Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on 'Delena' Troubles, Katherine's Future and More

Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Hearts were broken on Thursday’s fall finale of The Vampire Diaries as Damon and Elena confronted his monstrous past.

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While it seems like Elena’s discovery of the terrible things her boyfriend did would put an end to their romance, she actually chooses to stick by his side — even as he yells, “I’m bad for you.”

As such, Damon is left to do the breaking up. “I’m choosing to let you go,” he declares. “I’m choosing to relieve you…. Stop defending me! I won’t change who I am. I can’t. I refuse to change you.”

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Meanwhile, Katherine and Stefan’s roll in the hay turns out to be a one-time thing as Stefan tells her that they were just swept up in the moment. Adding insult to injury, before a rapidly aging Katherine can perform a Traveler spell to let her live on in someone else’s body, she collapses on the floor.

As for the Augustine mythology, Elena learns her dad taught Wes everything he knows and that Grayson Gilbert was trying to heal a little girl named Megan. But even though Elena escapes her captor, the threat of Wes’ plan doesn’t seem to be gone as Phase 2 looms… as does that needle Aaron nabbed.

Here, executive producer Caroline Dries sounds off on the split and whether there’s hope for “Delena.” Plus: Now that the couple is no more, will it push Elena toward Stefan? Or will Katherine swoop in and steal his heart from her death bed?

TVLINE | The Damon and Elena break-up – what’s that going to do to him as a character going forward?
His character journey and Elena’s character journey thus far … they’ve been a really good couple, but Elena is in college. Her point of view is being influenced a bit by dating the bad boy. Damon’s fear is, “What if I end up changing her? What if I make her bad?” Stefan is good. Stefan’s knee-jerk reaction is to do the heroic thing. He can take care of Elena and influence her in the right ways. Elena is a strong female character, so she has a mind of her and her own moral compass. [Enzo is] starting to get into his head. So he’s starting to think, “What if I change her?” That’s why he made his decision. Going forward, the 100th episode will revisit this fight that they had, this break-up, and he’s going to get some good brotherly advice that will push him in the right direction.

TVLINE | Elena also had a surprising point of view – she chose to stick by Damon. Talk to me about her justification for that decision.
The whole episode was about Elena learning about what her father did. She is seeing it through her own lens as a child. She knows her dad was a good doctor, he cared about people. Even after being tortured by Wes, she realized at the end of the day, all her dad was doing was trying to help people. In this weird parallel, she doesn’t see her dad as evil, she doesn’t see Damon as evil. She’s able to justify his actions through the same lens – “You were tortured. You reacted a certain way.” She has a more empathetic view about it even though it’s strange that she’s justifying committing murder.

TVLINE | In the aftermath, how is Elena dealing with the break-up? Does she accept it?
The fun of the 100th episode is we pick up the day after this happened. We see how they’re both handling it. It’s a fun introduction to the show.

TVLINE | Does this open up a window for Stefan and Elena to rekindle something?
Stefan is a person that she’s going to lean on for advice and wisdom. She trusts him fully. But the Damon thing is still so tender. There’s still so much that is unresolved about it.

TVLINE | So all hope is not yet lost for Damon and Elena?
Yeah, no. They just had a big blowout fight/break-up. But we have to see going forward, the next time they’re in the same room together, how they deal with it

TVLINE | Putting aside the fact that she’s currently unconscious at the end of the episode, is any more romance between Stefan and Katherine a possibility?
[Laughs] Romantic make-out in the hospital bed. Maybe. The 100th episode is Katherine on her death bed. She doesn’t have a huge fanbase at the Salvatore house where she is, so Stefan is the person who’s there for her. But when you’re dying, romance isn’t exactly on the front burner.

TVLINE | I just want to clear something up: Katherine collapsed because of old age, right?
She had a heart attack.

Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Did any of that injection that Wes tried to put in Elena take? He did stab her with the needle…
It was hard to visually tell that story, but no. When we saw the needle on the ground, it was still full. So she’s safe.

TVLINE | Is Aaron picking up the needle part of a larger story with this Phase 2 that’s been hinted at?
It is and it isn’t. What we’re implying is that story isn’t over. There’s still some fallout from that.

TVLINE | Have we seen the last of Enzo?
No, we have not.

TVLINE | What kind of a role is he going to play going forward?
Enzo and Damon have a very complicated relationship. He’s holding a grudge [against Damon]. But at the same time, he also admitted he has no friends. [Laughs] He and Damon went through this horrible, trying time together. If you think about the way soldiers bond over trauma, that’s kind of what they went through. So it’s not as simple as saying they’re enemies or they’re friends. They’re a mixture of good and bad.

Vampire Diaries fans, head to the comments with your thoughts on the twists and grade the episode via the poll below.

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  1. Mari says:

    Well done, show.

    Katherine squeeing over Stephan, but oblivious to her daughter’s understanding of the conversation? Ordinarily wouldn’t buy Katherine misunderstanding Nadia’s intent–she’s too good at manipulating people–but it’s almost plausible based on her panic over aging and her internal Stephan squeeing. I’d like to point out, thought, that Nadia is NOT actually someone Katherine has betrayed. In fact, Nadia might be the only person Katherine’s never betrayed in some way. Nadia’s life may not have been what she wanted, but I fail to see how any of that is actually Katherine’s fault.

