Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on True Blood, Criminal Minds, Revenge, Psych, Nashville and More

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Question: Do you have any news on the storylines or new characters of True Blood Season 7? —Tom
Ausiello: Lafayette’s getting a new boyfriend — and a serious one at that. After spending much of Season 6 in the shadows, Nelsan Ellis will sashay back to the forefront in True Blood‘s final season — with a little help from Drake. Described as a cross between Jim Morrison and James Dean, this brooding and insanely good-looking vamp is a compassionate protector with a poet’s edge. The series-regular role calls for a twentysomething actor who is comfortable performing in simulated (and near-naked) sex scenes with another man in front of the director, assistant director, stage manager, script supervisor, camera operator, first assistant camera, second assistant camera, boom operator, production sound mixer, key grip, best boy grip, gaffer, lighting technician, makeup artist, hairdresser, costume designer, a half-dozen production assistants and Sally with craft services (who shouldn’t be peeking in but probably will be).

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Question: Loving Season 3 of Revenge. Any scoop on what to expect from this Sunday’s wedding/midseason finale? —Alex
Ausiello: You can expect two romantic reunions (one far more anticipated than the other), one nice moment between Emily and Jack and approximately 37 awkward run-ins (almost all of them involving Victoria).

Question: I’m loving this season of Once Upon a Time and was wondering if you guys had any spoilers about what’s coming up for Neal and Emma? I heard the first episode after the winter break is set in NYC. — Heather
Ausiello: We asked the Once creators about the midseason premiere, which airs March 9 and is titled “New York City Serenade.” But other than confirming that the Bruce Springsteen fan in him had a hand in coming up with that title, Adam Horowitz would only confirm, “There’s a lot of Emma in that episode, that is for sure.”

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Matthew Perry Cougar TownQuestion: Do we know anything about Matthew Perry’s character on Cougar Town? —Christopher
Ausiello: We do now: He’s playing an eccentric rich dude named Sam who takes Courteney Cox’s functioning alcoholic Jules out on a date, thinking she’s single. And there may or may not be a marriage proposal involved.

Question: I’ve been really intrigued by the interaction between Criminal Minds‘ Reid and JJ this season. Is that going to lead to any dramatic moments, particularly concerning JJ’s secret/past? Appreciate any scoop you can give on that topic! –Angela
Ausiello: We spoke with A.J. Cook just as she was about to start shooting the milestone Episode 200, which will shed light on JJ’s secret, and she said it is no less that an “action-packed doozie… basically a mini action movie.” Storyline-wise, she shared, “it’s going to explain what JJ was up to when she went away during Season 6, it’s going to explain this weird relationship she has with the new section chief (played by Esai Morales), and it will explain the things that have happened in her life that have made her perhaps a little bit tougher than she used to be.” As for the JJ/Reid interaction you’ve noticed, Cook said that as the (new) flashbacks are unfurled, you’ll see that “it’s all connected” to the main characters. “JJ has a connection through that storyline with everyone, and the writers are brilliant in how they went back and connected all the dots.”

Question: Any intel on Klaus’ upcoming return visit to The Vampire Diaries? —Kim
Ausiello: It’ll happen in early-ish 2014 and he won’t be making the trip solo. Bonus Scoop: The Katherine-Elena dynamic is about to get a lot more complicated (if that’s even possible).

Question: Now that Back in the Game has recorded its final out, does that mean Maggie Lawson will be able to have a larger presence in Season 8 of Psych? —Steve
Ausiello: Production on Season 8 wrapped long before ABC declared Game over. But as series creator Steve Franks assured me over the summer, Juliet’s “in a good chunk of episodes” despite her extracurricular activities. James Roday, in that same interview, went so far as to say S8 would feature “a strong Juliet presence.” Bonus Scoop: A pivotal character will not make it out of this Sunday’s musical episode alive.

Question: Anything on the looming Nashville death this week? Like, maybe, the name of the victim? —Georgia
Ausiello: What if I told you that two lives will hang in the balance at the end of Wednesday’s winter finale?

