NCIS: Los Angeles Boss: Daniela Ruah's Pregnancy Gave Birth to a 'Great Arc' for Kensi

NCIS LA Daniela Ruah PregnantThough NCIS: Los Angeles cast member Daniela Ruah is due to give birth this winter, there will be no pause — pregnant or otherwise — in Kensi Blye’s storyline.

For the forseeable future, “You will see Kensi in every episode,” NCIS: LA showrunner Shane Brennan promises, thanks to the miracle of clever editing “and through the miracle of storytelling, too,” he notes.

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“If you noticed, she went to a cold climate where she needs to rug up!” Brennan says of Kensi’s top-secret assignment in Afghanistan, which yanked her away from lover boy Deeks and where the only friendly familiar face is Granger’s. Tonight (CBS, 9/8c), we’ll check in on her as she manages to find holiday cheer, receiving “the perfect gift from one of her co-workers.”

As retrofitted into what was otherwise a meticulously planned Season 5, Brennan says, Kensi’s Afghanistan op “has turned into a great arc for the second half of the season — the whole mystery of what she’s doing there, who the ‘White Ghost’ is…. And it’s been fabulous to team her up with Granger” (who will grow so scruffy that Eric in a coming episode will liken him to a “pirate”).

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But most importantly, though it devastated those who were thrilled to see Kensi and Deeks finally take a step forward in their nascent romance, Kensi’s abrupt reassignment, at Hetty’s doing, played out organically. Says Brennan, “We didn’t want to just send her off so she disappeared for a number of episodes, so we thought very carefully about how we could do it.” The solution, “from a production point of view, was very challenging,” Brennan says, basically requiring the writers to write eight or so episodes ahead.

Through it all, Brennan effuses, expectant Ruah has been nothing short of “remarkable,” resolved to keep Kensi in the picture as long as she can before her delivery date arrives. Says Brennan: “Now we’re just waiting for the blessed event!”

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  1. Apples says:

    The Deeks/Kensi romance has been terribly written, from Kensi punching Deeks in the face and never apologising for it, to a lack of any kind of physical intimacy (not even a kiss!) to the current arc (OK, DR’s pregnancy forced that, and I understand the writers have rolled with it).
    This used to be a must-watch show for me, and isn’t one any longer.

    • k1972 says:

      Could not agree more about the horrible punch. Whether it was in character for Kensi or not, the show unapologetically showed battering without apology in an intimate relationship. No one from the show has addressed the objections people have brought up. It’s hard to ship a relationship where it’s okay for Kensi to hit Deeks when she’s angry without apology.

      • Linda Burns says:

        Then she shouted at him in an episode after, that his shot could have taken her head off….poor guy can’t win…..whatever he does !!!

        • Tony Firth says:

          OK first Your the comment that caught my eye…

          Your wrong in away she didn’t shout at him as an ANGRY shout it was like a ( MY GOD I got Deeks back he saved me from been I believe stabbed or shot was it that one in the freezer Your un-about if so then that’s what that shout was about it was a good shout not a bad 1.

    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, I have to agree about the punch. I really felt that it was out of place and totally inappropriate. Certainly it would never be ok for Deeks to punch Kensi and likewise it was not ok for her to punch him. And for such a stupid reason to boot! I like them as a couple, but I was shocked by the punch. Felt the writers were very WRONG to include it.

      • Alex-Rose says:

        I totally disagree everybody goes on like they want them to get together straight away but if that happened once they did you wouldn’t have anything to look forward too all that would happen from that point is a break up or a death by keeping them flirting and joking and even falling out at points it keeps there relationship goin and gives us something to watch x

    • Ange says:

      I thought their kiss at the end of last season and how this season started with not so much as a mention was not too smart. Then you have them having dinner and rush off to his apartment for who knows what. I sense there is going to be an episode where Sam talks to one or both of them being that that is how he met his wife.

    • this is one of the best shows on TV!! Next to NCIS the original!! Who cares if she never apologized to Deeks!!! That’s how it goes on TV!!!

    • Tony Firth says:

      Your wrong in a million ways just like everyone else below saying things like what You have mentioned.

      First you must not be watching the same NCIS:LA as me because the Deeks and Kensi Romance I see is Awesome simply because it takes time for Characters that are been put in a relationship in the show together You can’t just boom put a couple that are mean’t to be together in the show right of the bat it takes time in my mind a long time sometimes depending on story-lines and plots that develop over Seasons.

      So Your wrong just like your followers.

      GO-Away and learn what TV-Shows are about.


      • nicky says:

        Agreed! I think they are handling the relationship really well and this whole separation is adding more to the emotional depth of it. I think some fans are a little too impatient. I think if they got the immediate happy ending that many people are wanting then it would have been a missed opportunity. :)

      • Bravo ! ! ! Deeks is happy with those little love punches, (not that the punches are for everyone, Kensi is a warrior wrapped in gold, and Deeks LOVE them. Not all romances are put to this test, example, the episode where Sam is shoot by a Gurkha sniper, they back off the ‘seeing each other’ but remained strong partners and the show never felt a speed bump). ”When ALL else fails, FALL back on training! Kensi does just that!

