Soaps Shocker: Y&R Fires Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney Leaving Y&RWorst. Christmas. Present. Ever.

The Young and the Restless‘ Michael Muhney, who has played Adam Newman for nearly six years, has been let go from the CBS soap, TVLine has confirmed.

Muhney broke the news on Twitter Tuesday, telling fans, “It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on the set is this Thursday.”

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The Veronica Mars vet, whose final episode will air on Jan. 30, went on to say, “I’m going to take some private time with my wife & kids, as I am most concerned for their well-being… I have 3 final episodes to film, and because they are my last, I will be giving it everything I have.”

A CBS rep declined to comment.

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  1. landy says:

    Are JFP trying to get rid of all the favorite couples on the show? First Billy Miller (VILLY) and now MM (Chadam, Shadam) whose next? yikes!

    • alistaircrane says:

      Those are not popular characters. Victor and Nikki, Sharon and Nick, THOSE are popular pairings. JFP can only be faulted for tearing apart Cricket and Danny just when they were on the verge of reuniting.

      • Who cares who you think are popular characters, we have our own popular characters and Y&R under JFP keeps firing these great actors, Why cant you work with these great actors. You ruin lives. What is happening at Y&R those 25 yrs you boast about did not include your current management.

        • Trish says:

          I totally agree w Silvia’s post. Michael Muhney and Billy Miller are two of THE BEST ACTORS on Y & R. Not only are they each unique and have that intangible “something”, a dazzling charisma. Both are epically talented in their craft. What is wrong w/CBS letting these two AWESOME characters go??!! Between killing people young and old and letting serious talent just slip through your fingers….maybe the real spoiler alert is CBS is trying to get removed from the CBS lineup???? The lame writing, not researched enough to make it believable doesn’t help either!! As a matter of fact it is supremely abhorrent to let Michael and Billy go @ Christmas time…. disgusting to the point I will do something else during Y & R soap time!!!!
          Extremely disappointed Y & R fan since the very beginning,

          • sandy says:

            trish im with you, getting sick of it. those two men are the reason I watch the show and they are wonderful actors…this is very sad…

          • Janet Brigandi says:

            I agree with you 100%!!!! This is terrible and I am so tired of watching the best actors getting axed!!! I believe they should keep Billy and Michael and give them a raise!!!!

          • Julie says:

            This is what I have been saying for a yr now… getting rid of all these actors is a way for rating to go down and for CBS to pull the soap…. They already got rid of 2 great shows… only to put that stupid “The Talk “on,,, dumbest show I have ever watched….

          • Deb says:

            Trish, I agree with you completely!

          • Connie says:

            I never thought I would say this, but I’m so done with Y&R after hearing this news. Michael Muhney and Billy Miller made that character and show fun to watch.

          • I agree with all these posts, the writers need to get their head out of their asses, because they have lost a few good and very important actors and actresses this year! I dont even think I will watch the young and restless anymore, just sick of all the cast change!

          • Catherine says:

            Very bad decision on firing Michael (Adam) One of the best actors on Y&R. Might look at removing “Neil” instead. Damage is done now……and just before Christmas. OMG!! What were you thinking anyway?

          • Donna says:

            Maybe we should start watching Days of our Lives on NBC!!! Enough with CBS.

          • Linda says:

            I just don’t understand why you keep taking the characters people love to watch and leave ones that need to leave on the show. It’s time to down play Jack and Victor and let Adam be happy. Love to watch him. Need to keep him on the show and let him be happy in love.

          • nat says:

            I completely agree with Trish. I cannot explain how disappointed I am with YR. Michael is an outstanding actor. I hope u guys kick yourselves in the butt for this one. Former fan.

          • Hateit says:

            I agree with you I also have watched Y&R from the beginning and these two characters are phenomenal in their work. I just don’t like how they are ruining this show. It has been so many things they have done wrong. I say boycott and watch something else or do something else. What they have done to B&B is terrible especially the Hope character and the Liam character I really don’t like. I’ll just watch GH It’s getting pretty good.

          • Jennifer says:

            I was saddened by the departure of billy miller but I am devasted by michael muhneys firing. Now I have nothing to look forward to. Oh well, I can always read a book. I will never watch y&r again.

          • georgia schumacher says:

            I have been a fan of young and the restless since the beginning! I loved Billy and victoria when they first were together, It was fun watching.This soap is going down. Adam Is also the best! They kill off delia and make all the other people seem boring. Of course I miss katherine, but that mystery with jill could have been explosive. You people should get your head out of your ass! or hire new writers that can get the job done! A little more story if you please. general Hospital has brought back all my favorite people and I love it again.

          • Marty says:

            I agree with Silvia and Trish. I have been watching Y & R since it started and I am very disappointed in the news about Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, and Rebecca Stafford all leaving the show. I used to waqtch CBS or tape it all afternoon Starting with As The World Turns, then Y & R, and then Guiding light and they just keep cutting and cutting and soon there will be no Y&R either. i don’t know what is wrong with CBS but they seem to be heading in the wrong direction as far as I am concerned with their daytime lineup. I still very seldom watch CBS after 2:00 PM until evening because of them dropping ATWT and GL.

          • Diana says:

            I totally agree – Michael and Billy are the best they have. What is going on with this show.
            I hope they reconsider their decision – It was really stupid on their part. Rating will surely fall

          • Cheryl says:

            I agree with all of these people too. Michael and Billy are the reasons I like the show so much and have watched y&r for 20 years. But with these changes I will stop watching this soap. So sorry for these actors …at Christmas you let these guys go. How heartless can you be. Show will not be the same without their faces. If they get another show let us all know I will watch that show. Bye to Y&R….

          • davlestev1 says:

            Veteran tv and film actor RAY WISE will debut in the last week of January as Dylan’s father. Great actor? Yeah. To get him at the expense of viewer favorites??? NOT!!! Six months will not undo a glaringly bumbling mistake when an all new Adam arrives on the scene. Probably James Franco in another hey look at me daytime stunt.All just for the chance to say Ray Wise was on your soap. He’ll be gone by summer, the money he’s taking will flow back into the coffers and I hope BOTH actors tell JFP to …well you can add your own angry response to that.

          • Dianna says:

            I have watched since the very beginning. I just don’t understand the powers that be. If Dylan is from when Nicki was in the cult-why is he around the same ages as Victoria and Nick. If I remember Nick was just a little guy when Phyllis was chasing Danny. Speaking of Phyllis-really not looking forward to another recast of the role. Y&R wake up, it is bad enough that you have actors wanting to leave but getting rid of fan favorites isn’t helping you at all!!!

          • Peaches says:

            All I can say is ditto to Trish and Silva for telling it like it is. Y&R has serious issues and will lose ratings.

          • Addie C says:

            I agree Adam and Billy is the reason I watch Y&R. They r down to earth characters and r funny. Victor should be the one to go.

          • Lezlee says:

            I agree as well. I’ve been a Y&R fan since the beginning. I started loosing interest in Y&R earlier this year. The story lines are either boring or ridiculous. The writers lack style and originality. I had stopped watching on a regular basis and checked in from time to time when I caught the scene of Adam accidentally running over Billy Abbot’s young daughter. I was shocked that the writers would go to such extremes. It turned me off completely. Adam is my favorite character. (He reminds me of Micky Rourke in 9 1/2 weeks) He’s the only character with depth and charisma. The rest of them are simply boring from Summer, Kyle to Nick, Paul, Christine (ho hum) to Nicki. How many times has Victor repeated the same ol’ threats, line for line over and over again. Good bye Y&R. I’m truly finished with you.

          • joan williams says:

            i have to agree. Michael is a great actor. He should stay on the show. Without a doubt he will make is far in his acting. Someone will grab him. I wish him luck. and will miss him sooooooo much

          • Maria says:

            I agree. I will not be watching Y&R much longer! Phyllis ,Billy,Adam all gone!!I am so tired of the Delia story. I refused to watch it and fast forward my recording. The writers have lost their minds! For first time in 30 plus years I do not look forward to watching. There is not one story line I am interested in.

