TVLine Mixtape

TVLine Mixtape Throwback Edition: Your Favorite Songs from House, Fringe, Lost, The O.C. & More

It’s finally the weekend, and you know what that means: It’s time to curl up with Netflix and do some serious binge-watching. That’s why, for this edition of TVLine Mixtape, we’re going old school.

What follows are some excellent songs from TV episodes past, complete with artist and album information in case you want to add them to your permanent collection.

We chose tunes that stuck in our memories, but we know you’ve got favorites, too. So check out our TVLine Mixtape playlist — Throwback Edition — and then hit the comments with your favorite TV jams from the past! And remember: You can always submit questions or suggestions re: TV music on Twitter @rebeccaiannucci.

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gilmore-girls-rory-jess-kissSERIES AND EPISODE | Gilmore Girls, “Let the Games Begin”
TITLE | “Then She Appeared”
ALBUM | Nonsuch (2003)
WHY IT ROCKED | Would we ever have expected a genuine, romantic moment from none other than — gasp — Jess Mariano? Maybe not, but he majorly delivers as he and Rory finally get some alone time at the gas station. (Well, maybe that part’s not so romantic.) With XTC’s swelling music in the background, their giddy excitement becomes palpable.

one-tree-hill-season-4-finaleSERIES AND EPISODE | One Tree Hill, “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone”
TITLE | “Within You”
ARTIST | Ray LaMontagne
ALBUM | Till the Sun Turns Black (2006)
WHY IT ROCKED | There’s an odd juxtaposition in the final minutes of One Tree Hill‘s Season 4 finale. While the gang gets together for one last nostalgic turn on the basketball court, Dan is seen in prison attempting to commit suicide. This montage of scenes is a sincerely emotional one, and LaMontagne’s ethereal melody ties it all together.

the-oc-marissa-shoots-treySERIES AND EPISODE | The O.C., “The Dearly Beloved”
TITLE | “Hide and Seek”
ARTIST | Imogen Heap
ALBUM | Speak for Yourself (2005)
WHY IT ROCKED | In a matter of seconds, the pace of this infamous scene goes from frantic to stunned, due in large part to Imogen Heap’s haunting melody. Sure, the scene may have spawned a Saturday Night Live parody, but that just gives us another excuse to hit repeat on the synth-tastic song. 

lost-damien-riceSERIES AND EPISODE | Lost, “…In Translation”
TITLE | “Delicate”
ARTIST | Damien Rice
ALBUM | O (2003)
WHY IT ROCKED | As Hurley listens to Damien Rice’s peaceful tune, it brings a rare moment of calm and tranquility to the island. Of course, the moment is cut short — as happy moments usually are for the island-dwellers — but the soothing song is enjoyable while it lasts.

house-series-finaleSERIES AND EPISODE | House, “Everybody Dies”
TITLE | “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)”
ARTIST | Louis Prima
WHY IT ROCKED | It’s not often that an episode of House ends so optimistically; the series finale is a welcome change to that formula. Accompanied by Prima’s toe-tapping melody, House and Wilson riding off into the sunset together is quite a jubilant moment.

supernatural-dont-fear-the-reaperSERIES AND EPISODE | Supernatural, “Faith”
TITLE | “Don’t Fear The Reaper”
ARTIST | Blue Oyster Cult
ALBUM | Agents of Fortune (1976)
WHY IT ROCKED | Few songs have more perfectly fit the CW drama’s classic rock-heavy soundtrack. Watching The Reaper quite literally take someone’s life is definitely creepy, but Blue Oyster Cult’s guitar licks are a pleasant distraction.
LINER NOTES | Supernatural has shown BOC some serious love in the past. “Fire of Unknown Origin” was also featured in a later episode.

fringe-walter-hears-musicSERIES AND EPISODE | Fringe, “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”
TITLE | “Only You”
ARTIST | Yazoo
ALBUM | Upstairs at Eric’s (1982)
WHY IT ROCKED | As Walter walks through the debris and rubble (and lots of wasted CDs), it’s hard not to feel utterly hopeless. But when he finds a CD in an abandoned taxi and hears music for the first time, Yazoo’s mid-tempo ditty raises his spirits — and ours, too.

