The X Factor Top 10 Results Recap: Did the Right Acts Get Booted This Week?

The X Factor Top 10 Results RecapPay no attention to the fact that Simon Cowell admitted on air that last week’s X Factor results were “a joke.” Or that he’s now become so cynical about his U.S.-based singing competition that he gives standing ovations to his prefab country act Restless Road solely for the extra special way they fill out their Wranglers.

By opening tonight’s Top 10 results telecast with all-caps pronouncements about “THE BIGGEST BOYBAND IN THE WORLD” — that’s One Direction, I regret to inform all of you who attended the NKOTB-BSB reunion tour in 2013 — Simon was essentially reminding viewers that his franchise still has a little star-making power left in it. And hey, as an encore to One Direction’s solid rendition of “Story of My Life,” maybe this week’s double elimination wouldn’t wind up as horrifically as last week’s, with a sing-off between two of the competition’s most talented vocalists.

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Anyhow, before the sing-off, the first (and cruelest) elimination went down — with voters sending a strong signal that you’re only as good as your last performance. In other words, the girl who had no business being in last week’s sing-off, but did bad things to a Beatles classic on Top 10 performance night, was asked to walk the plank.

First Act to Go Home (aka the Week’s Lowest Vote-Getter)
Khaya Cohen, lower lip protruding but clearly not too shocked. “It was a fun experience,” she said, keeping things in perspective.

After that, Mario Lopez went into Dramatic Host Mode — with his “Aaaands” winning out over his “Buuuuttts.”

Sent to Safety (“IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!”)
Rion Paige (note lack of bitchy faces from competing mentors!)
Josh Levi (almost imperceptible eyebrow raise from Demi; deep internal prayer from the hot one from Restless Road)
Alex & Sierra (the audience was awake during Wednesday’s vote! Hurrah!)
Lillie McCloud (suck it, Simon!)
Jeff Gutt (Carlito possibly on the brink of collapse)
Ellona Santiago (is she Wonder Woman in disguise, because Miss Thing just dodged a bullet!)
Restless Road (nope, still no unclenching from the deep-voiced one)

Singing for Survival (or PowPow’s in a Pickle — in Two Acts)
Tim Olstad: “I put up with a lot in the last couple weeks and stuff like that with the bad comments. But I’ve come back every week fighting — and I hope that I’m gonna be doing that in the next couple minutes.”
Carlito Olivero: “I love my team, I love my mentor, I love all the judges. My God is almighty, and I’m goin’ hard tonight.”

Yep, Carlito wins the interview portion of the pageant in a landslide. (Bitterness is never the look, Tim!)

And then it was time to sing:

Tim Olstad: “You Raise Me Up” — In tune about 75 percent of the time, but with all the fight and spirit of a guppy being swallowed by a piranha. Dude barely moved from the mic stand, and when he did, his pageant arms failed to bring the drama. Grade: C
Carlito Olivero: “Beneath Your Beautiful” — Not a perfect vocal, but soulful and brimming with passion (plus — yikes — a couple of strategic hip grinds). Versus Tim, Carlito was clearly the artist with life experience — and the ability to infuse a song with it. Grade: B

Voting Breakdown
Kelly: Votes to send home Tim
Demi: Votes to send home Tim
Paulina: Votes to send home Tim
Simon: Doesn’t need to vote after a 3-0 breakdown.

Tim Olstad

Yep, that’s about right. Alas, though, it shoulda been Carlito or Ellona or Restless Road joining him instead of the more promising Khaya. At least that’s my take. With that, I turn it over to you.

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  1. Dan (Haleyloony) says:

    Khaya, you were too good for this show (along with a few others). Now you can get out and maybe in a few years audition for The Voice.
    And talking about The Voice, why didn’t Lillie McCloud and Alex and Sierra not audition there. They could have made it in, but I’m not sure how far they would go (though I do think Alex and Sierra could have likely made it to at least the top 8).

    • LB says:

      I wonder that myself. Perhaps they figured they would have an easier chance winning on X Factor since the competition is generally pretty weak. Unfortunately, they forgot to consider the erratic voters.

    • Josh says:

      I don’t watch X-Factor but I watched Lille McCloud’s “This Woman’s Work”(I’m an Alias fan so I know the song…Sydney in the tub, drinking wine….sorry :p)…and I was just wowed. Better than the original. But I had the same thought. Why didn’t Lillie McCloud audition for The Voice. That’s way more her jam.

