you I respect free speech at every turn… it was bread into me by something called the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION… are you intimately familiar with it? Brits do “own” the Doctor.. and bravo! But we do love him here too… as so many many countries.

        • RobD says:

          I can’t even understand why you would yell (all caps) at someone asking an innocent question. Even if you are correct (and that’s NOT a given) there’s no excuse for bad behavior. An opinion is just that, and unless you’re one of those Brits who hate Americans I can’t understand your attitude. Chill, dude.

  18. Laysa says:

    Man, I cried my eyes out with this Christmas Special, mostly with Matt’s final lines. It was truly a gift.

    • Nikki says:

      I cried too… not because it was a gift… but because Matt deserved so much better than that horrible ending… and because the next doctor looks to be rubbish.. it is NOT just getting used to a new doctor… didn’t have the same feeling when David came on the scene or when Matt came on the sceen… but this guy.. so sad… back to Star Trek and Battlesar Galactica re-runs for me.

  19. Sara says:

    Disappointing script. I felt the scriptwriter got himself into a situation, couldn’t think of a good get out so used a ‘deus ex machina’ where for no good reason Dr. Who was given super powers to destroy the whole dalek armada. If time lords could do that why were they losing the war against the daleks? Not in the ‘Dr Who tradition’ to either use super powers or for the Dr himself to kill his enemies (as opposed to letting them destroy themselves). Also felt that the regeneration scene went on for too long. Altogether the worst christmas special ever, and feels like they spent so much effort on the anniversary special they didn’t have a good script left for Xmas.

    • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

      Those weren’t superpowers. Do you remember how destructive Ten’s regeneration energy runoff was? How it was destroying the TARDIS? When Eleven was given the regeneration energy, he knew to WEAPONIZE IT against the Daleks. And he’s referred to as The Doctor or by his number. He’s not Peter Cushing

    • Nikki says:

      Well said. I agree. Thank you. One question… if the majority of the posts here show so much disappointment, then why is the poll here shown as thought it was the best episode ever??

      • Mallory Williams says:

        Well, here’s a thought, maybe not everyone who has voted stopped and left a comment. Think about it…..

        • Nikki says:

          Very good and very true comment… I was so frustrated when commenting… but you are right, those who were disappointed were probably less apt to “vote” or even really read the entire review… good point. thanks for responding.

      • Mark S says:


  20. majamabe says:

    It was an okay episode. I have been watching Doctor Who since the ’80s and it seems that with this newer generation of Doctors, the comments the Doctor makes at the end before he regenerates get more philosophical – like each actor doesn’t want to leave the role. Throughout the years, there has been a combination of young and old Doctors. I like it better when the Doctor doesn’t have a romantic connection to his companions. I think it makes for a better story line.

  21. Bob says:

    Matt Smith’s was the 13 regeneration of the 12th Doctor. John Hurt DOES count as both a regeneration and as a Doctor. David Tennant’s one-hearted regeneration counts as a regeneration, but NOT as a Doctor (one hear, human, NOT The Doctor). Doctor Who canon says a Time Lord only gets 13 regenerations. Matt Smith received new regenerations (thus he got “rebooted” back to his younger self) and then regenerated into Peter Capaldi, who now has a NEW set of regenerations from someone/someones on Gallifrey. Capice?

  22. Louise says:

    It was pretty terrible. The day was, once again, saved by Clara’s tears. And since when did the Time Lords start loving the Doctor, and vise verse?
    The whole thing was a mess, really. Pretty much a showcase of everything i hated about the eleven era, so, good job on that one.

    Although the part where 11 died was great. Good riddance :P Bring on Capaldi!

  23. sarah says:

    not the best episode and not the worst
    sad to see matt go but looking forward to seeing what peter can do( he is a wonderful actor but is he the doctor?)

  24. Susan says:

    Didn’t think it was that great, but it might have been because of sheer number of commercials on BBC America. Interrupted the flow continuously, and it actually looked as though the last minute may have been cut out.

  25. RobMF says:

    Was the last 10 minutes really good? I couldn’t tell you. I’m seriously asking because I couldn’t stop sobbing like a toddler even though I’m 28. Matt Smith was absolutely brilliant.

