Sons of Anarchy Post Mortem: Jimmy Smits on Nero's Shocking Discovery and Next Week's 'Brilliant' Finale -- 'It Leaves You Breathless'

Jimmy Smits Sons Of AnarchyA dark, deadly secret resurfaces in Tuesday’s penultimate Sons of Anarchy — the repercussions of which will reverberate throughout next week’s Season 6 finale, previews Jimmy Smits in the following Q&A.

The big reveal is set in motion when a guilt-ridden Juice attempts to ease his pain by overdosing on Oxycontin (great advice, Bobby). Nero comes to his rescue and, while attempting to revive him, finds himself on the receiving end of a startling confession. A groggy Juice admits that it was Jax who instructed him to kill Darvany — aka Nero’s late cousin’s junkie girlfriend and the mother of the young boy responsible for that school shooting.

Harnessing every ounce of restraint at his disposal, Nero resists taking out his rage on Juice — even as the ailing Son pleads for a death as swift as Darvany’s. And once face-to-face with Jax, Nero again bottles up his anger — opting instead to console the King, who’s reeling from the discovery/assumption that Tara not only made off with their children, but ratted him out to the DA.

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Here, Smits breaks down Nero’s splintered mindset in that episode-ending moment, and reveals why his Charming alter ego has not forgiven Jax (not by a long-shot). The Emmy-winning actor also teases next week’s shock and awe-inducing season finale.

TVLINE | What was going through Nero’s mind in that final moment of the episode when he’s holding Jax’s head in his hand?
This all goes with that running cord that [creator] Kurt Sutter hits with all of this characters, and that is, what happens when you feel betrayed? The information that Nero gleans from Juice, that Jax so blatantly lied about, and the outcome of that really runs deep… So, I hope what was conveyed was that you didn’t know what was going to happen when he walked through that door… That moment when he goes to Jax, once he’s found out what happens, he sees another level of betrayal — it almost trumps what Nero is feeling because this kid has been betrayed by his wife and he’s had his kids taken away; Nero relates to that because he’s got this thing with his son.. Nero doesn’t know if he’s going to comfort this guy or choke the hell out of him.

And then what you see in that final image of those three people in that room is that nobody in there — Gemma, Jax or Nero — is on firm ground. They’re in turmoil, and that’s the way Mr. Sutter likes to leave his audiences [Laughs] … We’ll see in this final episode those feelings of betrayal and how enacting revenge comes about. Is it going to be an immediate act? Is it going to be something that takes a whole other season, like it did for Clay’s character?

TVLINE | So, Nero has not forgiven Jax in that moment? It’s just fleeting empathy?
Exactly, yes.

TVLINE | We see Nero tucking Juice in after his big revelation. Does that mean he doesn’t blame him for Darvany’s death?
Juice, in that moment, is an appendage to the larger problem that Nero sees, which is his involvement with this club. This business has blossomed now and, because of it, Nero has this relationship with Jax, who is a brother/son/business partner/stepson — what is he? And, of course, there’s this awkward courtship between he and Gemma, two people who have these cuts on their chests for a reason — both literally and figuratively. They both have these voids that they awkwardly found a way to [fill]. So, that’s one pull. And then you have the pull of, in Kurt’s world, ‘the streets’… Those are all counterbalancing. And Nero is teeter-tottering in a big way.

TVLINE | Is Nero’s love of Gemma strong enough to withstand this latest revelation?
That’s exactly what he’s grappling with. As Jimmy, I never really thought that they’d be uttering the L-word, but that’s happened. [Laughs] And it’s not in a phoney way; they’ve been through things. Again, going back to Kurt’s world, that ‘betrayal’ word trumps a lot of cards and a lot of feelings and relationships and family ties. It supersedes a lot.

