Scandal Exclusive: The Closer's Jon Tenney Joins Season 3 Cast as Love Interest for [Spoiler]

Jon Tenney ScandalMellie is trading Fitz for Fritz.

Scandal has tapped Jon Tenney (aka Fritz from TNT’s The Closer and spin-off Major Crimes) to join the Season 3 cast as a rumored love interest for Bellamy Young’s love-starved FLOTUS, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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An ABC rep confirmed Tenney’s casting, but declined to offer any details about his character. Earlier this week, we reported that Scandal was casting the role of Andrew, a handsome and charismatic suitor for one of the show’s main players. (And yes, I correctly predicted it would be Mels, so, yay me!)

Tenney’s recurring gig will kick off during the ABC hit’s final eight-episode stretch, which kicks off Feb. 27. The show’s fall finale airs next Thursday.

Coincidentally, in Thursday’s episode, Mellie lamented — “I wish I had someone to miss me.” Looks like that wish may eventually come true.

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  1. Sam says:

    Yay! Mellie gets a Fritz instead of Fitz!

  2. Krissie says:


    • Slizabeth says:

      Nah, this guy will end up being psycho, causing drama, and Fitz will have to stay married to Mellie to help her pick up the pieces (or something).

    • Anthony Rock says:

      Seeing what SR has done with the Fitz/Liv/Mellie dynamic, I don’t think this is what’s going to happen. I bet you my last dollar that Fitz will get upset about Mellie’s love interest. This is the silliness that I have come to expect from SR now. There is little consistency to character development

  3. Esaul says:

    This will be good for Mellie. I hate what Fitz does to her. :\

    • Why not hate what Mellie does to herself? What self respecting woman would hang on to a man that has repeatedly told her in every way that he does not want to be with her? Mellie should use her law degree from Harvard…or Yale..or wherever since the writers can’t remember where their character went to school, and get into politics ON HER OWN instead of riding Fitz’s coattails. She needs pride and self respect. Mellie gets no empathy from me.

      • Esaul says:

        While I do agree with your statement, there is the fact that unless she runs independent, Fitz as POTUS can crush her political aspirations. I just can’t stand Fitz and Olivia. Sure, sometimes there’s some good moments, but geesh.

        • I bet if Mellie walked away gracefully instead of engaging in her nonsensical shenanigans, Fitz would support her in her political aspirations if she still wanted to run on the repub ticket. An amicable divorce and Fitz would back her. But…because she’s making this whole situation unnecessarily worse by not letting go of a man who does not want her all to remain FLOTUS, then if he didn’t support her I wouldn’t blame him.

        • ebrown1206 says:

          Mellie needs to run a state or get into congress because she is not ready for primetime. President? No way would anyone with an ounce of sense vote for Mellie for President. She goes on national TV and airs family business, commits treason, induces her baby 4 weeks early, pays off a girl to take the fall regarding sleeping with her husband, rigs and election, is guilty of murder after the fact, pimped out her husband to Olivia for desire to be FLOTUS, she was ready to send warships into East Sudan, spoke out of turn to families of hostages, schemed with Cyrus to take down VP Sally…need I go on? Oh and lets not forget how every scheme she’s cooked up backfires on her. What has she done in her life to qualify herself to be president? I’m thinking she should have taken Fitz up on his offer when he laid out the plan for jumpstarting her career once they divorced. Or she should have taken Cyrus up on the offer he made not go on TV…she needs to get her life. And frankly, I think there is something more between her and Fitz because we’ve yet to see what really came between them. Fitz said they’ve been faking the marriage for 20 years. Something happened we’ve yet to be privy to.

          I like Mellie as the scheming monster you love to hate. She played that part very well. Though, I’m sick of all the clinched teeth monologues

        • clearhaven says:

          I second this statement

        • Anthony Rock says:

          And there we have it – you just can’t stand Fitz with Liv. Well looks like you just gonna have to Liv with it.

          And pun fully intended!

      • Margaret Watson says:

        What self-respecting woman sits down to break bread with the person who raped her the
        previous night. Who?

    • Anthony Rock says:

      Mellie does it to her self. She has choices. She has made her choice.

      • Esaul says:

        And Fitz is a saint.

