Stephen Moyer on True Blood's 'Sad' Series Finale, Possible Happy Ending for Bill and Sookie

true blood series finaleHBO’s decision to bring True Blood to a close after its upcoming seventh season was the correct one — so believes leading man Stephen Moyer.

“I think they made the right call to say, ‘Let’s finish it on a massive run of 10 episodes,'” he tells TVLine, adding that the cabler considered extending the series through an eighth season. “It was either going to be one season or two seasons… and I would’ve definitely [stayed] on. But it’s very difficult with a show like ours to keep finding a Big Bad and creating all the drama around it.”

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Moyer — who stars alongside Carrie Underwood in this Thursday’s three-hour event The Sound of Music Live (8/7c, NBC) — admits he remains mostly in the dark about what showrunner Brian Buckner has in store for the vampire hit’s final stretch. But in the following mini-Q&A, he shares what little he does know about the 10-episode farewell. He also opens up about the “sad” goodbye that awaits him and the one ill-fated True Blood pairing he’s still mourning.

TVLINE | When I spoke to Brian at the end of Season 6, he mentioned that this final season would be a reset of sorts for Bill. He specifically said that he doesn’t want to see Bill be an a–hole anymore. Reaction?
I think that it’s really hard. The characters can’t [always] be who the audience — or the actor — wants them to be at all times. That would be dull. A bunch of people loved Bill and Sookie together, but a whole bunch of people didn’t. So you can’t just please this bunch or that bunch. As [series creator] Alan Ball once said, “I’m not interested in people being happy.” And I’ve always said, as soon as you see one of our couples get together, you know [they’re] f—ed. As soon as Hoyt and Jessica got together I was like “No! They’re going to f—ing kill this, I know they are!” Because [that relationship] was so beautiful… I loved playing [Bill]. I love him. Whether they’re were things that I feel were done well or badly or right or brilliantly, I love him.

TVLINE | Brian also said the final season will focus more on Bill-Sookie, specifically the Bill-Sookie-Alcide triangle.
I know nothing. I’m directing the first episode, as you probably know, and I haven’t seen [the script]. We shoot [The Sound of Music Live] on the fifth of December and I start prep on True Blood on the ninth.

TVLINE | Wow, no break for you.
No. [Laughs].

VIDEO | The Sound of Music Live Trailer: Stephen Moyer Revives a Classic

TVLINE | Personally, do you think Bill and Sookie are the endgame?
I don’t know whether they can be, given everything that’s happened between them. What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that’s all he was supposed to be — a window into that world. I don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer. I think a bunch of people would be happy if that was the story and a bunch of people would be pissed off if that was the story. I don’t read that s–t, so I don’t care, ultimately. All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.

TVLINE | What does Anna think?
She would have a completely different answer. She would probably say, “Sookie should go off and become a barwoman in New York.”

TVLINE | How are you feeling emotionally about this chapter of your life coming to an end?
Sad… You know what a crazy group of people it is. Around Episode 4 or 5 [of every season] we always start getting panicked about that season ending, because it’s a f—ing family. That word is bandied about a little bit too much, but it really does feel like [a family]. I’m going to be very excited about what’s to come [career-wise], but slightly bereft that it’s all going to be done.

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  1. kd83954 says:

    one of the biggest issues i had regarding the series is how much it deviated from the books. and i understand that shows that begin as books often deviate away but some of the BIG things that happened in the book have been omitted from the series and it bothers me. the big one is the role of bill compton and sookie’s relationship with eric (oh and quinn! and claudine!). now granted, i haven’t read the last two sookie books so for all i know, bill comes roaring back and sweeps sookie off of her feet. and if that’s the case, i’ll hold my tongue. the triangle in the books has been sookie-eric-bill, sookie-eric-alcide, sookie-eric-quinn, and sookie-eric-sam.

    • Anon says:

      I read the entire series, and the last two books were massive disappointments. The way that it ends, and who Sookie ends up with (especially the reasons and circumstances how) is absolute garbage. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was even reading anymore – it was that bad.

      That being said, I sort of have to disagree with the statement in the article how they can’t always come up with a Big Bad. There were plenty of villains and plots in the books they could’ve pulled from, especially the one having to deal with Niall and the fairies, but because of how they’ve run the show and killed certain characters they’ve screwed themselves.

      • MadameRouge26 says:

        I too have read all of the books and it was clear from the very beginning of the (book) series that there was an ongoing relationship between Sookie and the partner she ended up with in the final book. The books certainly, in my opinion at least, set the scene for the final pairing rather nicely. It was not a bolt from the blue; it wasn’t as if there hadn’t been a long standing special friendship between the two in question for a very long time and it was crystal clear that both parties cared for each other deeply. And isn’t that how a lot of relationships are formed – by two people that care for each other and have a great friendship together?

        • kd83954 says:

          i actually learned who sookie ends up with and it actually makes a lot of sense. however, they haven’t alluded to that at all in the series. i’m actually quite terrified as to the series finale. i honestly think sookie should be alone. she is strongest when she’s without a man.

        • Francine says:

          I didn’t have a problem with who Sookie ended up with either- the signs were there from the beginning. My issue was how fast it happened. Everything that happened in previous books was discarded in order to make Sookie’s HEA what Harris wanted it to be. It could have been set up a lot better. Of course there were also the massive inconsistencies compared to the previous books…. But I didn’t think it was as crappy as a lot of other people did.

          • Nona says:

            That final book was trash. Not because of who Sookie wound up with, but because it was terribly written. All the plot holes. The glossing over of major plots, the hasty and abrupt ending. Charlaine Harris very clearly was just trying to make good on what must have been a hefty andvance and just get done with the series. She ruined 13 years of following characters that her readers cane to love. The last few books were actually subpar but that final one was the death knell. Terrible book. Terrible ending.

    • dude says:

      Shows based on books rarely stay 100% true to the books. They’re usually launching pads to create that world but rarely are the foundation for every storyline the writers create. I’d much rather see writers come up with their own original ideas and create something then just adapt existing storylines laid out in the books. Then again the writing on True Blood from seasons 3-5 wasn’t exactly great so…

    • Alex says:

      I’m glad the show deviates from the books! First of all, the books turned stinktastic with the last several in the series. Second, this way I don’t already know everything that will happen. TV series based on books that copy too closely end up losing my interest. Example: Game of Thrones is very well-made, but the first season in particular was extremely similar to what happened in the books and held almost no surprises for me. Not why I watch TV.

      • I so agree with you Alex .. i started TB before reading the books , so of course I fell in Love with Bill and Sookie .. Now if I read the books first I might feel different. But you are so right If the show was exactly like the books what would be the point of watching . I LOVE Game of thrones and I like to be surprised Ned Stark , Jamie and His sister , Khal Drago , The deaths at the Red Wedding .. man I would not have wanted those spoiled for me ! Im still upset ! Sam pretty much said that he was tired of being Sookie 3rd 4th choice ! And Nicole having his child I pretty much see them together unless she dies during the Hep V Vamp fight .. But I think that she will end up alone, with Bill or Alcide of someone else . Her and Eric had there time but I dont think that its in the cards for them , since there relationship only lasted a few episodes

  2. LOST says:

    Let’s just hope they do these 10 episodes right, unlike all of season 5, and the season 6 finale.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      I actually really enjoyed the Season 6 finale. I think it sets up Season 7 very well…bringing everyone (almost) back to BonTemps, and letting us know who the villains are now…the zombie infected vampires.

  3. Liz says:

    Oh my, I REALLY hope we will have a happy ending for Bill & Sookie. I fell in love with them in season 1, 2 & 3, and I can’t wait to see them together once more… One can hope, no?

    • Liliana says:

      I agree with you! They are the couple i fell in love since season 1! They have a connection, Eric was nothing to be honest, Sookie didn’t even thought about him in next seasons! So i hope they will be together again!

    • Mollie says:

      ITA! Season 6 was great! And a total set up for a Bill&Sookie reunion! ;) So want things to come full~ circle in the end:) They loved each other from the beginning, but the timing was all wrong. Sookie has never loved anyone the way she loves Bill!

      • iamtrue2bill says:

        That is true, Mollie. Sookie’s love for Bill was (and probably still is) the most intense, romantic, and deeply felt of any emotional attachment she’s had with anyone else. As she said to Eric, they had a lovely time, but it was over. And her feelings for Sam are more friendship than anything else. Alcide is pretty much a rebound relationship…safe for now, but not intensely felt. Warlow was a “flash in the pan” that made no sense whatsoever.

        But I am not completely convinced that Sookie should spend the rest of her life with a vampire. She’s fae. And she needs light in her life. Vampires, even Bill, are dark by nature. Is there middle ground for them? Perhaps. We’ll have to wait and see.

        • mollie says:

          For me, it is not about Sookie being Fae and Bill being vampire. That is only part of who they are and how they relate to one another. If they truly love each other, they will find a way to make it work. Sookie can be with Bill and STILL get a tan. There are many ways to share a life with children. They don’t have to be biological kids, do they? What about the guys in this world who WORK AT NIGHT and sleep during the day light hours? Those families seem to find a way to thrive and be together. So I feel the whole, ‘They can’t be together because it won’t be a normal relationship,’ is a total cop~out. IF they want it….they can have it. You just have to want it badly enough.

        • WTActualF says:

          The only time I liked Eric was in S3 when he tied Sookie up in his basement. But after it was revealed that he only did it to protect her, I didn’t like him anymore. If he really wanted Sookie, I mean REALLY wanted her, then he should’ve kept her tied up and fed her his blood. Instead he allowed her to run off to Faery, then he lamely renovated her house.

          He should’ve made her earn those renovations because she couldn’t have cared less that he did that for her which made him look weak. Bill was smart though. He let her house rot to heck while he did a million $ renovation on his. By doing that, Bill sent Sookie a message. “I am the rich and powerful one, and you live in a hovel by my will.”

          Too bad Eric had to go and fix up her place. He should’ve used that cubby as a way to lock her up and maker her his, but he didn’t. Goes to show you that Eric is half the man Bill is!

          • Jen says:

            Eric introduced Sookie to a lot of dangerous ideas. He actually wanted Bill to tell Sookie the truth! The nerve.

            He set a very bad example in the bedroom, too. He didn’t expect her to give him blood all the time, and that sets a dangerous precedent. Sookie shouldn’t think that she can have sex for free, right? She needs to pay for sex with blood. Besides, it’s just not the same without blood running down the drain, or all over the sheets. The bite marks let everyone know that Sookie belongs to Bill, too, and that’s important. Without them, Rene, Sam, Tara, and Arlene wouldn’t have known that Sookie was taken.

            Feeding a vampire by yourself can be draining, but Sookie can always take supplements. It’s unfair to expect Bill to drink Tru Blood when he has Sookie. She may occasionally feel a little-lightheaded, but it’s a small price to pay for true love.

      • Sue says:

        I can’t believe anyone would want Sookie to end up with Bill. She was just an assignment to him and he betrayed her from the very beginning. I’d rather see her alone than with him. I don’t think Season 7 has any plans to have a Eric and Sookie ending from all that I have read. I’ve seen they are bringing someone new in for Eric. Not sure I will be able to watch the last season. Such a waste of Eric in the show. Too much Sookie and Bill.

        • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:


        • Laura says:

          I concur. I shake my head in dismay at those who continue to delude themselves that Bill and Sookie have some great love story. Sookie had an initial interest in Bill simply because his mind presented a peaceful void after a lifetime of hearing everyone around her. This interest began to disappear when Sookie realized the danger he presented after her close encounter with his violent former nest mates. Then Bill conveniently arranged/allowed for Sookie to be beaten up so that he could ‘roofie’ her with his blood. Any romantic ‘feelings’ Sookie has EVER had for Bill have only been because of the influence of his blood. Anyone with the slightest respect for women would never wish for Sookie to be condemned to a life with such a manipulative jerk. Sookie would be better off alone than with any man who would treat her as anything less than his true equal.

          • Nona says:

            I for one would like to see Sookie dead. What an annoying character played by an annoying actress.

          • iamtrue2bill says:

            As Bill said to Governor Burrell just before he ripped his head off…”Well, that’s not goin’ to happen.”

    • WTActualF says:

      OMG me too! I loved how Bill let the Rattrays beat the crud out of Sookie! *swoon* I liked when Bill called her an abomination and said she was dead to him. Quel romantique! I really liked when Bill drained her in the back of a van. I mean, what girl doesn’t want a murderous boyfriend? Amiright?

      • Jen says:

        It does worry me that my husband of 15 years has NEVER tried to harm me. He’s never even called me an abomination, or told me that all his protestations of love were “manipulation.” Could it be he doesn’t really love me?

        He hasn’t thrown my brother into a wall for defending me, either, now that I think of it. Or tried to force me to participate against my will in dangerous medical experiments. I can’t help but worry that these are bad signs for our relationship . . . .

        • Liz says:

          Gee I’m glad these people are fictional characters and not the basis of actual people….who cares if Bill is a manipulative jerk, so is Sookie….thank goodness Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer can actually have a real life together and not Bill and Sookie!

    • lourdes says:

      I agree, in season 1 to 2, even 3, they were amazing together, i loved Bill and Sookie, for some reason I never ship Eric and Sookie, cause I felt like Sookie only loved no memory puppy of Eric, no the real one. Last season kind of dissapointed me, specially the ending. I really wish they would come back to the basics that was their best season 1 to 3

  4. ginger says:

    A Bill/Sookie ending would be the very worst way they could end the show. It would be so disappointing.

    It has to be Eric. He is by far the most interesting and charismatic male character in the show. A Sookie/Eric reunion all the way please.

    • dude says:

      Sorry Ginger but it aint happening. Sookie/Eric are dead. That much has been confirmed. If they’re the only reason you watch, you might want to skip Season 7. Sookie will end up with Bill, Alcide or no one.

      • ginger says:

        Sookie & Eric aren’t dead at all. They still have strong feelings for each other that are unresolved.
        And thanks for your concern but as long as Eric is in the show I will enjoy watching it. I’m looking forward to his return next year!

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          Eric and Sookie not ending up together is in no way an insult to Eric. They just don’t match up at all. Their temperaments, their priorities, and their outlook on life, especially human life, is 180 degrees apart. Eric would be miserable with Sookie in about 6 months, and he would leave her or ignore her. He’s the iconic vampire, and needs a strong vampire female, very much like Nora, who was a great match for him in personality and temperament.
          Bill has the temperament for Sookie, and basically the same priorities, values, and sympathy for humans. But he is a vampire, so that would be a huge adjustment for her, and I’m not sure she would be happy for the rest of her life having to deal with that issue. As much as Bill and Sookie have the most dynamic and intense chemistry of any couple on TV…ever!…in the long run it really is a toss-up if they would be happy-ever-after.

          We’ll have to see what Bb comes up with. I trust him, he’s a great writer, and he’s been on the show since the beginning.

          • Peach says:

            Sookie would never be fully happy with a vampire. Sookie has always wanted the sun. I think a lot of the fans are just too busy projecting their desires onto Sookie that they don’t really see what she wants. Which is a life, a family, and the ability to get a tan.

          • pumped says:

            I want Bill to turn human somehow. Maybe that light ball thing could have something to do with that.

        • honestly thou says:

          At this point Eric and Sookie in a relationship wouldn’t even make any sense. He barely even spoke to her for the majority of last season….or the season before that…..and the season before that they were together for like 3 days tops. It was a fling.
          Sometimes I honestly think that the character of Eric understands that Bill and Sookie were meant for each other.

        • mollie says:

          Sookie and Eric said good~bye to each other in season 6 Episode1. He gave her back her house and she rescinded his invitation. That’s the end of it. They did not speak one more word to each other all season long. Sookie didn’t even think about Eric. Bill saved Sookie from Warlow with the help of her family and friends. Bill was there. Sookie walked past Eric in the graveyard ( he hid behind a tree so she would not see him); Eric was not interested in talking to a Sookie. He only wanted to find a way into the Cemefaerie to drain a Warlow of his blood. On TB, there is no big ‘epic’ love story between Eric and Sookie. Yes, bring on Sylvie. Eric needs to get his own girl. And Bright Eyes’ days are numbered, too. LOL Bill & Sookie belong together:)

          • Lou says:

            Do the women who think that Sookie deserves to be shackled to a lying, abusive, date rapist have even an ounce of self respect or respect for other women? It would seem the answer is ‘No’.

            Bill Compton allowed Sookie to be beaten to within an inch of her life in episode 2 of True Blood so that he could effectively ‘roofie’ her with his blood.

            Yes folks, the vamp equivalent of Rohypnol.
            Weapon of choice for rapists to take advantage of their unwilling victims.

            And that is what Sookie really is – the victim of Bill Compton, not his ‘soulmate’.

            The only true ‘relationship’ that exists here is of abuser and victim.

            Compton has shown no true remorse, or made any real recompense for any of the hurt and abuse suffered by Sookie at his hand and as such Bill is the only abomination of True Blood.

            One that the creators of this show continue to inflict upon viewers at the expense of better stories and characters.

            Sookie deserves better than to be left under the malign influence of the mendacious Bill Compton and Compton himself deserves nothing more than the business end of a wooden stake.

          • Mollie says:

            Yep! That’s what I said. No epic love story for Eric and Sookie on True Blood. It has taken 6 ~ plus years to get here. But now the truth of the matter must be faced. Bill & Sookie have always been the end game. Bill & Sookie Are Soulmates…. Bill & Sookie Forever:) xx

          • Jen says:

            Bill and Sookie DO belong together. We saw that in season six. Sookie was desperate to find a man who would lie to her, manipulate her, and abuse her like Bill did. Her “danger whore” tendencies came out, and she HAD to have Warlow. Sadly, he was only a pale imitation of Bill Compton. He didn’t even drain her! It took him all season just to smack her. We knew that couldn’t last, and luckily Sookie came to her senses in time. No one lies like Bill.

            Now that Warlow is gone, Sookie can be with a REAL man. Unfortunately, she is STILL insisting that she gets to choose her own partner. She’s landed on that mangy dog, Alcide (Bright Eyes). But we all know she really belongs to Bill, and he’ll show that to her next season.

            Alcide couldn’t even kill the rebellious women of his own pack! She needs someone who knows how to treat a woman, and keep her in her place. Bill has plenty of experience keeping wayward women in line. He dealt with Lorena, Sophie Anne, Marnie, Nan, and Salome. Sookie will fall in line and they’ll be together forever, like they were meant to be.