      I guess X-Factor wins more money and given that one really succeeds commercially wise since the whole wave of singing comps started(save for Phillip Phillips), so maybe that’s why. She was jaw droppingly, heartachingly, soul takingly good…ly(:P).

      • Britt says:

        Well how many people over the age of 30 make it to the live rounds on the Voice? They probably would have picked someone else, similar to what they did to Donna Allen and E.G. Daily this season.

        • HTGR says:

          Good point XF is actually the only show she’d have a chance on. AI would cut her before she was allowed to even audition and TV would cut her as soon as they realized how old she was.

  2. Britt says:

    I figured that Khaya wasn’t very likeable (she was one of the better singers though) and that Tim’s songs were too old and boring for him to go any further.

    • Britt says:

      P.S. When can I expect my Reality Check?! I can’t wait.

    • ben says:

      Why oh why was Khaya not likeable? She seemed perfectly lovely for me.

      • Britt says:

        I liked her too, but a lot of people said she acted like she was too good for the show. I personally didn’t think that, but I thought her personality didn’t stand out like the others did. Plus Simon told her she wasn’t likeable and needed to smile more last night.

        • ben says:

          I’m not disagreeing with you Britt, because clearly people were not voting for Khaya and it wasn’t because of her voice (last week proves that). I just don’t get it. I can understand that people didn’t connect with her, but the unlikable stuff I just have no idea where it comes from.

          • Britt says:

            I think a lot of it had to do with sob stories and just personality/looks as well.

            Rion- Cute girl with a disability who sings relatively well. She is inspirational.
            Josh- Has that Bieber vibe. Even Bieber doesn’t have it anymore and people are looking for a replacement. Also attracts young girls.
            Alex and Sierra- Consistent and super lovey dovey. Like the Twilight of music
            Lillie- Great Voice and it’s possibly her last chance to make a music career.
            Restless Road- 3 cute guys, who Simon is trying to make happen. They attract a lot of girls, especially since they are a new country boy band.
            The other ones, I just don’t feel like listing them.

            Then there is Khaya. She sings really well, but her only back story is that her father may/may not have supported her singing. At first they said he didn’t support her, then she told Mario that he always supported her. So not much of a back story and she just feel behind other talented people with really interesting back stories.

            Of course this is all IMHO from what I’ve observed. I’m not disagreeing with you Ben; she was a great talent, but maybe just fell behind the rest.

          • scooby says:

            Early on in the live rounds Simon asked her if she liked animals and there were crickets from Khaya. I don’t know what made him ask that and why she didn’t just lie. I remember going ‘uh oh, she just shot herself in the foot with a decent percentage of the audience who immediately got thrown.’ People mind that. I wondered if people thought she was smug or aloof or something. Khaya knows she’s got talent. That’s not a terrible thing. I think she’s got a hard time opening up. Her biggest technical problem was control. She didn’t plan intricate runs out like Candice Glover. She just ‘felt’ some high notes that sounded a little all over the place. Her voice is big and it needs to be focused. I hope we hear from her in a bit.

      • I totally agree Ben. Khaya seems like a lovely girl and she has a great voice. Loved all her performances this season. It’s ridiculous she was voted off this week.

    • nhf7170 says:

      She’s also from New York City.

  3. Kara says:

    You didn’t grade Carlitos performance!

  4. Dennis says:

    Carlito Olivero sucks, Tim should have stayed, I wish I could vote for someone to get kicked off

  5. Titina says:

    Carlito deserved that save! He was soo good!
    He has so much potential and if you ask me he is waaay better than Ellona and Restless Road.
    Khaya just wasn´t connecting with people, she is not likeable plus her performance was kinda of a mess last night.

  6. Jill says:

    Pretty devastated that Khaya’s gone. Can’t say I’m too broken up by Tim, but Khaya will be sorely missed.

  7. webly3 says:

    I love Khaya, but I understand why she had to go.

    • dsf says:

      she’s singing songs way beyong her years that teens might not be able to relate to her.