  2. A very sweet article! While the previously mentioned “punch” seems to linger in question, in taking a step back, that’s totally Kensi’s character. She has never been able to deal with her emotions, so she goes to what she knows – her agent training. Did we want some physical expression of their “thing”? Yes. Did we get (or really expect) it? Nope. And I’m perfectly good with that. Elements like this build the mystery & anticipation, much like what the characters are feeling.

    Seeing Deeks (& even a bit of Kensi) sad/heartbroken over their forced split – & knowing more doom awaits this season – stems from incredible storytelling. We know at some point, some how, they will overcome these obstacles, and when they do, it will be that much sweeter.

    • Debbie says:

      i really don’t see anything “sweet” in two people who supposedly care for each other deciding it’s okay to resort to physically assault on the other. Maybe Brennan will get even bolder and have Deeks punch Kensi in this face. If it’s good for one, it’s good for the other, right?
      Falling back on her agent training? Why aren’t all agents running around punching each other when they can’t control theirselves emotionally? Maybe there needs to be more training in that area.
      Abuse is abuse. It’s not cool, sweet, or anything else under any circumstance. I say run away, Deeks, as fast as you can.

      • Mel says:

        I agree. The NCIS universe seems to think it’s perfectly okay for the females to insult and physically assault the males (Kensi, Ziva) while the males just smile and take it like a…well, not a man! If they had the males abusing the females there would be holy war! This double standard is just bad writing, and I agree that there’s nothing about this kind of dynamic that shouts “love”. At least Kensi shows some affection towards Deeks at times, which is better than the now moot Tiva dynamic. I’ll never understand why some writers equate snark and physical attacks to being a “strong female” character. So happy some fandoms get it right, like Castle’s Beckett and Elementary’s Watson. Strong, smart, sensitive women minus the bad attitude.

        • kevin says:

          Watson, yes. Beckett, no. They write Beckett poorly every year. Throws hissy fit, argue, uses the “it’s my life” line….

          • sarah says:

            True, Castle’s Beckett is very inconsistently written. I hate that selfish “my life” line they’ve recycled the past three seasons. One of them walks away at the end of it and I don’t know why the guy keeps going back to her..I prefer other female characters on TV.

        • Apples says:

          Agree with you on Beckett, Watson or even someone like Abbie on SH. Vastly better written and developed female characters than those dished up by the procedurals of the NCIS/JAG family.

      • Cierra says:

        Not to mention that Deeks comes from a broken home. He watched his father abuse his mother on the daily, and had to deal with him violently abusing her and himself until he had no choice but to retaliate. Kensi and Deeks had been sleeping together for, at the point of the punch, less than half of a day, and she was ALREADY hitting him? Yeah, I and any other sane person should be saying, “Run away!” Kensi is (was?) a fan favorite, and I think that’s why many of the viewers refuse to accept how out of line she was when she resulted to physical abuse.
        I’m not even going to get into the awful writing of the PTSD, the emotional battery from Kensi in particular this season, the mounting dislike I have for Hetty, or the frustration of shipping a couple for the past three and a half seasons and their sexual tension amounting to a dinner date that lasted all of forty five seconds (but, come on, couldn’t Kensi have grabbed his hand when she stood up and they left with their fingers intertwined or SOMETHING? I know Daniela can’t have her pregnant belly exposed for the world to see, but would it have been that hard to initiate some sort of physical contact so the viewers could get the right idea?) It’s all very frustrating, to say the least.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I 100% agree with this. At the time of the punch i thought it was messed up but took it at face value (a female “one of the guys” Marine out in the field having just been held at gun point) but with all that back-story that they (the NCIS:LA writers) have written, ie said PTSD, childhood abuse to him and his mother, oral trauma from torture etc…that punch was insane, and the lack of an apology? I wish very hard that TVLine would bring this up next time they interview Ruah/Olsen/Showrunner.

          I completely agree about their romance. I thought (at the end of the dinner date episode) that the next episode would premier with them both leaving his/her house (making it obvious they had sex) or maybe even her brushing her teeth in his bathroom as hes laying in bed (that morning) as they get ready for work. I mean at LEAST Castle had the hot and steamy sex scene and the next episode they are waking up in bed together….now im not saying i need porn, or TV-MA, but what we got was garbage. 100% implied? After how many years of the show flirting them? The actor/actress/showrunner teasing us about their upcoming coupling? Thats the culmination? Wow.

          Personally id understand and respect (a lot actually) if the actor and actress refused to do sex scenes because she is engaged to Olsen’s brother and pregnant with his baby. So i’m not saying we need to see the Castle/Beckett scene of mega hot making out and undressing each other and stuff but come on.