    • I rather hope it ends up the way the books ended up. *SPOILER ALERT* I saw it developing in the background the whole time. In the books, she ends up with Sam. He is the only guy that has ALWAYS put Sookie first, never has had any ulterior motive. She also cannot completely read his mind, which would be a surefire way to end a relationship. They are both hicks with similar upbringing. (Location wise, not lifestyle) They seem to have similar values. And have always had a great connection. They make a great pair!

  5. katrina says:

    I love this show! But I do not want a Bill Sookie and Alcide triangle. Alcide needs to find himself a lady wolf and be gone!

  6. alistaircrane says:

    I love Bill and Sookie! They have to be together in the end. They are the couple I fell in love with in the beginning of the show, and they are the true love soulmates supercouple who belong together in the end.

  7. Romy says:

    NOOOOOOO! I don’t want a Bill/Sookie ending or a Sookie/Alcide ending… Honestly I would prefer for Sookie to end alone! The book series ended up being such a mess, I don’t want True Blood to have the same fate!

  8. Francine says:

    Nice interview, thanks! I agree that there will be no pleasing everyone so that’s kind of a lost cause. I just really hope that they can end it in a good way. What I loved about the first three seasons of the show was how they followed the basic storylines of the books, but still changed it up enough to feel fresh. It all started going downhill when they deviated from the books completely and went with their own stories- which were just bad.

    • Mollie says:

      I have loved every season for different reasons and always thought TB did a very good job each season:) I am not a bookie. So probably have enjoyed TB much better that way. Charlaine Harris sold away her rights to have anything to do with the HBO show. so don’t blame Alan Ball for doing what he was hired to do. The show says TB is BASED on the books. Not that it would ever copy SVM line by line. Even ASkars said that would be boring. Nobody wanted to do that.

      • Francine says:

        I wouldn’t want the storyline to be repeated word for word either- I never said that, because what would be the point of watching?. The early seasons were great. Different enough from the books to feel like I wasn’t watching something I’d already seen. When they had to come up with all original storylines… I just don’t think the writers did the best job. Season 5 was horrific. Season 6 was better but I hated the finale. I hope they get back to what made the show so great. It’s just my opinion though, you’re free to disagree.

  9. Jrs says:

    Ugh. No more alcide!! He should not be the focus of the final episodes. Bad actor!

  10. the girl says:

    “What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that’s all he was supposed to be — a window into that world.”

    Personally, I’m satisfied with that. I have never been largely investing any of the Sookie-ships that have been bandied around over the years (except for the possibility of her and Sam – I was vehemently AGAINST that). What Stephen has said here is so true about relationships in life and I am okay with that being reflected on the show. Sookie can love Bill out of a sense of gratitude for the role he played in her personal evolution, and she can love someone else romantically. At this point I don’t care if she ends up with Eric or Alcide, or someone else who isn’t Sam, or even alone, but I do like the idea that she will not hate Bill because she never would have found out who she is without him exposing her to this world.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      I understand what you’re saying,, and I agree with a lot of it. Sookie may end up with someone completely new, or with one of her ex-lovers, or she may end up alone. But her relationships have made her who she is now, and the most defining of those was with Bill. They had a beautiful relationship, while it lasted. Whether or not they could start again does not make what they had more or less meaningful. They will both carry that love with them, even if they go their separate ways.

  11. after 7 seasons & 80 episodes it is time to say good-bye so long & a fond farewell the cast & crew of true blood move on they sold to syn 5 nights a week check your local listings it is the best of true blood seasons 1 & 7

  12. Sarah says:

    I must be missing something. Bill and Sookie were the worst part about this show. If they end up together then I guess misery just really loves company. Or she could always just *GASP* end up alone.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Well, sarah, I do believe you are missing something. They had the best chemistry and were the most endearing couple on TB, except for Hoyt and Jessica, who were too cute for words.
      But it really doesn’t matter. No ending is going to satisfy all the fans. That being said, Bill Compton is one of the best characters on any show anywhere anytime. He has had the most fascinating evolving story line, and has gone through more insane stuff than anyone else on the show. I enjoy all the characters, but Bill is by far the most amazing. And Stephen Moyer has proved himself to be incredibly talented by bringing him to [undead] life. After 7 seasons, my hope is that Bill Compton achieves some personal peace and satisfaction in his vampire life.

      • Sarah says:

        Considering your user name, I’m not surprised by your response. I really have to disagree with your comment that Bill is one of the best characters of all time. Whiniest? Campiest? Definitely. Not best though, but hey, it’s all subjective.

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          i am so proud of being a Bill fan, I couldn’t think of a better user name. I would never hide my admiration for this vampire. Yes, Bill is the best character on TB, and he’s the most complex. No one comes close to all the intricacies and complexities of this character.

          • WTActualF says:

            Bill is obviously the best choice! Who wouldn’t want an abusive boyfriend? Come on ladies, everyone knows that it’s not love unless it’s also attempted murder. Besides, it’s so romantic to be called an abomination!

          • Mollie says:

            ITA, I am true! Now just wait…. Some Eric shipper is going to bring up AGAIN ( out of context and in a sarcastic way) that Bill is abusive…called Sookie an abomination….and almost murdered her. It’s like the Borg on Star Trek…. They gotta come up with some new phrases. Abuse….abuse…abuse…. O.o

          • WTActualF says:

            You’re right Mollie. It’s totally out of context! Bill only had Sookie beat so that he could give her his blood so that he could watch out for her! It’s romantic! Husbands beat their wives BECAUSE they care. If Bill didn’t care then he wouldn’t have had her beat up. So you see he just luuuuurves her. Quit taking it out of context you crazy Eric lovers. What did he ever do for her anyway? A house? Pfft. He hasn’t beat her or called her names like Bill, so he doesn’t love her.

          • Jen says:

            It does take a complex, multi-layered person to hurt people he loves for their own good. I think it’s a sign of his multi-faceted nature, and not that he was simply lying when he told Sookie and Jessica that he loved them. When he knocked Jessica across the room I could FEEL the love emanating from him. He knew that she was missing her abusive human father, and he tried to be that for her. Bill is truly unselfish and compassionate.

            When he killed that woman who begged to be spared for her children, I knew that he was just trying to spare her from the pain of being alive. Like that stripper he killed with Lorena and Russell. Or that blood donor Jessica called up for him, the one he turned into a human pretzel and then sucked all the blood from her mouth. Or the women he made beg for death while he drained them in 1905, or the couple he killed with Lorena during Prohibition. Bill has spared a lot of people from life. He’s a good guy that way.

      • Jen says:

        I know Bill deserves a peace. He told Sookie he came to Bon Temps to get that, to start over. It’s not his fault that Queen Sophie Anne got in the way of those sniper bullets and he had to become king for the good of all. Salome’s lust for power doomed her to drink that silver-tainted, fake Lilith blood, and then Bill HAD to drink the real thing before someone else came along and became an evil avatar of Lilith. Someone had to write the book about Lilith and Hep-V, too, and take the royalties and adulation. Bill sacrificed himself to spare others from falling prey to the temptations of money, power, and fame. He’s a humanitarian! (vampiritarian?) Let’s hope he gets what he deserves in the final season.

    • Romy says:

      You’re not the only one, Sarah. I never liked Bill/Sookie. Yes, he was her first everything, but then he betrayed her (heck he betrayed her even before he met her!). IMO the whole attraction Sookie had for him was all because of the blood and because he played the role of the Southern Gent that had been her ideal since childhood. At the beginning of the show, Sookie was 25, an inexperienced virgin who had basically never dated. According to the timeline of the show it was about a year and a half ago, but for Sookie it was a couple of months (‘member the trip to Faeland that took a year of her life?) You never forget your first, but you move on with your life.

      • Sarah says:

        Agreed! if anything, Bill was incredibly toxic for her. He never let her move on, he always filled her up with his blood, and kept tabs on her long after they had broken up. Stalker behavior 101. She’s much better off single, or with someone who respects her and loves her for who she is, not just the blood. Bill was always about the fairy blood and controlling her, nothing more. Plus if she picks Bill, everyone is going to have to suffer through another one of his long, drawn out love declarations. No thanks.

        • If he hadnt did that Sookie would have been dead Season one ! No matter the early Deception Bill truly Loves sookie .. eric cares for her and lusted after her but never truly loved her . Alcide and Sam on the fence .. More infatuation and lust … Bill almost lost his life on several occasions and proved his love for Sookie … He always said he wanted her to live a full life and have kids .. I guess she could do that with alcide or Sam .. I can see bill watching over her and kids … caring for her when old. The classic scence between them when Bill got rescued from jackson and Sookie was in hosp after he almost draind her and he cried tears of Blood ….. I was in Awe ! but they kept being thrown back together .. There love is strong ..

        • mollie says:

          What true Blood are you guys watching? LOL! Bill was never about Sookie being a faery. He loves who she is, not what she is. It was Eric who always insisted that Sookie is The Sunshine in a Pretty Blonde Bottle. Eric could care less about Sookie as a human. Can you see Eric going fishing with Jason? Or hanging out at Bellefleur’s? Eric wants no part of Sookie’s normal little mortal existence. He wants to use her as a telepath. OTOH, Sookie and Bill share a love for each other that includes how they feel about their hometown of Bon Temps, family, friends, and a quiet life. Bill kept letting Sookie go. He never stalked her or tried to keep her from any direction she chose. He even released Eric to be with her, and that was breaking his heart. Bill just kept saying good~bye, good~bye, good~bye to Sookie: the Tribunal, in Jackson, in the hospital, when he thought he would leave BT and become Marcelus Clarke because of the Authority. Over and over again, Bill let Sookie go. But…. She keeps coming back to him. Because they belong together. And now, after Warlow and while she is hiding out with Bright Eyes, Sookie is secretly making google eyes at Bill while she watches him on television! LOL! Looks like a total set~up for a Bill & Sookie reunion in a Season 7 to me:)

          • Sarah says:

            Bill fans, calm down. Not everyone has to be obsessed with him. We’re all entitled to our opinion, I just happen to find him incredibly smarmy. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way they adapted the Eric x Sookie romance, but at least they had chemistry. It’s no coincidence either this show completely ignored a potential Eric x Sookie romance in favor of propping up Bill/Stephen Moyer. She keeps coming back to him because the writers for some annoying reason are into that pairing. They’ve had an agenda from the start, they never had intentions of putting her with anyone else.

        • Jen says:

          I agree with Romy and Sarah. Bill and Sookie were an abuser and his victim, pure and simple. This was mostly concealed in season one, which is why all the people commenting keep gushing about how they fell in love with season one Bill and Sookie But if you bother to watch PAST season one, it is gradually revealed how toxic Bill is for Sookie. He is continually endangering her life, lying to her, betraying her, and using her. Season one was a lie. A very pretty lie–which made it all the more dangerous–but nothing but smoke and mirrors.

          I found that interesting, because it was so different. TV shows rarely depict the dark side of romance. It was a gutsy move, and I respected it. Pairing Sookie and Bill at the end utterly negates what was creative and interesting about the show. It is also putting a stamp of approval on abuse and lies and calling it “true love,” which I find personally offensive. As the cherry on top, it makes seasons 2-6 meaningless. Making viewers feel like they wasted their time for five years isn’t the best way to go out.

          I loved the show once, but I don’t plan on tuning in next season, or buying any more seasons on DVD. That ship sailed when Sookie and Eric broke up. He’s the only guy she’s dated who didn’t turn her into a moron. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sookie alone (she regains her mental faculties when single, too), but apparently that can’t happen, either. I have no stomach for watching Sookie go back to her abuser while the writers pretend seasons 2-6 never happened, Bill’s still a good guy, tra-la-la. Too nauseating.

          • mollie says:

            In 6 years of Ins

          • mollie says:

            In 6 years of Inside The Episodes, Paleyfest, Comic~cons and interviews with cast members and directors/producers, no one has ever referred to Bill as an abuser, stalker or a rapist. SIX years! Sookie is no victim. LOL Bill & Sookie’s romance was largely a victim of bad timing. Now QSA is gone, Russell is gone, the Authority is gone. Whinelow is gone. Lillith is gone. All the things that were tearing Bill & Sookie apart seem to be fading away. Bon Temps is a different place:) Humans and vampires are joining together to defeat the hep v crisis; Bill has written a book to ‘ end all the secrets,’ and Sookie is secretly admiring Bill…. no matter what she says, the feelings are still there:) it’s only a matter of time.

          • Lilly says:

            To Molly: Of course they never referred to Bill as an abuser because Allan Ball was Beehl biggest fan!

          • iamtrue2bill says:

            This is TrueBlood, not the Sookie Stackhouse books. It’s the TB writers who decide who is acting for good, or evil, who changes, who stays the same, who makes amends for past behavior, who evolves, who feels love, who feels only lust, who is a psychotic killer, who is making positive changes in the world, who is just skating along, without any real commitment to anything or anyone.
            Bill has gone through so much, changed so much, evolved so much, and yet has never, ever stopped loving Sookie down deep, has never let her be in real danger without stepping in and saving her. If some viewers refuse to see the evolution of this character because they prefer to pigeon hole characters, and not discover how someone can grow and transcend the past, then they are not seeing the real substance of the show. The writers don’t p r e t e n d anything. They are the writers. So their story lines are the truth of TB,by virtue of them being the creators of the series’ story lines.

      • iamtrue2bill says:

        It’s impossible to betray someone before you meet them. Betrayal is a personal offense. You know, like Eric taking Bill to trial because he wouldn’t turn “the girl” over to him.

        • Katy says:

          Excuse me, Eric had Bill trialed because he killed a fellow vampire in front of not only a human who can’t be glamour, but in front a two other vampires!

          • Mollie says:

            Eric was there. In the bar standing next to Pam when LS attacked Sookie. Both Eric and Pam just stood there while Bill broke off the beer dispenser and staked LS. Eric KNEW Bill was saving Sookie. Eric tried to use his position as Bill’s sheriff to MAKE A DEAL: Bill ‘s freedom from trial in exchange for Sookie. ^That’s really low~down and deplorable. Eric cared nothing for Sookie as a human being. He wanted her because she was with Bill.

  13. pumped says:

    Bill and Sookie were the only reason I started watching this show in the first place. I want them to be in lurrrrrrrrrrveeeeee next year

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Yes, that would be lovely. We deserve some more Bill & Sookie lovin’…it’s been way too long.

      • mollie says:

        Yes we do, iamt2b…. This comment is for Lily, who thinks over 20 cast members, various directors and producers have been afraid to call Bill an abuser because Alan Ball might not like that. Seriously? Do you think in 6 years there may have been one person associated with True Blood who might make one comment about Bill being. Stalker, abuser or rapists? The fact that you spell Bill’s name ‘Beehl’ tells me all I need to know about you. Bring on Season 7:) Bill & Sookie Forever! ;) xx

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          Unfortunately it’s become a mantra for those who take pleasure in slamming the show’s creator, writers, producers, and directors because the series didn’t follow some people’s preconceived notion of how it SHOULD be. The show can only be what the writers make it, by their meetings in the writers’ room, and their collaboration, and their coming up with the scripts.
          It shouldn’t be anything but what it is. For those who do not like the direction the show has taken, there is the remote. For those of us who have endured great anxiety, sadness, and sometimes anger because of some story lines, but continue to champion this series as a ground breaking, risk-taking, ingenious and compelling adventure, we will watch till the very end, and we’ll be thankful for all the fun and fury of TrueBlood.

          • Jen says:

            Thank you for your comment! I feel like a have endured and suffered with some of the characters story lines- ups and downs, selfless acts, deplorable acts, complete insanity and hopefully redemption. And the story line that has made me suffer the most is Bill’s roller coaster ride of emotions. I am invested and care about all of the central characters including Eric. I have come to find him very amusing and totally bad ass. But here is the thing Eric Fanatics need to accept. Yes I read the books and feel she should have ended up with Eric in the books. But the show took on a whole different feel in that department. The chemistry between Bill and Sookie is undeniable no matter how in denial some people are about this. Look, I absolutely love Eric. And yes he might be better than Bill in a lot of ways. But are you seriously going to deny the deep and intense emotional connection Bill and Sookie shared. It takes my breath away every time I go back and re-watch the earlier seasons. Yes Eric is hot and he sure looks good naked. But the love scenes she had with Bill were much more real and intense. And yes Bill deserves a second chance. Why are people so against redemption and forgiveness. I do not know how it is going to end. But I hope they don’t worry about angering a lot fans and just do what feels right.

    • Season One makes you Love Bill and Sookie and no matter what u cant deny it . and its in the cards for them .. in the books it seemed like it was in the cards for sook and Eric but on the show it came and went . plus in books Bill is a minor character after 3rd book , but he has never stopped being a prominent charater .. idea just came to me .. Bill and Sookie can live in his house . she has a day husband and family and he is her nite husband … the end Boom ! LOL

    • WTActualF says:

      Totally agree! I want to see Bill drain Sookie again! So romantic. I also hope to see Bill whisper sweet nothings in her ear, like “Sookeh, you’re dead to meh.” And “You’re an abomination” so sweet!

      • Jen says:

        I want to hear Sookie ask for Bill’s forgiveness again, like at the end of season four. She did try to stake him for Eric in season six, and she needs to make up for that. Bill may need to make Sookie work for it, too.

        Like maybe she could beg for him to turn her, so that he will be her maker and can command her to do whatever he wants. Bill was going to let Warlow do it, and that would have worked since when he was Billith he could command Warlow. But now that he doesn’t have Lilith’s powers anymore, he needs to turn her himself to control her. Otherwise, as you pointed out earlier, she’ll just stray after other men. Bill can’t always be outside her house, looking in her windows, to prevent these sorts of things! Bon Temps isn’t going to run itself, you know. He needs to be able to command her NEVER to have feelings for other men so that he can trust her. Then he can devote his time to helping Sam run the town. Of course, he’s still the vampire king of Louisiana, too. Bill has so many responsibilities! He’s never managed to withdraw from vampire politics and return to his simple life in Bon Temps, like he told Sookie he wanted to do.

