Revenge Recap: The Bitch Is Back!

Revenge Season 3 RecapIn this week’s (especially quotable) Revenge, Lydia’s resurrection proves to be the smartest move the ABC sudser’s made since it dropped the Evil League of Evil Initiative. When not complaining about the accommodations Margaux provides (“I’ve had handbags bigger than that room”), the supervixen is thanking Victoria for getting her off that doomed flight by chalking up the incident to a “momentary lapse of evil.” In the end, she, not her frenemy, may even be the one to reveal Emily’s secret identity. Read on, and I’ll explain how…

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NEAR MRS. | As the episode begins, Daniel is trying to have his (wedding) cake and eat it, too. First, he keeps Emily from revealing her pregnancy to Voulez for the magazine’s cover story on their nuptials by insisting that dropping a bombshell like that would “throw the issue into chaos.” (Um, yes, because what magazine doesn’t hate it when a big scoop falls in its lap?) Then, he tells Sarah that he can’t just call the whole thing off, because Voulez needs this wedding spread to increase its circulation. (Does he think he’s marrying a Kardashian? Does she?) By the end of the hour, however, Emily’s framed Victoria for blabbing to the press about her delicate condition, Sarah’s returned the necklace that Daniel gave her, and he’s dropped it into the water in dramatic Titanic fashion, told off his mother and recommitted himself to his fiancée and their “baby.”

BACHELOR NO. 2 | Ironically, Daniel isn’t the only fella who commits himself to his fiancée in “Surrender”: Aiden likes it, so he, too, puts a ring on it. “Loving you is my mission,” the Hamptons’ Bond tells Emily. Not sure how romantic it is, proposing while she’s practicing the life-or-death breathing techniques she’ll need to survive her “murder.” But it kinda works for this couple, right? (And the twinkling lights Nolan hangs from the trees poolside are a nice touch.) Speaking of Emily’s imminent “murder,” she’s now so ready for it that she has gunpowder on one of Victoria’s bracelets and passports that’ll let her and Aiden masquerade as distant cousins of Nolan’s. All she needs now is to get Victoria to the wedding…

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FOR BITTER OR WORSE | When Conrad shows up to meet with Time magazine about a possible cover — “Must be a slow news year,” Victoria snickers — he is shocked to find Lydia instead. It’s hard to believe she’s alive, he says. To which she responds, “Almost as hard to believe as Time Magazine wanting you for a cover.” Unfortunately for the lady Lazarus, her attempt to get her ex to incriminate himself fails, and having eliminated the element of surprise, she’s fired by Margaux. (Can a source BE fired?) Not in the slightest keen on returning to her old new life “slinging drinks for honeymooners in Ecuador,” Lydia turns on the charm and lands herself back in Conrad’s bed. Which coincidentally puts her in just the right room at just the right time to find in some old photo albums (long story) the picture that proves Emily has been stalking the Graysons for years!

PARTY POOPER | Amazingly, Lydia’s discovery may not be the biggest stumbling block to Emily’s vendetta. Since Victoria was blasted by Daniel for ignoring Conrad’s warning that her meddling in their son’s affairs had left her “one loosely veiled speech away from the loony bin” — and even Charlotte has given up butting in — she folds. “The game is over. I’ve washed my hands of it,” the queen bee tells the bride-to-be, handing in her RSVP card. “I won’t be in attendance.” But… but if Victoria isn’t in attendance, then how will Emily set her up to take the fall for her “murder”?! Cue Bridezilla in 3, 2…

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Lydia cracked my ass up. She didn’t want her per diem from Margaux to cover room service. As if. “I’m not talking carbs, I’m talking Cartier!” And she didn’t just stop by Grayson Manor, she made herself at home in Victoria’s bedroom and started tossing out-of-fashion dresses off the balcony. But Victoria kept up, zinger for zinger. When Conrad asked which tie would keep them from clashing at the wedding, his wife shot back, “No tie in the world could accomplish that.” Hit the comments!

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  1. iMember says:


    Such a perfect episode, right down to the gun residue on Victoria’s bracelet. Everything was pieced together so perfectly and a great set up for the wedding of the century.

    Lydia Davis being back is EVERYTHING! So much sass. So much snark. Loved it all tonight.

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode. THE WEDDINNNNNGGGGG!

  2. Drew says:

    Great episode tonight!!! I haven’t been this pumped for an episode of Revenge since the season one days. Sunday is going to be epic and of course Victoria will still show up! No doubt.