      • scooby says:

        Eh, “Let It Be” is a great song and I’ve yet to not hear it butchered on a reality competition. There aren’t many ways to arrange it that don’t go awry. It’s fairly straight forward and trying to play with the melody ruins it for most folks. People need to cut out the piano if they really wanna make things different. Maybe do a guitar arrangement. That’s about all I can think of, and I’d rather they do a different Beatles song if they’re gonna do one. This one’s nearing a “Hallelujah” level of ‘no more, please no more’ for me.

  8. ben says:

    I cannot understand why people think Khaya wasn’t connecting – and in any event, the show is about singing, and she outsung most people there. So, unlike some others above, I do NOT understand why Khaya had to go. Glad X Factor will be cancelled, because I’d inevitably put myself through yet another year of terrible singers overcoming good ones (I still miss Beatrice Miller).
    Anyway, someone needs to pick up Khaya who is not affiliated with a talent show, and needs to advertise her like a genuine pop artist, because she could really make it big. The only other act in here that can do that is Alex and Sierra.

  9. Kaba says:

    Well, now there’s not even a reason for me to keep up with their YouTube uploads. Regardless of who wins this pathetic season, we all know the true winners are Simon’s chosen ones aka, the people that he’ll spend millions on simply to promote for the sake of making a quick buck (*cough* 5th Harmony *cough*) rather than them actually making money off their own merit. Seriously, they could be the most untalented folk ever and Simon would force them in our faces like they’re the next Whitney.
    Please send Rion home immediately.

  10. Carla says:

    Haha thank you Michael for mentioning Tim’s bitterness. He just can’t get the idea out of his head that he isn’t fit for pop stardom. The awkward pep talk about having to “deal with all this negative feedback” thing isn’t a good way to get the judges to want you, especially if you performed a song who’s most notable line repeats over and over “what do I gotta do to make you love me?” Yuck. Later Tim!

  11. Jim Welker says:

    Well, Tim deserved to go, but not Cohen! However, I did say in several other psts on the site that I never liked Cohen, that she has a very unattractive twang in her voice and I said she had a nausiating voice! I just never understood the attraction, what was so wonderful about her! But…..she certainly was better than Carlito…hands down! He stinks! I think he’s getting the hispanic vote, and that is huge (BIG NUMBERS)!

    • ladybug says:

      carlitos josh rion khaya alex&sierra lillie restless road eloena all have the xfactor but carlitos is still my number 1 he can sing and dance

  12. Jim Welker says:

    I meant other posts on this site, not psts! Anyway, Tim is finally gone….deserving for sure!

  13. Brendan says:

    I’m pretty happy with these results. I never liked Khaya and her super-forced weird-pronunciation style of singing… it made no sense for an American singer to sound like Duffy or Amy Winehouse when singing. It was a total distraction from when her voice actually sounded good – and I think that’s why she came across to some people as unlikable (or more aptly, unrelatable. It was hard to know who she really was when her style of singing seemed forced and fake).

    And Tim… well he was just boring. You can be talented but if people don’t connect to you or get excited about listening to you, then you will never make it in the business.

    I’m predicting that Ellona and Carlito go home next week.

    • HTGR says:

      If you say that then you may as well say that it made no sense that Duffy and Winehouse sounded like very old American singers! I don’t get your knock on Khaya for sounding like Duffy/Winehouse.

  14. Jim Welker says:

    Allona should maybe have gone! That’s crazy! She has a great voice and the best showmanship! I picked her to win after her “WINGS” audition (actually AKNU was my first choice but they violated rules)! If Allona gets the right material, she could pull it off! We’ll see, I guess! I think Allona, Lillie and A&S are my top 3!

  15. Jim Welker says:

    One more comment….I felt Cohen should have edged out Carlito, but I am happy she left! I may be blasted for saying this but I have to be honest…I felt Cohen looked like a creep and sounded like a creep, with a creepy voice! Many weeks ago when everyone thought she was so great, I said to my self, “Are these people kidding? This girl is creepy with a very weird voice! She’s going nowhere”! She certainly went further than I expected! She should have went weeks ago…NO APPEAL WHATSOEVER!1

    • AAA says:

      I agree with you about Cohen. She’s just a turn off. Her voice sounded drunk and off. I think she try’s to sound like Amy Winehouse, because of all the positive feeds about her sounding like that on the net. Her face is like weird. She thinks and performs like something she is not.

    • Nedsdag says:

      I thought I was the only one who thought Khaya was overrated. Amy Winehouse? More like Amy Wronghouse if you asked me. She was a bit too screechy for my taste.

