Once Upon a Time Exclusive: Henry's Recently Expanded Family Tree Will Grow Even More

Once Upon a Time‘s most magical family tree is poised to grow — even beyond the new addition of Peter Pan as Rumpelstiltskin’s father and recent “baby talk” between Snow White and Prince Charming, 

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In the wake of this week’s reveal that Pan is actually Rumple’s father Malcolm — transformed into the puckish lad during a long-ago visit to Neverland, after he gave up his son — TVLine compiled an updated family tree detailing Henry’s illustrious, insometimes infamous lineage.

But wait, there’s literally more — because series cocreators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis tell TVLine exclusively, “By the end of Season 3, this tree will grow by two spaces.”


Once Upon a Time Family Tree Additions

Even assuming that one of those additions will be the wished-for Charming bambino — a likelihood bolstered by the news that Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant by fiancé/scene partner Josh Dallas — on which branch do you think the other new family member will surface? Will someone gain a sister? Or maybe a long-lost child? Share your theories in the comments.

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Once resumes Season 3 on Sunday. Dec. 1, and airs its midseason finale Dec. 15.

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  1. I think I remember reading something about Hook having been married to Milah, so shouldn’t he be in the tree too?

  2. Sam says:

    Actually the most messed up family tree ever.

  3. Erin says:

    One has to be a new Charming/Snow bambino, right?

    And purely a guess: Hook and Milah had a child together, meaning Neal has some long lost half-sibling.

    • Cass says:

      Davy Jones….?

    • Lynn says:

      but if Hook and Milah had a child wouldn’t it be dead? Hook was with Milah 300 years ago and then in Neverland..and if he had a child on board I’m sure Bae would already know since he was also on the ship then. Not saying he couldn’t have one with someone else (post Neverland return to the Enchanted Forest but that wouldn’t add to Henry’s tree) Milah would be a massive stretch of the imagination even for this show

      • Erin says:

        I didn’t say it was a good guess. ;)

      • Tamim says:

        Davy Jones could be semi-immortal ala Pirates of the Caribbean perhaps?

      • Delirious says:

        OUAT has the rare skill of making characters live for as long as they want to. Neverland, magic, Storybrooke curses, fairies… I’d expect they can keep anyone as a child, or as a (young) adult in age-stasis for any given length of time.

        Also, are we counting the unknowns in the tree as possible “additions”, too? Like, Charming’s bio-dad, or Rumple’s mom. If they’re options, I’d go for one of those, plus the new Swan baby. If not… I’d say a brother/sister to one of the current characters, probably Regina, Snow, or Charming.

        Although I’m still wishing for Wonderland’s Red Queen as season 4’s big baddie.

  4. samantha says:

    Why? Enough already, Henry is related to enough fairytale characters.

  5. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    Might as well confirm they’re writing in Ginny’s pregnancy…

    • Nat. says:

      Well, since people of the show stated that ginny’s pregnancy would not affect the production of the show, it could be possible for a snow baby. However, this is A&E they know what the fans are saying and once we figure it out they send us a huge mind blown/ OUAT Hangover and we are left trying to figure out how it all connects. We will have to wait and see…

  6. trev says:

    This is too unrealistically complicated.

  7. Jus says:

    no, please, OUAT stop it! This is ridiculous.
    I know the phrase “jumping the shark” is overused, but that Peter Pan/Rumple moment? It was a little bit too much…

  8. Cass says:

    Rumple/Belle wedding? (A girl can dream…)

  9. Kac says:

    I would love to find out who James and Charming/David’s father was!

  10. Sarah says:

    These are my quesses.
    1) Snowing baby and Charmings father
    2)Robin Hood and Roland attached to Regina

    • Alex Callahan says:

      Robin Hood and Roland were my first guess actually

    • Addie says:

      Those are my guesses too. It would be a pretty quick move for Robin Hood/Regina but this is a fairy-tale show. We (hopefully) will at some point get more of Charming’s backstory, he’s probably related to someone too.

  11. jm says:

    If they need a new villain… Gaston should appear sometime… as the lost brother of Charming…
    And what happen with King George, he was quite a baddie back all that times…
    and i miss a lot Red-Hood… i wiss they bring her for an appeareance…

  12. anne says:

    I’m wondering if we will find out who is Rumple’s mother?