  3. Ava says:

    Can’t wait for next week’s fall finale!

  4. Dave says:

    Does anyone have a clue what is up with Aiden? At the beginning, he got some kind of folder from Nolan and Nolan said “this wasn’t part of the plan” and then he did something at the end when he gave Emily her old ring back. Is there something with him?

    • Bob says:

      I think the folder that he got from Nolan was the passports. Remember in the episode where Emily says something about being cousins to Nolan? i think that Nolan made those passports.

      • Dave says:

        Ahh, that makes sense. It just seemed like it was something Nolan didn’t agree with, hence the “this wasn’t part of the plan” thing but I guess I am just looking to deep into something that isn’t important lol.

  5. ? says:

    I really like Emily and Aiden!

  6. Juan says:

    Best episode, this season of Revenge feels very focused and bringing Lydia back was a smart and great move.

  7. “Momentary lapse of evil…” was such a perfect line!

  8. sowhatwhocares says:

    I guess I was watching a different show. Oh yeah, FOOTBALL!

  9. Amazing! Season 1 quality! No! Better! Can’t wait for next sunday! Can’t stop Use exclamation points! Someone send help!

  10. Jeremy says:

    Oh my god, that ending is the best ending I have ever seen!!!!
    Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  11. Hillchics says:

    I could not understand a single word Aiden did. How do the producers not realize this?!?

    • Hung up on Revenge says:

      I tape the show just so I can replay Aiden’s lines. Completely missed what he said when Nolan handed him the folder. So Frustrating.

      But loved the show.

  12. great episode. but i really hope that this is the last season…

  13. Maryann says:

    Revenge has completely jumped the shark with this new showrunner. Emily is no longer sympathetic and three dimensional, and no longer someone I care about. The heart of the show is gone. It has deteriorated into simply a tangled mess of over the top soap opera plots where once it had the more noble feel of its early promos likening the show to the revenge plot in The Count of Monte Cristo.

    • jessieboy says:

      Bingo! You hit the nail on the head,

    • Gibbs says:

      Perfectly said, Maryann.

    • Jeremy says:

      Although I’m loving the show at this time, I have to agree with you that I no longer feel that Emily is a sympathetic person but more like a devious one.

    • marissa says:

      agree, agree, agree. What ever happened to the girl that struggled with feelings for Jack and Daniel? Did the writers forget that she was in love with both of them? And this Aidan character, ugh. He is not sympathetic as well.

      • Cami says:

        Agree! I can’t root for Emily as long as the show keeps force feeding Aiden. Ugh! It will be even worse when her plan fails, which we all know it will and Aiden is still hanging around. What will his purpose be? Is Nolan still going to have to put up with Aiden who wants this or that as in S2 and now as a house guest on top of everything? Emily is the only character on the show that likes Aiden – and as long as she does, she’s a cartoon of the girl she was and we will all end up rooting for the Graysons.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Under Mike Kelley, the show continually moved forward. The excellent season two finale promised a third season that would take things to a very different place with Conrad as governor, Charlotte pregnant, Jack in the know, Nolan behind bars and Aidan on the run.

      Within twenty minutes of the premiere, the new showrunner undid most of the more interesting plot twists and got things back to the same old comfortable status quo. Clearly the mandate was to recreate season one, and I’m bored with it. So much wheel spinning at this point. Characters turn on a dime for the sake of plot twists with no emotional through-line to sell it.

      Bringing Lydia back was just another spinning of the wheels. If this is the last season, I wish they’d bring Mike Kelley back for the final stretch of episodes to finish things out like he wanted to. This could have been a great three to four season show if ABC had just trusted its creator.

      For all of the complaints about season two, it never underestimated or patronized its audience.

      • DenverDean says:

        ITA with you and the other commenters. I watched every episode until they killed FauxManda, who actually brought some heart to the show, served as a check to Emily and wasn’t one of the “rich” kids around. I decided to give it another go with S3 premier, but as you said, everything that looked excited was unraveled and, frankly, the episode bored me to death. So I gave it up again. Only track with updates hoping they’ll be a change. I guess of all the characters to resurrect, why Lydia? Why not FauxManda?