    The Stephan/Damon/Aaron parts were enjoyable, and if we had to have Damon and Elena break-up drama, at least it came from his angsting this time instead of her indecision. And, again, plausibleish due to his obvious guilt over Enzo and a tendency to put Elena on a pedestal. Now, will Elena dither between the Salvatores the rest of the season, fall back into Stephan’s (possibly not) waiting arms, or refuse to accept the break-up?

  2. S says:

    I’m glad that it was Damon who dumped Elena and not the other way around. I don’t think they’re over for good just because how the breakup was and since she still loves him… There is still hope for DE. Good episode, I enjoyed the Damon, Stefan, Aaron and Enzo scenes.

  3. Tori says:

    I was hoping for some kind of Nadia and Elena conversation this season about family. Nadia’s obsession of knowing her own mother makes me wonder what kind of relationship she had with her own child, who would be Elena’s ancestor.

    • Anna says:

      Why would you think that? Isn’t doppelganger a supernatural occurence? Would you say Amara was Katherine and Elena’s ancestor? When did she have that baby then, before being dessicated? Elena doesn’t have to be from the Petrova’s bloodline to look like Katherine otherwise Stefan would have been a descendant of Silas.

      • minxie18 says:

        They already established in s1 and 2 tho that Elena certainly is a descendant of Katherine. That was the reason why Isobel, Elena’s birth mother, was able to form a friendship with Katherine. Katherine cared about her and it was implied it was because they were related, so she might have been projecting her feelings about her lost daughter onto Isobel. (The Silas and Amara thing messed around and retconned the Petrova doppelganger mythos horribly)

        • Mari says:

          They retconned the descendant thing – Silas said that Stefan was not a direct descendant, but from a member of the same family. Since they ‘re Doppelgangers for the same reason that should hold true for Katherine and Elena, too. Their most recent common relation may be a sibling of Amara.

          • Shaun says:

            Wrong,they are called Petrova Doppelgangers,hence a blood relation.Nadia is certainly old enough to have had a daughter to continue on.She may perhaps have a doppelganger Traveller out there.

  4. Ryan says:

    Is anyone else wondering who Grayson Gilbert was using as a test subject? Because Wes even said something along the lines of, “well, that’s a mystery for another time” – just as he was about to get to the vampire’s identity. I have a feeling that this isn’t an important plot point and that’s why no one’s mentioned it but it just stood out to me like a flashing neon sign. I was expecting it to be some big reveal at the end of the episode and then baby Elena never got to see what was behind the door.

    • Wes says:

      I have a theory. It has always been vague about how Elena’s parents lost control of the vehicle and went over the bridge. I theorize that Damon was the cause. Aaron stated that Damon was killing all people responsible for torturing him and always leaving relatives alive. Grayson Gilbert or his father was an original Augustine torturer. He could have been one scientist that experimented on Damon thus Damon has been attacking Gilberts and could be responsible for the death of Elena’s parents. Just a theory.

  5. Sasha says:

    The problem with DE is that Elena always ignores the crap Damon does. That’s why I hate that couple.

    • anon says:

      what show have you been watching? elena was a self righteous annoyance for the entire first three seasons….she always had a problem with what damon did and was always trying to change him. this is the first time she really accepted him

      • Sara says:

        But the point is that she SHOULDN”T accept this. He’s basically been a serial killer and she can’t just excuse it away….just like Damon was trying to say. You can love someone but you can’t sit there and justify them killing innocent people. Geez!!

        • Hmm says:

          If he’s a serial killer, what is Stefan? Lest we forget the s3 revelation that he went on a murderous rampage to rival Damon’s back in the day. If you think Elena should’ve forgiven him, what makes Damon any different? If anything, Damon was a victim. His circumstance pushed him to turn off his humanity to escape the pain of his abuse and “losing” Enzo. What made Stefan become a ripper? Nothing more than his own desire for blood and “hanging with the wrong crowd.” The difference is Stefan had a good friend who brought him back from the brink. Damon never had anyone.

          • Une de Mai says:

            Idiot. What pushed Stefan into becoming a ripper, is this none stop GUILT over everything he has done. Guilt that never goes away, guilt he wakes up with every day. Damon doesn’t even know how to pronounce the word “guilt”. Elena shouldn’t forgive Damon because Damon doesn’t CARE about ruining Aaron’s life like he did. Stefan would never do something like that, especially not with his humanity on (and Damon’s was on, too, because he was with Elena.)

          • Anj says:

            This is actually to Une de Mai but the reply to post option is not there. If Damon is immune to guilt why did he switch off his humanity when he left Enzo? If he doesn’t even know how to pronounce guilt why would Enzp affect him so?

