New Twist In Killer Family Guy Mystery: Will a Christmas Miracle Resurrect Brian?

Family Guy Is Brian AliveThe (pet cemetery) plot thickens!

Just two days after the untimely demise of Family Guy’s top dog, Brian Griffin, a mysterious micro-site has popped up whose sole purpose seems to be to count down to “a special announcement from… ” the deceased.

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For the record, a 20th Century Fox rep tells TVLine, “The producers have confirmed that the ‘special announcement from Brian’ website is a hoax and was not created by anyone connected to the show, studio or network.”

But even before the site surfaced, fans — and some members of the media — have questioned whether Brian’s passing is an elaborate publicity stunt.

Our hunch is that it will be revealed that rumors of beloved boozehound’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Well, that, or he’s being resurrected. Consider the plot of the animated hit’s Dec. 15 “Christmas Guy” episode: Stewie hatches a plan to get “the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.”

Since we all know what “the one and only thing he wants for Christmas” is — his BFF, alive and kicking — it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math!

So what do you think? Will Stewie’s scheme work? Will we be saying “Welcome back, Brian! Hasta la vista, Vinny!” before the New Year ball drops? Hit the comments!

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  1. EchoX860 says:

    I’m calling it. During the Christmas episode. Future Stewie (where there is no Brian) sees Present Stewie (where Brian is still alive) when PS goes to the future like we saw in last nights episode. He tells him not to destroy the time machine allowing him to go back and save Brian,

    • Sam Lovett says:

      I agree I think stewie will rebuild his time machine and go back in time and tell brian to get out of the road by that time the griffins never bought vinny so they get brian back and no one gets vinny I reakon this will be near Christmas and it will be the griffins Christmas miricle

      • I agree we need Brian back and the Vinny character doesn’t work as a replacement . I liked the road shows and interaction Brian and Stewie . Makes me think of changing what I watch on Sunday nights !

    • Magz says:

      All I know is before everyone goes completely out of their mind, remember this: the episode where Stewie kills Lois on the cruiseship. We were led to believe through the promos and the episode itself (part 1) that Stewie was really going to kill Lois. But it ended up a simulation. Point being this: the season’s not over yet. If his death was final, wouldn’t they saved it for the season finale? I’m just saying, be patient.

    • Jack says:

      Stewie destroyed the time machine, but did he destroy the return pad? So maybe Stewie will find the return pad and somehow get Brian back.

      • janeDoe001 says:

        The return pad was destroyed when Brian and Stewie were being chased after they altered time and I believe the one Stewie took disappeared after they restored it back to normal.

      • michael says:

        they never showed if the return pad was saved 1 thing with out his time machine what would the return pad lock on to

    • janeDoe001 says:

      I’m beginning to believe that this might be used as closure for Stewie. Maybe Brian will be at peace and tell Stewie to move on. While I wish Brian were still there, let’s face it he was 7-8 years old in human years, he had a long life. So long as they do this closure right (assuming that this is what it is) I will be fine with this. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Jessica says:

        What are you saying, thousands of us signed the petition to get Brian back. I feel you do not truly understand what Brian meant to all of us. Brian was the reason I started watching the show. All of us were devastated by the death. I truly believe after a the news I have heard about next season and Christmas Guy episode on the 15th I truly believe our beloved hound will be back. For good and may the never play a stunt as horrific as this one again.

  2. WayneInNYC says:

    I don’t think Resurrection is the right word. I think Stewie will run into himself buying the present and will enlist himself to keep Brian from being hit by the car. (Stewie at the Store still has access to a time machine.)

  3. I’m surprised that the show didn’t do a parody of Doctor Who and had Brian regenerate.

  4. English says:

    I wouldnt mind having both Brian and Vinny.

    • CJS says:

      Same here. Maybe Vinny can be Cleveland’s dog when he comes back to Family Guy later this season.

      • Bruce says:

        Sadly, The Cleveland Show is soon-to-be cancelled. Later on this season, there’s an episode where the title is “He’s Bla-aack”. So, no more Cleveland Show.

