Hart of Dixie Bosses Reveal Their 'Favorite Love Story' This Season - Plus: Fresh 'Zade' Scoop!

DixieMidseasonFinaleHart of Dixie closed its 2013 run on Monday with a fall finale featuring a whole lot of heartstring-tugging drama.

From Wade/Zoe/Joel to Linley/George/Tansy, the romantic highs and woes ran rampant — even Zoe’s new cousin Vivian was in on the action! And based on the following flurry of teases Dixie executive producers Leila Gerstein and Len Goldstein recently gave reporters, the CW charmer’s midseason run will carry on with more of the addictive same.

Read on to find out into which love story Dixie‘s bosses plan to delve deeper in January — plus, learn what’s next for ‘Zoel,’ ‘Genley’ (?) and Wivian’ (?!).

QUESTION | So, are Wade and Vivian officially a go?
LEILA GERSTEIN | We’re [shooting Episode] 16  right now, and she’s still around. Episode 9 is about Zoe being in the middle of her new cousin and her ex-boyfriend — it’s hard. It’s hard for her.
LEN GOLDSTEIN | It’s a good step up for Wade, and it’ll give the audience a chance to see another side of him since Vivian has a kid. There’s some fun merging Wade into the Wilkes family.

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QUESTION | Talk a little about Wade as a father figure. And what is his role in the Wilkes family?
GERSTEIN | The kid hates him, so that’s kind of funny. He is a father figure, but he also has the 8-year-old kid who’s really getting under his skin and making his life miserable. He has to get past the kid to get to the mom, so it’s a really funny new way to do a foil in a love story.
GOLDSTEIN | We wanted to throw Wade into a lot of situations this year where he has to come of age. It happened early on in owning a business, and now finding himself in a family is another way he’s growing.

QUESTION | But be honest, is that all just so he can be with Zoe again?
GERSTEIN | [Laughs] Probably. Maybe. Possibly.
GOLDSTEIN | Zoe and Wade will always be at the forefront, no matter what relationship they have. As the season goes, they continue to evolve with a friendship and a relationship in general. They’re important to us… but you never know where life takes you.

QUESTION | Speaking of, what was behind this week’s big ‘Zade’ kiss?
GERSTEIN | The drugs that Wade took before the dentist helped him to see the truth, so we are supposed to see the kiss as the truth of Wade’s feelings — in this particular moment.

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QUESTION | Did you always know that Josh Cooke’s Joel would stick around as long as he has?
GERSTEIN | We knew from the incarnation of the character that we were going to be bringing Zoe back with the person she would have been with had she stayed in New York… We had written the first six episodes of the season before we cast Josh, so we always knew.

QUESTION | Has Josh’s chemistry with Rachel Bilson impacted how the Joel/Zoe relationship has progressed?
GERSTEIN | He’s around for more episodes. He brought a new New York energy to the show, which we needed in Season 3. Zoe is certainly different with him, she seems happier. We’re doing romantic comedy stuff with them.
GOLDSTEIN | We liked it because it gave us another side of Zoe, and we got to do some fish-out-of-water stories that we didn’t actually get to do with her. And we love the growing friendship with Joel and Wade, which has some great payoffs.
GERSTEIN | That is our favorite love story of the season.
GOLDSTEIN | They’re really good together. In the second half, there are payoffs to everything being seeded right now, and that triangle is one of them.

QUESTION | Can we look forward to seeing Mircea Monroe back in the fold for a bit?
GERSTEIN | Mircea is back for a bunch — at least four. And we’ll probably have her back again.
GOLDSTEIN | We’re happy to have both Shelby and Tandy back in the absence of Lemon.
GERSTEIN | They’re both blonde so they fill the void. [Laughs]
GOLDSTEIN | Lemon does make a very special appearance in one of the episodes, in hopefully a fun way. So, she’s not totally gone.

QUESTION | How long will Jamie King be away on maternity leave?
GERSTEIN | Jamie is coming back in Episode 14, so she’s gone for five. And there’s a very strong chance that Robert Buckley will be back.

QUESTION | How much will Tansy’s reappearance impact George and Linley’s newly cemented relationship?
GERSTEIN | We brought Tansy back to shake up Linley and George and Lavon. He promised Lavon he would do right by Linley, but then here comes the love of his life — maybe — so we’re going to play that triangle, for sure.

QUESTION | The show recently delved into Lavon and Annabeth’s future — will we continue to see that play out?
GERSTEIN | In the future they will face other hurdles… We’re right now in the middle of figuring out what that is. They’re happy for a few more episodes. [Laughs]

QUESTION | Are there plans to have Magnolia return this season?
GERSTEIN | We can’t have [Claudia Lee] for an arc, so I think she’ll be back for three episodes.

QUESTION | Baby aside, is there more Brick and Shelby romance ahead?
GERSTEIN | He’s still involved with Shelby. It’s not like she has another guy, so we’re still telling the love story of Shelby and Brick — I’m so into them. I think they’re so funny… We have a few more episodes, at least, of the two of them.

QUESTION | Any other fun teases for what’s ahead?
GERSTEIN | In the immediate future, we’re going to have the fight to save Bluebell… Filmore and Bluebell might have to merge, so there’s a couple of episodes that are really fun about the town coming together to deal with that. George is involved and Lavon is involved and Annabeth is involved, and Zoe ends up getting involved, so that’s a three-episode arc.

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  1. mary says:

    Don’t these fools know its all about ZOE AND WADE?!?

    • Michelle says:

      I could care less about Wade. I only wasted my time watching waiting for George and Zoe to hook up. If they are not I’m done watching there are better things to watch on tv then a potential good show destroy itself.