Question: With great casting news about Fox’s Gracepoint coming out almost every day, I can’t help but wonder, if I watched Broadchurch, do I already know “whodunnit” on Gracepoint? Or are there plans to change up the plot a bit for us Yanks? —Cheryl
Ausiello: That’s a very good question — so good even leading lady Anna Gunn doesn’t have the answer. “I really just honestly sealed the deal a couple of days ago, so we haven’t gotten into those kinds of details yet,” says the Breaking Bad Emmy winner, who will play Detective Ellie Miller — the character originated by Olivia Colman in the UK version — in Gracepoint. “But definitely they want me to put my own stamp on [Ellie].” Gunn had little trepidation jumping into the project, despite the universal acclaim that greeted Broadchurch this past year. “I feel like we are in very, very good hands,” she says of In Treatment‘s Dan Futterman and Anya Epstein, who will serve as showrunners on Gracepoint. “We have an excellent team. Everybody knows just what they’re doing.”

Gilsig gleeQuestion: I’m excited about the news of so many of the original McKinley High students returning for Glee‘s 100th episode. I’m just wondering whether there’s any word on Terri Schuester (Jessalyn Gilsig) coming back. In my opinion, she was the scene-stealer of Season 1. —Melissa
Ausiello: There is word and it’s no. At least of this writing. Terri wasn’t all that musically inclined anyhow, so it’s not clear what purpose she would serve.

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Question: What happened to Carey with an “e” on The Good Wife? He’s been MIA from Florrick Agos of late. —Jeremy
Ausiello: Scheduling conflicts precluded Ben Rappaport from appearing in the last couple episodes, but Good Wife cocreators Robert and Michelle King are hopeful he’ll be back in the new year for an episode or two or three (or, perhaps, four).

Question: When will the next episode of The Good Wife air? –Erin
Ausiello: I could be a stern taskmaster and point you the handy December finale/January premiere calendar that loyal TVLine readers have no doubt already bookmarked (ahem), but in the spirit of the holidays, I’ll be generous and tell you to set your DVR for a Jan. 5 return date. More interestingly, though, you’ll want to brace yourself for Episode 5.14 — which finds Lockhart-Gardner (or, as Will keeps insisting, LG) and Florrick-Agos engaged in a pitched battle to hire Rhona, a yet-to-be-cast character (somewhere between the ages of 40 and 50) who’s described as “a polished, hyper-competent and successful partner at a top law firm,” one with a lucrative client roster ready to follow her to a new place of employment. The installment will involve flashbacks to a Season 1 timeline, where we’ll see Lorraine, a fortysomething partner at a top Chicago firm, calling in Alicia for a job interview — but really only being interested in our titular heroine as a curiosity in the wake of Peter’s recent arrest. Another guest player in the hour will be Howard, described as “a harried and bashful human resources manager” (in his mid-30s or 40s), who extends an offer to Alicia — but as a paralegal, not a lawyer. Ouch.

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  1. Esaul says:

    Henry better live. And the chief. Oh no who could it be? >.< Not Buzz. I don't know :(

  2. Jasie says:

    Now I know I won’t have to check out the 100th ep of Glee. Was only gonna tune in if Jessalyn was back.

  3. kat says:

    We know from BTW filming picks that there’s a lot of Hook in New York Serenade as well…

  4. nate says:

    the TVD spoiler gave me shivers

  5. WTactualF says:

    Ugh. TB. I love Lafayette, but no love interest will ever be better than Jesus.

    These writers are killing me. Bring back Raelle Tucker!

  6. Andy says:

    Seeing as how Psych the Musical was to take place before last season’s finale, I’m pretty sure that every one of our main characters will live to see season 8. With the only guest star of this episode that has been on Psych before being Ally Sheedy, I’d be willing to guess that the pivotal character that does not make it out of this episode alive is Mr. Yang. Killing off any of the main cast would make this show something that it is not.

  7. Tori says:

    I am so glad Lafayette will be getting a new boyfriend for the final season. My concerns are similar to a earlier commentor; the actor who played Jesus had great chemistry with Nelson and I wonder will they be able to find an actor who fit the new character description and also have that much needed chemistry? I will miss Lafayette, to bad they can’t do a spinoff with him.

    • aolani08 says:

      Yeah Lafayette deserves some happiness and I’m glad some other fan base is getting some love since there is no hope of an Eric and Sookie ending……I’ll record the show and watch when nothing else is on.

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        LOVED Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) with Nelsan Ellis. Great actors, great chemistry. Still not sure why Ball killed off Jesus. Did Kevin want out? Was it just to give Lala the Brujo demon that occasionally gets used to move the plot along? Yes, no hope of an Eric/Sookie ending; Buckner promptly made sure to erase that storyline like it never happened. Harris all over again. Ending will be Sookie/Sam or Sookie/Bill. I’ll wait until the series finale airs and I read spoilers before I decide if I’ll watch again.