          • this is a despicable happening. Michael -Adam deserves to win an Emmy plus more. His acting has been superb and now with the Delia death, it is unbelievable. The new writing team or the producers should contact me. I am a published writer and I could write some of the storylines better than the so called now writers who know nothing of the past.I have watched since day one and record when I am not home.Wow, what a mean happening and stop the Abby line which is blah tho Abby is a fine actress and deserves better lines… Mrs. Elita Sohmer Clayman Baltimore,Md.. Change your mind and keep Adam and Billy too.

          • Dianne samford says:

            Adam and Billy make us keep watching! I’ve been watching since 1973 to bad Adam could have been a replacement for Victor!

          • Coffee says:

            Shocked about Adam being fired! He was the best actor on the show! Why would the producers do that???

          • I agree. I do not like the way you remove the little girl. I think that even Adam is not that cruel. Now to fire Michael Muhney, who is your writer now. That is the only reason I watch The Y&R. All the other characters are so predictable. I think you are making a mistake. Instead of firing him, try making him more human.

          • Victoria says:

            I have watched Y&R for years & now I have fast forward when Sharon is on, why do you keep her, she is Awful & kill off or fire the good ones! Not sure how much more I can take!!!

          • dwanna says:

            They need for Sharon to Clinton a coma for a couple of years. Then revisit her character and make the call to bring her back or not. Mean while leave Adam and chealsea alone leave Billy here and if she doesn’t want to come back then replace “red”. Enough is enough!

          • This is a shame on Young & Restless–Losing both actors, Michael Muhney and Billy Miller is a great loss to the show! Especially Michael Muhney–who was only committed to the Young and the Resless!! What a loss to the fans–seems like Y & R does not care about us!! Maybe we should no longer care about the Young & the Resless ? Also, Michael’s Adam did NOT murder little Delia !! It was an accident!! A child alone dressed in black, on a road at night.– Adam missed hitting the dog (who never showed up again?) and he even stopped and checked to see if the dog was okay! Come on writers!! Michael has done outstanding work as an actor–and so has Billy Miller!! That is their thanks??? A sadly disappointed past fan——-

          • I feel EXACTLY the same way. I have already deleted the show on my DVR. I had been disgusted for a long time with the personalities on this soap. They are all mean, unforgiving, lawless, disrespectful and ruthless. Who would like these people??? Michael M. is the best talent on this silly show . He deserves better and probably will land somewhere where TALENT is appreciated. I wish him the BEST!!!

          • cher says:

            I agree what the hell are they doing here I have been watching this show for over 37 yrs now and Adam is one of the best actors Y&R has ever had here what in the heck are you thinking ? bill to really are you trying to screw up Y&R since I heard this I am thinking of stop watching it after 37 yrs . what a shame it has come to this now how can someone screw up something so dammmm good here why don’t you just shot your self in the foot already .

          • Martha K. Martin says:

            and i am definately with you what is wrong with CBS and if they had a good reason for getting rid of both fo them they should have the nerve to explain the reasons

          • lee says:

            Very disturbed about some Y and R rumors regarding MM, but, nevertheless, have just deleted my DVR of Y and R. I was already so unhappy with the ruining of Sharon, not to mention the horrible death of Delia. Add to that the ridiculousness of giving Victor a pass when he has occurred so many wrongs when Adam has been given every crime in the book (forget the actor who plays him). Also, I can’t believe they could let Billy Miller go. So long, farewell, auf wiefdersehn goodbye.

          • Kathy Allin says:

            I will miss BILL and Adam… I agree that the YATY should pay BILL more money. I have heard a
            rumor to why Adam is leaving and I pray that it is not true…. that Michael Muhney was feeling
            an actress’s breast. (Summer’s) BILL asked for a pay raise and he was asked to leave.

          • AB says:

            Bout ready to stop after all these years . Billy an Adam are both actors an make you believe the story line . Victor never changes an is getting very dull an with Nicki . Ones like Victoria an Clorie . But I blame most on the writers . The have turned most to the roles into , oh poor me types , which are boring . Like they have done to the BB series.
            Fire writers an put some thinking an fire back into the roles , like when Victor went missing . That’s was his best acting in years an very good writing .

          • mary thurston says:

            Please keep Michael Muhney and Billy Miller the are two of the best actors on the show.

          • Mike says:

            @Dianna. That is the magic of a soap. Some people age while others remain ageless. This week’s episode had Nick and Sharon grieving over Cassie’s death which happened almost a year before Summer was born. Summer is grown now but Cassie has been gone only a few years. I even heard Summer respond to Nick “That’s what she (meaning Cassie) said.” Summer wasn’t even born when Cassie died. It’s soap magic!

          • don says:

            Remember that it was Billy Miller decision to leave his role of Billy Abbott to pursue other projects who can blame him as for Michael Muhney, he was apparently fired due to misconduct and the role of Adam will be recast in the future. They are both talented actors but there is a small consolation of Billy the role will soon be played by David Tom who had already played the role in the past and for that Y&R made the right decision.

          • wanda says:

            I am with Trish. Not those two. Luv them .. What ever happened PLEASE give them another chance. Bring back Phillis.

          • Doris says:

            I totally agree with you and my finale watching days are over too. Michael is one of my favorites and this is appalling. I am still in shock. Why Why

          • Lizzy says:

            WHY WHY WHY – I just love Adam and now he is gone!!!!! New Billy – Yeah not gonna watch! Neither of the TOM brother and sister can act!!!

          • Sharon says:

            Agree with Trish, letting Adam go is not very smart. Extremely disappointed Y & R fan from 1974. Big mistake! Wish him well in his next endeavor,a very talented actor who gave it his all to the bitter end.

          • geraldine says:

            I agree it will not be the same,it was bad enough when Phillis left

          • elf says:

            I totally agree!! Bring our favourites back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to watch this show anymore with Billy and Adam having been fired. Fire the lady that fired them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Chrissy says:

            I agree with you all, to lose Phyllis, Billy and my favorite Adam, its such a shame. I have been watching Y & R for a long time now. It just doesn’t seem the same with out the power houses there. I tried watching it yesteday, but was bored out of my mind. Adam was so fun to watch, you never knew with him what he would do next. No disrespect to Chris McKenna, but he will never be able to play Adam the way M M did. The only one I can see possibly play Adam is Damon on Vampire Diaries (maybe). If they dont bring Adam, and Phyllis back, well then, they lost another fan of the show. She needs to really re-think what she has done. Does she not care about the actual fans out there. Adam will be snatched up in no time, if he does go to GH, well I will go back to watching that soap, which is odd as it was my favorite back then with Luke and Laura. Please bring Adam (MM) back to Y & R…

          • Cookie says:

            I am so upset about Y&R Adam being let go. I hope that they realize their mistake and get him back. There are alot of fans that will no longer watch the show unless he comes back… Think twice about your decision and bring him back….

          • LEE says:


          • Claire says:

            I stopped recording Y&R because of these two really good actors being released. they did not need to take their clothes off to exude sex appeal they were honestly good actors. Jeannie Cooper is pissed off;)

          • Miss Gerry says:

            I agree with Trish. I hate watching now. Boring as heck. Fast forwarding to preview to see if there is anything worth watching. I seem to get more done around the house. It used to bother me if I missed an episode, now I could care less. Too bad.

        • prish says:

          John Sayles said in his 1987 book, “Thinking in Pictures: The Making of the Movie Matewan” that he had friends who were fired from soap operas because they were too good as actors. just saying

        • PAM Hutchins says:

          I totally agree. I really believe that JLP may be the “hatchet WOMAN” for CBS soaps. I was shocked when Phyllis left so close to the sad passing of Katherine. Then she kills off a child during the holidays? That is a horrible plot!!!! Now we lose Billy and MM. It makes more sense
          that she is doing the networks dirty work by cutting way back on the talents’ salaries? No matter what the movtivation, her decision to kill Deila, ship off Billy and MM, and bye bye Phillis is a total scorched earth policy….one that slaps the face of every Y&R faithful viewer… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Dio not unestimate all the millions of fans who have devoted YEARS to the Y & R.
          Do they really think we find Victoria’s MS and Victor’s constant bullying his family is SEXY or even fun…

          I MISS PHYLLIS BACK AND I WANT BILLY AND ADAM TO STAY. Poor Delia, I will leave her
          return to magic of Soapdom.

          CBS should please save the show by Firing JPL BEFORE THE SHOW TOTALLY COLLAPSES!!!