          • Chantall says:

            I feel sorry for Damon he was rejected most of his life he did bad things in his past and thats something nobody can change fact is he and Elena love one another nobody can change that

          • miaqueen says:

            Stefan is not a serial killer damon is because he was killing people for a specific reason/ Stefan is reformed he has changed what he was and he wants to be good. Ian and Nina joke about this all the time why DE shipper won’t acknowledge the truth baffles me. I think the only reason you all want damon and elena together is because of the way this man looks plan an simple. the girl belongs with Stefan or she needs to be alone all together. she is not going to get over Stefan she will always have something for him and now that he is back in her life that great love will come back de fails in comparison to this great relationship and they are pretty much based on nian sex and nothing more.

          • Jill says:

            You are absolutely correct. Stefan WAS a serial killer (for whatever reason) and Elena also found motives to justify this. What’s so different? Oh, yes…some people ship Stelena so hard they can’t see anything wrong with Stefan. Don’t get me wrong, I DO like Stefan and also Damon, but I am NOT blind to all the killing and mayhem they have done. BOTH of them.

      • Chantall says:

        Honestly damon is the most real character on the show yes he is evil and has admitted to that many times so whu are people so surprised by what he does i mean he doesnt hide who he is thats why elena loves him because of his honesty towards her

    • Jess says:

      And she ignored all the crap stefan did too,when he killed a thousand people,when he was the ripper,when he killed andy,when he used her for his revenge in 3×11,the point is,you accepted all of that because she was in love with him,and you accept the people you love for who they are, that’s what she’s doing now with Damon because now she’s in love with him.. it’s not a big deal,it’s just the right thing you do when you are in love

      • Tonie says:

        EXCEPT DAMON KILLS PPL WITH HIS HUMANITY SWITCH ON!! Stefan’s is always off. And please don’t forget that in S3 THE ONLY REASON HE WAS ON A RAMPAGE AND HAD HIS HUMAINTY SWITCH ON WAS BECAUSE HE WANYED TO SAVE HIS IGNORANT DISGUSTING BROTHERS LIFE…….as usual. You do realize that stefan lives everyday of his life trying to make up for all the horrible things hes done and always feeling bad? Damon never cares. Stefan deserves so much better than Damon or Elena tbfh. He should just leave the stupid town

        • Justsayin' says:

          Actually. No. Stefan didn’t kill all those people with his humanity off. His humanity was on the whole time while murdering truly innocent people during his ripper days, and even when he was blood lust crazy after Elena saved him from the tomb vampires he still had his humanity on. He turned it off once when Klaus made him flip it at the MFHS. All Stefan’s ripper stuff he did with Klaus up the east coast, down to FL and up to Virginia was all with his humanity on. Damon was the one who had to flip the switch because he couldn’t handle the guilt of having to leave his friend. Poor Damon, so much pain, sorrow, guilt and remorse. If Damon did kill that one person Aunt Sarah with his humanity on. I’m sure she deserved to die. Because Damon is only bad, with a purpose. Guess we all need to watch the rest of the series to find everything out, about Damon.

        • Chantall says:

          I feel sorry for Damon he was rejected most of his life he did bad things in his past and thats something nobody can change fact is he and Elena love one another nobody can change that

        • Chantall says:

          Look the whole of mystic falls did bad things what makes everybody else so much better than Damon, if he was so heartless then why would he got so emotional confessing his love to elena in s3 tearing up and compelling her to forget that is a selfless act..

        • Jill says:

          What??? Remember the first woman Stefan ripped to pieces? The one at the place where Sage was boxing? He most certainly did NOT have his humanity off then. It was ON and after that he went full ripper until he became known as the ripper of Monterey. Remember when he was with Rebekah and Klaus in Chicago? His humanity was ON as well there and he had quite a list of dead people on his closet door in the apartment Elena eventually visited. Forgot about that too? OMFG, some people here are worse than Elena. They can find excuses and list right out lies to justify all the killing Stefan has done. He is a ripper under control, but he will ALWAYS be a ripper inside.

        • shavanap says:

          Stefan’s humanity switch was on for the most of the time during his ripper days, FYI. That’s why he put the bodies back together after he ripped them apart. Damon’s humanity is more on a dimmer switch, though he admitted that the guilt was there, after he helped Elena save Stefan from killing himself. I think Stefan was right, everyone in this show has done horrible things. I mean, they’re vampires. They drink human blood. The body count will probably/eventually pile up given their primary food source. I’m just saying.

      • Emma says:

        Stefan actually had regrets about it Damon doesn’t give a crap that he ruins lives and murders innocent people! Also Stefan had no control over being a Ripper and Damon does! Stelena is true,passionate, amazing, and just perfect! Delena is gross and fake and i want to puke! Damon doesn’t respect any of Elena’s decisions and even calls them stupid, while Stefan respects them!

    • Chantall says:

      I think Damon and elena really love each other she killed her best friends new love to save her man..Damon broke up with elena to protect her from him…no thats love

  6. Babybop says:

    This season has been awesome. I’m surprised by it every week, which is very rare for me because I watch waaaay too much TV and can usually predict plot points a mile away. Katherine won’t die (people like her better than Elena, they can’t kill her off!) but I don’t necessarily think she’ll end up with Stefan.