  26. Rob O'Hannon says:

    Typically complicated episode, but if you ignore the intellectual choas it had some very good emotional moments. A fitting way for Matt Smith to exit. Now let’s hope there’s more fire in the relationship between Clara and the new Doctor.

    • GJ_Morin says:

      “intellectual choas”??

      Excuse me! That is called backstory for those of us that has been watching the show for years and years.

      The fire was there with 11! The introdcution of 12 will throw Clara for a loop and introduce and nice change where te companion is not pining for the Doctor. There is a chance here for another Sarah Jane type character. Martha has been as close as we have come to that lately.

    • Phil says:

      No “fire” in the relationship? She’s been bossing him around since the beginning, whereas other companions, even Amy and River, managed at best to influence him. Besides, post-Name-of-the-Doctor, Clara arguably knows the Doctor better than anyone else ever has (mmm, lived through all his regenerations, probably multiple times, and was aware of who he was, and what needed to be done to ensure he succeeded when he needed to, Has anyone even bothered to consider the implications of that? No wonder she can look into the “Sad Sad old eyes” and know what he’s feeling.)

  27. Joe says:

    It’s always hard to see a beloved doctor die and a new doctor enter his shoes. I felt the same way when David Tennant took over for Chris Eccelston. I also felt this way when Tennant left and Matt Smith took over as the 11th Doctor. I enjoyed the episode and, again, found it hard to see Matt Smith leave the show. I’m hoping “the new guy” brings as much fun to the show as the others did. Here’s a thumbs up for a job well done!

  28. Darn beautiful send-off, and really kind of a sum up of everything about Matt Smith’s run on the show. We got wacky antics, fantastical concepts that are a bit goofy (a planet with a town named Christmas), a plot that doesn’t spell it all out for you but might rely too much on viewers filling in the blanks themselves, and an emphasis on the importance of emotion to large groups that seem more dedicates to just the basic demand for results. Answers were finally given without getting too bogged down in the how, which as always is frustrating but understandable since most details will end up just being irrelevant to the viewer even if we demand them for the sake of having them. And of course, Matt Smith enjoys with childish glee getting to play a trump card he may not have even realized he had, complete with epic speeches. It was really the kind ending to expect from an overall enjoyable if flawed run.

  29. GJ_Moring says:

    ARGH! For *real* Doctor Who fans, this was an epic show!!

    There were so many ‘nods’ to the past it was freakin awesome! But only those true to the lineage of the show will get them. That explains the love|hate of the episode.

    For those that get it, the dialog was spot on, the characters were great, the actions, the naming of things, the process and the mannerisms of the Doctor were all exceptional Doctor Who expectations.

    Let me try to make it easy for those of you not invested in wholeheartly in the show…

    When someone dies, they see their life pass before their eyes. Apply this idea to this episode in a slow-mo sense and tie almost everyting happening to something that has happened in the Doctor’s past!! Parallels or I’m now calling them “nods”, to the things that happened in the past being shown in the current as recognition for those past actions having happened.

    For those of us that see the ties in this episode to the things in the previous episoides, we get the most pleasure from the show!!! That is the benefit and payoff from being loyal to the show.

    I’d love to see a list of all the ‘nods’ from this show to everything in the past.

    My FAV is LINDA!! Step mother has the same name of the group looking for the Doctor?

    Re-watch the show many times BUT before you do so, watch all the shows from 2005!!

    • Alex says:

      Oh, of course, anyone who didn’t like it is not a “real” fan and didn’t “get it,” while you, the genius true fan, have the only correct opinion. Get over yourself!

    • asniech says:

      I seriously hate the “real fan” argument. People can have different opinions of an episode or certain characters in the series and be just as true a fan as you are. I’m glad a lot of the overly long story-lines were concluded, and I liked the episode, but for a show that’s as long-running as Doctor Who, you’re going to have many fans who enjoy the show for varied, but equally valid reasons. You can’t watch a show that’s running for as long as Doctor Who, whose cast and show runners are constantly changing and not come to favor some aspects of the show over others. Just because people don’t value the same things as you do, doesn’t make them less of a fan!

      • Nikki says:

        Well said!! I wrote a post about how disappointed I am… I’m sure I will be ripped to shreds… but it is just how I felt… does not mean I don’t adore Doctor Who and have respect for how others feel.