      • Lux Landon says:

        Well goodbye, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya because if it isn’t already clear to you let me clarify Zoe & George ain’t happening. The writers just stated as plain as day that Zade will always be at the forefront. Their relationship is the heart of the show. It’s what the majority of the fans are rooting for. Why else do you think Wade always beats George in every poll 4-to-1?

        • Amber says:

          But the only real drama that we would accept is a Zoe-George drama. I would love Zade, but if George wants to step up and step in, I’m all for that too. Leaving Lemon at the alter for Zoe keeps him in my subconscious desires even when I’m rooting for Zade. Joel, however… he can’t possibly stay around much longer. There’s only so much filling someone can take until they’re just stuffed full of crap like that. There’s only one real love triangle that works in all of this….

      • Andreja Seperac says:

        I agree; I started to watch because of Zoe and George. The third season is really boring, Iexpected more :(

      • BN says:


    • Sammy says:

      Now that Wade is sleeping with Zoe’s cousin, Zoe better not get with Wade. I think Zoe & George belong together but it’s nice to see them do what they have to do before getting together. Sorry Zade fans, Wade and Zoe are not good together for so many reasons.

      • Kate says:

        I have to disagree. This show has an extremely tangled web of relationships already and there there seems to be no lasting consequences for any of that. Lavon and Lemon can cheat on George and they all remain good friends. George can date Wade’s ex-wife or the niece of the man that cheated with his ex-fiancee. Brick can date George’s ex-girlfriend. Annabeth can date the man her best friend is in love with. Wade can fall in love with the girl his friend dumped his fiancee for. Sometimes there’s a tiff, or some hurt feelings that last an episode or two, but no permanent damage is done. Given all of this, I don’t see any reason why Wade dating Vivian whether or not they sleep together will cause any long-term friction with Zoe or anyone else. What tension there is seems to exist for the simple purpose of allowing Zoe to see Wade through a new lens before their likely reunion.

    • Kate says:

      I agree. They got us all excited at the end of season 2 with Wades declaration of his love to Zoe and we hear nothing else about it? it makes no sense. The only reason this show was exciting was because of Zoe and Wades on and off again relationship. Its time to get rid of Joel hes so annoying bt something tells me that hell be here so longer since he and Zoe bought a house. What are the writers getting at? I don’t understand what there doing in this season but if something doesn’t change everyone will stop watching!

  2. You mean 2013? ;) I sure hope there’s going to be new episodes in 2014. I would hate for the show to end without Zoe & Wade ending up together for good.

  3. wordsmith says:

    I pretty much watch this show just for the Lavon and AB stuff these days. They are by far my favorite couple of the bazillion pairings on this show.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Ok folks it’s time to put Zoe & Wade back together.

    • Michelle says:

      Seriously for fun yeah but she should be with George. This Wade crap has gone on enough and I’m done with the show. The intrigue was interesting but enough is enough. I’m going to vomit now and fine something better to watch.

      • Kate says:

        George: “We never even went out on a date, Zoe, ok so this…us…is a fantasy. Because in reality the person you truly have feelings for is Wade.”
        Random lady on the plane: “Well, I agree with that lawyer. It’s that hott neighbor you’re into.”
        Judson: “You were more excited about your war with Wade tonight than you were a romantic night with me. Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?
        Joel: “You know to an outside observer you may seem a little jealous and crazy.”
        Annabeth: “You chose to sleep with Wade [when she was upset], so the question is…why?”

        Everyone can see that Zoe and Wade are meant to be together. Including the characters in the show, the writers, and a majority of the fanbase. So bye. Go find “something better” to watch :)

  5. WTactualF says:

    I’m not digging the romantic pairings on this show. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy Zoe/Joel and George and Lindly? (The actress that portrays Lindly is seriously annoying) Just no. Make it stop. Lavon and AB are probably the most believable, so more of that please.

    I like Zoe/Wade, but I also wanted Zoe and George to have a real shot. Joel is nothing but a plot device.

    Mostly though, it kind of feels like everyone in Bluebell has slept with each other and it’s tired and I really don’t care for it anymore.

    • Delaina says:

      I thoroughly agree about Linley (sp?). She is sooooooo annoying. I don’t buy her and George either. I love this show and have loved every character they’ve introduced until her. Time for her to say “so long, farewell”.

      • tasneem says:

        Linley is SUPER annoying OMG!!!! George should be back with Tansy. And watsup with all the hating on Wade and Vivian. Who cares if she’s Zoe’s cousin, Wade actually knew her before Zoe because they went to the same school. Be happy that the writes are kinda saying there’s a future for Wade and Zoe, Vivian could just be a part of Wade’s life where he learns some more life lessons and matures more, making him even better for Zoe in the end. Btw I sooo love #Zade!!! Anyway totally love AB, but they are showing her too little she needs more air-time, Lavon as well :( I miss seeing more of them. Joel is a drip he can go back to New York for all I care, and he can take Linley with him!!! So over those two!

        • Serena says:

          Obviously, you missed the dialogue between Wade and Vivian where he said she went to a DIFFERENT school and he only saw her when their schools competed.

          Also, my issue with pairing Wade and Vivian is if they break up for any Zoe related reasons, there’s a chance the Wilkes clan will choose sides. They’ll most likely pick Vivian and Zoe will lose her family again.

      • Jo says:

        Linley is annoying but i find Joel quite annoying also plus hes sooo boring..! How can he and Zoe be the best love story as was said in the spoilers above!? They are so boring together. 99.9% of the hart of dixie fans on fb want Joel gone so i hope they get rid of him soon.. Series 1 and 2 were much better and series 3 is lacking a lot! Waiting for it to pick up and get more interesting and Joel gone.