  8. alistaircrane says:

    I would kill to see Terri back on Glee. I loved her and stopped watching when she left the show.

    • S. says:

      A little weird, man. I can see being sad she’s gone, but you stop watching? While she was there it must’ve been torture watching the rest of the show (which was most of it) that didn’t feature her, waiting for one of her scenes with Matthew.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Don’t presume to know anything about how I enjoyed the show, “man”. Keep in mind Glee spent the second half of Season 1 and all of Season 2 declining in quality to the point where Terri’s exit was a great jumping-off point. The first half of Season 1, when Terri’s fake pregnancy was the prominent, driving storyline, was when Glee was at its best. It has never recaptured those amazing early days. It bought into its own hype and turned into a silly PSA.

        • r0ckmypants says:

          Try decaf.

        • ben says:

          I agree. It was witty, and edgy, but it had an innocence and a drive to it. It wasn’t preachy, but it seemed to have a certain ethical heart to it, where characters seemed to learn and grow from their mistakes. And the songs serviced the story.

          After that, we got something in which the wit, edginess and songs started to drive the show, and all semblance of story got lost. It became preachy and moralistic, yet somehow lost its way in terms of having a moral or ethical heart, putting the teens in situations which seemed to demonstrate a complete lack of growth and learning from their past experiences. The most over the top aspects of the humour became virtually the norm. It’s characters, who were caricatures to begin with (but well balanced), became caricatures of those caricatures. It did devolve into an utter mess. Such a shame, really. It had so much potential.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      If you love her, why would you want her back on that sh*t show?

      • alistaircrane says:

        Because Terri was a great character whose presence would shake things up and possibly make the show watchable again.

  9. Jake says:

    James roday and duke hill on today show tomorrow

  10. deansmistress22 says:

    People want Emma/Killian. There is soooo much symbolism that others are not catching on to with them. I want more Killian/Emma. Seriously he needs to keep going with the “As you Wish” Princess Bride line. The fourth time worked in that move! CAPTAINSWAN all the way!

    • Lyla says:

      the writing is kinda forced for them this season. In season 2 Hook went to Neverland because Henry is Bae’s son and suddenly in season 3 he went because of Emma? Weird.

      • kat says:

        Plenty of people interpreted his decision to turn around as being about both wanting to honor Bae by rescuing his son, and being inspired by Emma’s words that he could be part of something. The writers confirmed it was supposed to be both. You’re mileage can of course vary on whether they succeeded in conveying that, but it was the intention and it was picked up on by at least some of the audience, so I would count it as at least semi successful.

      • JR1 says:

        Why would he go for Bae lol makes no sense(he didnt even know Henry was taken, he made a decision once he finally chose to be part of something with Emma and co)… , he turned around coz he knew he had in him to care, he was reminded of that the last person he cared was for Bae and he got rejected, and Emma;s words of being part of something – Emma always inspired something in him – why is always sparked up with her because they understand each other… hence his choice to come back, and the way the camera angle zoomed on Emma with him sailing back, is also saying he comes back TO Emma, which he did (the whole point to this was that he had to leave to come back – to show someone coming back to Emma). And him going to a place where he didnt want to go, is for Emma as well and what happened beforehand to Henry. and also letting Rumpel on. Ever since then he’s realised he is here for Emma – Charming made that statement for Hook and for the audience, and Hook has put her first, and believed in her and he himself found hope and himself that Killian Jones in himself… she inspires him to be better and hope in his. Just like Emma has hope from him, that he believes in her.

        Every camera frame, every moment, every angle, every dialogue – is more for Emma/Hook… thats the build up, i have seen and seeing.

        • Lyla says:

          Well if you were watching it with a shipper goggles of course you’d only see that. But I’m a casual viewer who don’t take sides and that was what I watched. Hook asked Emma ‘who’s Henry’s father?’ in the last (?) episode of season 2 and when he knew that it was Baelfire that was the moment he decided he wanted to help the gang. I think they also mixed it with a back story when Bae was on the Jollyroger (?) and they bonded like father-son.