          • 1bigsis says:

            Exactly. I don’t expect the show runners to force Daniela and Eric to shove each other’s tongues down the other’s throat, especially considering she was carrying his brother’s son at that point in time. Even as the show progresses I honestly don’t need a full on, M rated steamy bedroom scene. But Dani couldn’t have held Eric/Deeks’s hand as she left the restaurant?
            It makes me mad that we’ll never know how it was the morning after. Awkward? Cute? Funny? Quiet? Did they display any signs of regret? I feel like we’ve been denied important milestones in their relationship. We’ve gotten one “real” kiss. One kiss that wasn’t even reciprocated by Kensi. One kiss that was never mentioned again. Is that going to be our only kiss? Will the familial ties between the actors prohibit us from ever seeing Kensi and Deeks display affection, or settle down together?
            They make it out like they’re going to make Densi an over-glorified soap opera for at least the remainder of this season, because apparently having them both happy and together for more than an episode is boring. I get that we need some twists and turns, but it’s frustrating that things didn’t work out the way the fans (or at least I) wanted them to. Hopefully things will look up for them.
            And now this spoiler about Deeks not staying faithful or true or whatever to Kensi while she’s away. You have got to be kidding me. After all of the times Kensi has been hurt by men she cares about in her past…

      • matt says:

        I love this show but I have to say there is NEVER a good reason for a man to hit a woman for the sake of entertainment. I hope the writers keep in mind that a lot of really impressionable people out there that might think that that is OK.

      • DebbieDowner says:

        The punch wasn’t really as big of a deal as you guys are making it. If you’ve been following the show, the only thing that has really been preventing the two from a relationship is their job. When they decided to do whatever they did that night, it ruined the balance and chemistry of the team which is something I think Kensi blames herself for. As seen in other episodes she doesn’t express herself well with words, as many other members of the team, and usually results to violence.

        Deeks wasn’t really angry about the punch because he knew Kensi was right and he deserved it, which is why he told Sam and Callan that it was his fault the intel wasn’t recovered at the hotel.

      • Alex-Rose says:

        I think in kensi punching deeks is the writers way of showing us there playful brother and sister relationship as a posed to the serious romantic side of it x

    • Apples says:

      I’m sorry, but there is an incredible double-standard at play wrt the punch, with fans turning a blind eye to a vicious strike to Deeks’s (not long ago tortured jaw). Combined with Deeks’s history of coming from an abusive home and a complete lack of apology and acknowledgment of wrongdoing on Kensi’s part…I really don’t want them to be together.
      I hope they are broken up, and kept broken up. Deeks deserves better than a girlfriend who turns to violence to express her anger.

      • John 1138 says:

        Don’t see it, not an issue for me. The two actors work well together as well and that’s a plus.

        • KM says:

          I agree. I don’t see it as an issue either. I have seen much worse on other shows (I mean hellow scandal, good wife, etc). Why would you have to apologize for something that you did in the heat of the moment, I can tell you that I never say I am sorry to my husband and he never says it to me; I was always taught sorry means that you will never do it again and I can’t promise it will not happen again. I have been married for 16 years.

      • james says:

        Uh… Kensi is suppose to be perceived as “another one of the guys” so I dont have a problem with the punch as I could see Callen punching Sam, and vice versa, for doing something like what Deeks did.

        • k1972 says:

          We’ve never seen Callen or Sam punch each other, though, in their many angry confrontations. We’ve never seen Deeks punch Kensi in anger. I don’t see what you’re saying here at all.

          • Natalie says:

            Exactly what I’ve been saying. Even when Sam lost Mo and Callen didn’t have his back during/after or whatever he didn’t strike out with his fists. And if Kensi’s just one of the guys, totally hardcore, then would it be okay for Deeks to punch her? How about Callen? Sam?
            Remember when Sam beat Deeks for practically no reason in season four’s Christmas ep? I’m starting to wonder if Deeks is not only comic relief for the team but also a punching bag when they have to relieve stress, and even when they don’t.

          • matt says:

            perhaps because of that punch next time he will take the shot. That punch took 1.8 seconds there are approximately 3,000 seconds per episode. multiply that times how many episodes there have been . maybe this is being over thought and talked about. for those of you that are concerned about her baggy clothing when its cold you grab anything you can to layer on and warm up. if you don’t believe me go and spend 10 minutes in Chicago during the winter time and you’ll see what I mean. and for those of you that are concerned about what the characters are thinking or feeling about, they are not, they’re not real they are characters in a show. it’s a fantasy, a good one but nonetheless a fantasy.

      • Alex-Rose says:

        By not taking the shoot he showed that he could cost them there lives and he new that that’s why he didn’t react to the punch and by kensi punching him he saved her at the end of the episode by not making the same mistake

      • Alex-Rose says:

        Everyone just needs to get over this punch I mean it’s tv for goodness sake and if it didn’t bother deeks why is it bothering you and anyway it’s done now and you can’t change it. Plus it give us more to watch if they got together straight away it would be boring it’s good to see that there’s ups and downs in their relationship it’s more entertaining that way x

  3. alex says:

    the better story arc would’ve been Callen & Kensi.

  4. Anaelle says:

    Perhaps Jack, her fiancé who left on Christmas morning, will come back, which would be her new “storyline”

  5. Heather says:

    Glad to hear she will appear in all the episodes! I’m enjoying all of the Kensi/Deeks moments this season.

  6. Cornelius says:

    I have to add my own comment about the punch… Kensi punching Deeks would have been terrible enough without the fact that he was tortured recently and supposedly went through “a rough time” because of this. Not to mention his dark past with his abusive father. (By the way, but where is the promised PTSD-storyline? Dear writers, you had a great chance to use the topic of mental trauma with Deeks, it’s so painful to watch that you’re just throwing it away. We got almost nothing from this storyline. Very disappointing.)