        • B.a.D says:

          I agree…I don’t buy George & Lynley’s relationship at all. I didn’t care too much for his relationship with Tansy either. She was just a rebound for Zoe. As said before I know there’s a lot of Wade & Zoe fans but I think Zoe & George should see where things go. I miss season 1 & 2…all of the storylines-not just the love triangles. I really hope Season 3 gets better!!!

    • Bella says:

      Joel is funny but I want Zoe & Wade back together. Don’t mind Linley but preferred Tansy & George. The only bright spark for me lately is Lavon & Annabeth.

    • Shannon says:

      I agree. I want Zoe and Wade together and even will take George and Zoe so she can get over her feelings with George. I do not like that they made Joel a classed up version of Wade who is boring and even more annoying he and Wade are friends. I also think the Viian thing is stupid because she is a classy version of Zoe and she even looks like Zoe the only difference is she has a kid. Plus she is Zoe’s cousin and bringing it about when Zoe is trying to get to know her father’s family is just itching for disaster. No writers quit with all this silly nonesense. Bring back Wade’s dad he was always a hoot. Now we have to wait for over a month to see a new episode ugh..
      I agree Lavon and AB are the most believeabe so far this season and even brick and Shelby. I do not like the actress who plays Lynley and her character is boring and annoying and too over the top she is similiar to Tansy which is another character I cannot stand. I did like Brando WIlkes and Joel’s gma they were so cute. I hate that Zoe is learning and getting things like her extended family with Joel. I did like the medicine and kiss in the maze and Wade’s comment that he saw the light/truth.

      • Shan says:

        Also didn’t or doesn’t Wade already know his feelings for Zoe and declared it in last season’s finale? Was the maze symbolic that they have to go through different paths to find each other again?

    • the writers are mentally challenged says:

      I agree, Lynley is the most annoying character on TV. I can’t stand her, and now they brought in Vivian who’s a wretched witch and 20x more annoying than Lynley I just don’t know anymore.

      The show should be about Zoe, Zoe and Wade. Like, seriously more is definitely not better. Get rid of Joel, get rid of Vivian and get rid of Lynley, no one cares about them!

    • B.a.D says:

      Well said…

    • Sarah says:

      Like levon told Zoe. If George didn’t find out that lemon cheated on him since he took off to New York. Then he most likely have gone through with the marriage with lemon. He wouldn’t have gone to Zoe. Wade worked so he can get the girl. If you ask my opinion. George and Zoe caused the wade’s insecurities by confessing that they feelings for each other. Wade not being honest about his feelings. Zoe as well. By having a school girl crush on George. Hiding their relationship. Which is just rediculous.

  6. Serena says:

    They finally make Zoe have a connection with the Wilkes family and they decide to pair Wade with her COUSIN?!?!

    What are they thinking? If Vivian and Wade break up because of Zoe/Wade’s feelings for Zoe, that can’t end well.

    • Meredith says:

      I totally agree and am really disappointed w/ this storyline. Realistically Zoe’s going to lose out on one relationship in the end and that sucks.

    • Kat says:

      Right! I think it would be hilarious if Joel and Vivian are actually the two that cheat behind Wade and Zoe’s backs. Like we expect Wade and Zoe to not control themselves but what if it went the other way around? It would definitely spice it up for me.

      • BriAnne says:

        You’re a genius! That would make the show a million times better!

      • Isabelle says:

        I am actually itching for this to happen, for some reason I feel like it’ll completely help the show improve. A LOT. I mean I love this show.. but Vivian & Joel frustrate me a ton. Not them as characters but that they are with the wrong people I guess. Joel & Vivian would be better. Vivian is by far the worst pairing for Wade. I guess he is trying to mature, but Zoe’s cousin? This won’t end well… & Joel & Zoe living together? She obviously has feelings for Wade but they are subsiding so now I see no point in watching the show. I’m not sure where this is even going? Wade and Vivian growing a strong relationship and growing to love each other while Joel and Zoe get married? No. George Tucker is even better than Joel, but Tansy is better for him. Zade <3

  7. Kristina says:

    I’m enjoying this season a surprising amount considering how worried I was before it started.

  8. ChrisGa says:

    As I said in another post, the characters they’ve introduced this season–Joel, Lynly–just haven’t meshed as well with this cast/characters as previous guest/recurring characters did(Tanzi, Shelby). It was refreshing to see both Tanzi and Shelby–Laura Bell Bundy is a treasure on this show–back and just punctuated how terribly ordinary(Joel) and grating(Lynly) these new characters are. I will say that I think Vivian’s a helluva lot more interesting than those two and I would love to see Robert Buckley back because he was a great match for the increasingly appealing Jaime King.

  9. Babybop says:

    I love George and Tansy together. He’s actually been really fun this season, which is surprising to me because I hated him in the first season.

    But seriously. Wade and the cousin?? No no no no no no no.

  10. ABC says:

    This season has been horribly boring. What’s happened? Practically nothing. If it’s the Joel show for the second half of the season, I’m not sure I will continue to watch. I don’t understand why Lavon/Wade/Zoe/George/Lemon are so isolated from one another. More friendship stuff and less relationship crap would go a long way towards winning me back.

    • Shan says:

      I agree with having more friendship stuff between well the friends and less of the pairings and romance stuff. Please stop trying to force something like Zoe trying to force bluebell on Joel and vice versa.

    • the writers are mentally challenged says:

      the Joel show pretty much sums it all up. agreed.

      • It has been “The Joel Show” since epiusode 1…the writers made up this character and shoved him down our throats as “the love of Zoe’s life” without our having any timne or interest invested in him. He has been the focus of every single episode while Wade’s declaratiuon of love has been forgotten. I know the writers think thgis was a great idea…but the fans hate it.

  11. mimi says:

    I hate Zoe n Joel together. I so want her n Wade together Do NOT put him n the cousin together. Its taking to long for her to take him back. Not sure how much more Im willing to watch if they dont get back together.