  16. Xandri says:

    Tim Olszzzzzzz… tad was boring and worth sending home. Khaya had a fantastic voice, but the judges kept telling America she was unlikable, which inexplicably made her unlikable. With Khaya out, my Final Three would be Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt, and Lillie McCloud. The actual Final Three will likely be Ellona Santiago, Restless Road, and Rion Paige.

  17. Megyn says:

    On the UK version of the X Factor, when a judge has 2 contestants in the sing-off, the judge can abstain, and not vote out either act. I wonder if that was not an option for Paulina.

    • Mary says:

      I think she could of and made Simon choose, which in all fairness they should of. I think they wanted the drama so they had Paulina pick. Everyone on this board attacks her but I think she is a pretty smart cookie. If you remember correctly, she let him go right from the start, but then was bullied by “Producers” and the audience, so she brought him back. Tim had no Xfactor what so ever and he wasn’t that great of a singer.

    • Maris says:

      Last season Demi had 2 acts in the bottom and she wanted to abstain but was forced to vote someone out, so I don’t think that’s an option here

  18. Eric says:

    I saw Haley Rihnheart tonight

  19. Jon says:

    I wish they would show the rankings again

    • Maris says:

      Didn’t Mario say they would have that this season as well? And then after the whole voting snafu it wasn’t mentioned again

  20. chelsea says:

    I love Carlito. most of the money spent on records are from the teens.. he’s hot he can dance he can sing.. us moms and pops at home aren’t the ones Simon wants to sign up it’s the kids.. not looking for Barry Manilow!.. that’s a whole nother show

  21. chelsea says:

    Yeah.that just happened..(nother) is a word lmao. And the bottom line is everyone goes home except one.. but that doesn’t mean there are losers

  22. blirel says:

    I thought Tim was top 5 material he just picked the wrong competition and how rude of Paulina to vote i would’ve said i’m not voting or at least vote for tim she has to vote for her latinos all the timeshe is racist when there were better ppl than carlito and carlos in the 4 chair like timmy and al she could’ve sent them on

  23. darcy the slutty twin says:

    YESSSSS!!!!!!! Restless Road lives to sing another week and my hopes to see them perform a Magic Mike number remains alive! Khaya really was never in contention for the title. Maybe a lot of the voters were like me, put off by her very contrived Amy Winehouse-style pronunciations. It just wasn’t very genuine it all. At least Amy Winehouse actually talked with that voice and Caroline Pennell from the Voice has the same speaking and singing voice, so you know it’s authentic, not some contrived Erin Martin or Khaya Cohen stylization. For the record, I think Khaya’s best performance was during part 2 of Top 13, when she forgot to use her fake Amy Winehouse styling and just sang. She sounded A LOT better.

    • Pops says:

      Yes, I did not care for her Amy Winehouse sounding vocals. Also, she looks weird, like a something is not right…. Carlito, I don’t care for or Tim. Wish both were gone. Carlito will be gone.

  24. Mary says:

    The results do not surprise me but I would of liked Khaya over Carlito. None of the contestants really stand out for me. If I had to choose I would say A & S because they are different and maybe Josh because I think he might make it in the pop world. I guess maybe I am not the target audience.

    • Pops says:

      None of them will make it. That Lillie and Jeff won’t make it because their ages are against them. Josh is not really special. HE’S like another Usher, Bieber, Chris Brown type. All the girls left Rion and Ellona does not have the X-factor. Restless Road cannot really sing. A long shot maybe Alex and Sierra. There are no really acts that have that X-factor. Last season Carly Rose was the one to watch every week.

  25. waterbug says:

    The best thing for the competition is to put the “road at rest” Restless Road is just a jean commercial and send Rion home–her voice is average and at 13, she could better use of her time for such things like education, social development and vocal coaches. This competition is beginning to remind me of when my son’s little league baseball team lost miserably and the coach passed out trophies to them while treating them to a pizza party–nice, but unrealistic. Pizza would have been enough. Trophies for everyone?

  26. Mr. Sunshine says:

    I’ve hardly watched any of it this season. The English version is so much better!! I’ve told a friend before, it’s an investment in your time. You like to see them make it, put out a record, have some sort of career. It just doesnt seem to happen for the winner. At least, Idol seems to do a better job of promoting their winners and the pool of talent they find.

