The Voice Season 5 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is… [Plus: 15 Additional Awards!]

The Voice - Season 5 Finale RecapCee Lo, put down your Handbook of Inscrutable Song Choices. Xtina, tuck away your décolletage. Carson Daly, park the promotional Kia in the garage.

Another installment of The Voice has come to its feel-good conclusion — and all that’s left are the inevitable debates about whether Season 5’s champ will finally be the one to achieve breakout, Clarkson- or Underwood-level success and if Mark Burnett will come to his senses and go all Michonne on those blasted SwayBots between now and next spring. (Forgive them, Father, for they know not how to keep time with the music.)

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Regarding the former question, of course, it’s encouraging that The Voice enlisted ubiquitous hitmaker Ryan Tedder to pen a coronation single for the champ. Instead of doing “the ‘standing-on-a-mountaintop, I’ve-won-everything’ kind of song, I wanted to do a real song about love and heartbreak,” Tedder told Carson, throwing more shade than the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree at tragic Idol victory anthems like “No Boundaries,” “Do I Make You Proud” and “Flying Without Wings.”

The Tedder development — along with a semi-finals results show last week that found room for performances by Season 3 champ Cassadee Pope, plus Season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery and her runners-up Michelle Chamuel and The Swon Brothers — makes me feel like NBC is finally realizing that even the most sensational songbirds need a little support to successfully navigate a music industry that would prefer to Auto-Tune Britney Spears’ morning phlegm-clearing sounds into a Top 10 single than support the kind of raw talent showcased by Jacquie Lee, Tessanne Chin and Will Champlin — plus the dozens of other top-notch singers who helped make Season 5 so addictive.

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Speaking of those dozens of vocalists, let’s hand out some awards involving tonight’s roster of performances:

Tessanne & Pals (Preston Pohl, Olivia Henken, James Wolpert and Grey): “Hold On, I’m Coming” — If there was a single missed note among the quintet, I didn’t hear it. Maybe because I was too busy grooving out to the extended vocal riffs, killer horn section and Preston’s enthusiastic dancing. (Oh, Preston, I wish you’d stuck around a little longer this season!)

Cee-Lo’s glittery, self-described “disco balls” jumpsuit.

Jacquie’s flirty blue lace dress with the black band across the top during her duet with Paramore.

Celine Dion’s exposed bra/torn-open jacket thingie. (There’s probably a technical term, but I can’t bear to ponder the awfulness of said frock for another second.)

Jacquie & Pals (Matthew Schuler, Caroline Pennell, Cole Vosbury and James Wolpert): “Bohemian Rhapsody” — OK, so the vocals were occasionally spotty and the sound- and camera-work a wee bit flawed, but Jacquie and Caroline’s giddy expressions on the “let me go!” portions, Cole’s crazy falsetto moment and James’ “Hi! I’m in the middle of the audience!” staging made me positively gleeful.

Tessanne’s emotional, elated breakdown — caught on cameraphone, maybe? — after she found out she’d be dueting with Celine Dion.

Celine’s incredibly scatting toward the end of “Love Can Move Mountains.” And props to Tessanne for matching the Canadian powerhouse in pitch, power and phrasing every step of the way.

Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, “Do What You Want” — Dressed like extras at a Dynasty cocktail party, the blonde divas (who’d never met before tonight) trilled and growled and flirtted their way through Gaga’s delicious piece of ear candy — almost looking at one point like they might go in for a smooch! I just wish they’d mashed it up with Xtina’s wildly underrated “Your Body,” which could’ve been the peanut butter to the chocolate of “Do What You Want.” (Side note: I wonder if the recent renewed interest in allegations of sexual assault made against R. Kelly might’ve been the reason Xtina stepped in place of the “I Believe I Can Fly” vocalist.)

One Republic, “I Lived” — Yes, Ryan Tedder, you did, but your falsetto was D.O.A.

Tessanne’s shiny, steel-gray earrings during “Hold On, I’m Coming.”

Ray Boudreaux’s sexy new facial hair stole the show in his performance of “Treasure” with Matt, Preston, Nick Hawk and Josh Logan.

Caroline Pennell sounded absolutely sensational providing lilting harmonies during Will Champlin & Friends (Cole, Austin Jenckes and Jonny Gray) rock-solid rendition of “Wagon Wheel.”

Jacquie Lee & Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun” — All season, Jacquie’s been scorching the stage with bluesy interpretations of tracks like “Back to Black,” “I Put a Spell on You” and “Love Is Blindness.” But she was equally compelling tonight on an upbeat rock jam — aided by lead singer Hayley Williams’ willingness to step back and let the 16-year-old protégé take command.

Amber Nicole showcased enormous poise and range with a few solo lines on a ladies’ group performance of “My Life Would Suck Without U.” Don’t you wonder if she’d have gone further if Cee Lo hadn’t blatantly sabotaged her with a country tune during the Live Playoffs?

Will Champlin and Aloe Blacc, “Wake Me Up” — Don’t get me wrong, these guys sounded good together, but Caroline already covered the song earlier in the season, and Will already tackled an Avicii tune in Top 6 week, too. Doesn’t it seem like Mark Burnett & Co. could’ve dug deeper to find a fresher jam for one of its Final 3 acts?

And with those awards handed out, let’s get to the ones that really count!

Final Three
Jacquie Lee
Tessanne Chin
Will Champlin

Third Place
Will Champlin

Second Place
Jacquie Lee

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne reacted with genuine shock, followed by a steady stream of joyous tears. Said emotional rush made it hard for her to get through her coronation single, “Tumbling Down,” and subsequently made it hard for me to glean if there’s real radio potential in the cards. So while I head over to iTunes to download it — hey, we’ve got to support these artists after the competition is over, at least if we want the process to mean something, no? — I’m gonna turn things over to you.

What did you think of the Season 5 finale? What were your favorite performances? Did anyone surprise you? Did the right person win? Sound off below, and for all my Voice-related interviews, recaps, news and videos — including a video Q&A with the Season 5 champ! — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Em says:

    Congrats to Tessanne! She definitely deserved it.
    Tonight’s finale was the perfect balance of awkward and performances that kept me entertained. Kudos.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Great finale. Really loved a lot of the group performances. So happy for Tessanne :)

      • Stacie says:

        I was so okay with either Jacquie or Tessanne winning. I wouldn’t have said that about 4 weeks ago, but Tessanne stepped it up the past several weeks. And that Whitney Houston performance last night was flawless. She deserved this win. I think Jacquie did amazing, and I think Christina did great with her. But I think the combination of Tessanne killing it and Adam, probably the most liked coach, was just a great combination. Great great season and finale.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Yup, she converted me too in the last few weeks as well.

        • Tyler says:

          Congrats, Tessanne! I knew you could do it. You had all the right attributes to win this season. And I think you proved all the nay-sayers wrong who didn’t think a power vocalist could ever win the Voice. I agree that Tessanne stepped it up the past 4 weeks, but I think that was all a part of Adam’s plan. He knew the right time for Tessanne to peak. Say what you will about Adam, but I still think he proved to be an excellent coach this season. Tessanne and Adam were a great combination.