  12. Heidi says:

    The producers are completely out of tune with what the audience wants. I am worried that we wont get anything real between Zoe and Wade all season and if the show gets cancelled it will be too late.

  13. Haze says:

    The connection between Zoe &Wade was fun &exciting, George & Tansy were adorable, this has been a really dull season. the kiss in the maze is an example of how sexy they are Joel? not so much. Please get Wade and Zoe back together they are what brings people back to watch …their chemistry! I love the show but it has really been dull without Wade $ Zoe not being together.

  14. MP says:

    “Josh’s chemistry with Rachel Bilson”…what chemistry?! There is none!

    • I agree…no chemistry whatsoever between Zoe and Joel….There was more chemistry in the drugged kiss in the hay maze with Zoe/Wade. Wake up, folks.

      • marisa says:

        Haha that is exactly what I thought at the end of the episode! The Wade/Zoe kiss was better than any of the kisses/romantic scenes with Joel- those scenes make me cringe.

    • ankiris says:

      I agree! I almost thought I was alone with it. There is no passion, every kiss almost feels like brother/sister kiss. With both Wade and Goerge, and even Jonah Breeland, she had so much more chemistry, and “zah zah zuh”… Loose Joel, if You need new blood, bring someone with real connection for Zoe.

    • Denise says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Joel and Zoe’s relationship reminds me of good friends, or almost a brother-sister vibe, nothing sexual! She and Wade have all the chemistry, they need to stop forcing it with other characters (ahem, George). Speaking of, I actually enjoyed George and Lemon working together last night, and wouldn’t mind seeing them try again with the “new” Lemon being more independent. Or George and Tansy, anyone but this Linley character who just comes across as a clingy, immature girl.

      That being said, I do still really enjoy the show and hope it gets a third season!

    • Melissa says:

      I so agree. I HATE Joel. They seem more like brother/sister than anything. There is no spark there. I don’t know why the writers brought in so many new people this season. Lindly needs to go ASAP! I am not a huge Tansy fan but she is better than Lindly. I love AB and Lavon! I hope once Lemon is back they get to use her more and give her a love interest. I just want Lindly and Joel to leave soon. Not loving the idea of Wade and Zoe’s cousin, can’t we just get more pining between them without having new love interests.

  15. Alrisha says:

    I don’t got it. They made a fabulous development of Wade as a character and person, and then send Zoe away and give her another man. W.T.H.? The writers are out of tune with everybody. Wade made Zoe better and the other way around. They perfect to each other. Wade got scared, that normal, but he chased her and said what he felt, she’s supposed to be in love with him and a couple of months later she is living with somebody else? This season had been boring and out of the pass that the show has walked. Not good. At this pass the show is going to died and Wade and Zoe will never close their story, and that is going to be so sad.

  16. woodyinho says:

    I am so over Zoe and Wade. Why the hell would you go back to someone who cheated on you?

    • Brandy says:

      Exactly!Thank you!Plus, nows he’s gonna date Zoe’s cousin that would be weird to date Wade after he’s dated her cousin.

  17. Lola says:

    LG please wake up! Zoe and Joel are not a romantic comedy. They are just boring. In romantic comedies the rebound guy or “right-on-paper-but-not-for-her-guy” is a supporting character that lets the girl see who she really loves.

  18. Fernando says:

    How are they already shooting episode 16, most shows like scandal are just going into shooting episode 10 or 12

  19. Please hear us…the biggest thing that upsets the fans is that nothing from the season 2 finale has been addressed or continued. It’s like Wade never drove across Alabama to declare his love, beg forgiveness, and ask for a second chance. It never happened…because Zoe ran away to NYC and was never coming back to BB. After being guilted into returning (by Rose…and where is she?)…Zoe comes with (the love of her life) and pretends that she never loved Wade. The fans never bought this premise, yet Joel has become the focus of each episode. Clearly there is no chemistry, she clearly still has feelings for Wade…but none of this has been explored. Zoe and Wade need to have an honest dialog about their feelings…and work together on being a couple that loves esch other. We need to see this happening so we have hope. I am a Wade fan and I think he deserves to be happy…Please make it happen.

    • Shannon says:

      I agree. It seems like they are trying to force something on us that is not working and clearly as fans we do not want. They are moving away from what made the show great and what we as fans enjoyed. Additionally, all the greatness of season 1 is lacking and I am afraid that if Wade is with Vivian and they break up she may come back and end up pregnant with Wade’s kid. I will continue to watch the show and have hope, but some things the writers seem to not get or want to drive fans away. Writers listen to the fans as a whole of what we want and what works and stop trying to force things on us that we don’t like and isn’t working. I agree nothing from the season 2 finale has been addressed especially Wade’s proclamation of love. Yes where is Rose and her friendship with Zoe that was always fun and it was Rose who got Zoe back to Bluebell. I am still upset that Zoe wrote everyone emails saying goodbye instead of doing the mature adult thing and speaking in person to everyone and I was bothered that she thought everyone would welcome her back with open arms after he abadoned them. I also want to know wht she wrote to Wade in the email and how it affected Wade and liked that lemon was there for him and she was the only one who knew about everything. What happened to Lemon and Wade being friends and working together that was fun entertaining and realistic and I actually enjoyed that. I also like Grandma Betty Bricklin, brando Wilkes and would like to see more of them. Quit making everything Joel centric and trying to fit Joel in everywhere and get the fans to accept him. It shows it does not work when Zoe has to try to make something work and have him accept Bluebell and Bluebell accept him. Please get Zoe with Wade.

    • Shan says:

      I would also like for them to discuss how Zoe felt when he cheated and what made him do it and his concerns etc..I also would like for them to discuss what he felt like when she sent him that email etc.. I also would like to see how Lemon helped Wade as a friend through the tough times.