        • WTActualF says:

          Bill is also a best selling author too! I’m not sure I like the idea of Bill turning Sookie however. With her telepathy and fae powers, who knows how powerful a vampire she might be. bill shouldn’t risk making Sookie his progeny because there is a chance he could lose the upper hand. And of course without that, I think their love loses some of its luster.

          • Jen says:

            Couldn’t he just use “as your maker I command you” to ensure Sookie never strayed? Pam told Tara never to try to kill herself again, and it worked. If Bill was her Maker, he could control her every move, which would be ideal. Sookie does tend to get into trouble on her own!

            I’d forgotten about Bill being a famous writer, too. It’s amazing he managed to write a book AND have it become a bestseller so quickly. Most books take at least a year to get published. It just goes to show how talented he is. Bill can break all rules of logic and narrative plausibility.

          • Wow says:

            Do you guys ever get tired of talking to eachother about how much you hate bill? The sarcasm thing would be funny if you pulled it like one time but this is pretty extensive. It went from funny to strange real fast. You’re so angry that Eric and Sookie aren’t getting together and I would kind of feel bad if you guys weren’t being such jerks to people who have a difference of opinion.

  14. starship says:

    Sookie and Alcide came out of nowhere last season. They could have been a great match in Season 5, but it didn’t work, so when they stuck them together in that 6 months after crap, all their chemistry had gone. Bill and Sookie would be even worse. She had better chemistry with Warlow…
    I’ve read who she ends up with in the books and while that would be completely out of character, it could still work better than Bill/Alcide as he’s always had feelings for her on the show. The only pairing with great, sweet, innocent chemistry that totally worked was amnesiac Eric and Sookie, but that ship has sailed too, I honestly think she should just get Jason and Jessica, jump in a car with them and drive off, leaving the whole town and Bill to do their own thing.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Oh, how wonderful to hear Bill and Sookie declare their love again! That was real romance! We all have our subjective opinions about chemistry. I thought Sookie and Warlow were appalling. They looked like mannequins having sex. The “almost” sex she had with Alcide in S5 was much hotter. Too bad she threw up on his shoes. IMHO, Amnesic Eric and Sookie had a weird feeling, like an adult with a teenager.
      Driving off into the sunrise isn’t a bad idea. That may be a good ending for Sookie. I’d still feel that she would miss being in Gran’s house, in her hometown. But maybe that’s behind her…who knows?

      • mollie says:

        The fact of the matter is, Sookie and the ‘real’ Eric Northman never had anything together on TB. Sookie hooked up with a Eric when he had amnesia. And then she told him ‘it’s over.’ They existed in a closed room, no one else around and Sookie talked to Eric about King Bill. Some ‘epic love story.’ ^^ There was something creepy about the whole thing. Sex is not love. And no matter what Eric said, Sookie kept telling him that she was not running away with him. She loves her home. Her brother. And her friends. Oh, and she loves King Bill. And Eric said, ‘he’s good, this King. I understand why you love him.’ Even Eric, out of his mind, knows Bill & Sookie belong to each other.

  15. MagicMan says:

    I personally would love to see a happy ending for Bill and Sookie. They were my most favorite relationship in the entire series next to Hoyt and Jessica. I watch the show with my mom and I know that both of us would be very satisfied to see the two get back together.

  16. honestly thou says:

    Bill stopped Warlow and he is the only one of her suitors that even showed up for the big turning that was supposed to happen. Bill saved her life AGAIN without any regard for himself. Where was Eric? Where was Alcide? That was a game changer. Anything but Bill and Sookie would be odd at this point….
    I’m personally excited for the whole blood/protection arrangement between Bill/Sookie and Alcide. If Bill really does end up feeding off of Sookie again, those two will be banging on the floor again by episode 3.

    • mollie says:

      ITA honestly thou! Bill not only fed the vampires in the white room and became their hero, Bill bravely went into the Cemefaerie with no special powers after Lillith left him and saved Sookie from Warelow, with the help of her family and friends. I didn’t see a Eric there. IMO, Bill will find a way to show Sookie that he is trustworthy again. Because we all know Bright Eyes cannot defend Sookie against those hep V vampires!

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      I have to agree, and I hope we see some more remarkable love-making by this hot, hot couple!

      Bill has always, and will always come to Sookie’s aid. He is devoted to keeping her safe and wanting her to be happy. He can’t help it. She’s still in his heart and soul.

    • Jen says:

      I miss them banging on the floor! That was the hottest scene in True Blood History (the end of the episode “Night on the Sun”-season 3). I go back and re-watch it every now and then-OK all the time, I may have a problem LOL!

      • Jen says:

        I know! It was so hot when she choked him! When he started choking her back I had to start fanning myself. Mutual violence is incredibly sexy.

        I can’t understand why the writers said this was self-destructive or “bad sex”. The writers clearly don’t know what they’re talking about.

        • WTActualF says:

          I did NOT like that SHE choked him! It should always be the other way around. But that’s okay. I believe that Bill was just giving her the illusion of dominance. My favorite scene was the cometary scene from S1. Bill saw her, became aroused and took what he wanted regardless of sanitation and preparation. If she didn’t want it, then she shouldn’t have worn that outfit!

          Now, I’ve heard those ridiculous E/S shippers claim that was dubiously consensual and to that I say, so f’ing what! It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be consensual. I mean they were dating! It’s his right to take her when he wants, where he wants and how he wants! Just like in the books when he made love to her in the trunk of that Cadillac!

  17. Alexandra says:

    As much as I love Bill and Sookie together, unless the writers have them interact with Sookie finally accepting Bill is not the perfect man she wanted him to be then them being the endgame would not only make little sense but be very insulting for fans who like them together. I agree with what Stephen said, sometimes some relationships are great with what they brought people to become but may not always work in the long run. Bill and Sookie could have been happy together but Sookie first refusal at the proposal proved there are some problems they have that were considered because we were so in love with the idea of these two having their happy ending. Sookie with all the other guys was complete bollocks; Eric should not have happened since they never had any chemistry ans it was a 16 year old harlequin fantasy in the books but showing the harsh reality of its abusive tendencies, Alcide is the worse character on the show from his pointless story after Season 3 but girls really like muscle bound boredom so that was why he was still around but his relationship with Sookie still made sense in the end of S6 since they both are selfish assholes so it works perfectly and Warlow was bascially beauty and the beast if the beast was really an abusive monster. After all of this glad the show is ending but would like more of Sookie reflecting on the decisions she made/went through to give her a stronger ending rather than end up with a guy because fans want it but that would involve admitting Sookie is not the center of the universe but here is hoping. Although instead of Bill ending up with Sookie, would rather see him just being satisfied with his life and doing exploring new possibilities rather than spending the rest of his life pining for someone who will never return the favor.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Alexandra…What an excellent comment! I may not have as critical a feeling about Sookie as you do, but I do agree that Bill would most likely be able to lead a satisfying, productive life without being with Sookie. i want him to be happy.

    • Jen says:

      Yes, that is my biggest fear. I do not want the show to end with Bill pining over Sookie alone forever. He either needs to find happiness with someone else who appreciates him. Or him and Sookie just need to work out their issues and just be together already. But just don’t leave Bill alone and pining over Sookie for all eternity please!!! I really just want all the characters to be happy.

      • WTActualF says:

        Pining? Working out their issues? No. Bill needs to take the bull by the horn like he did in S1 and MAKE Sookie his. Somehow give her his blood. (Beat her, shoot her, run her over with a car etc) I don’t care how, but somehow put her life in danger so that she has no choice but to drink from him. After that he can simply control her. Put her on a strict regimen of his blood so that it never wears off! She will always be his and he won’t have to worry about her willfulness or her propensity to take other lover.

  18. Jane says:

    Even though he said he didnt, I hope he feels a little bit like he’d like for Bill and Sookie to get back together. Their relationship is why I fell in love with the show.

  19. Laura says:

    Bill & Sookie 4ever no matter what.That is,was and always will be my only endgame!

  20. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

    My guess is that Buckner will either put Sookie back with Bill or with Sam (with a generous side “helping” of Bill) in the series finale. Pregnant Nicole might conveniently be killed off to make Sam available for Sookie again. The writers always conveniently kill off Sam’s “girlfriends” to keep him on the line for Sookie (including, technically, Tara). I don’t think Buckner throwing in that “Sam, I always thought you and I would end up together” scene with Sookie in s6 was an accident. It feels like DEA/AD all over again to me. Previously established characterizations and plot lines erased in order to jam in a predetermined endgame. No offense, but I have no interest in either a Sookie/Bill or Sookie/Sam endgame. I liked Sookie/Bill in s1 and s2, but the writers went way too far for me with Bill abusing Sookie (and Lorena, the stripper, etc.) in s3 (and retroactively in s1 and s2) for me to ever be comfortable again with their pairing. Sookie/Sam could have worked for me in s1 and s2, but I honestly thought for years that that ship had sailed in s2, and I was happy about that. I thought Sam was nothing more than a red herring, kinda sorta how I thought he was in the books. I regard him and Sookie as friends at most. I don’t buy a real romance with them. I have no interest in that forced pairing. It feels like a compromise to me rather than true love/”the one.” Alcide is just a time-stalling placeholder till Buckner limps to his endgame. Same as Warlow. Eric and Sookie were just an elaborate, money-grubbing joke that the writers played on the audience for years. Same as Harris. I finally got it through my thick skull and see it now. :) Too bad, because Paquin and Skarsgard had some of the best on-screen chemistry I have ever seen in my life, and that was the most compelling storyline True Blood had ever produced, at least to me. Well, along with Eric/Godric and Eric/Pam as Maker/Progeny (not the forced Eric/Pam “romance” Buckner and company seem to be going for now). I’ll read recaps until the series finale to see if Buckner changes things for the better, but I stopped watching TB (which used to be one of my all-time favorite shows) after the DEA spoilers, and unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of hope for the show now. (But, FWIW, I love Paquin’s idea of Sookie running off to New York and starting a bar. Not that dissimilar to Eric’s trajectory.) Well, I’ll get off my soapbox. I wish Moyer and everyone well with their future endeavors.

    • mollie says:

      Anna did not actually say that. ^that was Stephen musing as to what his wife MIGHT say. He was just trying to be funny. IMO, ASkars and Anna had absolutely no sexual chemistry what so ever. Their love scenes together looked forced and awkward. ASkars has said that he thinks of Anna like a ‘little sister.’ Surely, that fact made those scenes particularly difficult to do. And it shows. As a Stephen Moyer fan, I appreciate your restraint and best wishes for his career. I have read some of your posts on other sites, baitandswitchcashgrab, and you have not been so polite when talking about Mr. Moyer.

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        Mollie-Considering that I have only been a part of the online TB fandom for about a month, and have posted on very few sites, I am amazed that you have noticed me, and took the time to “reply to this post.” I didn’t realize I was that important here! I can’t recall if I’ve read your orevious posts; no disrepect intended. I am fully admitting right here that you are right-I have posted some not-so-polite things about Mr. Moyer’s work. I own my behavior. Mr.Moyer has probably never read my posts, and he probably doesn’t care what some random face in the crowd has to say about him, nor should he, but I am saying here that I am sorry for what I posted. I’m a human being. I have made and will continue to make mistakes. Nobody has a spotless record, including you, I’m sure, Mollie.
        Yes, I am fully aware that Ms. Paquin did not actually voice the Sookie/New York/bar idea. Mr. Moyer gave the interview. I still think it would be a better story that what Mr, Buckner is apparently cooking up.
        I thought Ms. Paquin and Mr. Skarsgard had A LOT of sexual chemistry, but art is subjective. And we’re all allowed to feel how we feel and express it. The fact that Mr. Skarsgard has been publicly quoted as saying that he regards Ms. Paquin as being like a “little sister” to him and yet they had such blazing on-screen chemistry together (again, my opinion) is a testament to the great acting on BOTH their parts. It’s a moot point anyway because that story is over. Not to mention, I suspect Mr. Skarsgard will barely be in season 7. Again, nobody’s opinion is the be-all, end-all about anything. We all like what we like and dislike what we dislike.
        Won’t it be funny if Mr. Buckner does put Sookie with Sam (again) at the end of TB? The joke will be on all of us, Eric fans AND Bill fans alike.
        iamtrue2bill-we’re on the same page with Eric/Godric and Eric/Pam.
        Jen-we’re on the same page across the board, show and books.
        Don’t forget: The Sound of Music with Stephen Moyer. Tonight on NBC. And the cast album is available for purchase. Have a good day, all of you.

        • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

          And I just read there is a Sound of Music DVD, too.

          • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

            And, for what it’s worth, I liked Stephen’s performances in the s3 and s5 finales and was not a fan of Alex’s performance in the s6 episode where Nora died the True Death.

          • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

            Congratulations to Stephen Moyer and the cast, crew, etc., of The Sound of Music Live. 18.5 million viewers! A huge hit!

          • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

            NBC is re-airing The Sound of Music on Saturday.

    • Jen says:

      Yep. It sounds like it’ll be a trainwreck. The Dexter finale all over again. I, too, fully support Sookie getting out of Bon Temps and trying to have a new life. Funny how that sounds an awful lot like Eric’s offer in the first episode of season six, when he said he’d give her money to get away. Sookie turned him down. Anna’s a lot smarter than Sookie (sadly).

      I have to agree with you about the various romances. The writers have done a good job sullying every potential dating partner for Sookie in Bon Temps. They turned Alcide into an angry jerk, Bill an abusive jerk, Sam a disloyal jerk, and Warlow a dead jerk. Eric’s the only one who came out of season six looking like a stand-up guy, so of course he’s burning in Sweden, as far from Sookie as it is possible to get. Like Anna Paquin, when I contemplate the romantic choices in Bon Temps I want Sookie to run away.

      The book series ending was a travesty. Not because of who Sookie ends up with, but because the bad guys win and Sookie turns into a trailer-park bigot. Everything was lazy and incompetent. You could tell Harris was completely over writing the series. She checked out several books back, TBH, and it shows. The final books are nearly unreadable. It’s hard to believe True Blood’s writers could do worse than the author, but they sure seem to be trying.

      • chill out says:

        I don’t get Eric/Sookie shippers that think that Sookie is basically a stupid jerk. You are all hypocrites on here. You say that Bill is abusive and this and that and sound all “women should be strong” yada yada…but then you turn around and trash Sookie for not getting with/depending on Eric even though he’s done a lot of scary nasty stuff to her. Just stop sounding so crazy for once. Some of you guys probably even think that Mark Hudis didn’t do the show because he supported Eric/Sookie which is just scary.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Although I cannot agree with Eric/Sookie chemistry, since I saw none, I do agree with Eric/Godric, which was very well done, and Eric and Pam are great as maker/progeny, if they can stop bickering. I think there’s going to be a new woman in Eric’s life coming this season. I hope she’s a strong, powerful, and smart vampire. That’s the kind of woman Eric needs.

  21. Jen says:

    It’s the same 5 people who love Bill who keep making most of the comments. That doesn’t bode well for the final season ratings.

    I will say that I love Stephen Moyer, although I find Bill a deeply repulsive character. Moyer does a great job playing Bill as the sneakiest snake-in-the-grass ever. His insight that Bill opened up a whole new world for Sookie is spot-on. He’s also smart enough to see that too much has happened to make Sookie trusting Bill again realistic. If only he’d tell the writers, who seem to have developed a sort of selective amnesia since Alan Ball left the show.

    It’s the writing that worries me about the final season, to be honest. After the season finale, I have no confidence in the show’s writing staff. They have proved they will defy logic, reason, character development, or even entertaining storytelling to force the story where they want it to go. I watched in disbelief as rule after rule of good writing was broken in the finale. So many plot elements were just ignored. Lilith’s prophecy and its mistranslation came to nothing. Sookie’s fireball was never used. Bill was going to martyr himself to save all the vampires! Except he didn’t. Warlow was bad, then good, then bad again. He was supposed to be hugely powerful–the oldest vampire in existence, with fairy magic besides–yet Jason (!) staked him in Sookie’s bathroom. It was both anticlimactic and shocking (a terrible combination). Let’s not even start on the stupidity of Eric’s (fake) burning death. It was just terrible, awful, incompetent writing. Unless those writers are gone, I expect more inane nonsense in season seven. True Blood will go out with a whimper.

    • mollie says:

      Well Jen…. You are one of the same 5 people who have a problem with Bill. I have no problem with Bill. He is sexy, deep and complicated. And he has the truest love for a Sookie:) Bill was a vampire spy for the AVL. Bill’s very business was secrecy and playing his cards close to his vest, so to speak. And vampires, as a whole, have secretive society. When Bill fell in love with Sookie, on assignment, he was caught between a rock and a hard place. I know that doesn’t matter to you, because you dislike Bill. The fact of the matter is that none of the Eric~shippers would even care to voice an opinion about writers skills or the plots holes, etc., if True Blood ended with Eric and Sookie together. lol Everything would be just fine if that happened:)

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      I’ve seen more and more comments online and in the press about Bill and Sookie belonging together in the end. People are finally realizing that no one else is better suited for Sookie. IDK if they will be together, but they are definitely the couple with the most chemistry, by a long shot. I think Mr. Buckner has done a fantastic job. He took over as show-runner after at least 2, maybe 3 episodes were already filmed,in Season 6, and he took us back to BonTermps and the regular cast.. Thank you, Bucky!

      i agree that the Warlow character was short-changed. His frequent personality changes inferred he was psychotic. Maybe he was. Thank goodness he’s gone now.

      Having said that, I am fully aware this is a sci-fi/fantasy show, and so I roll with the punches, when it comes to story lines. Bill fans learned early that it would be a bumpy ride.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed the guest stars, such as Rutger Hauer, Denis O’Hare, Michelle Forbes, and Marnie (sorry, her name escapes me right how). I may not have been a fan of every direction the show has taken, but it has always been terrific fun, and I’ll miss it a lot.

  22. Fernanda says:

    Sookie Alone. Eric and Pam together and open a new Fangtasia in other city with Tara and Nora. Bill will become the new polititian of the vampires. Jessica will kcuf again with Jason one more time but she deserves to escape Bon Temps and see the world.

    • Savannah says:

      I like the idea of Pam and Eric opening a new Fangtasia with Tara (would be a nice spinoff series) but Nora met the true death so sadly she wouldn’t be able to be a part of it.
      I’d like to see Sookie end up with Bill. No matter who she hooks up with each season she always seems to radiate back to him.

