'Red' Alert! The Blacklist Renewed for Season 2

Blacklist Renewed Season 2The Blacklist apparently has many, many more names left on it — and as such, NBC has renewed its hit freshman drama for a 22-episode second season.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has thusly been updated.

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In the James Spader-fronted drama’s most recent outing, it held onto 100 percent of its Voice lead-in rating and eyed possible best-since-premiere tallies in both total audience and in the coveted demo (pending Nielsen finals).

Eight weeks into its run, The Blacklist represents NBC’s most-watched new drama in 19 years (since Earth 2 circa 1994). It also enjoys stupefying Live+7 DVR gains, one week growing by a record 6.6 million viewers to a total audience of 16.93 mil.

The well-reviewed drama had earned a full-season pick-up in early October, after just two airings.

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“The success of The Blacklist demonstrates that inspired storytelling is alive and well in broadcast television, and I’m impressed on a daily basis by this creative team’s imagination and the extent to which they will go to capture this grand vision on film,” NBC Entertainment chair Robert Greenblatt said in a statement. “With gratitude to both our partners at Sony Pictures Television and our NBC development executives who took a great script and shepherded it into a great series, I hope that Red Reddington never runs out of names to bring down on his list!”

Having just aired its fall finale, The Blacklist will resume Season 1 on Jan. 13, 2014.

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  1. jimbo says:

    Good. Parenthood next, please.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    LOL, I thought it already had been renewed.

  3. Gabriel Anthony says:

    After The Good Wife it is the best broadcast tv show! Great news!

    • liza180 says:

      So true! GW has been on fire this year. I almso t fidnt warch Blacklist but sooo glad i did. Spader is awesome as always and the writing is fantastic.

  4. sara says:

    Awesome news.

    • NewShadeOfBlue says:

      James Spader is awesome in this fantastic show. Can’t wait until Jan. for the new season. This is gripping, white knuckle suspense and action for everyone. LOVE THIS SHOW.

  5. Logan says:

    Great news one of my new favorite shows

  6. Polly says:

    keeping James Spader on our TVs is a good thing. good NBC. very good.

    • Olivia says:

      Ikr! Spader is FANTASTIC, and Boone is on her way become one of my favorite tv ladies this season. I’m also very intrigued by the guy who plays Ressler, he’s growing on me and I look forward to seeing more about those three.

      • HAP says:

        Diego Klattenhoff. Nova Scotia born actor who played Brody’s friend on Homeland, who also got it on with his wife, and was also in Men In Trees, among other roles.

  7. Best news i’ve heard all day. Now only if one of my other shows that isn’t doing so hot (Almost Human) gets renewed i’d be SUPER stoked.

  8. Eric says:

    Wow, a season two renewal already! I didn’t expect one of these until at least January. Cool stuff.

  9. TV Gord says:

    ‘Red” alert! Great headline, Matt!

  10. Florence Way says:

    I am glad that they are bring back blacklist I never miss it watched it since day 1

  11. JEF says:

    James Spader makes the show!

  12. Daisy says:

    Awesome. Thank you NBC!

  13. Jax says:

    “Well that was a big surprise” said no one.

  14. greysfan says:

    Awesome news. Really loving this show and i can’t wait to see where it goes next. James Spader is a marvel and Megan Boone is awesome too. I don’t mind that wig unlike some people who seem to have a hate for it. Now NBC DON’T SCREW THIS UP!

  15. KD says:

    Yes! Just a fun show and Spader is fantastic.

  16. Ryan says:

    What are the odds of this season getting an additional 2 episode order? I think they did it with Chicago Fire last year.

  17. blacklister says:

    Such a good show…Having James Spader being back on TV is simply fantastic..Here’s hoping for 8 or 9 more seasons. :)

  18. Liliana says:

    Yay!! Great news!!! Love this show so much! :D

  19. KSM says:

    This show is sooo good. When my parents, my husband, my brother, and I all like a show, you know it has broad appeal!