  20. Mikaylah says:

    I’m still on Team Lemonade. (Make it happen, people!) ;)

    • Rhendi says:

      Entirely agree. I enjoyed the light humor and witty banter between Wade and Lemon much more than the awkward chemistry between Wade and Zoe. I suppose it doesn’t help that I find Zoe increasingly annoying in her forced neuroticism; ultimately, I find Zoe a better fit with Joel (don’t hate me, fandom) and the Wade/Lemon pairing is fresh and interesting. Both have insecurities around being “second best” (Lemon re: Zoe after her failed wedding; Wade re: George after his romantic triangle with Zoe). Both are complex characters who have grown tremendously in this series. Exploring this dynamic would be fun, realistic, and poignant. Bring on Lemonade!

  21. Gina says:

    There are a lot of pairings I’m happy just watching as part of the ride, but I DO think Wade and Vivian is a terrible idea if you’re planning to get Wade and Zoe together in the end. Neither Zoe nor Vivian need that kinda heartache.

    If I were Zoe, and Wade had not just cheated on me but also got together with my cousin, I wouldn’t even consider being in a relationship with him again. Whatever character growth it is you want Wade to experience, for heaven’s sake let it happen with someone else!! NOT Vivian.

  22. GeoDiva says:

    Linley needs to go. She looks like she is 16 snd acts like she’s 13. George needs to have his head examined. I don’t get them at all!

  23. Kate says:

    What does it say that I liked Joel’s grandmother twice as much as I like Joel? Also, while on paper it kind of makes sense that Wade isn’t going to wait around for Zoe forever, it flies in the face of his calm certainty that all he has to do is wait it out. I think for me, the biggest problem with this story-line is the pacing. While I get that they want to drag out the Zade reunion that they are basically admitting is inevitable until sweeps or god forbid, the finale, it’s annoying to watch it drag on for as long as it has.

  24. Shan says:

    Can we have at least one couple be happy for a season like Lavon and AB? I like them together and they make a likeable realistic couple so why not keep them that way? Will we find out how Shelby got the money to buy Fancies?

  25. Dominique says:

    “Zoe and Wade will always be at the forefront, no matter what relationship they have”.
    I think that’s quite an interesting statement to make, considering Zoe/George was officially supposed to be THE couple, only that backfired quickly when Zade caught on first.
    Anyway, I’m happy they haven’t forgotten about Zoe/Wade. I like Joel, and wouldn’t mind for him to stick around, but Zoe belongs with Wade. Hopefully they won’t drag out this triangle for too much longer.

  26. dei says:

    I totally agree wit everyone. wade and zoe are so frikkin meant 2 b. they hav tat intense chemistry since day one. nyway, if d writers keep tis goin den I can assure u tat they’ll not only lose der fans but the show mayb even cancel. m tired coz they keep putting a stop 2 zoe and wade happening. m not tat excited 4 d show anymore. we al knw tat zoe n wade are meant 2 b jus like oliver n felicity,nikita n michael, cat and vincent, bo and lauren, castle and beckett, elena and damon, caroline and klaus, scott n allison, jess n nick, fraya and killian etc. . . . plz get wade and zoe back together asap. dont ruin tis show for us.

    • Alicia B says:

      OMG! Start with Sesame Street, then Word World before you post again please. Thank you.

    • Michelle says:

      Yuck. I expected the run around but Zoe and George is what drew me into the show. Yes I got a little attached but if they are not getting together. I am not tuning in. I like Wade and glad he hooked up with Zoe’s cousin which should make him off limits to Zoe but if not only the town but family passing around left overs the show is dead and I can’t believed I have wasted as much time as I have. Dumb show hate Wade only good thing is the mayor and why should he and AB hold the show up. Tine to change channels seriously.

  27. Boiler says:

    Not sure what I think of Wade and cousin hooking up but they did say they knew each other in high school. I like Tansy too but the actress is in other shows so perhaps she just isn’t available to be Tansy enough for a George relationship. I also think since Jaime King off for a while due to the birth of her baby maybe they need some other characters. I just enjoy watching the show. It will all work out

  28. Marc says:

    Zoe’s cousin, really? Come on Wade, Zoe’s just starting to build a relationship with her family, don’t go there please. I know that I’m probably in the minority or maybe the only one, but I don’t particularly care for Tansy. Last season during her relationship with George, she was just too full of ultimatums and I thought her to be a bit of a nag. Not that Lynly is any less of a nag, but for some reason, I like how much the odds are stacked up against George and Lynly to work so I don’t mind that much.

  29. Alicia B says:

    I was the biggest fan of this show and downloaded within minutes here in Australia – S03 is so disappointing.Seems like a farce. Loved the Zoe and George story line. Sick of AB’s whinging (actually ALL the whinging) and want that barn passion from Wade, or door knocking George! Sad that this season only thing has excited me is Shelby! Don’t get me started on Joel either – the unattractive (OK not really) and boring George sub! Miss the tension and sexiness. :(

  30. kate says:

    is it bad i like joel and zoey

  31. jen says:

    OMG Lindley is the most irritating, whiny character. Please tell me that Burt Reynolds eats her soon. The chemistry is not there between the 2 actors and George is just so irritating this season – be a man! How about George and Lindley go on a long trip for the rest of the season.

  32. M. says:

    I missed AB in this week’s episode. Instead I had to endure Lynly again. Please TPTB make her run away. I really can’t stand her anymore. I’d rather see much more of AB (with or without Levon).

    But speaking of others pairings on this show I actually see the appeal in Wade and Vivian – it’s something the writers can use to show different sides of Wade AND Zoé. Let’s see if they can make it work.