    • Boz says:

      I have seen the show from the early 80’s and loved it as a child, Still remember Tom Baker (Re-runs), the uproar that was the change from 5 to 6 (Change my dear, Change) and the loss that was the original series ending.

      Personally I have enjoyed the new series, I think Eccleston had a hard job and stumbled a few times but Tennet and Smith have carried the character on wonderfully.

      While this episode may have had several nods to the past it was also disjointed and did use dues ex machina to get itself out of the hole it found itself in. Anyone who remembers the trial of the time lords knows that he has some serious expaining to do to the council, as such it seems very strange that they would send him another 12 regenerations willy nilly.

      Personally I would have preferred it if the Doctor had escaped through the rift to Gallifrey at the end of the episode and a whole new storyline had begun with his explanation to the council of his actions and working out how to return Gallifrey to the universe it belongs in, preferrably with a great scene of him returning to the universe either on Gallifrey or with it in tow behind the trusty TARDIS.

      Still living in hope for Capaldi’s version though and loving the show more than ever.

      Only problem I have is old farts like me carrying on like their poo is pure white and carries a faint jasmine scent just because they happen to have been there watching the original series as children, as said previously get over yourself and get off the cross. Someone needs the wood.

    • Nikki says:

      Your arrogance to talk about “Real” Doctor Who fans only shows your intolerance, shallowness and misunderstanding of not just the appeal and brilliance of Dr. Who, and what has made it such a special part of so many peoples lives that it transcends barriers …. but your comments and arrogance actually makes you someone who would make a really bad companion… lol.

  30. likesblue014 says:


  31. Alex says:

    The two letters I give it are P and U.

  32. likesblue014 says:

    srry,i loved the episode, time of the doctor, just like i’ve loved all the episodes (very clever). i loved all of the companions too that were part of matt smiths era, like clara, amy and rory, and river song.

    the thing that bugs me sometimes is all the negative slander people say about amy pond’s character. i mean, the tenth just regeneratated into this goofy, young man, he falls down from the sky, and he meets 7yr old Amelia pond. after meeting her and gaining her trust in him, he says he’ll be back in five minutes and ends up coming back14yrs later which of course would affect her a lot. its not really her fault that shes become this fiesty young woman with quite a big attitude (some of it might be apart of her personality…but still).

    anyways… i love clara too very much, but i just dont want to talk about her right now…srry?

    i believe the last scene of the episode with matt smith was the most important, beautiful, yet heartbreaking, especially the part when he said one last goodbye to clara, his beloved bowtie, and amy (well, she wasnt actually there though…awkward).

    now all i have to do is wait (very long wait)
    for peter capaldis era to begin which im very excited to see what he has planned for us. goodbye 11th (or 13th), and hello 12th (or whatever he is)…!!! =likesblue014

    • Nikki says:

      I agree with you. I think the new type of Doctor/companion relationship between the Doctor and Pond was brilliant! And at first I was a bit unsure because who did not love David?? But I could tell from the get go that Matt was going to be a different doctor and knew I would find a way to like him… Moffet brought him in and gave enough screen time on the Christmas special for us to begin to like him or think of him as the doctor… and I believe Amelia Pond and all that she, Rory and River (my favorite of all the companions… Rose Tyler a close second) – was magic! I have no feeling.. nor am I looking forward to then next doctor.. Peter who??? Yes, I’m an American.. but have been a true blue Whovian… no matter my origin :) = The Christmas special left me not caring or waiting for the next season.. makes me sad.

  33. Nikki says:

    I wanted to love this… I tried… I wanted to be excited about the new doctor and still hold out some hope… but I am sooo disappointed! Watched it 3 times to try to like it.. to try to find any feeling or excitement. or even a last minute connection between Clara and Matt (only when she pleaded for him did I feel anything).. but since I never saw ANY chemistry between Clara and Matt – I’ve been disappointed for a while now. My hopes fell upon the new doctor and a new companion … where chemistry blasted the screen. My hopes of seeing that are so slim and I don’t mind waiting to be disappointed. Where oh where did they go wrong? Matt’s time (as much as I love him) should have ended with River – his WIFE – and with the good-bye of his two best friends… after the chemistry between the actors in Matt’s time as the doctor, anything else would have been a downfall… They cleaned up the Rose issue beautifully with David’s doctor… now I feel as though they have to bring River back with the new doctor – but that will not happen. Clara is a dud and has none of the qualities or chemistry of a long-term Dr. Who companion should have…. and the new doctor looks to be Rubbish.

