The Walking Dead Recap: Gunsmoke

The Walking Dead Hershel DiesIn this week’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead, the Governor lays out for his camp a plan to “take that prison without firing a shot.” But, as you’d expect (and, blood-thirsty as you are, maybe hope), before “Too Far Gone” has lurched to its conclusion, approximately a zillion shots have been fired, and five survivors – two of them major players – have bought the farm. Who lives to return for the second half of Season 4? Read on and find out.

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ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR | As the hour begins, Lilly overhears “Brian” rallying the troops. And, to put it mildly, she doesn’t like what she overhears. Although her boyfriend intends to trade his hostages – Hershel and Michonne – for the prison, he tells the group that they have to be ready, if need be, to kill. “I don’t know who you are,” the nurse tells her boyfriend, thereby establishing her as what? About 80 percent smarter than Andrea (who went ages without smelling a rat). 90?

CAROL WHO? | Back at the prison, Rick is finally informing Daryl that he banished Carol, and Daryl is reacting with approximately the same amount of upset that I display when I find an anchovy on my pizza. (Not the scene we waited three weeks for!) Then, rather than take off after Carol – was I the only one hoping he would? – Daryl, like Rick, focuses on how Tyreese will handle the news that she killed his B-player girlfriend. Before they can get to that, however, there’s a knock at the door… in the form of cannon fire!

ADIEU OR DIE | Ignoring the fact that the jailbirds now are governed by a council, the Governor forces Rick to again act as their leader. Mainly, it seems, just so he can tell his former foe that, unless they hit the road by sundown, Hershel and Michonne will bite the dust. In turn, Rick argues – as eloquently as desperately – that it doesn’t have to go down this way. They can all live – operative word: live – in the prison. It is, after all, huge. They can come back from the things they’ve done. “We’re not too far gone,” he insists. And, for a millisecond, it looks like the Governor is really considering it. Once the millisecond has passed, however, he remembers the title of the episode, hisses “Liar!” and takes a swing at Hershel’s throat with Michonne’s samurai sword. After that, it’s bedlam!

KID STUFF | While all this is going on, Meghan is back at what used to be Camp Martinez, digging up a flash flood warning sign and, seconds later, being bitten by a walker long buried in the mud by one such flood. At the same time, over at the prison, the youngsters all head for the getaway bus with baby Judith in tow… until Lizzie reminds them of what Carol taught them. They need to be strong, she says. Also, they need guns.

FIGHT TO THE FINISH | As the battle for the prison rages, Lilly wanders into the fray with Meghan’s body, and the Governor shoots his substitute Penny in the head. Shortly thereafter, Rick gets the drop on the Governor, and they take turns beating the crap out of each other for a while. Then, just when finally it appears that the Governor is going to choke Rick to death, Michonne stabs her nemesis through the back with her sword, and Lilly finishes him off with a bullet to the brain.

LOOSE ENDS | Nearby, Daryl “decommissions” the Governor’s tank and gets rid of Mitch (thank you!); before Alisha can shoot Tyreese, Lizzie shoots her (thanks again!); an injured Bob, Sasha and Maggie are separated from everyone else – including Glenn! – when the getaway bus leaves without them; and, while Rick and Carl are reunited, all they can find of Judith is – gasp! – her bloody baby carrier. As they stagger away from their now-walker-infested former home, Rick tells his son, “Don’t look back.” Question is, what is there to look forward to?

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Enough excitement for ya? But at what price? I’ll miss Hershel and his voice of reason, much like I already miss Carol. Speaking of whom, what was up with Daryl’s reaction to her ouster? Were we the only ones who thought they were closer than that? Were you sorry to see the Governor get his comeuppance? (In any case, shouldn’t Maggie have gotten to finish him off rather than Lilly? The guy brutalized her boyfriend, nearly raped her and beheaded her father!) Did the finale leave you looking forward to the second half of the season? What do you want from the second half? Hit the comments.

The Walking Dead Season 4 resumes Sunday, Feb. 9 on AMC.

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  1. Tara says:

    I’m not surprised by Daryl’s reaction. He reacted exactly the way I felt the character should have-not the way the fans wanted. Daryl has grown a lot over the past seasons, he’s not nearly as hot headed as he used to be. He had a close bond with Carol, but there was NO WAY he was going to be okay with her MURDERING two people. He’s upset at how Rick took it upon himself to ‘handle’ the situation, but there’s no way he would turn his back on Rick.

    • Ash says:

      I agree. I was definitely one of the fans that wanted him to act like the same Daryl from season 1, but after I thought about it, I’m really happy with his reaction because it showed his growth and the growth of his and Rick’s relationship. He was pissed and honest about it, but he showed that he trusts and respects Rick, too. I thought this point was brought home when Daryl was telling Carl to let Rick handle the Govenor at the fence.

    • Kent says:

      I agree. I would have been annoyed if they made him attack Rick or some crap just to appease a bunch of fan girls who drool over a non existent romance. Daryl does respect Rick and I’m glad they stuck with that.

    • trudge says:

      A few episodes back Carol asked Daryl if he was ok after something bad had just happened, to which Daryl replied “I’m okay, I gotta be”. It just seems the way he copes with extreme situations this way because he’s more concerned about doing what needs to do in the now and then worry about grief/fear/pain/etc. later on.

    • carrabus says:

      I disagree. They had set up such a close relationship between daryl and carol — I thought daryl was going to go ballistic. Yes, he has changed and is more mature now. However, Carol has also changed and is much stronger, taking care of her own fate. Daryl encouraged this, and I think he would be understanding about what she did. I thought he would have been more upset.

      • Judy Seaton says:

        I agree. I expected him to be much more upset, but I think he also feels a tremendous responsibility to everyone at the prison, and so many were still recovering from the illness that it wasn’t the best time to take off looking for Carol. Then all hell broke loose. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Carol.

        • Sophia B. says:

          I think his whole reaction was cut short, by the good old gov. I just wonder what would of happened if they had told Ty?

    • Lexi says:

      Thank you Tara! Exactly how I felt about Daryl’s reaction too an about a couple other things that I’ve heard people complaining about.
      I think it was perfect that Lilly shot the governor. Sure fans might have wanted to see Maggie and Beth get even….but how would that really have worked out? It wouldn’t have been believable that Maggie made it all the way to the broken gates AND found the governor when there were so many of her own people she needed to help along the way. It also means Lilly answered her own question when she asked Brian “am I with bad people?”

      As proven by Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, a great show doesn’t always give it’s audience what they want but they do give the story what it needs.

    • A.B. says:

      If you go back to the episodes before the governor to the ones where Daryl, Ty and Co. went on the mission to get the medicine I believe one of the reason they put Ty in that story line was so the Daryl could see how far gone Tyreese was with grief that if he knew who the person that killed his girl was he would kill them. In this case that’s Carol. So I think that both Daryl and Rick believe Carol not being there is for the best. It wouldn’t matter if Carol is a girl, Tyreese would still want to hurt or kill her and that would cause Rick and or Daryl to get in the middle and possibly hurt or kill Tyreese. Which they would then make them hate themselves because Tyreese would have been justified. That all saying if Carol actually did it which I’m not convinced. I suspect Lizzie and Bob also he seems squirrlish.