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TVLINE | There was so much truth to Nero’s line a few weeks ago about all of Gemma’s husbands ending up dead. Why is he still with her?
They both have a profound understanding of hurt, and they have their pain because of the choices they’ve made. I have an interesting perspective on each of their worlds… The acceptance of what he does for a living and his understanding of where she fits in, they’ve found a way to navigate that. When I first read that Gemma had that conjugal visit with Clay and then what that turned in to, I had to step back and go, ‘No freakin’ way, man!’ [Laughs] But I really had to reset and realize what this guy does for a living is deal with different women’s psyches — he’s a companionator! [Laughs] He has an understanding about relationships and love that is very different than I do.

TVLINE | Nero has been resisting the Sons at every turn this season, but still he’s remained fiercely loyal. So, why did he agree to meet with the Mayans?
Again that’s the way that Kurt and his writer’s room write: They juxtapose these posts that each one of the characters present the audience with when they first start…. One of the best lines this week is Emilio’s line: ‘There’s no Switzerland in the hood’ — I wanted to make a t-shirt of it! [Laughs] It’s really true; it’s boiled down to making a decision .

TVLINE | The Mayans had a huge presence early on in the series and now they’re back in a big way in the penultimate episode of the penultimate season — that feels pretty full circle, no? Might we be gearing up to see the return of OG Nero fighting alongside that gang in some big, final season battle?
Well, we’re assuming he’s going to make it out of the final episode… [Laughs]

TVLINE | Yeah, that is my hope.
I don’t know about that. Let me put it this way… Because of where we are right now and the revenge factor with these characters, when the s–t goes down, it ain’t gonna be pretty. [Laughs] That’s all I can say.

TVLINE | Does next week’s finale do a good job of setting up the final season?
I really think it’s brilliant in terms of the way it leaves viewers… It really leaves you breathless. You’ll wonder, “Do I have to hold my breath now until it’s back again?!” Yep, kind of. [Laughs] I [was] shocked.

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  1. Pat D. says:

    I don’t understand what Tara is trying to do…by NOT taking the deal, she is putting the kids in even more of harm’s way, subjecting them to Jax’s inevitable violent rampage when he tracks her down.

    I’m also rather disappointed that Nero didn’t smack Jax around instead of comforting him, now that he knows what Jax did.

    • Faster says:

      I’m not sure what she’s going for either. I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out what she’s thinking, but I just don’t see how having the law and the club after her is the best thing. And I don’t really get the feeling that she’s given up or going to kill herself. Could be wrong of course, but I walked away from that episode thinking she had some kind of plan.

  2. KK says:

    #Petrified for next week LOVEDDD tonight’s episode

  3. the girl says:

    For weeks now I have just been praying for Tara to make it out of the episode alive. I can’t even believe she made it to the season finale. I hope she makes it to next season, but I don’t know if I believe she can. I really want her to, because she is the only one who is seeing straight about this lifestyle and the idea of raising children in this lifestyle. Getting out of guns is not the thing that solves all of the problems, despite what Jax seems to think. These people still are who they are and naturally will raise children to be just like them. Tara is the only one who is putting the kids first and for that she really deserves to live but unfortunately, she’s gonna die.

    • Tessa says:

      I am holding out hope that she is going to make it until the next season. Jax still loves Tara and that is a big part of the betrayal for him. He hasn’t been seeing clearly about the life he lives since the middle of season 4. Ever since he became President, we are losing the level headed man we fell in love with. Tara was obviously struggling over what to do the whole episode.

    • tracey says:

      tara knew what lifestyle she was getting into when she got with jax gemma even asked her if she was wanting this life and she said yes so tara needs to suck up what she has coming to her and die

      • abz says:

        Comments like these are so idiotic! Are you incapable of understanding that we as human beings often regret the decisions we make? Does that mean we should just sit back on not try to change our lives and our futures and make them better? Should we not try to make up for our poor decisions? Tara realized the mistake she had made continuing with this life and waiting for Jax to change was not a good option anymore. She had to take matters into her own hands and right the mistakes she made in staying. She tried to get out of the MC legally and morally with her new job in a different town but her psychotic mother-in-law, dangerous husband, and the MC didn’t make it easy for her so she was desperate and took extreme measures to go about getting herself and her boys to safety. Think about that!