  33. Rae says:

    Another poster made a good point…where is Rose? This season is all about Joel and new relationships that it has lost its way. I do not like Zoe with Joel. Along with everyone else I also agree they have zero chemistry. I am a Zade fan all the way! Poster above was right- nothing was addressed from the season 2 finale. Wade confesses his love; Zoe goes to NY for the summer; she would have time to think while Wade waited and then she is gone for five months and comes back with a new bf! Of course, Joel is a plot device but does it need to take this long for something to happen. Zoe and Joel are living in a b&B! Lavon moves his cousin in…I miss Zoe living at Lavon’s. I despise Linley. What do I despise more than Linley…George and Linley. She is absolutely irritating. I always thought that Zoe and George should have given it a go, to get it out of their system, and for Zoe to realize how much she really wants to be with Wade. Last season when that didn’t happen and George was paired with Tansy, at first I wasn’t happy about, but I ended up loving George and Tansy. Tansy is George as Wade is to Zoe. I miss the actress that plays Tansy. Also, I know she is much younger for him but I really liked Shelby and Brick together! I love all those goofy faces that Shelby makes…I really liked her. Season 3 comes back and everything has changed off screen. Brick broke it off with Shelby and Magnolia was gone. I really enjoyed Magnolia as a recurring character. It was funny when Lemon moved out and Brick & Magnolia didn’t know how to cook or clean. Too much of season 2 is missing from this season. There is too much focus on Joel and George/Linley. They rarely show Zoe at work. Lavon never does anything mayoral. Lemon doesn’t have a job. George never does any legal work. Linley doesn’t have a job. I know this is a television show and while watching I’m not supposed to think of these things but I can’t help it. We haven’t seen Rose since the premiere! I miss season 2!!!!!!! I really needed to get this off my chest!!!!

  34. Katherine215 says:

    I seem to be in the minority, but I’m thoroughly loving this season. THere’s not one episode where I haven’t been cracking up. While I agree it’s taking a little too long to get Zoe and Wade back together, I’m sort of enjoying the journey. I actually dont’ mind Joel, though obviously I’d prefer he were not with Zoe. But I like the Wade/Joel bromance because I enjoy him driving Zoe crazy, and since I like Vivian, I’m sort of interested to see Wade grow up a bit more by being with her and around her son. Lynley is kind of useless and annoying and I’d much rather see George with Tansy, but Mircea Monroe seems to have a limited schedule so that’s probably affecting whether he gets back with her or not. I’m definitely looking forward to Lemon getting a good storyline when Jaime King is back from her maternity leave.

  35. Beth says:

    There aren’t many episodes in this season that I would watch again. That was the reason why I liked Hart of Dixie (watching the repeats still excited me) in the first place. Towards the end of season 2, the episodes just pissed me off a bit. I guess the writers want this show to end soon and move on to another show (or a different job). Joel is just irritating because they are showing too much of a secondary character. There are just as many scenes with him than most of the main characters. You see him more than you even see Wade in season 3. They are seriously shoving this guy down our throats and making us take it. You definitely see him more than Annabeth and Dr. Breeland COMBINED! He’s basically a main character. Might as well put him in the credits right before Rachel Bilson. It’s so disrespectful to all the other main characters who put three years into this show and after a few months, the dude gets more airtime than the rest of the characters combined. Yes, there are a few people who “like” him. They should change the name to Joel of Dixie now because that’s basically what it’s been for the whole 3rd season. I hope that Wilson Bethel finds a new show soon so that it will be an easier transition for when they cancel this show. Maybe a show on a major network or a sitcom (he’s pretty funny)? *hint hint*

    • ann says:

      I agree, it’s just so different and disappointing. We don’t get a lot of enjoyable tv shows these days; it’s sad that this one only had two good seasons. I hope it turns back around.

  36. Chloé says:


  37. Chloé says:

    *ZADE sorry

  38. Alice says:

    So what they are telling me is that there’s no reason for me to watch until at least episode 17? Pairing Wade up with her cousin? Serioulsy??? At this point, I’m don’t even care if it gets renewed.

  39. Caroline says:

    I’m really disappointed in how this season has been so far. I still watch it because it’s a pleasant enough show, but it lost its excitement for me. All the screen time the new characters get really annoys me to no end. I like AB, Joel and Linly, but not so much that I think it’s okay to reduce George, Wade and Lavon to secundairy characters. I miss the interaction between the original main cast. Why a Joel and Wade friendship, when George and Wade were so much better and had too little bromance storylines. I also really liked the dynamic between Lemon and George and between Lavon and Wade in the first seasons. A George/Tansy/Linly triangle, please no! I adore George (he’s my favorite character), but I didn’t like him and Tansy (with her trust isssues) and Linly seems to young and immature for him. I had so much hope that this season would finally explore George and Zoe, to see what they would be like together. Joel and Zoe are more like brother and sister and it seems clear this isn’t going anywhere. I loved the Breeland family dynamics, but Magnolia is gone. It says something that the only thing that really has me excited for the second part of the season is Shelby and her new enterprise. I’ll give Wade and Vivian the benefit of the doubt; I think I can like them together and they seemed to have chemistry. The Bluebell/Filmore storyline sounds promissing. At least Lavon, George and AB will interact.

    • sam says:

      i totally agree George is my fav. character too or was atleast b4 dis season i dont knw why they are sisdelining his character…i feel so they show him dumb being wid linley he was suppose to find sme self time wht abt tht jst cut off ds crap about linley/ tansey cn georgie boy ever be happy :(

      • b.a.d says:

        I too am/was a big fan of George. But Season 3….not so much!!! He needs a haircut & shave! I know he’s dealing with a broken heart because of Zoe & Tansy leaving…so give him a chance with Zoe!!!! They have always had bad timing, I would like to see where it goes. Please get rid of Lynly…she’s annoying as heck! Sorry but she’s not a great match for our golden boy. And please please don’t make him get back with Tansy, because everything boils down to his feelings for Zoe.