      • Cheryl Hunter says:

        Yes, it was a great finale and Congratulations to Tessanne, you deserve the win! But, l would like to comment on the whole season; it was the best season for all the contestants. There was so much talent this season, l never missed a episode. Very good job! The Voice is a big #1 in my books and the judges are great entertainment too. I’m going too miss watching it, til next time. Great Voice!

    • sara says:

      She definitely deserved it! The most talented contestant won. I am so happy for that.

    • Ano Nymous says:

      Tessanne who???? That coronation song isn’t going to make anyone a star. She’s essentially DOA after two weeks in first place on ITunes.

      • Chuck Finley says:

        We will never hear from hear again outside of one appearance on The Voice next season. She will be joining Jermaine Paul in The Voice Witness Protection Program.

        • sara says:

          what a stupid comment.

          • ajintexas says:

            Oh please, it’s a dead on comment. This girl isn’t going anywhere. She was a backup singer for a reason.

          • Kaba says:

            Welp, at least she still accomplished more than you did with the life she’s living.

          • ajintexas says:

            How is that? I’m a nurse practitioner and she sings backup in a reggae band. Pretty sure I am #winning in relation to her lol.

          • Bri says:

            Think what they mean is that while you’re being a negative ass with no better time (lile the rest of us I supose) than to take petty jabs at someone trying to achieve something of theres… They’re achieving those things and doing quite well with life.
            Aren’t nurses supposed to be, you know, nice? Not sour jackasses?

          • ajintexas says:

            I’m entitled to my opinion. If you notice, I don’t take the time to find opinions I disagree with and call them names like a little child as the rest of you do. I thought she was a terrible choice to win and I don’t think she will ever be any more famous than Jermaine Paul. Don’t like my opinion? Tough. I don’t have to get on here and fall all over myself congratulating some person I don’t know and that I didn’t think deserved to win. Go find someone else to bother because I am not changing my opinion “because nurses are supposed to be nice.” I gave my honest opinion and it’s not changing. There were people eliminated in the battle rounds that were better than her.

          • DL says:

            Even if you disagree, you could, I don’t know, try being gracious and happy for her, instead of poo-pooing all over everything. Just sayin’.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Not that an inflammatory troll really deserves a response, but there are several problems with your post. Against my better judgment, I will point those out to you.
            A) Tessanne’s not a backup singer. She’s a soloist with professional credits. Get your facts right
            B) Many of the best start as backup singers. Not sure why that would ever be anything to look down upon. That’s like saying someone’s not a real professor because they used to be an associate professor. That’s your argument? Further, if you’re a backup singer for Britney Spears or J-Lo, you’re basically doing all the work anyways (trust me, I know for a fact that their background singers are doing all the heavy lifting).
            C) Eh, I just don’t care to keep typing. You’re not worth my energy and I’ve already given more than I should have.
            Good day to you!

        • Francine says:

          Unfortunately there is no point trying to have an honest discussion here. Chuck and AJ are the same person, as they showed in last nights posts on this same subject.

          • ajintexas says:

            What a detective you are. For some reason WordPress changes my name back to an old one after one post. I don’t care enough to worry about fixing it and neither should you. You should probably get off the computer and get out of the house if you pay that much attention to the internet.

          • Francine says:

            Yes, I’m very sure that’s whats going on. Considering I just read through last nights recap and all you did was post insults, you’re pretty memorable. But I guess that’s the point right? Oh well, I won’t take the bait any longer. Have a good one.

          • ajintexas says:

            Well you should be sure as your sleuthing skills can easily see one post as Chuck Finley and every other post under this name. Regardless, I find it highly ironic that you say we can’t have a serious discussion when the fact is that anyone that says she should not have won is automatically attacked for saying it. She sucks and will never have a career like many past Idol winners. This show gets weaker by the season.

          • Cip says:

            Francine-ajintexas has been a miserable, nasty poster since Slezak started covering this season of TheVoice. He/ she obviously has no ability to recognize talent even if it apped her/ him in the face. Arguing with AJ is not worth your effort

        • Garry says:

          Well you ignorant “only our borders count” type people might not hear of her, but the world will. Live in your hatred this young lady wasn’t “JUST A BACKUP SINGER” she had several independent and successful solo works. This show has just exposed her to a much wider audience. Just because American’s didn’t know her doesn’t mean she wasn’t somebody. She deserved to win because she is insanely talented, but again, nothing outside of your borders matters because you are ignorant and myopic.

          • Chuck Finley says:

            Name one person that has won this show that has any kind of career. That list includes: Cassadee Pope and she is opening for other acts. Hardly a huge success. Where did you get the “borders” comment? That has nothing to do with it. Their a thousands of backup singers out there that sing as well as her. The fact is she doesn’t have anything about her that is marketable like a Lady Gaga or even Xtina. The 16 year old girl was much better than her. I did enjoy your little trip into “hate” land though. I’m guessing everyone that disagrees with you is a hater (and you seem to be suggesting racist). Keep playing that card I guess, it works well for Obama and his bs.

          • ajintexas says:

            there are * I mean

          • Jamaican says:

            Well AJ, you said Tessanne will not make it as an artist because she was a backup singer to a band right? So it is safe to say that you will not make it as a Nurse because right now you are an assistant to Nurse. So your thinking is paralell with your job. Tessanne will make it my friend, anything we Jamaicans put our minds to, especially when people like you put us down, we prove you wrong everytime. Go get some rest, you have some heavy lifting to do later!!!

        • People, Chuck/AJ, he/she/it is entitled to an opinion. The individual is hurting and obviously feeling like crap, hence all the crap being spewed out. Venting is a form of release and should be allowed. He/she, whatever can then relax before being bombarded again with well wishers for the exceedingly talented Tessanne Chin. A well deserved winner with the voice of an angel. She out-sang his/her choice for heaven sakes!! Then, the process of venting can start all over again….a process we call purging. CONGRATS TESSANNE…….oops!!

        • Your mother says:

          This is a prime example for requiring more music education in our schools. Negative comments about Tessanne reflect your ignorance about music and the music industry. Get a life.

      • Misilin says:

        Ryan said that Will’s version was different and blew them away, like kings of Leon type of version, I wish they allowed everyone to perform their versions the night before the finale. I would love to get Will’s.

    • The Beach says:

      I would like to send along a big Thank You to the producers of The Voice. If the performances tonight had been on X-Factor I wouldn’t have been able to hear a fraction of the vocals because of the incessant screaming of the audience. Way to be considerate of your television viewers.
      And while I’m feeling especially benevolant, another thank you to you, Michael Slezak. I may not always agree with you but I love reading your wonderful, enthusiastic and often hilariously snarky recaps. You definitely enhance the enjoyment of watching both The Voice and AI.

      • Lumplestilskin says:

        I thought the highlight of the night was the Lady GaGa/Xtina duet. I’d always heard they hated each other so it was cool to see them having so much fun.

        • PeterPann says:

          That WAS the highlight of the night for me too. It was like the Battle Rounds Lady GaGa VS Xtina…

          • Flygrrl40 says:

            I “Three-gree.” That duet was AWEsoooome! Love the song. Loved the Dynasty garb. Loved Gaga. Loved slim, sparkly Xtina. Loved that XTina didn’t ambush her in any way and in fact, gave her PROPS. (10 points for that alone.) Loved the energy Gaga always brings!!!
            Loved, loved the whole performance!!!!