  4. angelwings says:

    Please just go ahead and put a bullet in Tara’s head. She is the most wishy washy and useless character on the show.

    Can we please get to this show being about the MC instead of the Gemma and Tara soap opera?

    • gemmas angry face says:

      Yeah, my wife and I have really struggled to get into this season. If it wasnt for the fact that we have watched it from the beginning, wed be gone. The poorly written soap part of this show is killing it in my opinion. Dont really care what happens to Tara now.

      • Flower says:

        just haven’t seen any love come from Tara this season. I’ve always rooted for Jax and Tara but now I’m not sure they belong together and that is sad….

    • Pat D. says:

      Yep, and if you noticed, Jax added a few more bodies to the pile this episode. This is the guy you want Tara to “stand by”?

      • italia says:

        Exactly, when has he ever stood up for his wife and kids. Too busy saving the crew.

        • Breah Olczak says:

          Exactly! Loving a show doesn’t mean one has to back up the main character(s) every move. I can’t even believe the ppl who want to stop watching now, and I’m really glad sutter doesn’t fold to the masses rediculous wants.

    • Jake says:

      You really are not very smart are you.

    • abz says:

      Tara was the best thing about this season IMO! Oh a mother, who is regretting the decision she made of being apart of a dangerous MC, tries to protect her children and herself from the horrible life that comes with it deserves a bullet in her head? You @angelwings are extremely IMMATURE! I seriously hope you never were a mother.

      • Cheryl says:

        Agreed! Tara is the best part of the this season. I love how even though this is a show about the MC, it has enough depth to actually include family members (wives, children, etc..) that also get involved/wrapped up in/ put in danger by this “lifestyle”. I love Tara and stand by her decisions. This is a smart woman, who loves her husband to no end, but has to make a choice between her children and him. I think that’s why she’s “wishy-washy”, she has to make a decision she truly does not want to do. I think Tara was on her way to rat until Abel mentioned his father. I think Tara realized right them that she couldn’t go anywhere without Jax. I see a reconciliation in the season finale, not death.

    • Sawyer says:

      Really kill Tara? Hmm that does not compute.

    • Sawyer says:

      No the most annoying character is Gemma and Wendy Please Mr. Sutter get rid of you wife.
      Killing Tara would piss a lot of people obviously just look at the comment. Gemma Season 1thru 4 was almost bearable now, just kill her. Now.

  5. liza180 says:

    This show lost its way. Once tara turned on hax. I dont understand or get why all of the sudden she betrayed he man she loves. It seemed so quick and happened so fast. I really think the story should have had a twist…like Jax being in on it so she could escape the feds with the kids.this just didnt make sense. Except that Gemma betrayed John.

    • AKing says:

      I swore all season that that’s what was going to happen, that we’d find out Jax was in on Tara’s plan and they’d make it out together.

      I wouldn’t doubt there is some sort of twist though knowing Sutter, what Tara did last night just seemed too stupid for there not to be some sort of twist or master plan behind it.

      • Pat D. says:

        Well, she already came up with that doozy of a plan to fake her pregnancy and blame the miscarraige on Gemma, which never had any chance of succeeding, so dont count stupidity out as a possibility, LOL.

        • J0099100 says:

          How did it not have a chance of succeeding? The only way they found out was “the lawyer probably knows; hold a gun to her head”. If Tara just stuck to lying about Gemma instead of lying about Nero as well, there wouldn’t have been multiple people warning Jax, and he wouldn’t have become suspicious.

    • Pushkin says:

      I don’t think it was a sudden turn at all. Remember, she stuck with Jax through his 18 month imprisonment (he wasn’t there for her pregnancy or the birth of the baby), then she was nearly kidnapped and had her hand crushed, basically ending her surgical career, and the final straw came when she landed in jail and may end up being there for a while. Like Gemma said, who is there to raise Thomas and Abel? Crow Eaters, Uncle Cancer, and the junkie birth mother. And their father will either end up dead or in jail himself. That would make any character turn on their husband.