  27. Jesse says:

    Khaya had the worst song choices ! She had the best and most interesting voice of all contestants, but the songs were bad. She was screeching on “Let it Be”, which is a boring song unless performed by The Beatles. Wish she’d done a song by Dusty Springfield or Amy Winehouse, much better fits for her talent.

    • tara17 says:

      I agree. Khaya’s performance of Let it Be was great, but the Beatles own it. Many other choices were more appropriate.

  28. tara17 says:

    Amazed Khaya was sent home, she’s so talented! Lillie’s my fave though, her peformance of Kate Bush’s A Woman’s Work moved me greatly. I’m also amazed by the young talent on the show. I was horrified by Paulina’s choice for Josh at first, but his updated performance made me forget that initial impression and reminded me how great Annie Lennox’s song truly is. I bet it’s most downloaded on iTunes.

  29. Khaya going home was a head-scratcher. Usually there’s a “Bottom 3 Boost” where a contestant will end up in the bottom and get a significant spike in votes the following week. It didn’t happen this week, and that’s quite odd. This season of the X Factor is challenging everything I know about reality tv voting patterns.

  30. Ak777 says:

    An attitude of indifference took Khaya out. She was too relaxed about her results and that was a turn off. Tim pandered to his underdog status and turned it into an entitlement for staying on- another turn off. Carlitos isn’t far behind Tim when he suggested that he should win because he ‘came from dirt’ and was a ‘fighter’. Really? Winning is based on talent and performance. I only watch this show to watch grown men cry when they get voted off.

  31. Terr says:

    For everyone claiming Tim was boring. You forget that the songs they sang and their stage acts are picked for them! They are not allowed to choose for themselves! He has the best voice, which is what it should be about! When you listen to a CD you can’t see the artist move around, so then are they all boring?

  32. Nokcey says:

    R u guys freakin kiddin me.Tim had one of d best voices in d show and it was a mistake dose judges made kickin him it dat u guys cant hear?n he wasnt borin.every1 has dier comfort zone,some sing and dance,some go for d rockstar look and he chose to sing.its too bad ppl neva recognised it

  33. Jim Welker says:

    The X factor is not only singing….it is supposed to be, I said SUPPOSED TO BE, the whole package! Tim stood there like a dead man and he wasn’t such a great singer! What the show needs is Allona Santiago, who has showmanship and high energy! That Cohen was another bore! She was about as exciting as a wet noodle! And she looked and sounded like a creep! She had no appeal whatsoever! Next to go should be Restless Road (probably will stay due to mentor Simon) and Carlito, or maybe Jeff Gott! Allona and Lillie aren’t going anywhere…at least not for awhile! Lillie looked awkward when she danced on one of her songs but her voice is great! Final is tough…I have said several times , Allona, since her Wings audition, she could win it all! I wish her material was for her…bad choices by Demi! I hope that Restless Road goes as they are average at Best! Who is Simon trying to fool! They are so boring!

  34. Terr says:

    Are you not remembering, that the judges asked Allona not to dance around so much because they wanted to focus on her voice! At Tim’s audition Demi told him he was so good he didn’t need to be edgy. And Demi can’t sing herself, why is she giving advice anyway???

  35. Denise C says:

    Am I the only one getting annoyed with Mario Lopez? After calling Kelly “sweetheart” a couple of weeks ago I just wanted to smack those dimples right off of his face.

  36. Jim Welker says:

    Demi can sing, but as a judge…..ehh!

  37. Jason H says:

    I believe tim had the best voice in the competion but was just too boring, its not enough to just have a great voice you got to grab peoples attention, its just my opinionjasonh

  38. Jason H says:

    I personally wanted tim to make it far since I thought he had the best voice in the competition

  39. Jim Welker says:

    The judges are contradicting themselves all the time! One minute it’s dont move around, then it’s you are boring, sho a little showmanship! If Allona just STOOD THERE, she wouldn’t be where she is today! Her material has been wrong for awhile! She needs to pick her own material to sing! As for Tim and Cohen, those two were boring every week (my opinion) and they deserved to go, But, that restless Road and Carlito should have gone before Cohen, as boring as she was! Restless Road needs to go! Had someone else been their mentor, they would have left weeks ago! They are the KINGS OF BOREDOM!