            Aside from THAT….. Paramour was GREAT.
            And closely third, I was loving me some Preston again!!!

    • topnotch says:

      Tessanne desserve it. Hurray for her!!

    • JVee says:

      I am more than thrilled with the outcome. Jacquie Lee was a great singer (Will proved himself at the end, too), but doesn’t bring the depth of feeling to her songs that Tessanne does, something that comes with age and a little experience, a little being bruised by life. Tessanne inhabited her songs and moved me. I think both of these women will have successful careers but am glad that Tessanne got the boost that winning brings her. (And wasn’t watching her win completely charming?) And I liked her song! Very happy here. :)

  2. CGMMJ says:

    TESSANE! (Dont need to say anything more.)

  3. Jacob P. says:

    Tessanne is the best winner of The Voice, she deserves it and it was the first time In my opinion that the winner was the best all season. GO TESSANNE!!

  4. Megan says:

    So disappointed. I really wanted Jacquie Lee to win. I wonder how close it was,

    • Lumplestilskin says:

      they were only separated by 3 votes

      • Susan says:

        I would love to see that scorecard. Tessanne won by far. In fact I do believe Will should have been placed second based on both historical and current placing and iTunes, he caught up and surpassed her. It is my opinion that NBC gave a consolation prize to Jacqui and Christina with a second place finish.

        • Kaba says:

          This is probably the most ludicrous thing I’ve read on this comment page.
          A show that dictates it’s win based on votes should determine who wins based on past events and only 1/3 of it’s voting presence?

          • Tyler says:

            She’s talking about past and present iTunes sales up until 11:00 a.m. EST on Tue. that did account for part of the votes (in addition to internet, phone calls, etc.).

          • Kaba says:

            @Tyler I understood what she said. I’m saying that saying, “I do believe Will should have been placed second based on both historical and current placing and iTunes” when the show consists of more than just iTunes based votes is a just silly.

  5. Kaba says:

    As it should be.
    The line up was…pretty much obvious. Poor Will…poor. poor Will
    The worst of the night was easily Jacquie’s group performance. But considering Caroline immediately took to Twitter and said “That was so much fun holy [bleep]”…
    Don’t think they cared. The 5 of them were practically best friends throughout the show.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations to Tessanne, I saw the video of her duet with Celine Dion and she rocked it! Will and Jacquie deserve congratulations as well for making it this far, I wish the entire top 3 all the best!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Loved the duet with Celine. She’s still go *it* and then some… KInda made me miss her a bit.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Yeah. There’s still a place for the big voice diva.
        And with Tessanne winning The Voice and Candace Glover winning AI, I wonder if we’re seeing a new trend.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Now, that. is. interesting. I guess when the voice is just so flawless and powerful, it cannot be denied… I am curious to see what kind of album Tessanne makes.

        • Riana says:

          Looks for anyone named Glover on the charts. Don’t think that was the one you were looking for. Just a guy named donglover

        • Luciana says:

          Right! The first year that I’ve seen 2 favorites win!

        • Tyler says:

          I just bought Tessanne’s coronation song, Tumbling Down, and love it. I think it fits Tessanne’s voice perfectly. You can really tell it’s a Ryan Tedder song. It has OneRepublic written all over it. Maybe that’s why I like it a lot. I’m a big fan of OneRepublic.

  7. AC Milan says:

    Well deserved! Supported her from the beginning. Was livid that the show cut off on her though, and it better be available online.

  8. mary says:

    Tonight was little shock. 3 expected things were confirmed…
    Tessanne won.

    I will buy any album made by Caroline Cole or Will. And a Caroline/ Cole duet anyone?

    Celine Dion is the most annoying person on the planet.

  9. Clement says:

    I actually believe Tessanne deserves this win. Congrats to her!

  10. Ginger Snap says:

    Congratulations Tessanne.

  11. Kaba says:

    Highlights of the show:
    Tessanne group number: Proving that Preston was WRONGLY sent home >:(
    Paramore ft. Jacquie: I think the girl found her niche style of music if she goes that route, not mad.
    “Wake Me Up”: Didn’t know that Alo Blacc…is black LOL

  12. Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

    Product Placement! WOOT WOOT!

  13. Better Sundays says:

    I voted my arse off for Will all night but I’m über stoked for Tessanne. Now that she has this platform, it’s up to her to make the most of it (and lose the tidal wave on her head, perhaps?). Kudos to The Voice for their most awesome season thus far! And, despite your flagrant Jacquie Love-Is-Blindness, thanks for the cool recaps, Slezak!

  14. guiaoshi says:

    Yaaaay!!!! Tessanne! Who could tell a few weeks ago?!!! And I really liked the single, fits her really well, she can reggae it out. Perfect outcome.

  15. Mitch says:

    love the walking dead reference in there! Michonne is a awesome. but anyway Tessanne definitely deserved to win. at first didn’t think she would make it past top 6 knowing that in previous seasons adam lost all his team around top 6. so woo hoo for Tess!

    • SAM says:

      Adam won the first season of the Voice! I was rooting for several people on TeamAdam throughout season 5, and was happy for the overall outcome.

  16. Sarah says:

    I really was rooting for Jacquie Lee and Will, but congratulations to Tessanne. I love Will and Tessanne’s group performances. Honestly, Caroline singing with the boys was probably my favorite moment of her all season. She looked so confident and she sounded great in that number. Didn’t like her all season, but “Wagon Wheel” made me a believer in her.

  17. Mika02 says:

    Bap bap bap bigup Tessanne. Bigup American & Jamaican massive. We’ll deserved. Her group number and her duet with Celine so amazing tonight. I love her finally song do not the typical ohh I won a reality show competition single. Can’t wait to purchase it!

  18. analythinker says:

    Congratulations, Tessanne. You deserved to win. Although I was kinda hoping for a result shocker.

  19. rowan says:

    I wonder if they’ll give Tessanne a Kia with the wheel on the other side because she’s from Jamaica.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m not sure I could even pretend to be excited if someone told me I won a Kia. I’d be like, “thanks?”

      • evejill says:

        HAHAHA THIS… Literally laughing out loud

      • Kaba says:

        Little Jacquie was excited. I follower her on twitter and she was all “FINALLY EVERYONE KNOWS I HAVE A FREAKING KIA”
        At least hers looked nice. They all looked just better than the fugly fords they always give away on Idol

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Ok, Jacquie I can see being legitimately thrilled for any new car of any sort given her age. But man, did it have to be a Kia? Why? I’m not that snobby when it comes to cars, but Kia is just so… yeah.

          • Kaba says:

            They’re “I’m a parent” vehicle’s lol.
            I would just put on the greatest humanly possible then pick the sleekest one possible.
            At least they have options. I practically cry for every top 2 finalist on idol because the ford they pick make me want to rehabilitate my mind with the entire “Fast and Furious” series.

          • Mary says:

            Its a free car why would she care, beside my first car I bought at 16 was way worst. She is probably grateful and don’t care what she is driving.

    • Hank says:

      What Kia, it has been almost 3 years and Cassidy Pope didn’t receive her Kia yet, Do you think that Jacquie, Will, or Tessanne will? I think the Kia Company are bullsh–ers.