      • Sophia B. says:

        I do not think Ty would be justifed in killing Carol if indeed she do it and not covering for the two squirrelies Lizzy and Bob.

      • Andrew says:

        Well, if Tyresse were to actually kill Carol, he would have to do it with his bare hands or with his axe since he SUCKS with shooting a gun. Seriously, I don’t think he was stunned that Lizzie shot the intruder, I think he was shocked that she actually hit him!

    • josh says:


  2. Carter says:

    It ended somewhat similar to how this part of the story ended in the comics. I’m ok with that. Can’t wait till February.

  3. Nicotine says:

    I don’t understand why The Governor would choose Hershel to kill first and not Michonne. Not that I wanted Michonne to die, or anything. She’s my favorite character. Maybe he thought it’d have more of an effect on Rick & Co., seeing as Michonne was still a relative newcomer to the group and as far as he knows, Hershel has always been with them.

    Other than that head-scratcher, great episode. I knew some would die, so I mentally prepared myself for it. Still, Hershel is a tough death to swallow. He’s the voice of reason, the steady hand, the glue that keeps them all together. I agree that Maggie should have been the one to off The Governor… but I thought that’s where Beth went at first. How awesome would it have been if she did it!?

    Although I loved the character of The Governor, I’m happy he’s dead. The story became far too centered on him instead of the survival in the post-apocalyptic world. Honestly, he should have died in the first prison battle, but I’m not upset at the way it all went down. Having Lilly kill him was a statement. He ruins the lives of all the people whom he comes in contact with. I only wish Andrea had been so inclined. BTW, was I the only person who was glad that Megan was bit by the walker? Nothing against her, I just wanted The Governor to suffer. But he wasn’t even phased by it. I think that’s the reason Lilly killed him. After all his insistence that he wanted them to survive and he was doing this for them, he was just a selfish, ego-maniacal, vengeful jerk. And his war got her daughter killed.

    I’m hoping that Tara took Judith to somewhere safe, as she was obviously conflicted about the whole battle. It seemed that Rick’s announcement that there were children inside the prison hit her pretty hard. Perhaps that was a bit of foreshadowing.

    As always, Daryl was bad@$$. The shot that seemed like he was going to get bit by the walker didn’t get me at all. His character is too popular to kill off in such a rudimentary fashion. And it didn’t bother me at all that he reacted to Carol’s dismissal the way he did. He knew, just like Rick did, that what she did was paramount to the punishment she received. I think he’d have been far more pissed if Rick had killed her or something. But in his mind, Carol is still out there and alive. Now that the group has seemingly split up in various factions, he could still easily look for her. And Tyreese should thank Carol, if he ever finds out the truth, because if not for her teaching the girls how to defend themselves and ‘be strong’, he’d be a dead man. And i take back everything I’ve ever said bad about Lizzie. She’s freaking awesome!

    Great episode full of heartbreak and excitement. Can’t wait ’til February!!!

    • coburnchilds says:

      ^THIS! and I completely agree about Lizzie… hated her this whole season, and that one bullet completely redeemed her for me!!!

      • Ali says:

        Yes, I hope it doesn’t make me a bad person to admit that I cheered so hard for Lizzie! I mean you just knew that lady was shocked as heck to turn around and see the two little girls packing heat. Thanks to Carol’s recent actions in making the girl stronger. I guess pistol practice was covered during story time along with knife wielding cause she was a good shot!

      • Lilly says:

        I agree about Lizzie’s bada$$ gun shots to save Tyrese. Only problem is it really does solidify her as a possible psycho (remembering the dead squirrel Tyrese found). I mean, trying to help by shooting “bad guys” is one thing – but that bullet through the head seemed a bit extreme. We’ll see.
        What WAS that thing that Tyrese found, btw??

        • Alex says:

          Lizzie & Mika = Billy & Ben?

        • majamababe says:

          The cold calculating way she handled the kill – I now believe she is (was) the psychopath in the group and was the one feeding the walkers. She will probably be the one to keep the kids alive until the Grimes Gang gets back together or she and the kids join up with another group.

    • katie says:

      totally agree that Tara must have taken Judith somewhere safe. They didn’t mention Judith at all during Talking Dead (at least not that I heard). She must be still alive.

      • Rook says:

        Maybe Tara took Judith, but I think Tara did get on the bus. I’m pretty sure it left after she walked away from the fighting.
        Plus someone has to be on the bus with Glen.

        • Trish says:

          I think it’s possible the kids put Judith some place safe because when they saved Tyrese, he told them they were going the wrong way. So I believe the kids had to go back for Judith.

      • Libby says:

        the only comment made about Judith, was Kirkman said “there was a lot of blood in that car seat”

      • Sophia B. says:

        They did talk about Judith just a little bit. Chris asked Robert Kirkman about Judith and he said there was a lot of blood in that baby carrier. Then they just moved onto another subject.

    • Kent says:

      I think it was because Hershel would have had more of an affect on Rick and the entire group as a whole. The Governor probably didn’t think Michonne dying would affect Rick that much.
      I’m glad for that because I love Michonne. I’ll miss Hershel, but Michonne dying would have been pure sh*t for me. I love that woman.

      • Veronica says:

        I agree. I think Hershel’s death was meant cause hurt to the prison group. Like killing Santa or something. Despite my sadness that Hershel passed, I appreciate that his last moments were spent hearing Rick’s speech about peace/redemption. It was the embodiment of everything his character stood for in the group and it felt like that would live on a little.

        • Lilly says:

          I think you’re right, but doesn’t it strike anyone else as an odd choice because it could easily have alienated the bulk of his group? I mean, even not knowing their background, who is more likely a “bad” person? The athletic chick with a sword? Or the older, kindly gentleman?
          I don’t know; it just had the feel that Hershel’s death would produce maximum reaction from the fans, while the group maintaining a much-needed power character.
          That said, I’m like several others here who have feared for a long time that Hershel’s days were numbered. (I hate to say it … but I fear Glenn isn’t long for the show! Hopefully I’m wrong….)

          • LB says:

            I don’t think the Governor intended to kill Hershel. He was simply using him to threaten the prison gang. Using Hershel was more effective in that regard because he was the sympathetic, innocent choice and would more likely cause Rick to surrender. However, things changed when Rick gave the speech about redemption. Rick’s words caused the crazy switch to turn on in the Governor’s head, resulting in him killing Hershel. The Governor knew there was no redemption for himself and couldn’t care less about alienating his group at that point.

        • Meredith says:

          I think it relates to Hershel being a “good man,” as the Governor said in the episode, and the fact that Hershel kept his daughters safe and alive since everything went to hell. He has plenty of reasons to resent Hershel.