  5. Mariel says:

    I think that maybe stewie will build a time machine again and save brian. I can’t believe that they will kill brian, he was my favorite character on family guy

  6. Ralph Hartman says:

    Since we never saw who was driving the car that ran over Brian I think it was Vinny the other dog and Stewie will figure that out then rebuild the time machine and save Brian.

  7. GF says:

    Please, please, please, please, please Family Guy!! Bring back Brian!

    I don’t care how you do it, but bring that lovable Liberal dog back to Spooner Street. It’s a cartoon, it doesn’t have to be 100% realistic, just an excuse.

    Without Stewie and Brian, together, there is NO Family Guy!

    PS- I don’t know what this countdown is for, but I doubt it’s anything genuine. I’m more interested in the Stewie christmas story.

  8. jvogs24 says:

    SPOILER (Sort of): Check out the episode titles for upcoming episodes when you look on Wikipedia’s page for the site. They sometimes use character names in the title. This whole thing has been overblown. On American Dad, Stan died in the hot tub episode, and I don’t think that was the only time these characters have “died” only to have it be part of a story but not stick the next week. Family Guy may indeed have more of a plan/arc planned with Stewie’ Christmas wish, but this is definitely permanent and thank goodness… the show is decent when it’s a Stewie/Brian episode, and absolutely awful when it focuses on Peter.

    • Michele says:

      Yes but this was more addressed than the American Dad episode. The writers confirmed it in interviews after the episode, saying they wanted to ‘shake things up’ and it was most realistic if their dog was the one that died. There was also a rumor in the beginning of the season that a Griffin family member was being killed and Seth MacFarlane later confirmed that rumor. All I know is they have got to bring him back. Even if he’s gone for a few episodes, and they bring him back for this Christmas one, that will still have ‘shaken things up.’ They could have both Brian and Vinnie. But the ‘Road’ episodes are the best part of the show. And I think FG fans all pretty much agree that the Stewie/Brian dynamic is the best part of the show, and one of the things the writers got right.

      • jvogs24 says:

        True, this is far more addressed, which is why I said they probably have more of a plan/arc in this case. I also noticed I said “definitely permanent” and of course I meant to say “definitely not permanent” so just wanted to correct myself with that. :)

      • Andrew S says:

        The very same writers left us a clue in the previous episode: If you watched that episode carefully you’d notice that Stewie admits that he doesn’t like waiting for his xmas presents so he uses the time machine to go into the future so he doesn’t have to wait til the holiday. Now he destroys the time machine and cannot get the parts to fix it. But in the coming episodes Stewie will bump into his “future-self” before Christmas, find out that Brian’s dead, and then he’ll return back in time to save Brian. Now remember, he’s gone into the future before he destroyed the time machine and therefore he can return to that time, before Brian’s dead and before the time machine is destroyed. And there’s your Christmas Special folks, Merry Christmas :)

    • cam says:

      In later episodes Brian’s name is menchioned several times, which makes me believe he WILL be back.

  9. DenverDean says:

    Well, the did “announce” Meg will die in a year after the bullying episode a couple of weeks ago. (Toxic Shock). So who knows? For a show that has a one-year old who can build a time machine, alternative universes, killing off Lois in a simulation (two-part episode), etc. is it really a stretch that Brian is alive? Not so much. Plus, it was never clear that Brian/Stewie returned to the correct “universe” when they beamed back from Jamestown (the second time).

  10. Patrick Maloney says:

    Keep him dead! He was such an obnoxious character! My least favorite character

  11. DT says:

    I say, the one and only thing Stewie wants for Christmas is to make Rupert a real person!