          • Sid says:

            JR1 answer was without shipper goggles, because its pretty much what happened lol… you dont need shipper goggles (HATE THE WORD and ppl who think that stupidly) to see what the whole scene and camera placement said, its called common sense and also Colin confirmed he returned coz of Bae’s memory as in flashbacks and Emma’s word.. you know the offer he gave him to be part of something etc

        • deansmistress22 says:

          Yep JR1, And its been like that from the start of the show. From the very beginning of it. People need to look up Hook/Emma symbolism for the parallels between them and Snow/Charming as well as other things. Like Emma’s tattoo, Hook’s ring, The Charming Crest, The Princess Bride, Emma’s B-day wish and Hook’s “as you wish”, Emma’s nursery (toy knight – Graham, toy sailor- Killian, as well as the beanstalk on her wall) and so on. Its fairly interesting stuff. But you know that could just be fishing and not meant to be noticed as important at all. Who knows. But we will find out answers at some point in the show.

    • Joey says:

      Captain Swan : OUaT :: Klaine : Glee

      i.e. A thing where it looks like a lot of people want it, but it’s honestly the most vocal minority who clamors for it, but really it just makes most people nauseous.

      • deansmistress22 says:

        Have any proof for OUAT? I like proof with claims.
        I think a lot of people if they ship anyone with Emma its SwanQueen or CaptainSwan.
        I realize not everyone watches for ships as well.

        • JR1 says:

          I think your meant to ship/be/root for Emma/Hook esp what we are seeing on-screen and the way their interactions are written, and honestly put the word ship aside your meant to see the BUILD UP of a story, of love and hope and 2nd chance at love… something there, someone who understands her and and she him and pretty much believes in her and she sees Hook as more then just Hook.

          Same as you will see what will come of Regina/Robin when she meets Robin, you will see a story of love and hope… 2nd chance at love – possibilties

          Character progression, story/love story progression!

        • Joey says:

          I mean that a lot of what you see in TVLine comments, for one, are comments rooting for Emma and Hook on OUaT, or Kurt and Blaine on Glee. However, just because a few people comment on these articles, it doesn’t mean that the majority of watchers actually even like these pairings, as the fans claim to believe. They always proclaim, “THIS IS WHAT THE MAJORITY OF THE FANS WANT.” No, it’s what you, as a single individual want, you involve yourself with people who want the same thing as you, and since you’ve now inserted yourself into an echo chamber where all you hear is your own opinion over and over again from everyone you’ve chosen to speak with, you believe that it’s the opinion of the majority, where it never was to start with.

          And for the record, when I’m saying “you” in this, I don’t specifically mean /you/. Just the fans of these horrid, horrid pairings. :P

          • Melanie says:

            Thank you!!

          • David says:

            Joey, you are making the same declaration . You cannot say that the majority of fans don’t want these pairings while telling whoever that they can’t know the majority of fans do want them. Sounds like you’re in your own echo chamber. Happy Holidays.

          • deansmistress22 says:

            Never said majority. I said “People” and “a lot of people” which are both true… and your example of just this web page does not give you much in terms of data or proof. I’m talking other locations. All around the web. And just giving this as an example does not cut it. What about Facebook? What about Twitter? Fanfiction? Blogs? Tell me what they say bc I think that would be some good info to have. Bc I truly don’t know and don’t have time to research it.

            I get what you are saying. But I never said majority. There is also many people who don’t give a flying flip about what Emma does at all. I will be in my own little Hook/Emma world. Yes, me personally bc I like them together. Other people I know and watch with like them together. So yes, people want Hook/Emma.

          • meresger says:

            A lot of comments everywhere are “Emma and Hook forever”. The CS shippers take this to mean that their ship is the OTP and the majority of fans think that way. But there are lot of other fans who ship and are not as vocal and fans who don’t ship at all and so have no reason to flood messages boards with this rather pathetic, IMO, self-validation of head canon.

            I hope OUAT doesn’t go just for the shippy nonsense since the show was not originally set up to be a soap opera, but it is starting to feel that way. There has been too little attention to believable character development/interaction over the past two seasons. I do not watch for Hook eye-humping Emma, so I don’t see his character as having truly redeemed himself in which is essentially 1 week’s time on the show and can’t, for the life of me, figure out why anyone who isn’t watching for the story, not a hot guy, would be so enamored of Hook. Perhaps they aren’t.

            I think there is a problem that the writers themselves forget that it has been only 1 week, so they and the directors have the actors projecting emotions that don’t necessarily make sense. When you watch the show, then read comments/tweets by the cast when the episodes air, it’s very inconsistent as to how the characters are feeling/the state of their relationships. It’s like there’s a number of disconnects within the production of the show such that no one actually knows the current state of mind of each character, and this has led to a lot of odd mixed signals from episode-to-episode.