  7. ee says:

    The punch that was apparently heard ’round the world needs to die now. I’m actually surprised that people were so offended. Kensi and Deeks are great together. I love the chemistry and the way they have been written. The fun is in the slow build. About the lack of physical intimacy, I don’t think they actually did the deed at the end of episode 9. I think it will come out later that they ended up waiting for whatever reason.
    Happiness and blessings to Daniela during this time. She is awesome.

  8. Ange says:

    I’m not sure about the cold climate…it’s obvious she is pregnant. Her clothes are not as tight and her vest hovers over her baby.

  9. Jeffry W. Johnson SR. says:

    This is wonderful to read. Kensi and Deeks bring a unique and fantastic twist to the cast as a whole. We as the fans have come to love and expect the playful and sexual tentions that come from them. While the show may continue to do great because of the other fantastic cast, I think it would take a great “hit” if kensi and Deeks were to be never more.

  10. Grinning Bear says:

    My 2 cents… The punch, nope, nada, zilch. Just did not ring true to me on all levels. As for the story arc. Okay, it is a TV program, and reality really is not vital. But come on! There is a need for an NCIS sniper skill set, being shipped to the Sandbox? Really? No one else was available in theater, so it had to be Bly? Silly choice of arc IMO.

    • John 1138 says:

      Cleaning up a mess of their own (or at least Granger’s) making?

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think Granger needed a NCIS agent with the sniper skillset and they had other options but Hetty pushed it to be Kensi cause of what was happening with Kensi and Deeks. Considering where she ended up had a NCIS team there (nerds/analysts it looked like) it makes sense they wouldnt just call for a SEAL, they are keeping it in the NCIS family. So it seems quite simple, it didnt HAVE to be Kensi, Hetty orchestrated it to get her out of reach from Deeks. I quite like the arc because i am a big fan of snipers and Kensi’s character and her being all military/huntress.

  11. Lange says:

    The punch was not part of a domestic fight, it was in a professional context. It was a wake up punch for Deeks to remind him that that was a mission and he had to act like accordingly. That was not a romantic date, but a life-death situation.
    The new arc looks very promising, it gives the show something different from other seasons, and i think their production effort will pay.
    Really glad to have Kensi in all episodes, with a dedicated story line.

    • Jan says:

      Don’t forget that Kensi also broke protocol and rushed into the meat locker even though Callen had instructed his team to wait a little longer. By that logic, Callen should have given Kensi a wake up punch – in a purely professional context of course, to remind her that it was a mission and she had to act accordingly. It was after all a life-death situation. Personally I would not excuse Callen if he did that, but by your logic, apparently I should.

      I love the Deeks and Kensi chemistry, and would love to see them as an official couple, but sometimes the things the writers come up with make me shake my head and wish they’d handle it differently.

  12. Diane says:

    Thank you for this article. I like how the show is handling Kensi and Deeks’ relationship and the impact of the actress’ pregnancy on the storyline, so far.

  13. Lauren says:

    She punched him because not taking the shot wasn’t nothing. It was a big effing deal.
    1. The guy holding her could have shot her while Deeks was standing there scared.
    2. Showing that he can’t do his job the same because of the shift in their relationship was probably Kensi’s number one fear about them getting together.
    3. Kensi punches and elbows Deeks all the time in jest.Why is everyone freaking out now? 4. We see Deeks later and it certainly doesn’t look like she did much damage. And I have no doubt that it’s because she pulled her punch, alot.
    5. Deeks is about as mad at himself for not taking the shot as she is at him. His actions jeopardized their chances of having both a relationship and their partnership.

    So, off the punch now.
    We may not have gotten a kiss this season, but what we get from Kensi and Deeks is better in alot of ways.
    1. Deeks uses his words to tell her exactly what he wants “I want to be at my place right now, with you”
    2. Kensi admits that a relationship with Deeks is the thing she wants MOST in the world.
    3. Deeks proves he can take the shot while Kensi swallows a little humble pie and realizes that she let her feelings seep into the work.
    4. They may be apart, but they sure are pining for eachother. Now us viewers just need to have patience with them.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      1) He was VERY recently tortured and needed major oral surgery (ie jaw/teeth, where she punched him)
      2) He has PTSD from said torture
      3) So your listing all the reasons its okay for a woman to punch a man? Just like a man punching a woman, there is no reason for it.
      4) She is a former Marine who boxes and lifts weights daily, how in the world do you assume it didnt hurt or she pulled her punch? Just cause they didnt spend the money putting him in makeup to make it look swollen/bruised doesnt mean anything. Notoriously network tv doesnt show what the real damage of punches (especially bare knuckle) look like on characters faces.
      5) Playful/flirty under-toned punching in the shoulder and chest is NOT the same as decking someone in the face with your bare-knuckle fist.
      6) Deeks grew up in a VERY abusive home where he watched his father beat his mother and experienced his father beat him, to the point that at age 10 or so he shot his father and never talked to him again after that.

      How many years has this show flirted with Kensi and Deeks connection/spark? How many interviews have Ruah/Olsen/Showrunner done where they tease their connection and flirtation and teased that their coupling will actually happen? What we got with his kissing her (saying what he means) was great, and then again when he asked her out. But it stopped being great when they just walked out on the dinner, fade to black..and next episode come into work acting all weird. Even Castle writers knew to have the scene where Beckett is at Castle’s door soaked from the rain and they get hot and heavy and the next ep they wakeup in bed.

