Scoop: Glee Casts Skylar Astin in 'Explosive' Role

Skylar Astin GleeTalk about a Pitch Perfect piece of casting.

Skylar Astin has booked a guest stint on Glee in a role that will likely draw comparisons to the character he played in last year’s big-screen musical-comedy hit.

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According to sources, the actor-singer — who’s currently starring in TBS’ rookie sitcom Ground Floor — will play Jean-Baptiste, the lead singer of Throat Explosion (aka New Directions’ competition at Nationals).

As confirmed by Darren Criss’ Instagram account (see photo, above), Astin’s episode is currently in production and is slated to air in March.

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  1. A says:

    Aw, I was wishing his role was more substantial than that. Oh well, it’ll be great to see him on the show!

  2. Mark says:

    Yes, Yes and YES!

  3. Glee says:

    lmao way to make the Lima leads look bad! Skyler is so much better then Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet and the model of mediocrity Nebwies! Thank God he was smart enough to just do a guest shot and be be stuck in the crap fest Lima is!

    • Mena says:

      Totally agree with you. Lima with will fade to black with Skylar on the show. He is so charismatic. Just outshines and eclipses Darren.

    • Christopher says:

      Funny, looking back at the episode now, his lip sync was piss poor and for some reason it sounds an awful lot like Adam Lambert doing the singing for the high part in Roboto and Counting Stars, which I suspect was the case. Also, the Boston, Neil Diamond, U2 set for New Directions was brilliant.

  4. Bryn says:

    Good role for him. He’ll just be added to the other pointless guest stars.

  5. none says:

    lol well there goes any realistic chance on ND winning anything. then again it’s glee.

  6. Tiffany says:

    He’s kind of old. I would have guessed him in one of the coaching roles.

  7. may says:

    I guess Skylar is set up for just 1 episode since he is busy with his show but WHAT A WASTE OF TALENT!!. Glee could use a good actor/singer in Lima and make it more interesting. And He is so gonna win….well, it´s Glee. It´s not about good singers/vocals anymore. At least, not in Lima

  8. snuggs says:

    Oh man… I was hopin he was going to be on NY! You know the only good part of Glee now…

  9. tina says:

    The gaga choir. They scared me.

  10. Jess says:

    I love the sexual innuendos that the Glee Club names have.

  11. raspberries says:

    Jean Baptiste. So French.

  12. JEli says:


  13. Taylor says:

    I could have sworn they already competed in Nationals. The competition format has gotten so boring, I have no idea who Throat Explosion is or why Glee is having Nationals in the middle of the season.

    • JEli says:

      The senior year has been split between season 4 and partially 5

    • CMG says:

      Unlike previous seasons, last season didn’t show a complete school year. The season finale last year showed “regionals,” which seems to be sometime during late winter/early spring. This season picked up immediately after that and depicts the end of that school year, including “nationals.”

      • Taylor says:

        That’s really weird, but thanks for the clarification. Glee, for no good reason, decides to screw with the timeline in the 4th and 5th season? Heh. Maybe I’ll tune into this episode for Skylar. Season 4 was so bad that I haven’t watched a single episode of season 5.

        • cherie says:

          Yeah it’s bs. Idk why they won’t write the timeline so it makes sense. There’s no overall arch anyway, each ep is filler.

          Wwish it was more…. continuous.

        • wordsmith says:

          They screw with the timeline because if they didn’t, the only kids left in school would be the newbies and people would care even less about the McKinley storyline.

  14. Amy says:

    Sigh I thought maybe he would interact with Lea/Rachel but I guess he will just have a small guest part with Lima.

  15. DavidSask says:

    Way to old for being in HS glee, this is ridiculous!

  16. Lori says:

    Wish he was for the NY side of the show, but I guess once again ND won’t deserve to win. I haven’t thought they deserved to win Sectionals or Regionals this cycle.

  17. frank says:

    ND vs mini Gagas. Gaga is about disarming spectacle, and this club seems to practice every hour of the day. I don’t fancy their chances.

  18. V says:

    I was really hoping that he’d join the NY gang and work with Lea. I may have tuned back into the show for that.

  19. stylesmalik says:

    Glee hasn’t moved to Nyc. I don’t think they will. I heard 1D are going to be on the lima side next year.

  20. SS says:

    Thank god we’re not getting another guest star in NYC when really what they should be doing is let the seniors graduate and move there.