      • iamtrue2bill says:

        That’s true, Savannah, Sookie still loves Bill. She just can[t admit it now.

      • bklyngirl says:

        I agree Savannah. Bill and Sookie’s story is the backbone of the show. They always gravitate to each other. Whoever Jason, Jessica, Hoyt and the characters they mix with are not significant to me, because they’re not on the pivotal scale as Bill and Sookie.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Actually, that’s not a bad suggestion, Fernanda. It certainly could happen. I hope Jason finds someone human to have a life with. And I hope Lafayette finds a partner too.

  23. Lindilu says:

    I’m at a loss at how anyone can want Sookie with Bill after all of the lies and abuse he’s thrown her way. How can all of the horrible things he’s done to her be forgotten? He has hurt her in the most devastating of ways.

    Whatever chemistry they have, it’s toxic. They bring out the worst in each other. Romantic southern gentleman Bill is a lie — always has been and always will be. I think SM is right when he says he opened up a new world for her and maybe that’s all he was suppose to do.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Bill has loved, protected, defended, and put himself at risk for Sookie more than anyone, and his love is true and lasting. Whether or not they end up together, the Bill/Sookie romance was the most compelling, and most heartfelt of any other, with Jessica and Hoyt a close second.

      • Lindilu says:

        He’s also lied repeatedly to her. He never told her what drinking vampire blood would really do. Forgot all about telling her that she would feel sexually attracted to the vampire. Then he took her virginity under false pretenses. She was overcome with grief from her Gran’s death and she had a heightened sexual attraction to him because of all of the blood he forced down her throat. A real gentleman would have said no because he recognized her emotional state. He nearly killed her when she tried to save his life in season 3 — this while he had enough strength to prop Lorena up for Sookie to stake and to drop fang, flip her, hold her down, and cover her mouth to stifle her screams. He had no problem with Russell going after her so he could synthesize her blood in season 5. He told her she was an abomination. He told her that she was dead to him. All of these horrible things he said to her were followed up by his abusive behavior towards her. He was quite happy to serve her up to Warlow, without an ounce of hesitation in season 7, in order to get what he wanted. Yes, I believe he thought her life for Warlow’s blood was a fair deal. The fact that he had a change of heart once he lost his powers doesn’t negate his past behavior. This is the kind of protection and love a girl can do without.

        • mollie says:

          Did you even bother to watch season one, Lindilu? After meeting Gran at Sookie’s house, they went for a walk and Bill told Sookie exactly what would happen because she had ingested his blood. How dud you miss that? If Bill was not a gentleman, he could forced himself on Sookie the first night they met. He is a vampire, right? Screw meeting Gran and Jason and Tara. He could have taken Sookie anytime he wanted to. And that includes taking her back to his Queen! It was Sookie who chose Bill to unburden herself of her wretched virginity. lol. Sookie felt an attraction to Bill BEFORE any blood was exchanged. Bill used every bit of strength he had left to hold Lorena down. And it was the silver chain that helped him. You have a very selective memory, but you cannot get around Lillith’s influence on Bill. As soon as Lillith left his body, Bill was totally remorseful about his single~minded purpose in freeing the vampires in the white room. Bill has been through hell and back. And all because he fell in love with Sookie. Oh, by the way…. Season 7 hasn’t happened yet. But when it does, I have no doubt it will be all about Bill getting his Sookie back:)

          • Lindilu says:

            I did watch season 1 and what Bill told her was that she would have an increased libido, NOT that she would be SEXUALLY attracted to the vampire that gave her the blood. He didn’t reveal that until she had Eric’s blood. Sookie may have been interested in Bill from the beginning, but it still doesn’t negate that he watched her get beat within an inch of her life, forced his blood down her throat when she repeatedly said no, didn’t tell her the truth about why her initial attraction to him might intensify, and why she would have the dreams of him. He stole her virginity while continuing to perpetuate the lie about why he was sent to Bon Temps. As for Lilith, HE CHOOSE HER. He forsook everything, including Sookie, so he could be the Choosen One, so he could have the power. Bill has been to hell and back because of all of the choices he’s made. He owns what he’s done. It’s not Sookie’s fault that he entered her life to procure her. It’s not her fault that he lied about who he was and why he was there. It’s not her fault that he continued to lie to her long after he developed feelings for her. It’s not her fault that he choose Lilith above all others, including his “miracle” and his own child. It’s not her fault that he attempted to force her to give up her own blood so he could synthesize it. It’s not her fault that when she went to Bill for help with Warlow, he turned his back on her and told her that her death was a fair trade for Warlow’s blood. Whatever good he’s done does not erase all of the horrible, abusive things he’s done to her. No matter how it’s whitewashed, it sends a horrible message to send anyone back to the person who has done abusive and horrible thing one minute, but in the next say how much they love you.

          • Jen says:

            THAT IS FOR DAMN SURE! Some people do have a very selective memory and you did a very good job of filling in the “gaps”. LOL!!! LOVE IT!!!

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          What’s so interesting is all the attacks on Bill, and the complete denial of the heartless, deceitful, manipulative, selfish, disingenuous, and underhanded behavior by Eric. I don’t normally attack Eric, because I really appreciate the character as an excellent example of the quintessential vampire: Very old, self-centered, manipulative, cagey, clever, sarcastic, egotistic, and without real interest or curiosity in most anything..

          Although I appreciate Eric for what he is, and how he exists in his vampire life, I will never forgive him for tricking Sookie into drinking his blood. He did it with full knowledge that she belonged to Bill. That is the bottom line. It doesn’t matter what he thought about Bill giving Sookie his blood after the Rattrays. The vampire rule is that you do not interfere with another vampire’s person. . When a human is willingly with one vampire, another does not trick him or her into a blood connection with him. That was completely out of bounds. Unacceptable.

          • Lindilu says:

            I never mentioned Eric until you guys brought it up. My comments were about Bill because this article is about Bill, and Bill and Sookie. You feel the need to compare, not me. I haven’t said who I think Sookie should be with, or if she should be alone. I’m only speaking about Bill, because I think his deeds stand on their own. You all are the ones who feel the need to tear down Eric in order to justify the horrible things Bill has done. And I’m fascinated by the self-righteous assertion that it can be excused that Bill sat back and watched Sookie almost die just so he could force his blood down her throat, while it’s horrible that Eric tricked her into drinking his blood (after shielding her with his own body and protecting her) all because it goes against some vampire code. Let’s see watching Sookie get beat within an inch of her life vs. breaking a vampire code — hmmm…sad state of affairs if it’s the latter that is “unacceptable”.

          • Mollie says:

            Lindilu~ Selective memory again….. Sookie was attracted to Bill BEFORE she had his blood. Her very first dream was about contemplating having sex with Bill in her yard. No blood exchange. So he did not steal her virginity. lol Sookie wanted to make love with him WITHOUT ever having his blood. Bill wanted something to believe in after Sookie broke his heart. He was susceptible to Lillith because he wanted to be chosen by someone. And Lillith promised freedom from pain and full acceptance of himself as a vampire. Yes, after Bill came back to Bon Temps, as a prophet for Lillith, it WAS SOOKIE’S FAULT for getting in between Bill and Warlow! Sookie kept herself squarely in the middle. Sookie took Warlow to the Cemefaerie plane. And that made everything HER FAULT! LOL! But, that’s o.k….. Sookie guaranteed herself a place very close to Bill:) Nothing has been whitewashed. Bill is a vampire. He’s not a Boy Scout. As soon as Lillith left Bill, he went to save her from Warlow. He battled Warlow with no special powers. He loves Sookie and he always will. I believe that Bill’s love for Sookie and the good things he has done will ALWAYS out~weigh any mistakes he made in trying to keep Sookie safe. There is not a doubt in my mind that Bill & Sookie love each other. And they are coming back together in season 7:)

          • Jen says:

            It is unacceptable that Eric dared to interfere with Bill’s human property, Sookie. Once she said she belonged to Bill, it was over. She no longer had any choice about who she saw or helped. It was an irrevocable decision, and she can NEVER change her mind. Mine is forever, and Sookie belongs to Bill for eternity.

            Eric should have respected that. Even if you see a man beat up his wife, lie to her, harm her family, and prevent her from making her own decisions, you are NOT permitted to intervene. That’s a matter between the man and his wife. You should never get involved.

            Eric also isn’t as clever as Bill. It’s much easier to trick the human into taking your blood if you let them get seriously hurt first. Then they have little choice–it’s your blood or death. Eric should have let her be seriously injured by the flying shrapnel from bomb, not shielded her with his own body. What if Sookie had thought for a second and realized that sucking the bullets out meant ingesting some of his blood? What if Bill had been truthful about the effects of drinking vampire blood? What if Sookie hadn’t been so kind-hearted? His whole plan might have failed. Also, it was a pretty risky move. Stan died in the explosion. Eric could have, too. He should have let Sookie take the brunt of the blast, then offered her his blood when she had no choice.

            That’s what Bill did, and it turned out much better. Sookie was GRATEFUL, not angry. She had no clue about the sexual or emotional side effects. She was deeply attracted to Bill, had sexy dreams about him, and fell in love. Eric’s trick just made Sookie mistrust him.

            I can’t figure out the upside for Eric, since he knew Sookie would find out right away about the side effects. That was sure to make her mad at him, not fall for him! Sure, he could always find her and protect her, but as a way to make Sookie his, it was a dumb plan. Clearly, Bill’s approach was much better. He knew just how to manipulate Sookie with almost no risk to himself. Eric isn’t half the vampire Bill is.

    • mollie says:

      “… you are my miracle, Sookie. For the first time in 140 years, I felt something that I thought had been lost to me forever…. I love you. And for that, I shall never feel sorry.”

      • Lindilu says:

        Nice speech, but they’re just words. Bill’s great at giving flowery speeches, but all of the pretty words in the world won’t erase the lies, manipulations, and abuse.

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          Bill and Sookie’s love is deep and true and has never died, even against all odds, and even when both of them have tried to deny it. They may not end up HEA, but neither will ever forget this most amazing love that changed them forever. No one has risked more than Bill to keep Sookie safe, time and again.

          • Lindilu says:

            I’d like to know the specifics of how he kept her safe against all odds. What did Bill risk to keep Sookie safe time and time again? What are the examples of Bill and Sookie’s deep and true love? In case you didn’t see the specifics I dictated above to the contrary, here it is again….He’s also lied repeatedly to her. He never told her what drinking vampire blood would really do. Forgot all about telling her that she would feel sexually attracted to the vampire. Then he took her virginity under false pretenses. She was overcome with grief from her Gran’s death and she had a heightened sexual attraction to him because of all of the blood he forced down her throat. A real gentleman would have said no because he recognized her emotional state. He nearly killed her when she tried to save his life in season 3 — this while he had enough strength to prop Lorena up for Sookie to stake and to drop fang, flip her, hold her down, and cover her mouth to stifle her screams. He had no problem with Russell going after her so he could synthesize her blood in season 5. He told her she was an abomination. He told her that she was dead to him. All of these horrible things he said to her were followed up by his abusive behavior towards her. He was quite happy to serve her up to Warlow, without an ounce of hesitation in season 7, in order to get what he wanted. Yes, I believe he thought her life for Warlow’s blood was a fair deal. The fact that he had a change of heart once he lost his powers doesn’t negate his past behavior. This is the kind of protection and love a girl can do without.

        • mollie says:

          Maybe if you actually listened to one of Bill’s ‘pretty speeches’ you might discover that Bill always took responsibility for everything he did. At the beginning of this quote, Bill says he will atone for everything he’s done that has dismayed Sookie. On another occasion, Bill admitted that all the trouble that Sookie was in, was his fault. But Sookie would not allow Bill to take the blame. She said SHE chose HIM. These are more than ‘just words.’ They are feelings of love. Sookie forgave Bill in S4 for everything he thought was necessary while trying to keep her safe. Maybe, more time spent actually listening to dialogue than playing a certain scenario in your head, might help. There has been no abuse. The only manipulator I see is Eric, who tried to talk Bill into handing over Sookie in exchange for not going to face the Tribunal for staking Longshadow. That was Eric’s first manipulation.

          • Lindilu says:

            And how did Bill atone for everything he’s done? Where are the actions that go along with the “pretty words”? SOOKIE’S forgiveness has no bearing on Bill. It does, however, have bearing on Sookie and the kind of person she is. Sookie’s forgiveness is her action, NOT HIS. Bill should consider himself lucky to be on the receiving end of HER goodwill. Saying you’re going to atone and actually doing it are two different things. Receiving someone’s forgiveness isn’t an active act. It’s passive….all he has to do is receive it. Absolutely, dialogue is important, but it needs to be tempered by what is shown on the screen and the actions of the characters. Actions really do speak louder than words and, yes, talk is cheap. As for Eric, there’s a big distinction in manipulating and lying to or about a stranger or an acquaintance as with what happened with Eric and Bill. It’s another thing when the lies and manipulations comes from the person who says they love you. Neither is good, but the weight of responsibility lies heavily with the one who proclaims their love — I’d say that Bill’s “miracle” deserved more from him.

          • iamtrue2bill says:

            Bill has completely changed his attitude about being a vampire. He has come full circle, and through all his missteps, his good and bad choices, his mistaken beliefs, his disappointments and his misunderstandings, he has realized the real truth…that he can be a better vampire, a more humane vampire, a productive and effective vampire. He doesn’t have to just hide during the day, and lurk in a vampire bar at night. He can make a difference. His undead life can have meaning, and can change the status quo, improving vampire and human lives. He’s already on his way with the book he’s written. He can achieve great things, because he wants to be better.

    • Jen says:

      Yes, Bill has betrayed Sookie in almost every way imaginable. He nearly killed her. He wanted her to die so he could have Warlow. He lied to her over and over and over again.

      Some of this could be forgivable, if Bill had ever worked at it. We all know the spiel: admit your mistakes, say you’re sorry, make restitution (where possible), don’t do it again. Like people do in AA. But Bill never got past step one. He only GOT to step one because Eric forced him to admit his lies in the season three finale. He never told her he was sorry, or tried to compensate Sookie for what he stole from her (her innocence and safety). We have seen him fantasize about killing Sookie in season five, and threaten her life again in season six.

      In what universe is this guy relationship material? Unless you are looking to play victim to a vicious abuser, in which case Bill’s your man.

      It’s funny that the actor who PLAYS Bill can see that, but half the people commenting seem clueless. I get that people watch the show differently, and like different characters. Viewers can adore Bill, just as I am allowed to loathe him. But if you are honest, it should be obvious by this point that he’s deeply flawed. Even assuming the BEST possible motivations behind his behavior, Bill comes off as impulsive, power-hungry, ambitious, and insecure. His control over his blood-lust is imperfect enough that Sookie would never be safe. He’s betrayed EVERYONE he has ever been close to, and most of them end up dead.

      Bill is dangerous. He means well, he TRIES to do good, but he endangers everyone he loves. Lorena, his wife, the queen, his daughter, Sookie, Jessica, Eric, Salome, Nan–Bill harms everyone he’s close to. This is because his true loyalty is to his ideals, not people. When he has a conflict between his ideals and a person, even someone he loves, the ideals win. So when Jessica refuses to turn Jason, Bill imprisons her. When Sookie comes to stop him from drinking Lilith’s blood, he calls her an abomination. When Eric tries to leave the Authority, Bill turns him in to Salome. There’s something admirable about that unyielding adherence to high ideals, but the collateral damage Bill leaves behind him is horrific. Bill follows his star (whatever moral principle he’s decided to abide by this week) and everyone in his way is expendable.

      Whereas Eric values people more than abstract ideals–that’s why Roman tells him he doesn’t believe in anything. That’s why he’s willing to swear allegiance to Bill to save Nora. Nora is more important Eric’s belief, or lack of belief. They are very different men. Eric will never be an idealist, never put principle before passion. He doesn’t see the point in abstract ideas of good and evil. But if he loves you, he’d do anything for you. Heck, even if he sort of likes you or feels responsible for you, he’d go out of his way to help you (like freeing Ginger and feeding a drained Jason at the camp).

      Eric believes in people, not religion or politics. And so Eric, for all his viciousness and violence, is much less toxic to those close to him than Bill. He’d never sacrifice Sookie to an ideal, or harm Pam or Willa to make a point. He couldn’t even stand to leave a brainwashed Nora in the Authority. It isn’t in him to be disloyal, or harm someone close to him. Bill, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of turning on ANYONE if he must. He can help stake his maker and lover, betray his queen and his handler, and turn on his lover and daughter. He’s fundamentally untrustworthy, and the closer you are to him, the more likely you’ll suffer when he goes on his latest ideological crusade. That’s why Sookie would never be safe as Bill’s lover or spouse.

      It’s not about whether Sookie could stand to live in darkness, or whether a fae and vampire can be happily married. It’s about Sookie’s safety with the Bill we’ve come to know over six seasons. The man/vampire we’ve seen is not a good partner for Sookie, or anyone. He leaves trails of dead bodies behind him, people he once loved (or pretended to serve) and finally betrayed. How long before Sookie joins them? Bill does love Sookie more than anyone else. But he has a tendency to hurt what he loves.

      • Lindilu says:

        All of this. Ultimately, Bill’s love is toxic. I don’t think he really knows what it is to truly love, unconditionally, nor does he know how to sacrifice for those he cares about. He may believe in his love for Sookie and Jessica, but, in the end, Bill’s main focus will always be Bill. His capacity for real love is limited; however, his capacity for drama and tragedy is limitless.

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          Bill went into the sun to save Sookie in S1, and it almost killed him. Bill killed LS, to protect Sookie, prompting Eric to take him to trial, where he was forced to turn Jessica. Bill broke up with Sookie on the phone so she would stay away from RE and Lorena in Jackson. Bill attacked RE in a desperate effort to distract him so Eric could get Sookie out of the mansion (which he didn’t do.). Bill used his last bit of strength to hold Lorena so Sookie could stake her. He almost died then. Bill gave Sookie his blood in a transfusion to save her life after he almost killed her , unknowingly. Bill fought RE, without hope of surviving, in order to keep him out of Sookie house. Bill buried Eric so that he wouldn’t be able to use her, once he found out she was fae. Bill. Bill fed Sookie his blood, saving her life after she was shot during the vampire/witch battle. Bill killed Marnie to save Sookie, as well as his vampire subjects. Bill ran out of his mansion to go to Sookie when he felt her danger, (when Debbie Pelt tried to kill her.), only to be captured by Authority police, and taken away. Bill said goodbye to Sookie after RE was captured by Authority Police, so that she would stay away from him, Eric, and all vampires, who might find out she was fae. Bill rescued Sookie from Warlow, after Jessica reminded him that it was not too late. He fought Warlow so Sookie could be taken home and revived with vampire blood.