  34. Captain Video says:

    Is nobody bothered by the blatent contradiction between what happens here and what happened in the episode THE END OF TIME, in which the 10th doctor regenirated into the 11th. In that episode the time lords had turned into bad guys who wanted to destroy the entire universe and bring an end to time itself. Because the 10th doctor was not going to let that happen, he forced them back into the time lock, from which they tried to escape. So why would they now give him more regenerations, and why would he want to bring them back?

    • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

      Because Day of the Doctor took them out of the time lock they swore vengeance on for being locked in

    • Nessie says:

      The events in The End of Time happened and at that time the Time Lords (specifically the council not all of them) felt the only way to end the time war was to end time itself, but then after the 10th Doctor stopped that from happening (the Time Lords mention in The Day of the Doctor that the councils plan had failed), the doctor tucked them away in another universe to save all of their lives and end the Time War. They had hundreds of years (the whole time the Doctor was defending Christmas and who knows how long before they found the crack) to appreciate what he’s done for them all. There is no reason that they wouldn’t help him.

    • Alan says:

      because as the day of the doctor made very clear that was just a small group of councilors doing that while the vast majority of the time lords were still fighting the war. really that was all covered in the previous episode so i have to wonder do you even bother paying attention?

  35. Sheldon W. says:

    Give Steven Moffat credit for scrupulously adhering to the rules the show has established vis-a-vis regenerations and finding a way around them that both made sense and established the possibility of twelve more Doctors, should ratings so decree.


    • Nikki says:

      I give him credit for the regeneration….. but with the selection of Sarah and the lack of chemistry there… and the way the new doctor was brought in… and he looks wayyyy tooooo old…. I pretty much just watched season 7.1 out of an obligated feeling… but did not like any of the episodes… accept the Christmas special.. but I didn’t think Sarah would stay this long… very VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  36. MadamePom says:

    Too old my arse.

    • Nikki says:


      • JeffDJ says:

        While I was pleased they were finally going with someone older this time around, Capaldi was a smidge older than I was thinking. Still, he was great in Torchwood S3 and I look forward to seeing what he brings to the role and the changed dynamic with Clara.

  37. Eve says:

    As it often is with Moffat, the storyline was unnecessarily complicated and confusing, but the ending hit just the right emotional notes and almost made up for it.

  38. Gareth says:

    I didn’t really like it at all. I had just finished watching David Tennant’s farewell episodes on Amazon Instant Video- now those two were tearjerkers, or when Donna Noble loses her memory and the Doctor is on his own again, or when Amy Pond joins Rory in the past- and I haven’t even seen that full episode- only scenes from it in the Specials- major lump of the throat when Amy left. This episode- barely a sigh. I was worried all along that it was only one episode- a Christmas episode and a changing of the guard episode. Didn’t it deserve to be a two-parter? As it was no big battles, no big personal confrontations. If it weren’t for the fact that it marks the end of Matt Smith’s run on the Doctor, it wouldn’t be a memorable episode at all. The plot was horrible. Now I’m new to the
    Who-niverse- I’ve probably seen about 1/2 to 3/4 of the Eccleston episodes, multiple of Tennant, and several of Smith. I have to say this is the worst of all of them. And in case anyone thinks I don’t like Smith’s Doctor, you are wrong. And I loved ‘Day of The Doctor’. It seems to me that as spectacular as that one was- that was the episode that should had the regeneration. Also I really liked Clara in ‘Day Of The Doctor’. The only part with her i liked in this one was the reading of the Farewell Poem. I rate Time of the Doctor 1.5 out of 5 stars.

  39. Bark Star says:

    Mediocre episode. But at least we finally got rid of Smith. Now if only Moffat would leave as well.

    • Alan says:

      i have to ask why do you even bother watching since youve already decided you dont like it? seems like a waste of an hour to me.

  40. David says:

    For those who are looking for weakness in Clara’s character, watch this Christmas episode again. She tried to pass the Doctor off as her boyfriend. She was way too trusting when she accepted his promise not to send her away again. The Doctor is her weakness. You can now refrain from gnawing on your livers.