      • adona says:

        I try to comment less and less, but I will reply to this post. Since episode 1, Revenge has lost its soul… As viewers complained about S2, and the Initiative plot, ABC thought fans wanted more love affair, soap. That was a misunderstanding, and they ‘throw the baby with the bathwater’. That means they swapped all the core characters personality and transformed them in mat, puppy, stupid fellas. What surprised me, they quickly erased S2, but they didn’t get rid of Aiden; Emily third lovers, who complicated Emily’s every relationship (even with Nolan). Postive, the excellent S2 finale gave the showrunner clues to move forward, but he didn’t catch any of them, except Aiden, who was supposed to move to dreamland or helland. Emily is not the hero of this show. I tried to figure out why I did enjoy Revenge in the past, and here my answer. I enjoyed it not because of Emily Thorne, but because of the Graysons. Emily Thorne is neither the hero or the protagonist of this show, the Graysons are. That’s hard to understand, but if you ‘killed’ Vicky, Connie and Dany the show is flat. In somehow this is what they are doing, by making all the Graysons stupid fellas. Even if Emily succeed in her fantasy revenge plan, she won’t be a hero. I’m pretty sure her Dad was not an innocent, and up to now she doesn’t know all the true. The other reason it’s hard to root for her it’s in S1 she was a hurt girl, but presently she is a witch who enjoys hurting people. She doesn’t want to avenge her Dad anymore, she just became a professional revenger, a mercenary. All it matters it’s take down Victoria not to bring justice for her father. Notice, she doesn’t visit anymore her father tomb or fauxmanda’s. Emily lost herself! She is neither Amanda (the innocent girl) nor Emily (loving, caring woman), she is Aiden woman, a monster.

        • adona says:

          I just want to clear my point: Emily is not a hero or the protagonist, because no values support her revenge quest. She even not doing this for justice.

    • schu says:

      Although I understand where anyone would be coming from if they think the show has gone too over the top and strayed from it’s origin too much, I think it must be realized that they have to make an entire season worth of episodes and they need to fill it somehow. IMO, I think this season has been completely entertaining, if you didn’t realize it was a full-fledged evening soap opera from the first couple episodes of season one, I don’t think anyone can blame it for where it has gone, especially since I think it’s been redeemed a million times over from the convoluted subplot of season 2.
      And as for Emily being sympathetic now, I think her character is behaving exactly as she needs to at this point. It’s the homestretch, her final act is upon her and although I’m certain she cares for Daniel as a person (clearly she isn’t actually in love with him…or Aidan I think for that matter, I really feel like the writer’s have something up their sleeve there) she realizes that her “death” is probably the only salvation for Daniel to be able to move on from her. She’s cut herself off emotionally because it’s the only way she can enact her final move. I myself am pleased with how this season has played out and have enjoyed every episode (except the parts with Charlotte…did that girl forget how to act or what?)

    • Dani says:

      Absolutely agree. Emily is not a person to root for anymore. She seems bitter and her revenge plot looks just desperate now. The heart of the show is gone. All the women on this show behave like bitches. There is no heroine around anymore. And the men are either stupid, plain boring or just evil. The plots are over the top and some things come out of nowhere or don’t end up.

      REVENGE can still do a good episode that entertains you but overall, the show lost in a huge way. Season two wasn’t good but even with dull stories I was invested in the show’s characters. Now I no longer am. And that’s thanks to the new showrunner who doesn’t seem to get that the show should be about the characters. Not only plot twists and schemes.

      • Steven says:

        I think Mike Kelley was driving the show into the ground, the season two storylines (particularly the Initiative) were so convoluted and non-Revengey, I often felt like I was watching another show. This season they have refocussed on Emily’s quest for Revenge, and instead of taking people out willy-nilly, or dealing with anonymous corporations, she’s returning to the heart of her mission- the Graysons. she’s going in for the kill and finally trying to end it. So I really don’t understand how you all feel like this is ruining the show. This is what the show is-and always has been-about. Emily’s Revenge. This is what it has always been leading up to. Why are you so disappointed?
        I agree that Emily has become less sympathetic, I think this comes from removing the normality from her life – her friendships with Ashley, Jack, and even Nolan (of course they’re still friends but they spend all their time these days obsessing over the Revenge) her genuine feelings for Daniel, when she was still attempting to live a normal life while simultaneously going about her plans. but I think you’re forgetting that all of these elements were lost during season two, when Mike Kelley was still showrunner. And despite this, Emily has always been this way, always had these motives and always been willing to do whatever it takes.
        and as for the show tying in with its inspiration, The Count of Monte Cristo, if anything this was absent during season two. Now that the show has refocussed on the revenge quest, Emily’s motives, her character and the lengths to which she will go, it has returned to its roots.
        In the end I think the show can’t really win. People complain when Emily isn’t in control because she’s too distracted by everything else, they complain when the story is more about soap-opera moments instead of revenge, and now they’re complaining that there’s too much revenge.
        These are just my thoughts and opinions. But personally I’m much happier watching the show I signed up for – about a girl getting her ultimate revenge against the people who ruined her and her father’s life – than a show about Initiatives and evil computer programs

  14. b says:

    This was a great episode. Can’t wait for next Sunday.