  40. Brandy says:

    I thought Wade was gonna kiss Tansy there for a minute on the bench

  41. Shan says:

    Please writers if you are going to put Wade/Vivian together please be smart about it and do not make it a repeat of season 1 where he breaks things off because he loves Zoe which we already know. Vivian reminds me too much of Zoe and the only difference is that Vivian has a son so that is one of the reasons why I do not want Wade and Vivian together. Please do not make them serious and if Vivian helps Wade see things more clearly in regards to Zoe and points it out and helps him than I can go with that. I cannot go with VIvian getting hurt because multiple people would get hurt by that fall out. I like Tansy being there for Wade as a friend but she turned me off to her and George last season by being insecure and giving ultimatums. Can we have more of the friends interacting together and not always with their significant other? You do not have to be attached to the hip and also please more Zoe/Brick banter and them actually working.

  42. WTactualF says:

    I was leery about Zade since he cheated on her last season. I mean, I think a relationship CAN overcome infidelity, but hooking up with your ex’s cousin is probably not the right way to right that wrong. So if Wade and Vivian hook up, then Zade won’t ever be believable IMHO.

  43. dei says:

    @ denise! I may not b from d US but wat I wrote looks pretty much english 2 me.

  44. Ella says:

    I would really love to see Lemon and Wade together. At this point, Zoe is far too whiny and selfish and up herself to deserve anyone, including Joel. LEMONADE FTW!

  45. Melanie says:

    I think that Wade dating Vivian could be a complication in the real world, but in Bluebell? A complicated tangle of relationships is par for the course and no one seems to pay any attention to it. It looks like they’re going to play up the comedy angle of this relationship, and since the only break-up that’s ever lead to a lasting estrangement in the town seems to Zoe and Wade, there’s no reason to believe that Wade and Vivian won’t part as friends. I don’t see why Wade dating Zoe’s cousin makes it impossible for him to date Zoe at a later date any more than it would be impossible for Zoe to date George because she’s had a relationship with his best friend. (Disclaimer: I personally don’t want or see Zeorge happening.) I’d like to see Wade and Zoe get back together, but I’m kind of fascinated by the idea of Zoe seeing Wade through the eyes of someone she likes and respects along the way.

  46. Sara says:

    If they think that the show is going to make it another season without Zoe and Wade being together they’re wrong. The only reason I, and many people, watch this show is for them. People are starting to get really impatient, especially with Wade moving on now, and they’re going to start tuning out. We’re all getting impatient. GET ZOE AND WADE BACK TOGETHER!

  47. ann says:

    In the first two seasons of Hart of Dixie a beautiful job was done by the writers, actors and directors to build a quaint but dynamic small town full of whimsical, witty and lovable characters. Although the show focused on a handful of characters, many delightful characters were brought in; the aliens, pirate boy, preacher and his wife, town drunk and many more. With each of these stories came life lessons we could all relate to.
    As we were subtly introduced to the main characters we fell in love with them one by one. We saw a good ole boy start to envision more for himself than just one sordid affair after another. We saw a vulnerable daughter of the town doctor start to emerge as a confident, strong woman ready to face the world on her own. We saw an over confident doctor humbled as she began to fall in love with this town as completely as we were. We saw a lawyer fall in love with a fun loving small town girl who desperately needed someone to fully appreciate her.
    As the unlikely couple of the good ole boy and the doctor gradually flourished, we saw the lessons they learned from each other touch the whole community. We saw the good ole boy completely change the view one young camper had about himself as we watched the doctor cultivate a friendship with an awkward teenage girl.
    The lovely but whacky stories were just getting started when the rug was ripped out beneath us and although there were a few glimpses of hope, it just hasn’t been the same. New characters have been introduced but not developed. The old ones are sometimes unrecognizable and the fun little medical dramas have completely vanished.
    I miss Rose, I miss the connection between Zoe and Wade, I miss the developing relationship between Tansy and George but most of all I miss the warm feeling I got each Monday night as I fell more and more in love with this magical place called Bluebell.

    • b.a.d says:

      Me too!! I always revert back to Season 1 & 2 on Netflix…I hope Season 3 makes a turn around soon.

    • Sherri Green says:

      Hope the show airs for many more seasons! Hart of Dixie is my favorite TV show!!!!

      • ann says:

        I hope so too and if the passion and wit return, I believe it will. The show is blessed with talented actors that can carry it through some boring episodes. I will probably stick with it for as long as it airs simply because I know the potential.

    • beth says:

      Thanks for taking the time to flesh out precisely what I like and have come to dislike about this show. Spot on!

  48. b.a.d says:

    I can’t believe it’s the mid-season finale already!!! First things first, Lynley-please get rid of her!!!! She is annoying as heck & I hate that they paired her with George. I know there’s a lot of Wade & Zoe fans but I would like to see Zoe with George….timing was always off & they never really got a chance to see where things would end up. Wade was fun but it was just a way to try & hide the feelings she had for George. I like the idea of Wade & Vivian…she may be good for him. Joel….hmmmm he doesn’t belong in Bluebell-no offense to his character but he doesn’t not pair well with Zoe. Also Tansy-never really liked her with George either, I was glad to see her leave town. I loved Season 1 and all the storylines they had going on…planksgiving, founders day, the MOTY….stories were awesome~please bring some of that magic back!!! I also wish Addie & Rose would come back as well.