    • vinny says:

      thats kind of a vague idea considering anyone and everyone will have brian on their minds for the christmas episode. u dont think the producers have thought about that?! really?! yeah lets kill brian and that will be on viewers minds but more importantly lets make rupert a real person after just creating vinny so as to take attention away from a character we r trying to build, hmmm.yeah thats what stewie wants more than anything

  12. sarah says:

    of course its a stunt they cant kill of one half of tv most popular would be a huge mistake especially with ratings already slipping and half of it’s audience saying how rubbish the show is now

  13. SN says:

    Stewie will wake up and find Brian in the Shower revealing this whole thing was a dream thus making fun of the classic Dallas incident.Think about it Bobby was hit by a car on Dallas to. Brian’s death is just a big Joke. With the large amount of main character deaths recently on shows like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire causing uproars, Seth wanted to jump on board just to see how much an uproar could cause. He wants us to hate Vinny, Trust me hes loving this. There is no way Brian would not be in the Simpsons crossover episode or the Potential movie.

  14. Why are people debating this like it matters? It’s a cartoon. He’s not really dead. He doesn’t really exist. Kenny dies EVERY WEEK on South Park. It’s like everybody who was debating Kennedy Assassination theories last week is now debating a dead cartoon dog.

    • TV Gord says:

      What does anything matter on this website, then. What do you expect us to talk about on a TV website? Iran’s nuclear program? What a pointless comment.

    • Vinny says:

      I think he is coming back and to those who say we shouldn’t debating over a dead dog because every episode Kenny does in South Park. Brian hasn’t come back yet and though in every episode of South Park Kenny does get killed but not killed off. He always comes back, dies, and comes back again.

  15. Gail says:

    They could make Brian a ghost. That way he would still be dead but he on the show.

  16. Bob says:

    Well, if MacFarlane truly wants to kill the show (might be tired of doing it), then he’ll stick with Brian being dead and, ugghhh!, Vinyl Vinnie being the new family dog.

  17. Jordan dyke says:

    I cannot believe you got rid of Brian I have been a fan since the beginning killing him off is the worst thing you’ve ever done Seth you’ve gone down hill my friend and you are going to loose a lot of your viewers. Unless you do bring him back, but if you don’t you’ve ruined the show for millions of your fans!!!! :/

  18. Dan says:

    Stewie meeting his future self at Christmas, and warning him about Brian’s death, is the most likely outcome. Why does Vinnie look so much like the last replacement dog the Griffins got ?. Can’t they draw more than two different looking dogs.

    • lofton20 says:

      Vinnie, I am starting to believe is the culprit. He sees Stewie crying which brings up Brian. Vinnie said he had a best friend once too but he died. I am wondering, the first dog that resembled Vinnie, could have been that dog, and Stewie killed him. What better way to revenge the death of his best friend than to hurt Stewie in the same manner, by killing Brian. Sorry, thinking too much. Just bring Brian back!!!

  19. RKO viper says:

    They should do a Star Trek movie pardory the wrath of Quagmire episode where it’s Quagmire that’s driving the car that kills Brian then Star Trek The a Search for Brian where they find his body is alive but Vinny has his mind and mix it up with a bit of Back To The Future

  20. Kevin says:

    “I don’t know, man. I think you piss a lot of people off that way”.

  21. Jesalynn says:

    Vinny sucks!! They need Brian back its just not the same without him!#bringBrianback

  22. Viewer says:

    Brian and Stewie are the best characters in the show, when they´re together that is.. They should get a show of their own. Instead they killed brian and gave CLEVELAND a freaking show of his own, which sucks. Really, what is the logic here?

    • Cassie says:

      Obviously Brian isn’t gonna stay dead and the Cleveland show wasn’t that bad and it got canceled he’s coming back to FG and Vinnie is gonna be his dog and Brian is gonna be back

  23. Rae says:

    I just want Brian back. I cried, so hard. If Seth wants ANY viewers whatsoever he better bring our favorite griffin back. It shoulda been meg -_-

  24. Jei says:

    I’ve cried 3 damn times because of Seth Macfarlane cartoons. 1st time was because of the “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” squirrells on American Dad 2nd When Stan’s dog Freddy welcomed Steve’s dog Kisses into heaven 3rd Well not watching it but reading that it’s Stewie’s Christmas wish to get Brian back. I know it’s silly. I know but just like watching Frye’s dog wait for him for years on Futurama, dog themed shows just get me. Being 30 I have went through loving dogs as pets and having them pass with time. But a tv pet has eternal life unlike reality. So why kill Brian why? You piss people off and remind them of the mortality of their beloved best friends. It is the job of a comedy to make us laugh. Those bastards.