      Want to know why we the shippers care so much about the first time the characters we are shipping hook up? Because on network tv they only ever show them together once, the first time, if that. How many times have week seen Castle and Beckett since that scene makeout and show their affection? None. Booth and Bones? We didnt see it the first time and havent seen anything since. Network TV shows build it up, show it the first time then never show it again because they are network TV, and dont want to keep showing graphic making out/intimacy/sex scenes. That thinking actually bleeds over a lot to Cable tv too. But they typically get more creative and find ways to show you how the couple still has the spark and spice without having to show a hot and steamy scene (like waking up in bed together or flirting a lot or something).

      • Lauren says:

        1. I was saying it was completely in character for Kensi to punch Deeks. Also those “playful” punches always result in some non sarcastic “ow” like noise from Deeks. And he usually didn’t deserve those. Now this’ll piss ya’all off, but Deeks kinda had it coming to him.
        Now, I’m sure that Kensi is sitting in her bunk, missing Deeks and wishing she hadn’t punched him. But right in that moment, It was completely within her character to punch him square in the jaw. She isn’t one for words and often lashes out in moments of strong emotion. Also this isn’t a man/woman thing. Yea, Deeks never would have punched her. He doesn’t react with violence, not in his wheelhouse. She always has though. It’s about characters, not gender.
        2. Things move fast in these shows, what was recent to us is rarely recent to them. . In cop shows characters get over trauma pretty fast. I don’t know why you think Deeks has PTSD, every trauma doesn’t go that far. He just took a few weeks to get a grip make sure he still wants to chase down bad guys. It’s a normal reaction. It’s also over. No cop show spends half it’s season still thinking about the season premiere, unless it’s an unfinished story. There is no way Kensi has been treating him with kid gloves this whole time.
        3. Even though this is Shane Brennan’s show, it’s still in the Bellisario camp. Previous USTs being Harm and Mac and Tony and Ziva. Now, I’m gonna just say that the sexy first time scene that you wanted was probably never going to happen. It’s just not this show’s style. I think we’re lucky that Shane Brennan at least pulled the trigger. He always said he was gonna do it in a unique way. Well, this is unique. Brennan did “The Frozen Lake” in UST hyper drive, he pulls the trigger on their relationship effecting the team, he shows them admitting what they want, and he finally shows them fight for each other. Then he sends Kensi away.
        4. Look, if you wanna get all up in arms about how your fav. couple don’t kiss on cam enough, go right ahead. But as a longtime shipper I advise that you trust the writers to love the characters as much as you do. Because at the end of the day what you think is AU and what they write is cannon. They gave you the couple in the first place, so you know, try to exercise a little trust. Also the networks aren’t the Big Bad Wolf.

      • 1) True. But also true is that that was about 5-6 months earlier, and the actual physical wounds had healed by that time.
        2) True. But also true is that when he returned to work in 5×03 he was well enough that the ptsd did not affect his everyday life anymore. The events of 4×24/the torture were behind him enough that he was able to be “not completely fallen apart”.
        3) No, a man punching a woman, or a woman punching a man, or whatever one person punching another is not okay in random situation. But there are times when it is “called for”. In real life: when someone attacks you, you have to sometimes hit the person to get away. But in this 5×10 scene we saw agent Blye and “agent” Deeks. At other times before and after that it has been the typical Kensi playful “elbow punch”. It is not done with the intent to hurt the other one physically.
        4) Did that punch leave a “bruise”? Perhaps. Did it cause internal damage/broken ribs? No. (not saying a bruise or no bruise is ok compared to broken ribs, but it was obvious Deeks did not have a bruise, because otherwise they WOULD have used fake make-up if the intention was to show she hit him really hard, so the idea was she punched him “less hard”) Just like when they all train in the gym and get actual bruises from training (boxing with each other, etc), or falling when chasing bad guys, or get bruises from bullets captured by their bulletproof vests, this punch was part of their work. yes, in this case it came from Kensi to Deeks, and because fans only see them as romantic pair, it is not welcomed. But just like they are ok with the bruises from their agent training, Deeks at that moment knew that possible bruise was his reminder to not get killer/not get her killed. (remember: in s4 she made him promise that he would not die in the job)
        5) No, not the same. But the situations were also different. The circumstances were different from all the previous, and later playful punches. That scene in 5×10 was so important, and dangerous, and it is possible Kensi simply yelling the “message” to him would not have been enough to get the message through.
        6) True. But he is also been able to put that behind him enough to be able to work as a cop and agent. And none of the things that have happened to him during the 5 seasons we have “known” the character have “triggered” him enough to make him “relapse”. Yes, he went through a traumatic childhood, and yes it is all very wrong, but a parent beating his child because “he was drunk or the kid didn’t do his homework” or any other reason why home violence occurs is not the same as one agent giving a “wake up call” to another agent after he almost gets them both killed. Yes, her frustration came from “i knew it! You would not be able to keep doing the job, when we get together. And hence putting me, you!, and everyone else in danger” place, but it was between two work partners and agents, not a Deeks-Kensi domestic moment.