          • mollie says:

            Bill saved Sookie from Warlow! Where in Godric’s name was Eric?

          • Lindilu says:

            Bill did go into the sun in Season 1, but why? Why would he even attempt it knowing that he wouldn’t make it off the front porch (like season 6)? He attempted it because he knew the properties of Sookie’s blood. He knew why the QSA wanted her. That’s why the only think he could say when he got kicked out of Alcide’s van was “damn”. No surprise that he didn’t burn. I don’t doubt that Bill has feelings for Sookie, that he loves Sookie, but his love is sick. Yes, Bill broke up with Sookie over the phone, but then promptly lead Russell and Cooter to her, because he couldn’t stay away. How is giving her a transfusion after HE ALMOST KILLED HER something good? Bill buried Eric because he wanted Sookie for himself. That’s why he lied to her about no other vampire, except him, being able to control themselves, when clearly he was the one who couldn’t control himself and almost killed her after pinning her down and covering her mouth. Eric, on the other hand, never even dropped fang once Sookie healed him. Eric was able to control himself very well. Bill’s always feeding her his blood…just like he did after watching the Rattrays nearly beat her to death. Any change Bill gets to feed from her or feed her, he takes. Yes, he did fight Warlow in the end, but how does that erase all of the horrible things he did up to that point. I’m not saying that Bill is incapable of doing a good thing. What I’m saying is that Bill has done too much damage to Sookie, with all of the lies and betrayals. Their relationship has been fraught with Blll doing horrible things to her even when he had a relationship with her and all of the good things he may or may not have done doesn’t erase it.

        • Jen says:

          Bill is the ultimate drama queen. I still can’t get over how he “saved all the vampires” in season six. You know, by giving his blood to fifteen vampires (tops) who could have just walked out the door he came in to avoid the sun. Woo! What a hero! No, apparently something that simple isn’t dramatic enough. He has to offer them his blood like Christ on the Cross and then assume the Pieta pose in Violet’s lap when they drain him. It was all so silly and over-the-top.

          I don’t know if I was supposed to be laughing and rolling my eyes, but I was. Maybe I’m just not getting it? I can’t decide if the writers were intentionally mocking Bill’s savior-complex, or they really didn’t think that scene through. I just kept saying, “The door is RIGHT THERE! Walk through it! You’ll be fine.” Sigh. Maybe we’re too smart to be watching this show.

          • Mollie says:

            Whether or not you ‘liked’ the method of how Bill saved the vampires…..Bill still saved them and he was deemed a HERO by his vampire kind. We Bill fans know that anything that places Bill in a positive or heroic light will seen Ericshippers into a meltdown. Yes. Bill saved the day! And he saved Sookie from Warlow. ^That heroic act was not given to Eric by the writers. Because Eric is no longer in Sookie’s life on TrueBlood. Oh, and not in the books either. So you see, the writers ARE following some parts of the books:)

      • mollie says:

        I agree with you on one point. Bill IS dangerous. And clever. Brilliantly so. And he has not been in love in over 140 years. So don’t mess with Bill. LOL! And don’t mess with his Sookie. Or you will be a ‘dead thing’ as Sookie said. I’m afraid that you guys are not going to have much fun if you chose to watch Season 7;)

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          You make a good point, mollie. Bill is very clever, and can be very dangerous, if anyone messes with Sookie. Uncle Bartlett found that out. So did Lorena, So did Marnie. So did Nan Flanagan. So did Queen Sophie-Ann. I’ve seen criticisms against Bill for killing females. I have no problem with it. If Sookie is in danger, Bill will do what is necessary to eliminate the danger, no matter who or what it is. He’s a vampire, after all.

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          Lindilu, Bill has done so many good things, a lot of which I listed already. And a lot more. ‘But if you want to call all those things unworthy, then there is no use arguing. Yes, Bill giving Sookie his blood to save her from death after he almost killed her …UNKNOWINGLY… is a good thing. But if you choose to ignore that it was unknowing, even though the writers made it clear, then you just have to believe what you want about Bill. I know what the writers wrote. I know what the scenes showed. I know what’s been said in interviews and articles and press panels. The consensus is that Bill has made mistakes, but always, always protects Sookie to the best of his ability, while risking his own life several times. You don’t have to believe it, but IITS (it’s in the script).

        • Jen says:

          Mollie, thank you for warning all of us not to watch the final season. I’m sure HBO appreciates your efforts to keep True Blood for the true fans, people who love Bill and Sookie. Ratings have fallen twenty percent between season 5 and season six. But I don’t think the writers, and true fans like you, will be satisfied until they fall at least another twenty percent. Forty would be better. Let’s save the show for the people who can appreciate the love story between Sookie and Bill. No one else is welcome.

          • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

            ^^^Every word Jen posted.

          • chill out says:

            So according to you ratings fell 20 percent between Season 5 and 6 because the storyline wasn’t swaying towards Eric and Sookie? Are you kidding me with that garbage? At the end of Season 5 Bill blew up and turned into a blood monster and people thought he was dead….ratings should have went up if that was your big theory.

          • Jen says:

            Ratings fell 20% between the season five FINALE and the season six FINALE. As in, people were far more interested in seeing Bill explode into goo while Eric comforted Sookie than watching Eric burn while Bill and Alcide argue over who gets in Sookie’s pants.
            I don’t think all 20% of the drop is attributable to separating Eric and Sookie and teasing a reunion with Bill. But given how popular Eric is, and how polarizing Bill is, it certainly didn’t HELP. I guess I just don’t understand the rationale for ignoring the most popular pairing in favor of one that a good chunk of the audience is completely sick of. Not when your ratings are falling and you have lost two showrunners in a row. That doesn’t seem like a logical decision. Combine that with all the other bad decisions made in season six (Warlow, Lilith, Alcide’s entire storyline, the time jump, Bellefleur’s, killing Terry), and people have lost confidence that the writers know what they are doing
            This is why there’s all the speculation about behind-the-scenes shenanigans. People are trying to make sense of decisions that seem completely out-of-left-field AND bad for the show. That’s the reason for the high level of frustration among many fans and former fans.
            I don’t know if the marriage between Paquin and Moyer has influenced the show’s writing. I hope not, as I love both actors and think they make an adorable couple in real life. Cockeyed optimist that I am, I am sticking to bad writing and contract negotiations as the explanation for all these crazy plot developments. But no matter who is to blame, we’re still stuck with season seven heading to places I’m not really interested in watching anymore. Sadly, based upon comments here and elsewhere, I am not alone.

      • iamtrue2bill says:

        Eric believes in people ??? …for all his viciousness and violence, is much less toxic… ? I cannot agree. Eric has a few vampires he defends. But he has no consistent moral compass. He is for Eric first, and always first. Other than Godric and Nora, he has no real loyalty. He turned on his progeny when he was threatened. He laughed at taking Bill to trial, certain he would be chained in a coffin for 5 years, the usual punishment for killing another vampire Yet he would have happily covered up for Bill if Bill had “given him the girl.” Now there’s a moral compass!. Bill has atoned for all his mistakes, he has faced up to his failings, and he has evolved to accept his vampire existence and work toward making a difference to help improve their relationships with humans. Eric has no interest in improving anything except his very boring life, sitting on a fake throne in Fangtasia, making money and banging dancers in his dungeon/cellar.
        It’s a lot easier to criticize someone who takes chances, risks everything, and tries to change than it is to find fault with someone who just lets the status quo roll on, doing mostly nothing, and having no expectations, no goals, no dreams for a better tomorrow.

  24. Lil says:

    Bill and Sookie really? Is this cause Anna and Stephen are married in real life? I don’t buy it… I cringe to think of watching it actually.

    I mean, you don’t feel good about the guy who basically took you out and takes your v card on a bet… Which is frankly similar to how Bill “got” Sookie in the first place.

    I just want a decent story… And if bill and Sookie are it, what a waste of 4 years.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Lil, I must say, I know a good story when I see one, and this story, which has been going on for 6 years, is one of the best. Through it all, Bill and Sookie’s love has not been irrevocably broken, although it has been bruised, tattered, and torn. Even if they don’t walk off into the sunset, sunrise, or moonglow, they have had a deep, tender, passionate, emotional romance, and they will never forget each other.

    • mollie says:

      ‘The guy who basically took you out and takes your v card on a bet…’

      What episode was that?

      I thought Sookie put on a white gown and ran to Bill’s house?

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Please don’t demean the conversation by bringing up the actors’ personal lives. We are not discussing that here, and resorting to those kind of baseless attacks just diminishes your POV.

    • Jen says:

      Exactly, Lil. If Bill and Sookie are it, I’ll regret ever wasting a single hour on this show. That’s kind of sad, but the overall storytelling hasn’t been consistent enough to merit any attention. The theme of tolerance I hoped to see explored when I started watching sort of fell by the wayside over the seasons. For a while I entertained the idea that the writers were trying to explore abusive relationships, as True Blood has a surfeit of those. But having Tara reconcile with her abusive mother, Sookie forgive her abusive boyfriend and take him back, and Jason stay with vampire dominatrix Violet sort of negates THAT. You can’t simultaneously critique abuse and call abusive relationships “true love.” What are we left with? A lot of interesting characters that the writers gave illogical, sadistic plots to (poor Terry, who had to endure the demon baby, Ifrit, AND sniper plotlines). It’s like a soap, but with better acting and less satisfying writing. I HATE soaps.

      • Mollie says:

        Abuse…abuse…abuse….abuse….abuse….. *sighhh*

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          That word has been bantered about by certain people for 6 seasons now, and it never made any sense, but it’s a good catch word to use when you wish to make someone a villain. The villains on TB have been Rene, Mary Ann, Russell, Franklin, Marnie, Queen Sophie Ann, Nan Flanagan ( in a lesser way), Reverend Newlin, Sarah Newlin, The Governor, and Lorena. OH, yes, Salome also.
          The other characters are supernaturals and humans who have both good and bad qualities, who deal with life in many different ways, and who can change and evolve throughout the series. Pigeon-holing them into one category …Good…Bad… is short sighted, and too simplistic.
          TB writers don’t do that, the writing is smarter than that.

          • Jen says:

            I don’t understand why people label Bill an abuser. So, he has betrayed or hurt everyone he ever loved, as well as a whole bunch of other people. That doesn’t make him an ABUSER. Abusers are, well, EVIL.

            They are the villains, and we all know that the villains on True Blood are completely bad. They wear black hats and have big mustaches, which they twirl menacingly while threatening poor innocent Sookie who is tied to the railroad tracks. Bill just accidentally almost drained Sookie, he would never tie her up. Or wear a mustache. So he can’t be a villain.

            If he isn’t a villain, then he can’t be an abuser. See how easy that was. Glad we cleared that up.

        • Jen says:

          Yes, abuse, True Blood has always featured abusive relationships. Abuse has been a major theme of the past six seasons. Tara, Jason and Sookie were abused. Jessica’s human dad beat her and her sister. Warlow came to Bon Temps to manipulate or force Sookie into becoming his vampire bride. Violet is using Jason right now. Sam’s parents abused Tommy.

          Abusive relationships have been hugely featured on the show. We’ve seen both sexual and physical abuse. Abusers have been boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, parents, lovers–the show has run the gamut.

          When I realized that there might be a point to the constant parade of abusive relationships, I hoped that the writers would try to portray them honestly. Victims often don’t realize they’ve been abused. They blame themselves for what happens to them, and often return to their abusers, or refuse to leave them. Think about Tara and Eggs in season two. Sookie and Lafayette had to tie Tara up to keep her from returning to Eggs and Mary Ann. In season three, Tara told Sookie that she would end up dead if she kept returning to Bill (after he nearly killed her in the truck). In season four, Jason tried to blame himself for being raped by the werepanthers.

          The show was doing a pretty good job of honestly portraying abuse and its aftereffects, but then it all seemed to go horribly wrong at the end of season six. Jason is Violet’s blood and sex slave, and we’re supposed to APPROVE? Sookie is considering returning to the guy who nearly killed her, when we have no evidence that he’s changed other than his say-so. Tara is going to reconcile with Lettie Mae, her abusive mother (again, with almost no evidence that she’s changed except her word). The show went from honestly portraying abuse and condemning it, to suddenly declaring that abusers can change overnight and their victims should forgive them and let them back into their lives. It sends a message that’s insulting, toxic, and potentially dangerous.

          That’s the major reason I’m so disgusted with the show right now. I’m upset about the limp endings to the Warlow, Lilith, and shifter plotlines, but those are issues of incompetence. The writers did shoddy work. It’s enough to make me stop watching, but not to retroactively wish I’d never seen the show. But to suddenly switch to whitewashing abuse goes beyond incompetence and into malice. It’s wrong. I can’t support any work of art that does that, no matter how entertaining it is, or once was.

    • Emily says:

      That’s exactly what it is. Behind the scenes politics.

      • iamtrue2bill says:

        “Behind the scenes politics” ???? IDK what that’s supposed to mean, but this is a TV show, and the WRITERS write the show and will end the show as they see fit. They have written Bill brilliantly as a fascinating, complex, and challenging character. No other character on TB has the depth and complexity of Bill Compton. Making him a villain is just ignoring what the writers have done for 6 seasons. It’s simplifying his character, Sookie’s character, and the whole show into a cartoon. This show is way too smart for that.

        Those who slam the major relationships on TB are denying the reality of human frailty, human emotions, and their ability to change and become better. Repeating over and over that Bill lied is missing the whole point. Bill has changed, evolved, and become better than he was.

        Certainly everyone has a right to either like, dislike, or ignore whatever character they wish, but to never see what the series has been exploring and demonstrating through the various characters is to miss the point.

      • Susan says:

        The Paquins influenced this show. Too bad they control it.

  25. Ashley says:

    Pairing Sookie with Bill Compton would be the most tragic ending possible for Sookie short of her death. Actually, it may be a fate worse than death.To be paired with her abuser…and this is blatant in the show….the thought sickens me. I know some people love to pretend Bill and Sookie are Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, but that IS NOT the case. Bill/Sookie is a toxic relationship that, if any is justice is done to the characters, should end once and for all. Bill is a liar and misogynist. Bill being a lead doesn’t make him a good guy..those days of television are gone. (See Dexter and Breaking Bad…time to stop whitewashing Bill’s despicable actions) He betrays everyone he claims loyalty too, usually multiple times, then takes credit for things he didn’t do or manipulates people in his favor. He is the ultimate con man. A great character, but not a good person or someone who should be anywhere near Sookie or any woman who wants to survive. He is the Warlow character exactly, except with his actions spread out over all the seasons and not condensed into one. One reviewer compared him to Benedict Arnold (see..even casual fans are capable of seeing Bill for what he is), and this is spot on. He is the ultimate traitor and user. He wants Sookie when he wants her. He constantly seeks new sources of power and changes his agenda and persona as need be. He betrayed Sookie and Eric multiple times, then chose Lilith’s power in front of their faces. He then proceeds to do horrible things throughout the season and then expects to suffer zero consequences. He inserts himself into Sookie’s life unwillingly throughout Season 6, because of his daywalking and warlow hung, hurting her emotionally multiple times and even threatening her life if she didn’t do what he wanted and the lives of her friends (Andy). Her brother Jason would have died if he was not given vampire blood because Bill Compton threw him into a while and hurt him even worse than he already was. Eric, on the other hand, saved Jason with his blood even though Jason had directly threatened the life of his sister in 6.01, and as far as he knew Sookie knew Nora was dying and refused to help, but Eric did not hold this against her. Eric, in respect to Sookie’s rescinded invitation in 6.01 (when he said we stay out of Sookie’s life from now on), Eric did not insert himself into her life. Bill doesn’t care about what Sookie wants, he cares about what he wants, and now that he lost his leading lady Lilith’s power, he wants Sookie back. (And he was clearly regretful that he lost her power in the season finale…once again, power hungry). And guess what? He continues lying and manipulating. He’s not AT ALL sorry for what he did. It got him a book dead and made him even more wealthy. He flat out says he’s above the law on TV. He blatantly lies to everyone and says he was a god, and he’s good at manipulating so people swallow it, but even Bill knows he wasn’t…and Lilith told him he wasn’t…but what a lie if it gets in the way of his power crusade? Same old, same old. Liar, manipulator…it’s the same pattern. Eric is the one that respects Sookie’s choices. Eric is the one that doesn’t emotionally manipulate Sookie to try and get her to see him in a good light like Bill does or get her to be with him (Eric has NEVER tried to make excuses or lie about his actions to Sookie….Bill ALWAYS does. Every. time. And doesn’t apologize for them either. ). Eric is the one that doesn’t betray his loved ones or those he’s loyal to, even Bill in S5. (And look where that got him….Bill betrayed him, of course). The show has constantly compared Bill and Eric, and it’s clear that Bill is toxic and wrong. He was abused by Lorena and now has become the abuser. Time for him to be openly exposed for who he is to the characters on the show once and for all, or there is no justice or sense in the writing or the story. Eric does all the heroic deeds in S6 and gets no credit, and ASKS for no credit or reward, meanwhile Bill is taking credit for everything, things he didn’t do, like saving the vampires (when Eric is the one that rescued the large majority of them) or becoming a god. He NEVER, conveniently, tells Eric about Warlow and his plans for Sookie,and Eric never hears them when he’s listening either. Bill doesn’t get to screw everyone over constantly and then act like he saved the day at the last minute because he wants Sookie back. It’s again about what he wants in that moment.. he is despicable. And his pursuit of power continues, with Sam’s bizarre behavior and loyalty to Bill (obviously manipulated) after Bill tried to KILL Sam in S5 and is responsible for Luna’s death. Bill is not well liked by a majority of the audience for a reason, the writing is all there, and it’s time for Bill’s b.s. to be exposed and for him to suffer consequences for his actions. Enough is enough.