  20. AC Milan says:

    We should all celebrate with a group screening of Cool Runnings. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s Tessanne time!

  21. Sly says:

    Well, an underwhelming season ends with an underwhelming finale. I think the best person won, but that was slim pickings. And seriously Voice — find someon else to do the mix. But, there will be three more seasons before Valentine’s Dy.

  22. Khs says:

    I found all three finalists to be very talented…however, not vey exciting? I’m not sure exactly why, but I had no motivation nor desire to watch the finale. It’s saved on my DVR but chose to click your recap in lieu

    • Scamp says:

      Well yeah, I get you. A lot of the excitement parted with Preston and Matthew. They were exciting, charismatic, sexy, talented performers. I was most excited tonight when they were on the stage.

      • Totally agree. Matthew and Preston were the best; talented, so natural and great energy!

      • Rose says:

        The most exciting person and the best singer was Tessanne Chin, from start to finish. She won the completion by a mile and she made the Voice one of the most successful show this season.
        Congrats Tessanne.

        • Dillon says:

          God no. Tessanne didn’t start getting interesting or worthwhile until the top 6. Well, top 8 if you include her duet with Caroline. It’s funny Adam had to essentially turn the girl into a balladeer just to get people to vote for her to the win.

  23. Shawn says:

    A good ending to the finale, and a very good winner in Tessanne. I actually finished this season. I stopped watching last season when they decided to turn the show into HeHaw with special guest Michelle Shamulle(sorry if Michelle’s last name is misspelled). The only time I changed the channel tonight was when the devil aka Lady Gaga took the stage(sorry I can’t stand her) but other than that it was an excellent show tonight.

  24. Kaba says:

    Jacquie has a severely unfortunate case of white-girl-cant-dance syndrome lmao.

  25. Fernanda says:

    Cee Lo should quit and Christina also, this is The Voice by Adam and Blake bromance. I hope next season Shakira and Usher returns

  26. greysfan says:

    I would have loved to see Jacquie Lee win it but i am happy that Tessanne won. She deserves it. IMO they are both really really great artists. I am so over all this Jacquie hate though, especially on twitter. It really bugs me that there is so much HATE for a person. You shouldn’t hate anyone. They are all great in their own right. She is 16 for gods sake. She is learning and her voice is still to mature. In a few years time she will be a much better singer and i think will go places. Will was great too but he was in a season where there was 2 superstars in the making, although if he competed last season he would have hit 2 other stars in Danielle Bradbery and Michelle Chamuel. Overall it was an impressive finale and looking forward to the return of Shakira and Usher next season but i wish it was Adam taking a break. So over him. He can go too far sometimes.

    • People like tearing other people down to make themselves feel better. It’s okay to criticize someone’s singing, but if people are going to say mean things about her, they should get up there and sing I Put A Spell On You better! All these contestants are seriously talented and they seem like nice people too.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        The most infuriating part of which was that the slams she was getting vocally didn’t even make sense and were coming from people who have never sung anything more than a group rendition of Happy Birthday. Luckily for her, that’s over and she can focus on her career. Listen to her recording of “And I’m Telling You.” Amazing stuff.

        • rio says:

          Jacquie has talent, but that rendition of “And I’m Telling You” was awful, simply because no 16-year old could possibly sing it. It was the most ridiculous choice I can imagine, in fact. Earlier in the season I joked that her next performance would be “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”–looks like Christina couldn’t get clearance.

          One other thing bugged me all season: couldn’t her parents spell “Jackie”? “Jacquie” would be pronounced “”Jack-Wee,” wouldn’t it? But I digress.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Listen to the recording and tell me that Jacquie Lee’s rendition of “And I’m Telling You” was awful.

          • Kaba says:

            Gonna have to side with Angie on this. The studio version (which I only bothered to buy cause you actually approved) is lovely. The rendition is great, performance was not.
            Just like (incoming Michelle Chamuel advertisement) Michelle Chamuel’s rendition of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”. The studio version is just…just mystical

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Back to the original poster’s point, it’s really unfortunate how the peanut gallery pounced on Jacquie with imagined criticism having zero basis in reality. [Side note: yes, I was tough on Will last week, but that’s cuz he missed all his high notes on a song that’s all about the high notes!] I’m glad that that was her last recording for the show, because she went out in style. Anyone who listens to that studio recording and thinks she’s untalented, shrill, or screechy needs to go back to the drawing board to understand what any of those terms actually mean.

          • HTGR says:

            @A_Underrated – Yeah that recording is magic. Really hit everything and I just love how she can switch up to so many different types of tones (and this recording only even hit a few, but she did go to a few tonal styles hear and then mix in Angel and Voice Within and so on and she is quite diverse in what she can do) and she just seems less bland to me than most of the winners. Rich, delicate, hard biting, each in variations. More complex micro-phrasing and emoting to me than the others. It does seem to be awfully rare these days than anyone with any edge to their voice or style or anything wins, I guess someone will always hate some aspect of it unless it is all smooth and steady so it’s hard to win on these shows doing otherwise, maybe has not happened since the earlier days of Idol, at least not unless it happens in the runs and then run on top of runs style of a Candice or Javier, they do win at times.
            It’s nuts too since she is one of the few true amateurs to ever even get this far. Danielle obviously was too. But I mean the rest have multiple records out, tons of live and recording experience, years of backing for some of the biggest names in the world. But Jacquie and Danielle have none of that at all and Danielle I don’t think had even sung before ANY crowd before at all not even a little town concert sort of thing if I recall correctly.
            And I like how she uses micro-phrasing and dynamics well, that gives it more of that special feeling. That’s why on some of those early weeks when everyone was getting bored by what was going on they were suddenly wowed by her song that week.
            I find it surprising that over on EW everyone keeps going on about how Tessanne hits all the emotion and Jacquie is too young to deliver anything (and of course more of the screaches every single song, every last note stuff). But I felt it was Jacquie who delivered, in that regard, better over the season. For me, Tessanne didn’t micro-phrase enough or have a really unusual tone to make up for that or swtich styles and tones to make up for that, too often she’d change up emotion entire phrase to phrase but just run through each phrase maybe with just the first or last note with a different hit for phrase after phrase. A few times she did that well though and I think two of those times they were here biggest hits. And certainly she pulled off a tricky Whitney song and it was quite the vocal. She did very well. But overall her tone isn’t quite as distinctive and she has never gone to all the radically different sorts of tones and singing styles Jacquie has hit or hit me emotionally or had that magic touch to a song nearly as much over the season.
            I guess Tessanne sort of reminds me of Michael Bolton or Andrea Bocelli a bit. I was afraid to even bring that up earlier on since I felt that meant Jacquie’s chances were less than expected and Tessanne’s much greater and so it was.
            I mean that in like say with Andrea Bocelli, yeah hits all the notes, a superb, amazing voice, (and Tessanne does have a great voice, she is very good, no doubt at all) but all too often something is missing when Andrea sings (and with Andrea, in particular, even more than with Tessanne actually, it’s like he sounds great the first time you hear him sing a song, wow, dude is awesome, then he sings the next song and it’s OK pretty cool man, and then the next song and suddenly you are totally bored since they all seem identical somehow, he just hits them all the exact same way and same tone and same broad phrase by phrase phrasing, very different from someone like say a true great master like Pavarotti). They both, Andrea and Bolton, sell gobs of records to the older end of the adult contemp type crowd and are popular and certainly have voices, but something is just missing too often in what they do to me.
            Tessanne did have a very good night though, I mean it was really good, all that said. She is far from a bad winner or someone far from not deserving a win. But she just seems plainer to me and I don’t think she had all those moments of the night throughout the season the way Jacquie did (it just seems a lot easier to instantly think back to and actually remember Jacquie’s songs and I think that tells a real tale).
            The sudden 180 turn where everyone suddenly did the too young little thing screech every last note the last two weeks combined with a couple of Tessanne’s best tries the last two weeks did her in. I guess I should be happy she even made the finale, she had a lot going against her to make it on these shows and it’s been a few seasons on The voice since a fav even made the finale (Amanda Brown, Sasha Allen didn’t). Vicci and Juliet did the first two season. None has ever won though. I was pretty sure it would happen with Juliet but Jermaine came out of left field (although he did actually fit the pattern of winners of reality tv FAR better than Juliet so maybe it should not have been a surprise, I guess it just seemed that early on, at the start, The Voice got such a different set to the finale than the others shows had in ages, that I thought she would pull it off). I thought Jacquie was going to pull this off, even if I knew the deck was stacked, but it seemd like with the finsihing out the show like that, xtina hitting all the comments that seem to work for votes and then Blake tossing into her ring at the end….
            Yeah a little long, but just getting a few last long words out hah before I go back into largely lurker mode again.