      • J0099100 says:

        Yeah, nah. She decided the Junkie mother was the only good option because the MC is a dangerous life, but she could have talked to Jax about her change of heart. All of the things surrounding the MC that she’s afraid of are the things Jax has been fighting since 0101.

        • abz says:

          Jax really wouldn’t have done s***!! He would’ve tried to reassure that he’s working to end it just like he always does and then something new would happen and he’d have to deal with that and then the cycle continues. Talking to him would have accomplished NOTHING!!!

    • abz says:

      I think you should consider rewatching the series or at least the last two season so you can realize that all of this stuff going on with Tara is ANYTHING BUT SUDDEN!!

      • Olivia says:

        And remember, she was in prison for a few weeks between this season and last. She had nothing to do but think about the fact that she had hit bottom. She spent last season planning to get her family out. As a mother and wife, she thought it was her duty to get them out of the life and move away to a lucrative job. But when she told Jax her plan in the last episode, he was mad and defensive, and thought she was trying to “teach him a lesson.” Then she gets arrested and faces real prison time for something that happened while she was trying to help out the club. Going in to jail, she thought it was Gemma who turned her in. Even though we know that isn’t true, Tara had nothing but time to think how she tried to get them out legally and morally, and all it got her was time in jail and an ambivalent husband. Any rational mother would think, “This is crazy. I’ve got to get the boys out no matter what.”

    • Flower says:

      I’ve thought the same thing…really hope it works out that way!

  6. cf11395 says:

    Tara better make it into the next season. Idk what people say she is the baddest bitch on this show. Love her!!! I honestly think jax turned her in at the end of the last season and that’s why she is so easy to betray jax but I don’t think she’ll go through with it. lLOVE HER. No Tara in season 7=me not watching season 7

    • angelwings says:

      Jax didn’t turn her in. The crazy ex Marshall is the one that got her arrested. He told her so in the first episode of this season.

    • Breah Olczak says:

      Ok, I love tara, too, but Jax didn’t turn her in. You clearly just want to think that. We all know what happened. He wouldn’t of included her in his deal with the DA otherwise. That’s a really silly conclusion. Either that, or you haven’t watched the show very closely at all, and have missed a lot!!!

  7. taj says:

    things are getting crazy and though i think some bodies are gonna fall. the finale promo of everyone around the grave is only a past scene of when they where buring primo (nero’s cousin) and his gilfriend the mother of the kid that did the shooting at the school.

  8. James D says:

    man this show really has the ability to tug on my emotional strings. I personally feel sorry for Tara she’s a mother and despite loving Jax she sees what the life has done to him and sees what it will do to her sons if they grow up in it. Maggie has done a fabulous job this season despite what you think of the character you have to give her props. all i can say to Jax is everybody must pay the piper and with all the crap he’s been involved in it looks like that price is going to be bloody and violent. great work by Jimmy Smits but I expect nothing less from him, he’s a brilliant actor.

    • Sally says:

      Really sick of Jax and his mama with their “betrayal” speeches. What do you call having your husband ( both of them) killed and screwing whores while your wife sits in jail for your club’s crap? Thought this episode sucked air in a big way. I have too many hours of my life invested so I will see it through but the writing is really less than what we have come to expect. Someone please wake up the writers from earlier seasons and redeem this show.

      • gwen says:

        exactly what I wanted to say Sally. jax and gemma are such hypocrites. The writers are so bent on letting them get away with everything. If there are two characters who need to pay the reaper soon it would have to be this mother and son duo. They are so evil and twisted that it makes the story unbelievable. Tara is the only one who has the children’s welfare at heart although I dont understand why she didn’t rat out on her whore loving/murderer/drug trafficker/pimp/lying bastard of a husband to save those little boys. Love for Jax? Oh puleeez!!! That man betrayed her so many times and would always choose the club over his wife and kids.The only reason why I am still watching SOA is because I want to see Tara and Thomas get out alive and see Jax pay for all his sins (although I may be in for a disappointment). I love the Hamlet parralel because I am assured that Jax will die in the end. Oh yeah!