    I don’t think Damon changed Elena, but I definitely think Elena changed Damon. Not necessarily for the better, (sorry, season 1 Damon was a lot more fun), either. He was getting weak, and would basically do whatever the hell she told him to. Him breaking up with her and screaming at her was the first step in the right direction… I mean, he needs to get better because even though I don’t like him, I sure do like to stare at him…

  7. Josh says:

    Once again Elena has no urgency. She’s a passive participant. It’s always her boyfriends that decide “You can’t be with me. I’m a monster” and Elena going, “It’s okay. I love monsters!”…I just can’t ever get over the fact that ever since Julie Plec became the showrunner, the female characters somehow became incredible weak and passive. You’d think a female showrunner would mean more awesome female characters, not less. I miss old Elena, Bonnie and Caroline :(.

    • jerrired says:

      I completely agree! I feel like all the female characters are very weakly represented. I think Katherine was a good, strong female character but her obsession with getting amends from Stefan on this episode bugged me a little. I’ve always seen Katherine as strong and not dependent on a man for her happiness. But it was weird, she wanted Stefan’s love above survival to me. But I’ll believe that only because changing from vampire to human must have been a major emotional shift and Stefan is the only one she has there for her. Despite Nadia being her daughter, she doesn’t have an emotional connection…yet. Stefan she has a 140 years of history.

      The other female characters have no excuse. I do think Caroline has potential now to be strong without a boyfriend. So I’m hoping they do something with her instead of listening to fans and pair her with Klaus. Bonnie and Elena I’ve lost all hope for them, especially Elena. She’s basically just becoming a caricature.

      Damon’s character has also been very weakly represented this season but I’ve seen a little of the old Damon creep back up on the last couple episodes. I think the pairing of Enzo and him could turn Damon back into the fun-baddie, instead of kind of the sap he was becoming with Elena.

  8. Trenton says:

    Im thinking wes is the one who offed Elanas parents. Random car accident and they never revisted it? Somehow someway that wasn’t an accident…and I still think that Mikael is connected b/c he was the only other character that fed off vamps as well…also, Jesse was able to overpower Damon which goes against everything we know of this world…so Mikaels blood being part of serum used to change the vampires would explain how they would have added strength.

    No way Katherine bites it … all for switching her body, but whom?, Elana…no…

    Is bonnie immortal? Technically she is a ghost who is the anchor giving her physical form…but as a ghost not gonna be aging. Would be cool if she could ghost around ie become invisible as a power at will…but that would leave her and jeremy at an odd place seeing she is immortal ish.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I really liked this episode. I have a sneaking suspicion that Katherine is going to “die” but she will reside inside Elena’s body. Kat could cause all kinds of trouble and at least for a while, the brothers wouldn’t know what was happening. Could be a cool storyline.

  10. S says:

    I wish people could see this is who Elena is and has always been!! She has always forgiven and got over the bad things Damon has done. I think its about TIME she accepts him for who he is!

  11. RobMF says:

    Was I the only one who got the vibe they were teasing a sort of love between Enzo and Damon? Not a romantic love but a deeper thing. They spent 5 years together and Damon turned off his emotions because of Enzo.

  12. Anna says:

    I feel for Lorenzo, I like him. He’s like a male Tess but in a less lethal way. I’d really like him to beat the heck out of Damon, now they’ll be really even.
    Re Damon: maybe it’s because I’m vindictive but why everyone thinks he went overboard with his revenge on the Whitmore family? I’m usually on Team Human but that Whitmore dude of the 50s was a sociopath, with his Dr Mengele vibe. Imagine being tortured by someone like that! When you’re devising your vengeance about such an individual, you don’t care about his family or descendants. Yes, Damon pushed it further by carrying the whole thing over to the whole generation but given the fact that those experiments seem to be a family thing, it seems like Damon wasn’t wrong after all.

    • Rain388 says:

      Thank you Anna, I was beginning to think I was a crazy psycho for feeling like this!! Why would Damon care about those peole, after what there ancestor did. Also, all I could think was – how do you know those people were all “innocent” when he killed them – the experimenting is passed down through the family. Plus, it’s a tv show, and I prefer my vampires to be on the darker side of things anyway! :)

  13. Luli says:

    they can kill whatever character they want, but please don’t kill katherine!!!! And let her stay in her body. There needs to be some kind of a cure that doesn’t involve the traveler thingy,.,,

    • ImSmarterThanYou says:

      I don’t think they’ll kill Katherine, but I do think her body will die and she will end up in Elena. They have to figure out a way to restore her to normal, because she really does make the show worth watching. It’s funny how I can hate Elena so much yet love Katherine. I don’t even feel like Nina’s acting is as good when she plays the Elena character…

  14. Jeremy says:

    I gave it a C. It seems like the writers have run out of original ideas to produce an exciting twist or cliffhanger. I got bored throughout the recent episodes. Last week, it got a 1.0 rating, I doubt that they can do better this week with this episode. Too bad I used to like this show very much. If it is renewed, I hope that they can shift the focus away from the love triangle, which has gotten really tiring and forced these days. I want to see more of Caroline, Bonnie, Matt… without revolving around Elena.