    • RobD says:

      Instead, could someone please gnaw on the new (old) Doctor’s kidneys? I’m ready for another regeneration right now! If they wanted an older Doctor they should have gone with Captain Jack! Missing Torchwood too. The last Starz mini series was trash.

      • Alan says:

        oh good god, we get it you didnt like it, no can you possibly please stop going on like a broken record, it would do everyone a favour.

        • RobD says:

          The favor I could do you is to ask you to stop belittling anyone who has a negative comment about any part of the show.

          • Mandy says:

            Really? Well, right back at you–anyone says they liked the show gets you either criticizing their behavior or sniping about their comments–so, tell me–who died and made you master of the board? Oh, wait….no one. Practice what you preach, dude.

          • RobD says:

            I guess I hit a nerve. Good. You still haven’t stopped belittling people though, and now me. And telling lies about what I said or didn’t say. I have criticized no one other than people who are being mean, and only to ask them to be nice. That’s not really criticizing. And I don’t give a flying sonic screwdriver who you think is “master of the board” – these are meant to be comments and opinions not attacks on people’s character. Just because you don’t want to hear their opinions doesn’t give YOU any “master of the board” privileges. I am practicing what I preach, dude-ette. How’s bout you doing the same or stop talking until you can? In the meantime play your “master of the board” game somewhere else.

          • Mandy says:

            Oooo Robbie, looks like I hit one of your precious nerves didn’t I? Yours was the only comment I had responded to, yet per you, I “still haven’t stopped belittling people though, and now me.” Really? Where did I do this? I suggest you go back and check your won comments about others before responding. And what I stated was my OPINION, so, right back at ‘ya.

          • RobD says:

            I stand on my comment. You be good now, ‘ya hear?

  41. Lisa Benwitz says:

    SPOILERS AHEAD: Thanks for some very insightful comments here instead of most just ranting. I’ve watched the episode twice now and, while there were some touching moments, I found it disappointing overall. It smacked of Mr. Moffat chomping at the bit to leave his mark on the history of the show, completely ignoring canon when it suited him and citing it as gospel when that suited him better. Also, in my opinion, he crammed the regeneration into a Christmas episode when it shouldn’t have been. The Christmas episodes are usually so magical and wonderful and creepy… this was a parade of creatures that had no real place in the story, taking away from the intensity, the comedy and the wonderful character interactions in his very best episodes – I watched the 50th anniversary right beforehand (probably a big mistake) and this episode suffered greatly in comparison. He glossed right over the Doctor fighting back-to-back with The Silence, which I thought was intense and deserved a little more time rather than the Weeping Angels grabbing Clara’s ankle.

    Not to mention the holes in the plot, some big enough to drive the TARDIS through – for example, why was it suddenly apparent to the entire Universe, once they heard the message “Doctor WHO?” that it was the Gallifreyans asking? The entire Universe had no idea what the Doctors had done to send frozen Gallifrey into a pocket universe. And if the Gallifreyans needed the Doctor’s name to make sure it was really him, why then would they bother answering Clara’s plea? LOVE him? I’ve never seen evidence of that. I could go on and on…

    As for the Clara debate… I, for one, have loved her from the beginning, and only moreso as time passed. Here is this girl, pretty much a pawn of destiny, living life after life saving the Doctor, falling in love with THIS doctor… yet she never burdened him with it the way Martha did. I thought this was readily apparent when she realized that at the end, it was someone else he longed for, someone else’s face, someone else’s love that comforted him, and not hers at all. She was obviously so devastated, I was heartbroken for her.

    I will be very interested to see an older doctor… and I can’t for the life of me figure out why so many people are assuming that since he’s a little older, there cannot POSSIBLY be any hope for romance with him. I mean, maybe there will be, maybe not–but why does it matter so much? I have enjoyed the romantic aspects myself, but I know there are many others who haven’t. The Doctor and Donna had no romance whatsoever, yet their relationship was possibly the most fulfilling of all–at least, it was to me. One of the greatest things about this show is its capability of constantly reinventing itself–and when Moffat gets out of his head enough to abandon his delusions of grandeur and stops being a control freak, he does some excellent writing and can really capture the spirit of the show, as he has proven from time to time. Let’s hope with Capaldi, he can do so again.