        PS. The 5×09 fade out, and 5×10 not showing them in the morning being not likable is just a matter of opinion. I am a shipper. I loved how they did it. There are many shows that just tease, and tease without having any intention to do anything about it with ships. With densi i have felt a clear direction all the way. Slow, yes. But sure. And I love how we get to piece together what happened…just like Sam/Callen do.

        PS. I am Castle fan before NCISLA fan. And Caskett has shippery scenes very often. Sometimes many episodes. But for me a shippery scene is also them holding hands at the precinct when they cannot kiss, because Gates might find out. For me they are showing affection with little things like him bringing her her morning cup of coffee. Affection is not only shown though the physical act of love or exchanging saliva. In my opinion. I do not understand the need to SEE kiss/bed scenes. We know those are happening if a ship is together, but why the need to SEE them? I really do not understand that wish from so many fans. I love both how Castle did it with Caskett and NCIS:LA did it with Densi. I think both were true to their characters and their story. Very fitting for two different ships and shows.

    • nicky says:

      I agree with everything you’ve just said. Think some shippers are being a little too impatient

  14. M3rc Nate says:

    Id say what im most worried about is are they going to back track on Kensi and Deeks? I really really hope not. I realize it was weird timing cause Ruah got pregnant so she is gone…but are they going to have something happen to Kensi (almost get shot, etc) that has her come back and just want to be partners? Lets just say if Kensi comes back and they pick up where they left off and they are TOGETHER for real (though obviously working on it and figuring it out) then i will be shocked and insanely happy.

  15. RDL says:

    This is very good since she is one of the, if not thee only character to watch, in this oft times poorly written show… now if you get rid of Granger forever, I may even become a fan… it’s not only me either… I have not discussed this show with anyone who actually likes Granger, Granger’s character, or anything about Granger…

    • Emma says:

      I actually like Granger. He’s got the balls to stand up to Hetty, he’s clearly a highly skilled man in his field and the character, to me anyway, is portrayed as one of the most real personalities on this show.

  16. Steph says:

    i love this show and love Densi but i can not help the worry that they are going to end this relationship before it even starts as many shows that i watch seem to do and i have taken to stop watching them when they destroy them when they have spend years building them up as it has started annoying me so much . my fingers are crossed for Kensi to come back and the and Deeks to pick up where they left off so i can continue watching this

  17. yen35 says:

    The punch Kensi gave Deeks bothered me a lot. It would have been alright if she apologized to him at the end.
    Having said that, I am still quite fond of the show and the characters and think this season has been well done so far and I prefer it to season 4. Of course, seasons 2 and 3 were the best so far.

    • She did apologize. That meat locker scene, when she rushed in to “save” him, and her “who takes that shot?” line was the “apology”. Done in typical Densi way – using their own language to speak to each other, not direct words. Also the scene outside, by the ambulance. What Kensi said. That was her “apology”, also for the punch scene. Those were the “apology”/making that “did not take that shot/punched him in the jaw” scene and arc come to full circle. .

  18. barbara says:

    the punch very unneccesary. personally don’t like the kensi deeks relationship. all he does is talk talk talk trying to be funny and he isn’t. plus he needs shampoo and haircut

  19. JC says:

    Wow, suddenly everyone hates Densi? :( I still think they’re great. Yes, the punch was ill-advised on the writers’ part, but it’s not going to make me suddenly change my mind about a character and a ship that I’ve been enjoying for a long time, especially since the writers are actually allowing the relationship to progress this season. And I don’t get the need for sex scenes and the complaint about being “cheated”. None of the NCIS shows have ever been the type for sex scenes and if you’re watching for that, boy are you watching the wrong franchise. I’m just fine with the way it was handled and I don’t feel even remotely cheated. I was fine with the way Castle handled it too, and people complained that that wasn’t enough. Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

  20. z3h2 says:

    Everyone is complaining about them getting together atleast we got something, in NCIS just when we saw some Tony/Ziva love picking up she left. They never made anything of it, with NCISLA atleast we get a love connection between them.

  21. Y says:

    Well, since the comments on this article have gone waaaayyyyy sideways, I will just add that Kensi (Daniela Ruah) is having a baby with Deek’s (Eric Christian Olsen) brother in real life. That might make the kissy/huggy scenes extremely awkward for all involved.Especially since David Paul Olsen works as a body double for his brother. I think it shows a sensitivity to the actors’ personal lives.

    • Cornelius says:

      Well, that’s a terrible way to think when you’re creating a tv show. You want to please the audience, not the actors (it’s the tv network’s job to keep them happy). Their personal lives should not affect the show in any way. (and I’m pretty sure it’s not affecting it, it’s just bad writing we’re experiencing).

      • 1bigsis says:

        I agree that their personal life’s shouldn’t interfere with their jobs, but I do respect, for Daniela and Eric’s sake, that they didn’t force her to showcase ECO’s brother’s baby in her stomach for the world to see and force him to make out with her. It would’ve been more than a little crude IMO.
        And I also agree that it is mostly just bad story telling. The Frozen Lake could’ve been handled so much better with only a few changes, the main one being to exclude the punch. Couldn’t Kensi have just put him through the silent treatment for an hour or two? Like, come on. A freaking punch?! CBS is all for no hate and anti-bullying and relief funds and acceptance, but they think it’s appropriate to send the message that domestic abuse is okay? I just don’t get it. This is not a healthy start to a new relationship, or the display of released tension that I was expecting to get rewarded with for sticking with the show for five seasons.

