SAG Award Nominations: Breaking Bad, Big Bang, 30 Rock Lead the Pack, Kerry Washington, Mayim Bialik Sneak In; Orange, Mad Men Shut Out

SAG Award Nomninations 2013Nominations for the 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced on Wednesday morning, and Breaking Bad led the TV field with four nods, including best ensemble, best actor for Bryan Cranston and best actress for Anna Gunn.

Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Homeland, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and 30 Rock scored three mentions apiece.

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Glaring omissions include Orange is the New Black (which entered itself as a drama), The Good Wife, Mad MenHouse of Cards‘ ensemble (and Robin Wright for actress), Arrow‘s stunt team, Parks and Recreation leading lady Amy Poehler, Bates Motel‘s Vera Farmiga, Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany and the list goes on…

The complete TV rundown is below:

Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones

Claire Danes, Homeland
Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad
Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Coven
Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
Kerry Washington, Scandal

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom
Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
Kevin Spacey, House of Cards

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30 Rock
Arrested Development
The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family

Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
Julie Bowen, Modern Family
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Veep

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Jason Bateman, Arrested Development
Ty Burrell, Modern Family
Don Cheadle House of Lies
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead

Matt Damon, Behind the Candelabra
Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra
Jeremy Irons, Hollow Crown
Rob Lowe, Killing Kennedy
Al Pacino, Phil Spector

Angela Bassett, Betty & Coretta
Helena Bonham Carter, Burton and Taylor
Holly Hunter, Top of the Lake
Helen Mirren, Phil Spector
Elisabeth Moss, Top of the Lake

The SAG Awards will be broadcast Saturday, Jan. 18 on TNT/TBS. Check out this list of TV nominees, then share your raves and rants, the Comments! Coming Thursday morning: the Golden Globe nominations.

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  1. martina says:

    What a bummer not to see Orange is the New Black in the ensemble category, or Lizzy Caplan in the outstanding drama performance.

  2. Leigh says:

    No Tatiana Maslany is not right.

  3. Giulia says:

    Some major yawns there in the drama section.
    But always yes to Tina Fey.

  4. girl says:

    no amy poehler or parks and rec? ridiculous.

    • ES says:

      Amy Poehler was so incredible last year as she is every year. I don’t understand! Does she make it look too easy? I don’t understand why she can’t get the recognition she deserves or the rest of the cast really. They are all excellent. Big Bang Theory may have better ratings but just compare projects and P&R cast is all over the place because they are incredibly talented.

      • scott says:

        Because for some reason 30 rock is always nominated…really never understood that show. Love parks and rec!

      • ElenaGreece says:

        I totally agree with you! TBBT gets nominated only because of its incredibly high ratings. I respect the people who enjoy it, but I think it’s just not funny anymore. And for me, Amy has always been simply a stereotype. I really hope she won’t win. In my opinion, Simon Helberg or Kunal Nayar should be nominated, instead of Mayim Bialik. Even Jim Parsons is not that funny anymore…

    • Josh says:

      Seriously. Mayim is funny and all but she’s playing a very typical, easy character…How she got over Amy is beyond me!

    • Mike says:

      Amy Poehler was robbed! These award shows nominees are run bunch anti-establishment types who could never even consider to think of nominating shows or actors the people watch. The idea that “network TV” is not artistic enough to win is just plan stupid! It is getting to a point where these shows are an “education” to the stupid TV fan to tell us what we should be watching instead of what we are. Not all of need to see “dark TV” every night.

    • Kay says:

      This is absolutely ridiculous- why does this show, and Amy in particular, receive no love from award shows??

  5. Karen says:

    Where is The Good Wife?!?!?!!

  6. Kre says:

    Once again, Parks and Rec is snubbed….

    • Lauren says:

      Ugggh. They are THE best cast!

    • Mike says:

      Parks got robbed because 30 Rock got the spot! Parks never has a chance because TIna Fey’s show in in last season. Most of those who nominate are narrow minded with venomous hate toward the “right” so a show that rips its politically will get the attention because the narrow minded who claim to be open minded are hypocrites!

  7. Guess Tatiana Maslany’s name isn’t big enough yet for her ass to be kissed.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    No Poehler? This is craziness!

  9. david says:

    the good wife!!!!!!!!!! or just julianna margolis! :(

  10. Armando Gilbert says:

    Boardwalk Empire over The Walking Dead…seriously? Does anyone watch that crap anymore? Should be Boredwalk Empire!!!

    • Ashley says:

      Boardwalk Empire is actually a wonderful drama but I agree that it’s a shame how Walking Dead continues to be overlooked. There a lot of great acting performances on Walking Dead that have yet to be acknowledged.