    Sorry for such a long post – I get going and can’t stop!

    • Lisa Benwitz says:


    • RobD says:

      “..a LITTLE older”?? Try 30 years older. Despite what the show creators think, that takes half the steam out of any Doctor Who escapades, as they themselves PROVED with David Tennant and Matt Smith. It’s not heresy to say one doesn’t want such an older man to be the lead in what has been more than a bromance in the midst of hells fire and heaven’s angels the past few years. It’s not the particular actor some of us object to; it’s the return to the days of stodgy old Brit shows that no longer work with todays audiences, young and old.
      I have to disagree with you about Donna and no romance. The Doctor adored her take-charge attitude and “ginger” can-do. (Why do Brits hate red haired people?)
      Most of the rest of your comments I agree with, although I am not familiar with Moffat’s point or purpose, other than run the show in the ground so it will die and he can move on. Just my thoughts of course.

  42. JeffDJ says:

    I can’t help but notice a lot of people seem to be condemning Capaldi’s entire forthcoming run be because he’s “too old” or looks “creepy” or his teeth (!) are weird. Having a first impression about the new Doctor is one thing, but you can’t judge his version of the character after just 10 seconds of screen time. Give the guy a chance before you write off the next season or cancel your BBC package. The casting for “nuWho” hasn’t failed yet and there’s no reason to expect it will now.

    • Nikki says:

      Very good points. I do believe the most disappointing… ok … one of the most disappointing features of the Christmas special was the 5 seconds the new doctor appeared… just “popping” out of a young, good looking Matt Smith that most of us have come to love, – here pops out an odd man who looks rubbish and talks about his kidneys and does not even know a thing about driving the TARDIS… I do know what happens during regeneration… but Matt Smith crashed and knew enough to fly away so it would not burn up…. it was just done so poorly that after Christopher – David and Matt… it was a shock for us who have only been following it since 2005 (and may I point out that since 2005 means 9 years of dedication… it is not like we are not invested) I did cancel BBC…. but then remembered Orphan Black will start in April… so I’ll add it again.. in April… and may keep it if there is ANY reason to watch season 8 of Dr. Who.. but I hold very little hope… I only watched season 7.2 out of loyalty.. I didn’t enjoy one single episode. (except the Xmas special 2012)… and will not waste my time on Season 8 (or my $ to get BBC) – unless it is really good. But thank you so very much for your comment… and for being a nice person about it. Happy New Year and Holiday season

      • Alan says:

        if you remember its been many hundreds of years, possibly over a thousand, since the doctor last few the tardis so its quite possible that he naturally forgot over time; or he is going through regeneration sickness like 5 and 8 did and cant remember because of that; or he can feel he is going to pass out like 10 did and wants to make sure clara will be ok until he wakes up; or it could be any number of other reasons which have been well established in the history of the show.

        • Nikki says:

          Very good points. I had thought that he had been in the town of Christmas for 300 years but I would have to watch it again to be certain.. I consed to your point. Thank you. I do still believe that there were 100 ways that the new doctor could have been introduced… I’ll bet you could write something better… Thanks for the response and thank you for the respect in which you gave it! Happy New Year and Holiday Season.

  43. Calishamanka says:

    My objection is to Moffat’s writing, not to the actors playing any of the parts. I quite like the gal playing Clara, and on principle like the character of Clara, but she is totally underdeveloped and poorly written. The story lines have been abysmal (we desperately need Russell Davies back!!), and that has a lot to do with why it took me so long to appreciate Matt Smith. I quite like him now, and feel he made the absolutely best decision in leaving because Moffat has clearly run out of good ideas…. oh, he has plenty of ideas, but they are stilted, ridiculous, and don’t hold together at all. I pity Peter Capaldi, who by all accounts given his acting chops should be wonderful, but will likely be “decent” but not scintillating, given the writing.

    • Alan says:

      you mean russel “i have no idea what im doing so ill just put daleks in again and hope nobody notices i have no creativity” davies? you think that would be better than moffat?