    • skylarastinrocks says:

      They can bring Jean with them ^¥^

    • san says:

      most of us don’t want Blam in NY , just leave Rachel,Naya, and Kurt alone. When Blam gets there they will take all the screen time.

      • freema says:

        I want blamtina to have their own apartment

        • Amanda says:

          I want them to live together but I don’t want that apartment anywhere close to the Hummelberry Lopez residence. But we can’t get what we want and Sam will probably hook up with Rachel >.<

          • freema says:

            There’s also Artie, who I assume it will be convenient for to live on campus?
            I predict a lot of apartment jumping because some of these kids are high strung. Part of me hopes it’s like a season of friends except maybe not as close as being neighbours.

      • mary says:

        No, They won´t get screen time. They will be swaging in the back again but they will make NYC boring and Sam is so boring for Rachel and Chord in not a good screen partner to Lea but I hope Blam move out to LA

    • mary says:

      Yeah, right!! Lets Blam graduate and move on to NYC so they can RUIN THE ONLY GOOD PART OF GLEE!!!

      • freema says:

        Aw no, they’re sweethearts.

        • Amanda says:

          I don’t care if they can cure the blind, Sam and Blaine are boring and hog screentime with mediocre songs and stupid story lines. I don’t want them in NY either. I’m okay with Artie, Tina, and eventually Kitty going there, but the show should definitely only focus on Rachel, Santana, and Kurt if it wants to be decent and watchable again.

      • brittanad says:

        Well they have post school plans in the big Apple. That’s their decision. They have friends there and its where they want to work and go to school.

      • wefouj says:

        Its called glee club not sex and the city. It should remain 50 per cent lima until the end of season 6

        • tj says:

          The Lima side is killing the show right now, their best actors are currently in NY. Since last season when the focus was on Blam and the newbies the ratings have declined, right now only about 3 million people watch the show and others fast forward thru the Limas side. What story in Lima is interesting right now, has their been any character development? Does anyone care about Jarley?

          • Ann says:

            It doesn’t matter what side the show focuses on, NY or Lima, they’re hemorrhaging viewers and it would take something major to get people back. I mean, this last episode featured a lot about the NY gang (and no Blam/Blaine/Klaine, in sight) – and yet it had the lowest ratings in the show’s history (that wasn’t on a holiday). I do agree, though, that overall the show needs to narrow its focus and tell the stories of the graduated/soon to be graduated characters – in particular, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, and Santana. They are by far the show’s most popular group and I think part of the problem is that they have way too much going on and are trying to do too much.

          • ylv says:

            Chord and Jenna are popular next, and I would have Artie always because hes been there pretty much all the time.

          • tj says:

            It is too late, my point was more they started losing viewers last season when the focus was on Lima and people were hoping it would change, but it did not. There was a bait and switch tactic being used, the promos would show Finn, Rachel and Kurt, but some episodes they were barely in. You screw your fans and they stop watching.

          • bda says:

            People like Artie, and maybe we can keep kitty.

          • Tim says:

            @Ann If you want to blame NY for the poor Christmas episode ratings, I don’t think it’s a very accurate assessment. Viewers wouldn’t know whether Lima or NY would be featured going into an episode. As a former live viewer, after watching the previous episode that was mostly about Blaine and puppets, I didn’t tune into the next one. Fans have given up on Glee as a whole, and the McKinley part of the show has been the main focus during its rapid decline.

          • effrington says:

            Not many people viewed TPM, as they were all eating Turkey doubt that made an impact. What threw me, was that the next episode didn’t fit into the timeline, so where was the continuity?

          • pamfinchels says:

            Its been disposable television all too often since Cory went. There’s no point to any of the things the characters might do in order to reach the punchline.

          • admittedly says:

            If what you’re saying is glee doesn’t make sense. It is one of those shows that requires a lot of its viewers. When it comes to suspension of disbelief and just switching off your brain.

          • Timeline? says:

            @effrington Glee hasn’t had a concept of a timeline for quite a while. The show is supposed to currently be set in April/May of 2013 and they’ve been singing songs by Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and Robin Thicke that weren’t released until later that year. Nothing makes sense. Extending the school year, to watch a continuation of a terrible season 4, was a fail of epic proportions.