    • Shazza (UK) says:

      This! My parents, husband and teen kids love this show as much as I do – a rare thing these days. So pleased about the renewal, and James Spader in anything is never a bad thing.

  20. well ain’t this news just peachy keene
    now they just need to get that wig off liz & all will be right in the blacklist world

  21. nate says:

    Parenthood next please

  22. meatwad says:

    I knew I was gonna like this show just from the trailer they put out last summer. so glad it has more than lived up to the hype/expectations

  23. Esaul says:

    I hope they don’t randomly move the show like they did to Revolution. Let’s not jump start anymore shows behind The Voice. Great theory, but look what happened. Can’t stand Megan Boone in The Blacklist. She irks me as a lead actress. If it weren’t for James Spader, I wouldn’t watch the show. Also this is an ironic statement since I declared before watching the show I’d never check it out because of Spader. :D

    • azu says:

      Blacklist has potential the only reason I watch is spacer. Meghan Boone and the FBI agents are such poor and artificial a actors veryplastic!!!.

  24. Diane says:

    Best New Show this Season. Absolutely. Positively.

  25. Lena says:

    Awesome! Love this show.

  26. majamababe says:

    YAY! YAY! YAY!

  27. Elyse says:

    so happy!! love love love the Blacklist! :)

  28. mandy says:

    I think this is the first season I actually watch shows that are safe from cancellation. This and Sleepy Hollow are my new favs. But I am worried now about The Good Wife and Elementary.

  29. Pamela says:

    The Blacklist has great actors – James Spader, and Harry Lennix, and Megan Boone is new to me but really like her back story when it’s injected. The blood, guts, gore and violence tho, needs to be toned down. When good writing is so scarce in tv, I’m sure these writers can write diabolically without showing so much blood spattered. We shouldn’t be desensitizing our culture….and then having to keep escalating it when those that feed on it get bored. I had to order two seasons of “Boston Legal” to cleanse my palate and get a balance and remember when Spader was at his best. “Scandal” has gotten rid of much of its violence this year, I would hope BlackList will do so as well.

    • TV Gord says:

      I wouldn’t count on the show toning down the violence. They are clearly trying to make it competitive with the cable shows, and that’s one way to do it, for better or worse.

  30. Sparky says:

    Awesome news….loved last night episode. So glad Lizzie addressed the humongous elephant in the room last night even though I don’t believe his answer or do I…can’t decide. Looking forward to seeing what happens next and hopefully NBC doesn’t screw with the show like they usually do. Love James Spader…didn’t realize how much I missed him on TV until the Blacklist. He is my main reason for tuning in.

  31. jojo says:

    Yay!!! This is good news….. They may want to consider putting a little humor by having more lines from Aram, the booksmart computer guy. Just a little humor but not too much…keep the show dark and never try those NCIS-ish banters.

  32. Laurie says:

    I’m happy to hear this only because I have so many new shows piled up on my DVR that I haven’t had the time to watch, not even a single episode. So I know now to watch this one! The others I have are : Hostages, Betrayal, Player (I think it’s called), Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, Reign (I watched the 1st episode of this and wasn’t impressed, but hoped it would get better). I think that’s it. If any of you FANatics out there can voice your opinions on these shows, I would so appreciate it. I don’t want to invest in a show that is likely to be cancelled or is not enjoyable. I have too many other shows to watch! Thanks for any input you have on this :)

    • Aimee says:

      Hostages and Betrayal are pretty much toast. They will not be renewed so you can delete those right now. Sleepy Hollow has already been renewed for season two and (IMO) is a fun show. Check it out.

    • Elyse says:

      i checked out both Hostages and Blacklist and i loved Blacklist… Hostages is OK in comparison. Dracula bored me to death but i really like Reign. i was pleasantly surprised by it!

    • Jesse says:

      In my opinion the only show that is better than The Blacklist is NCIS. Once you watch the 1st episode you will be hooked! Awesome show.