          • Betty says:

            I agree with all the bad comments. I also have watched Young & The Restless since day 1. I Tape it every day so in case I am not home to watch. Didn’t want to miss a show. With you getting rid of all the great characters I don’t need to tape any more. Your firing of all the main characters leaves us with nothing to watch any more, or talk about with family & friends. The ones you don’t like it seems everybody else loves to watch. Betty

          • judith hasselbacher says:

            Could not have said it better. My daily schedule ALWAYS included the Y & R. I could hardly wait each day to watch … but no more. I miss Phyllis so much and now with Billy and Adam both gone just too much. I am really sad but will not watch again after Jan 30.

        • Barb says:

          I have watched the show since the beginning and I am shocked and sickened by losing all these terrific actors . I think maybe they should be getting of JfP, From what I have heard she is famous for running shows into the ground.not only is is she getting rid of Great actors,but we keep going over the same old story lines.ex.Nick and Sharon can’t they find better story lines than getting married again Nick finding out Sharon has lied to him @ Summer and divorce yet again. Boring!!!!

        • Firing Michael Muhney and Billy Miller is a shame–and shows them no appreciation for their great work and show little appreciation of their fans!! Michael also only had loyalty to Y & R. The story line needs help–Delia’s death was accident –a child in black at night on a road! Adam even made sure the dog was okay..Not Murder!( What happened to the dog?) A very disappointed past fan–patricia

        • Sady says:

          All I can say is , why would you want to mess with actors and actresses on Yand R that make this show the great show that it is. The public thrives each and everyday to see what happens one day to the next with this show. The main characters are especial important and we believe if you keep making changes you will lose your tv watchers. You truly may want to reconsider this decision and not react to hastily!

        • Sheila says:

          I have watched Y & R since the very first day, and everyday I keep saying this is the last time I’m going to watch this show. What a shame they ( the writers ) have ruined the show. The storyline is pitiful. I liked Adam he kept the show going there has to be the one you love to hate and he was great at it. The people running the show are firing everyone. By next year the show won’t even be on tv.The obsession Victor has with Billy Boy is just sickening. Come on give Victor something else to gripe about oh I forgot the real Billy is gone to. I liked the old Abby better. If the story line doesn’t change there won’t be an audience to watch the show. It makes me sad to know this was the best of the best in soaps and now I turn it on just out of habit. I’m going to have to break this habit. If I had to pick someone to go it would be Chloe, I can’t take much more of that girl.

        • Nancy says:

          Good write

      • JFP-Sucks says:

        Actually, those ARE popular characters. To anyone who likes them best, they’re the most popular. Me? I couldn’t cares less if I tried about Victor and Nikki and Nick, definitely not about Christine and Danny.

        • Martha Gloyd says:

          I agree 100 percent!!!! I have watched since the first day aired…..not anymore….obviously they do not care how the viewer feels!!!!!

          • Carol DeVaul says:

            I have watched the Young and the Restless since it’s inception 25 years ago, but not anymore. The firing of Michael Muhoney was the last straw. The only reason I continued watching was for Michael and Billy Miller. What great actor’s they are. I don’t know what is going on over at Y&R, but obviously they don’t care about their loyal fans by the stupid storylines and the switching of actor’s all the time. I think Chelsea and Adam were just a darling couple. Bring Michael back. I will not be watching any longer.

      • why? says:

        Sadly…well, sadly for you. No one really cares about Victor, Nikki, Sharon, and Nick.

        • Mandie says:

          This is true.

          Maybe if Victor, Nikki, AND Nick all teamed up and killed Stupid One [Sharon] they’d be more interesting….

          • barbara says:

            Totally agree, Nikkii looks like something out of a 1920’s comic stripVictor looks worn out, Nick is a jerk without any expression whatsoever and I agree they should get together and kill stupid Sharon.

          • ozzy says:

            Maybe they could have Neil kill Sharon(lol at Stupid One) and get rid of the both of them

          • Gigi says:

            Nikki and Victor turn my stomach. Nikki is the worst actress ever. Can’t stand to watch either one! Nick always has a mean look on his face and can’t really act. Billy and Adam intrigue me the most and give wonderful performances. Very intense. I don’t really get the whole Neil Winters family either. There is nothing interesting about Neil, Devon, Lily or Cain. I could go on, but you all know this anyway.

      • KCC says:

        In addition, both Billy Miller and Michael Muhney have been nominated for acting Emmys.

      • Denise says:

        Christine was always in love with Paul who was her ex hubby at the time. That’s understandable.

      • nobie davlin says:

        are you kidding me??? Billy and Adam are not popular characters??? You are very mistaken – they are the most popular characters on the show right now. Everyone dislikes Victor and Nick right now – read the boards.

        • says:

          I am finished watching the yonge and the restless firing the best actors what is there to watch . I an fed up

      • Kelly! says:

        I am just sick! Michael Muhney is Adam! Adam is my favorite character on the show! How dare they let him go! I think who ever is responsible for this should be fired on the spot and kicked in teeth! I have always loved this show! For the first time in 30 years I am disgusted! If they fail to make this right and hire him back well then I forsee Y&R being the next soap on the chopping block. Shame shame shame! I am just sick about this!

        • Yvette says:

          I agree, Adam’s role is much to vital to just drop off in mid stream. Why Adam? Plez plez plez don’t let him go.

          • vicky says:

            please leave adam on the show. he plays a perfect part he certainly plays victors son well ideal for that part. we will miss him terribly this isn’t fair

          • Ursula says:

            I don’t think that Adam killed Delia. I think its someone we least expect like Courtney Summer’s friend. She is involved in some heavy stuff. She could have taken the drugs that she bought went joy riding and hit Delia and not even know it.

          • erin says:

            I agree, please leave Adam Newman on the show. Have Adam and Chelsea marry and be happy for once. Make it Courtney that hit Delia. I do not like her character. She is the one that needs to go, not Adam.

          • Patsy says:

            I was doing shopping when I saw the head line fired my heart dropped why would they fire Adam he’s the reason I watch bad mistake y&r you’ve lost me as a viewer if you get fid of Adam I can’t believe it y..

          • don says:

            Adam is not going away long only for few months. He will be back with a new actor maybe with the original Adam.

          • don says:

            The character will not go away for good he will be back but with a new face and I hope it will be Chris Engen the first Adam back in the role.

          • Monique says:

            MM I will miss him but as far as the old Adam I don’t know about that. Whatever Micheal’s behavior was no one perfect and Micheal did say HE DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE so that must have being that JFP’S DOING and like I said NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO GET HER FIRED AND SEE IF SHE LIKES IT GO AND SWEEP THE FLOOR JFP THAT WILL DO U GOOD!

        • Danna says:

          I have also watched for 30 years and billy and Adam are my favorite characters ( partly because of the actors themselves) I am so mad that I might stop watching and wasting my time on this! You are right on Kelly! Fire the whoever made this decision! I am so sad!

        • jo ann lyons says:

          i completely agree, I have never seen an actor so capitvating like Michael Muhney,(Adam) Im sick about it. I felt bad about how Adam was treated by all those Newmans, Vickie, Nick, Victor Nikki and so many more,Writers made him do all those bad things but He also saved Faiths life, Noah when he was in a burning house Michaels sister,he saved Chelseas life and baby from drowning andthen saved baby’s life, never a thanks from Victoria, Nick, Victor Nikki. They said he was not a newman or good enough. was loving role w baby n Chelse.

          • Tana says:

            The different story lines, that Michael Muhney was given, never seemed to phase him. That just shows what a great actor he is. One minute he plays a villain, the next a loving father .It is a shame that they do not resolve this in some other manner. Firing Michael did not solve anything, It will only cause the person that has an issue with him to become more empowered. They need to learn how to deal with these issues in a more adult manner that doesn’t ruin the show and infuriate their viewers.

          • lorrie calamd says:


          • Joan says:

            I totally agree with everything you have said glad someone else feels like I do, I cant stand Nikki and her whining and her hangdog face and victor well u said it better than could. I wish they would bring Phyllis back though but back to her old tricks and not the humdrum part she started to play. Cloe needs to go she doesn’t add too much to the show anymore, and Victoria needs to get her act together her part has been downright boring as of late. Oh well I guess with MM gone Billie gone and Phyllis not worth watching any more. I agree about more Gay characters but they are too cowardly to go that route, they have the guts to fire so why not hire more diverse characters like you said. Thank you for your most honest response.