        • Pushkin says:

          You have to remember when watching this show, though, that this is an extremely dysfunctional family! And I’m talking about all of them together. They are broken, ammoral people. This isn’t the Cosby family with everyone expected to do the right thing. These are criminals who live by the code of anarchy. You can’t expect any of them to have these flashes of morality. Even Nero, who is probably the best guy on the show, is a pimp and a murderer. Tara is a doctor who is also a theif and a murderer herself. All of these people are human garbage, but the writing is so brilliant you can see these people as multi-dimensional. They’re evil, but not all the time, so that sometimes you find yourselves rooting for them. And that’s brilliant writing.

          • Olivia says:

            Punkin, even though I’ve seen every episode, I’m blanking on who Tara killed. She has certainly beaten up people, but who did she kill. I’m asking this question in all seriousness–not trying to provoke anything–I just can’t remember.

          • Cheryl says:

            Oliva–Tara killed Gemma’s father’s nurse in the third season. While she was pregnant with Thomas.

          • gwen says:

            I find it hard to root for Jax after all the lows he has done. Tara murdered the nurse in self defense. She was also involved when Jax killed Kohn, however, it was again in self defense. He (Khon)was trying to rape and abuse her remember? On top of that, she has shown guilt and profound remorse over that incident. This gives her a level of humanity that I can root for. Jax on the other hand is a cold-blooded killer to the nth degree. In addition to that, his “mommy issues” is a deep character flaw that snuffs off my respect for him as a husband/family man. It makes him weak, unfaithful, and needy- not the hero I can root for. Sure, these are dysfunctional people (I get that) but it is getting harder and harder to redeem Jax at this point. I agree the writing is brilliant. The fact that it arouses strong emotions from viewers proves that fact but again, the Jax/Gemma part lacks plausibility. Everyone pays for their mistakes except these two. This is year 2013 with all the technology available for law enforcement officers to catch scumbags like Jax, Gemma, and the MC. I find it hard to believe that the president of a small club could get away with multiple crimes just like that. Are the writers saying the ATF, feds, DA, police dept, FBI are a bunch of useless losers?

          • Olivia says:

            @Gwen, Kohn is a perfect example of how far Jax has fallen. He had such remorse and even said, “I’ve never killed anyone like that.” Now he kills people that easily regularly and without thinking twice. If Sutter’s goal is to redeem him, that is a huge task.

          • Gwen says:

            @ Olivia, I concur. I think the only way Jax can redeem himself is if he sacrifices himself to save his family. And even then, their lives are already messed up. I am hoping Tara is Horatio- the last one standing, however, I wonder what story she will tell the boys about Jax? Let me see…. “Uh, your dad killed a bunch of people, he made a living out of selling guns from the IRA (one of them BTW was used to kill innocent children in school), his part time job was pimping/manipulating/lying, oh and I pulled a prostitute from his “you know what” mid bang.” Ugh! The list is endless don’t you think?

  9. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m so glad to see some thoughtful comments on this article and this episode. Good job, posters. Good thoughts. :)
    I loved this episode. It made watching the whole series worth it. One of the things I always had a problem with in this series is that it seemed like there were never any consequences for the actions of the people involved with this MC. There were always consequences for their enemies, but never truly for them (with the exception of Opie and a couple other circumstances), and that bothered me. But it seems like it’s finally time to pay the piper. Everything is unraveling and falling apart. I hope next week continues that. It would really suck if we ended yet another season where Jax pretty much gets everything he wants. I am worried about that after seeing the preview for next week. Scared for Tara, too. I’m glad she had the balls to get out though. Even if she gets killed next week, at least she left him this week and got her self-respect back.

  10. sunny says:

    I think we shuld all just relax I watched every episode and loved every season of the sons n some things are a little of balance but I do think tara should go but she did alot for the mc but ratting is anono so she chose her fate by betrayin jax

  11. sunny says:

    Jax is doin a great job as president destroy and rebuild clay destroyed the mc with his lies and betrayal and jax has to clean up both clay and his own mess.its what comes with the game I think jax gonna come out strong he just have to figure out whts best for the club and his family I understand the love he has for the club his father help build amd to find out how he died n y and what his father wanted for the mc jax is doin damn good noone said it wuld be easy

  12. Drea says:

    I am afraid Jimmy Smits is the answer the blind item. I hope I am wrong.