  13. Margaret Fisher says:

    Well before the season started airing Adam was teasing Lana/Jennifer/Emilie/Ginnifer on Twitter asking them “so ladies, who wants to get pregnant this year?” So maybe Snow *and* someone else gets pregnant before the end of season 3. Frankly I hope it’s Belle (since the issue of Rumple having a second child with her has already been brought up)

    • Olivia says:

      Those were my guesses too. Why bringing it up at all if it’s not going to play a part in future storylines? Rumple regrets the fatherhood that never (really) was, Snow regrets not having known Emma as a baby/child… it seems to be an overall theme. Emma wouldn’t make sense at this point, and Regina has already had her fair share of “he’s my son — no he’s MY son” since S1. Also wouldn’t make sense for her at this point either, unless they FFW the hell out of the storyline with Hood.
      Btw, am I the only one who doesn’t believe in that pairing, like at all? To me it seems like the ultimate mismatch. I guess we’ll see.

  14. Louise says:

    Snow and Charming having another child makes sense, but new additions as in newly born family members aside this family tree is complicated enough already and the show’s attempts at keeping everyone related are getting a bit much to be honest. I didn’t hate it with a passion, but I felt it was already mostly unnecessary to turn Peter Pan into Rumple’s father.

    I don’t see (or at least hope it’s not gonna happen) either Regina or Emma getting pregnant anytime soon so that leaves a “twist” like the Neal = Bae and Pan = Dad Stiltskin ones. With the Charming and Stiltskin clans related through Henry, Regina is the only main character who has no blood relations left on the show and therefore I would place my bets on her side of the family tree. Although they wouldn’t have to add to that branch if they’d found a way to keep Cora on the show. I hope it’s not a never-heard-of sister or brother because that’s too daytime soap opera for my taste most of the time, but that aside I’ll keep an open mind.

  15. Et al says:

    I wish Henry was related to an acting coach.

  16. Should there be a step-relation between Henry and Regina?

  17. monica4185 says:

    All I’m going to say about that helpful family tree is this:If we find out that Regina is really Rumple’s daughter (after all Cora and Rumple were lovers once) I’m going to flip.

  18. LS1 says:

    Snowing baby?
    Robin & Regina and the kid Roland meeting
    Emma & Hook & maybe finally getting together <3

    Unless there is a family connection elsewhere between characters we dont know about yet lol

  19. Anna says:

    My guesses:
    1) Belle/Rumple tie the knot (so Belle becomes part of the tree)
    2) We discover who David/Charming’s real dad is

    The only real additions, short of babies, are parental reveals and marriages. It’s too soon for Emma, Regina, Hook, or Neal – so the marriage thing is pretty limited to Rumbelle. As for parents, I think Hook and Charming are the only ones we don’t know about?

  20. Ginger Snap says:

    Cora’s mother and Rumple’s mother. But I would like to know who Rumple’s grandfather was . . . And an aunt or uncle for Henry.

    • iamnicolye says:

      I think, Sult’an could of been Rumple’s first student (before he met Cora) who Rumple adopted as his foster-son (like how Pan replaced Rumple with The Lost Boys, Rumple could’ve been distracted by finding Bae when he met Sult’an) He can shape-shift into a sheepdog, but was born a Werewolf, as in his human-form, Rumple taught him magic and so Sultan turned himself into a Dalmatian (could this be Pongo, thats why Rumple is so fond of dogs, but Rumple doesn’t know Pongo is Sultan) – It would be nice to see I don’t know, to find out that Sultan was the son of Cruella DeVil and that Perdita was Granny’s long-lost daughter, which is how Cruella/Nanny became enemies, in the first place.

      So, what if for a Pongo backstory. Rumple adopted Cruella’s son SULTAN in a deal that he would keep Pongo away from Perdita, could be short for DIDI, because Perdita had his 15 puppies XD Also, I would like to think that Glinda could be the REAL Enchantress. Malcolm handed him over to his sister-in-laws.. could Glinda be Rumple’s Mother. Afterall, Glinda/Enchantress both have wands.

  21. Amanda says:

    I do think one is the Snowing baby. It makes so much sense if they are writing in Ginny’s pregnancy. However we still don’t know who Killian’s parents are, Belle’s mother, and Charming’s father. There are a lot of us like myself on Tumblr who have thought since May Killian is somehow related to Ariel & Eric. Our guess is his mother was a mermaid and one of Ariel’s older sisters. We don’t know how mermaids age on the show but in some mythologies they can live over 300 years. Plus the real Ursula has to figure in somehow. There is also another theory that Tinkerbelle is Belle’s mother. It’s also possible the other space is a new relationship with Emma & Hook or Belle marrying Rumple.