            Another problem is how writing on the show is done. I listened to an interview with one of the writers who said a storyline is pitched, they hash around a bit, throwing out ideas, and then one writer gets chosen to write the episode (maybe with someone else playing back-up QB) and they run with it on their own. The problem is, a number of different writers might end up, over the course of a season or three, writing for a character (be it present or flashback) and they take a different approach that makes it confusing and gives a very different take on the character or relationships between characters. I don’t think this is the best way to write a show like this, particularly when the major complaint of last season was how inconsistent the writing was. Why not try something new? I don’t get why they are sticking with this.

          • Sid says:

            What i dont get is, its bloody showing you IN THE SHOW, the build up and interactions and narrative, so your obviously picking it up from that, not from anything else – i mean why else would anyone be invested in rooting for something which isnt there and makes NO sense. I see and most ppl see a story arc for Emma/Hook or any other couple in any show which is build on so you pick up on it and like it, and root for it

            Common sense!!!

    • Melanie says:

      Not all people. Not me. Don’t speak for “the people”

      • deansmistress22 says:

        Pretty sure I didn’t say “the people” I said “People” and “A lot of people”

        • Joey says:

          What qualifiers do you use to determine “a lot”? A hundred? Two? A million? The lower the number you use to qualify as “a lot”, the more likely I am to say you’re right. If you were to say, “Well, at least 40% of the viewing audience are Hook/Emma shippers,” I’d probably laugh in your face.

          • deansmistress22 says:

            Sorry can’t answer your question til you answer mine. I’d do research but I’d have to do it after finals.

  11. webly3 says:

    Maybe I should binge-watch The Good Wife over Christmas break. It seems like it is a great show.

  12. Kimberly says:

    Has the blind item been revealed yet?

    • webly3 says:

      I don’t think it has. But I’m praying that it’s not Brody. :(

      • Annie says:

        Nothing else on the BI except for the ruling out of the major and minor networks, leaving Homeland, The Walking Dead, and a few others still in as possible shows for the actor in question to be killed off on. (That was awkward. You know what I mean.) I would like to know whether something’s changed. The BI seemed to indicate it would happen *soon* after the publication of the BI (which was more than a month ago) … has something changed? Or is Ausiello’s idea of “soon” just a whole lot different than ours/mine?

      • Dick Whitman says:

        It’s definitely Brody. The trailer for next week alone tells you he is a goner.

  13. Tess says:

    I’m a little leery about FOX’s version of Broadchurch. You change the title of the show but can’t bother to change the character names at least? I mean, every time David Tennant’s Alec Hardy addresses Anna Gunn as Miller or Ellie I will just be thinking about how awesome Olivia Colman was on the original and no matter what Anna Gunn brings to the role it won’t be as good. At least change the role up by giving her a different name and not just a different persona with the same name. Otherwise it will feel like a cheap knock-off version of the show and those of us that watched the original will feel like we saw it already and done better.

    • lydiakj says:

      Yes, god this so much. No one, not even Anna Gunn, can compare to Olivia Colman’s incredible performance. And if they’re going to change the character’s personality it’ll be even more distracting thinking “Ellie is supposed to be sweet/funny. That’s not how she’d do that…” Changing the names would at least lessen the comparison. But I’m also leery for other reasons like the fact this is on FOX instead of something like FX or AMC.

  14. Steve Franks said that the Musical episode was suppose to air after Dees Nups so anyone who was in the episodes following it will live. I think it is probably Ally Sheedy. On a side note they did mention Woody was leaving the show as the actor took another job so he will be very limited or not in season 8.

  15. Lyla says:

    Two romantic reunions in Revenge are probably Nolan-Patrick and maybe Aidan and the new character from his past? I can’t wait!!
    Also, I’d love to see more Neal in the second half of OUAT, I don’t even care about his relationship with Emma. I just hope there will be more scenes between MRJ & Robert Carlyle, oh and also Emilie de Ravin :)

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah, but are either of those Revenge reunions heavily anticipated? I really didn’t care abut Patrick and Nolan. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the meaning when he says one is far more anticipated than the other.

