Nikita's Devon Sawa on Sam's Final Season Arc: Alex Is Turning Him Back Into 'Nice Guy' Owen

DevonSawaAlexOwenIf Owen Sam’s gun-wielding return in Nikitas final season premiere left you a worried mess, fret not. Devon Sawa assures TVLine that his character’s new (but actually old) alter ego is not as dangerous as he seems, thanks in large part to the lovely lady we know as Alex.

But before the CW spy thriller can truly delve into that dynamic, we must first learn why Sam is back — and why tracking the aforementioned Miss Udinov has a lot to do with it.

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“Sam got himself into a really deep gambling debt, so now he needs a lot of money to get himself out,” Sawa reveals. “And the only person he can think of that has money is Alex — that’s his whole motivation for coming back.”

Early on, Sam “has nothing on his mind but the money and paying these guys back,” Sawa shares, but “eventually, a little bit of Owen starts creeping back into him.”

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“I looked at this year like the movie As Good as It Gets,” the actor continues, “when Jack Nicholson says that line, ‘You make me want to be a better man’ — that’s [what Sam begins] feeling. Unintentionally, Alex is bringing this stuff up with him. She’s turning him back into ‘nice guy’ Owen.”

That said, Sawa is careful to note that Owen — the stalwart ex-Guardian viewers once knew and loved — is, for all intents and purposes, no more. “We’re never bringing back Owen,” he notes. “Sam’s just going to get… nicer. And he’s going to start feeling for this girl.”

Are you eager to see more Sam/Alex action? Do you miss original flavor Owen? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. JJM says:

    I am really grateful for Nikita getting these last six episodes, but I have no hope for this storyline and it wrapping itself up soon. Saying that, regardless if it were 3, 6 or even 12 months, if Alex moves on with Owen/Sam after the death on Sean so soon I will lose total respect for her character.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I have to agree about Owen/Alex. I never liked them together as a couple. Sean was perfect IMO for Alex and it really sucks that he had to die. I would prefer the show end with Alex being independent and single and her not needing to be paired up with whatever remaining single guy is left on the show so people feel she isnt alone.

      • trev says:

        I absolutely agree with this. I too would much rather see Alex as a single independent woman. This pairing feels pandering and contrived. If she’s not single by the end of the series, then I hope Sam dies and Alex ends up with Nathan.

  2. Ann says:

    Owen was one of my favourites characters and what they did to him is making me really sad. :( I will be forever angry at the creators for that. I know it’s a tv show etc. but still they could have handle it differently. :(

    • Mia says:

      “Owen was one of my favourites characters and what they did to him is making me really sad. :( I will be forever angry at the creators for that. ”

      Yep…. me too … -_-

  3. Michelle says:

    I really don’t like this. Owen/Sam has a more special relationship with Nikita and imo has unresolved feelings for her. It would’ve been nice if it was Nikita who’d get him back (or as close as he could get) to old Owen. But I guess they had to give Alex a new love interest. Sigh.

    • Lena120 says:

      Exactly! Owen/Sam had history with Nikita and more importantly chemistry. Sigh. I’m not here for him and Alex getting together. But if they force it, they should at least allow him to resolve his issues with Nikita. I mean that’s years of buildup right there.

      • mel says:

        Well, I think they’ve already build up Nikita in too many unresolved twist interest. There is always something between her and Ryan once they see each other again.
        As for Sam/Owen and Alex they did start building them with her butterfly tattoo. I was pissed at that time because, as being said already, Sean was perfect for Alex. I feel without putting them together by the end, they can still play that chemistry thing. As long as they don’t end up together. That will stay in some viewers mind of after Nikita.

        • kat says:

          The problem is the tattoo thing was shallow, lazy storytelling, not actual build up. You had that, and then the next time they shared significant screen time Alex confided something to him she was uncomfortable telling to someone she was much closer with, a scene so out of character for Alex that literally every review I read the reviewer had to try to fanwank an explanation (such as she knew Sean was listening and she was really talking to him) even though no such explanation was ever hinted at on the show, because otherwise the scene made no sense. That was the extent of their buildup. Oh we have similar tattoos, oh we have similar feelings of regret about our pasts that literally every other character on this show also has, clearly we have a connection here let me tell you something I’m too closed off to tell anyone else. That’s not build up, that’s contrivance.

  4. Ren says:

    REALLY not happy with this. They had a few scenes together & now she’s going to be the one who brings his humanity back?! Is this a joke? It should be Nikita. They’re really forcing this non-sensical relationship but not resolving the Nikita/Owen dynamic & it makes me angry. Forget “mikita”. The show was ruined once they started to focus too much on Mikita & relationships & lost the. Ore of the show: Alex & Nikita as well as the other dynamics & relationships of other characters. Not everyone has to have someone. The show should have at least it 12 episodes.

