MSNBC Drops Alec Baldwin in Wake of Up Late Host's Anti-Gay Rant

MSNBC Fires Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin will no longer be staying Up Late — nor spending any other daypart, for that matter — with MSNBC, in the wake of controversial comments made by the talk show host/actor earlier this month.

Though the cable newser is officially qualifying the split as “mutual,” an MSNBC source told Page Six, which was first to report on the break-up, “He’s gone…. The Comcast guys have decided.” (A rep for Baldwin meanwhile offered Page Six this spin: “The show is not coming back. [Alec] had questions on whether he wanted to continue.”)

Baldwin made the wrongest kind of headlines on Nov. 14 when, in dealing with a paparazzo, he hurled several anti-gay epithets. Soon afterward, he attempted to atone for his actions, saying, “I did not intend to hurt or offend anyone with my choice of words, but clearly I have – and for that I am deeply sorry. Words are important. I understand that, and will choose mine with great care going forward. … Behavior like this undermines hard-fought rights that I vigorously support.”

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was among those to promptly dismiss Baldwin’s mea culpa, saying, “[A]nybody can say anything they want. But then don’t lie about it afterward and claim you don’t know this was an anti-gay slur.”

Per Variety, Up Late premiered in early October to 654,000 viewers total overall, with 172,000 landing in the 25-54 demo. Prior to being pulled from the network’s schedule for two weeks after Baldwin’s offensive outburst, the show drew just 395,000 viewers, with barely 100K in the target demo.

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  1. Just one thing says:

    I was going to say that now he can go back to doing those Capital One commercials, but I suspect they’re happy with their non-homophobic, but equally loose canon, choice in Sam Jackson.

    • Loki says:

      Michael Jackson bones little kids and he’s still the “King of Pop” but some ego star says a few stupid words and the Gay Hollywood police are in full force. I know this site is super gay as is the media. But we all make stupid mistakes.

      • Liam says:

        So the logic is that someone got away with a [very] bad thing, so let someone else get away with saying bad things?

      • DenverDean says:

        It’s not the first time he made the remarks – it’s a pattern. Oh, imagine the outrage, if he substituted the “N-word” or another “racist” comment. It’s no different to someone who is gay. Moreover, because he is such a flaming liberal, he is a complete hypocrite.

  2. DenverDean says:

    Can you imagine if a conservative actor had made not one, but two anti-gay rants during the past few month, they would have been crucified. AB is pathetic. I applaud Andersen Cooper for taking him to task this summer. It’s also hard to believe that Baldwin still has his endorsement deals. Why hasn’t Capital One dumped him? The guy has real anger management and other problems.

    • Just one thing says:

      Capital One moved on to Samuel Jackson. I always suspected it was because of Baldwin’s MSNBC gig. And I’d imagine that Baldwin has been “crucified” enough by the media. He’s always been an arrogant jerk, with rumors that even Tina Fey wasn’t exactly his biggest fan. Now that he’ll be out of work for a while, maybe it’ll be time for that much-needed “reflection.”

    • Dennis says:

      Mel Gibson, can’t remember if it was anti-gay or racist, just remember he was pissed and drunk which means he had no filter and said anything vile that came to mind. the problem is most people think these things at one point in their life or another but can recognize them as wrong or ill conceived, blocking them from being spoken, anger and alcohol removes common sense and control letting any horrible thought leave unfiltered no matter how you truly feel.

  3. Drew says:

    This isn’t good enough, MSNBC. As Anderson Cooper said, anyone can say anything they want, but this wasn’t the first time he’s gone on a rant like this. He has always been a jerk, saying things that would have gotten most people tarred and feathered (since crucifixion was already taken by another commenter) in the media. Yet for some reason, everyone has turned a blind eye to Baldwin’s mouth for years and that is the offensive part. Either don’t care (in which case, why fire him) or care consistently. Don’t pretend to be appalled by his behavior now, just because he’s not on a popular TV show.

    Besides, if Baldwin stops watching MSNBC over this, they will have lost half of their viewers.

  4. Dennis says:

    Poor Alec an ultra liberal turned on by his own people. The honest truth is people sometimes say things in moments of anger that are completely out of character, anger especially if you have a anger management problem can cause a type of temporary insanity where you snap and start saying the most horrible vile things you can. I know I have the same issue I’ve yelled slurs and said horrible things like saying “i hope your children are stillborn” it’s horrible and once I start calming down I feel so very guilty about it. I don’t want that to happen to anyone or anyone to feel that kind of pain. Anger makes you irrational but if it’s a hot PC issue people are so unforgiving, People love to cast others down and rip them apart,

    • Weirdo says:

      You have mental issues. I strongly advise you to seek therapy with a psychiatrist so that he/she can prescribe you a heavy dosage of anti-psychotics.

      • Meredith says:

        It’s more like intermittent explosive disorder, which would call for antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds. It sounds as though Dennis and Alex could both benefit from treatment, but there are plenty of tools who aren’t psychotic, they’re just standard issue tools.