    • Louise says:

      I don’t think a new relationships count as adding spaces/branches to the family tree. That’s why I think it’s not Robin Hood either. Unless he is blood related to someone.

      • Yaytessamae says:

        It could count if the new relationships turn to marriage.

        • Louise says:

          Sure, but can you imagine anyone who’s not in a relationship right now – like Emma or Regina – being not only paired off but also married by the end of the season? I don’t because I doubt they’ll rush these stories, but who knows.

    • Pen says:

      Relationships don’t add to the family tree unless there are marriages or babies. Hook and Emma dating doesn’t add him to the family tree. Belle and Rumple are true love and she isn’t even on tree.

  22. bella says:

    Isn’t it also possible that Regina is Rumple’s child?

    • Jus says:

      no, please God, no! Their relationship is dramatic and awesome and complicated. They don’t need to add “blood relation” to it. That would be cheap and unnecessary.

    • Louise says:

      The writers ruled that out in interviews. But it was never made 100% clear on the show that he could not be her father. All we have in canon is Cora’s word that Henry senior is Regina’s father. And we know they already changed their minds about family backstory once since Rumple’s father was originally meant to die before young Rumple’s eyes in a flashback last season. I’m not counting on it, but I think it would be one of their “twists” that would make sense with what we’ve seen of Rumple and Cora’s backstory and it would be a goldmine of opportunity for Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla. I believe Carlyle even said he wanted them to keep the door open for that.

      • Ashleah Youn says:

        Regina not being Rumple’s kid was made canon pretty clearly in the show, IMO. They changed the contract that Cora owed Rumple her first born kid who was also his child. But she didn’t owe him Regina (her first born) because she was Henry’s kid. If Regina was Rumple’s daughter, he would have collected on his contract with Cora.

        • abz says:

          Why do people keep using the word “canon”?

          • lauren says:

            Canon means something that’s official in a fictional universe. Everything else made up by fans is considered fanon.

          • abz says:

            I know what it means, I just think that the word completely throws off a sentence and sounds very weird when reading out loud.

        • Cass says:

          Unless Cora lied (and had some way of preventing a magical paternity test). Frankly if the show lasts more than four seasons I’m pretty sure Rumple will end up being Regina’s dad, just because A&E seem pretty low on new ideas already.

      • Jay D says:

        I have always thought they would get there since Regina’s been a good mother even if it’s not the biological one, she deserved to be Henry’s aunt at least.

        • Stormy says:

          A GOOD MOTHER???????? She killed the sheriff because he liked Emma! She nearly killed Henry with the turnover! She destroyed his beach castle [his safe thinking place]because he met with Emma there! She’s a MONSTER!

          • Meghan says:

            “She killed the sheriff because he liked Emma!”
            What does that have to do with good parenting? Killing someone doesn’t make someone a bad parent, believe it or not.

          • Stormy says:

            Since parents lead by example, yes it does.

          • xav says:

            Um, what? At this point, nearly every character has killed someone (mostly murder) and she didn’t destroy his beach castle because he met Emma there. It was destroyed in the storm.

      • Myotpisflawless says:

        ..oh here we go again with the dark one cannot count musings. Seriously STOP. Regina is NOT rumples daughter. not to mention lana is latina and henry sr too. That door is closed. Thank God.

      • A.B. says:

        Technically, it’s a stretch, but you could say that rumple father did die before his eyes when he turned into Peter Pan. Of course he would have been speaking cryptically because he actually didn’t die but when you have your father say he dosent want you and he greedily and selfishly wants to be young instead of being your father you can say he was pretty much dead to Rumple. Just like when Bae told Wendy his dad was dead.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Maybe his cousin?

  23. Lysh says:

    They start doing flash forwards and Jack (be nimble) “has to go back” (in time to save Storybrooke) and it turns out he is Henry’s son. But who does Henry marry in the future? Find out in season four. (Probably Jefferson’s daughter)

  24. JoRo says:

    I think the secrets that was revealed in the echo cave, the deepest secrets they all revealed will come true

    Snow wants another chance at being a mother – so she gets pregnant
    David – revealed the truth about dreamshade etc but will leave the island, and will recover – he is healthy
    Hook – revealed his love for Emma, he moved on and has fallen for Emma – they get together, she makes a choice
    Emma – hoping he was dead so it would be easier to put him behind her then face the pain (meaning she wants to move on and he isnt dead so she will get through that and heal) and she realises she has moved on… moving and healing over her past to embrace her future (family/role/new love). As they say… as long as you live in the past, you will never find your future (applies to all the characters i guess)

    Other things
    Robin/Regina & Roland
    Belle being preggers or they get married

  25. KCC says:

    Charming’ s Dad

  26. Pat says:

    Well folks, all I can say is that I am so thankful for my family. That family tree is truly a nightmare and I know it is not real, but can you imagine for one second that it was? The word dysfunctional family would truly fit!