      • Ameera says:

        I can’t stand Fitz these days. Mellie is at least true to her character. She is a flawed person who is hungry for power. Fitz is a confused idiot. I can’t wait for this.

        • Scandallover says:

          I know it is a work of fiction but I must ask this. Fitz a confused idiot? The same Fitz that everyone has said is “not a good guy?” Someone who will kill if pushed. The same Fitz that shot down the jet with the 329 passengers? The same Fitz that killed Verna? The same Fitz that was warned repeatedly to leave B613 alone and still went after the head Rowan and removed him? LOL. The Fitz that scared the crap out of Mellie when she would not leave him alone in the shower after his little “dance” with Livy in the church utility room? LOL. Frankly I would not be surprised if this new love interest of Mellie is an old Navy friend of Fitz who he brought into the picture to lure Mellie away so he can have Livy in the WH. Notice Fitz is beginning to realize Livy is getting tired of waiting and he could lose her to Jake so by any means necessary he will get Mellie out of the way. He will not kill her..well not yet, same for Jake and Rowan especially because Livy likes Jake and Rowan is her dad, which saved his life. Let’s wait and see because he plays his cards close to his chest and with the Sally incident and the orchestrators behind the honey trap; it would be best to get rid of Mellie first then Cyrus. Heck why would David Rosen not use the tape of Sally and Cyrus as leverage for power aka VPOTUS.

    • ReneeDeborah says:

      Fitz only does what Mellie permits. She should have been gone from that “marriage” ages ago!

  4. Annie says:

    Frak. I love Tenney but I was hoping for Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    • lacy says:

      you and me both!!!

    • jaime says:

      So is JDM not being cast at all or still is but no longer as mellies love interest?

    • Goldie says:

      I tweeted Shonda about this a while back and she graciously informed me that JDM has an excellent job on Starz in Magic City. Unless it’s been cancelled he’s otherwise occupied, which is tragic to me. He needs to come back to Shondaland.

    • ebrown1206 says:

      I had to look online to see who this is. This is the guy that played Denny, right? I stopped watching Grey’s after that whole ghost sex arc that went on far too long. Anyway, he is a nice guy but aren’t there actors that haven’t worked on Grey’s or PP? I mean does every cast member have to come from one of Shonda’s other shows? Jake was enough, his acting skills are lacking, they need to kick off B613 spinoff Shonda is thinking about and move him there. If Liv must have a love interest beyond Fitz bring in someone that can rival Fitz if you want to make it believable.

    • Lash says:

      Actually JDM is free. Starz cancelled Magic City! You should tweet Shonda again!

  5. peter says:

    mellie needs some ”action ”
    she loves fitz but fitz don’t treat her like she deserve
    i know fitz has no right but i think his is going to be really jelaous !!! or not …..?

    • ebrown1206 says:

      I’m always curious when people say Mellie loves Fitz. What has she done that screams “I love this man”? I ask this in all seriousness. When I see Mellie I see a woman who love the position afforded her by being with Fitz. It that was clear this week when she told Cyrus she was not sleeping because she’s concerned about her husband’s presidency, her future. Its always about Mellie.

  6. Pamela says:

    Great! Jon Tenney is a terrific choice! I hope they divert from the depravity and torture and stick with the great show it is. It’s almost two shows, the way it goes back and forth between political fare and torture. It seemed there was less of it this year, til recently, so once again I’m going to dvr it and zoom thru the gore to get back to the great stuff.

  7. Jasmine says:

    I love Mellie, but I hate how desperate she is to “hold on” to a man who does not want her and most of the time seems not to like her either. While love Olivia, I do not love her relationship with Fitz. as for Fitz, I can take him or leave him because I don’t respect him! He has no “balls” and seems to be so in to Olivia, he will let the country go to hell in a hand basket.

    Unlike many fanatic Olivia/Fitz fans (including my beloved daughter), I prefer Olivia when she’s solving problems and scandals of other high powered people instead of crying about her own Scandal or love life with Fitz!

    The 12/05 Episode with Outstanding! Kandi Alexander and play any role and play it well. I cannot wait to see the scandals ahead.

  8. Robyn says:

    What about Jon Tenney’s show on TNT “King & Maxwell”?

  9. andrew hass says:

    I’m very excited that Jon Tenney is joining Scandal and i’m betting his character is involved in politics somehow.