    • Tony says:

      The Governor killed Herschel first because it’s all part of his plan. It’s like Merle mentioned in Season 3 about how The Governor will kill everyone and save Rick for last, letting the suffering and pain of watching all his loved ones die kill him before The Governor does. But in reality, Rick isn’t The Governor’s true enemy. It’s Michonne. And it’d make sense to take the prison and finally have Michonne all to himself so he could, you know, do things to her.

      Although we don’t know for certain this was his plan, that’s the kind of sick person he is…er, was.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      It would be really stupid if they tried to twist it into Judith still being alive. That’s something a soap opera would try and get away with. The show wouldn’t be able to explain away all that blood in the baby carrier. Plus, didn’t the kids just drop her and run of to get weapons? It would make a lot of sense that a walker got her. The baby is dead. It’s a good move to make for a show that is supposed to be super dark. I feel like people who are trying to pretend the baby is still alive are just kidding themselves the way they did when they thought Laurie was still alive after a walker freaking ate her. The blood was in the carrier to let people know the baby was gone permanently. This isn’t going to be like some daytime drama where someone finds out the baby they thought was dead and is really alive and is being raised by their evil twin or whatever. There’s ain’t no lollipops and unicorns on this show.

      • Lilly says:

        I can see it both ways, but I lean toward Judith being alive and someone with blood already on them picking her up. Otherwise, how do you explain: (a) a dead baby would have left a LOT more blood and … other remains, (b) the walker wouldn’t have had time to eat … “everything” in that car seat and move on. I can see the writers killing Judith this way because it was easy (no dealing with all the burdens of an infant in future episodes), and somewhat tasteful. But that little blood and an empty car seat … does smack of TOO simple (and a bit “soap opera”-ish).

        • Dee Dee says:

          Judith is dead, but the writers took the easy way out by just showing us the bloody car seat, there was no way they were gonna have her shot by machine gun fire like the comic. I’m actually surprised they actually went there at all!

          • Mel says:

            DeeDee, just no. this isn’t the comic. At least several characters from the comic have met different fates on the show than they did in the comic.

          • Sophia B. says:

            So true, Mel. Daryl doesn’t even appear in the comics, as others don’t also. You can’t compare the two with each other at all. The Walking Dead showed a car seat with blood all over it in a car on the highway that T-Bone was checking out for supplies and such. Judith’s carrier had a small amount of blood, so any one with blood on them could of picked her up and ran. So she could be still a live, with The Walking Dead you never know what will happen.

          • LB says:

            Dee Dee, how do you explain the unlatched harness in the car seat? I didn’t realize that zombies had the motor skills necessary to perform such a feat.

          • Dee Dee says:

            Hey, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to be dead, and I fully acknowledge that I could be wrong. Probably am, considering this is American television and the two untouchable creatures in our universe are the babies and the pets! I know this isn’t the comic, but it’s still following the same general storyline and I can’t see them dealing with the things to come with a baby in tow. Maybe she’s with one of the other groups and they find a new safe place and hook up with Rick and Carl later. We’ll have to wait to find out!

        • Meredith says:

          The car seat being unbuckled is what tells me she’s alive. Even if they tore her limb from limb, that buckle couldn’t have been unlatched by a walker. A live person took her out of that carrier. After that, who knows, but the blood in the carseat alone doesn’t tell me she’s dead.

          • SnazzyD says:

            There is a quick scene which shows Coach (I mean Tyrese) running past the same spot with something in both hands, just after Darryl dispatches the tank. That’s Judith he’s carrying, people. I watched the scene 5x and he’s definitely holding a bundle of something. Unless he’s “grabbing some pills!”

        • Kelly says:

          Unless the writers overlooked this and I’m reading too much into it Judith has to be alive. If you look at the earlier scene when the kids are carrying her in her carseat she is buckled in. Then when they show the empty, bloody carseat at the end the straps are unbuckled. No way a hungry, irrational zombie UNBUCKLED her carefully before eating her. The straps would be ripped. Ok so how do we explain the blood? And how do we explain whoever rescued her taking her OUT of the seat first? It would be much faster to grab the seat and handle and run for the hills so it makes sense that whoever grabbed her couldn’t handle that much weight. So either the two smaller kids that turned around and left after Lizzie shot grabbed her and couldn’t lift both the seat and her (I’ve had one of those and seat plus kid is HEAVY especially when the kid is a freaking year old and too big for it like Judith was…) OR I really think it was BOB! His wounded shoulder would explain the not being able to lift anything too heavy AND the blood all over. Hmmm, maybe I’m onto something?

      • WalkingDread says:

        The Walking Dead *is* a soap opera. Pretty much interchangeable characters engaged in mindless melodrama with one another. Don’t really even know much about them. (Think not? Q: what is Michonne’s last name?)

        Nobody acts in a rational manner conducive to their survival: individuals taking equipment and running off on their own, no division of labor, no real training.

        I’m done.

        • Loco deSane says:

          Well, it looks like they are coming back closer to the story line in the graphic novels….and Judith dies during the prison attack there….

          I agree with your fact this has been a peeve of mine as the show moved on into new seasons…. the characters just give lip service to important things like scavenging supplies, etc. How many times have they gone on a “mission” to get vital supplies and left most of those supplies where they found them? Running off with nearly empty rucksacks, etc….

          still, you have to make allowances for the fact that this is a TV show and episodes full of the mundane things they need to do to keep alive day to day would quickly lose most of the audience. If I suspend that irritation at the lack of realism (OK, I KNOW this is a zombie flick for heavens sake!) the show is still fun to watch.

        • David Hall says:

          What is Madonna’s last name? What is MeatLoafs last name….oh yeah, Loaf.

        • YeahSure says:

          Yes — because everyone failed to read the “How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse Manual” that was issued to all humanity and offers the perfect solution for every Zombie or human-caused situation — and instead they just keep making these flawed decisions based on the information available to them at the time.

          While FanFootStomping and the FanPouting is fun, the odds are that February you’ll be back watching a show that you don’t like so that can weekly rail about how it used to have integrity! (It’s like that Hipster Dinosaur cartoon in real life!). Oh, and so you can rest easy, Michonne doesn’t have a last name, either in the series or the long running graphic novels.

      • areid says:

        Here’s why I’m guessing Judith is alive. It’s a big clue too. On Talking Dead they do this memorial video of all the people and walkers that were killed during that particular episode, and in the video tonight, they listed Hershel, the Governor, and several other characters and walkers, but not a peep about Judith biting the dust. Hmmm, makes you think…..

      • Mel says:

        Britta I’m sorry but you are quite the crack-head. “aint no lollipops and unicorns on this show” fail statement of the century award to ya! Why you ask…oh wait cause there are ZOMBIES on this show, people turning into flesh-eating beasts after dying….lol! Bish please.

      • Stacie says:

        I can see where you’re coming from, but there’s a big difference between Lori and Judith. Rick found the zombie that ate Lori. All you see with the baby is blood on the carseat. That could mean anything. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have hope when things are at the darkest.