  15. Leila J says:

    I cannot in any way, shape, form or fashion, tolerate the presence of the female Michael Myers of this series, Lydia ‘Bitch Won’t You Please Stay Dead’ Davis. What will it take for this character to cease and decease? And no I did not mean cease and desist. I meant cease and decease. The only redeeming quality she has is that she is another obstacle to Emily and the way Emily handles her obstacles do prove to be quite entertaining, even if at times, maddening.

    So despite Lydia’s presence working my nerves, I did continue to watch the episode and I have to admit that I had an ‘awww’ moment when Daniel and Sarah ended their blossoming yet ill timed love affair. I agree Daniel dropping the necklace into the water brought up memories of Titanic and soon after Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” was playing in my head. But the DJ in my head was soon spinning Whitney Houston’s “I Bow Out’ at the episode’s end when Victoria handed in her RSVP card and stated she will not be in attendance at the wedding. Oh, snap! Whacha gonna do now Emmie? Like I said, Emily is never more entertaining than when her plans are thwarted so I fear not, I will just sit back, watch, and let the ship sail. Or sink. Or explode. This is Revenge we’re talking about…

  16. Jake says:

    Revenge is as good as season one! After next week, they are moving the show to 10p on sundays

  17. Chloe says:

    While this episode was probably the best episode so far this season, I’m not so much of a fan of the show anymore. The whole initiative storyline was ridiculous and this season I don’t really like what they have done with some of the characters. Emily was better last season, Jack has also become a bit annoying but Charlotte is by far the worst. This season the revenge plot has just gotten so messy don’t really see where they are going with this..

  18. SouthernBelle says:

    I hate when shows trip over themselves like they did. If the big bombshell to close the episode is that Victoria won’t be attending the wedding, don’t put her sitting front and center at the nuptials in the preview for next week’s episode. Not that anyone believes for one second that she wouldn’t be there anyways. Otherwise awesome episode. Can’t wait for next week.

    • tim says:

      Of course she’s gonna be there. Everyone knows that it’s gonna happen so there’s no problem putting Victoria in the preview. What’s exciting about Revenge is how Emily will handle the obstacles getting in her way.

    • Bobbyq says:

      I think the RSVP was for the reception. So while her presence at the ceremony does imply she will be at the reception as well, it doesn’t guarantee it. Although I do assume she will be there in the end

  19. MBN says:

    If this show wimps out in the end and fails to give Emily (Amanda) her complete revenge, I will be so angry. It is titled REVENGE and Emily is the only character who really matters in the end. I still have sympathy for Emily and I love that she continues to be so devious. She has to fight the devious Graysons with more deviousness. Lydia? WHY? I’m sick of old characters we barely liked anyway returning. Aiden may as well speak another language because in his scenes I can’t understand half of his mumbling. And Jack is no longer likable and lovable. The only characters I am still rooting for are Emily and Nolan. And I hope that Emily completely destroys the Graysons, finds a way to bring Charlotte to her side for real, and walks away with whatever fortune the Graysons have left.

    • Natalie says:

      I second that! It will be so frustrating if Emily’s plan doesn’t work and she doesn’t end up getting revenge. The show can’t be dragged on much longer!

  20. meah says:

    Best Episode of revenge this season!!!excellent episode,loved every moment of fave scenes were the Aiden proposal,charlotte finally accepting she was causing more harm,Nolan,emily,aiden at his house.Em saying she will miss nolan..
    Can’t wait for next week,sooo excited,can’t believe am more excited for Revenge’s finale than scandals!

    • Jesska says:

      i am so with you…i don’t understand what everyone is saying about not understanding Aiden (might need to get your ears checked or something)…I LOVED THIS EPISODE and I LOVE Emily and Aiden together..I actually don’t understand the people who hate him. I also loved the exact scenes you mentions…with Charlotte confessing that she went too far, Emily saying she was going to miss Nolan and THE PROPOSAL! *dies* LOVED IT ALL

  21. N says:

    Can NOT stand Aidan. Can’t understand a word he says.

  22. Deion says:

    This show has one more good season in it. A season where Charlotte joins Emily and they run roughshod over the Graysons. Aiden, however, has to go.