  33. El S Boy says:

    Superbowl 2015, here come your winner !
    it’s a done deal, NBC will try to skyrock Blacklist rating in season 2

  34. Jane Akl says:

    Wonderful news! james Spader is such an excellent actor and he really play the part of “Red” well.I must say Thanks to everyone who has had a part in creating this fabulous addition to TV.

  35. Heidi says:

    Indeed! Brilliant writing and acting with edge-of-the-seat storytelling. So, what IS Red’s connection to Lizzie??

  36. CourtTV says:

    I loved Earth 2. I hope The Blacklist can sustain itself longer.

  37. Joey says:

    So happy about the news. Can’t wait to watch new episodes in January.

  38. Mare says:

    Good! There are a lot of holes in the writing, and frankly, the only good thing about it is James Spader’s AWESOME portrayal of Red and his people (Dembe and Luli [RIP!]), but his Red is worth some of the almost painful idiocy of the FBI/CIA group of characters!

  39. sarah says:

    That is great news! Now the long wait until Jan 13!

  40. Robin says:

    Best New Show!!!! So happy it will continue :)

  41. Lynn says:

    thank god television is back on track with this!!!!! I freaking hate stupid no brainers red neck stuff that are filling our television…….I mean really “duck dynasty and honey bobobo” jesus what’s wrong with television writers and producers….we are going backwards instead of forward……..bring it on with Blacklist yahoooooo!!!!!!!! something to use our brains with….and the up and coming 24 and the followers!!!!!!there is a god!!!!

  42. Cyntia says:

    Love the Blacklist. I watch it because of the writing and Spader. But the other actors are not up to,par for this great series. Can hardly watch Megan Boone. Would be so much better if she could actually make you believe her character. Her acting is really second rate

  43. james says:

    the blacklist is incredible! James Spader is magnificent, and hats-off to Megan Boone who is absolutely incredible. I am amazed @both ms Boone on this show & Alyssa Milano from a different network(abc) Mistresses, both actresses deserve emmys for their respective parts.

  44. janus says:

    pls do have the season 2 now! i demand! thank you!

  45. carol taylor says:

    James Spader makes this series. He reminds me of someone I knew in the late 60’s. There were some great, intelligent, independent thinkers back then. He has the charisma and mental capacity to keep us 60 and over interested. We were James. way before reality TV.

  46. Nippa says:

    I think Hollywood hates the FBI they tend to write them as incompetent fools, and this show is no different, I actually felt bad for the FBI where shows like this constantly point out that they’re a bunch of idiots that need to be exposed on entertainment shows as even more foolish than they currently are. If I were the FBI I would sue them.

    Ressler needs to be deleted, hes a moron, how did he manage to get through their training and screening phases amazes me, the evaluators need to be sacked. Federal Bureau of Incompetence makes me wonder why Red chose them to be his lackeys when his current crew are far more competent and interesting than these 3 morons, the CIA chick is only guilty by association, shes the only one I feel has any credibility.

    Megan Boone has dead eyes and weird hair, I keep getting distracted by both, I don’t blame her for being stupid, she has some excuses, the writers were merciful, in dealing her a hand that allowed protection from stupidity. She is a bad actress with a very poor character history drawn for her, I think despite her flaws she has managed to work within this show to be more likable than her fellow FBI cast, which isn’t difficult to do.

    Red is condescendingly wonderful in his breakdown of their incompetence, so why does he use them? They have caused him more trouble than any benefits that make me ask over and over WHY choose them???

  47. Why didn’t the Blacklist air this Monday, April 7th? I was very upset another program was on. I love the Blacklist, including James Spader and Megan Boone. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews on Ms. Boone. I think she does an excellent job on the show !!!!

  48. Reddington's fan says:

    The show must go on! Come on, dont do this to fans.. this show is incredible and with time i believe that x20 persons will track this unbelieveble great tv show! Don’t stop it becuz this is one of the few shows that is interesting to people!

  49. Special says:

    I m so happy:D

  50. Oxtoby64 says:

    When will series 1 Blacklist dvd be released? Not just to check for any episodes that I’ve missed, but I like re-watching them to pick up clues to the story line!