      • m. scott veach says:

        Of course they can explain away the blood. Maybe baby Judith got grazed by a bullet and that’s why they had to pull her out, to dress the wound, luckily it was truly a craze on her leg or something and so she’ll live. Or maybe we’ll see a flashback where Judith is in car seat and a fresh zombie is shuffling by, notices and goes for the bite but gets his head blown off just before he can hurt Judith. Blood spills all over baby and chair. (Obviously, not a pleasant sight but better than death.)

        I could go on and on… seriously, just use your imagination a little and you’ll find explaining away the blood is beyond easy, it’s trivial.

      • I was just wondering: how does that unicorn-flavored lollipop taste?

    • lo_rainne says:

      He killed Hershel first because he knew that would have the greatest effect on the prison group, since Hershel himself said he has two daughters at the prison. Them, plus he watched Michonne and Hershel relaxed and laughing together before he took them and the Governor knew that killing him first would cause retaliation. Add that Rick almost word for word offered the same solution as Hershel (that they all live together at the prison), and killing Hershel was the Governor’s way of saying “No thank you, I decline your generous offer. It’s strange though, I am feeling a bit of deja vu.”

    • Lizzie is one sick little girl….and she will bring much grief to the group before she is done….

    • NHT says:

      The Governor killed Herschel instead of Michonne because he knows manipulation. Michonne, while certainly kick-ass, is a solider in this war. Her death, while unwelcome, would not be as shocking to the group. On the other hand, Herschel is the “father” of the group; often its moral center. He’s the head of the family, such as it is. He’s the one that will leave the biggest hole. As such, the Governor knew this would fracture the group emotionally. And because he’s arrogant, he just assumes that he will get his way and Michonne will be his to kill later.

      • Sophia B. says:

        Also think he choose Hershel because he had two daughters that he was able to keep alive while being a GOOD MAN. Only the writers know for sure.

  4. Derek Johnson says:

    Overall, I didn’t like the arc of the governor over these three episodes. I felt they over-humansized him, and he came off more like a soap-opera style villain. They should have made his group much more dispecable.

    The Walking Dead too often becomes nothing more than a kill-time for an action climax. I may give up the show if it doesn’t improve, but hopefully Abraham and the other newbs will improve the show. At least it will get a solid reboot this January post-prison

    • azu says:

      Soap opera villian!? are you kidding me? The premise of the show is that nobody is all good or all bad. That there are shades of grey in between. If character development is something you’re against I suggest that you watch something else

      • Mel says:

        Sorry azu, Gov’nah was a bit of a soap opera villain. Magically escaping, being smarter than everyone else, never being held accountable, never being made someone’s prisoner, always being unstoppable until last night…yea he qualifies!!!

        • Sophia B. says:

          I have to agree with you again. The Gov. was always treated as if he was invincible, that now one could kill him. And it did take 3 people to kill him so in reality no ONE could kill him. Soap opera villain, he sure was one.

        • azu says:

          First the governor was an interesting character for me. Liked him and hated him at the same time.and his death last night packed a lot more punch than it would have in season 3. Loved it!!! And no he was not smarter than everyone else. He just wasn’t weighed down with conscience and moral compass. Infact he was a an intelligent, manipulative sociopath!!! That’s all! He also wasn’t killed by 3 people.only michonne did!!! Rick may have been able to kill him himself but remember that he hurt his right hand a few days before then. Lilly only he shot the governor after he died just as he shot her daughter, more Meghan.

          • azu says:

            soRry, correction. Dying not died
            Michonne probably wanted him to die slowly but painfully. And I hear Lilly killed the governor in the comics so I guess they wanted to stay TRUE to the source material

          • Mel says:

            “Infact he was a an intelligent, manipulative sociopath!!!” thats right, that is ALL he was which describes a Soap Opera style villain. Google classic soap opera villains and see how close they fit the bill. Gov got away with ALOT. And he didn’t shoot the child, he shot the corpse.

          • azu says:

            Okay!!! Phew this is exhausting and hilarious!!! Look at us arguing about a fictional character. It’s actually becoming a bit silly, meanwhile Davis Morrissey, the other actors, the writers and especially kirkman are busy smiling all the way to the bank!! Cartoon villain? Maybe or maybe not but are they talented, well to do, good looking and doing a whole lot better than many of us can boast off? Of course!!!!! So enjoy your self with the arguments, cos I’m gonna stop!!!

    • MrMank says:

      Yeah, I gotta disagree about the governor. I thought his mini-arc this season was perfectly done. I don’t think he was really all that bad a guy before the apocalypse, and I think Penny’s death really effed him up. As much as I really believe part of him really wanted a new family, and that he really loved Meghan (if not Lily as well), he was clearly too far gone. Someone above said that he blew away Meghan like she was nothing, but I don’t think that was true. It was an emotional disconnect, appropriately foreshadowed by his “forgiving” Michonne for dispatching Penny. Overall, I am very satisfied with the character and his inevitable conclusion.

      • Faster says:

        Agreed. I really enjoyed his arc this season and I think the storyline ended perfectly. It has definitely been a bright spot this season.

      • Meredith says:

        I agree, too. He probably did have some shades of socipathic tendencies even before the apocalypse, but many people do. The new world was a catalyst for him, which I can understand. I’ve said a weakness with the show is that they don’t show people having psychological or psychotic breaks nearly as often as they would in reality. In any case, I think the governor was beyond human emotion by the time he shot Meghan, but I think he had cared about her and even loved her in his own f’ed up way.

  5. twdmark says:

    OMG! Great episode. I have so many feelings

    1. More than Happy: finally the governor is dead, after all the things he did in season 3 and after that 2 last episodes, Im really glad he is gone.

    2. Sad: RIP Hershel, I had had the feeling that he would died since season 2, and now that it actually happened, is really heartbreaking.

    3. Angry: WHEREEEE IS CAROL???… I was expecting her to appear during all the episode, maybe she took Judith or something? I really hope she comes back in a good and big way. I still can’t believe rick kick her out, I’m sure she didn’t killed Karen and the other guy, after this episode I am almost sure that Lizzie did it and Carol was protecting her. But well, I hope we see Carol in February and they give us an explanation. She is one of my favorites characters and she is one of the originals.

    Good season finale.

    • Nicotine says:

      “I’m sure she didn’t killed Karen and the other guy, after this episode I am almost sure that Lizzie did it and Carol was protecting her”

      You know, that thought never even crossed my mind. The only thing Rick really based his accusations on was the fact that Carol was acting strange and that the handprint on the door was smaller than his. Lizzy had been acting equally strange and it’s not implausible that an 11-year old girl and a 40-year old woman could have about the same size hands… That adds a whole different element to the story if it’s true. Something to think about.

      • vinny says:

        think about an 11 year old girl killing two grown adults and then dragging them outside and burning their bodies. your over thinking. carol admitted it and explained her reason for doing it

        • Nicky says:

          Carol could have taken the bodies and burned them herself after she’d seen what Lizzie had done.