  13. Fudgefase says:

    I thought this was the final season of Sons.

    • lizzie says:

      I thought this was the last season too. Figured for sure when Clay went down, but nope, we have another season to squirm to see how this is gonna end…

  14. Liz says:

    I don’t understand Tara’s choice to just leave with the boys and not take the DA’s deal. When she doesn’t appear for her court date, she will be a fugitive and once found, arrested. She will lose the boys to Jax and Gemma. That is if the MC doesn’t find her first and then they will kill her and take the boys anyhow. Maybe she has accepted her inevitable fate and just wanted a few days to be with her sons before she dies. It is so sad. I used to really root for Jax, but he has done so many despicable things, I hardly feel anything for him anymore. And if he kills Tara, I will wish for horrible things to happen to him in return. Don’t even get me started on Gemma. She is a psychopath who needs to meet the reaper soon too. Nero… Get as far away from these people as possible and fast!!!! Last thing, thank you for not killing Juice. After losing Herschel this week, I couldn’t have dealt with that too.

    • Bill Jenkins says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Herschel was enough loss this week.

    • Olivia says:

      I’ve loved Jax from the beginning, but this season, the love is gone. He’s just become a killer. No matter why he’s doing it, there’s no way to justify all the killing–especially of all the Chinese people tonight. Part of me thinks Sutter has taken Jax to such a low in order to redeem him in the last season. But that is going to take a whole lot. And there’s still a part if me that thinks everyone will die in the end.

    • abz says:

      I used to love Gemma. I thought she was this badass who did whatever she had to to protect her family and of course I knew she was bonkers and psychopath the whole time but there was that side of her where you could understand her and maybe sympathize sometimes. However, this past season has completely destroyed her for me. I don’t get excited seeing her anymore. She’s become an even more horrible character than before. I can’t stand her and Jax’s superiority complex and them having to get their freakin’ way all the time. I hope Tara makes it out of the finale okay and that Sutter hopefully does something to at least make Jax and Gemma at least somewhat likeable again.

  15. Butters says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Tara is going to kill herself and the boys? I have strange feeling about it.

    • italia says:


    • Weezy says:

      Interesting thought. And honestly that makes alot of sense given what we’ve seen this season. However I don’t know if Tara could actually kill the kids. Maybe she would kill herself and leave them somewhere, but that doesn’t really fit as she has no one to trust them with….I assumed from the beginning of the show Tara would be the one to bring the club down, but Kurt seems to be bringing Tara’s story to an end a little sooner than that…

    • Pat D. says:

      Dear God, I hope not…I would hate Sutter for doing that in favor of making Tara turn heel and Gemma/Jax being the sympathetic ones. I think I would stop watching the show if that’s the way the finale turns out next week.

    • LC says:

      I posted that a couple of weeks ago when, at the end of the episode, Tara was sitting in the rocking chair holding the baby with the gun on her lap. I thought she was going to off the boys and herself out of desperation. And I know I’ve said this before, but so many people have said SOA is a modern day interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Well, if that’s the case, Tara is Ophelia, and she did kill herself. You could also draw some parallels between Tara and the mythical Media who did kill her sons. So no, you’re not the only one.

      • Pushkin says:

        This is loosely based on Hamet, and I think Opie was the Ophelia character. You can argue that he killed himself in a sense by volunteering to get his skull bashed in. Tara is no Ophelia. I would be completely shocked and disappointed if she killed herself. Her character is too strong and too smart – plus she would never just give up like that knowing that Gemma would then be raising her boys. She’s not going to go down without a fight.

        • Olivia says:

          @pushkin—sorry, I accidentally called you Punkin before. I agree with you about Tara. Your insights about Opie are great. I hope you’re right too, cuz I really don’t want Tara to die.