    • Cathy says:

      It was cancelled a bit ago, and like you, I was also hoping it would be renewed. For me, it was getting really interesting. Also, the addition of Ryan Hurst made it even better.

  10. Ian says:

    Love Bellamy, but Jeffrey would have been too good a love interest for Mellie, lol. Jon Tenney’s a better choice.

    I’m just left wondering what’s the remaining point of Jake is now though.

  11. Lorie says:

    Awesome news!

  12. Whitney says:

    Okay, first things first: ZOMG, FRITZ AND MELLIE, I <3 IT ALREADY!

    Sorry, had to get that out of the way. I think there is a chance that Fritz ends up as either the new VP (See ya, Sally Sinner!) or the new VP's chief of staff. Or he could be a new press secretary considering the last two were either killed or politically burned. Also, if he is the new VP's chief of staff maybe that new VP could be Lisa Kudrow? B/c she was a srsly awesome character. I know it's a stretch, but here's hoping!

  13. Ethel says:

    Guess I will be watching Scandal again!!

  14. Razzy says:

    YAY! So excited for this! I loved JT on The Closer as Fritzy, can’t wait to see him paired up with Mellie.

  15. Penn says:

    I really am excited about this! I love the idea of Mellie, whose marriage was arranged and NEVER about love, meeting a strong, but GOOD guy that she can’t figure out. One who takes who she is as a person seriously, but also has a sense of fun. JT radiates warmth and amusement. I hope he gets to express those in this part! GO MELLIE!

  16. adona says:

    Nowadays, each time you watch a serie characters have to grasp their extra lovers as if they were trophies, national award trophies. The writers seem thinking it’s the best way to bring drama. So Olivia has an extra lover (Jake), Mellie has a new one, Fitz has one… Who’s next? Maybe they will hook up Sally and Cyrus.

  17. Mina says:

    I am so sick and tired of the lame love tangle between Olivia and Fitz. Who in their right mind would continue falling for such a selfish, manipulative and flawed character as Fitz. He is a spoilt rich kid who is not as bright as his wife nor can he stand on his own. This is a man that does not think before he reacts when he has to think for himself. I must commend Tony Goldwyn! He always plays parts of unlikeable characters to the letter.

    We have not understood the true character of Fitz, but through out the entire series, it is implied that he is not the type of person one trusts. As flawed as his father was, he repeatedly stated that his son was totally useless. Then Olivia’s father Rowan categorically warned her that she had no idea who she was dealing with when it came to her connection to the President and the White House. He told her emphatically that there would be no fairy tale at the end of the day etc., etc. Even Cyrus, Verna, Hollis, Sally Langston, James, Jake and Mellie have repeatedly expressed their disdain for Fitz, it makes you wonder why they really thought he could be the gift from God President, the “real thing”. In supporting him they have all become part of a decadent and amoral cartel of morally bankrupt power brokers. I suppose Rowan is right, it falls to him to truly solve the problems and protect the Republic at the end of the day and every day.

    Fitz is a user and all the love in the world he has for Olivia ( or so we think), steers him to abandon his first duty to his outcry as president and Commander in Chief in order to use his so called super power on her which just confuses her to the point that the original Olivia that we saw in season 1 who worked so well with her team of Gladiators solving critical problems, especially with Steven by her side, is now a bumbling fool. I have lost respect for these two characters and no matter what is written to restore Olivia’s credibility, I don’t think it will work, unless Shonda Rhimes works her magic.

    I am sure Shonda Rhimes will take us back to the genesis of all the characters history. There is a lot more in Scandal than we have seen and I believe it is going to get even more juicy and addictive as we get involved with each story and each character. I just pray that it doesn’t become too soapy which it tends to lean to at times.

    On the other hand, Mellie (played to perfection by the very talented Bellamy Young) the Lucretia Borgia in the plot, is an interesting entity and has become a very powerful and malleable character. She is no Saint and she is as ambitious as Cyrus her true partner in the White House, but she is not a killer. I would like to see Mellie’s story develop as I find her more interesting and I would love to see her have her day with a stronger contender, someone who will hook us viewers. There has to be another man who is more mind blowing, more intelligent and brilliant than Cyrus and Mellie, unbelievably attractive, classy, sexy and with all the high end trappings that will make Fitz crumble and realize what he is up against. He has to have an aura about him that oozes charisma and he should make Mellie laugh. Let’s make it even more interesting, let there be 2 of these men, one as a potential love interest for Mellie and a new political figure who his party is preparing as a future Republican presidential candidate. Fitz has to be shaken, he comes off as stupid, weak and a sex addict he needs an Alpha male from his background and even higher to take him on. Fitz has had it far too easy, enough of the rubbish and let’s see a real battle once the Remington and Mama Pope story is over with in season 3.