      • Dizzle says:

        Personally, I like The Walking Dead for a lot of reasons but the acting wouldn’t be one of them. As much as I’m not a fan of Boardwalk Empire, the cast are fantastic and draw me in each time I flick onto it.

        • Tania says:

          Personally, both The Walking Dead *and* Boardwalk Empire are excellent series. They both possess a talented cast with some phenomenal performances. Here’s hoping that those tasked with voting will one day recognize how great The Walking Dead is. Right now that series is being treated like the excellent The Wire. Shame.

    • Kelly says:

      Boardwalk Empire is actually a fantastic show.

  11. Kathy says:

    I am disappointed that SAG failed to nominate all things ORANGE ; really ???

  12. Mr. Sunshine says:

    No Walking Dead love? :-(

  13. Artlight says:

    The Good Wife didn’t get a single nomination???????? How is that even possible????

  14. Nick says:

    Orange is the New Black, House of Cards & Masters of Sex are all worthy of nominations – as is Sandra Oh – it would of been nice for her to have a final nomination before her departure

  15. kevin says:

    How is AHS coven not in the best ensemble -.- and why’s Angela bassett in the miniseries category, while Jessica Lange is in the drama category? Is Angela bassett nominated for a different show?

  16. lorie says:

    no walking dead or sons of anarchy? i can’t believe these shows still get overlooked.

  17. Annie says:

    Kerry Washington and Mayim Bialik hardly can be called “sneaking in” – both are fabulously talented, and turning in whipsmart, compelling performances.

  18. PJ says:

    There are some glaring omissions, but these are like the most boring/expected/cliche/standard nominations ive seen in a while. There were no surprises or shocking nominations in any major category.

  19. Theresa says:

    What about The Blacklist? It’s the Best Show on TV..

  20. c says:

    I’m actually so glad Mad Men is not included. So overrated

  21. Rita Sioros says:

    Bones should be there and the Cast!

  22. Jared says:

    Where oh where do I begin?


    And the fact that THE GOOD WIFE was not recognized is an insult to amazing TV.

    And I completely agree about the ARROW stunt team.

  23. Sarah says:

    I just can’t get over the lack of love for Shameless. The cast is absolutely incredible, they so so so deserve an ensemble nomination.

  24. WTactualF says:

    Orange is the New Black is a fabulous show and was definitely snubbed.

    I’m actually tired of seeing Modern Family nominated. It’s a good show, but there are a lot better comedies out there.

  25. Kelly says:

    Really think these award shows should consider more than 5 noms for main catergories. there is so much great tv out there that should be recognized. Would also surely attract more people to watch the actual award show… Dont see what the issue would be, just more happy people

  26. Jenna says:

    Nothing for Masters of Sex? This list is so very wrong.

  27. Continuum was robbed again, and Rachel Nichols has Tatiana Maslany, the gimmick girl, for breakfast.

  28. Jon says:

    Orange did this to the themselves, they should have submitted themselves as a comedy instead of a drama. I that had sticking with comedy you bet they’d be nominated for best comedy and comedy ensemble.

  29. Robbie says:

    *eyeroll* It’s always the same people nominated every damn year. Lame.

  30. Youn says:

    Side-eyeing that SAG nominated mayim bialik over Amy poehler. I have nothing against her but I know that Amy poehler is one one the funniest actress on tv show right now, the fact that they overlooked her all these years is just so WRONG

  31. JeffDJ says:

    I’ll echo the sentiments about Tatiana Maslany’s omission. Surprised Holly Hunter got nommed for ‘Top of the Lake’ — she was barely in it; at least Elisabeth Moss is there. Overall, pretty routine nominations.

  32. Miranda says:

    I’m much happier with the Movie categories to be honest. There’s so much riches on TV right now, it’s sad to see that even peer bodies are not able to recognize truly award-worthy work.

  33. Saskatoon says:

    Just wondering they nominated Peter Dinklade again. Tyrion wasn’t even in that big role this season (If this nomination is based on season 3). Both Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Charles Dance outshined Dinklade this year in GoT.

    • uh huh says:

      THIS. Why is it that American awards constantly nominate the only American man on this show? Half a dozen men acted circles around Dinklage last season, the most deserving being Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Tyrion didn’t do anything in season 3 worthy of an award.

    • Joey says:

      Also wondering where the hell Michelle Fairley is. Oh right, she’s off somewhere getting overlooked again. D:

    • Cheeky says:

      I was going to point this out too. We all love Peter of course, but there are some other fantastic performances on this show that are constantly over looked just because award shows tend to overlook shows with too much violence and nudity. They nominate Peter just to keep the fans quiet.