    • they don't know you so who cares what they think says:

      Well, they plugged the you know what out of twitter this year so you reap what you sow. Not her fault I know. And I do hope they provide contestants, especially the younger ones, with some sort of guidance counselors to make sure they aren’t taking the vitriol being spewed by anonymous strangers to heart.

  27. Ryan says:

    funny how on twitter, slezak made fun of how celine dion looked. a fat, balding middle aged plaid-wearing man who sits on his couch for a living being critical of how anyone looks is a joke. great – I’ve just been reduced to his level

  28. So nice to see a Reggae fusion artist win the show! In the past on singing competitions it’s all been pop, country, and a sprinkling of R&B. It’s great to hear something different for a change. I will be buying Tessanne’s album!

  29. Tiff says:

    I feel like Tessanne absolutely deserved it, but I was convinced that Jacquie would take it. Either way, I definitely think there’s no one who deserves it more.

    Congrats, Tessanne. I hope they write you great material and you become a major diva! =)

  30. HTGR says:

    Aghhhh! For once I thought my favorite actually had a chance. It’s been soooo many years. I sorta knew Tessanne had built this crazy momentum the last few weeks and all the stupid screeching comments about Jacquie, even when she sang as delicately as a mouse, made it very much less than certain, if Tessanne hadn’t had a few of her best weeks lately maybe Jacquie could’ve overcome the catty screeching comment brigade, but all that said, for once there was a real chance and I thought even a bit better than even chance at that. I was ready to finally take my win and quit posting so much and slink back to lurker mode again as I had for years. I am snake bit when I root for the 16 year old it’s the wrong season and when I root for the female belter in Amanda Brown she doesn’t even come close.
    I still say Jacquie had the most moments that took over the show and she single handedly saved that early season two hour show. I wish her the best and I hope Xtina still supports her and helps her along.
    Tessanne was a fine winner though. And I always did like Will too. It was an awesome top three and at least my favorite made it there.
    Dang though, if ever my favorite was ever going to win again this would’ve been the time.
    Anyway I’m through with my commenting and all, it’s clear my favs will just never win on these shows ever again. I’m so far out of the demo that watches these shows I guess I shouldn’t be surprised how the voting always goes. Only in the early seasons of A.I. with a at least slightly broader audience voting for at least the last week or two did I ever have a chance and have my favorites win a few times. Dropping back into casual watcher, forum lurker mode. I’ll be back to watch The Voice in the spring but I think my comments will be far and few between at most and I’ll take a pass on A.I., don’t need more JLo+Randy cruel, destructive nonsense, whatever you say about The Voice, you gotta say it doesn’t do that. It’s a good a show.
    Congrats to Tessanne for the win.
    Best wishes for Will, an awesome finalist.
    And congrats to Jacquie for the finals and bringing down the house like no other this season, hope she continues on full steam ahead. Winner for me.

    • HTGR says:

      Anyway it was as part of me suspected, her type of contestant just gets too much hate on these shows given the demo that watches to ever quite manage to win. I think she came as close as any ever have though which says a heck of a lot.

      • Timmah says:

        I would have liked to have seen Jacquie win too. As I see it, she peaked too soon and set too high a bar for herself early, as did Caroline and Matthew. It’s the kiss of death on these shows. Tessanne is the typical winner who started slow and got better, even though at her peak I did not find her nearly as interesting an artist as the others I mentioned.

        • HTGR says:

          Yeah that was probably a major factor too. If the finale voting had gone down just a little bit ago and it was these three I think Jacquie would’ve pulled it off. (And speaking of Caroline she set it WAY early.) Also, the fact that you said you found the others more interesting at their peak, as artists, I think is also why they didn’t win, how often has that type won on these show? Virtually never, in some part, since if you are interesting in some way then you are also polarizing. Out in the real world that can serve you very well, but it makes it dicier when having to survive reality TV show voting. (Tessanne does have a very good voice though.)

          • Timmah says:

            I think there’s a certain amount of that going on, that a more edgy, artistic kind of contestant tends to be polarizing and can sometimes make it far along because of their fan base but will have too many haters to ultimately win. Maybe that’s why you usually get winners who are polished, nice, safe choices but a little on the bland side IMO.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Aw…come on… HTGR. There are was a serious love train for Jacquie for a couple of weeks after I Put A Spell on You. And then, they turned…. Second place, ain’t so bad. And I am sure she will make an album…

      • MC says:

        It’s true that some folks were hostile and even cruel toward Jacquie, but it’s not a unique situation. I strongly supported Danielle and people still enjoy insulting her in every way possible, whether on these message boards or on the various social media platforms. I sometimes wince when I read the hostile comments about Danielle, but it’s part of the business. It’s inevitable that you can’t please everybody and people will make ugly, derogatory comments. People also make dismissive and rude comments about Carly Rose (my absolute favorite from the X Factor) from time to time. It’s unfortunate, but that’s life.

    • HTGR says:

      Tessanne did slay the Whitney song. Gotta give her credit. Usually Whitney sends a contestant home, but she pulled it off and that probably managed to get her the win. She does have a voice.
      Jacquie slayed on her final song too and Xtina said all the right things but with all the haters I was a little afraid she’d have to both absolutely slay her song (check) and have Tessanne not fully slay either of her songs, Tessanne did and so was the case, as soon as Tessanne slayed one, that was it. If you look at who wins on these shows Jacquie had like 50 things going against her chances no matter how amazing she might be, a close second was pretty amazing actually. She’ll be fine.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        “If you look at who wins on these shows Jacquie had like 50 things going against her ”

        Yeah, because gorgeous talented teenagers never win this show, except um… *last year*. ;)

        • Timmah says:

          Danielle only won because of the country fan base. There’s a lot of resentment against young, good-looking girls on these shows by many of the women who watch. I’ve seen it expressed on these very boards.