  16. eds says:

    Love Criminal Minds, but I’m not looking forward to the 200th episode. So all of JJ’s out-of-character behavior (and AJ Cook’s bad acting) for the past several seasons was to build up to this big reveal? I hope JJ fades to the background after the 200th episode.

    • I agree. JJ’s been “holier than thou” since she came back. As for her treatment of Reid, she’s been very condescending towards him, and seems to think she’s better at profiling than everyone else. I’m with you, I’d like to see her fade into the background.
      I am looking forward to seeing Emily again. Maybe she and JJ could trade places and jobs.

  17. Jj says:

    The Revenge reunions will be Nolan and Patrick, and Conrad and his little blonde!
    The real question is how the heck Emily gets Victoria to go to the wedding. Looking forward to this.

    Also Klaus returning to TVD should be very interesting with Katherine still in town. Since she only has months to live, I guess we can assume that she has found a way around the aging problem since Klaus is only going back in early 2014…. interesting!!!!

  18. tigerfire2002 says:

    I saw Psych The Musical at San Diego Comic Con and it’s amazing!!! Very funny!

  19. LizzieB says:

    Pumped for Revenge!!!!!

  20. Hol1 says:

    Are ppl still into Neal and Emma (after everything that Emma has said and felt and what he says to her before and done), its like nothing is there – no build up and nothing of belief and hope in them lol.

    He basically doesnt know or understand Emma

    I see more Emma and Hook! and the angle there.

    • Melanie says:

      Yes people are still into Neal & Emma. And you have a right to your interpretation of the scenes, but obviously I see it differently. It’s like we’re watching 2 shows. LOL. Emma has said multiple times this season that she loves Neal. And I think he knows and understands Emma better than most people. I don’t get the Hook & Emma thing. But ship & let ship.

      • SadieRuth says:

        Neal’s okay, but he just doesn’t do it for me. He’s no Hook.

      • Sid says:

        Emma has said she loves Neal because she always will, her first love but the pain (she has in neve r ending due to what happened to her) but look at what she says on the WHOLE, i really think ppl forget what she says as a whole speech and just focus on I love Neal, then what else she says and why… when she broke down in lost girl and then in the echo cave…

        Honestly the camera angle and interactions are always on Emma/Hook meant to see each other reactions

  21. Kay says:

    Elena will be furious with Katherine because of her hookup with Stefan. She still wants his d. Another bad sign for the disgusting/boring/creepy Delena. Awesome!

    • Melanie says:

      I haven’t watched TVD in forever – but if that’s whats happening these days, I may have to catch an episode!

      • WTActualF says:

        I haven’t watched TVD at all this season, but I always thought Stelena was boooooring. I liked Delena, but I’m not that attached. If they’re bad this season, then maybe Elena needs someone new.

    • ImSmarterThanYou says:

      Catherine is going to possess Elena. She needs a new body. Elena has her body, only in better shape. They are going to share the body, adding the extra complication

  22. Lauren says:

    I’ll tell you what’s for ST shippers in Episode 12.

    Emma, Hook, and Henry in NYC.

    Hook being arrested.

    Emma getting a forehead kiss by a random dude(probably flashback).

    Emma and Hook romantically hugging.

    Oops never mind that was CS not ST.

    • Sid says:

      Are Hook and Emma transcending realms again, first Enchanted Forest, Neverland and now real world – New York

      The guy who is in it for the long haul, believes in Emma, he moved on from his first love until he met her, she is his HOPE. Hook is hopeless without Emma, she is his hope which we saw last sunday, drinking his pain away and then masking his emotions and flirting as a defence, atleast we got jealous Emma, she asked in middle of a woman screaming if something happened with Hook and TInk and lol at Hook saying perhaps… as in maybe, just to get her reaction and we all know she was bothered, jealousy is good makes some of your feelings come more alive.

  23. Sarah says:

    Hook is my favorite character on the show. He’s why I watch, and I have hoped for a Hook/Emma relationship since his first episode. Neal seems like a decent guy, but really folks, let’s look at reality. He falls flatter than an old Dr. Pepper.

  24. Debra says:

    I’m so sick of JJ and so are many of my online friends. I’m sorry I was ever part of the fan backlash that helped bring her back. I miss our media liaison,we didn’t need another profiler.I too hope after “200” this Mary sue won’t be as prominent as she has been the last 3 seasons.