        • Rosemary says:



          ROSE LANNI

        • vanessa says:


          • Louise Northwood says:

            First you lost Phylis, then Adam, and now Billy!!
            I cannot believe you would not be able to at least keep Billy Miller on for the role
            of Billy Abbot.
            You respect his choice leave, but I do not respect the choices you have made to
            lose three great actors, the best the show had in my mind.
            So Im out
            no more show for me, been a long road watched for 23 years, but no more

        • Shern says:

          I am upset to because Micheal Muhney is leaving. He is the reason that I watch the Young and the Restless. Because he’s gone, I’m gone to. No more a fan of the show. I’m out.

        • Dawn says:

          I am floored. Why would they fire Mike Muhney?! I look forward to seeing him on each episode!! Fire Sharon, Neil and his whole family… they are the least interesting and I always walk away when they are on….Please bring back “Adam”. I like Victor and Nikki…still. I have watched Y&R since it’s inception and I don’t want to see Billy or Adam ever leave the show.

        • Christine says:

          I am also very saddened that Adam (Michael Muhney) was fired. One of the very best actors in daytime soaps..What the hell are they thinking, someone will snatch him up right away. No disrespect to Chris McKenna who will replace Adam, the guy doesnt even look anything like Adam..I have watched Y & R for over 20 yrs..but I will not support it anymore after firing Adam..first we lose Phyllis who was wonderful and now Billy Miner and Michael Muhney.. last time I will watch it, unless they bring the original Adam back.

          • Belindell Williams says:

            I feel the same as all the other about Adam. The part is Taylor made for him. Please rethink this.

      • They are popular characters you idiot!I have been waiting forever for them to get rid of that disgusting Victor.

        • Katarina Medved says:

          Wtf Victor is the greatest. They should get rid of NOONE whats wrong with you people!? and whats wrong with CBS!

      • AW says:

        Billy and Victoria, and Chelsea and Adam ARE popular characters! Do you even watch the show?? They need to keep Michael Muhney!!

          • Penny Steingraber says:

            The show will not be the same now that Adam is off the show. Big mistake Young and Restless! Adam isthe best actor on the show. You are going to lose alot of viewers now that Adam and Phyllis are gone. Why dont you let Sharon go! Very sad.

        • cher says:

          hell yes he is very good to the show wtf is wrong with these writers are they in there 90’s or something they need these good looking best actors here not old old men here how dummm can you go letting them go . your lose people will stop watching Y&R Adam is the best you got and bill how can u be so dummmmm ?

      • debbie forbes says:

        I am tired of hearing someone else is leaving Y &R…before long everybody on the show will be new characters. ? lol

      • Victoria says:

        they are getting rid of way too many of the good ones. The old billy is good for the old people.. the ones who watched it when he first started. the NEW billy is good for the new people, the generation they should be wanting to impress since older folk isn’t going to last forever. Adam has been changed already and everyone grew to like this adam. if they keep going the way they are going no one is going to want to watch it anymore anyways. Simply because no one will be the same. Too bad real life wasn’t like that..

        • lindaj18 says:

          I liked old Billy and new Billy and it didn’t matter as long as the actors are good. Here’s a tip for you.. we’re all going to be old sooner or later, and that has nothing to do with anything

        • Ruth says:

          I have been watching the show and have seen both Play the role of Billy. However, Billy miller has the perfect charisma for his role not the old Billy. I guess you can say I am one of the oldies, how long you are around is not necessarily determined by age. There are older fans of the show that definitely love the current Billy and Adam who think it is studio for the show to let them leave. If its pay, the current characters are worth keeping.

          • Caroline says:

            As an older fan of the show, I have been a fan of Michael Muhney as Adam and Billy Miller as Billy from the get-go – the best in these two roles, the only ones who really brought these two characters to life. They seem to be getting rid of the best and keeping the worst. I get really tired of seeing Victor manipulate one situation after the other to his own advantage, regardless of whom he hurts. I know money talks, but that man needs to have his feel held to the fire! Some of the storylines – the Neil and what’s-her-face thing and the constant messing up by Sharon – are just plain dull and an indication of the mental constipation of the writers. Even older fans do not necessarily want to watch plots that go back 30 years into the past. It is fine to keep a sense of the history of the characters and plot, but we do not need to revisit everyone’s past and have everyone talking to damn ghosts!

          • Monique says:

            Speaking of the GREAT VICTOR NEWMAN who married his own “DAUGHTER – IN – LAW” how stupid, retarded is that and as for Lauren Fenmore what’s wrong with her she’s not talking about her first born SCOTTY but of course its not her fault ITS THE STUPID STORY LINE THAT NEVER MAKES ANY SENSE!!!!!!!!

      • Vincent O'Driscoll says:

        You think Adam and Billy are NOT popular? You couldn’t be more wrong.

        • Noemi says:

          I think Adam and Billy are the heart of the show in my opinion. They are both my favorite among the Y&R male actors.

        • cecile says:

          ,My sisters and i were very dissapointed when Adam and Billie were taken off the show.they made the more fun to watch.The new Billiy just does not seem right although he was the first.Please bring them back

      • judy says:

        I beg to differ. Adam and Chelsey and Billy and Victoria are the only reason I watch this show. Do your homework

      • I dont think so honey, those couples are boring now! Adam and Chelsea, are popular, and they need a new woman for Nick! Billy and Victoria are good together, too bad he wants to leave….

      • Lori Curless says:

        no who cares about victors old ass and nickis its so boring now, i will never watch it again, they got rid of all the good ones and now i wont ever watch again, they cut their own throats, hope they go down so much in ratings they take it off the air, it sucks…

        • JoyAnne says:

          The reason Nikki is boring at the moment is because of the stupid s/l about Dylon being her long ago given away son. Do they honestly think that people who have seen her when she was young don’t know that is a load of nonsense. Who ever wrote that should be fired. It is just to make Dylon a bigger part of the show.

      • Susie Robinson says:

        Victor and Nikki are old news. So are Sharon and Nick. Adam was one of the better roles on there. More interesting. Villian/heartbreaker/at the same time. Y&R’s loss.

      • davlestev1 says:


      • cmaglaughlin says:

        alistaircrane, You need to google the outrage of millions of fans who are totally fed up losing one of their TWO favorite couples. You’re opinion is soooooooo out of bounds, it’s not even in the ball park. Find somewhere else to dump!

      • claire says:

        Agree. I have watched the Y&R from the first episode that it aired . Always respected the producers choice of actor’s and unity of the team.
        The firing of Adam was cruel with 2 days notice just before christmas- heartless.
        Wake up producers… bring Adam back… he has been a favourite.
        Not sure if I can continue to watch the show with the events that have taken place.
        No taste.

      • Jeanne says:

        With actions like this, I am wondering what is the point of watching Y & R. You keep changing characters……we (the audience) like the ones we are used to watching. Keep up that kind of work, and you will be replaced by a stupid talk show. started watching Y & R in 1988….this is pat of my family

    • Jan says:

      I’m sick about this. The three most interesting characters on the show are Adam, Phyllis and Billy. Does it do any good to beg Y&R to bring them back?

      • Kelly! says:

        Join the facebook group for the love of Muhney, All the info is on there about how to contact CBS

      • alistaircrane says:

        They need to bring back NINA. People should be outraged that Tricia Cast was the first vet fired by Jill Farren Phelps. I quit watching when Nina was written out, and when I tuned back in when Nina returned for Kay’s funeral, I nearly vomited at how horribly-written the show was.

      • Louise Bigras says:

        Mr. Bell must be turning in his grave. They are ruining the show by making so many drastic changes. The three most interesting characters Billy, Adam, Phyllis and Deliah. Are you NUTS? It is sad enough that we lost poor Mrs. Chancellor, leave the others alone. We are warning YOU, you WILL lose us fans of the show which I have been watching since 1973.

        • Arlene Moore says:

          I agree getting rid of adam and billy is a big mistake i have watched this show since the beginning and i am really upset about this. Phyliss was another great one for the show. And its time everyone finds out about sharon being the blame for her and letting nick know summer is really his daughter. I also hate making billy cheat on victoria they were my favorite couple.