  23. ColieP says:

    Am I the only person that didn’t enjoy last nights episode? As soon as I saw Lydia I was immediately disappointed and lost all interest. She is IMO a useless character portrayed by a terrible actress.

  24. meah says:

    Where are tha Aiden haters coming from?am sure its the jack/emily shippers.atleast aiden is way more intresting than jack.

    • Nosey says:

      I don’t like they way Aiden was presented to us. I felt he was just thrown in just to continue a love triangle. Plus he whines too much for me. I think if he was all that secure about his relationship w/ her, he would not have to threaten Jack. I don’t find him interesting at all, I see a lot of post saying he understands and knows her, and I just don’t see it. He does not know the side if her that is not vengeful. I don’t think he cares about her at all, also I just don’t think she loves him. Jack actually cares for her, he is concerned about her well being, and not to concerned about whether or not he is w/ her. I don’t think she is anything like Aiden, she has never killed anyone, and Aiden is a cold blooded killer. I would ship Aiden and Fauxmanda(who also has no problem killing anyone) than I would Aiden and Fauxmily. Who she is around Jack is who she really is, Aiden does not know that part of her. I think Jack is more interesting than Aiden b/c Jack provides the tug of her emotions. Sorry, but this revenge plot is not her @ all. But the way Aiden came into season 2 and 3 just did not make sense to me. I just did not see why he was needed in the plot when she worked just fine w/ Nolan (who also cares for her). Love Aiden for the eye candy, and his acting by the actor, but his character jus refuses to let her go, even though she does not love him, which bothers me. He just doesn’t appear to care about her happiness, b/c she just seem happy w/ him @ all!!!!!!

    • yunee says:

      Yesssss….!!!!!! please Emilly choose Aiden….
      Absolutely….more interesting than Jack.
      Emily get her strong if Aiden beside her

  25. Jen says:

    I’m definitely excited for next week and love that Lydia is back! My only complaint is Aiden. I honestly can’t understand a word he’s saying. To me he adds nothing to the show and takes me out of every scene he’s in. I really hope he’ll be gone when teh show returns in the Spring.

  26. Hung up on Revenge says:

    Have to admit, there was part of me that somehow wanted Daniel and Emily back together. Daniel did the noble thing and gave up Sarah for the “baby” and Emily. I liked when Emily was torn with loving the “enemy”. I thought it gave some interesting twists. And part of me wished she really is preg with Daniel’s baby, to give it a really soapy twist.

    They had to bring Lydia back so she could find the !@#$ picture, Emily’s link to being Amanda. We can see where that’s going.

    I think the close of the show will be David Clarke coming back for Victoria and Emily realizing all her vengeful actions and hate were unnecessary and uncalled for…Nolan is always reminding her what her father would have really wanted, and she doesn’t listen..

    • SouthernBelle says:

      I’ll never stop rooting for Daniel and Emily to be together. I think it would make for a fabulous plot twist if Emily were actually pregnant with Daniel’s child. All the loose ends get tied up so neatly and so quickly, it kind of kills the suspense for me. Maybe a WTD plot would add some much needed long-term conflict back into the show.

    • Bob F. says:

      Is there any chance in a million years that Lydia is working for Emily? That the fall in the hallway was staged for Victorias benifit. Lydias magical return to Conrad is part of the plot. All this, just as we thought it couldn’t get more complicated.

  27. Gert says:

    People have been commenting a great deal about how hard it is to understand Aiden. I don’t mind that so much because his character is British and he’s SUPPOSED to be hard to understand. What has been bugging me is how hard it is to understand Daniel!! the actor is British and in the first season he covered it up well. Now it seems as he he could care less about even trying and his speech is just awful. Feels like the whole cast has gotten tired and lazy, just like the writers did last year!

  28. Maria87 says:

    Love Revenge this season! No more distracting subplots which almost made me stop watching in Season 2. Aiden’s character actually kept me interested as he was able to give us a look into Emanda’s life between juvy and the Hamptons.

    However, a bit unsure as to how I feel about Aiden’s proposal. A little too early? But then again seemed like a natural progression since they’ve talked about growing old together already. I think his and Emanda’s love is the greatest one out of all 3 (who really falls in love at 8?) but I’m not sure she’s “in” it as much as he is.

    The writers have done a great job making us all second guess anything emotional Emanda does/says.