  25. amintt says:

    Hopefully we will get some Emma/Neal closure. She needs to figure her stuff out. Period. I hope figuring that out means that she will be able to move on and be with Hook <3

  26. Jennifer says:

    I am looking forward to seeing AJ Cook back on the show. She is amazing to me and I find that her character is pretty cool. I can;t wait to see what AJ Cook’s character of JJ has in store for us. Some fans like AJ Cook and some may not but I enjoy her character on the show ever week. Can’t wait for the 200th episode because of AJ Cook!

    • Beth says:

      I’m really hoping the 200th explains everything that has been glossed over.

      JJ is my favourite, yes she’s changed, but not so much that she’s unrecognisable and it would have helped to see or hear about why she’s changed and had the team notice that she’s changed sooner, but I glad they’re finally addressing it.

      I don’t care about Reid, or many of the others enough to want to know more, so as long as we see Hotch and Cruz within the episode along with JJ and get a better understanding of who she is now, I’ll be happy :)

    • +LIKE! thank you so much for this post, Jennifer. I really love AJ also. I love JJ. Interesting people complain about her character change when I see some of ‘old JJ’ in the older JJ hehe I mean she has grown and got tougher but the heart is certainly still there (and I do feel she’s contributing to the team). So yeah whatever.. I still love JJ & I know many that still do and I’m really looking forward to the #200 episode.

    • Kristi says:

      I’m with you!! Can’t wait for 200th episode. EXCITED!!! I love all CM team members :)

    • Sophia says:

      Totally agree with Jennifer! The 200th episode will be epic, Paget is returning and we will learn more about JJ and why she’s tougher now. Every character evolves, grows and it will be good to see what made her character change. And I know that AJ Cook’s amazing acting will be totally compatible with the amazing storyline!

      • Thank you, Sophia. I absolutely agree! and though I really, really looking forward to finding out about JJ’s missing year.. don’t get me wrong I love the other characters also.. looking forward to those scenes as well.. so yeah this is gonna be great & I’m so proud of this show and it’s cast and crew for reaching 200 episodes! congrats! (and thanks TVline for the spoiler)

    • 200 is about what JJ did while she was gone. AJ will rock this as she does everything with JJ and people can say that JJ has changed but guess what that’s what happens as you get older and have different life experiences. Until we see 200 we don’t know what she did at the state department.

      AJ Cook has been incredible since she has returned, not that she wasn’t before, but now JJ has more depth as well as better storylines. Spencer and JJ will always be friends, sorry shippers, and in all friendships there is bumps but they still care about each other. People who are negative need to find the positive in their lives.

  27. Alichat says:

    I have to agree with Matt on the wrist chewing on Scandal. That literally kicked up my gag reflex, and I have a pretty strong resistance to gross stuff like that. But that almost made me hurl. And I thought the Huck/Quinn scenes went overboard. I was expecting him to seriously scare the crap out of her, then snap out of it, and say to her something like ‘this is what B613 does to you.’ Frankly, she should know that Huck’s pretty messed up from his work with that organization. He’s given plenty of indications. So I have thought from day one that this whole Quinn goes rogue story was boring as dirt. Then to have Huck go completely off the rails with her was just too much I thought.

  28. Megan says:

    A.J. Cook is a very talented actress! I really like her character SSA Jennifer Jareau in TV show “Criminal Minds”. She’s amazing! She harmoniously combines two roles: caring mother / loving wife and the super cool FBI agent / professional in this field. Can’t wait to see her in the 200th episode of this show! It’s gonna be so awesome!

  29. Giulia says:

    I swear to God, if Klaus comes back to MF with freaking Hayley I’m gonna flip. And is it gonna be for the doppelganger blood then? Ugggh. Can he just come alone and for Caroline? THANK YOU. I’m so over this whole TO thing.

  30. Valeria says:

    A.J. Cook is very amazing and wonderful actress! I absolutely adore her character JJ in TV show “Criminal Minds”. I love this show so much! And I love all characters in this show, especially JJ! Without her there is no perfect team! She’s my favorite character on TV.

  31. Galia Amys says:

    I agree with you. A.J. is terrific! her portrayal of Jennifer Jareau have touched and continue to move many fans. Proud AJ fan.. proud CM fan. Love the team!

  32. wellheythere says:

    Hopefully we can get some Emma/Hook scoop on the next update. I’m looking forward to what hook they will use to tide us over until the next half of the season on OUAT (haha see what I did there… so punny!)

    So excited for Revenge! It is going to be really interesting I hope!
    Can’t wait to see what twist they are going to pull for the big day!

