Rush Job: Tom Ellis Lands Lead in USA Pilot

Tom Ellis Cast USA Network RushThe Enchanted Forest’s loss is USA Network’s gain.

British actor Tom Ellis, whose most recent turn in a Stateside series was as Once Upon a Time’s original Robin Hood, has hit the bullseye by landing the lead in the USA Network pilot Rush.

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Written and directed by Warm Bodies‘ Jonathan Levine, the project revolves around Dr. William Rush, an on-call doctor to the very rich and very private, those whose medical needs demand a degree of discretion. (Think: Olivia Pope meets HankMed.) In trade, patients pay Rush’s premium, cash-only fee.

Rick Gonzalez (Reaper) also has boarded the Rush cast, playing Manny Maquis, a dealer/client/sorta-friend of the titular doctor’s.

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Ellis’ other TV credits include Sky’s Gates, BBC’s The Fades and Merlin, BBC One’s Miranda and EastEnders, and ABC’s passed-over 2013 pilot Gothica.

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  1. Maki says:

    Hmmm. He should’ve stayed on OUAT. I like the new R. Hood but he was better. Would be a perfect match for Regina. But lets see how the pilot will work out.

    • xav says:

      He might not have been willing to come back because his wife filed for divorce saying that he cheated on her while in Canada last time.

  2. Ben says:

    “ITV’s Miranda” :O NO! It’s BBC’s Miranda, ITV couldn’t dream of making a comedy that funny.

  3. Jon says:

    Don’t they have a different show with the same plot?

  4. Katie T says:

    So glad to see he’s got another potential American series. Really wish he could have continued as Robin Hood though but I guess schedule clashes prevented that as he’s just finished doing a play in London. Hope this works out better than Gothica did

  5. sarah says:

    but what about miranda he cant leave that

    • Katie T says:

      If the show gets picked up then they’ll fit filming of Miranda in when he’s available I’m sure. I don’t think there’ll be any new Miranda till late 2014 anyway as Miranda Hart’s busy with a tour at the start of the year,as well as a new book and no doubt Series 4 of Call The Midwife. So she’s got to find time to write more Miranda before they get to filming it

  6. Ian says:

    This is Royal Pains. Why are they making the same show?

    And Tom Ellis is gorgeous and everything, but I haven’t exactly loved him in anything but Doctor Who. I’d wait to see if he can be a captivating leading man in this series, but IT’S THE SAME SHOW AS ROYAL PAINS. Why would I want to watch 2 of the same damn show?!

    • Jared says:

      This guy seems to have less of a soul or something – probably more “edgy”. Hank has morals and follows ethics. Probably a light side/dark side thing they can use for promos.

  7. TvPeong says:

    To me, he’ll always be the doctor that Martha should have ended up with on Doctor Who. While I like Mickey, I prefer to think that Martha is out there somewhere healing people with Dr. Tom, rather than fighting enemy aliens with Mickey.

    • Josh says:

      I agree with this. I didn’t think that was a great move and felt like “fan service”…Martha was a healer and a thinker, not some bloody fighter. Plus, knowing Mickey’s character, I just don’t see them meshing well(she’s far too intelligent and independent for him)…

    • HereThere says:

      One would argue that’s the legacy of traveling with the Doctor. After what happens to Martha’s family and joined UNIT and her willingness to use that Osterhagen Key in The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End to blow up Earth. Martha is never going back to healer again. She and Mickey both seen and experienced so much. I thought it was nice they found each other.

      • Josh says:

        That’s fairly good point. Never thought it like that. Sort of sad in a way…but also shows that Martha is a BAMF, HBIC all the way. I know she gets lots of hate(because she followed Rose and they chose to have her be in love with the Doctor) but I really liked her. Still my least favorite companion of the 10 three but above Amy and Clara.

      • Josh says:

        Though I’ll add that I still don’t buy her and Mickey. I just felt they were different save for
        1) THey both loved someone who didn’t love them back(MIckey – Rose, Martha – Doctor)
        2) They both kicked butt and were hardened by their experiences.

    • KCC says:

      Yeah, I liked that Martha was a doctor and a healer, and did not become a warrior (like the Doctor). I’m glad that both she and Mickey found someone, but it did not have to be each other.

  8. braywen says:

    Good for him he needs something to do till Miranda is bsck on tv in 2015 (date in daily mail article)

  9. JC says:

    Yeah, I wish they’d been able to keep him on OUAT. I like him better than the replacement guy.

  10. Big Mike says:

    This is now the 3rd medical drama that USA has. I think it’s 1 too many.

  11. Josh says:

    This sounds EXACTLY like Royal Pains…

  12. Stormy says:

    Isn’t he playing Mary Crawley’s new love interest on Downton Abbey?

  13. meatwad says:

    well that doesn’t sound interesting at all

  14. DavidSask says:

    Talk about a show with no original premise especially with the outlet already having similar shows!

  15. Jean Marie Meehan says:

    U picked a winner….Tom Ellis is a star…perfect for the role…Great expressions..would not miss every week. This could be the next James Bond 007.