  34. Eric7740 says:

    Really??? Boredwalk Empire over Mad Men???!!! Steve Buscemi over Jon Hamm???!!! Absolutely speechless!!!

  35. Christina says:

    Nothing for The Good Wife is crazy!

  36. Bee says:

    tatiana maslany is no surprise, people lol this is SAG. they’re barely on the netflix bandwagon, having snubbed HOC as well as OITNB everywhere except best actor. the emmy’s have to go for tatiana first and then everyone else will follow suit.

    and them combining lead and supporting will always be SO STUPID. when you only have 5 entries per genre per gender, you’re obviously going to have major snubs.

    and yay kerry washington!

  37. Kevin says:

    Everyone do not be surprised SAG has the worst television nominees year in and year especially in comedy, they are lazy voters.

    You can’t even count Arrested and Bateman as new nominees, they have been here before. The only brand brand new SAG nominees in both drama and comedy are:

    Anna Gunn (brand new solo nominee)
    Kevin Spacey (for television)
    Kerry Washington (for television)
    Don Cheadle (for television)
    Mayim Bialik (brand new solo nominee)
    Veep-This is the only new ensemble, you can’t count Arrested Development, it was nominated in its original run.

    What a sad stats

  38. Kelly says:

    Yawn! There are maybe five nominations on the whole list that I would agree with. Did the SAG people just copy last year’s list instead of actually watching any tv this year?

  39. Francine says:

    Yes, another lazy list. It’s not surprising but one can always hope those that get overlooked will one day make it.

  40. Alichat says:

    What is the time frame for this award season? I couldn’t find it on the SAG site. If it’s Jan-Dec 2013, then Masters of Sex really should have gotten some nods. Plus The Americans, The Bridge, The Killing….at LEAST Joel Kinnaman for the scene were he finds Bullet or Sarsgaard for his last ep of the season,….and maybe The Blacklist.

    • justsaying says:

      Masters of Sex definitely qualified, but shows that are new have a hard time getting nominated if voters haven’t had a chance to see them yet, which puts them at a disadvantage.

    • Miranda says:

      Joel Kinnaman is SO underrated in The Killing. It breaks my heart a little.

  41. CourtTV says:

    SAG awards feel like a middle school popularity contest not for the work of the artists.

    • They are. The Emmys are from the people who make TV, in front of and behind the camera. The SAGs are just the actors, many of which are in the same pool of Emmy voters. It shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s always disappointing when a praiseworthy new talent is ignored in favor of the previously praised whose works aren’t as strong as they were (Homeland comes to mind here).

  42. Linda Gibson says:

    It’s almost all cable. I can’t afford cable. And now the show will also be on cable ? Are they showing the SAG awards on regular TV ? Anyone know ?

    • Ing says:

      As far as I can remember, the SAG awards are always only on TBS and TNT. They have not been on broadcast tv for a long time now. It’s sad that most of the nominees are on mostly cable shows, as I love shows on the broadcast stations, but they are not producing the same caliber performances. The cable stations have different rules and have more leeway for topics than the broadcast stations do. It’s unfortunate, but cable stations also have bigger budgets, so they can do more and hire bigger name actors. Is it fair? Not really, but cable you have to pay for, so they have to compete with the broadcast stations that are free. Putting on bigger budget shows with bigger name and perhaps more talented actors is how they compete.

  43. Manda says:

    Lea Michele’s performance from the quarterback should have gotten something.

  44. Ashley says:

    What a shame that Tatiana Maslany and the cast of Shameless was snubbed YET AGAIN. Breathe some life into these awards and start recognizing some new people, it’s getting old having the same people nominated over and over again. We get it, they’re good, give other people some accolades. Except Breaking Bad, it deserves everything all the time and this was their last season.

  45. PFitzDC says:

    Echoing all the disappointment–really, did they just rubberstamp the last set of Emmy noms?—but add one more….Jeremy Irons for Hollow Crown and NOT Tom Hiddleston? Really??????

  46. TVFan says:

    Two Words…..
    Kaley. Cuoco.

  47. N says:

    Holly Hunter! Yes!

  48. Parker says:

    Parks and Rec???
    Amy Poehler???

  49. Rita says:

    What about “sons of Anarchy” what will it take to get a nomination it so richly deserves.

  50. Kyle says:

    No Parks and Rec???? Amy Poehler???? Is Councilman Jamm doing the nominating?