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  1. Paulo says:

    A great song that was used in an amazing episode by a fantastic TV show Driveway by Great Northern that was used in the Friday Night Lights episode “The Son”. The song was used beautifully in that episode.

  2. Babybop says:

    Listening to that song just reminds me how much I miss House…

  3. TheTVJunkee says:

    Just seeing the word “Fringe” made me misty eyed, but the song actually made me cry…just like I did last season when I heard it for the first time.

    • Will says:

      I was tear-y but not yet crying the first time I saw, and then Walter saw the flower growing in rubble right after the Observer said “Nothing grows from scortched earth” and I began bawling like a baby! Oh Fringe,quoting the song, “All I needed for another day, And all I ever knew,
      Only you” :'(

    • Rich Abey says:

      Fringe…sigh! Miss you! :(

  4. Mary Wallace says:

    I really can’t hear Only You without seeing Walter sitting in that taxi smiling so sadly. It’s like he sees all the desolation around him but he feels hope too. Such a great episode. I miss Fringe so much.

  5. Tim says:

    Every time I hear Only You, I think of the UK version of The Office.

  6. Krystan says:

    Fringe is so good. I got goosebumps thinking about that scene and the series finale. Hands down one of my favorite finales.

  7. NotBri says:

    The last scene of Chuck, on the beach. “Rivers and Roads” by the Head and the Heart.

  8. elin says:

    Fringe is such a masterpiece <3

  9. Brook says:

    Just so you know it Yaz not Yazoo.

  10. jm says:

    from The O.C, i prefer “Dice” in the chapter in the New Years Eve, when Ryan got to kiss her before the years end…
    This song also was in Chuck, using in the same way, Chuck runs to the party so he can help Morgan with the custome :)

  11. Lorena says:

    I agree with the list, but there is one song missing!!
    “Somewhere over the rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole when Dr. Green went to the beach to died, and be with his family, i still crie when i hear that song.

  12. Julie says:

    Hide and Seek agin that scene of The O.C was awesome. Did not care as much for the version when Marissa died. One Tree Hill had all around awesome music: The Funeral by Band of Horses being my favorite. Thinking of You by Big Scary and Broken by Lifehouse in Grey’s Anatomy were also fantastic. I cried during Broken in GA I don’t remember the entire episode but the situation with the kid.

  13. Fae says:

    a song from House that I particularly love is “Desire” by Ryan Adams

    I sure miss Fringe..sigh.

  14. Kate'shomesick says:

    “Orange sky” when Ryan and Marissa drive back to O.C. after visiting Ryans brother in prison…I have to say the entire The O.C. spundtrack is pretty awesome. Definitely one of the best things about the show.

  15. TV Gord says:

    I would have chosen Elvis Costello’s cover of Cristina Aguilera’s Beautiful! I play it all the time and prefer it much more than the original!

  16. Jake says:

    Love the OC

  17. peter says:

    the best song of house for me is ”Passing Afternoon ” and the song beautiful beacause for me 2×02 is the best episode of house

  18. Jules says:

    Love the throw backs!!! Especially Gilmore girls, The O.C and One Tree Hill

  19. Norah says:

    O’ death from Supernatural.. not sure if it was just in the promo or if it was featured in the episode itself. CHILLS.

  20. jane says:

    Oh talk about nostalgia.
    I love within you by Ray LaMontagne
    Overall O.T.H, The O.C. and House contributed alot of good music to my mp3player. So sad theyre not around anymore.
    I loved mazzy star- Into dust – the o.c. overdose scene.
    The sound-paper route-o.t.h- luke puposes to lindsey and peyton walks in.
    This night -the black lad -house – house jumps out of hotel room into pool.
    Supernatural has also introduced me to some great music.

    Also i go into the barn because i like.. by band of horses on Psych whem marry died and abigail breaks up with shawn. Not a old show but still.

  21. Jj says:

    OTH and the OC top my list for sure. Love love love the music on these shows!!