    • Brad says:

      What is going on at Y & R. Firing Michael Muhney, what a mess.

      • cmaglaughlin says:

        Since I do need a life, I spent hours last night googling this mess. Paul Davidson says Jill Farren Philips is not the executioner here. “The real story behind the firing has not yet been told.” And might NEVER be, since Sony is like other big conglomerates…silence quiets lawsuits. From past work issues, Michael Muhney did not endear himself to the writers by “going off the script, too far, too often.” It didn’t help, either, with him and Sharon Case on the sidelines going at it…she giving him lap dances! He is a square peg in a round hole, but an awfully great talent! I always looked forward to his day on the tube. I’m curious enough to see what transpires with the new breed coming, but my favorite soap is hanging by a thread, and I could use the five extra hours a week to “fire” my midsection with needed exercise!

        • cmaglaughlin says:

          On the subject of comings and goings, I read “Phyllis” left because of, none other than “MURPHY”! Seems he became fed up with his Scientology cronies and was constantly blowing the whistle on them in front of other staff members. “Phyllis and Sharon” are both members of Scientology. Phyllis left to make a promo film on her religion, and to get away, from not only Murphy, but where her character was headed, which was nowhere!

      • Arlene Moore says:

        What did he really say to get fired. he is allowed to voice his opion

      • Diane Peschiutta says:

        The only reason I watch is because of Michael/Adam; once he’s gone I’ll have no more interest. The same tired story line is getting monotonous. Maybe the writers should be fired.

        • Joan Hosey says:

          Great idea get rid of the writers, there are quite a few actors/actresses in Y&R who are not really involved in story lines so why don’t they vacate those roles and that way they could meet the increases when contracts come up for renewal. Getting rid of the favorite actors who actually draw in the audiences is crazy, nuts, and just downright bloody stupid. Get real writers I think you need to rethink these two firings.

          • Caroline says:

            Right on! There are plenty of boring, dispensable characters on this show, some of them long-term, like Esther, some younger but still dull as dishwater, like Devon. They are firing the actors who play interesting roles, but keeping deadwood and hiring more of the same, and also doing a disservice to some good actors, like Sharon Case, Cristel Kahlil, and Kristoff St-John, by making their roles silly and repetitive, and in the case of Sharon Case, an insult to both the actress herself and to the viewing public. So who do they let go? Three of the best – Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, and Michael Muhney!

    • JP says:

      Are they trying to run this soap into the ground?
      Adam/Michael was a major figure on this show, and to cut him out, as well as Billy Milly now is just plain WRONG!
      It’s so obvious that Jill Farren Phelps elevated her buddie, Steve Burton to the role of Nikki’s son just to give him more clout on the show, and I’m sure this is a major insult to those in the cast who have been on the show for years. Cronyism is alive and well on the Y&R!!!!

      • Deb T says:

        JP, you nailed it! Although I really like Dylan and Stitch’s characters, Billy and Adam are far more important and “rooted” in the show than some long lost son of Nikki and his friend. It’s totally crazy to fire these outstanding characters/actors that the fans are so vested in just so JFP can hire friends and favorites of past jobs.

        In my opinion, bringing in these actors that she already knew just proves she’s wanting the easy, less challenging way out. It’s much more difficult to write and create great stories for veteran actors you don’t know and have never worked with. I think that’s the cheapest of cheap shots you can throw at the fans, new and old alike. So far, 3 newbies in, 3 beloved’s out! I also heard Tristan Rogers was coming back. If that’s true, is another veteran going to get the boot to pay his salary?

        JFP and the new writers are destroying our show, our actors/characters we love so much and the awesome chemistry everybody already has there. It simply doesn’t make good business sense. The Y&R fans are extremely loyal and sooner or later, it will come back to bite them! Get Michael and Billy back ASAP, stop axing these great actors at will and just as importantly, stop insulting the fans! Enough is enough!

        • odessa washam says:

          I agree, they are ruining the show. Nobody could have played a more betraying part than Billy has on the death of his child. It has really been so heartbreaking to see him portray this father, and Adam is stepping up to the plate now, SO leave it along. Is a few dollars going to be worth the decline that the show is going to have when it falls it rating?

        • deb k says:

          well said…exactly right.

    • Ann Mylles says:

      Me too. I can’t stand the character of Victor Newman. I wish that he would die.
      I really don’t care anymore what happens to Victor or Nick. I can’t stand Sharon. She needs to be gone.

      • Y Rundles says:

        I totally agree with you , Ann Mylles. Victor and Nick needs to be removed from the show. Both are arrogant SOBs. Tired of them both.

    • Beachbum44 says:

      The Young and the Restless is the ONLY soap that I still watch and have for years. It has been changing so much here lately, and not for the better, as least not too me. I can honestly say that I have been changing the channel through almost all the story lines except for when Adam is involved. I have loved watching the growth of the character and was hoping that he was being set up to actually take over for Victor – hopefully HE would exit the show. Now – I am officially done. When I read about Billy Miller leaving after Phyllis’ character left I wondered if the whole point was to make the show so bad that all the fans would leave in mass. That way they could cancel the show. I now believe that is the plan. If you notice they are slowing removing all traces of any daytime soaps. That’s why the “hatchet ” was hired. To officially ruin this show too. Young and the Restless will soon be a memory too.

    • heather says:

      I’M also done with the young and restless, i have watched this program since nicky was a stripper, sick of all the good actors going, .

    • lette says:

      Yep, Let’s take the # 1 soap and get rid of all the characters that made it #1. Makes sense to me. IDIOTS

    • PAM Hutchins says:

      It time to let the advertisers know that we will NO LONGER buy any of their products, or watch the show PERIOD until we get the respect we deserve!

    • Donna says:

      I only recently started watching Y&R after many years as a fan of General Hospital, which has become a farce. I now find myself in the position of giving up another soap. Michael Muhney is the best actor on Y&R, perfect as Adam, and the highlight of every episode he appears in. I read something by Melody Thomas Scott that implies that the fans wouldn’t be so upset by his firing if they knew the story behind it. SO TELL US THE STORY!!! Just letting go of a fan favorite without an explanation feels like were being treated like children — like a child having a favorite toy taken away without being told the reason. It completely disregards and disrespects the feelings of the people who make a show successful — the fans. To us, it seems capricious and unless we’re told the reason behind it, will only breed bad feeling and lack of interest in the show.

      • Vivian says:

        I totally agree with you Donna. Tell the fans what awful things MM did that was worth removing him from the show, just before Christmas which also ruined my Christmas……I feel sorry for him and his family. I started to watch when Steve Burton was added to the cast since I followed him on GH, then I found Adam and Chelsea and I was hooked. He’s such a great actor and the chemistry between them kept me coming back, I even checked out Youtube videos about their history. Love it when MM and MCE are on I fast forward through the other stuff just to see them. But that’s ok…… I never watched before unlike so many faithful fans…… taking Michael Muhney off big mistake. Bye, Bye y&r for me. I’ll do something else instead of looking forward to watch the show.

    • Alana says:

      Never wrote about anything of TV all of my life… but Adam… Michael Muhney… being released is incredulous…especially after the passing of Mrs. Chancelor. Give us fans a break and bring Adam back!!!!

    • concern in memphis says:

      the writers on y/r should be fired themselves from ever writing again. to let Adam and Billy go is insane. Why don’t the writers do something about that big fool Victor, the person on the show that can get away with murder and come out smelling like a rose, are you all serious about the decision to let Adam and Billy go this must be a joke. I take y/r every day, so I can watch it when I get off work. Do Y/R care any thing about the fans, are some one paying you all tom loose rating. Something is going on that is not right, to let two of the best actors that y/r has ever had go, something is not right If it walk like a duck look like a duck quack like a duck then it must be a duck.

      concern in Memphis Tennessee 12-31-2013

    • dwanna says:

      You need to fire the person responsible for firing mm. You must not be a y&r fan. How did they ever get the job?

