Fox's Midseason Plan: Glee Returns to Tuesday, Mindy's Big Hiatus, The Following's NFL Boost

Fox Midseason Schedule 2014Glee is going home, returning to the Tuesday lead-off spot this spring.

The musical dramedy’s homecoming was one of several moves denoted in Fox’s midseason schedule.

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The nuts-and-bolts of it all:

* Glee, which airs its “lost Christmas episode” winter finale on Dec. 5, will return Tuesday, Feb. 25. Dads will have finaled by then and The Mindy Project will be on hiatus from Jan. 28 (its winter finale) until April 1, when it comes back with a double-episode spring opener.

* Fox’s Tuesday comedy block will thusly be scaled down to just the 9 o’clock hour, where New Girl will lead into Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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* The Following will launch Season 2 with a two-night event, starting Sunday, Jan. 19 (following the NFC Championship Game) and then continuing in its regular Mondays-at-9 time slot. (Sleepy Hollow‘s season finale in turn airs an hour earlier on Jan. 20, at 8 pm.)

* Greg Kinnear’s Rake drama will bow Thursday, Jan. 23 at 9/8c.

* Enlisted will premiere Friday, Jan. 10 at 9:30 pm, leading out of Raising Hope.

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  1. Zorkel says:

    No, Glee. NCIS, PLL, and Agents of Shield all are on then. :(

  2. lalaland says:

    FOX is so desparate. Moving glee is not going to help its ratings at all. Send to Friday to die quickly. So sick of seeing it try to hold on to the paltry 4 m viewers & FOX shelves quality shows like mindy project. smh

    • chris says:

      So instead Fox should try and hold on to the 2 millions people who watch The Mindy Project?

    • You are aware that it’s ALREADY been renewed for a sixth season, right? There is no “quick death”. The show will continue to air for the next 18 months or so (accounting for in-between seasons off time).

    • Kay says:

      Better writing is the only thing that’s going to help Glee’s ratings. That and if they quit with the ridiculously long hiatuses. I wouldn’t even bother trying to keep up with it anymore if it weren’t for DVR. No wonder the ratings are dismal!

      • abz says:

        This long hiatus though in particular was brought on by Cory’s death and them needing more time to rework some of the original plans they may have had. I agree about the improved writing, but I don’t fault them this season for needing a longer hiatus.

    • Linda says:

      Glee has actually over 10 million US viewers once DVR, on demand, Hulu etc are added in

  3. Amanda says:

    Yeah. Moving to Tuesday will just further kill Glee.

  4. Sam says:

    It’s dead anyway with the final season announced, so why complain?

  5. Staci says:

    FOX is always all over the place with their scheduling. I know they’re probably doing the two-night premiere for The Following so it will get more viewers, but they already announced that it was returning January 20, and now they change it. They just did this with Almost Human and Bones. Bones was supposed to move to Fridays on November 8, and then Almost Human would premere in its timeslot, then a couple weeks before that was supposed to happen they say just kidding, and announce a two-night premiere for Almost Human, and wait until November 15 to put Bones on Fridays.

  6. Sokratis says:

    2 months without mindy!!! WHAT THE HELL!
    i cant understand why fox hasnt decided to pull the plug on glee this season. dedicating to another season makes NO SENSE!

    • smc says:

      Fox needs to end Glee. It stinks. But, I’m not into Mindy either. Moving shows from 1 night to another just makes the viewers of those shows disgusted. Now, moving Glee won’t ever help it any.

    • Bigfan says:

      Mindy is the best show FOX currently has on air. Why is Kevin Reilly taking this show off the air for months? He’s clearly losing it. It could be better. Then. The Office. Oh yeah. Which he turned down.

      • buckyr64 says:

        Hey Bigfan, Don’t you worry. I’m a big Mindy fan and the winter break was already planned by the writing staff at TMP. This was not a forced hiatus from Fox. The show will return to it’s regular slot come April 1 for spring. This happens to fit Fox’s new format of some shows splitting their seasons. Less repeats, while Fox inserts all their special/sports schedule. You know, The World Series, NFC Championship and The Super Bowl. The Mindy Project will thrive!!!!!

        • JR says:

          Apparently the show was running the production costs high with all the guest stars, and the writers are going to “regroup” during the hiatus. Sounds like a network forced hiatus to me…

          • S. says:

            They let them hire Adam Pally as a regular. Why would you do that if you were concerned about the show’s budget? They could’ve just agreed to him as recurring and saved money. It’s a sign they support the show if they let them spend that on cast and guest stars. How much did Fringe cost? Probably more to make. If you ask me, New Girl is the show that needs time off to regroup. This season and some of last has been rough. As far as cost, they spend way more time shooting different lines for every scene and time runs up the budget big time. You’d think even if they were gonna let TMP go, they’d work harder to save New Girl from a quality stand point. Mindy’s writers are doing nothing wrong. I’m a NG fan and I’m rooting for it. If it’s bothering me, I can’t imagine how they expect to pull in new people.