  25. Dave says:

    Just in case he doesn’t come back, we startedva campaign to erect a Brian Griffin memorial statue in Rhode Island.

  26. Mattias says: is a fake site. If you change your time on your computer backwards or forwards and update the site, you will see that the counter timer changes as well. ;)

  27. Avann says:

    I feel that when Stewie asks for what he wants it’s going to be the missing piece that he needs for His Time Machine and he builds it and brings him back!

    • vinny says:

      thats my thought exactly, only i got a bad feeling it will be like groundhog day where bill murrays character tries to save the homeless man only to have to accept that when its someones time to die its their time and that theres really nothing u can do about it

  28. brian is the show. that would be like killing off the lone ranger and calling the show the lone ranger

    • vinny says:

      except the show isnt called brian griffin?!

    • vinny says:

      in fact the show title is in more reference to peter

    • Just Real says:

      Seriously?…I love Vinnie. why bring brian back. His character is way to over-the-top. I mean all that rat pack singing crap. dating real women, going to prom with meg…can’t stand that crap. leave him off. He is too soft and proper, Vinnie is cool and tuff. just what stewie needs. time to get away from that soft gay crap with brian and stewie episodes. Can’t stand those episodes. worst than the star wars parody they did. LEAVE HIM DEAD!

  29. amyem says:

    Don’t worry he’ll be back they cant just kick out one of the main characters and replace him with a new one, brian will be back
    brian is one of the main characters they cant just kick him out its like kicking off homer out of the simpsons it should never happen!

  30. Andrew S says:

    Brian is coming back, it’s all been planned out. the writers did leave us a little clue in the previous episode. If you watched that episode carefully you’d notice that Stewie admits that he doesn’t like waiting for his xmas presents so he uses the time machine to go into the future so he doesn’t have to wait til the holiday. Now he destroys the time machine and cannot get the parts to fix it. But in the coming episodes Stewie will bump into his “future-self” before Christmas, find out that Brian’s dead, and then he’ll return back in time to save Brian. Now remember, he’s gone into the future before he destroyed the time machine and therefore he can return to that time, before Brian’s dead and before the time machine is destroyed. And there’s your Christmas Special folks, Merry Christmas :)

  31. Giovanni Prado says:

    There’s a lot if ways Brian can be brought back but the most likely way is the Christmas special. Present Stewie will find Future Stewie and he’ll tell him not to destroy the time machine when he goes back in time. When Brian dies, he’ll go back in time and stop him from dying. Option #2, Stewie will accept the fact Brian is gone and warm up to Vinny, only to find out Vinny is the one that killed Brian, getting Stewie furious and killing Vinny, the somehow finding a way to rebuild his time machine and save Brian. Option #3 this whole thing is a simulation like when Stewie killed Lois and Brian is showing Stewie what would happen if he destroyed his time machine. Many options so one of them will bring Brian back.

  32. Giovanni Prado says:

    One more option, too, is that Stewie finds an alternative Brian from all the time travel they did and keeps that one and gives Vinny to Cleveland, who is returning later in the season, so he won’t be lonely.

  33. bobbymucci says:

    this cant be real because Louis says wow 1 month later and im sill putting breakfeast on the table for him and thats when they get the new do(vinny)

  34. Bringbackbrian456 says:

    As Brian has left,family guy will have such low viewers and they will have to bring him back. Right?