  15. Cam says:

    Damon uses his past as a shield, its easier for him to push people away than it is to let them in, to show them his pain. Yes what Damon did was horrendous, but no more than Ripper Stefan, or everything Katherine has done, yet the writers seem to cast out Damon as unsympathetic. Can we PLEASE see Damon’s softer side more, he can still be a badass, but the audience AND the characters needs to see him care. I will never forget his scene on the road when he was so upset and yelling “I miss being human more than anything in the world!” WOW. That scene was amazing. I want to see more of those. And I definitely think that they need to show more scenes with Damon and Elena being a flirty, loving, passionate, and supportive couple. But now that’s over because Damon broke up with her. Way to end something that the fans have been waiting for for five years in half a season. Meanwhile this episode did a great job of showing us just why Stefan is considered the hero. He makes all the moral choices and shows us his kindness. He’s had a hell of a journey this season and I can only wish and pray that they can do the same for Damon.

  16. DavidSask says:

    No one ever stays dead forever on this show and its hella annoying!

  17. Mel says:

    Sounds like the break up won’t last. That’s too bad. I’m not a Delena fan. I did like Stefan and Damon teaming up to crime fight just like old times.

    • Gwen says:

      I agree, I love it when Damon and Stefan band together to fit crimes. I also prefer Stefan and Elena together than I do Damon and Elena, but that’s because neither Stefan nor Elena’s characters had to change to be together. Damon has become a soft character compared to how he has been now that he is with Elena. I like not knowing what Damons is thinking, but you know it is always whats best for everyone (or at least him, Stefan, and Elena) he just goes about it in his Damon-ish way. Im excited to see what the creators decide to do next…

  18. Radha says:

    I am starting to hate this show and the recaps. Nothing about any of the other characters. Always about the darn triangle. At least mention what happened to the other characters b/c that is who I am interested in now. And if this finale didn’t have any of those other characters in it, then I really don’t want to watch it.

  19. Liz says:

    I completely agree with the poster who suggested Enzo become Alaric 2.0!!! If we can’t have the real Alaric back, which I would love, a bromance between Enzo and Damon would be an acceptable substitute. I am really disappointed in the lack of involvement of the secondary characters. I thought I read before this season premieried that Matt was finally going to get increased screen time. Other than those few episodes at the beginning of the season, he continues to be a majorly underused character. And what the heck is going on with Tyler? Is he still in “the garden” in New Orleans? They either need to give Michael Trevino a storyline on one of the shows or let the poor guy go. What a waste of his talent and good looks. Last comment, I think Katherine will end up in Elena’s body.

  20. camille says:

    there is something i dont understand why all the hate for stefan maybe am baised but when you do something wrong and you try even if just a little to atone for it or make amends i think you deserve a second chance. damon doesnt know who to let things go he always has a reason for killling people and he is very selfish with his love how can any one in good conscience kill others or hurt others for the sake of one yes its love and all those things its still selfish for every pain and misery stefan has brought he has tried to better himself be a good person that is what you do when you want to change not accepting what you are and sticking by that like damon does i really wont like to see stefan and elena together he will definitely go back to the old him and elena will just do what she does run from one salvetore brother to another

  21. AnnieM says:

    More Matt, please.

  22. This was the best episode in season 5. All the drama – Katherine dieing, having a heart attack, steferine hooking up, nadia not knowing what to do about katherine, elena almost becomes a monster that eats vampires, delena break up…! Julie you truly are a great writer! But is Delena over?! I love Delena! They were only together for a few episodes :(. I want Delena! Delena together forever and ever! Only Delena! Please Julie! :””( I cried my eyes out when I watched the Delena fight. Please…♥ :”(

  23. Cali says:

    I HATE DELENA!!!!! I watch the old episodes over and over again and it is obvious that Elena and Stephan are meant to be!! This series will be ruined if they do not end up together in the end.

  24. S says:

    It isn’t so much as what Damon has done that offended me. Its more the fact that he refused to fight for his love that made me weep. Why doesn’t he want to change? Why cant he change for the woman he loves? Why is he going like, I am the way I am, and to hell with what you think? I am neither a Delena or a Stelena fan. I enjoy both, because they both have their moments. And I love Damon a s a character. But after this if someone asked me to chose, i would chose Stefan over Damon because thats the kind of a guy i would like to end up with. Given a choice, I would like to be with a guy who fights for me rather than going, to hell with you, I am the way I am.

    • Cathy O. says:

      I don’t think Damon really feels that way saying to hell with you. I think he is guilt-tripping over what Enzo said to him about being a monster so he feels like he’s not good enough for Elena and loves her so much that he’s willing to let her go so she won’t change who she is because of him. They are in no way over though. She’s Damon’s life so it’s not the end.

      • awgeeez says:

        I was wondering why what Enzo said is getting to him when every character on the show has been telling him the same thing since episode #1…guess there really is a bromance in the works if Enzo’s words effect him that much.