          • sd says:

            And the prior year tall and thin and pretty Cassadee won. Good grief that’s who always wins. It’s amazing that someone of any kind of different ethnicity wins on these shows. I saw quite a few comments on The Voice facebook complaining about how there wasn’t an American flag at the end there and anti Jamaican comments. it’s absurd to pretend that young, pretty and white aren’t the favored winners in these shows so I’m not going to be crying because for once one didn’t win.

          • HTGR says:

            @sd- “It’s absurd to pretend that young, pretty and white aren’t the favored winners in these shows so I’m not going to be crying because for once one didn’t win.”
            Everyone said that about Angie last season on A.I. and you saw how that turned out (granted A.I. is not The Voice and it seems to follow winner’s rules more). All the comments about it’s not fair, she obviously has it locked up, she is white, thin and 100% pop, how can she lose? I was like the only one saying she wouldn’t even make the finale. Why not? Because: 50% of the comments trashing her didn’t even mention her voice! (not a good sign when a majority of voters are middle-aged women), she was 100% pop (not a good sign when a pop female hadn’t won on AI since season 6 when the show appeared to be able to still attract a broader audience for the semis and finals), wasn’t from the South (only 1 out of 12 winners from the North), had no back story, so I really did not see her winning A.I. or even making the finale. I didn’t see where this magic voting block of hers was supposed to be coming from that everyone kept going on about.
            and they might not try out as much too)

          • lori says:

            Yes, it’s always the women, the middle aged women, the teenage girls. Everything is the woman’s fault. As far as only white women winning, the first two winners were black men, then two white women, now an Asian Jamaican, so I don’t see how that argument holds up.

            Congrats to Tessanne.

          • Woodmeister says:

            Danielle won for the same reason Tessanne won, (and every other winner won) she got more votes than the others in the final. Whether she should of won or not is moot and whether you agree or not is somewhat irrelevant. The fact remains that she got the most votes in the final.

          • Kaba says:

            Thank you. I get tired of the “Oh my God the country voters blah blah blah”.
            It’s just a useless way of saying she had a large fanbase, that just happened to be country.

        • MC says:

          My only issue with Jacquie is that I strongly believe that she will be much better in three or four years. Honestly, if twenty year old Jacquie had been on this show, she could have overwhelmed the competition imo. I strongly believe that Jacquie right now needs more seasoning and that Tessanne was the right winner for this season in 2013.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Ah, the voice of reason ;)

          • analythinker says:

            I wholeheartedly agree.

          • Timmah says:

            I disagree. The “right” winner is the one who has the most potential to be a star, and can benefit most from the nurturing and development that they will receive as the winner.

          • Kaba says:

            I’m pretty sure the “right” winner is the contestant that is consistently exemplary week by week and essentially delivers nothing but the best performances. Or at least proves they can (and maintains they can) by the finale.
            Not someone who looks promising.

          • Timmah says:

            Doesn’t really matter, because people will ultimately vote for a myriad of reasons that often have little to do with performances, sometimes just because it’s the cute guy with the guitar :).

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I’m pretty sure the “right winner” is the one who gets the most votes. It’s like saying the “right president.” You can have your opinions as to whom you think is right, but if it’s a legit voting process and you picked the wrong horse to bet on, you were technically wrong.

          • MC says:

            @Angie Overrated- I said it was my belief. A belief is an opinion. It’s that simple. When I vote for president, I vote for the one person that I think will be the “right” president. I will accept the winner and try to adapt to that person (if it wasn’t my choice), but that doesn’t mean he/she was the “right” person in my book. That is the very essence of having a truly thoughtful and informed opinion on anything. It means you don’t give it up just because others disagree with you. There was a person on these message boards last night who said the following: “Yeah, except that Tessanne smoked the competition tonight. No one stands a chance after what Tessanne did tonight. I said last week that Tessanne merely has to refrain from pooping herself on stage to win this. Not only did she not poop herself, but she’s #1 on iTunes and totally killed it tonight.” I’m pretty sure that person was you, but tonight you’re pro-Jacquie in most of your comments. It seems like you want to cover all of the bases just in case you might be “wrong.” I’m not afraid to say Tessanne was the rightful winner in 2013 (as opposed to 2017 when Jacquie would probably be a great choice).

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @MC – Ummm… you have your facts wrong here. I never slammed Jacquie. Not once. Even on her roughest night where she sang Clarity, I still didn’t slam her. And if you really wanted to take the time to research all my posts, you’d also see I was highly complimentary of all three contestants last night. I wasn’t covering my bases, but rather I was giving credit where credit was due.

        • AB says:

          Season 1– winner was not tall, pretty, female or white. Season 2 — ditto. Why does everybody think only beautiful girls or cute white boys with guitars win these things? And when you look down the lists of second and third place winners, it’s even more diverse. I thought that’s why this is the “voice”–someone chosen for vocal ability only, not by looks or personality or disease of the week backstory or who coaches them.

          • sd says:

            Let me be more specific–Women of color have a harder time winning these reality singing competition. It doesn’t mean it never happens, but it just seems to be very difficult. Look at last season with Judith Hill. The criticism of her on the Voice facebook page was relentless and all because she was ‘too good’ and already a professional even though people continuously pointed out that all the other past winners were professional already. Amanda Brown also had a difficult time despite her obvious talent.

          • sd says:

            cont.d Even the person Slezak podcast with, Melinda Doolittle, couldn’t win her season on American Idol. Again, it’s not impossible, but it’s just seems to be a lot harder. And this post was more in response to the poster who claimed that Jacquie had 50 times the number of things going against her in this competition and I was pointing out the absurdity of that statement. People were predisposed to like her, see the constant praise Slezak showered on her. She’s not some oppressed minority that never wins–people like her is usually who wins these shows. Just didn’t happen this time–a rarity but hardly a tragedy.

          • HTGR says:

            @AB – Sticking to The Voice and wins alone, you are probably right. And sticking to the white females side of it, you are probably right counting all shows.
            There really is no evidence whatsoever that white females are favored to win these shows (the reverse, if it were to be anything) and no evidence that white guys are favored to win The Voice.
            If you extend to all shows though (not that you did) I think the evidence shows you are probably wrong about the white guys not being favored though part of it, at the least on A.I.(XF).
            White guys make up 32% of the pop (and likely try out less than girls so the number should probably be made smaller in terms of % of expected wins and if you add southern qualifier as most winners have been then the goes even way lower still, so a southern white guy probably makes up well, well under 32% of the pool and yet they win 50% of the time on A.I. (and probably 40% overall).
            Granted the stats are dicey for many reasons. But trying to look at things beyond just those numbers too (and certainly it’s get somewhat subjective) but:
            Considering the way white guys from the South/southern Middle America (or even in general) have a number of times run away with it no matter who they faced (look at how Scotty and Tate, for just two examples, they rolled along, regardless of what anyone else or they did, they were almost always in 1st and never below 2nd each week), the raw stats above, how far some got on all three shows compared to others on their season, I think it’s pretty probable that they are at least slightly favored overall in general competition and, on A.I., favored to win.
            Whatever the reasons and they could be many and various, it does seem that there is an actual chance that southern white guys actually just might be a bit favored (and to win on A.I.).