        • Pat D. says:

          Thats why she suggested Tara might off the kids too…which i’m hoping to hell does not happen. I could even take it if she just killed herself (although I wouldnt be happy), but if Sutter has her kill the kids too, I might not watch next season. That would be an awful, nonsensical ending.

        • Flower says:

          What if Jax is killed or sent to prison and Tara takes over the club??

      • Breah Olczak says:

        Yeah, ope is ophelia. Hence the nickname.

    • Butters says:

      I am glad I am not the only one. :) Thanks

  16. LW says:

    Gemma is who she is because of JT and Clay. Once your in the MC you dont leave unless
    THEY cut you loose. Anyone who knows anything about MC’s should take this into account. An “ole lady” is just another piece of property to the club member. Thats why if you see a woman with a biker you should look at her vest. It will say one of two things 1) property of “club name” or property of “the man she is with”. Gemma’s character is who she was made to be to survive.

  17. Pat D. says:

    I wonder if Kurt has the ballz to make Gemma the one they show being put in the ground next week. That would certainly be a shocker to me.

  18. ree says:

    This is a mc show people. If you were looking for people who took the “moral high ground ” in life don’t watch an mc show and expect it, watch downton abbey. People are so judge mental, put yourself in the shoes of Jax who was born into this club. Like he said he inherited his position and membership. He has been trying to go straight in a world that is crooked. Therefore you cannot judge his actions on the same scale that you would a normal person living an average life. He does not control the actions of others like the irish, chinese and other gangs. He may have made some ill advised decisions on occasion however how many of us even in normal day to day life is ommited from making those? Assess the characters based on the world they live in, not in the world that you live in. In this world you are going to have to kill or be killed, the bad guys don’t just walk away and say have a nice life. Juice needs to go, he is weak and erratic and obviously cant be trusted because of this, what bobby said to him was the truth he is making everyone nervous. Tara’s intentions were good, however she knew the life and the risk, and for someone who is educated she obviously lack common sense. Jax fell in with Collete because Tara refused to see or talk to him while she was in prison, it does not excuse his behaviour, but it does not exhonerate Tara’s. Jax has been attempting to get the club legit in the hopes that he could provide the safe and stable environment for her and his kids. This attempt has come with a price, and she should have attempted to reason with Jax. He was willing to send her away before, why would he not do it again?
    Also for the people wanting to take the “moral high ground” the so called good people like the DA and others are also flawed and immoral simply because that is the reality of life, we are all equally good and bad. It is a daily choice as to which side of the coin we chose on any given day. Im a dreamer and I am hoping that the writers can find a way to turn the lives of this band of misfits into a happy ending by getting them on the straight and narrow, or as straight as they could be. It is no excuse to kill, however those folks that died weren’t innocent, sweet law abiding citizens and they were not seeking peace. Everyone deserves to find some peace if they are willing to look for it. Smile

    • Pat D. says:

      ” He has been trying to go straight in a world that is crooked.”

      Like you said in your last sentences, he has killed far too many people for anybody to sympathize with his plight to move the club in a less violent direction.

    • Olivia says:

      I don’t live in the MC world, so I can’t speak to what it’s like. What is so upsetting to me is Jax started out with high morals. Not only did he want the club to be legit, he wanted to be a good example for his son. The club was more of a brotherhood, & it feels like the show has strayed from that so very far. Now, they’ll kill anyone & everyone who gets in their way & lately, that has been a whole lot of people.

    • Rose says:

      Great comment…totally agree…that is the reality!

  19. Vickie says:

    What season and episode did Juice kill the woman for Jax?

    • bobby says:

      Juice killed Darvany in episode 2 season 6. Jax picked him to carry out the deed because of Juice’s need to make amends with the club for his betrayal in season 4.