    • Brenda says:

      It’s time to get rid of the actor who plays Victor Newman. It appears he has a personality disorder on the show and now in real life. Someone needs to tame the beast. And JFP needs to be replaced. Come on CBS, get rid of the trouble makers. Many fans want the actors who play Billy and Michael to stay with the show…….. Already missing Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. Left me write the story, Victor and JFP go away forever……… YAH, now that’s a good STORY……

      • Cee Cee says:

        Eric is the one who needs to GO! Michael you were the BEST on that show, along with “Billy” and “Jack” “Michael” and “Nick” who are all superior actors to you. RETIRE ALREADY!!! But Michael, I am so sorry to hear that you are gone. I record the show every day to watch you in action. You will go FAR in your career. Remember when God closes a window he opens a DOOR! Best of luck to you.

    • Brenda says:

      It’s time to get rid of the actor who plays Victor Newman. It appears he has a personality disorder on the show and now in real life. Someone needs to tame the beast. And JFP needs to be replaced. Come on CBS, get rid of the trouble makers. Many fans want the actors who play Billy and Michael to stay with the show…….. Already missing Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. Let me write the story, Victor and JFP go away forever……… YAH, now that’s a good STORY……

    • Ilah says:

      Michael if the best–are they trying to kill the show. I will not watch if Michael is gone. So tired of Victor evilness. Bring Michael back!!!!

    • Joan Hosey says:

      It stinks quite frankly the Y&RESTLESS mite not survive all this I for one will be looking to find something else to watch cos I have a feeling Lilly is next then who else I watched this show from the beginning it’s sad they are ruining it, bring them both back otherwise suffer the consequences of the show being taken off the air!!!!!!!!!

      • Kelly says:

        It was very personal with MM. They wanted to teach him a lesson and show him who’s boss. I can’t believe they would fire the most talented and dynamic actor and character on the show. I won’t be watching Y & R after Jan. 30th. MM stopped twittering for months after the incident with EB. But that wasn’t good enough for the network. I feel they’re going to regret their decision in the very near future….but it’s goint to be too late.

        I wish MM and his family all the best in the future. It won’t be long before he’s employed again. I’ll be waiting and watching for sure!!!!

    • Nettie says:

      Firing is what happens when a married actor with kids sexually harasses a coworker

      • Lynda Westlake says:

        If someone told you the moon was made of cheese would you believe them? I wish everyone would stop spreading unproven RUMOURS and believing these unproven rumours. My take is: Did Angelica McDaniel (Head of CBS Daytime programming) leak this UNPROVEN rumour to her husband Brian McDaniel (employed by TMZ) on TMZ? Maybe CBS is trying to destroy Michael’s character, career and family life because they know the show will tank after all the fans boycott their channel and advertisers. If this was the case, he would have been escorted out of the building immediately and not stayed to film 3 extra days. RIP Y&R

        • Joan Hosey says:

          Exactly I don’t believe anything they say it’s saving their own asses!! They need an excuse for what they r doing and he is just a scapegoat – I don’t believe any of the those SOBs at CBS they
          need jacking up. UNBELIEVABLE

      • Mary Church says:

        Perhaps the girl who plays Summer is putting it on for attention. She appears as a sniffly winy character who has a runny nose and is always wanting attention. Very annoying character who I think is the same in real life. I cannot stand watching her pathetic acting.

    • Mary says:

      You seriously WANT such an actor on the show? Not me!!!! Nor would Summer obviously she Adam molested her IRL. Not the first time this actor has been in pervie trouble.

    • S.M. Dore says:

      The only good role and good actor on Y&R that is left was Michael Muhney and I have watched the show since its inception. How could anyone watch the scenes of Adam and his new baby and not know that he was the right joice to play this very important role. I have being getting more and more bored with the plots on Y&R and the only thing that kept me coming back was his fresh approach . Some people in LA have lost the casting touch.

      • Joan says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more I’ve been watching since inception and his role as Adam is what has kept me coming back week after week to watch them, I was on vacation 3 weeks and I recorded 15 episodes, I Luv his role and he acts the part with everything he’s got. Not sure what is going to happen to the show now, maybe it will go the way of As the world turns or all the other soaps who got old and stale, and that is what Y&R will do if they think Nikki and Victor can keep,this,soap afloat. WRONG they have both become very boring, I fast forward thru most or their scenes cos all Nikki does is whine whine whine and that hang dog look she has on her face is ridiculous sick of looking at them both. Good look CBS ur going to need it.

    • TMac says:

      How crazy is this….everyone on the writing staff should be fired for this hit and run stupidity involving Adam and as far as this sexual harassment charge I find it strange that a show that for years has made extra marital affair popular now some how has developed a moral back bone…Please give me a break, they all need to go!

    • I am so……angry that Adam will no longer be on the Young and the Restless. I am going to stop watching it if Michael Muhney does not return as Adam. I’m tired of hearing about the death of Delia!😑😏

    • p t rivera says:

      I will NEVER watch “Y & R” again!! NEVER! Firing Michael Muhney is the final straw!!

    • Sandy Notidis says:

      Michael Muhney AKA Adam was fired for misconduct touching Summer Newman’s breasts on the Young & the Restless….He should be fired or she was going to the police…..He is disgusting, a married man with children.

      • Joan says:

        And you know this to be a fact because you was there? Why on earth would he risk his career and family for her and why has she not come out and backed up her story. It was all a front to get him off the show because him and Eric Braeden “victor” couldn’t work together we all know victor likes the lime lite to,shine on him. Please get your facts straight before making these kind of comments.

        • Monique Fichault says:

          You are so right Joan first there was no proof and when there is no proof no one is guilty until proven innocent its too bad some coworkers cannot get along, because Michael was a GREAT ACTOR. AND I WILL MISS HIM someone taking his place its not funny because it destroyes the soap and as for Billy I feel the same. Jill the one who is firing and hiring I read that she didn’t care what the fans think she’ll hire who she wants and she’ll do the same when it comes to firing the people.  So people don’t expect the two that got fired will be rehired IT AIN’T HAPPENING ANYTIME SOON AND NO ONE WILL FIRE JILL OR WHOEVER HER NAME IS.

          • Joan says:

            Your are exactly right about her, but if those fans who said no more Y&R that is the only way she can be put in her place because “ratings” is what it is all about. I am just finishing up the last two with Adam they have introduced the new/old Billy he cant act to save his life, so after the last two I am done, I have already dropped B&B because that got so boring so we need a new soap, if we keep track of General Hospital or even Adam/Billy’s pages we can find out if its true they r both moving to GH I will definitely watch it, I can imagine that the writers of GH will have some great material for “Adam” OMG it will be awesome he can wreak havoc on this soap LOL.

  2. NoChance says:

    Sorry to hear this news.
    Guessing the statement to come from Y&R will be: “we’re going a new direction with the character”.

  3. sara says:

    He’ll have to go back to writing fanfic about Don Lamb and posting on livejournal.

  4. Krystan says:

    I hope his last line has to do with smelling bread.
    I don’t watch Y & R, but I loved him as Sheriff Lamb.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!!!! I couldn’t stand his pompous @$$ and I am glad he is out of there! Bring back the REAL Adam, Chris Engen!

  6. didi says:

    What stupid idiots they have running that show now. Billy Miller leaving was bad, but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Once Muhney is no longer airing, I am done with the show for good. No going back. They had a gem of a talent with him and they let him go? Of course, they probably need more money to hire the incredibly boring day players they are making front burner.

    • Sue says:

      The Young and Restless executives tend to forget about the fans when they make these decisions. I have watched this soap for over 35 years and the past 5 years they have made the dumbest decisions on characters. The writers are awful and only know how to kill off characters and continue with the boring story lines of fighting over companies. Keep the exciting actors ( Adam Newman) and get rid of the old actors who are draining the budget. Really Y&R…. you are losing so many fans. Don’t can ADAM !!!! I can give you some suggestions on who you should cut. Ask the fans………

      • Paula says:

        There are so many on the show now that should be let go; however, they keep those and let go the best ones. Abby, Phyllis, Billy, now Adam….I have been a fan of Y&R for 25 years, but Adam’s last show will be mine. I cannot take this any longer. :(

        • Cindi Center says:

          I agree. .. I have been watching since the show was a 15 minute episode when my grandmother watched it everyday. I have recorded it over the years as I work so I would not miss it. Got my husband hooked too. Too many characters lost. I am done when he is gone. Y&R will be another soap to end and leave the TV schedule.

          • TL says:

            y&r never 15 min. It came on in 1973 and all soaps were 30 min by then. You might be thinking of Search for Tomorrow, which ran around this time period and was 15 min for decades.