    • Wow says:

      Stopped reading your comment like halfway through to be honest. I’m sorry that Eric and Sookie aren’t going to be together. I’m sorry that Eric and sookie aren’t the main couple on the show. Sorry you aren’t getting what you want and because of that you hate Bill for reasons you could probably angrily list for hours. What I wish Eric and sookie shippers would understand for once is that there are other people on the planet that watch true blood. Your opinion does not encompass all viewers. I’m sick of Eric and sookie shippers acting like their opinions are all important and the show runners are idiots for not listening to them. I don’t get it and I’m sorry you seem to be so angry. Why watch a show for 6 real years if you hate Bill so much? That’s 6 years of your life that a Bill and Sookie romance was blatantly obvious and the center of the show. I don’t get it at all.

      • bklyngirl says:

        It’s a joke. Don’t even take it seriously. Eric is evil and menacing when it comes to something he wants to obtain. Look at the ISH he pulled on Sookie to claim her mind and body to get her to feel for him. But that is to be swept under the rug and ignored. All because he drools over Sookie.

        Much reminded me of the Klaus and Caroline toxic pairing. The vamp who intended to murder her and take her soul. Oh he painted her a picture and gave her a horse, it’s all good!! LOL.

        • WTActualF says:

          Ikr? Eric is so evil! He bought Sookie’s house and renovated it for her for free! Can you believe that? He had the nerve to save her from Russell Edgington, not once, but twice. Pure evil! Not only that but he had the nerve to leave Sookie alone if that’s what she wanted! Can you believe he allowed her to have a choice? He’s the devil incarnate!

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        Buckner might put Sookie with Sam in the end.

    • Mollie says:

      Tap….tap….tap….Ashley? Hello, Ashley? Take a breath. The latest cast interview out today is with Joe M. (Alcide/BrightEyes), who says he thinks Bill & Sookie’s relationship is the endgame and the major question that needs to be resolved in the series. No mention of Eric.

      • Jen says:

        I really appreciate you not denigrating the other posters. It’s so good to see politeness and objectivity reign on the boards.
        It was also kind of you to set Ashley straight. Once Joe Manganiello has spoken, it’s all over. He must have an in with the writers (being an actor on the show and all) and unlike Stephen Moyer he knows exactly what will happen in the final season. So she needs to stop leading people astray and contributing her (worthless) opinion.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      The writers have made Bill the major male character on the series. They have given his character the most challenging circumstances, the most complete history in flashbacks and stories, and the most intelligence and insight into the vampire/ human relationships.

      This is a show about supernaturals. ALL vampires use manipulation, secrecy, and political maneuverings to achieve their goals, to stay safe, and to maintain the relationships they consider valuable. Pointing out one vampire’s behavior because he acted like a vampire is refusing to see how the writers portray their species. They aren’t making judgements, most of the time. Only when the behavior is completely without merit and vindictive, as with Franklin or Russell or the witches.

      Humans, vampires, shape-shifters, weres, faeries…..all have positive and negative aspects. Ranting on about one and ignoring the faults of others is really simplifying the whole series into a mundane “:black hat vs white hat” story. TB doesn’t do that.

      • bklyngirl says:

        Thank you for pointing that out. But the Alexander and Eric obsesssors want to live their in their own delusional bubble that Eric is posed no devious, evil, underhanded tactics in claiming Sookie. A woman who hated the sight of him. Why his compelling her and act of rape to get her to feel for him, was the greatest love story ever told since Casablanca. All because they’re starving over Alexander’s body.

        • WTActualF says:

          I sort of agree with you. However, Eric didn’t rape her. He should have though. I mean if he wanted her, really wanted her, then he should’ve taken her, perhaps in a graveyard. Forced his blood into her (Maybe by putting her life in danger and forcing her to drink) Eric doesn’t really want Sookie, because if he did, he could’ve made her his by now. Bill has the right idea. Let someone beat her to death then “save” her life by giving her his blood. Feed her some nice romantic lines like “you’re my miracle” all the while forcing her to have feelings for him by the blood. Bill is the only one smart enough to posess Sookie.

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          Yes, tricking Sookie into drinking his blood on the false pretense of saving his life, knowing that she would do anything, even something she hated doing, to save a life, was the most despicable and underhanded maneuver ever. I mostly like Eric for being the ancient, bored, unflappable, devious vampire that he is, but that move was beneath even him. He should never have stooped to that level, it diminished his standing in my eyes as someone who should respect the code of conduct among vampires.

          • WTActualF says:

            Actually I think Eric didn’t go far enough. He actually shielded her from most of the shrapnel. If he really wanted her he should’ve let her get gravely injured then he could’ve turned her, fed her a lot more blood, make her so grateful to him that she had no choice but to leave Bill for him.

            He didn’t of any of that though because he’s weak. Instead he fessed up to his lie and looked like a jerk. Everyone knows that if you want the girl, you have to lie a lot better.

            That’s why Bill deserves Sookie. He’s much smarter and more ambitious.

  26. Francine says:

    Enough is enough with these pathetic insults! If you like Bill and Sookie together, you’re championing abuse. If you don’t like them together, you’re missing the obvious love story. I get that each side thinks they are right- and honestly, both sides are to a point- but can we stop with these personal attacks??? This is a show about vampires. You can’t read these relationships like you would in our normal human world. My goodness, no one is dumb or blind if they don’t see things your way. They just have a different interpretation because, guess what? That’s what you’re going to have on a show about vampires. It’s not meant to be black and white. I’m all for spirited debate, but this has gotten completely out of hand. End of rant.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Francine, I have to admit, you have a very good point. Unfortunately, this argument has been going on since Season One. It just won’t be resolved …not even when the show ends. But at least it will have to fade out after that.

      I do have to say, defensively , that the beginning comments to this article were mostly pleasant, just stating opinions. But they degrade to argument when “attacking” starts. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore attacks on your favorite character. But you are right. We should all be above such tirades, especially after 6 seasons!

    • Jen says:

      Actually, I think this sort of debate is a logical response to the atrocious writing. Viewers wouldn’t have these bipolar views of the show if the writers were telling a coherent story. They aren’t, and this is the result. Polarized fans.

      You’ll notice that viewers of other, better shows aren’t this extreme. No one argues that Walter White is secretly a good guy who deserves to get away with everything, or that Tony Soprano should have had a happy ending. True Blood’s writers can’t decide if Bill is good or bad, if he deserves to be staked or to live happily ever after with Sookie. While they waffle, the fans argue.

      We should be focusing this anger on the writers, who gave us cold dog food and tried to pretend it was gourmet cuisine. Alan Ball (the former head writer) left at least three exciting storylines to carry True Blood to the end of its run: Lilith, Warlow, and the shifters coming out. There was also the growing chaos in the vampire hierarchy to contend with. The writers who succeeded him wasted every last one of these stories in season six, ending them in anticlimactic or frankly laughable ways. The stories they came up with to replace them–Hep-V, vampires and humans pairing off, the Bill/Sookie/Alcide triangle, and Tara reconciling with Lettie Mae–are either uninteresting or unbelievable. I won’t be watching or buying season seven. It saddens me to see the show I once loved degenerate into pap. I agree with Moyer that the show should end-I just wish it had ended before it became an unwatchable, infuriating mess.

      • Mollie says:

        That is your opinion. And you are entitled to it. Some fans have no problem with the writers, or the stories, or the characters in True Blood. Fir some it is a great rollercoaster ride and the characters have great lines ( some of them very funny and memorable). True Blood has had an exceptional run for an HBO series:) Five seasons is the norm. Six seasons if you’re good. Seven seasons if you’re a phenomenal success. True Blood has never been out of the Top 5 shows for cable tv, always drawing in between 4.1through 4.5 million viewers around the world. Some countries are just now getting Season 5. So the accolades for a True a Blood will continue in syndication for a while. A lot of very fine actors want to have a True Blood on their resumes. And carrying this accomplishment will open doors for some members of the cast for the foreseeable future:) not everybody thinks a True a Blood is unwatchable since some have become addicted and have watched the show year after year after year….even though it may have infuriated them!

        The executives at HBO don’t care why people are watching. They will count everybody’s viewership as a positive sign that people are watching;) lol

      • iamtrue2bill says:

        I cannot wait until Season 7! A Bon Temps centered story line is just what is needed for TB’s final season. One based in the town where it all started. One where we see our core characters dealing with the infected vampires, and what that does to the way in which vampires and humans interact with each other. All the characters have undergone changes since we met them. and some are so different, they are nothing like they were 7 seasons ago. I hope most of them survive, even though I’m sure some will not make it out alive.

  27. ina3b says:

    Please, don’t do this – don’t match Sookie with Bill. Anna’s idea of Sookie being a NY barwoman is so cool…

  28. WTActualF says:

    Obviously you Eric fans have never experienced true love. Bill and Sookie are the real deal just like Ike and Tina, Whitney and Bobby and Sid and Nancy!

    Remember ladies, If he hasn’t tried to murder you, he doesn’t really love you. (Be sure to tell your daughters that too!)

    Sookeh & Beehl forevah!

    • Mollie says:

      LOL! There’s that ‘Beehl’ again! Tell your daughters not to take everything out of context.

      Obviously there are comprehension problems with the show…. and the books:)

      • WTActualF says:

        I totally agree. I don’t know why these dumb Eric fans can’t comprehend that love sometimes requires violence. Everyone knows that Sookie is just too willful and if Bill doesn’t set her straight from time to time then she runs off into the arms of other men. Bill says abomination but what he meant and what I heard was “adoration”.

        You Eric fans just need to understand what true love really requires.

        • Mollie says:

          Aww… I really think the ELs should give Sylvie a chance. At the very least, Eric would finally have his own woman:) And not have to try and still someone else’s.

          Bill & Sookie a Forever:) xx

          • Mollie says:

            At the very least, Eric would finally have his own woman:). And not have to try and steal someone else’s.

            Bill & Sookie~ back together in Season 7 *wink* ;) xx

          • WTActualF says:

            @mollie Right? Everyone knows Sookie is Bill’s possession- a belonging if you will. Eric can try to steal her away again, but Bill will just give Sookie more of his blood and influence her that way. Like he had to do after Sookie and Eric hooked up (blech!) when Sookie was shot.

            See what I mean. Sometimes you just have to keep what’s yours at all costs.

          • Mollie says:

            Everyone who is associated with True Blood ( cast members, writers, makeup people, technicians, set designer, producers, directors) know that Bill & Sookieare THE couple on True Blood:) even the janitor who sweeps out the HBO set and the crew on the lunch truck know this! haha! There is only’ a small but vocal minority’ who just. Don’t. Get. It.

            But they will. By Season 7. Episode 10….;)

  29. ericsw47 says:

    Eric and sookie has the best chemistry on the show bar none…..thsts a fact and Buckner and his cronies are gonna put her back with low life Bill who only loves Bill that’s all he has been about….he is a liar and power crazed vampire for 6 seasons …so when tge show ends people will always say what a waste that you never explored the relationship between Eric and Sookie …instead you wanted your heroine with the bad guy on the show…what a waste!

    • WTActualF says:

      You’ve got it wrong. Eric treated her like an equal. AN EQUAL! Can you believe that! That is not love. Love is power. Love is dominance. Love is manipulation. Bill embodies those romantic qualities. That’s why Bill and Sookie are soulmates. Bill didn’t want to do those things to Sookie, but she MADE him do them by acting so willfully.

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        WTActualF-I like the way you think. I could learn a thing or two from you.

        • WTActualF says:

          Thank you. Be sure to teach your daughters that a normal relationship should emulate Sookie and Bill’s. There should be one dominant partner who ALWAYS has the means to assert their will over the other. There should be no patience, no equality, no kindness. (Like Eric displayed) those are qualities of the weak. These notions of equal partnership are dangerous and that is why our current divorce rate is so high.
          Bill has the right idea. Feed her blood, control her thoughts. That way their relationship is sure to last forever!

      • Jen says:

        I know, WTactualF. Sookie makes Bill do other bad things. He doesn’t want to kill, but she forces him to do it. If only Sookie hadn’t inspired such love in Bill, he wouldn’t have had to try to kill everyone who knew what she was. He wouldn’t have had to kill her great uncle. She MADE him try to kill Eric and Pam, and successfully kill the Queen and Uncle Bartlett. It was all Sookie’s fault.

        She needs to remember the consequences before she does something that forces him to kill others. Sookie can keep Bill on the straight and narrow, but only if she does exactly what he says. Otherwise, it’s her responsibility if she or other people are harmed by Bill.

        • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

          Brian Buckner will do whatever he wants. A love story between a rapist and his victim. Or maybe the victim will settle for Wallpaper Guy and just be friends with her rapist. Sounds fun to me!

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      There is a flaw in your argument. Mr. Ball, Mr. Buckner, and the other writers, producers are the people who make this show. They decide where relationships should go or not go. The audience does not write the show. I know many viewers really love Eric. I think he’s a great character. But he is not w*r*i*t*t*e*n to be a soulmate for Sookie. And it’s the writers’ prerogative to create and write a character the way they think is appropriate for the show. Some people may think Eric not “ending up” with Sookie will be a waste, but the majority of viewers will just enjoy the series. Who Sookie “:ends up” with, which may be no one, will not determine how they feel about the 7 seasons of TB.

      • WTActualF says:

        @iamtruetobill YES! Exactly. Bill claimed Sookie first. She belongs to him! I don’t know why the E/S shippers can’t get that through their thick skulls.

        It’s like this. I own my dog. I took him from the pound and tied him to MY tree. That doesn’t give my neighbor the right to come and take my dog from me. It’s MY dog.

        So you see, Sookie is Bill’s metaphorical dog and his blood is her metaphorical leash!

        It doesn’t even matter what kind if relationship Sookie had with other men (though I despise the gentleness Eric displayed. Blech!) because in the end it boils down to one fact. Bill is Sookie’s property. He owns her.

        • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

          WTActualF-I think Buckner will give us more Bill ownership of Sookie next season. Forget the Eric/Sookie fans! We were wrong! Buckner is right. No, scratch that. BILL COMPTON is right! Bill Compton was right all along!

          • WTActualF says:

            Good I hope so! I’d love to see a return to S1 Bill. He really made me swoon with his self obsessed proclamations of ownership and dominance. Through his actions he demonstrated how much he cares for Sookie. It was in Season 1 that Sookie force Bill to exert his dominance over her through the Rattray, some say “beating”, but it was really just an act of love.

            Brian Buckner seems to really understand how loving relationships work. Buckner understands that Bill is a vampire king and he owns whomever he wants. Sookie should be so lucky that he chose her.

            Again I go back to the dog metaphor. My dog licks my feet, worships the ground I walk on and obeys me implicitly because he knows that I chose him at the pound. I saved his life. That’s exactly how Sookie should feel about Bill. Furthermore, I hope he puts her in her place for straying with that dog Alcide. I used an shock collar on my dog when it ran away, bill could do something like that too, maybe more of his blood? Idk. But he cannot let Sookie stray again. She belongs to him, because they’re in love.

      • Mollie says:

        Spot on, iam!

        They just have to suck it up:) Bill & Sookie are gonna happen in Season 7! ;)

  30. phuonganh says:

    I like Bill begin season 1 and now I still like him. I think Bill and sook should begin again because they real love each other. Whenever Bill is still a nature of human, and I love that. No reason two characters will not return again.

    • WTActualF says:

      I agree with your overall view of Bill, however I disagree that he has a shred if humanity left. The best thing about Bill is that he has no humanity. That blood donor deserved to have her blood sucked out of her telekinetically by Bill. What decent person works as a blood donor? She definitely deserved to die and I love the inhuman, monstrous way that Bill did that.

      Moreover, Bill is at his best when he is dominant. Like in S1 when Bill accosted Sookie for interfering with Jessica and her family. Sookie went against Bill’s demands and took Jess to see her family. For that she deserved to be belittled. Honestly, he should’ve punished her even more. I just wish Bill would give Sookie more of his blood so that she becomes confused about her feelings.

      I want to see more of the S6/7 power hungry Bill an S1/2 of the dominant, some might say manipulative, but I I say ambitious. I want to see more of Bill putting that willful harpy Sookie in her place. He could assert his dominance by taking her roughly in a cemetary. Perhaps even in front of her grandmothers grave. That would send her the message that she must behave and follow his orders.

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        WTActualF-I agree with you, especially about Bill dosing Sookie with his blood again to scramble her brain some more, oops, I mean, teach her a lesson-that Bill is right. He has been right all along. Also, I agree that Sookie needs more of Bill’s graveyard rape, I mean, passionate lovemaking. Violently making love on Adele’s grave would be even better. Good call.

        • iamtrue2bill says:

          Sour grapes on all counts. Bill and Sookie have had very passionate sex, there has never, never been rape. Sookie initiated the graveyard sex. When she came to work at Merlotte’s, she was in 7th heaven having had great sex with Bill.

          No Eric fan would call it rape if it had been Eric, doing the exact same thing.

          • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

            I still think Buckner is putting Sookie with Sam in the end.

          • WTActualF says:

            That was not rape because Sookie asked for it by wearing that revealing outfit! Sookie belongs to Bill so it’s impossible for him to rape her. Rape can only occur when it’s someone you don’t own.

            Bill and Sookie make passionate love! What else would you call bloody shower sex or sex on broken wood chips?
            That’s romance! I wish my husband would choke me out during lovemaking, because that is passion!

          • Bookie and sex says:

            WTActualF you do know that erotic asphyxiation is a thing all arguments about true blood aside right? The actual physiologic mechanism that takes place has to do with a decreased amount of oxygen getting to the brain and therefore a more intense and euphoric orgasm experienced by sexual partners. Honestly when Sookie placed her hand on Bill’s neck while they were having sex that may have been what was going on just saying. I mean they didn’t even make it to the bed in that scene and they were IN her bedroom to begin with. Maybe they were just having really intense sex because it certainly seemed that way at the time. It certainly fits with their sexual history…just saying lol

          • Jen says:

            Or, it could have had something to do with Sookie’s legitimate anger at Bill for:
            1) breaking up with her over the phone
            2) taunting and insulting her by letting her know he slept with his old girlfriend and Sookie just couldn’t measure up
            3) nearly killing her
            Sookie might have been a wee bit upset about those things (gosh, that Sookie’s such a weird girl). Her choking Bill couldn’t have been a subconscious expression of her anger at him, right? That’s such a normal, human response. It’s much more believable that she just decided that Bill wanted to experience erotic asphyxiation (even though he’s a vampire and theoretically doesn’t even need to breathe). Of course, every church-going, God-fearing, small-town Southern girl knows all about erotic asphyxiation. They teach it in Bible school these days.
            +10 points for original interpretation though.