    As for Olivia, well if Shonda weaves her magic, she may be able to save Olivia from her lack luster present existence. We need to see Olivia back and stronger and well, this is just a thought, but I think if it is possible, bring the character of Steve back for a couple of episodes to help her out of her weak situation. As for Olivia’s future with Fitz, I can’t see them together. Their relationship is too messy and disconnected. They have great sexual chemistry but all Olivia ever talks about is her work and all Fitz ever says is “I love you” over and over again when all he really craves is her body. This does not make for a good relationship. That Vermont house, I actually thought he borrowed it from one of his rich friends to seduce her and then tell her, how he was going to shake down her father. Apple orchards and jam making my foot. If Fitz truly wants Olivia, let him leave the Presidency, divorce his tenacious and obstructive wife and head for Vermont with Olivia. Olivia falls for Fitz’s none sense every time and it is now boring. Jake would have been a much better person for her if they had not distilled his relevance and made him look like a stevedore looking for work on the docks of oblivion. Please do not get rid of Scott Foley he is a good actor and a sexy, handsome man, just let him show what he can do instead of being a security doorman to Olivia.

    As for Huck and Quinn! I leave that for now. Huck is a crazy loon who you do not mess with. I applaud Guillermo Diaz and Kate Lowe for their incredible acting skills. I must admit, Huckster is my favorite character as crazy and emotionally wounded as he is. I love him. Well done, it has opened another door to the storyline.

    The Cyrus and James debacle is even crazier. I love James. Both Dan Bucatinsky and Jeff Perry are brilliant together. It is just a sad story with an even sadder consequence. This situation needs to be handled by non other than the strong and together Olivia Pope, but I believe Cyrus gave that job to Charlie and Quinn.

    Kudo’s to the great Guillermo Diaz, Kate Lowes, the fabulous Bellamy Young, Kerry Washington, Kate Burton, Dan Bucatinsky, Columbus Short, Darby Stanchfield, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley ( I am on your side), the amazing Jeff Perry and the elegant and believable Joe Morton.

    Whether you agree or not, that’s what I think. After all, it’s just TV.

    • Elizabeh says:

      Sorry but Scott Foley is not a good actor. I am so disappointed of him. this is my opinion. he has the same face in all scenes. and I really don’t understand the character yet. what is his mission. does he work for Rowan or for Maya?. Maybe he should play a bad guy , his acting is very limited.

    • shiwoh jamie myriam nangu says:

      I am happy some other person is seeing what i am seeing given every1 around me is so crazy abt olizt ,thier affair disgust me a lot.I always ask myself how one can trust a man who treats a woman(mellie) ,who has sacrifice virtually everthing even if she also did that 4 herself it is human and there is nothing bad about her ambitions .Then olivia who has a great career and now fizt’s love annoys me no end ,the sit wit her useless principles calling herself “gladiator” my ass

  18. Frida says:

    People , Shonda Rhimes has always said that in the beginning of the show since season 1, Olivia and Fitz will never be together. this is their story , they love each other but they can not be together . Mellie become pathetic and I am so happy they found a guy for her . her monologue is boring now. Ton y Goldwyn and Kerry are doing a very good job and the rest of the cast. Scandal is scandalous with all the drama. Even you do not like the adulterous part . this is TV fiction and this is boldTV , and i am waiting for the presidential divorce . it will be a big scandal in the white house. let enjoy this drama : Scandal

  19. LEO says:


  20. Lolita says:

    People who don’t like the show, watch it and then turn around write about it, why?

  21. ReneeDeborah says:

    Jon Tenney is such a good choice to play Mellie’s lover. I think these two could generate a lot of heat together. Looking forward to seeing these two develop as a couple.

  22. CrisisMaven says:

    No details about his character … sounds like they’re casting a politician for an election :-)