          • Mena says:

            To Ann. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. But, the writing has been awful. NY is only thing that has the potential for something new creativity songs, stories, character evolvement, the writers need to get started. Graduate the seniors already. Move them onto wherever. Bye bye. Get gone. They to get the NY party started. They keep dragging it out with the drivel of Lima. Glee sucks so badly. I just don’t have the patience to wait for the drivel to end.

      • Cam says:

        lol right? Rachel, Kurt and Santana are doing just fine on their own

  21. freema says:

    Lady Gagas artpop was uninspired though. What’s the relevance of a choir who worships a contemporary artist who relies on shock value.

  22. themuse says:

    Idk who that is but he’s pretty too.

  23. H says:

    I don’t get why people are complaining about his age. He’s younger than Jenna Ushkowitz and Becca Tobin, the same age as Darren Criss, and only a year older than Melissa Benoist. If we’re going to get on them about age, Mark Salling and Corey Monteith were a year older than Skyler currently is when Glee started and they were supposed to be Sophomores. They’re closer in age to Matthew Morrison than Chris Colfer, their “classmate.” And Corey was closer in age to Jayma Mays than he was to Lea Michele (not by a lot but still).

  24. Kalee says:

    How haven’t they pulled together a Spring Awakening Mini-Reunion yet with Rachel/Tina/Jesse St. James/Nurse Penny and now Jean-Baptiste?

  25. dude says:

    So that’s four Spring Awakening alums or did I lose count?

  26. Thomas says:

    This is going to be another one of those instances where they tell us ND won even though anyone with ears can tell the other show choir was way better isn’t it?

  27. murley says:

    Ah, the glee comments section… where being endlessly negative has become an art form…

  28. Craig Hansen says:

    Personally, I’m wondering when, if ever, last year’s “season” is going to end. We’ve had the FALL FINALE and they kids still haven’t had Nationals, prom, or graduation.


    Even though they have 14 episodes left this season and one more 22-episode season after that, I’m getting the sense that only one more year of life in Lima is gonna be covered. That’d make Rachel a Junior at NYADA, which means never seeing her character graduate.

    And I’m still ticked off that they have never moved away that much from the original cast; this show would feel a lot fresher if they were making more NEW stars every season, and keeping their focus more on McKinley High.

    • kaley says:

      If they failed to make ‘NEW stars’ it’s surely not for lack of trying! The Glee Project was about nothing else but finding new stars. The new Lima-cast is about nothing else but finding new stars. But actors becoming stars is just something you can’t force to happen, if the audience doesn’t accept those new faces. You can’t force someone to become a breakout star if people just aren’t interested in them. No matter how much screentime you give them. No matter how much you sideline the people the audience actually wants to see.
      Does anyone still remember ‘magical’ Damian McGinty? Is he in any way still relevant to the show? Has he ever really been? Was there any point in wasting so much screentime on his irrelevant character? No. But OMG did they try to make him happen! Same goes for most of the permanent additions to the cast ever since the start of season two. The producers decide about what actors they want to promote, shove them into the spotlight and start telling everyone how great they are supposed to be. But the viewers decide about their favorites for themselves! They don’t start loving and rooting for some random actors and characters, because the writers tell them to do so, even more so if it’s at the cost of beloved actors and characters.
      The powers behind Glee failed to recreate the show’s original success, because they 1) introduced pointless screentime-suckers and bland copies who are ment to replace the original cast but lack all the quirks and qualities that made the original cast special and 2) sidelined or dismissed anyone, old or new, who could actually be an asset to the show so as to not distract from the few chosen ones. Those mistakes made them achieve exactly the opposite of what they wanted: They ruined most of the show by force-feeding the audience with a slew of replacements that just didn’t click, while most of the viewers just wanted to see ‘their’ stars they had grown to love get more screentime, development and capable on-screen-partners who would SUPPORT BUT NOT REPLACE them.

      • kaley says:

        To make this more on topic: Skylar Astin would have been a great support for the NY part of the show, but he’s just wasted on the New New Directions who consist almost solely of bland and pointless filler-characters. Way to cast pearls before swine.

  29. Brian says:

    Going to be a waste of an actor if he only acts opposite the incredibly mediocre Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet.

  30. Ruby says:

    Great news! He is SO cute and charismatic, I love it! Wish he’d have some interaction with Rachel though, he could be a perfect new guy for her.