      • Bob says:

        Because the network has to stretch 22 episodes of Mindy over a 39-week timeframe (Sept. 1st to May 31st). My math skills tell me that’s 17 weeks of either no show or repeats. Their winter break will be 9 weeks.

  7. RP says:

    Why wouldn’t you at least TRY debuting Enlisted in the Dads spot? That to me is a no-brainer and might completely revitalize your Tuesday block. Who are these scheduling people at FOX? Are they the same ones that never promote New Girl during football?

    • Will says:

      OMG just based on the trailer alone it would pair PERFECTLY with Brooklyn 9-9. Friday night after Raising Hope (which returned to dismal ratings) …it’s certain to be canceled. :(

    • Kay says:

      Ugh, don’t even bring up Enlisted. SOOOO much wrong with it! Not even remotely like real army life. It will end after half a season, mark my words.

  8. Cat says: I have to remember that Glee will be on Tuesdays, and I was just getting used to it on Thursdays. Kinda liked it better on Thursdays as I’m home at 9. Well, there is only a year & 1/2 left of it. Curious to see how much more of the New York story line there will be once it returns in late February!

  9. Tony says:

    Glee will do much better on Tuesdays. Thursday were allready packed by ABC dramas and NBC comedy’s. FOX had no business moving it to Thursdays much less 9pm. Expessully with NBC running a minute over and screwing up DVRs everywhere

    • buckyr64 says:

      You know, I’m personally so sick of the cheap tactic that NBC uses to prevent DVR usage by running shows 1 minute over. Sometimes I feel like not recording their shows for that reason. Plus, they don’t actually give extra show, they throw in extra commercials instead. Cheesy!!

      • Liz says:

        Me too!! Its annoying and deceptive.

      • Will says:

        you know there’s a setting on your DVR where can alter the end time of a recording for however many minutes you like right?

        • Chris says:

          That doesn’t work for Season pass or when you auto record all new episodes of a show, one of the joys of a DVR is not having to manually set the times.

      • Kay says:

        If you’re lucky your DVR might have a feature where it records an extra five minutes after. I hate that Fox does that though. I feel like the people in charge of scheduling on Fox are all morons.

    • Et al says:

      I agree. I think it’s decent counter programming. I doubt Glee, Agents of Shield, and whatever NCSINYLA crap is on share too terribly much crossover audience.

    • Greg says:

      THANK YOU! It being moved to Thursdays is why I had to start watching online (I’ve been with Grey’s Anatomy since season 1!)

    • Linda says:

      It’s up against The Voice though, and even when Glee’s ratings were great, they deteriorated when up against The Voice.

  10. erin says:

    Noooo FOX whyyyyyyy, don’t do this to Mindy! I feel like the only reason I still watch New Girl is because it’s in between Brooklyn Nine Nine and The Mindy Project so I might as well just record them all. With Mindy on hiatus, I might just stop watching New Girl altogether.

    • Meredith says:

      Erin, let’s be friends. These are my sentiments exactly! New Girl has totally lost me this season and is one of the last shows I watch on my DVR. I can’t get enough Brooklyn Nine Nine and Mindy is my fav comedy going right now.

      • buckyr64 says:

        Can I join in. I always feel like I’m the only one watching and rooting for The Mindy Project. I hate what has happened to New Girl and how Nick and Jess feel forced instead of gradually moving them together. TMP does it right with the Danny/Mindy friendship/romance. You don’t have to rush it if the chemistry is real.

        • sue says:

          How exactly is the TMP taking it’s time any more than New Girl did? TMP is only 9 episodes into it’s second season and it’s already hinting very heavily at the Mindy/Danny romance. I feel like people forget that New Girl was on a whole year before the Mindy Project premiered. You can’t really compare the timeline.

      • JM says:

        Add me to the mix! Love Mindy and Brooklyn Nine Nine! Used to love New Girl, but this year hasn’t been good for ANY of the characters, not just Nick and Jess.

    • buckyr64 says:

      I’m so with you, Erin. I love TMP and I’m not liking what they’ve done to New Girl. The romance between Nick and Jess now feels so forced, when originally it was progressing at a good rate. Now all of them seem obnoxious. Mindy, however, has got a great mix going on and I love Mindy’s whimsical way of seeing herself and the people in her world. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!