  27. mycatmidnite says:

    I maybe wrong, but shouldn’t the dotted line go from George to James? Didn’t he take James & then Charming/David took his place after he died?

  28. S says:

    Sigh. I know someone will say if I want to avoid spoilers, avoid the internet. But is it necessary to have that little factoid about Sunday’s episode in the homepage blurb, all graphically highlighted by a link? Eyes zoomed right to it, and I haven’t caught up on all my shows since a three-week vacation.

    Oh well.

  29. kelzbot says:

    People need to realize that this show revolves around this complicated family tree. Who are all of the main characters? Those in and closely connected to the “Charming” family, in one way or another. Stop complaining that it’s complicated, or confusing, or that you want specific situations to turn out different. This is not your show, not your family, not your story, nothing but something you should sit back and try to enjoy.

  30. Nat. says:

    Not sure about Regina and rumples full relationship.. At one point Rumple mentioned to Regina he had held her in his arms as a baby.

    Now, Regina is all protective of him. She keeps telling him she won’t let him die and if he does it’s by her hand. She thinks of him as a father or uncle figure a part of her family, she can trust him in a sense because he’s always been there for her.

    Rumple is the person who helped give baby Henry to adopt. Even though, it was possible he knew he was the child of the savior and knew the kid would find out in time who his mother was in turn bringing her back to break the curse. This however, may mean his powers hadn’t allowed him to see that this baby was his sons child. If he knew, I don’t think he would have given him to Regina, in retrospect Henry would have been safer with Mary!.

    We learned about the book, we know somehow Mary Margaret had it, and gave it to Henry. But who had it before Mary, August may have been writing the story, but how did it get to storybrooke in the first place, that has not been answered.

    I knew from the moment the seer told Rumple ‘ A child would be his undoing’. I ruled out Henry, why because Henry had already chipped away at Rumples stone heart enough for him to care about the child already. Henry reminded him of his son, he didnt know why. Rumple foolishly believed it was Henry the whole time, but when he came to face with Peter his ( PanFather) I knew this would be the so called ‘child’ that would be his undoing. It will be.

    Eddy and Adam thrive off making something this so complicated, why? Because at the end of the episode you should be able to fit the pieces of where do the flashbacks connect with each other in time.. All the flashbacks connect together like Legos it does make sense.. If you watch previous episodes you will see a character wearing the same dress as in a episode in s3 and then you know that was the same day!
    Putting the puzzle together, is what makes it so much better. It’s what makes once upon a time so addictive, entertaining and enchanting and it’s only going to get better.

    • James says:

      No Rumple is not Regina’s father. Cora and Rumple’s first deal was in exchange for Cora’s deal Rumple will have Cora’s firstborn. Then later on when Cora and Rumple seems to “fall” for each other, Rumple change the deal to any child of Cora will be his. But Cora choose power over love so she ripped her heart out making the deal null.

  31. kennya says:

    So i’ll defitnly say that snow white will have a baby.
    the second spot is probably belle who probably will get married to rumpel

  32. abz says:

    Here’s to hoping a Snow White baby will help somewhat reinvigorate any interest in the Charmings. They are so deathly dull that if they left the show I definitely wouldn’t miss them. Can they just leave them in Neverland? Please.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I’m surprised nobody has suggested Snowing twins :-)

    As for Rumple being Regina’s father, that wouldn’t expand the family tree at all since they’re both already part of it.

  34. jenferner8 says:

    This tree has gotten so incestuous…am I the only one disturbed that Henry seems to be the only regular cast member under 18? Pan, Pinocchio and Lost Boys do not count.

  35. tintv says:

    Snowing baby TWINS!
    Personally, I would like to know about Belle’s mother. Or Rumple’s.
    But please, no Felix as Henry’s son from the future! lol

    • Addie says:

      Could be! Charming was a twin and those genes do come from the father’s side. Wouldn’t that be a shock for Snow and Charming- “oh you wanted another baby, Snow? Here’s two of them!”