          • Richard Reeves says:

            can u quit sending me notifications of new comments ? it’s getting annoying and flooding my inbox. Take me off the email list


          • zuro says:

            I agree they have messed up when they left all the people go. I have watched this since it first started and I am hanging it up to when Adam and Billy are gone. To many new people too. It will cancel soon

        • vanessa says:


      • Trish says:

        I totally agree w Silvia’s post. Michael Muhney and Billy Miller are two of THE BEST ACTORS on Y & R. Not only are they each unique and have that intangible “something”, a dazzling charisma. Both are epically talented in their craft. What is wrong w/CBS letting these two AWESOME characters go??!! Between killing people young and old and letting serious talent just slip through your fingers….maybe the real spoiler alert is CBS is trying to get removed from the CBS lineup???? The lame writing, not researched enough to make it believable doesn’t help either!! As a matter of fact it is supremely abhorrent to let Michael and Billy go @ Christmas time…. disgusting to the point I will do something else during Y & R soap time!!!!
        Extremely disappointed – Y & R fan since the very beginning,

        p.s. I agree w almost every post! All of the ones that are really telling Y&R how lame the writing is, the lame characters they choose to keep, letting go of Billy and now Michael-this is the straw that broke the camel’s back – I don’t need to watch a show where all of the characters and story lines are being managed apparently by some very ignorant idiots!!

    • Lalah says:

      I couldn’t agree more.This is an outrage!!

  7. Dominique says:

    truly shocked. muhney is easily one of the best actors on that show and they are idiots to get rid of him. although with JFP in charge, it isn’t all that surprising. us gh fans watched in horror as she ruined our show, it was only a matter of time before she would do the same to this one.
    hope michael will be able to find a new role soon, he’s more than talented.
    fyi though; he’s only played the role since 2009, so that’s four years, not six :)

  8. Ron ONeal says:

    The story is that the fans are outraged over this huge mistake. It’s obvious that Jill Farren Phelps wants the show to center around the pet, Steve Burton. Well news flash honey, the sound you’re hearing is the stampede of people turning your show off. Michael Muhney is your new Frankie Frame.

    • Dave says:

      THANK YOU for the Frankie Frame reference. I just said the exact same thing!

    • MC says:

      Really not everything has to do with Steve Burton. This is JFP’s MO. She kills a kid as a gateway to try to get rid of a popular actor (see GH where she killed Jake, and tried to fire Becky Herbst). Getting rid of MM is a boneheaded move, especially on the heels of Billy Miller deciding to leave. Disappointed in the new writers too.

    • linda says:

      A Frankie Frame shoutout!

    • Curly says:

      I so remember what JFP did to Another World & GH. I seem to recall her insanity hurting Guiding Light too! I believe that GL dressed their cross dressing serial murderer to resemble her as a knock against what she did to their show..Im trying to remember if she was the brains behind killing Maureen Bauer? Anyone?
      Poor Y & R – I hope they can recover from the Steve Burton blink & stare style of acting, because very soon he will be on 5 days a week.

      • Mary says:

        Curly, JFP was indeed the “brains” behind Maureen Bauer’s death and it ranks near the top of all the popular characters (and their portrayers) that she has gotten rid of. You could literally cast an entire soap from all the actors that have been fired or just quit outright under her tenures. It’s a shame but I don’t ever see her changing her ways and I think people just go along with it out of fear or just indifference. And while I’ve never been a Steve Burton fan and agree wholeheartedly about his “blink and you miss it” acting skills, I really can’t fault him when something like this happens.

      • Jennifer Gormley says:

        JFP was behind Maureen Bauer’s death and I’m still not over it. When I heard she was taking over Y&R, I cringed. Even though the story lines with MAB were sometimes awful I’d take them any day over killing Dehlia and now with firing Michael. It’s a very sad day and I’m afraid a sad future for our show.

    • Karen says:

      I totally agree. I loved Michael Muhney as Adam. He made the character sympathetic, with just a gesture he showed Adam’s feelings. (Personally don’t care what any actor does/tweets. They have free speech, how many times has any one of us said something disparging about a co-worker.) This show is sinking fast. I was dumbfounded when Michelle Stafford left, then Jill is backstoryed, Ashley vanishing act, Abby recast (sorry like the original the best), Sharon is doing really weird stuff (marrying Victor-yuck), killing off the character of Delia, letting Billy Miller go and now Michael. I am sooooo done with this soap. Starting watching when it first aired with my mom, have put up with the ups and downs but lately its all down hill. Bye Bye after Jan. 30th.

  9. Well, I’m not gonna watch YR anymore that’s for sure. The only thing that keep me watching that farce was Adam and Michael Muhney. Best of luck for him and his career. I hope he finds something good. Go back to prime time, MM.

  10. Michelle says:

    OMG when did this happen? JFP is ruining Y&R. I don’t care about budgets or what MM might have done. Unless he killed someone they need to unfire him and reunite him with Sharon.

  11. Danielle Adams says:

    It was Tuesday which is today.

  12. Marie Adams says:

    Goodbye Young and the Restless. This show is now removed from daily recording. This show is dying a slow and painful death.

  13. Tori says:

    I am not usually taken by surprise but this blew me away! He is one of the more popular actors on the show as well playing a popular character. The only thing I can think of is that they felt they wrote the character of Adam into a corner they can’t get him out of alive. Michael is a very talented actor another series will snatch him up quickly and it will be Y&R’s lost.

  14. Margie says:

    He’d make a good Jason on GH. Just putting it out there. If Y&R has Steve Burton, GH should snag him to bring Jason back from the dead.

    • Curly says:

      Great idea! Although, it would take some adjusting to see an actor bring 3 dimensions to that character…no more cartoon.

  15. Andie says:

    Don’t watch this show, but sad to hear this news because I love Muhney! Hope to see him back in primetime soon.

  16. denise says:


  17. JFP-Sucks says:

    There goes the only reason I still watched the show. JFP, ruining soaps one stupid decision at a time. Good luck to Mr. Muhney in his future roles. I hope some other show snaps him up soon.

  18. Tess says:

    Wow, what a crappy surprise. I love to hate/hate to love Adam. Definitely one of my favorite characters, and Michael Muhney does an amazing job playing all the different sides of Adam.

    What a huge loss for the viewers, and what a huge mistake by the Y&R bosses.

    I’m not sure I’m even interested in the show anymore now that we will be losing Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. So disappointing.

  19. Miranda says:

    Sorry to hear. I can only guess it’s a cost-cutting move? Soap actors working today should count their blessings – their jobs are gong the way of the dodo.

  20. JustJulie says:

    I’m out. I loved Adam in all his complex evilness. And his chemistry with Chelsea was incredible. What they hey Y&R? Oh, I know, how about more story line on the epically boring siblings Tyler and Leslie Michaelson?

    • Connor says:

      Don’t forget Mason and that crazy black chick…and Lily who can’t act to save her life.

      • lindaj18 says:

        Neither can Cane act and I can hardly understand what he says. Add Victor & Nikki to that list. But where is Gloria? They’re firing all the wrong people!!!

  21. linda says:

    I haven’t watched the show for a year and even I know this is a stupid move. I may not have liked the Adam character but Michael was a goldmine. (I also loved him as Sheriff Lamb.)

  22. Connor says:

    I love him. I literally fast fwd to the Adam scenes. Nikki gets on my nerves and all of the new crap actors like Mason and Dylan. Dull show. He’ll be just fine.

  23. Debbie says:

    You know, he’s NOT my favorite character or actor on the show, but this sudden firing makes me VERY nervous for the ones who are my favorites. Sure, Billy Miller wanted to leave, and the kid playing Kyle needed to be replaced a while ago, but having three actors exit all at once seems like a boneheaded move to me, regardless of the reasons.

    Now I’m wondering–who’s next?

  24. TL says:

    Wait. Stafford…gone. Miller…gone. Muhney…gone. I’M GONE! Later Y&R.

    JFP working her “magic” once again.

  25. Samantha says:

    Michelle is gone. Billy is leaving. And now they are letting Michael go?! What’s the frigging deal?! Y & R has been my fave show for-ever! But letting Michael go will be a huge and untter mistake! Comtemplating not watching anymore but I want to see if the show will completely go off the rails after this fiasco. I expect it to. LOVE YOU MICHAEL! YOU RAWK!