  31. Niejan says:

    If they had just used the big bad in season 2… if only

  32. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

    I miss Nancy Oliver.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      She’s writing for another show, but I can’t remember which one right now. She wrote and directed episode 1:11 (I think that’s the one) which introduces Jessica as vampire …LOVE that episode!

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        Thanks for the info. I also love the episode Nancy wrote where that big bad meany pants vampire Eric held down Sookie and forced her to drink gallons of his blood so he could drive a wedge between her and her One True Love Bill. Season 2 episode 9 “I Will Rise Up.”

  33. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

    I miss Raelle Tucker.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      I believe she is no longer writing for TB. She wrote some great stuff….and some stuff that was really crazy.

  34. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

    Where is Mark Hudis?

  35. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

    Will Alan Ball be writing again for True Blood?

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      Unless things change, AB is exec producer still, but is no longer writing, since he’s doing “Banshee” now.

  36. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

    Is Alexander Woo coming back?

  37. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

    I only care if Alexander Skarsgard gets naked and has a sex scene.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      I’ll vote for that.

      • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

        I know, right? I couldn’t care less about Alex’s acting skills or his character’s previously established plotline. All I want to see is his character naked and having sex with some random one-dimensional plot device masquerading as a person.

  38. Susan says:

    This show sucks because the Paquins control it. Moyer nailed it when he married Paquin.

    • iamtrue2bill says:

      This comment should be removed. It is libelous, and unworthy of even this site.
      What a sad, hateful person.

      • Susan says:

        You know it’s true. Poor Anna.

        • Susan says:

          And really, you don’t have a life. Monitoring all the comments everyday to defend a fictional character. LOL! Pathetic.

        • ? says:

          “Poor Anna?” Lollllllllll what?! Like you know her at all because she’s a REAL PERSON in case you forgot. Poor Anna? She’s got a hit show, a hot husband, babies, millions of dollars, and probably more than one nice a** house. She’s got cars that I don’t even dream of having and millions of people who know her name or adore her without even meeting her. POOR ANNA though right? Eric and Sookie can’t be together so she’s probably inconsolable right now….

  39. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

    Buckner, like Harris, will ensure that Stepford Sookie will always be a self-hating, drug-addicted, domestic violence doormat but will act like it’s a wonderful thing. Eric will continue to be character-assassinated to serve the plot. Buckner will have Stepford Sookie settle for Sam again; this way, the Bill fans can go, “Nanny nanny boo boo, Sookie didn’t choose Eric,” the Eric fans can go, “Nanny nanny boo boo, Sookie didn’t choose Bill,” and the Alcide fans can go, “Nanny nanny boo boo, Sookie didn’t choose Bill or Eric.” Yawn.

    • sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab says:

      And Sam Merlotte’s eight fans will be ecstatic, again.

      • iamtrue2bill says:

        Everyone enjoying their hatefest? That’s nice. I will never, for the life of me, understand why these few disenfranchised, vitriolic viewers continue to watch this show they hate so much.

        Continue…knock yourselves out….

        • WTActualF says:

          Ikr? I love this show! The best thing about True Blood is that it always portrays healthy relationships. This show is all about equality and I’m glad that all the women aren’t portrayed as either a) a female dog or b) bat shoot cray cray.

          I am excited to see Bill take back his property from the dog. The only thing that worries me is that maybe Bill won’t want to possess Sookie anymore. I hope not though, because I thoroughly enjoy watching him treat her poorly. She deserves it for dressing like a slattern, speaking out of turn and having relations with other men.

        • Gretavanderahlden says:

          Hatefest? I thought a hatefest was what Bill called “lovemaking”

  40. SookieandTarabffs4evah says:

    As a general rule, I hate when show couples turn actual couple irl. I think no matter what, that real life relationship affects the plot of the show.

    I definitely think that holds true for this show. SM has directed episodes, so of course he has a certain level of influence in the production room. Without Anna Paquin, TB doesn’t exist, so she has influence as well.

    IMHO, the story TB is trying to tell is compromised by too much insider politics. There was a reason all the writers that one commenter previously asked about are no longer writing for this show. Their vision of the story progression (which was organic IMHO) did not mesh with Bucky’s pov. It’s clear to me that there is no room for a dissenting opinion on this show… Unless you want to be out of a job.

  41. Gretavanderahlden says:

    These comments crack me up.

    Obviously there is a huge age gap between the Eric Shippers and the Bill Shippers. Look, I don’t blame the Bill lovers for wanting him to end up with Sookie. They were raised in a different era where men wore the pants in the nuclear family and the little women kept their traps shut and made dinner. Ideas like equality were dangerous and radical. They see Bill and Sookie’s relationship and it probably emulates that of their parents or even their own. They genuinely don’t see anything wrong with it.

    E/S shippers are more modern, probably younger 20’s -30’s. And to them mysogeny is simply unacceptable.

    • ? says:

      I’m 21 years old and I love Bill and Sookie’s relationship and you know nothing about me….so no.

      • Gretavanderahlden says:

        Lol. Ok. The fact that you love Bill and Sookie’s relationship says a lot about you. No offense, but I wouldn’t want to know anything about anyone who finds a toxic and abusive relationship acceptable.

        • ? says:

          What a mean thing to say to someone over a TV show.

          • Gretavanderahlden says:

            Maybe, but it isn’t untrue. I feel sorry for people who look at that relationship and think that’s romance. Abuse isn’t romance and I would never be friends with someone who thinks it is.

        • Wow says:

          someone sounds super bitter

          • Gretavanderahlden says:

            Bitter about what exactly? That I’m not in an abusive relationship? That was a stupid comment for you to make. If you think long enough, maybe you can come up with something that makes sense.

          • Beatrice says:

            You are right, wow…. Most of these Eric lovers sound bitter.

          • Gretavanderahlden says:

            Who says I’m an Eric lover? That’s an assumption you made. I am anti abuse, so I guess anti-abuse = Eric lover? The Eric lovers should be happy about that.

            You guys are a bunch of morons.

          • Wow says:

            Lollllll at how angry you are though. Have a good one. I’ll be enjoying watching Bill/Sookie make the eff out next year. You should stop throwing the word “abuse” around so lightly and recklessly, it belittles what the term is actually supposed to refer to in life….if you are actually making real life comparisons to a tv show about vampires, werewolves, fairies, were panthers, etc. The fact that you are making cruel assumptions about individual’s entire identities base upon opinions about a science fiction television show is a testament to your psyche.

          • Gretavanderahlden says:

            I don’t use the word abuse lightly. Bill abused Sookie. Period. I don’t know what else to call it except maybe attempted murder. You remember that right? When he drained her nearly to death? Or are you using selective memory? I mean hey, if you get a kick out of watching an attempted murderer make the eff out with his victim, then more power to you, though I think you may need to seek a mental evaluation yourself. Even though this is a fantasy show, any depictions of abusive relationships are dangerous. People may start to believe that that’s what relationships are supposed to be like. Apparently it’s already holding true, since you and a handful of other Billusionals on this thread already think he’s such a romantic hero. Sad. I feel bad you for you.

        • ? says:

          Ok so you don’t remember Eric draining Sookie into unconsciousness with Russell either I guess. That’s attempted murder! Or when Eric basically said eff Sookie when she was about to be shot in the face after feeling immense fear? Or when he locked her in a dungeon? That’s not abuse by your standards? Give it a rest. Wtf is a Billusional?

          • ? says:

            Are people’s arguments that Eric and Sookie should be together really consisting of the fact that Eric abused her “less” than Bill based on the standards in this thread? Does anyone realize how ridiculous that sounds?!

          • Jen says:

            Again, context.
            Eric was trying to kill Russell to protect Sookie. He even let Bill in on his plan so that he could save Sookie with his blood if they took too much. That’s what that staged fight in the parking lot was all about–getting a chance to talk to Bill when Russell wasn’t there. It amazes me that you have watched the show but haven’t picked up on this.
            Locking her in the dungeon was another part of this plot. Eric needed to convince Russell that he was telling the truth. He was afraid that Sookie, not a particularly good liar, would reveal his plan to Russell. Eric needed her to look convincingly afraid. His dramatic chaining her up in the basement was DESIGNED to frighten her so that Russell would be fooled. It was not fun for Sookie, but the deception did save her. Again, have you WATCHED the show? Figuring this out does not take Sherlockian powers of deduction.
            Whereas when Bill drained Sookie he just lost control. There was no greater plan, no fail-safes to protect her. If Tara hadn’t checked the back of the truck, Bill would have killed Sookie.
            Eric and Bill seem to do similar things, but only if you completely ignore the context of their actions.
            I’m not sure that saying eff Sookie means what you think it means. Merely saying that phrase is not definitive evidence of noncaring. After all, Bill, Eric, and Pam all said the exact same thing in 4×11, and then Eric and Bill volunteered to sacrifice themselves for her. This was, what, a day earlier? Bill and Eric just finished killing Nan and her guards to protect Sookie. They were still cleaning up her remains when they felt Sookie’s fear. That hardly suggests Eric was willing to let threats to Sookie slide. Since he and Bill were taken prisoner by the Authority literally seconds later, it is difficult to say if he would have continued to ignore her danger or tried to help her. Since Eric took considerable risks to protect Sookie after he said that, I think it’s safe to say that his phrase was the product of momentary frustration. We’ve all, at one time or another, gotten frustrated with people we love and said something we regret (and didn’t mean).
            Billusional is the derogatory phrase used to refer to Bill’s fans. It’s a portmanteau (a word created by squishing two words together) of Bill and delusional. I think you can figure out why those two words were selected–it suggests that Bill’s fans are deluded. I wish people wouldn’t use it because I think it makes rational discussion impossible.
            But I can see the temptation after reading some of the comments. It’s like some of his fans are watching a different version of the show than the rest of us, or live in a completely different reality. Some assert that Sookie initiated her encounter with Bill in the graveyard (when he grabbed her ankle like a zombie rising from the dead). Others try to argue that what he did to Lorena was all right because she was bad. Or that abuse isn’t abuse because it’s fiction. It’s kind of bizarre, and so some viewers have completely given up on Bill’s fans and lump them all in as Billusionals.

      • Susan says:

        Alexandra, you’re funny.

  42. Stripper says:

    Oh come on I was hoping it was all talk now it’s finishing help me blood suckers

  43. M says:

    I am leaving my opinions of the book characters out because they are completely different from tv. Who did what in the books has no bearing here. So…I don’t get how people can’t get passed Bill being sent on a mission to seduce Sookie and actually falling for her like that was unforgiveable. He did a crappy thing, but he did fall for real. Forgiveness exists. Book Bill raped sookie, that is unforgiveable, but it didn’t happen on the show so it doesn’t count here. If they end up together it makes sense. There is history and there was proof feelings still exist on both sides.

    Honestly season six sucked. Boring, pointless and far too drawn out. The big resolution was Eric killing everyone, why not do that sooner and spare us the stupid vamp camp thing? I could have watched ep one and then the finale and not missed anything. Nothing that happened in between mattered.

    The thing is, the whole tedious season only happened in like a week if you pay attention to the timeline. So while it seems like Sookie and Alcide were apart for three months after their vomit make out scene, it really wasn’t. The wtf moment was Sookie saying she always thought of Sam. They spent two seasons on Sookie, Eric and Bill with a side of Alcide while Sam shape shifted with the strangers. It made no sense for her to say that. A nod to the crappy books that was either designed to yank fans’ chains or open that abysmal door.

    For all that some bashed Ball for being too Bill happy, and over crowding the cast with non vampires (which I agree with, it lost focus) this year without him writing sucked. It wasn’t naughty, sexy or a guilty pleasure.

    Pam whined all year about Eric not loving her. It made her weak and boring.

    Sookie was barely in it, started a romance with Warlow that was ok until his 180 that belied all the times he saved her and his sparing Niall.

    Jessica jerked Jason around some more. So so tired of that.

    The fairies, like the Sookie Eric relationship was dropped and quickly brushed under the rug, making seasons of build up worthless. No I didn’t see Eric as a boyfriend type, but I really enjoyed him baiting her and their flirting and it is now gone.

    Bill as a god went nowhere, but I was happy to see softer Bill back at the end.

    The finale shocker of sick vamps attacking was dumb since Nora died of it in a day. She was too weak to move. All the sick vamps should be flat out and then die out quickly not roam around killing people. Next season seems to be set to be as pointless as season six.

    • Gretavanderahlden says:

      You make some valid points, but Bill really mistreated Sookie. He allowed her to get beaten up. Yes part of his mission, but couldn’t he have found a better method? He drained her nearly to death. He didn’t give a crap about Warlow turning her even though he knew that wasn’t what she wanted. He lied to her countless times, talked down to her, called her unforgivable names.

      I don’t think he deserves her forgiveness. And no, Sookie and Bill do not make sense. Book Bill is a rapist and Show Bill is an abuser.

    • Beatrice says:

      Terry’s funeral was the precursor to the finale. I don’t think it was pointless at all. The beginning of epi 10 was all about Bill coming back from his possession by Lillith. And Sookie being saved from Warlow. Bill saved her with help from Andy, Adeline, Jason and Violet. I don ‘t see how that can be viewed as meaningless. Sookie needed saving. Warlow turned out to be an abuser of Sookie, not Bill. The second half of the finale was all about 6 six months later. And how Sookie has begun a relationship with Alcide. She is now hiding her true feelings for Bill and staying safely away from any vampires. Well….. we all know, that won’t work for long. It is more than obvious that Sookie still has major feelings for Bill. And Bill ( now that he is no longer under Lillith’s influence ) Bill wants Sookie back. And he is probably going to prove his trustworthiness to Sookie and get her back. Whether or not it lasts for them, is of course unknown. I enjoyed Season 6. Sookie told everyone at Terry’s funeral that she is a telepath. Bon a Temps is changing and vampires are being accepted…. as each human Peres up with a healthy vampire to detest the hep v virus. I think, if anyone found S6 pointless, then it bears re~watching. There is a lot in S6 that is setting up for the final season next summer.

      • Sookieandtarabffs says:

        Yeah, no, it was pointless and I wouldn’t go back and rewatch that cluster f if you paid me. Bill and Warlow are both abusers, you can try to argue why that isn’t true, but you’re just deluding yourself. Terry’s funeral was painfully long, while Warlow’s personality turned in a minute. Bad bad bad writing. Bill didn’t save Sookie, though he likes to play the hero. He had a chance to save her waaaaay early on in the season, but he didn’t give a flying f and told her so.

      • WTActualF says:

        I liked when Bill called her an abomination, toldher she was dead to him then threw her to Warlow and basically told her to go die (quite literally). Bill is awesome if you can’t appreciate the monster in him, then you don’t really understand True Blood. This isn’t a r

        • Beatrice says:

          Bill was under Lillith’s influence when he said those things. Bill is going to save Sookie from the hep v vamps in s7. It appears you guys don’t understand what is happening on True Blood. It’s obvious that Bill and Sookie are going to be reunited.

          • Gretavanderahlden says:

            Was he under Lillith’s influence when he let her get beaten nearly to death? What about when he lied to her about Jessica? Or when he cheated on her with his maker? Was he under Lillith’s influence when he berated her at Jessica’s parents house? What about when he lied to her in S3 about why he wanted Eric and Pam killed off? Or when he gave up on her in S4? You are delusional and he still had free will, even under Lillith’s “influence”. You’re just using that as an excuse to justify his verbal abuse.

  44. Taw says:

    Didn’t Sookie forgive Bill at end of s4 for everything that went down while he was trying to keep her away from his Queen? Sookie has got over it…. maybe you should. Belittling others opinions on line is just cowardly and mean..

    • Gretavanderahlden says:

      Oh get over yourself. People in abusive relationships often forgive their abusers. Does that make it any less abusive? Bill still did all those terrible things to her and even if she did forgive him, she most certainly shouldn’t take him back. It’s called self esteem and she should go get some.

      The problem is that True Blood got rid of the good writers and kept the second string hacks. And the Billusionals buy this crappy writing and can explain away abusive acts. You all sound like battered wives.

      • Beatrice says:

        ‘Sookie got over it… maybe you should.’

        Thank you, Taw! LOL

        • Gretavanderahlden says:

          Sookie is not a real person. Sookie is written by the same crappy writers who write Bill. Do you see your logic fail? Like I said, Billusionals always find an excuse to justify Bill’s abusive behavior.

          • mollie says:

            None of them are REAL people. Remember that! lol

          • WTActualF says:

            Yeah, they’re not real, so it’s okay that Sookie has no self esteem and that Bill has done all those wonderfully detestable things to Sookie. It’s a TV show, it’s not like people are actually influenced by the things they see in TV.

  45. I’m quoting a Tumblr user who is far more eloquent than I. “His [Bill’s] story arc reached a natural conclusion at the end of season three. Attempts to give him a new arc since have been unsuccessful. There has been no consistency, and no follow through. The show’s writers seem to vacillate between making him sympathetic and turning him into a villain. In their indecisiveness, they haven’t allowed any consequences of Bill’s betrayals to stick. He can do practically anything, betray almost anyone, and then bounce back the next episode. He’s always forgiven, always “the good guy,” no matter what he does.
    This does not make for satisfying storytelling. Especially since the writers also refuse to minimize his role in the story. They keep pushing his unsatisfying, nonsensical plotline to center stage. This takes time and attention away from other, more interesting characters and storylines. It also makes the other characters look like fools—since they aren’t permitted to remember his previous misbehavior. Sookie has suffered the most from this, as she has been forced, again and again, to conveniently forget, forgive, or overlook his sins to keep a relationship alive that should have died at the end of season three.
    Narratively, the attempt to keep Bill’s story, and his relationship with Sookie, front and center has been a dead end. The show fell into a rut. Until they let Bill suffer some consequences, and Sookie face up to how deeply he betrayed her, the story can’t move forward.”

