X Factor's Simon Cowell Teases 'Larger Than Life' Replacement for Demi Lovato, New Rule Changes

Demi Lovato Quits X FactorDemi Lovato confirmed on Wednesday night that she will be vacating her judge’s chair on The X Factor to focus on her music career — and Simon Cowell has someone “spectacular” in mind to take her place.

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“I started this show being a singer and a musician, and it’s time that I go back to that,” TV Guide Magazine quotes Lovato as saying backstage after the Season 3 performance finale. “I’m so excited for 2014 because I’m going to dedicate it completely and totally to music.”

As for who might succeed Lovato — provided there is some semblance of a fourth season of the waning warbler contest — show boss Cowell told the press, “There is somebody in mind who we’ve wanted for a while for this show that has suddenly become available…. [H]e’s larger than life and would be spectacular.”

Then again, Cowell may need two new judges, seeing as he’s been hinting that his own days at the panel may be over.

The prospective Season 4 will also boast changes of the non-personell variety, as well. As Cowell shared on Twitter:

Will you miss Demi, or do you welcome fresh blood? And any early theories on the new male judge on Simon’s radar?

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  1. RD says:

    Oh Simon,just put the show out of it’s misery,please…

  2. Choco says:

    Just cancel the thing already. S1 ratings were good but under expectations, S2 ratings were decent but down and then S3 completely tanked. See the trend? Ratings for a potential S4 won’t be pretty.

  3. Blair says:

    The ‘rules’ change every year! Talk about an extremely unstable show…

  4. Sam says:

    I have an idea for this show: Get four top-ranking record executives as the judges and make the prize a record contract for the winner and the label. That way the judges would be totally invested in their acts and wouldn’t give them crappy songs and staging.

  5. Ray says:

    Oh shut it, Simon. This show will be canceled by FOX and you don’t get a say in that.

  6. Kaba says:

    Someone shoot me now.
    I hope the “rule change” consists of them dropping the obnoxious amount of stage decor (dancers included). I mean…if we’re going to be plagued with a 4th season it might as well be on some of our terms

    • Jason says:

      I love how people say they ar “plagued” with it. If you don”t like it there are a millionn other things to watch, listen to or read,

  7. Tim says:

    Get Paulina out of that show, she is ruinning it to pieces

  8. Will says:

    If FOX renews this garbage then they really are in dire straits. This should be canceled even by NBC standards… actually wait this would be considered a huge hit on NBC I take that back.

  9. “Cowell may need two new judges” let’s hope for three. If he stays, he might still need two new ones.

  10. Para says:

    I think Simon was talking about X Factor UK because X Factor US is so canceled…

  11. qj201 says:

    XFactor is a overproduced and producer manipulated mess. Simon’s arrogance used to be entertaining, now it’s just obnoxious.

  12. Gary says:

    sad to see Demi eave. I have enjoyed wathcing her.

  13. Chablis says:

    I truly don’t understand people. If you all hate the show why watch/comment?

    • RD says:

      I don’t watch anymore,other than the odd recap. I,like everyone else on this forum,am entitled to voice my opinion-and it seems like my view is in the majority.

  14. Larc says:

    Either cancel the show or fire Simon. If XF has any chance of surviving, I think it will have to be under new management.

  15. Boston2AZ says:

    “I’m so excited for 2014 because I’m going to dedicate it completely and totally to music.” Oh, swell…..

  16. tobygees says:

    She looks terrible as a blonde.

  17. Brock says:

    Get rid of Paulina over ANYone else. Ugh.

  18. matt says:

    I hope it isn’t Justin Bieber.
    I actually thought X Factor turned out better than the overrated Voice this season, so I hope Simon has some luck and manages to get it back for a 4th season. Alex and Sierra are just as good as Tessanne, in my opinion.

    • Jason says:

      The Voice is nearly unwatchable. I like some of the performances(Caroline, Jaquie, BEarded guy) and I like Christina Aguilera and Blake, But that Adam Levine guy never shuts up and just says the same thing over and over. He seems to be a disingenuis tool and I can’t stand him. I wish they wouldn’t spend so much time on the judges comments. Oh and if I have to hear the words. What does your coach mean to you?” Or what does this experience mean to you?” one more time I am going to vomit. As much as people criticized Christina Millian at least it provided a little bit of variety.(And she wasn’t bad to look at) Carson Daly’s interviewing skills seems to be asking the same dull question over and over. You would think after having a radio show for many years and a talk show for over 10 years the guy would have developed some kind of interview skills. But no the guy is a boring dolt.

      • I agree!! “What does winning this mean to you?” Stupidest question ever!! What the hell do you think they are going to say?? “Oh, this doesn’t mean a thing. I was just bored, so thought I would audition!” Come on!! They all ask this, and more than once!!! And the judges comments do go on and on and on. Also, they preview way to much in the “coming up” segment!

  19. DavidSask says:

    The show is a mess, cut your losses and business with simon Fox and let him focus on his show suffering in UK instead and his other shows and endeavours there! When your finale is beaten by The Sing-off your need to be done for! No one wants this show rescued again no matter what desperate measures Simon is coming up with!

  20. Mary says:

    Please please get rid of Paulina. She should not be a judge. Says the same thing over and over. Sad and pathetic. Half the times what she says does not even make sense.

  21. Anthony says:

    Who is it gonna be? Justin Bieber? IM CALLING IT NOW!!

  22. Quise D. Williams says:

    In all honesty ive been a fan since day one, but these rules have been changed tooo many times. The 4 chair challenge was not so brillant Simon. I think he should keep the judges home visit, have some better themes for the week, some better judges ( keep Kelly, add Redfoo, let PAULINA GO ) & songs ( tired of the same recycled songs ) I think the show can go much further . I still have faith for one more xf season ♥

  23. Julianna says:

    I am going to throw Eminem’s name in the ring for one of the judges’ seat in 2014. In 2009 Simon was quoted as having offered Eminem an offer and Em accepted. (Bad timing was a factor) Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I really do believe that if they brought him on it would change the course of X Factor and make it relevant. The Country Thing has been done, so has the R & B and Soulful/Jazzy thing……. oh, and the always ‘Pop’ sound. It’s time to shake all these music sitcom’s to the core and bring in some fresh meat; Eminem!!!!!

    Eminem stated- “No disrespect to the current judges but you need people who are global, platinum-selling stars. You need to prepare contestants for what it’s really like out there, and what sort of pressure you are going to be under. So much average talent comes out of these reality shows. A hip-hop star will never win a show like the ‘X Factor‘ without somebody like me on the panel. It needs somebody in power to open a door for them.”

    Simon—who once referred to Eminem as a “genius”—responded to Em’s critiques by reportedly inviting him on the show. “It would be great to have him on as a guest judge. Em – I can call him that because we are on first name terms – the job is yours.”


  24. kaila says:

    I love the x-factor always will but I wish demi would stay but what made her a judge in the first place was her music so I don’t blame her who ever it is better don’t disappoint n if simon does stop judging he said he wants Mikey Cyrus so I think she will probably fill in for simon