  26. jessieboy says:

    Take the actress playing Chelsea with you.

  27. beth curtin says:

    beyond pissed off right now..great fire adam but keep loser fenn…great decision y and r..i have been watching this soap for 35 years and im about done with it…its too bad..

  28. TL says:

    Let’s be real people. Get all the great actors and characters…put them ALL on GENERAL HOSPITAL, make it a 2 hour show and cancel all the other soaps. Valentini and Carlivati will know how to rock it all out!

  29. Shellia says:

    I have watched Y and R every day since the very first episode. Now, I happy with just once or twice a week because of the awful writing. The characters became an extended family. I will mourn the loss, but goodbye. After Mrs. C., Phyllis( love-hate her bony ass), little sweet DeeDee, Billy Boy (what a killer smile) and now Adam ( OK, twisted but talented). I bid them all goodbye.

  30. Tran 2.0 says:

    This news has gone from bad to worse for Y&R fans especially now that Billy Miller is done playing the role of Billy Abbott and replace by the original Billy himself David Tom. Where does Y&R go from here? Hope Chelsea aka Melissa Claire Egan is going to find a handsome new man in her life perhaps Dylan aka Steve Burton.

    • Tran 2.0 says:

      Almost forgot about Michelle Stafford who left Y&R to pursue her new gig: The Stafford Project.

    • don says:

      Well Y&R will go to a new direction with Billy Abbott so will not hear Billy boy anymore and may this maybe the end for Billy and Victoria all together. Adam will be back with a new face not Michael Muhney a new actor in my opinon for the sake of the show the should try to bring back the original Adam Chris Engen back to the show in order to have chemestry with Chelsea to save the character.

    • don says:

      Adam will back with a new face and I really hope that it will be Chris Engen back to the role and I do not see Chelsea with a new man or Dylan. Recently Y&R made lots of lay offs, I think in coming more character will be soon out of canvas it will not be surprising because the show wants go to a new direction.

    • don says:

      Tran 2.0 you gave me an idea with Billy now the role will be assumed by David Tom, I can see him pairing with Lizz Henrickson who plays Chloe.

  31. L says:

    I cannot believe this! He is such a great actor. May not be the best to look at but definitely a great talent and entertaining to watch. Wow…just wow..

  32. aleta mitchell says:

    He is a fine actor and easy on the eyes. He can ACT what’s the problem? Land on your feet !

  33. Donna & Jack says:

    No longer watching Young & Restless – let best actors get the axe.

  34. Megan says:

    Shocked to hear this. I find the show so boring lately. Same old who killed someone, who tampered with evidence and drag it on for months. I don’t like Dylan (Steve Burton) and find the chemistry between him and Avery puts me to sleep. Adam was my favorite character, a bad side but a soft side that could always make me reach for a kleenex. I don’t even remember the old Adam. The scenes between Victor and Adam are fab and I loved Adam and Sharon and now love Adam and Chelsea. Billy Miller leaving, now Michael Muhney? Who’s next Eric Braeden? When Delia was killed off I almost stopped watching. Phyllis is gone, now that Billy and Adam are leaving I’ll be turning off my daily recordings. Sad because I have watched this show for many many years.

  35. Jennifer says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me!! Firing one of the most talented actors is one thing. But the character of Adam is so diverse! He can play the bad guy and we all hate him. On the other hand he can play the nice guy and we all love him! Oh this isn’t going to be good. A huge loss for the show.

  36. Amanda says:

    I’m so shocked and don’t get this at all. I remember Michael tweeting earlier this year when he signed a 2 year extension on his contract. I just feel so bad for him and his family. He’s such a great actor. I didn’t know for the longest time he was on “Veronica Mars” as I started watching it after he debuted on “Young and Restless”. I really hope he’ll either sign with another soap or join the cast of any drama series on TV or a new pilot. He would be a fantastic addition for anything. Just sad seeing first Michelle, then Billy, and now Michael.

  37. Bessie Lynch says:

    Of all the insane F… Ups I have ever seen in daytime!!! JFP takes the cake on BAD from the word go!!! She has been hell bent on destroying Y&R from the first day she stepped through the door. Slowly but surely she is sinking Y&R just as if she was in charge of the Titanic. There are no words to express the disgust we all feel for her!!! Having to watch this disaster unfold is breaking my heart after 40 yrs. of watching. I am here to say when MM and BM leave at the end of Jan., so will I. I know it won’t matter but the draw to the show will be gone, so why bother continuing to watch the train wreck of what will be left? I personally will miss them terribly.

  38. Staci says:

    this is some sick sick freaking joke adam is the young and the restless this has to be a bad joke if they let michael go i am done with this sorry ass show

  39. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m sorry to hear Michael Muhney was let go from Y&R.However i wouldn’t be that surprised if another soap hired him soon but for he may just spend time with his family during the holidays.

  40. mike says:

    Dump that log Burton, Muhney and Miller were the only reason to watch now that Jeanne Cooper is gone. What are these people thinking?

  41. Gigi says:

    So…. We are getting rid of a lot of good actors to hire more younger cheaper actors who can’t act? I’m sorry just too many story lines going on with all these younger characters….. Hard to watch!

  42. I’m absolutely broken they’ve let another fabulous actor slip away. Hello? Do you all want the same fate as AMC,GL,OLTL AND ATWT? You’re not impervious to the fate of being a lost genre Y&R.

  43. Luvmygreys says:

    That’s it, your last show is my last show. You were the only reason I kept watching, Young and Restles will be Old and Boring. Goodbye you stupid writers and inept producers you have killed a show I have watched for 30 years. I have put up with so many storylines that were just plain poop, watched as you kept boring, self-centered actors who think they are god. This is just plain awful.

  44. Erin says:

    They guy makes the show – I love him on it. First Billy Millar, now him? I’m done. Bye bye Y&R, I’m out as of January 30th.

  45. Sue says:

    Good Bye Y&R! You’ve really F….ed up this time, first Billy Miller, now this! Done, Done, Done! JFP you’ve done it again…at least you’re consistent!

  46. Faith says:

    yet another “great” move by the Y & R. i have watched teh show for the last 10 + years and nobody tunes in to see same old Victor,Nicki and nick it so boring when it just them. Adam brought something to the table now they have axed him, good luck keeping up your ratings.

  47. Scott Wilson says:

    The ONLY 2 reasons to watch this lame show, Billy & Adam are leaving ?!?!!!! REALLY?!?! Great job Y&R!!! What happened?? The soap world isn’t dying fast enough for you, so you decided you’ll HELP KILL it!!!!!!

  48. Paris says:

    Lifelong viewer here, and when Mr. Muhney takes his final curtain call I will be saying sayonara to Y&R as well. We were duly warned when JFP came on board, and quickly brought her robotic BFF on board as well. Look for SB to become the main male lead now, along with JM. Gomer and Jethro. What a pair. Losing Michael Muhney…now that’s a loss. Losing Steve Burton..yawn.

  49. General Hospital needs to snatch him up to play a back from the “dead” Jason. He would be great! And it sounds like he has a lot of fans who would come to GH with him.

    • Gail says:

      I would follow this actor anywhere! And I wasn’t even a soap watcher until I discovered MM on Y and R and became hooked.

    • Russ says:

      Maybe not as Jason, but GH should totally snatch him up.

    • Sandra Green says:

      I have watched the show since day 1. I will not watch it any more. The characters of Billy and Adam gave the show just what it needed to keep a lot of fans coming back. I love Victor, and always have. He is an excellent actor, but as we all know, new blood is always needed. Adam was a awesome character. The spark between Victoria and Billy will not be the same. And who the heck can blame Adam for what happened. It was an accident, and he thought he hit a dog. It would have served the show better to have prosecuted Adam, incarcerated him, and then brought up the new twist that someone else had hit Delia and left her there, while her dog stood watch over her. Then Adam came along and the dog ran in the road to try to get attention brought to Delia, but Adam didn’t realize what was happening, and left after seeing the dog was ok. And what were you thinking by killing off a little girl like that anyway. That was horrible. As for me, and several of the people I know, none of us will watch Y & R any more, unless they bring back Adam and Billy.