          • HTGR says:

            @SD – I think the evidence shows that you are likely wrong about black females being the most disfavored group to win. If anything, it might be slightly the reverse.
            Black females make up 6.5% of the population and have won A.I. 25% of the time (and 15% across all shows). Yeah 0% on The Voice, but 6.5% and 5 seasons isn’t much to go on, nothing unexpected so far by raw statistics alone.
            BUT the sample sizes are way small, non-random pools, changing voting demo, changing relative competition, genre favoritism, etc. etc. etc. so the stats are dicey though in this case, no doubt, and maybe it’s foolish to look at them, and they certainly can’t be applied to any one given situation either. And yeah I thought it was horrendous that Amanda Brown not only didn’t win, but didn’t even make the finale (I kinda favored Sasha last season too actually), of course I thought the same in other cases too though. But if you do just look at the raw stats across all the shows, they don’t show any hint at all that black females are the most disfavored. If anything there is a hint they are the only group other than white southern males favored to win a bit more than expected (granted in any given season or scenario on a particular show there may be nothing to it, and it could even be reverse). (As for the Melinda thing, she was from the North, only Lee ever won A.I. and was from outside the South/southern Middle America and she may have split votes in her genre badly that week and there was probably still more of the pop music loving demo watching these shows back then, I admit I voted for Jordin myself since I was a more casual viewer, she did have a great voice and I was more in tune with her pop style.)
            Surprisingly, not a single non-country, out of nowhere singer (without major prior experience) who is white and female has ever won any of the shows other than the very first winner ever, Kelly Clarkson.
            Jacquie would have been only the second such winner across all shows and all seasons ever. She is also, I believe, only the second contestant on The Voice to have ever made the finale (along with Danielle last season) without any major prior experience. So she really would not have been a typical winner whatsoever.

          • HTGR says:

            @sd- “It’s amazing that someone of any kind of different ethnicity wins on these shows. It’s absurd to pretend that young, pretty and white aren’t the favored winners in these shows so I’m not going to be crying because for once one didn’t win.”
            I don’t know. For “any kind of different ethnicity wins” you have 3 out of 5 for The Voice, 1 out of 2 for XF, 4 out of 12 for A.I. So we have 8 out 19 times so far, 42%. How do you get a “for once” out of 42% of the time?
            Granted there are too many potential problems with trying to do statistics this way, in this scenario to even mention, it would takes pages, but if you looked at percent of population and percent of wins:
            The only group that might actually be a little disfavored might be white females, especially at least the ones who don’t sing country. Kelly Clarkson is the only such winner on A.I. to this day. And other than that, Cassaddee Pope is all she wrote (and she was Team Blake and did a little country of sorts near the end.)
            Even ignoring the country thing, white, non-ethnic females make up 32% of the population (and very likely a noticeably larger percentage of the audition pools since I bet they try out more than males, at the very least) but have won 17% of the time on A.I. and 20% overall.
            Trying to look at things beyond just those numbers too and certainly it’s get somewhat subjective but:
            As I detailed in the post to AD above, the white guys from the South/southern Middle America advantage might be real, especially when it comes to wins on A.I.
            Considering even just alone that maybe 30-40% of the comments against Angie the last two weeks she was on last season did not even mention her vocals at all, voting demographics, how some seemed to do relative to others, the raw stats, I think that there is at least the possibility that the arguably cutest, thin females might be a bit disfavored on reality tv.
            Considering how they have done relative to competition, non-country, white females might be slightly disfavored (especially compared to white males and country singers).
            On a side note has there been any female modern pop singer to win since Jordin Sparks? Despite all the claims you hear about oh she is female and pop of course she will win…. really? They do well on Billboard but not so much on reality TV post the heady mega-audienece, younger audience of Idol’s earliest days it seems.
            Enough of this nonsense though, it’s about the music and contestants and not stupid stats and anything else, they did a great job this week!

      • sd says:

        The comment about the middle aged voters make no sense. The same middle aged women voted for Danielle and Cassadee Pope. Most of the criticism I heard of Jacquie was about her voice. Now you may love her voice but a lot of people on Twitter, on Facebook and online in general complained and complained about her screaming. That was not a personal attack that was about her Voice. People thought she needed more voice training and improvement in breathing technique. Lots of people thought she was still uncooked even if talented. Many thought Tessanne was just more ready for the win.

  31. Petreanna says:

    Soooooo happy with the result! That duet with Celine Dion and her choice of past contestants for the group performance really solidified Tessanne’s status as “show-stopping” and “amazing”. She will have an amazing career after this. Just support!

  32. HTGR says:

    Congrats to Tessanne for the win.
    Best wishes for Will, an awesome finalist.
    And congrats to Jacquie for the finals and bringing down the house like no other this season, hope she continues on full steam ahead. The most peformances that you just simply remember this season, no doubt. Single-handedly providing that little extra missing ingredient some weeks. Winner for me!

  33. Kaba says:

    Can we all just take a moment to lament Jacquie Lee’s music career as Riff Raff proceeds to tear down her support…by supporting her with his ignorant tweets of support?
    I’d be damned if I had Riff Raff trying to support me on this show. I CANT take him seriously.
    Just look up a picture of the man if you dunno who he is.

  34. Quinn Carson says:

    Tessanne deseved it, truly an amazing talent.

  35. Stacie says:

    I’m actually gonna miss Christina Aguliera next season. As much as I think she talks too much, and could be more concise I will miss her when Shakira replaces her. I kinda would have preferred Cee Lo leaving and maybe give Blake a season off. That would be a great 4 up there. Adam, Shakira, Christina and Usher. I like Blake a lot, but as a coach and his goal of making everyone a country star even if they don’t want to is annoying after awhile. Though on the other hand Christina leaving and then returning gave her a great energy and passion for this season. So it’s fine either way, but this was an outstanding season for her, and that performance with her and Gaga was amazing. They actually made a song I don’t care for really entertaining. Their voices together was beyond fantastic.

    • Kaba says:

      Noope nope nope. Blake can stay. Adam got ta go.

    • rio says:

      I liked the new, improved Christina this year—until she started choosing songs years beyond a 16-year old girl’s life experience, and then listened on camera with that rapturous expression.

      • Tyler says:

        Agree. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And I really think it was a dumb idea for the Voice to have the contestants’ coaches talk first after their performances. They wind up rambling on and on, leaving no time for the other coaches to talk. That’s when the new and improved Xtina started to show her true “me” colors.

      • jaded says:

        Or when she decided that Jacquie was her “mini-me.”

      • sd says:

        Christina started off surprisingly likable and the break seemed to have done her a lot of good. But when she had a contestant that she thought could win and was also her mini me, she reverted back to form. I think she even sacrificed her other contestant, Matthew, just to get the mini me in the finals. She gave him ridiculous song choices near the end. I noticed Matt did really well on last nights show and was having a good time in that Bruno Mars song Treasure. Christina should have been giving him fun, upbeat songs like that to sing.

  36. Dan says:

    Why wasn’t Donna Allen on the show, it had seems as if she and Tessanne were best buddies.