          • Lilly says:

            I think that is the more plausible explanation (other than the one I want to believe, which is Carol was telling the truth about why SHE killed Karen & David). But then I am even MORE upset with Carol because she knows Lizzie is a little twisted and she left her with an unsuspecting group who don’t realize the danger she poses.

        • rocky says:

          no, Carol dragged them outside and burned the evidence She was covering for Lizzie, for whom she felt responsible (since she showed them how to kill the infected re the death of her father)

  6. ben says:

    Maggie has Judith. She has blood on her from Bob’s wound and found Judith when she went to look for Beth. They never showed what happened to Maggie after she left Glenn in the bus. Hopefully, she followed Tyreese and the kids out.

    • Ali says:

      I thought Maggie left with Bob and Sasha? I would have to have to go back and watch to keep track of who left with who. Can’t believe the group of kids just left the baby carrier laying there after they brought her out! Heartbreaking!

  7. Big Mike says:

    I thought we were told that David Morrisey was bumped up to “Series Regular” for this season? Kinda odd to give him that billing, then bump him off after a hair more than 3 episodes.

  8. A.B. says:

    So was the governor the blind item?

  9. acecombatbrony says:

    All I can say is WOW. There’s nothing else I can say that hasn’t already been said. Can’t wait until February.

  10. lkjsdflkjsdlkfjsdfs lkjsdfsdfsdf says:

    Daryl is banging beth!!

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    I feel that it’s best to write more on this topic, it may not be a taboo topic but generally persons are not enough to talk on such topics.
    To the next. Cheers

  12. Michael says:

    Tremendous Episode. Will Lily join the group? Rick will be sorry he kicked Carol out, especially now that Hershel is gone(Thank you Scott Wilson, you were terrific!). Who will be the doctor now? Rick has a bullet in his leg. Maybe he will die? The Governor said he would keep everyone safe. I hope that they are all safe from him in the next life. Loved the two kids killing the people that were trying to kill Tyrese. Thank you again Carol! Loved Darryl killing the guy in the tank after he raises his hands to surrender. No mercy for the wicked. can’t wait until February. I hope the baby is alive. it doesn’t look like it right now, does it? Stay Tuned Fellow Survivors. They live to fight another day.

  13. Phil Holmes says:

    That was one helluva mid-season finale!! THAT’S the kind of payoff you are rewarded with when you have the type of elegant character development this show utilizes–without which these battles would be nowhere near as harrowing and heartbreaking! Herschel is gone, and I truly feel the loss of that character, as much as I rejoice in the death of the Governor in that instance. Why? Because I got to know them on a level that made me regard both of them as a character I, as a fan, had a stake in as far as their well being, one way or the other. I’m invested in this show because of the writing, the performances, and the great characters that are born from that combination. How cool is this show! What’s next for Rick & co.? I’m in!

  14. Omar says:

    Loved it. Bravo! Bravo!
    Lizzie and Micah and the other kids made this episode epic for me. That scene where Lizzie killed the old man and the chick. Wow. For one second I tought that Beth would be the one killing the Governor.

    The promo for next episodes is amazing!

    The teams are:
    Carl and Rick.
    Beth and Daryl.
    Maggie, Sasha and Bob.
    Lizzie, Micah, two random kids and Tyresse.
    Glenn and everybody else from Woodbury.

    My question is what’s gonna happned with Tara? Lily? And I know that Judith is alive. I got this feeling and I know I’m right. I have 3 posibles choices:
    1.- She’s with Tara. She felt bad when she heard about kids and she stopped shooting.
    2.- She’s with Tyresse. I saw him running with somethin or someone in his arms. His gun was on his back so…
    3.- Maybe she’s with Lily and Tara.

    Oh dear lord. Now we have to wait.

  15. Rook says:

    With everyone being separated I bet someone will run into Carol. Most likely Tyreese.

  16. Do you update your website usually?

  17. Av says:

    I loved seeing the zombie of the crazy chick from the beginning of the season. I am excited for part 2 of season 4 and want more of Lily and Tara.

  18. So while I love the episode, the hell wasn’t this the finale of season 3? Wouldn’t have taken too many tweaks to do it.

  19. Nancy says:

    Are we sure the Governor is dead? We didn’t actually see him shot, just Lilly pointing the gun at him, then we heard a shot. Someone could have come up behind Lilly & killed her.

    • Joshie says:

      It was confirmed by the actor that he is dead

    • Lilly says:

      Bite your tongue, Nancy! The Guvna is DEAD … please!! Either that or he’s a walker now because that sword through the heart wasn’t an injury you come back from. Better yet, maybe he’s walker FOOD! ‘Cuz he wasn’t moving anytime soon, that’s for sure.
      Although the writers might try something crazy like that in some circumstances, it would be an insult to everyone’s intelligence to imagine he could survive THAT and come back as any sort of a threat in the future.

  20. AnnieM says:

    I think Lizzie is set to be the the TV version of Billy from the comics. I also think she’s the one who killed Karen & Whatsisname and that Carol was covering for her. If Judith is indeed alive, I think she’s on the bus. Kirkman was pretty evasive when asked about her on Talking Dead. Also…what was in the box that Bob had?

    • mars says:

      Yes yes yes! Since day one I wasn’t sure who Carol was covering for and now it makes sense. The small hand print. The squirrel. Someone feeding the zombies. And the fact that who was lizzy around to catch the sickness from. I’m sure she didn’t drag the bodies out. That was all Carol trying to protect her. Plus Carol really never put up a fight when defending her actions.

      • mars says:

        Oh yea n also for a good story why not have the person who really killed Karen then save him. n now he’s protecting the kids not knowing one is the killer!

    • Sophia B. says:

      Ben is the crazy one that kills his brother Billy.

    • xK says:

      I’m with you here. That’s kind of the foreshadowing I got with Daryl when he said, “That’s her, but that ain’t her.” As in, she’s the type who would protect the group, but she wouldn’t do it like that. We will see.

      I thought the box that Bob had was his alcohol, and that he was thinking about drinking.

    • rocky says:

      A bottle ‘a scotch

  21. Andrew says:

    Anyone else notice that the walker they focused on towards the end of the episode was the girl Rick found in the woods trying to move the boar, that tried to kill Rick for her walker head husband?!!!

  22. tripoli says:

    RIP Hershel. So sad to see you go. Great episode, looking forward to what is to come.

  23. I like your layout and feel of your website!

  24. tamihagglund says:

    Ok, the Lizzie being the psycho thing fits. I thought it was her with the rats, because she wanted to help the walkers. Feed them, like pets. Interesting to see how that pans out. And guess what? Tyrese was freaked about the psycho and she sure was with him.

    Also, I have to believe Judith is alive. I know she dies in a similar battle in the comic but the empty carrier with blood = no. I won’t believe she’s dead until someone confirms it, like someone asks, say, Beth (though she ran off with Daryl) about Judith and she says she saw what happened. The empty car seat with some blood and no certainty feels like a cliffhanger, not a “tasteful” death. They could have easily shown a hint, a piece of clothing or her body from a distance where the walker was feeding.