  49. Shan says:

    I love Zoe and Wade together. I also wanted the writers to keep Lemon and Wade business partners as that was just a recipe for great fun and comedy as well as seeing a nice friendship between the two. I just want those two as friends and nothing more. I also wished they kept AB and Lemon’s catering business around as that way AB and Lemon could have worked their catering business into the Rammer Jammer and more comedy could ensue and AB and Lemon would be better situated for stories and not feel like thay are in left field or just there because they are friends with so and so or dating so and so. They could have made the Rammer Jammer and the catering stuff into a big hit and it could have expanded their business and stories. I also agree with someone else’s comments about what happened to all the fun stuff from season one like planksgiving, heat wave, etc..? I am hoping Vivian realizes Wade is in love with Zoe and vice versa and she tries to help Wade and Zoe realize it.

    I have a couple request please please please get rid of Lynley she is the most annoying new character on the show that makes me just want to roll my eyes every time she speaks. I like Zoe and George as friends, but I would not mind them doing more friend stuff and seeing where things go. Zoe has done a lot more things with Wade than she has with George, so maybe being friends and actually doing friend stuff and the characters actually do job related things than maybe I can see what the George/Zoe fans see. I am personally a Zoe/Wade fan all the way but anyone is better than Lynley for George. Bring in the supporting characters more and interact with the main group they can do it because that is one of the reasons why season 1 was so great. Thank God for Netflix and I can watch repeats of the past seasons. I like Tansy and Shelby and glad to see Tansy has matured a little. I know those 2 actresses are on other shows so their time is limited, but they are still fun.

  50. bethnbriggs says:

    I’m afraid that the writers have become overly enamored with minor characters and clever subplots at the expense of the main story line. It’s understandable that they need to keep the plot fresh by adding new characters, yet there is a delicate balance to maintain. Faithful viewers are emotionally invested and fiercely loyal to the older relationships that brought them to the show. They feel violated when those relationships are slighted for too long or not given adequate explanation and attention.

    The show has missed this balance in the first half of the season by investing too much time in new, flat, and unfortunately uninteresting characters that have been thrust upon viewers at too fast a pace. Joel is at best, a rebound and “placeholder” for Wade, at worst, he’s only bearable to the extent that his friendship with Wade gives Wade (and even better, Wade and Zoe) more airtime. Lynly is easy to dislike but not particularly compelling. I find it hard to care about her–even enough to dislike her. My main impulse is to pick up a side diversion when either is on the screen.

    All viewers bring to the plate a certain set of expectations. I suspect that much of the success of a show is the tease between unfulfilled expectations and the timely delivery of them. However, if a writer ignores or violates those expectations for too long or strays too far from them, they run the risk of alienating their fans. In Hart of Dixie, the primary expectation of most viewers is the unfolding of the relationship between Zoe and Wade. Viewers are happiest when this relationship is progressing (even when digressing) as long as Zoe and Wade are front and center, busy bringing out the best (or worst) in each other.

    The biggest miss in Season 3 thus far has been the absence of this type of interaction.
    For me, the interaction has very little to do with Wilson Bethel’s physique, which although nice, is not the draw. It’s more about the believable development of the primary relationship, the inter-meshing of Zoe and Wade’s worlds intellectually and emotionally. The most compelling facet of their relationship is that they understand themselves better because of their interaction and shared experiences with the other. Lately, this has been sorely missing and their relationship has been reduced to empty barbs and immature sarcasm instead of insightful repartee. Also, we have been given very little information about their internal reflections–do they reflect and if so, how? We are eight episodes in and have very little understanding of either character’s mind or heart.

    Also, I agree with those who feel there is jarring gap between the end of season 2 and season 3—too many loose threads left unexplored or explained. How did she meet Joel and what exactly is the perceived attraction? (clearly the viewers don’t see any and are having trouble engaging with Joel) How did Zoe choose to stay in NY even after Wade’s profession? How did she process that and how did she come to terms with the end of relationship with Wade in her own mind?

    Bluebell is a charming nostalgic world, and I’ve enjoyed meeting and getting to know many of the minor characters that live there. I love that the writers are attached to the cast and the imaginary members of this community. The festivals are clever, their wardrobe is thoughtful, and the interspersion of music is effective. This series has so much going for it! But, when all is said or done, dear writers, please do not forget that the HEART of the Hart of Dixie is the chemistry and development of Zoe and Wade’s relationship. It’s encouraging to hear the writers confirm that they “care” about them, but i’m hoping that their writing will begin to reflect that care in more concrete ways as this season progresses.

    • Marie Jeffries says:

      I think your comments are spot on. I think the writers have really lost sight of the essence of the show in series 1 and 2. I always looked forward each week to the show, however in season 3 I am just marking time waiting for the writers to see sense and get back to the wonderful quirky writing of the first two series. I am not sure how much longer I can watch season 3s boring episodes as there is just no life or sparks of interest in the episodes.

    • ann says:

      Well said!!!

    • Shan says:

      Very well put. I agree with everything you said. I also liked that Wade always challenges Zoe especially in season 1 and he tries. I just wish the writers had Wade help Zoe get in touch with her family and not Joel. I always wish the writers stuck with Zoe talking with her father at his grave as that kind of gave the show more depth as it was Henry who brought her to BlueBell. I need more Lavon and Zoe interaction always love Lavon especially when Zoe tries to make him her best GF and talk about her guy issues that is always fun to watch. I the character development and progression of Lemon and that she is still Lemon but has grown and funny and I wish they had done the same with other characters. Even Brick they are funny especially with his issues with Shelby.

      They go straight into this season and do not elaborate or explain much that happened over the summer and work things out especially that Wade professed his feelings for Zoe which only Lemon knew about and being a good friend and keeping it a secret and also what the email Zoe sent him did to him. Please enough with the Joel/Zoe for awhile and elaborate more on what happened during the summer and loose ends from last season.