  20. bobby says:

    Jax is setting up the club for failure, there’s no way he can continue to lie to everyone he has deals with and think that he’s really the smartest guy in the room. At some point these guys are going to see a pattern, they didn’t get to the place they are and be dumb. I’m waiting to see the Kings real reaction to Galens death, I’m sure it’s not just ok, well let’s jump in bed with Marks. I think there’s going to be some conquences that aren’t pleasant. I can’t figure out if Tara has a plan, or if her and Jax are working something together, or if she just is off the deep end. At this point I’m thinking that Nero is way too caught up and will become a victim, not sure who will end up destroying him, maybe Jax, an enemy of Samcro, perhaps Gemma or maybe even Tara. In my opinion Nero is too moral for this show at this point and can’t survive. The D A is a different story, she’s also too moral, and way too trusting. Does she think she’s invincible? Meeting with Jax aftrr she knows she was made a fool of doesn’t sound like a person that could be very effective, no matter how good her intentions, I read in a comment somewhere that someone thought maybe she was Pope’s mother and I thought maybe that could be, but after I saw her meet with Jax and his goons I’m thinking Pope’s mother would be more cautious, unless she thinks she’s playing him somehow, but how could that possibly be? Anyways, enough of my thought for food.

  21. bobby says:

    And to Vickie, after Juice killed Darvany, Nero was pretty upset about her death. Jax and his crew blamed it on an bad dose of dope and Nero wanted to find out who gave it to her, but Jax was able to calm him down saying that the person that sold the dope had no idea it was bad. Nero then asked Jax if he had anything to do with it, and said something to the fact that if he did he wouldn’t be ok with it. Then Nero gave a speech about how “We” don’t do things like that, she was a mother that was suffering from the loss of a son and she has another son that needs his family, especially his mother right now. It was pretty heartbreaking and Juice was noticeably upset over the whole situation. Jax said something to the fact that him and his club feel the same way and if he found out that the girl was given a bad dose on purpose he himself would take care of the dealer.

  22. Frank Cap Lopez says:

    There’s gonna be another season!? I was betting this be over. But Tig is still alive. All he has done boy is lucky. This is gonna leave all us fans talking till next season. Im gonna go nutz here.

  23. mizmite says:

    no way juice could puke, his gag relex would so druggec,, he would never have vomited. jax‘s accent failed miserably this ep. i voting for the feds to put this POS out of business.

  24. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I don’t know what to say about this EP. last night WTF? Tara is just making THINGS WORSE for herself i think why take the offer and all of a sudden run off w/the boys and hide in a motel from both Jax&the MC and the Feds who were going to ”HELP” her. She’s so stupid!
    Holy SH*T…Juicy Juice this is the end for him…..he deffantly has a death wish and wants to get it over with. I knew in that last ep. that final scene with clay before he got killed really made go over the edge and made him do what he did. Love Bobby but he was stupid telling juice!

  25. abz says:

    I really don’t get why Tara didn’t take the offer, but I did think that phone call between her and the DA/ATF agent was kinda suspicious the way they were smiling like they were up to something. I hope she makes it out okay. She is the only rootable character left for me on the show.
    I have a feeling the DA Patterson won’t make it out alive next week and I think it may also be Juice’s time as well

  26. BikerMike says:

    I love all the commentary here lol. There are some who seem to forget what this show is all about. I ride with brothers in the real world and even a one piece patch family club in my area draws a hard line on betrayal. A 1% club as they most certainly depict the Sons to be is not something that you mess with. If you think this is all Hollywood drama I encourage you to do some real world research. I agree it is spiced up for television but go up to a true outlaw biker a start a fight and you will see that the consequences are indeed deadly. In short if the violence is going to far for you I would simply stop writing about it hear and stop watching the show. I on the other hand havent seen a single episode I didn’t like start to finish.

  27. If Jax had told her that he was making a deal to help get her off she would not of taken the boys. He kept say after her trial which to her looked doomed to have her rotting in jail. Also why in the hell did she at least not leave a note saying option one rat and wit. protection or 2 I get the boys out of here so…….I chose option 2. I only hope he finds out in the finale she never ratted before she gets killed for simply trying to keep the boys away from the impending “war”

  28. Stripper says:

    Don’t stress there is another season. My friend says love is blind jams can no wrong in her eyes lol. Yep shoot Tara give her the bullet

  29. kim says:

    Hahaha bye bye tara!!!!

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