  29. SouthernBelle says:

    I know he’s the bad guy, but I just love Conrad. He has some of the best and oddly-sincere lines every episode, usually with the added bonus of putting Victoria in her place. “Did you dig up another selfless deed from Emily’s past?” HA!

  30. TinLV says:

    Emily’s plan isn’t going to go as hoped. She will get shot by someone unexpected, not by Victoria. I get why people don’t like Aiden, though I think he’s hot. He does mumble though. The ‘end-game’ is supposed to be Jack.. and I think it will be eventually. But it will be the last season before Emily finally gets her revenge and gets the guy. I’m enjoying the wait and in no hurry for them wrap things up. I think next weeks show may be one of the best yet.

    • Kiwirevengefan says:

      Who says the end game is supposed to be Jack? No one has ever suggested they will end up together. I know that is what some people hope for but many others don’t. The show writers (all of them) have NEVER given any indication that is the end game.

    • Mike says:

      The game changed completely when Aiden showed up, which is why he gets so much hate. The idea of Jack as Emily’s reward, or worse, redemption, has always been risible.

  31. tiarella says:

    I’m only an occasional watcher of Revenge. The plot just got too complicated and I lost interest. I watch now just to see what they are wearing. LOL

    However I do have a suggestion for those who cannot understand Aiden….if your TV has closed captioning, turn that on. That way you can instantly see the subtitles which will tell you what he’s saying. I often use that when watching British TV shows.

  32. dee123 says:

    How can some of you guys not understand Aiden?

    • Lyn says:

      Agree… I am quite surprised to learn that some of you cannot understand Aiden. The thought never crossed my mind. I agree that he is hot and I agree that he is up to something…Cannot wait for next week!

    • Samantha says:

      Agree! This just boggles my mind. I’m hard of hearing and have a terrible time understanding accents, but I’ve never had a problem with his.

    • Elouise says:

      His accent is perfectly decipherable. My only problem is the stuffy dialogue they saddle him with sometimes, to ram home the fact he’s British.

  33. Amy says:

    Loved Aiden’s proposal to Emily!!! Also, loved Nolan, Aiden & Emily working together. Loved the Trio:)

  34. Anika says:

    Team AIMILY and Naimily

  35. Jess says:

    Jack is the most boring character in the show!!!!

  36. dani martz says:

    Aiden is the best thing that happened to this show. Obviously the network also thought that and extended his contract. He is british and so is his accent. Not everyone in this world talks like Americans. Hr has a deep connection and bond with Emily. People need to start accepting it. He is the man for emily, who knows and loves her for who she is….not jack who is hanging on to some childhood memory. Jack has no story line left, he is weak surrounded by strong women who protect him like he is an infant. He is irrelevant now, trying to get in on her revenge after moralising all this time. Time to go Jack. Aiden rocks every scene.

  37. Nosey says:

    Not sure how New Years photo should have been tied to the “Amanda Clarke” name. In episode 5, Guilt, Fauxmily wanted Nolan to remove “Amanada Clark” from the catering roster. But then in episode 20, Legacy, the lady working at the Stowaway (Jack’s girfriend @ the time) was supposed to work the Grayson party, but Carl Porter would not let her off. Fauxmily made a deal w/ the lady to work the party, then split then proceeds w/ her. I got the impression this was under the table. I am confused on how the “Amanda Clark” name should have been on the roster, I just thought she was working as the lady in the bar. Maybe I just interpreted it wrong. Not sure why she would would even consider working the Grayson party under her real name. On the other hand, the fact she was there regardless of the “Amanda Clarke” name, then busted in a pic, does show she had stalked them at one point. Not only that, she had her face altered on the original pic, red flag, Lydia is definitely back for revenge!!!!!!

  38. Natalie says:

    It’s not fair that Emily is dragging Daniel and Charlotte through this mess. They don’t deserve being hurt for something their parents did.

  39. Natalie says:

    I think I’m the only person who loved season 2! I liked the twisted deep intense plot.

  40. Samantha says:

    Couldn’t Emily just claim Lydia altered the photo to put her face in it? Given that the other copies of the photo DON’T have her in them?

    Personally, I’m loving this season. It’s back on track after the mess of season two.

  41. Mike says:

    Did they reshoot the proposal scene? The ABC summary had it taking place in the pool, and I’m pretty sure there were pool shots in the promo that never aired. Some neat symbolism there: wetter-than-wet Daniel and Jack propose on boats, but Aiden does it next to a raging fire. Sums up everything I like about his character and relationship with Emily.

  42. Love Revenge says:

    Does anyone else find Margaux boring?