        • ImSmarterThanYou says:

          Or meditation and self reflection. We don’t need to medicate people for everything… Anger issues can be resolved by understanding where your anger comes from and learning tricks to channel or divert it when you notice “rage” starting to take over

    • dude says:

      Why does this have to be about politics? Yes, in America even liberals can’t get away with being homophobic and/or racist. It’s not like people would say “oh but he’s liberal, he’s allowed to say those things” At the end of the day, this is about what he did and not what political party he supports.

  5. tahina says:

    There’s a god!!!

  6. Walrus says:

    I’ll bet that MSNBC was praying for a while that Alec would screw up some way. His show was all but unwatchable. This gave them an out.

  7. sandi says:

    It’s amazing. Baldwin get sacked at Martin Beshear(??) still has a job. Political correctness rules.

  8. PJinNH says:

    So what AB said was unacceptable (on that I agree) and AB got sacked. If that’s the case, how come Martin Bashir didn’t get canned as well for what he said about Sarah Palin? Think about that people….doesn’t that say a lot?

    • NHT says:

      Maybe because Bashir ddin’t try to pretend he didn’t say it?
      (well, that and considering the ignorant offensiveness of Palin’s original comments that started it, it’s was all pretty much tit-for-tat)

      • Drew says:

        So we are going with the idea that if you disagree with someone they’re fair game and if you agree with them they’re off limits? You don’t like Palin so anything goes, but if Rush Limbaugh said the same thing about Sandra Fluke you’d probably have a problem.

        You can say that you disagree with Palin’s comment, but it wasn’t ignorant. People are just pretending that it is shocking and offensive because they dislike Palin. Like when they geld her responsible for Gabby Giffords being shot, because Palin used the term “target” when referring to a campaign strategy… y’know, just like every campaign of any kind. But people don’t like her, so it suddenly became offensive. It’s so childish.

        And ignorant.

        • GoGiants says:

          The ignorant one is Palin and those who excuse her. She needs to be in a psych ward.

        • ImSmarterThanYou says:

          She drew a bull’s eye over Gifford’s face… I don’t blame Palin for what happened there at all, and I think it is stupid to try and put that spin on things. It was a very unfortunate thing to have happen, especially in liu of Palin’s campaign. But it was more than using the word target that caused people to jump too that. Again though (in case you think I blame her), I don’t think it is right or fair to blame her for that. But she is ignorant and needs to get out of politics

      • ajintexas says:

        tit for tat? You are an idiot. Her comments were not directed at Bashir like his were directed at her. Nor is Bashir in any place to speak on slavery.

  9. Et al says:

    Baldwin is a clumsy gay flatulent.

  10. Kristina says:

    Um…Anderson Cooper is the last person that needs to be calling anyone out on inappropriate remarks lol. That said, these days you just can’t go around slinging out every thought that comes into your head. Learn some self-control or get out of the spotlight where people are going to be watching your every move.

  11. Sheldon W. says:

    They should give W. Kamau Bell a show in that timeslot.

  12. Cory says:

    I’m gay. But I really don’t care about this story. In fact, I’m more inclined to side with Baldwin. Even if he did say a slur…well, you know what? I use gay slurs too. Mostly because they don’t bother me like they bother other people, and in a fight with another gay man using the “f” word is too awesome to pass up in most cases. But whatever, this guy will have another job by the end of the year and this will be forgotten within days.

  13. IMHO says:

    I think that everybody f*cks up at some point in there life. Some WORSE than others.
    Unfortunately Puplic Figures f*ck up in the public eye. That’s gotta s*ck.

    Thanks to the paparazzi who harass these people we are aware of what they say and do 24/7.
    Nowadays it seems that the standard punishment for a public figure f*ck up is the loss of their livelihood and to be vilified for evermore. Alec Baldwin ,Paula Dean, Michael Richards the list goes on.
    Did these people f*ck up ? Yep,they all really stepped in it.

    I wonder sometimes if the punishment fits the crime.
    I wonder how we would feel if our f*ck up punishment was the same.
    Loss of livilihood and to be vilified by All of America for evermore.
    And like the Public Figure if YOU realize YOUR mistake and apologize….
    Too BAD, YOU still loose YOUR livilihood and will be vilified by all of America for evermore
    Those are the rules.

  14. Irv Spielberg says:

    Congrats to Alec Baldwin who has been accepted into the “Filthy Still” Club (Rev. 22:11) but who has also won a “Get Out Free” ticket offered 24/7 by Big J that’s good during only one lifetime (length of lifetime not guaranteed)! If you know of any other potty mouths or evil doers who would be good Hell-minded members of the Club, please send us their names. Google “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans” for more info.

  15. Walrus says:

    Baldwin isn’t losing his livelihood. He’s losing his vanity show with embarrassingly low ratings along with whatever pittance they were paying for the drivel. I tried with the first episode, but couldn’t get through it. I even tried the second and third before removing it from my DVR schedule. Never made it through a full episode. Just total garbage, and MSNBC is probably happier to send viewers to prison than to keep up with the tripe.

  16. RS says:

    AB is nothing but an self indulgent bully–no matter what the forum. Let the chips fall where they may.

  17. Mikael says:

    If you want to go off on a swearing rant, there are plenty of swears to choose from that aren’t racist or homophobic. People who use slurs are just ignorant.

  18. ruth says:

    All comments. On msnbc are wack. 3Percent give me a break FROM MSMBC PREFERABLY