  5. Oh-Oh…as a long-time “Nikita” fan, if Sam hooks up with Alex he will definitely die. As lovely as she is, Alex is a Black Widow: whoever she mates with dies!

  6. apres says:

    They’re using another woman to resurrect those feelings he had with Nitka. I do miss the old Sam. At least we’re getting to see how this story is going to end. Yes, it should have had 12 episodes to properly end but at least it’s not The Client List!

  7. Nina says:

    as others have echoed, I’m disappointed that the writer gave in to the Olex fandom. It looks like he won’t get any scenes with his old friend, Nikita, who was THERE for him, as he was there for her, when they were at a loss in terms of relationship with another guy/girl. Not talking about sparks, but their friendship was beautiful to watch. How many friends will let you crash them on a table and then hug you later on?

    out of nowhere, alex is able to help him regain some of his old owen’s attributes when the two barely know each other. so few scenes. i know that the two share the same loss in partners but that isn’t enough to warrant all the listed above. NICE TRY WRITER!

    i wish he will share the same screen with nikita as a good friend once again. the last time they met wasn’t nice.

  8. SS says:

    ITA with everyone else that this ‘Sam’/Alex thing is disappointing. I’m glad we get to see ‘Sam’ again, though I miss Owen fiercely, but why not have him interact with Nikita or even Michael? He and Alex barely know one another. Maybe if they had a full season of 22 episodes, it’d make sense because they could GET to know one another as they are now. But with only 6 episodes, they should be focusing on the established relationships. ‘Sam’-Nikita and Alex-Nikita scenes would make more sense and have more resonance with everything that’s come before. Instead we get ‘Sam’/Alex to please the handful of Owen/Alex shippers, some of whom stopped shipping it once Owen became Sam? That’s ridiculous. This final season should be about wrapping up storylines and giving these characters closure, not introducing new relationships they have no time to properly develop.

  9. trev says:

    Can I just take a moment to say thank you to Meg Masters for being so wonderful and fiercely loyal to Nikita. You always give the best recaps and coverage of my favorite show. Even though it’s incredibly underrated and not as popular as some other shows, it’s one of the best shows on TV and Megan always tries so hard to give the show and our cult fandom a voice.

  10. kat says:

    If the writers wanted Alex and Sam/Owen to have the kind of relationship where it’s believable (and satisfying in the final season) for Alex to be the one to bring more Owen to Sam’s personality, perhaps they should have, IDK, developed that relationship in any meaningful way, instead of only giving them 2 episodes in 3 seasons where they had significant interaction and then claiming in interviews that they have a connection because of reasons. This is hands down the most contrived and forced pairing I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m not even talking romance, as Sawa has previously stated on twitter they don’t get together. Their friendship could have been realistic and charming, given their personalities, but it was never developed. It just sprang into existence overnight despite Alex historically being slow to let people in and develop close bonds, because the writers wanted to pander to a vocal minority of fans. And now instead of getting a final arc for Owen/Sam with Nikita, the woman who was his only connection to the group for the vast majority of his time on the show, we get some slap dash crap with Alex, a relationship that has no meaning whatsoever because the writers couldn’t be bothered to actually develop it on screen when they had the time.

  11. Izzybelle says:

    Devon recently said on twitter there was going to be no Alex and Owen in the finale! Did he imply that to you guys??? Do you think it’s true!!!???

  12. kasper says:

    Sam has always had the hots for Alex and I’ve always been a Sam Alex bandwagon from the moment he told Shawn to lay off about the tattoo time sam/Owen – Alex

    • Lena120 says:

      What are you talking about? That’s not true. Sam didn’t always have the hots for her. You’re referring to that contrived mess they tried to push in season 3 that no one bought but people in the Olex fandom? I don’t even think he has the hots for her now. He’s a freakin’ con artist at this point. A liar by trade. It’s sad the writers would rather pander to a small group than do what makes sense for the the show.

  13. Cindy says:

    I don’t like the Alex and Sam pairing either.Not everyone in the show needs to be paired.

  14. Meh. says:

    I really like the Alex and Sam pairing. I hated Alex and Sean, it was just too easy. Sean lost all his characterization and turned from someone hard and cold to a sucky romantic. Sam, on the other hand, has enough characterization himself that it doesn’t get lost when he is paired with Alex. They aren’t the perfect match, they don’t really compliment each other but they heal each other, which I find perfect.