  36. Joesham says:

    I effing hate Robin Hood, his son and this Outlaw Queen crap they are shoving down our throats now. Eff this show

  37. john says:

    Somewhat off topic but a two week hiatus? I thought we were getting an unbroken run!

  38. Lola says:

    Maybe Snow will have twins? But I would like to see Belle and Rumple get pregnant

  39. Myotpisflawless says:

    If it’s about snowing AGAIN I’ll stop watching. They are the biggest bores. So tired of them. Hope they won’t write in ginny’s pregnancy. Our show is suck enough without it. I really hope it’s belle, tink or ariele connections. Want more of them. Especially Belle since she is regular too and we know nothing of her past. I really like tink is belles mother theory. Or rumbelle getting married or idk. I’ll accept anything that is not angst atp.

  40. Erica says:

    I’m sorry, but I am REALLY tired of everyone being related on this show. I’ve SERIOUSLY been waiting for a fairytale character to bridge over into storybrooke and for us to have to get to know them along with the fairytale people

  41. Angela says:

    I say Snow and Emma get pregnant, except who will be the baby daddy???

  42. Gilda says:

    Rumbelle wedding

  43. Kaliera says:

    Someday TV is going to stop telling me that my mother (who adopted me as an infant) is not my “real” mother but only my “adoptive” mother. Cheeses me off to no end that Regina gets a dotted line to Henry. Emma willingly gave up the rights to her child. Regina is Henry’s mother (regardless of what you think of her as a person). Emma and Neal should get the qualifier “natural parents.” Thanks for continuing to perpetuate the stereotype that every adopted kid out there is just wait for his “real parents” to show up to make him complete, Once Upon a Time.

  44. Either Regina gets it on with Robin Hood thus giving Henry an step/adoptive father
    or Hook enters the three as erstwhile almost-step-grandpa turned stepdad.

  45. meresger says:

    Matt, you have some errors in your family tree. While you have a doted “adopted relation” line from Regina to Henry, you use the same line for Emma and Neal, but as his biological parents they should have a solid line in tandem with Regina’s. Also, you denote David’s quasi-adoption by George, but not James’ actual adoption (that triangle/compass thing for the “Nolan” twins is weird.)

    Also, I noticed you used a single line for Emma and Neal (I assume because they did not marry), but you assume that Rumple’s parents and Cora’s were married. Do we know that for sure? I don’t think so. It’s like people assumed Hook and Milah were married, but they weren’t. Maybe you should put in some asterisks or have a “relationship unknown” (squiggly?) type of line for what has to be revealed.

    I tried doing a OUAT family tree myself (and posted it on tumblr), and it’s a real mess fitting in everyone with the right relation lines! Doing it simple branch tree style is hard! (Nevermind fitting in lovers and foster families!)

  46. Pen says:

    Snowing baby and Rumbelle marriage or baby?

  47. Sara Arnoldi says:

    ”By the end of Season 3, this tree will grow by two spaces” = that’s mean to me:

    1) Snow & Charming’s child
    2) Beast & Belle’s child

  48. justsaying says:

    I’d wish they would do a reverse of happened to Rumps dad on Henry.

  49. AustinSun says:

    My guess (hope) is that The Charmings will have a baby and Belle and Rumple will also have a baby. Belle and Snow will be pregnant at the same time.

  50. AC says:

    Well we know that Regina is going to find Robin Hood and he already has a son, but I’m kind of hoping that Emma is pregnant again and that the kid’s father is August, but while that is highly unlikely it would be a good twist that no on was expecting and while I am aware that Josh and Ginny are expecting their first child. I do hope that the writers don’t put that into the script. Could the magic inside of Emma come from not only the true love that her parents had for each other but the true love she had for August and the presents of a baby because when you look back on season 1 while it was never presented to us in the script or any of the episodes you did get the impression that Emma and August were in love. He was the only male in her life that she had amazing chemistry with and while her chemistry with Hook is pretty good, it still doesn’t compare to the what she had with August and as for her and Neal there is just no chemistry between the two of them anymore.

    • Stormy says:

      What?????? She had chemistry with Graham. He died while kissing her. I never saw any chemistry with August and he’s been returned to childhood.

    • meresger says:

      “while it was never presented to us in the script or any of the episodes”. Thanks for pointing out the insanity of your headcanon in your post.