    • mollie says:

      Yes, whoever this person is, is far more eloquent than you. However, Mr. Buckner, Mr. Ball, and the writers on TB don’t care what you and you’re tumblr friends think. Here’s what people close to the show think: ‘Bill and Sookie hold the center of the show,’ Bill and Sookie are Soulmates,’ Bill and Sookie should be the end game,’ I am rooting for Bill and Sookie.’ Many current and former cast members have expressed these same sentiments. Over and over again. You cannot write your own True Blood. I would never continue to watch a show with a character that frustrates me as much as Bill Compton seems to frustrate you. No one cares about what you think is a ‘satisfying’ storyline. We Bill fans are happy as clams with the Ball/Buckner direction for the show:) can’t wait for Season 7:) Bill is front and center:) Bill has written a book… and no doubt, Sookie is reading it while Bright Eyes is sleeping! lol No doubt, there will only be more GOOGLY EYES from Sookie for Bill Compton:) She is SO not over him:)

      • Greyavanderahlden says:

        Billusionals think Tumblr is something you put your sweet tea in. Notice how none of them have successfully refuted any of the arguments made… Because their OTP doesn’t make sense and their H is a douche.

  46. WTActualF says:

    Yeah! Who cares about your “logical commentary”. We don’t want to hear what a “good narrative” would consist of. We just want to see Sookie degrade herself by making love to the guy who won her heart. So what if he had to have her beaten and so what if he lied to her and called her names. That’s the way love goes. If you want the girl, you’ve gotta do whatever you can no matter the costs. Quit posting your well thought out, logical comments. Nobody cares, we just want to see Bill violently make love to Sookie.

  47. Emily says:

    Honestly we all fans should just leave it to the writers to end it with a bang and not say what they should do but thank them for an amazing show. It’s up to them and whatever happens it’ll be awesome, though it’s sad that’s ending.

  48. L says:

    Luke and Laura . . . General Hospital, 1980’s . . . there is nothing new under the sun :)

    • Gretabanderahlden says:

      Speaking of Luke. I see that Luke Grimes agrees that the writing on this show is so bad that fifty shades of grey is more appealing to his career.

      • ? says:

        If the writing is so terrible why are you wasting your time trashing people’s opinions and even watching the damn thing? It’s interestingly bizarre.

        • Jen says:

          Well, the show USED to be well-written. The writing room once included two Oscar-winning writers (Alan Ball and Nancy Oliver). Oliver left after season 4, Ball after season 5. Early in season 6, there was another shake-up behind the scenes and Ball’s successor left mid-season. With him went several more of the original writers. I think maybe two of the original writers are left. At this point, it does seem like the second string is writing the series.
          So we’re upset because we became fans of the show when the writing was good, and then watched the quality slowly decline. We’re frustrated because we like the characters, we want to see a satisfying resolution of the story we’ve been following for years, and it looks like we aren’t going to get it.
          I’m being vocal about my frustrations now because they haven’t yet filmed season seven. The writers still have a chance to fix the mess they made at the end of season six.
          It’s pointless (but satisfying) to trash a show or movie after it’s been filmed. You can’t fix any of the problems. All you can do is warn others not to waste their time. This is actually the only useful time to give criticism–when it still might make a difference.
          So I don’t regard this as wasting my time. I see this as trying to influence the course of the show while it’s still possible to do so. Maybe no one at HBO reads these comments (though it would surprise me). But at least I TRIED to give voice to the reasons so many viewers are frustrated, and offer suggestions for improvement.
          It’s not like I’m alone in my opinion about the declining writing quality. The AV Club gave a scathing review of the season six finale (D-). Many other professional critics are increasingly disenchanted with the show. It’s precisely because I liked True Blood so much that I want them to end it well and prove all the critics wrong. This is about tough love, not mindlessly hating on the characters, writers, or actors.

  49. ? says:

    I just think that it’s hilarious that you have people arguing over issues of abuse when it comes to a show about vampires. You do realize that the word “vampire” is really just a word for sexy cannibal? You guys do realize that vampires literally suck the blood out of people and eat them right? So are you condoning abuse if you want Eric OR Bill to be with Sookie? NO because it’s a fictional freaking show about beings whose main function revolves around eating humans and/or drinking their blood to survive. SHUT UP with these real life comparisons. If you label Bill as an abuser there is no way that Eric isn’t also an abuser of the same category! You cannot argue your way around it. Bill drained Sookie nearly to death? SO DID ERIC. Bill raped Sookie? NO HE DIDNT THOUGH. Sookie kissed him and pulled him towards her and initiated contact with him in the graveyard to begin with. If she didn’t want sex in that graveyard she could’ve said STOP and if Bill would have kept going I would have seen an argument there but instead the chick was moaning and kissing him. Bill gave Sookie his blood to keep her drawn to him you say? SO DID ERIC. Bill called Sookie an abomination? Eric told her that she meant nothing to him and that he could care less about her in Russell’s mansion. If Eric didn’t mean what he said then a similar argument could be made about Bill’s comments. Bill gave Sookie up to Warlow you say? Never mind that Bill actually saved Sookie in the end, but Eric also gave Sookie up to Russell Edgington AND he stood and watched as his employee Longshadow nearly murdered Sookie without even lifting a finger. These arguments are laughable.

    • WTActualF says:

      There’s this little thing called consent. Fang bangers consent to having their blood sucked out of their bodies. Some even get paid by the vampire. Like how Eric paid the lady in S2. Bill, however is a true vampire. He takes what he wants and kills his donors. Pay for it? Pffft. Just fang-rape and kill the mcpeople. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. I’m glad Bill is a true vampire, some say “abuser of humans”. Whatever. It’s his nature. He wants Sookie and he claimed her, therefore she’s his. Consent means nothing!

      Teach your sons that too.

      • ? says:

        “True vampires”….like when Eric grabbed Willa’s crotch while she was hysterically crying and told her he would “tear her up down there”. Or when he locked a bunch of humans up in a dungeon and then literally ripped them apart. Or when he ripped a dudes heart out and drank it. Or when he DRAINED SOOKIE WITHOUT HER CONSENT after locking her in a dungeon WITHOUT HER CONSENT. Or when he gave Sookie his blood WITHOUT HER CONSENT. Or when he basically said humans were disgusting especially when they got old. Sounds like Eric would really run off into the sunset with Sookie as is right? Or when Eric bought Sookie’s house with her in it against her will and when he refused to let her have it back. When he waltzed into her room while she was naked and changing WITHOUT HER CONSENT. The thing is you could keep going on and on with this silliness but I actually like Eric a lot. I’m just pointing out how dumb these arguments over superiority between Bill and Eric actually are because while the two characters are different, they are very similar in a lot of ways. I just get annoyed when people say Bill is some trashy abuser while painting Eric out to be this knight in shining armor Romeo 100% fit to be Sookie’s husband or something. I’m excited for Sylvie, I was even intrigued by Nora and Eric. I just don’t find Eric and Sookie to be entertaining and instead I find them awkward together. It’s also quite obvious that Sookie was literally in love with Bill for the entire time she fooled around with Eric because she even said so. I thought Eric and Sookie had a good thing in the beginning of season 4 but it got played out real quick for me and I found myself being more interested in Bill’s reaction to them being together. I also thought it was very gracious when Bill decided to let Sookie go be with Eric if it made her happy, while Eric gave zero effs about Bill or Sookie’s happiness in the situation, all he wanted was Sookie to be “his”.

        • WTActualF says:

          I agree with you. Eric is a badass for all the reasons you listed, but his downfall (and the reason I don’t like him as much as bill) is that his motivations make him weak. Yes, he did all those things without consent, but he did them to either bring about justice or to save Sookie in some capacity. Bill is a superior vampire because his only motivation is his own selfish needs. Like his fight to be king, his scheming to drink Lillith’s blood and the orchestration of Sookie’s beating and his subsequent claim over her. Bill takes what he wants (sex included) and that’s why he’s a great vampire. Much better than Eric who tries to save people all the time (grow a pair Eric!)

        • Jen says:

          Your ability to ignore context tells me a lot about your interpretive skills, ?. According to your interpretation, there’s really no difference between rape and consensual sex, between murder and war, or between theft and purchase. As long as the outcome is the same, intent, context, and purpose really don’t matter.
          Neither Eric nor Bill is a saint. But anyone with a modicum of objectivity can see the difference between the two characters. But then, you’ve already admitted you aren’t objective.
          You like Bill. You found Bill “gracious” when he was willing to let Sookie go to Eric. I thought WTactualF was exaggerating for satirical purposes, but you really believe that Bill somehow “owns” Sookie and has some say in whether she can decide to have another relationship. It’s mindboggling, and frankly a bit sickening, that you can type that with a straight face.
          I have tried and tried to like Bill, to give him the benefit of the doubt. Since I like the show, and he is a big part of it, I really worked at finding some redeeming qualities in him. But I keep coming up empty.
          Up until seasons five and six, I had hope for his relationship with Jessica. He really seemed to try with her. But just when I thought I’d found something really good about Bill, something unambiguously unselfish, he managed to destroy it. Knocking Jessica across the room when she refused to turn Jason, then imprisoning her, demonstrated that there is no one Bill won’t betray. When he pimped her out to the Japanese researcher and then had her abduct Andy’s daughters, he put the nail in my last hopes for his character.
          Bill IS a trashy abuser. He corrupts everything he touches. Anyone who comes close to him he will eventually betray. Most of those people end up dead at his hands; a few manage to get off simply tortured, drained, imprisoned, or beaten up. The writers have done a great job making Bill into one of the most unpleasant characters I’ve had the misfortune to meet. They’ve also done a good snow job on the audience. Most of them minimize his flaws. A few insist he is a romantic hero.
          If this were still season three or four, I could buy that Bill is just misunderstood, that he can change for the better. But we’ve seen Bill “change”. He changes his entire value system like most people change their socks. But there’s one constant: people around him suffer, and he doesn’t. In fact, he just gains more power. Even losing Lilith’s powers isn’t an exception–he emerges with a bestselling book, claims he was a god, and fools everyone into thinking he “saved” them all. He’s like a vampire cockroach. Let’s hope someone stomps on him in season seven.
          My passionate hatred for Bill is entirely separate from my feelings for Sookie and Eric. I like them together. I don’t think it’s Romeo and Juliet all over again, but I like both characters separately, they’re entertaining together, and he’s certainly the best alternative Sookie’s been offered in the course of the show. It wouldn’t bother me if the show ended with her alone, either, as long as there was some hope that she was becoming stronger. Most of her relationships have been with abusive men (Bill, Warlow, even Alcide), and she ran away from guys who seemed more healthy for her (Sam and Eric). She needs some serious therapy and a break from men trying to use her for her blood or fairy heritage. I’d like Eric to have a few happy relationships, as he’s suffered huge losses over the last few seasons (Godric, Nora, Fangtasia, possibly his life). Since he loves Sookie, it would be satisfying to see him have the chance to try to date her while he’s a whole person and neither of them are in fear of their lives.

          • TAW says:

            Wow. It is just stunning how some of you have twisted everything on TB and see Bill as evil. Nothing could be further from the truth. I won’t try to respond point by point to what you have said, because what you believe about Bill’s personality and his journey, will never be changed by your warped opinion of him. There is Eric and Sookie on TB. It is amazing, here we are coming up to the very last season and you still cannot understand that. Sookie had a fling with an amnesiac Eric. And it was pretty creepy. A sexual marathon that only existed in her house for several hours. After which, Sookie talked Eric into going to fight the witches with the man she really loves, King Bill. There are so many times when Bill sacrificed himself for Sookie’s sake and when Lillith left him, Bill’s first act was to go and fight Warlow (without any special powers) to save Sookie… again. Eric was nowhere around when Sookie needed saving. Sookie, at end of season 6 ,is dating Alcide. But she is still very much drawn to Bill, because she has never stopped loving him. And Bill has never stopped loving Sookie. He will be there for her again in season 7. If you cannot see that the end game of True Blood is all about Bill and Sookie …. I don’t know …. it is really incredible that some people cannot accept what they have been watching ~ and the true story of what the TB writers have been writing about ~ for the past 6 years.

          • ? says:

            Okay well I’m going to stop wasting my time now then. Nothing of what you just said even relates back to what I typed. Not once did I say that Bill owns Sookie. Not once. I can’t distinguish between rape and consensual sex because….I like Bill? That’s basically your point. Personally attack me and degrade my opinion and deem it worthless because it doesn’t conform with your fanatical and borderline creepy obsession with hating a fictional character. Context? I could very well make the argument that Bill did less than noble things to protect or help the ones he loved in the end too. OMG have a nice life. As a nurse I should probably advise you to stop watching something that fills you with so much anger and stress. It sounds like you clearly don’t enjoy the show AT ALL. How could you?

          • Jen says:

            I’m not really sure why ? is so hostile. I’m arguing that Bill and Eric sometimes do similar things, but it’s not that difficult to distinguish between the two characters because of the different context behind their actions. There are numerous examples, but my comment was already ridiculously long, so it seemed cruel (to readers) to enumerate them. But I guess it’s necessary.
            I’ll list one. I’m sure viewers can remember many more.
            Both Bill and Eric tricked Sookie into taking their blood. The difference was in the context. Eric protected Sookie from a bomb blast, getting injured himself, and then tricked her into drinking his blood to heal him. He readily admitted the trick the minute after she helped him. Sookie was mad at him for the deception and able to counteract the effects of the blood on her libido and emotions. Bill let her get beaten up so that she’d have to take his blood or die. He lied about the side effects, so she was grateful and he was easily able to manipulate her emotions. She fell for him under the influence of this manipulation. She might have fallen in love anyway, but it’s hard to know, since he got his blood into her within 24 hours of their first meeting.

            Similar actions, but different context and different effects upon Sookie. Eric protected Sookie and then gave her a choice to help him or not. Bill was willing to risk Sookie’s life to force her to take his blood. Force trumps trickery, on the scale of loathsome behavior. But just in case what he did initially wasn’t heinous enough, Bill took advantage of Sookie’s gratitude for rescuing her. He also lied about the effects of the blood and let her think all those feelings and dreams of him were genuine. Then Bill lied about what he did for months. Eric came clean in a minute, but Bill lied and lied and lied. While they dated, when he slept with her, even when he asked her to marry him. The entire basis of their relationship was this fundamental lie. As far as we can tell, Bill would never have admitted what he did if Eric hadn’t let the cat out of the bag.
            That’s the kind of person Bill is. He’d let someone shoot you, take you to the hospital, and then accept a reward for saving your life. He has no shame. This familiar pattern is repeated over and over again in the series. Bill does something sneaky and cruel (let Sookie get beat up, arrange Sophie Anne’s assassination, poison Salome and take Lilith’s blood). Then he gets a cookie (Sookie’s love, Sophie Anne’s kingdom, Lilith’s powers). It’s hard to like someone who is consistently rewarded for being a sneaky, self-serving jerk. Unless you have a love for villains. Which is perfectly fine, but even then, Bill tries to have his cake and eat it too. He behaves like a villain, but he claims to be a good guy, and makes endless speeches about love, morality, and tolerance. They’re great speeches, but coming from Bill are just a tad bit hypocritical.
            I fully admit to hating Bill. But there are concrete reasons for my dislike. It is based upon his behavior to everyone around him. This isn’t about wanting Sookie and Eric together. I would heartily approve if she ran off to New York at the end of the final season, if it were written well. I’m a fan of satisfying stories. But there is no way putting Sookie back with Bill, yet another cookie given to him for being a jerk, will be a satisfying ending to the series. That ship sailed several seasons ago. He’s been written as such an awful person that it just doesn’t work. No matter how much people fell in love with the lie (his character in season one). I don’t dislike his fans, but I’m genuinely puzzled by their blindness. So many of them think that Bill and Sookie are a great love affair, when he’s done such awful things to her. It’s like all seasons after the first one are fan fiction and don’t really count. Even if they retcon 75% of Bill’s behavior in the first season. It’s frustrating to read comments from people who don’t even seem to have watched seasons 2-6, but just read about them from a recapper who loves Bill and thinks he can do no wrong. Everything in the show is subtly distorted to glorify him and assert that he belongs with the woman he let get beaten, lied to, and manipulated.

  50. TAW says:

    I managed to leave the key word in one of my sentences above: There is NO Eric and Sookie on True Blood. They did not speak to each other after Episode One. And Sookie did not even think about Eric during the entire season. Bill told her at the Bellefluer house, when he paid his respects to Arlene, that Eric had escaped from Vamp Camp. Sookie had absolutely no reaction to the news of Eric’s capture nor his escape. Her only concern was whether or not she should hand Warlow over to Bill. It is obvious that the TB writers have made sure that Eric’s storyline did not cross paths with Sookie’s. And next season, Eric will have a girl friend named Sylvie to replace Nora. The handwriting is on the wall. The new triangle love match has been announced as Alcide/Bill/Sookie for the finale season.

    • WTActualF says:

      Yes, I am being satirical because there is no reasoning with a Billusional, as evidenced by the post above. No matter what the show portrays, Billusionals will always interpret it as a positive in Bill’s character. They can explain and justify every horrific thing he’s ever done and they see nothing wrong with Bill and Sookie’s relationship.

      Obviously they are not objective and have a skewed view of the show. It’s laughable to me and in reality makes me sad for them.

      I’m a reasonable person who views the show objectively and without rose colored glasses and I detest Bill. He’s a creep, a liar, selfishly ambitious and a murderer of innocent people. All things he’s either outright said himself in the course of dialogue throughout the seasons, or was blatantly portrayed through his actions and flashbacks.

      Billusionals, however, always find a way to justify his actions. “He only murdered those innocent flappers because Lorena forced him to.” Pfft. That’s laughable. Never once did she say “as your maker I command you.” Oh well. Billusionals live in their own world. I’m just glad I don’t live there with them.

      • TAW says:

        Do yourself a very big favor and just skip Season 7. It’s gonna be very painful for you. Bill Compton is none of the things you say. If I said I feel sorry for you… I would be lying.

        • WTActualF says:

          Thanks for the tip, Billusional.

          • ? says:

            Oh my godddd here we go again with Billusional. I honestly feel like I’m talking to people that are in some bizarre online cult and their symbol is a screenshot of Eric’s dong from the finale. I can’t. It’s actually hilarious to me because the people that use the term Billusional are the most delusional viewers of the show. I’m not even going to elaborate because that has clearly been done in this thread again and again and it’s like kicking a dead horse with a steel toed boot directly in the face.

          • WTActualF says:

            Thank you for proving my point, Billisional.