    • R.I.P brian says:

      I think seth wanted that so then when hardly anyone watches anymore,he had a excuse to end would be a bad ide though seeing as they just go a new member for a family for a very short period

  35. R.I.P brian says:

    First of all,we have not seen all of vinnie yet,second of all,brian would die soon anyway as he only lives up to 15 years and third of all, we don’t know if brian is coming back yet,so stop complaining.I am not saying that I don’t like brian though.also vinnie could have not killed him as he was in the hound,quagmire could not as you could not see Anyone through the windo,so that leaves stewie and brian.there could of been two brians so bian killed himself so there wasn’t two brians.stewie could of created a dummy to ran him over(he only thought he would be injured,not killed).plus,it could of been one of brians ex.maybe he is coming back on the christmas show or next(could be hoax)that’s it

    • vinny says:

      we will see more of vinnys agenda im sure, second brian is a cartoon just like everyone else on the show so his age is irrelavent, quagmire could be part to blame whos to say?! sorry im not buying the 2 brian bit fully, or ane ex. if it was any 2 people that ran brian over it would be logical for it 1st to be vinny or 2nd quagmire, no one else. i know its a cartoon but logic will still prevail with the already known family guy “logical” rules in place. they didnt do this just for it to be an ex or to kill off a character because we cant grasp the reality that a dog is still alive after all these years nor are they going to repeat past stunts to erase a new one. ie.go back in time to save someone. i think its pretty obvious they wanted to dismiss that notion by eliminating the obvious immediately. not trying to be mean but people here have to think outside the box for something the producers would think would “shake things up.” maybe its a wonderful life feeling around it.

  36. R.I.P brian says:

    Someone please reply

  37. rileigh says:

    I think that Brian’s Griffin’s death is just for publicity and it being the second episode from the season finally they will bring back Brian a minute before the end of the episode and then leave you hanging for you to figure out or let you wait then on the next season they will have Brian Griffin back on the show for good.

  38. Kieran Sherry says:

    What strikes me odd is that no one saw the driver nor did the driver appear in the episode or apologize. The car looks similar to Brian’s car and i think some time travelling might have occurred where Brian had to alter his past or future

    • kienan says:

      i know they should of let us see the driver at least icannot wait for the christmas guy that coming dec 15 2013 cant wait brian come back family guy isnt the same

  39. Dee Fields says:

    I am all for resurrecting Brian via some sort of concoction of time machine reincarnations and peeking at future Christmas presents. As an aside, I seem to recall something that Seth said about Stewie and Brian during Seth’s interview when they were celebrating Family Guy’s 200th episode. I mean if I recall correctly, Seth said that in the beginning episodes of Family Guy, their intent was to have Brian and Peter in a really tight friendship. Seth went on to say that to their surprise, they found that Stewie and Brian’s tight friendship to be unexpected, but so naturally fitting. Seth said a couple more accolades about their friendship being a significant contributing factor to the success of the show. Now, he kills off 1/2 of the Family Guy’s dynamic duo? If one can believe what Seth said during that interview, then permanently killing off Brian is not shaking things up, it’s throwing in the towel.

    I’m hoping for one of these “time machine/Christmas presents” plots to actually play out.

  40. R.I.P brian says:

    There is one thing we hadn’t thought about,what if he dosent come back.what if it was just some drunk midget that They had a whole episode about.or maybe one of his ex(who is a midget)adores brian and copys what ever he does.then she asked brian and he said no so she killed him.the christmas show could be about him wanting a nucelar robot or somthing.vinnie could be their next dog.and if stewie ever fixes the time machine,he dosent use it so that he won’t change somthing occuring in time like the last time.there are so many storys of what will happen next and these are the three none of you thought about

  41. R.I.P brian says:

    Brian don’t die,we love your funniess with your best pal stewie

  42. R.I.P brian says:

    Where are you guys.america.I’m in england and found out because everyone is talking about on the internet

  43. Rob says:

    With all due respect to Mr Tony Sirico (aka: Vinny), I do hope that Brian returns.

  44. R.I.P brian says:

    Me too.tony(vinnie)
    can go to cleavlend show seeing as they don’t have a pet

  45. R.I.P brian says:

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  46. christopher says:

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  47. R.I.P brian says:

    Because you smell like peters vomit.
    Do us a favour and kill your selve

  48. christopher says:

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  49. R.I.P brian says:

    I was joking chris,can you take a joke