    The thing is, I have a 14 mo old named Juliet and it makes me a sap but Judith just has to be alive. If they kill a baby by being eaten by a walker after being left alone? No. Plus, remember the two kids with Lizzie & sister (forgot her name), how they ran off after Lizzie shot Alicia? They likely ran to the bus. Either they grabbed Judith but couldn’t manage the carrier or that’s why Lizzie went “the wrong way.” SOMEONE saved that baby.

    This split up will make for more interesting plots next Feb but man it sucks. Glad Glen and Maggie are just split and no one’s dead.

    Oh, and The Gov killed Hershel for the same reason the writers did–it would rip out hearts more. Hearing Rick use Hershel’s same arguments made The Gov know how much Hershel meant to Rick, but proved him (Hershel) to be the backbone of the group. Plus his daughters were watching. The Gov knew Michonne dying would be for *him* but Hershel for everyone else, and he figured he’d get Michonne later, though he kind of got her then by using her sword to do the horrible deed. But The Governor killed Hershel to rip out people’s hearts, kill their will to fight back, whereas warrior Michonne would be a martyr to rise up for. The writers built up Hershel into our hearts and knew we’d be crushed when he died, whereas Michonne would piss us off. My heart is crushed, though I am so glad he saw the effect he had on Rick, that he died knowing Rick matured and grew and listened to him.

    Ugh. February is a long way away!

    • Going to miss Hershel…he was the voice of sanity in the group… I am just hoping we don’t get 7 episodes of Rick being a wuss again before he comes back and starts being a bad ass. I thought we had that behind us at the end of season3, but 4 kicked off with Rick back in wuss mode…

  25. Thanks for ruining this episode for those of us who timeshift and watch it the day after the air date. While your headline did not give away the big plot points, the webpage label mentions exactly who dies – and that’s what shows up in google search.

    • whatsmyname says:

      So I guess the real question is why would you do a google search if you know you havent seen the episode yet thats just asking for a spoiler it also doesnt make any sense to complain about it you did it to yourself

    • well..don’t look it up on the web until you have seen it….of course folks are going to be discussing what happened. It is kind of the point, no?

    • Lilly says:

      Why are you going ANYWHERE NEAR websites that discuss an episode you haven’t yet seen?! Especially with a show like TWD, that has twists nearly every episode.

    • donnamarie says:

      While I agree that if you don’t want to be spoiled you should STAY AWAY FROM TEH INTERWEBZ LOL, TV Line has a record for putting spoilers in their document names that makes it very unlikely it’s any sort of accident. And as there is NO reason to do this other than to a) be a dou**e or b) troll for page views, calling it out is certainly valid. C’mon, TV Line. Don’t be evil.

    • Faster says:

      Lol, I was reading through these comments thinking it had been waaaay too long before someone complained about being spoiled after a google search. Never fails.

    • Becky says:

      I also watch it the next day but I don’t think people should keep quiet about the storyline for that reason. Because where would it end? There are lots of people watching it days later or months later. I knew Hershel was going to die but the show was still good. I knew Omar was going to die in The Wire too before I watched it. Hated that but I still didn’t know how he was going to die.

  26. sarah says:

    wonderful episode
    old one eye dying was the best way forward for the show but david is a fantastic actor
    of course judith is dead, a baby on a show like this doesn’t work but im glad we didn’t see the body
    glad daryl’s alive but shocked by his reaction 2 carol guess he really doesn’t give a f
    hersal dying is bad because he was the resident dr, but i get it. with them on the road one leg wont help their situation
    so happy this episode finally got me loving season 3 hoping for bigger and better after it’s break.

    • Mel says:

      Sarah you be trippin honey! as many other commenters have posted, Judith may have survived because there’s no way a Walker would finish the body that quick and move on from the spot. If Judith did die, then it would nullify Laurie’s sacrifice in season 3 if she died so soon after being saved.

      • sarah says:

        darling, if judith isn’t dead then that’s cool, i don’t want the baby to die, just that it would be a hell of a lot easier to not have a baby (in an apocalypse or on a show like this)
        also a walker can finish of a body, look at lori in season 3 she was eaten pretty quick (when rick found “her” barely any time had past at all), bones. teeth, hair and skull all eaten.and that was all done by one walker
        anywaz she an’t dead, michonne prob has her..

        • Mel says:

          sweet pea sarah, judith isn’t dead. no reason to try and convince those in our camp otherwise. And oh it isn’t quite the apocalypse, seems more like terrorism or government experiment gone wrong. We still haven’t figured out the whole picture in the series. Earth is a very big place.

          • sarah says:

            i’m a little shocked about how upset? you are over a baby, not a character with any dialogue or input, i guess you didn’t like hershel much?
            and as i am sure you can tell by my previous posts i really don’t care if she is alive or dead.
            also perhaps it isn’t an apocalypse but if it isn’t and other country’s are fine why haven’t they come to help?
            are you a walking dead comic book reader
            if yes my i ask how do they describe it it the comic books”this apocalypse” is it an experiment,terrorism or something else?

          • Faster says:

            It just seems silly to be completely married to the idea that she is dead, no questions asked. That may not be either of your stances, but it seems to be a popular one sprinkled throughout these comments. The absence of a body and the blood in the carseat were clearly clues to make us think that it is possible that she is alive despite the odds. It is ambiguous on purpose in order to leave that storyline open. So arguing that she is for sure dead seems pointless to me.

      • SnazzyD says:

        There is a scene that clearly, if briefly, shows Tyrese running away from the tank fire with something he’s holding in both arms. That’s Judith, people…

  27. Brock g says:

    Great episode! One of the best in a while, glad the finally had some action. Glad to see the governor die and not too disappointed with who they chose to go with him. Hershel was awesome but before he saved the prison from illness he was kinda useless beyond moral support. Now they have Bob who’s a better medic and can create tension with his alcohol problem. Can anyone else see the storylines playing out? This is no way spoilers in any way cause I have not read comics but just thoughts. Is it a coincidence that tyrese ended up with the kids? Or will it come out that they were the ones feeding the zombies as pets they were trying to name. And that carol was innocent just covering? Also, I don’t believe Judith is gone, makes more sense to have her with a group later to be reconnected, maybe the two sisters just distraught over trusting the governor. Daryl and Beth?? Now forced to be a women and not Hershel’s child! Michone on her lonesome again because she’s accomplished her goal? Or does she wind up rescuing an injured Rick again. Did the governor actually die? Hope so, but it’s not that far fetched to believe the writers had the camera pan out as she was pulling the trigger only to bring him back later on with yet another scar. Just some thoughts. Can’t wait until FEB

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Michonne will NOT be alone she has a STRONG bond with Rick and Carl i believe she might run into them first…..Maybe with judith.which i still think is on the bus with one of the members who found her.