  33. DawnJ says:

    I like JJ but amazing actress AJ Cook is not. I’m not sure why the writers have focused so much attention on her- the season 7 finale and now episode #200. She’s second to Blake in the dullness department. I’ve had enough roundhouse kicks to last me a lifetime. I hope The writers don’t waste Paget Brewster’s return by focusing on Wonder Woman JJ roundhouse kicking her way thru the episode. I’d rather see Hotch and Prentiss back together again working the case.

    • Valeria says:

      I don’t agree with you, DawnJ! A.J Cook is really stunning and talented actress! And if you say that you like JJ, you can’t say that A.J. Cook is a bad actress! Because A.J. Cook plays JJ and she gives JJ all the qualities for which we love her! So it means, if you like JJ, you automatically like actress who plays her, A.J. Cook. And personally for me and all her fans, she is very amazing and talented actress! We love her so much! And we all can’t wait to see how JJ/AJ will kick the UnSub’s a** in 200th episode! Of course with our favorite super team, which we also love so much!

  34. Kristi says:

    JJ is absolutely amazing. AJ Cook is talented actress. She rocks in CM and freaking can not wait to see 200th ep. I so badly want to see what she did when she was absent from CM for short time. I really wish to see her kick some butts when she has to fight, she is so FIERCE!!!

  35. ellie says:

    I loved JJ in the first few seasons of Criminal Minds, but the actress who portrays her has been awful for the past few years. Her attempts to show that she is a serious profiler/ninja warrior are lame.

    • Galia Amys says:

      Sorry, but I absolutely disagree. A.J. IMO is doing just fine & I’m looking forward to see where her plot goes in the 200 episode. I’m sure she’s gonna nail it. I’m sure the episode would be really great (with such fantastic cast how could it not?)

    • Galia Amys says:

      “I loved JJ in the first few seasons of Criminal Minds” well ok I loved that too but I also still love both her & her character now. She’s fine IMO.

  36. As much as I’m a fan of Hook’s face, I root for Emma and Neal to get back together. I think Hook is a more fun character when he’s swaggeriffic and not a mooning sap. Emma and Neal have a history that needs to be rekindled IMO. He betrayed her in the past to protect her, not to be a jerk and while it may have been a mistake on the HOW, the WHY is more important. I think Emma needs to get past her abandonment issues and trust Neal with her heart.

    • Sid says:

      Hook is being everything that Emma needs in a man, who believes her and putsher first and verbalizes tells her, he cares, and wants her, and this is a woman who feels unloved her whole life, so Hook being devoted to is, what she deserves – someone JUST FOR HER!!! and i think that is beautiful. I think some ppl forget to see that.

  37. anyonereally says:

    Real history with Neal? She was with him for a short period of time when she was about 17-18 (bc she is supposed to be like 28 now and Henry is around 10) and got pregnant. She was vulnerable and did not know herself. Now she is a grown woman who can take care of herself. She will make a decision. Personally I don’t see Neal and Emma being right for one another. People comment about Hook having a change of heart in about a week. He was starting that before. Neal was about to get married to an evil woman and he did not believe Emma when she told him this. Its all a matter of opinion but I think the Hook boat floats and Neal sinks. I like Neal but he isn’t right with Emma. IMHO.

  38. Jam says:

    TVD- maybe Katherine will be pregnant!!! Now that she’s “human” that could happen…

  39. Lisa says:

    I am not looking forward to the 200th episode of Criminal Minds. I frankly don’t care what happened to JJ when she was gone. It will be nice to see Emily, but I bet there won’t be enough of her.

  40. Angela says:

    Woo, my question got answered in here!
    I’m very excited for the 200th episode of the show. JJ’s attitude hasn’t really bothered me one way or another, personally-given the drastic changes she went through in season 6-losing her job, having to cover up the Emily thing, and all that, it makes sense to me. But to each their own, I can see where others are coming from with that, too.
    I can’t wait to see how they “connect the dots”, as noted here, and see how the moments mentioned tie into what will be going on, too. Much thanks to you (and AJ) for answering that question!

  41. ImSmarterThanYou says:

    I will bet money right now that Elena ends up possessed by Katherine and they share her body

  42. Maddison says:

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    just before these people occur.

  43. Susan says:

    Was wondering about the show Revolution. Is it ever coming back on or did it get cancelled and I missed it??