  25. Heather says:

    So, is anyone else convinced that Katherine will become a traveler and her host body will be,…wait for it… ELENA! How ridiculously perfect would that be?! Katherine will still get to remain in the body that Stephan will be attracted too and she will get to torture Elena by using her body.

  26. David says:

    Love the candid and I hear a tone: “She had a heart attack” Like.. wasn’t that obvious.. and yes, yes it was, and a waste of a question. lol. Great show, great episode. Couples have fights and break up and I’ve no doubt Elena and Damon will be fine probably sooner than most of these posters seem to think. It was a winter finale, bring on the drama! Great Enzo is sticking around. I’d guess he’s the recipient of the lethal injection.. but I’d probably be wrong because TVD is unpredictable and I love it.

  27. Johana says:

    First Stefan didn’t want to be a ripper and Damon keeps killing all the Whitmore family on purpose.

  28. Johana says:

    I hope they don’t kill Katherine off, right now she is the only reason I watch the show, she is the most favorite character and now that she started to make things right it wouldn’t have any sense.

  29. Sam says:

    Steferine all the way!

  30. Jocelyn says:

    Just a hint for next time, please don’t post the actual spoiler in the title. I was not even looking for this episode and yet it got ruined on google for me due to the title. Great article, just leaving some advice.

  31. Cat Morgan says:

    Elena “justifying committing murder” is exactly what’s wrong with her character development or lack of. Logically Elena should be able to find compassion for Katherine, Klaus and Silas if we are using her current logic; Klaus was tortured and hunted by his dad for a thousand years; Silas locked inside a tomb by a vengeful ex for over 1,000 years; Katherine’s entire family was killed by Klaus and she has been hunted for over 500 years. Surely if Aaron filled with hate decided on a revenge plan of his own against Damon, Elena should be able to find justification for Aaron’s action also.

    I remember when Elena used to say to Damon “be a better man” something she didn’t need to say to Stefan because he is trying to be a better man by coming off of human blood and choosing animal blood, by feeling remorse for his action and his self-loathing. Now Elena’s says to Damon: “it not right, but it’s ok”. You were tortured for 5 years so it’s understandable for you to torture and kill others innocent people for 50 years; it’s okay for my dad to hurt and torture innocent vampires, I love you anyway.

    Elena has lost her moral values, she has lost her compassion and her humanity for the basic human rights of others. Basically, Elena has lost herself.

  32. anonymous says:

    frankly I don’t care about delena. I just hope Stefan doesn’t take her back because he deserves better than Elena and even Katherine. I like the thought of enzo being the next alaric to Damon tho there can not be another type of alaric cos that guy was awesome. I also agree we need to see the other charcters more with more to do and not them revolving around Elena and her drama. Not to be mean I don’t think I’ve ever liked Elena because I think she’s just a simpering female that doesn’t listen to advice, does her own stuff that gets almost everyone one she loves into trouble and then starts apologising. Its just so annoying. I love Caroline and Bonnie a lot tho. And Stefan. Damon is just a confused soul and needs someone new to lovingly correct him not change him forcefully just help him with unbiased love. And that person has to be ready for work. Plus when is Klaus coming back to mystic falls to look for trouble? I love them originals.

  33. Passion says:

    I want Stefan and Caroline :( and seriously if the show even brings up the possibility of Stelena rekindling while Elena’s character is this much of a mess this season, i am going to have a heart attack-the kind that will make people assume that i died of old age. Lol. Oh. wait they’ve done that earlier this season already. le sigh. Whatever happened to this show. It was so good S1 and 2.

  34. Lulu says:

    Pretty sure Damon killed The Gilberts. He’s the one responsible for the car crash. He tried to off Elena and her parents and just keep Jeremy alive as part of his “deal”.

    • Jill says:

      I don’t think so AT ALL as Damon met Elena the same night she and her parents had that accident. I do not agree that Damon would try to kill her after they met. You saw that scene, sparks were flying all over the place and Damon, being who he is, would’ve want to know more about this girl that looked exactly like Katherine. Remember what he told her? He wanted for her to get everything she wanted in life. That hardly points to him trying to kill her minutes later. Sorry, but this theory of yours makes NO sense whatsoever. I have always thought that Stefan was the one who cause that accident and that when he saw Elena inside he had to save her due to her likeness to Katherine. It could not be THAT convenient for him to be in the exact vicinity of the accident. That’s very suspicious to me. The who/what or how of that accident has not been explained, but I am almost positive it was not Damon.