  22. John 1138 says:

    Well after last night it’s clear: Hetty is a Densi shipper.

  23. Robert Waltman says:

    the punches just the relationship I think Nate is the white ghost

  24. Ryan says:

    Wow, people are taking the punch out of context. Kensi could have DIED! for the “inaction” of Deeks. That punch was not domestic violence it was a wake up call. As for the jaw, Im no doctor but Im pretty sure his jaw is healed after 6 months. Remember most of “Assention” took place in May and now with “Merry Evasion” it is december. And just because he may have PTSD doesnt mean Kensi should walk on egg shell. Yes she should show compassion but she shouldnt treat him as if he is weak.

  25. Ryan says:

    Yes i know Frozen Lake was November but still 5 months after his jaw should be ok

  26. Kaz says:

    Love kensi and deeks: the tension building and now a willingness to go into the unknown/uncertainty of exploring the potential of a relationship together (knowing that intimate relationships within Ncis are forbidden) -this is risk taking and I am eagerly waiting to see what transpires. Kensi punching deeks – not ok! Abuse is abuse regardless of the context. And sorry is about an awareness that what you have done is not ok/mistake not “I will never do it again”. Its always the respectful abd mature person who acknowledges their limitations and does something to address them. For the record I want deeks and kensi together (I only watch the show because of deeks) and he does not need a wash or hair cut ( he is subversive in a controlled and contained work environment – this is his claiming of self).

  27. grace says:

    ok people….. clearly some of you claiming to be such fans of the show are not. or at least not too observant or insightful. give the whole “punch” subject a rest! if you’ve followed kensi throughout all 5 seasons, you’d notice that action fit her character development perfectly. i agree that violence is wrong, HOWEVER, for heaven’s sake, you’re watching a FICTIONAL TV show where background scenes, plots, and themes center around bombings, guns, terrorism, etc. so it seems a little hypocritical for you to comment on that one scene.
    as for all of you wishing for some hot sex scene on the deeks/kensi front, if you watch NCIS (11 seasons) and NCIS LA enough, you’ll notice that’s not the way these writers/creators work. they’d prefer to leave some of the relationships to the audience’s imagination. it seems to work because look at all the “TIVA” lovers there are out there and there weren’t ever any over-the-top scenes with them either…just lots of innuendos and insinuations. besides, you all want the characters of KENSI and DEEKS together, but some of you seem to forget that while kensi is not pregnant, daniela is….so an intimate scene between eric/deeks and a stand-in for kensi wouldn’t satisfy your curiosities, would it? and while i’m a huge fan of this couple and their banter, i think some of you are hoping for too much of a soap opera storyline which i personally think would ruin the show. trust the writers, they’ve been spot on so far.

    • 1bigsis says:

      Yes, just look at Tiva. They never had sex (okay, MAYBE between seasons 3 and 4), and now Tony is going to be miserable and alone for the rest of his life. Besides, I thought this was an NCIS: LA thread, not NCIS? The two shows aren’t connected. We should look at them for what they are, separate shows. And Tiva is not an ideal comparison for any couple. That ship was awfully executed and ended in heartbreak for Tony, the viewers, and all parties involved.
      I respect that the show runners didn’t write in a steamy scene like Castle’s. But the implications that they’d slept together the night before didn’t cut it for me. As I said before, a morning after scene at the very least would’ve been nice.

  28. Betty says:

    I think they have ruined yet another great cop show by adding the romantic interest between two lead characters. I love the NCIS shows, but not watching for romance.

    • John 1138 says:

      They haven’t interfered so far in my view, not like on some other shows. The litmus will be when Daniela comes back from her break and Kensi with Granger return to L. A. I suspect, what with the Granger character involved, that the least of the story lines troubles will be she and Deeks….

      She setting up to kill someone and I suspect that is going to be a very dark story. This franchise likes to do layered so this isn’t going to be her popping some unalloyed bad guy. Nothing that easy.

  29. Ann Bartels says:

    I love both NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles but I miss Ziva and now, Kenzi. What other changes will I have to endure? Now that “Intelligence” begins tomorrow night, does that indicate that NCIS LA is no more or will return in the spring?

  30. Tsegidimond says:

    when will densi kiss!!!!???????

  31. cecilia says:

    Come on u people u know how these love story lines are written, get over the punch it was a LOVE punch. NCIS & NCIS LA are 2u of the greatest shows on tv on should be interesting when Kensi returns, these on-the-job relationships take time, it took 9 seasons for Tony and Ziva

    • 1bigsis says:

      A “love” punch? How is a punch suppose to display love? It made me think that either (a) Kensi is an awful person or (b) Kensi doesn’t care as much about Deeks as I’d like to think she does. I definitely was not getting loving vibes from the punch.