  44. April says:

    Ugh reading some comments I begin to wonder how many are actual true fans and know the whole history of DW. Never was the Doctor supposed to be “hot.” He was always older and wise, more like a role model not a love interest. It wasn’t until David that we got a younger Doctor. So says Capaldi is too old for the role makes people seem foolish. I’m sad to see Matt go, but I was really upset when David left. But the thing about DW is that the Doctor changes. With each change we get a new take and personality.

    • RobD says:

      Getting way too heavy April. Lighten up please. Some of us have enjoyed the Doctor Who series for ages and yet aren’t fanatic about it. It’s hard to be fanatic about any show these days as the makers don’t listen to the people who really watch the show week in and year out. All they care about is money. Lack of money is what will kill the new “old” Doctor if it goes how I’m afraid it will – back to the stuffy know-it-all old British gentleman who allows no difference of opinion and is a God on Earth and the Universe as far as he is concerned. People are not foolish for thinking this new man is too old when he is 30 years and more older than the previous two Doctors and probably 40 years older than Clara. The Doctor changing is not the point. The return to the stuffy Brit import that those of us not on the East or West Coast had to suffer without for the most part because no one really liked it is the problem. The British can love the Stuffing out of the new (old) Doctor. That’s okay. I personally was just making the point that with this new (old) direction, I will be less interested in it – I will give it a try though, even though we’ve been cheated (again) by no new shows until late Fall.
      As far as “hot” goes, David was hot, as was Donna, Matt, Amy and Rory – not so much Clara. “Hot” helps make this a more “human” show in the presence of all those mechanical enemies.
      Finally, I’d like to say that previous to 2005 and the “new” series I really don’t give a flip flop about the show’s characters. That’s the Stuffy period. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate everything about Doctor Who.

      • Michael H says:


        Opinions are opinions as you have pointed out on a number of occasions on this thread. However you seem to have a real downer on the British and a very low opinion of us based I guess on one or two comments that you have perceived as rude (or perhaps dare I suggest that they do not agree with you). There are plenty of examples of rudeness from many nationalities on internet forums when differing views are being expressed and I have come across rudeness across the world from differing nationalities and dare I say it this includes Americans. However, I would not choose to generalise about a national trait based on such experiences.

        In your own words I would say that “Your disparaging and privileged tone is not appreciated.”

        My only other point would be to say wait and see and in time your criticisms may prove to be well founded but until then let’s approach this with some objectivity.


        • Mandy says:

          Oh, thank you Michael, your response is not only eloquent but right on the money. Here’s hoping it does some good…….

        • RobD says:

          Dare you suggest, you say? I would say no, but you did it anyway. I must admit as an American I have always loved everything about the United Kingdom. My ancestry goes there. Any possible disparaging remark about the British is about the young people of today and I also make them about the young people of this country: they are selfish, rude, and do not care for anyone else’s opinions about anything. I must also admit I am a little burned from my first comment when Moffatt announced the new (old) Doctor and the tirade of hate and condescending remarks made to me from an admitted young British woman who also insisted, although incorrectly, that the show would continue its success without the help of BBC American viewers. Anyone rude anywhere is wrong, and I am sorry to be ever included in that category.
          Having said all that, I will continue to ask for kindness in any comments from anyone who begins to act as I described above, on any topic of interest to me. I have already said, if not in this particular thread, then others, that I will maintain my “wait and see” attitude on the success of a new (old) Doctor. I have loved the series!

    • S says:

      April, you’re absolutely right, and I would only add that I’m as guilty as anyone of ‘freaking out’ over a strange new face taking the place of ‘my’ beloved Doctor. But now that I’ve been through this process twice, (not counting going back and watching all the Classic regenerations) I’m ready for the Twelfth — bring it! I have no doubt Capaldi will do the brand proud — not only is he a superb actor, he’s also a legendary Who fan.

  45. Teresa says:

    Questions: Why did Amy appear at the end? Was she real?
    Did the new guy (what ever number I am gonna call him 00 for now) not know how to run the ship? Could this be because his regeneration came from someone else so he doesn’t know Doctor stuff? Imagine Clara running the ship for 00.
    Did Peter’s hair look blonde? I thought it was gray.
    How did saving 6 people in one town save the planet?
    Does this mean that Trenzalore is not a problem any more? But I guess the Dr can’t go there because he can’t go back into his own timeline?
    If I were Clara, I would get rid of Handles. Who needs companions with handles?
    Are we done with Matt’s wife, Donna, etc. or could they return again? I miss Wilfred!