    • lori says:

      The sword went straight through his chest. Michone knows where to aim. He is dead.

  28. Nicole says:

    I think Michonne has Judith. We never saw who she ran off with and that would be a great story since when she held Judith it seemed to show us that she had a child in the past.

    Also I think Lizzie is the psychopath and when she is living with Tyrese it will somehow come out that she killed Karen and David.

  29. Phil Holmes says:

    If Lizzie truly did kill Karen and David, then how amazing are the writers who would give us a scenario in which Tyrese, completely unaware, becomes responsible for the safety of a child that murdered someone he loved?! And what if they somehow ran into Carol on the road? I really can’t understand how some people call this show boring.

    • Sophia B. says:

      So true, not boring at all. I hope that Rick and Carl run into Carol and Carol saves Rick. He is shot after all. And it showed Carl shaking Rick and screaming “Wake Up”. So running into Carol and her saving them would be AWESOME. What a way of coming back to TWD.

  30. azu says:

    This is why the walking dead is sooo great!!

  31. Pati says:

    loved this episode it was really really good. I think Daryl’s reaction was appropriate there’s no time to have a fit, it was sad that Hershel died I thought Andre Lincoln was soo good I was crying when he found Carl and didn’t find Judith, I was in tears, I was yelling at the tv when the walker was behind Daryl and they switched scenes omg it was so good, it felt like season one where every episode there was something to scream and cry about. Loved it. Can’t wait for February.

  32. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I HOPE they ALL find each other and i also agree some of them could possibly run into carol….i’m STILL in shock how Hershal died! I know in the books that he died by the Gov. but i guessed by getting shot. The way he went out was BRUTAL. But i’m soooooo happy the Gov. is dead!
    Going to miss Hershal the MORAL COMPASS of the group!

  33. betsy says:

    I love the show very much, but really it’s not anywhere near as good as Breaking Bad. It’s kind of silly. Who lets their kid play in the mud 50 feet away in a zombie apocalypse? Who leaves a baby outside in the middle of a battle/zombie attack? How did a samarai sword not kill Hershel right away, or at least cut him so badly he couldn’t go crawling away? How does a little kid shoot someone right between the eyes? Dumb, dumb, dumb. So I can’t say GREAT SHOW in the same way I can about Breaking Bad, but I can say it was entertaining.

    ALSO, I’m sorry, but the actor who played Hershel was so awful. His deadpan, lifeless delivery distracted me every time he was in a scene. Herschel was a good character, he needed a better actor to play him. On the Talking Dead, he doesn’t talk like that in real life; wonder why he does when he’s “acting”. I’m glad he’s gone so he’ll stop breaking the illusion.

    • yoursostupid says:

      please go away and watch those terrible reruns of Breaking Bad.

      • SCOTT says:

        breaking bad was much better than the walking dead, although the walking dead is good breaking bad was written much better, and is much more believeable sometimes I think the writers of the walking dead are all on drugs for the amount of flaws in the story line and the holes they cant seem to fill just one would be if your opening up on someone with a machine gun a walker body isn’t going to stop the bullets daryl would have been dog meat.come on guys do a better job of making it real.,

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Breaking Bad was good but…. The Walking Dead is a really GREAT SHOW!
      Also Scott Wilson did an AWESOME job protraying Hershal i don’t know what the HELL your problem is. The writers did great setting up Lizzie and Mika to kill those people and liz shooting that girl in the head….although people inculding myself don’t trust that girl and still leaves us wondering if she KILLED karen and david or feeding the walkers rats.

    • JMOthanks says:

      How can you even compare the two shows??? Though I do not like “Breaking Bad” because, I have issues with druggies and drug dealers but, Breaking Bad is more realistic then “The Walking Dead”.
      Zombies are NOT real…and the show is NOT suppose to be too realistic because, they are ZOMBIES!! Though bleak escape…It is an escape..

      Not like “Breaking Bad” which can really happen..Note: Sad to say people made the drug makers heroes and they are NOT heroes…They are druggies!! Big difference.

      “Walking Dead” has TRUE HEROES!!!

      • Cheeky says:

        You’ve obviously never watched Breaking Bad, because they didn’t play Walt up as a hero at all, in fact, most of the audience was torn about how they felt for him by the end.

  34. JACKIE says:


    • Sophia B says:

      No, I didn’t see that. Did you? I forget who it was on the talking dead, but they said that the first episode of this season, showed us everything that the 4th season was about. And one thing that happened was Beth hugged Daryl a little to long and now they are together. So there might be something to that…I do hope not.

  35. Ken says:

    I believe Judith is alive and well. I have a feeling that carol (who would still be lurking near the prison watching out for Lizzie and her sister, because she promised she would), scooped up Judith and jumped on the bus and drove it to safety. It’s who Carol is as a person…..and not only does it get her back in Rick’s good graces, but the fact that Lizzie saved Tyrese’s life…and Carol trained Lizzie how to defend herself and kill… Tyrese may forgive her too. Just my theory…and I will probably be wrong, but it could work as a storyline

    • Sophia B. says:

      I hope you are right. I wanted Carol to come across Rick (who is shot) and Carl and save them. But your way works also.

  36. Revan says:

    I have to say, that I will miss the Governor the most. I didn’t read the comics, and I was behind that guy from the begining, yes he’s not a knight in a shining armor on a white horse, and he’d be the first to admit it, but he was simply a man, that put the good of his own group over everything else. In case of an Z apocalypse, I would want to be under the leadership of someone like him, a man who get’s the job done no matter what the cost. And since the beginning of his return in season 4 I was hoping that he would turn back, and become maybe not good, but less ruthless, I was hoping on that even more after I’ve seen his bad side and good side fight each other in episode 7. And when I saw him putting the sword aside I wos like OMFG he REALLY changed, that’s super cool!!! And then… he cut Hershel’s head off…

    But even after everything he’s done, I can see it justified by the things that happend to him, and the circumstances. And I keep my opinion, that HE WAS NOT FULLY EVIL, more like in a gray aera., and I will miss him the most, in a momen when I thought he will kill Rick, i had to stop (pause) the episode, because I wanted to think which character I would like not to die, and I choosen Phill! And no, I wouldn’t want Rick to die either, but I didn’t want TG to die too.

    The Governor was my second favorite character (after Rick) in season 3, and in season 4 they both had my first places. I will always miss HIM.

    Governor forever!

    • Mel says:

      Revan dear, sorry but the Governor was a HORRIFIC character. He made Shane look like a saint. For cripes sake, he had absolutely no moral compass and wasn’t at all confused nor remorseful of his misdeeds. The Gov’nah knew he was a “god” and couldn’t be trifled with other authority but his own, period.

    • rocky says:

      “…In case of an Z apocalypse, I would want to be under the leadership of someone like him, a man who get’s the job done no matter what the cost….”

      Yeah, riiight…it’s not as if everyone under him ends up dead.