  32. Micklain says:

    Oh me word!!! Are u guys for real??? Kensi has been punching Deeks since series 3 – get over it!!! If u don’t like the “abuse” why are u still watching the program and whining!?!? An apology? Bwhahahahaha, gawd this has got to be the funniest post I’ve read since 2005 – y’all getting your knickers in a twist over A STORY!!!! Did y’all whine about “The Hunger Games” too? ROFLMAO

  33. leah says:

    You guys are rlwtong. She didn’t unapologeticly punch him as his lover. She punched him as his partner. You don’t just not take a perfectly good shot when your partner has a gun to their side. As his love interest punching him would be bad however she punched him because he dint take a shot for the simple reason he was afraid he would mess up and hit her. She can’t have a partner like that. No one with that kinda job can

  34. George says:

    Why bother calling this show N.C.I.S. Los Angeles as there rarely seems to be ANY naval connection in their storylines? They deal more often than not with “terrorists” – often overseas – and even spent two episodes chasing down old a-bombs! Both would seem better suited to the FBI, Homeland Security and even the C.I.A.

  35. masha says:

    please tell me what is the brand of kensi watch in season 5

  36. Porfirio says:

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  37. GB says:

    I am truly amazed how petty some of the viewers are based on the comments expressed. As far as “The Punch” goes, I thought it was entirely appropriate. Deeks allowed his new found emotion (elevated emotion) to get in the way of the task at hand.

    As far as the kiss from last season and why it was not addressed in a more overt way, well a little subtlety wouldn’t hurt. Evidently, Deeks took matters in his hands by “inviting” Kensi back to his place, and I am assuming they did not spend the night discussing politics. He finally “said what he meant” in a most profound way.

    Personally, I hope that is the extent of the relationship as far as the fans are concern. While the “DENSI” factor is my MAIN reason for watching the show, to have them become a real couple will destroy the chemistry and will eventually kill the show. As far as I’m concerned, they can resume their 3-year+ flirtations. No overt porn is necessary.

  38. Nics says:

    If in that situation of life and death with the punch, it was done well. Did people expect a silent treatment? Angry words? It was a heat of the moment following a scary ass situation where your partner bottles it coz they have feelings…instead of thinking “oh my god, it’s domestic abuse!” “If a man did that there’d be complaints” think of it as it was shown, in the moment. She could of been killed because of his freezing. It’s a show depicting how a team of ncis operatives work, there’s gonna be punches somewhere.
    Hawaii 5-0 can be called brutal for danny and steve beating the snot out of suspects but it’s not raised a problem, why? It’s associated to a reason. Same as the punch.

    Deeks can be said to be sexually harrassing if thought too much into it, but nope, he’s a joker. It’s in an associated situation for the comments.

    I think the split of “Densi” as everyone is calling it is good. Keeps fans on their toes. If we got what we wanted then we’d get bored, plus firefly would still be on but that would mean no castle, moonlight would be on but that would mean no hawaii 5-0 with mr o’loughlin as steve.

    Also deeks having ptsd, it can take years for it to manifest, from personal experience and years for disgnosis. In the timeline of the show it could’ve been ages since the torture, therapy sessions would’ve been given, psych evals made, gradual intregration back into team life.
    Yes, deeks was abused as a kid. But kensi’s dad was murderered.

    They are ying yang, opposites attract.

    Granger is brilliant, he brings in a sense if seriousness to the team with all the jokes going on. He may be a douche but he has compassion for the team and he shows loyalty.
    He was also a friend of kensi’s dad who was a sniper too. Hetty seperated the love birds to probably see if it is a one time deal or a guarantee, plus their feelings did cloud their ability as a team.

    I think the writers are doing good with what they have. They do have to keep the fans happy, but they have to respect the actors. Maybe it’s in their clause. Some actors wont do nude scenes in films for example, we dont know the reason for no sex scenes. Plus if that’s what everyone is waiting for watch game of thrones. It has enough for the rest of the shows on tv.

  39. JOANN GILLIAM says:

    I really think that this is the best show that I watch, I just love it.

  40. Rhel says:

    The series stop at episode 24 Season 5, is anybody here can tell me when it will resume?

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  42. kensi+deeks=love says:

    kensi and deeks are super awkward and weird and what is “don’t frakkin’ curse?”

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  45. Cierra says:

    Unfortunately TPTB don’t care about what viewers have to say as long as we keep tuning in so their ratings stay high. If they did, then Kensi would’ve apologized about the punch a long time ago.

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  47. I like NCIS:LosAngeles very much. I believe it’s drooping in the ratings because the New Orleans show follows the original NCIS, the most popular show on TV. I also think it has been assigned this plum spot because Mark Harmon is, I believe, one of the producers of NCIS:NO. I don’t care for NCIS:NO. In fact, I find it boring, the accents off and on, and the cast, so far, uninteresting. Please find a better spot for NCIS:LA, ramp up the writing, and keep it on the air. Thank you.

  48. liz Edwards says:

    I love the comet to LL Cool J on the show . ( it’s you and your black president that’s the problem that’s taking everything from white guys) GREAT !

  49. Caitlyn Carter says:

    This is one of my favorite show out of life 150 and ive been watching this series for only 1 week and ive watched all 6 seasons

  50. m1234 says:

    Het julle niks better om te doen as om oor ander mense the praat nie