    • JeffDJ says:

      Some answers:
      – No, Amy wasn’t real–Clara saw neither Amy or little Amelia. She was just a figment of the Doctor ‘s imagination, perhaps a representation in Eleven’s mind of his ideal companion–and let’s face it, Amy was the Doctor’s mother-in-law, after all.
      – It’s not unusual for the Doctor to be somewhat disoriented and/or forgetful after a regeneration, so the new Doc declaring he doesn’t know “how to fly this thing” is not too surprising.
      – Handles doesn’t need to be gotten rid of since he’s already expired, after 300 years with the Doctor on Trenzalore & no replacement parts to repair him with. Plus, he was probably further destroyed when the bell tower blew up.
      – There’s always a chance we could see River again because of her timey-wimey relationship with the Doctor, but we’ve been without Donna for 5 years now, so I don’t I don’t see any reason why she (or Wilf) would turn up again.

    • Alan says:

      amy was a hallucination of the doctors.
      capaldi is 12, the numbering doesnt change.
      there are various different possible causes for his forgetting how to pilot the tardis, 5 and 8 went through something called regeneration sickness that caused them to forget who they are and act erratically, or he could have just forgotten naturally over the thousand or so years he spent on trenzalore without the tardis, or he could feel he was about to collapse like 10 did and wanted to make sure clara would be ok until he woke up, or it could be something else entirely and we wont find out until the next episode whatever it is.
      his hair looked grey to me.
      he didnt save 6 people, that wasnt his mission, he was there to stop the monsters from getting to the crack protecting the people was just him being a hero like he always is.
      yes trenzalore is done now because he changed the future by not dying there.
      handles is basically k9 and companions had no problem co-existing with the tin dog.
      yes we are done with companions who have left the show, they dont tend to come back unless there is a very good reason for it. although we may see river because of how their relationship works.

      • Morisot says:

        Maybe when the bona fide 13’s time is running out, Billie Piper can come in with a teenage boy — the Doctor’s son — who has been leading a normal life, but is really a new time-lord? ;-)

  46. David H says:

    The average age of the actor portraying the Doctor before Paul McGann was 43. After that the average age (including Capaldi) goes down to 38. Capaldi only raises that average from 37. Capaldi and Hartnell are the oldest at 55. I think that the people who are complaining about age must be in their teens or early 20’s. (Hint: You can’t remain in your 20’s forever.)

    • Neil Riddoch says:

      Yes, but the fans have voted that David Tennant is the favorite doctor…….by a landslide. If he is what the current majority of fans think of when they picture the doctor then the new doctor will be compared to his image. Not the arbitrary average of the other doctors.

    • RobD says:

      Hint to you: I am 68. If I want to watch people near my age I can walk the dog.

    • RobD says:

      Besides the fact we’re not talking about averages – when did averages do anything for you? I’m still 22 inside, which averaging with my age makes me 45, still 13 years younger than the new (old) Doctor. I personally liked the younger Doctors and companions, all.

  47. Teresa says:

    Thanks Alan.

  48. qodrn says:

    How do we know Amy was a hallucination?

  49. Neil Riddoch says:

    The Christmas episode was too drawn out. 300 years? lame. The doctor works best in short bursts of action. And they made the regeneration the climax of the show. Something every fan already knew was coming. Very anticlimactic. If you’re going to pretend the doctor doesn’t have any regens left then don’t announce the new doctor several months before. And if the regen is supposed to be the climax then build up to it…..don’t drag Matt Smith into old age so boring we don’t want to watch.

    Redeeming quality of the Christmas special is that Jenna Louise Coleman is cute as a button. Although she didn’t have much to work with she owns the role of the doctor’s companion. Perfectly in love with adventure yet innocent to the universe’s double edged reality.

    Also, the new doctor looks like a meth addict.

  50. Dice says:

    Matt Smith’s final episode was depressing. Only because well, it was Matt’s final episode! While he wasn’t the best doctor, he was my second favorite next to David Tennant. Matt Smith will be missed. I feel like I’m writing a speech for his non-existent funeral. They will not end Doctor Who at number 13. The people will not allow it! The end.
    Fair Winds, Dice