  35. saraah says:

    Is it just me who’s rooting for Stefan and Katherine? Idk they just make sense now! She livens Stefan up whereas, he was always a little boring with Elena

  36. Clare says:

    I was so excited for the mid-season finale and frankly it was disappointing to say the least. Four seasons of character development went down the drain. Damon’s back to how he was in seasons 1 and 2. It’s ridiculous. I thought it was a cruel joke when Damon admitted to his serial killings. Surely he would have been so happy and in love with Elena that it would never have crossed his mind to go and commit some more murders just for the sake of revenge. Also, yes Stefan has issues with the ripper situation and yes people can argue that Damon makes pre-meditated choices to kill. However, they’re all vampires, they’ve all killed innocent people at some stage. This is besides the point. If Stefan had given a whole monologue about how he had been tortured for 5 years straight I’m pretty sure people would have had a lot more sympathy. Damon, during his story-telling scene, didn’t get much from Elena. Instead she made it about herself yet again. And frankly being tortured for 5 years straight would have disastrous psychological consequences on anyone. What we’ve seen from the flashbacks from when Damon was human he seemed to be the more mild, kinder and obedient brother who believed in doing the right thing. Personally I think Damon has gone through more torture than Stefan both physically and emotionally. Plus what happened to Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline? They just disappeared. Katherine was the only thing that saved this episode. All in all there were serious continuity problems with this midseason finale. I really hope it picks up in the second half.

  37. Stacy says:

    Guys stefan and elena will get toghther in the end seriously their ove is just perfect. Ok as you see it says she will lean on stefan for advice meaning they will talk and talk until they kiss or something

    • Chantall says:

      Ok the whole destiny thing is crap remember amarah died as a human and sylas dies as supernatural being and he is going to spend eternity with tessa/ketsia so even after death they not together and katherine is dying if elena and stefan end up together she is doomed because all the other doppelgangers look at how they ended up

  38. night magic says:

    The fact damon broke up with elena when written properly could be a good angle .i mean its obvious she still loves him and he her so there is so much hope l damon needs to believe in himself .maybe elena came make himself believe hes changed

    • Chantall says:

      I agree remember when she told damon over the phone she loves him..his response get in your car drive and come to me my heart stopped at that momant when i saw damons face when she said those words

  39. Andrea says:

    i will always love stelena, their love was epic and amazing

    • Jill says:

      That is true. It WAS such a sweet, first-love kind of innocent love, but that passed. Elena is not innocent anymore and Stefan CANNOT take her back after she hooked up with his brother. He must NOT. That would make me physically sick. C’mon, give Stefan a break and a spine.

  40. Lisette says:

    Honestly , i think elena and stefan are perfect together. they belong together , they were something different the love was real and romantic. i would love to see stelena back in action :*

    • Chantall says:

      If the love was so real lisette then why would stefan go out of his way to change elena back into a human after she became a vampire? Because he was afraid that he wouldnt love what she became after she changed to a vampire…damon loved elena human and vampire and he never tried to change her

    • Jill says:

      Are you kidding me? Didn’t you see Elena and DAMON in action? How would you want this for Stefan? I like Stefan and I don’t want him to have to live with that over his head. How can you forget (and forgive) what Elena has done? Gawh!

  41. Elle says:

    Count me in on Team Stelena. I hate that Elena defected to camp Damon. Stelena is the power couple – they held the group of characters together and centered the whole crew. That’s all splintered apart ever since Delena. We need to get back to the epic love story. Not the summer fling.

    • Chantall says:

      Think back before ketsia/tessa died she explained that amarah died as a human and sylas died as a supernatural being so sylas will spend eternity in supernatural afterlife with tessa katherine and stefan never ended up together and now she is dying so the dobbelgangers are doomed team delena

  42. Omara says:

    “We’ll sometimes I do things… That I don’t want to”. Yep, that is Damon he’s hot, he is bad. I miss Stelena. I love Stelena…. I don’t care what anyone says they are epic…. It’s bittersweet to watch those episodes ;(…. then again shame on Damon for making moves with his brother’s girlfriend… Shame on Elena for letting it happen) uckkkk…. Anyway season 5 it’s kicking ass not bad at all.

    • Chantall says:

      To all Damon haters damon is the most real character on this show..he has made himself out to be a hero he has never pretended to be something that he is not..he never hides the fact that he is bad..he has said in every season he is bad,a monster,evil,selfish,a serial killer but elena chooses to stick with him (thats her choice) so if damon betrays someone dont be shocked! And he doesnt really like elenas friends so they should just butt whrn he does something bad dont be surprised thats damon

  43. Jennii says:

    Pls dont let kathrine die she makes nina her best while acting kathrine.i want my original hybrid back.and i wud luv 2 see more of my benneth witch

  44. doomz says:

    the fact that Elena choose her damon over stefan when she became vampire, is a proof that when she was human her feelings for damon are stronger than her feelings for stefan. The vampire thing just magnified all her feelings right? so before, it barely recognized, but then after being magnified the difference appear larger and easier to recognized.

    • Chantall says:

      Love that so true

    • morgan says:

      What? How do you figure? Weren’t her feelings for Damon based on a sire bond? That’s not very true. I don’t get Damon and Elena. I think it’s weird that they went there. And not because I don’t like Damon because I do. I just always thought the point of him loving Elena was to show himself that he could love and deserved to be loved- for him to move on from his rejection issues. Now it’s just straight-up incestuous up in here. She’s been with two brothers! And lest we forget Damon slept with her biological mother! Like recently! Not like a long time ago, flashback vampire days. Her mother, people! Gross. Also, I miss Alaric.