  37. Chris says:

    Oddly enough this is the first time I’ve watched a music reality show and genuinely liked both or in The Voice’s case – all the finalists. And not just because of their voices or stage presence. The top three all seemed like really down to earth, grounded artists whose careers I would want to follow. So even though my boy Will didn’t win, I’m cool with the results we got. Congrats to Tessanne!!

  38. HEATHER says:

    Tessanne & CELINE DION!!! seriously??? Show stopping performance!!!
    The right person won and I would buy her album tomorrow if it was out!!!!
    So impressed with this entire season :)

  39. evejill says:

    Can we just talk for a moment about that glorius situation happening on Rays face? He is channeling some major Ryan Gos 😍

  40. Trev says:

    It definitely pays to be the sexiest man alive accordin to people magazine.

    • Timmah says:

      It certainly didn’t hurt Will or Tessanne to have Adam as their mentor. It makes me wonder if XTina or Cee-Lo’s contestants will ever win given the hatred people seem to have for them.

      • Catniss says:

        Adam definitely hurt Will, however, Will will be the most successful one of them all despite finishing third. I am looking forward to buying his albums. Congrats Will!

        • Karen says:

          Will has an album on iTunes from 2008.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t know how you can say that Adam hurt Will’s chances. Yes he wasn’t so tactful the finale that he wanted Tessanne to win, but Will sang the songs and not very well I might say. Will was the under dog going into the finale and he did nothing to change the audience mind. I would bet me last dollar that even if Will chose the songs he wanted he still would of been third. Personally I think he was lucky to make the finales, thought others were more talented.

          • Flygrrl40 says:

            Um, ya. But no.
            I wouldn’t exactly peg Will as “lucky.” Will was indeed the Underdog but with each loss, he just put his head down and tried harder. Will developed the reputation as being an extremely hard worker. He worked a little longer and a little harder than everybody else. And maybe because of that – even though he might not have been “the best” singer – it kept him in the game. America responded to something in Will, and it ended up placing him in a formidable 3rd place.

            I think Will put in WAAY to much effort to attribute his final placement to “luck.”

            And I, for one, am actually interested in what he’s going to put out in terms of music.

          • #ChampForLife says:

            Are you serious. Will was better in the duet and the reprisal. He outsang Adam on the song by far. Tessanne reprisal sucked. He made those dumb comments right before he performed….right after giving Tessane one of the most vocally loved songs of all time two weeks in a row. He gives Will Bryan Adams which is a classic but you cant really Get down vocally with that without oversinging. Thats not a finale song. Then he tried to take away the camera from baby, knowing that would play to the crowd. Then Xtina with the bottom three comment. It all added up. And are you kidding me, Will is the most talented guy on the show. He plays every instrument known to man and has a great voice. Listen to his studio recordings. Also he is a gifted songwriter. Hell his At Last was one of the best performances of the season. I never saw him as an underdog. I have loved everything he has put out. I own everything he put out. Him and James are the only artist I downloaded the whole season. Ryan Tether said his performance of Secrets was best he has heard. Also he said that Wills version of Tumbling was off the charts. Wills downfall was that I think he was in his own head too much….instead of just letting it hang out and not worrying about what people think. He is also very shy and I think that showed in the live shows too much. It had nothing to do with talent. Tess had more experience as far as crowds I believe. It showed. You say lucky. Wow. He was the only artist to reach top 10 three times. I guess its a matter of preference. See I personally am not a fan of Tessanne type singers. Her voice is great, amazing even, dont get me wrong. But I would not buy her music. Not a knock against her, because I would not buy Kelly Clarkson or Celine Dion either. Not my type of singers. Not into powerhouses. At the end of the day the name of the show is The Voice and she had the best Voice. So congrats.

  41. Tessanne deserved this win…. #nodoubt

  42. AlyB says:

    I’m really happy for Tessanne. On top of being a tremendous talent she seems genuine and heartwarmingly nice to everyone. I hope she gets to collaborate with some great writers & sees substantial success.
    I do hope this exposure opens some doors for a Will & Jacquie too. Christina made such a big deal about feeling a connection to Jacquie as a young powerhouse singer that reminded her of her own early years, I hope that was more than just show chatter and she helps kick open done doors for Jacquie. I’m certainly going to keep an eye out for anything she & Will put out after this.
    The show itself was a lot of fun. There were some slip ups, flubbed lyrics & stage wandering LOL but nothing earth shattering and it was really entertaining. Great to hear the top 20 again especially Caroline, Preston, Austin & Grey. I wish we had gotten to see a bit more from Matthew but oh well. The group Tessanne pulled together was probably the most polished & comprised of a real core of vocal powerhouses from this season. I liked them all though. All in all a great finale night. Well done to all this seasons contestants. I hope they all find a place in the business.

  43. Quinn Carson says:

    I honestly think Tessanne is the best “The Voice” winner. Worst? I don’t know, but I never really thought Jermaine Paul could “fly-aughi-aughi-aughiaughi-aughisnaxsnxiosnxqsu!!”

  44. Jelmazmo says:

    Whoa, still in shock – this is the first time my favourite has ever made it into the final, let alone WIN the whole thing! Yussss! Congrats to Tessanne, I hope she doesn’t disappear into obscurity after the show. Keen on hearing from her and especially Caroline after this. And to all the comments decrying Tessanne’s win by saying she’s not ‘marketable’ to the masses, consider the fact that people like Justin Beiber, Cher Lloyd and Selena Gomez are major ‘marketable’ so if being marketable puts her in the same category as these people then I’m damn glad she’s not.

  45. AB says:

    Great finale. They all sing better when they aren’t under pressure (or saddled with some crummy song choices). Cole, James and Caroline were especially impressive–I was on Team Carolyn for the whole show. But Tessanne deserved the win.

  46. JW says:

    After seeing the top 16 sing at different times tonight, it occurred to me that I would have preferred a show where all 16 stuck around the full season, putting together performances that didn’t matter as a competition but that mattered for their artistry. Caroline, Matthew, Jonny, and most of the others left the show too early. I’d have like to hear more from them. Maybe this competition model needs to be changed.

    • Terry says:

      Haha, now there’s an interesting idea. Maybe whittle it down to 10 and then all ten perform the rest of the season and then one vote for all the marbles.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I had the same feeling too.The depth of talent this season far exceeded the rest and I would have appreciated a just little more time with each singer. For me, most of them left too soon.

  47. dj says:

    It was great to see everybody back. It was sad that I already didn’t recognize some of them.

  48. Whelp, I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised that Tessanne had a duet with Celine Dion. She too will be belting Dionesque schmaltz soon enough.

  49. Sea says:

    I was hugly disappointed when Preston was eliminated and Will stayed. (I still think Preston was better). It took a few weeks but Will finally won me over He is very talented and deserved to be in the final 3. Tessanne really did it for me with the Whitney Houston song, brought tears to my eyes. And Jacquie, young sweet Jacquie, you are truly amazing as well. Congrats to all of them for getting as far as they did. I wish you all a promising future.

    Thanks Michael Slezak for all your comments and for having a website where we can express our feelings about Voiice episodes. It has been fun. Looking forward to next season and to Preston’s upcoming single release later this month.

    cheers all
    Canadain Fan

  50. Kaba says:

    What with the OneRepublic hate? Yeesh