  37. yoursostupid says:

    Just don’t piss him off, or you will be one of the ones he mowed down last season. Was that for the good of the group? Oh wait that was the group! He killed them just like he got his new group killed. He did not do this for what is best for the group he did this for himself and no one else. He is a prime example of the meaning the dictionary gives for egotistical….excessively conceited or absorbed in oneself; self-centered and don’t forget to add a heaping hand full of him being a psychopath. I really hope that I would never cross your group with a bag full of Hershey bars and someone have a sweet tooth.

  38. tvlover says:

    I was just relieved the governor got killed. His storyline has been so boring that I wavered on whether or not to tune in last night. I haven’t been able to figure out why that group would follow a nut job they barely knew into battle.

    Other than Glen and a few bit players I can’t remember the names of, who was on the bus? It seemed like every character I’m attached to was on the ground when it drove away.

    What is wrong with the writers? They squandered every chance for drama. Darryl was barely interested in Carol being gone, they never even got to tell Tyrese about Carol killing his girlfriend, and where was Michonne’s triumph at killing her best friend’s murderer? If they wanted to milk the emotional conflict and gruesome quotient, they could have made us (and Rick) watch Judith get eaten. Even Rick’s final fistfight with the governor had about as much emotional context as a high school wrestling match.

    • Lilly says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t like to jump at others’ opinions here but … what the heck do you want?! After suffering through two weeks of distraction with the Governor, you almost didn’t watch last night? Really?!
      No ep goes the way I want it all the time. No show will be 100% loved by everyone. But this season has been dramatic, suspenseful, and gut-wrenching at times. You think last night’s ep was a yawner that could have been improved if (1) Rick and Daryl took time to fight about Carol just as the prison came under attack? or (2) We (or Rick) got to WATCH Judith be eaten!?!?!? or (3) Tyrese was told about Carol just in time to be distracted by a cannon blast to the front of the prison?!
      The governor’s death – while not as original as one might think – was satisfying. The editing of the battle between Rick & Gov, Daryl almost getting bit by a biter, and everyone else scattering was intense! After watching it twice, I STILL need pen and paper to keep track of where everyone we cared about scattered to.
      I think maybe you just like to complain….

    • Sophia B. says:

      Have to agree with you about Daryl’s reaction to Carol. What a let down, but he did have more courage in telling Ty then Rick. Also the rat or squirrel thing that Ty found kind of stopped them and don’t forget the tank fired on them right then. Also I think the reason they didn’t get to tell Ty about Carol was maybe just maybe he will meet up with Carol on the road. He does have the kids or at least Lizzy and her sister even maybe Judith. On the talking dead Robert Kirkman never confirmed that Judith was dead or not, he just said there was blood in the baby carrier. And they didn’t say goodbye to her as they did Hershel and the others. So there is still hope.

  39. Amanda Clevenger says:

    Hershel’s death to me was an appropriate one, beheaded like medevil martyr as he tears up to either the realization of the impact that he has on Rick while listening to his pleas for a Utopian coexistance or rather realizing that the Camelot that he and Rick had vyed for would never come to fruition. Hershel wise beyond his castmates I believe knew the end was nearing, like he said during the outbreak, “It is your choice what you choose to risk your life for.” His execution by the show’s undisputed greatest villian was a death befitting of a king. Hail Hershel!

  40. Gerek says:

    The only way that they had daryl act the way he did when Rick told him he banished Carol is because they will later meet up with carol. Obviously Carol found a group of people with a temporary place to stay. I believe Rick will then take over and find another suitable place to survive. Also Judith is still alive and was probably saved by someone that I can’t think of right now. Sad about Hershel but relived about the Governor. I loved how Michonne killed the Governor. Lastly, what happened to Lilly and the lesbian?

  41. Earnestine green says:

    Too bad they didn’t have an empty, bloody sheriff’s hat next to the baby seat. It would have been a great opportunity to kill off the dead weight…Judith Walsh, Beth the Babysitter and Wesley “Carl” Crusher. I was hoping to see Carol but maybe they are saving her to help clean up in the aftermath. Odd but isn’t Glen the only character we “know” on the bus? They need to find a nice mall or dorm in Atlanta.

  42. Lonna says:

    Oh I am so sad that Hershel was killed. Broke my heart. Love Scott Wilson.He is an excellent actor and such a kind fatherly man in personal like too. Sad about David Morrisey too. He played an evil part but also an excellent British actor. Will miss both terribly.

  43. maggie says:

    Did any one see the previews to the rest of the season that premiers in Feb, where Carl is franticly trying to awaken Rick?

    • Sophia B. says:

      Yes, I did. He was shot and beatin pretty badly. That’s why I hope that they meet up with Carol and she saves his life. Booyeah, that would bring her back with style.

  44. Niejan says:

    This should have been last season´s finale episode and yes, Maggie should have been the one to kill the Governor.

  45. Sarah says:

    I was so upset to see Hershel go… He looked a lot like my granddad and had a grandfatherly feel to him. I knew he would die in this episode after seeing the end of last weeks. The governor + tank didn’t bode well for his survival. I do believe Judith made it out alive. Maybe even being stolen and blood being wiped all over her carrier to make anyone happening upon think she was dead. (Lily for one was completely covered in blood) Could also have been an injured character. You never know for sure with Twd and that’s one reason I keep coming back. The governor is dead and that makes me happy. And I don’t think we’ve seen the last of carol. Can’t wait till feb. terrific episode to keep us guessing and discussing

    • Sarah says:

      Plus lily had just lost her own Daughter. Michonne having Judith is another great theory… But wouldn’t explain the blood.

  46. Azerty says:

    OMG it’s Ned Stark all over again! Too soon guys, too soon…But what an excellent episode! Can’t wait for february. But quick question I tought they said we would see Carol again in the mid-season finale? I hope she has Judith!

  47. Tami says:

    Do any comic book fans know if Bob has a comic equivalent?

  48. laura says:

    Ok..who fed the zombies…thought it may have been lizzie?

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah… I’m pretty sure it was Lizzie
      1.) her sis said she wasn’t right
      2.) she was naming the zombies on the fence
      3.)she got upset when one of the zombies she had named at the fence died

  49. Andy says:

    I wish the Governor woulda killed Michone instead. But first stab her eye out. I just cant feel for this character. I would have rather seen Herschel in more episodes. Also great job Scott Wilson and David Morrisey! You guys really brought your characters to life!! Cant wait til FEB!!

    • Mike says:

      Me too. At the very least I think the Governor wouldn’t have turned his back on her to attack the prison leaving Michonne and her samurai sword behind him. With all his experience I can’t believe he’d simply forget Michonne was still alive and not take care of her before going forward.

    • Sophia B. says:

      I also would of liked Michone to die instead of Hershel. I feel he has more to offer as a character. So sad. He just got his fake leg (winkwink) and they ended his character way to soon.

  50. Babybop says:

    I thought for sure they killed off Judith (and I definitely sobbed for a good 10 minutes), but now that I’ve read through this I’m agreeing with the others. How would a zombie unlatch the carrier?