      • Chantall says:

        Ok people focus here remember tyler was sired to to klaus but he didnt like klaus he did as he was told but it didnt change his feelings..katherine turned caroline no love between them remember..the sire bond changes your behavior not your feelings so people should stop blaming the sire bond because there was always an attraction between them

  45. Jade says:

    Like why can’t Stefan and elena just get together they are like the perfect couple and seriously the writers should just let them be together because Stefan is elenas epic romance they should just get back together it’s better for everyone. Also Klaus should come back and him and Caroline should start dating now that Tyler is out of the way

    • Chantall says:

      Ok agree with the caroline and klaus part. Great potential for stefan and elena nooooo! Stefan should get someone else and start over and a girl who does not look like elena he should cutt all ties with elena because he deserves someone who is going to love him without any attachments to damon..even if elena and stefan get together again it wont be the same like it was before..remember stefan told elena he cant be with her knowing she will have feelings for damon..there will always be that chemistry between elena and damon and stefan deserves a girl who only has eyes for ..a person who wont feel awkward around damon because she slept him

  46. Katie says:

    So now its Katherine and Stefan, and Elena and Damon. I’ve always really liked Stelena but idk how I feel about Katherine and Stefan yet, they are quite nice together I just need to see them more to know if I want them together bcs I really like Katherine and Stefan as individuals,, and also, I read somewhere something about Stefan/caroline, maybe its not true

  47. chosen says:

    Reading some of the Stelena comments takes me back to the Buffy/Angel devotees… Yuck. Yes they loved each other. Yes it was Epic… But things and PEOPLE change and so does love. Damon is like Spike in this: the bad guy (the HOT bad guy) that maybe not make all the right choices – but he really loves the girl and he wants to do good for her. He Changes her and she changes him. People love the whole redemption bit!! Damon challenges Elena and, looking to myself, I like a good challenge. Love is not meant tp be all cuddly.wuddly and hearts and all that fluff. Love is painful and sweet and horrible and great. Just like the relationship between Elena and Damon.

    “Tell him I’m rooting for him and Elena.” – Rose

    • TVD fan says:

      No, if you pay attention in season 5, Damon and Elena both admit he changes Elena in a BAD WAY. Elena says, “You want me to blame you? Easy. Done. You screwed up, Damon, AGAIN. You put me in a position where I have to defend you, AGAIN. Where I have to bend my morals, AGAIN. Where I have to go against every single thing that I believe in, AGAIN, because I love you.” Damon knew that if he truly wanted to change, he needed to let her go. And, he did not.

      I agree, love is definitely not meant to be “cuddly wuddly”. But Damon’s personality practically goes against everything she believes to be right. She only turns the other cheek because she can’t stop loving him. NINA DOBREV says in an ENews interview that none of the characters are right for each other. Damon needs someone like Elena but Elena actually needs better. And Stefan needs better than Elena.

      Love is not simple nor easy, but when it’s WRONG, it’s obvious.

  48. wunmi says:

    like seriously elena and damon are just being selfish,dat was wat she did to matt too,i tink i love katherine and stefan

  49. STELENA all the way says:

    I still believe in STEFAN AND ELENA!!!!!! BEcause their love is real and true they are soulmates. This is true love right here!!!!! Stefan ad Elena are meant to be together and Damon and Katherine are a match!!!!! Damon once loved Katherine for 145 years!!!! Hello. Im confused already in this series it’s like a different show already and different stories. It’s like it doesn’t make sense for some reason. And Stefan and Elena seriously where are they ??????? I’ll accept what’s going and right but I’ll tell the writers this STEFAN AND ELENA they both have diaries and their love was true and Stefan is RIGHT for her. When it’s real u can never walk away!!! And there are a lot of reasons of why they are endgame. Idc if a lot of ppol like Damon and Elena together. I don’t see anything on them. They don’t see ALOT OF PPOL like Stefan and Elena too. I know it.

  50. sas says:

    Stefan and Elena is so damn high school. It was a sweet first love for her yeah, but I always felt like stefan put elena in this little corner – Like perfect little elena to be protected, she can make decisions and I will do everything, sacrifice whatever so Elena can have her way – Damon always treats elena as an equal, he is real with her, fights with her, doesnt treat her like a spoilt princess who just gets her own way. Damon believes she has the brains to make her own decisions, but is equally capable of being wrong. On top of which from season 2 (arguably season 1 actually) Damon and Elena are drawn together – Stefan made the first move and ‘got her’ but without making a move elena is drawn to Damon from the start.
    Damon spends the whole of seasons 1-4 protecting mystic falls. They say Alaric is his only friend, but I actually LOVE the relationship between Damon and Liz. He truly cares for Caroline’s mum and wants to help her and look out for her. I also think that he really cares for Bonnie and Jeremy – he just doesnt know how to show it.
    Also Damon is just way better looking, much better/more interesting personality!
    Finally I just want to say that I HATE caroline, she is such a bitch to Elena about Damon. All her snide remarks just really get to me and piss me off. I don’t mind the angle that she doesnt like Damon, I just don’t like the way her character goes about it.

    It has to be Delena! I will stop watching if Elena does not reappear in her own body and save Damon from himself. Literally. I can not handle Elena being with anyone else.