    • Megan says:

      I agree with you, too, Erin! It’s especially true when I’m actually home on a Tuesday night and figure, oh, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which I love) is over, what should I do until The Mindy Project (which I also love) is on? New Girl it is. Although, I do disagree with some of the other repliers…I don’t mind Nick and Jess that much (it’s definitely over the top, but that’s what I expected), but I feel like they’ve made Schmidt and Winston so weird this season. Like an unwatchable kind of weird. I really enjoyed Winston with Daisy for like that 1 episode but now with the cat stuff, everything he does is just so cringe-worthy. And Schmidt getting pissed at Nick and Jess even though HE was the one two-timing Elizabeth and Cece was just ridiculous.

  11. Ashley says:

    Nononono not the Mindy Project. Even when I quit Glee it still finds a way to disappoint me.

  12. Manda says:

    putting glee against powerhouse NCIS is a huge mistake.

  13. abz says:

    Is Glee glee getting a reduced episode count or will it still be the regular 22?

  14. etcmd says:

    Glee on tuesday going back to 8 PM, with New Girl at 9? Or is it moving to 9 on Tues, with the comedies elsewhere?

  15. Jon says:

    Didn’t Dads get a full season?

  16. SharonR says:

    Noo, dont touch the Mindy Project!! Glee needs to GO!

  17. Jake says:

    I just really want them to go through with the idea of moving the entire show to NYC. I’ve still been watching Glee since “The Quarterback” but have been fast forwarding through 90 percent of the show, and just watching the NYC parts. It makes it much easier to stomach since I actually care about that storyline.

  18. Olivia says:

    Translation: the business geniuses at FOX haven’t learned their lesson yet and still won’t stand up to he-who-shall-not-be-named and therefore deal with the real reasons Glee’s ratings are plummeting. Brilliant move.

    When I think about what an awesome show it was and what a wreck it’s been since the end of S3, The Walking Dead’s Greene barn automatically comes to mind lol. I mean, if they can’t find a cure there comes a moment they HAVE to put it out of its misery.

    • Kay says:

      Ryan Murphy is just wasting his time on too many other shows, which are complete crap. The writing has been awful since the end of Season 3. He’s not even trying anymore.

    • Kay says:

      I feel like Glee is now written by a nerdy thirteen year old fanfiction writer instead of the same people who created such a great show.

      • Guest001 says:

        It wouldn’t be bad if it were written by ONE nerdy fanfiction writer. Unfortunately it feels like each episode is written by three different writers who don’t talk to each other. And the next episode is written by three different writers. Or perhaps these 20 writers throw scenes in a box and the producers pull them out at random.

  19. Lecholls says:

    I’m excited for the New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine hour.

    • deaht says:

      These are the only two shows I watch the Tuesday line-up for. Hopefully Glee will be a better lead-in for both instead of Dads.

  20. Superhero says:

    Nice to see Fox giving Brooklyn Nine-Nine the best possible chance to succeed. Between the numbers it’s already putting up (while certainly not great, it’s still their second best sitcom in the key demo), the post-Super Bowl episode, and now airing after New Girl, it shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting a second season. It’s easily the best new comedy of the season, so that is definitely good news.

  21. Fernanda says:

    for me is the best decision for Glee, thursday has been so complicated since season 4. But I’m really hope that we could see finally graduate Blaine, Sam , Artie and Tina, and then we can finally found about if the producers like to be in Ohio or NY

  22. Dusty Shull says:

    Hah ha ha. :) Sadly FOX you still do not have a clue. The show should have ended after Season 1. Just put it in your Friday Night deathslot.

  23. Daniel says:

    What’s going on with Surviving Jack? That looks really funny. I hope FOX doesn’t burn it off over summer

    • Ron says:

      I agree! What is FOX doing with this show? I need Chris Meloni back in my life!!!

      • jvogs24 says:

        At one point it was announced that “Surviving Jack” would be Thursdays at 8:30 in spring with the Idol results show downsized a halfhour during those weeks (but still an hour the first several weeks). Since this release doesn’t mention that, I’m a bit unsure now. I think “Us & Them” will go the way of “The Goodwin Games.”

  24. quit complaining only one more season

  25. Jillian says:

    Moving Glee to Tuesday at 9pm would have been smarter. WAY too much competition at 8pm with NCIS, SHIELD, PLL, and The Originals. Fox is getting to be as bad as NBC with its moves. It’s like they’re trying to kill Glee and Bones, both shows which produced great numbers for them in the past.

  26. Ally Oop says:

    Its good they are moving Glee’s timeslot because it’s current slot is the worst. I can only record one show to my DVR at a time so with time shifting I can only record Grey’s, Reign and Crazy Ones so Glee ends up the odd show out ( for me, I live in Canada so Reign comes on at a different time). No word on when Gang Related, Us & Them and Surviving Jack will air–all 3 look like good shows. I have zero interest in Rake.

  27. jvogs24 says:

    I believe you have “The Following” premiere wrong. The release I’ve seen says it simply premieres on Monday and that it’s new series “Rake” that’s getting the two-night treatment with football boost.

    • RJ says:

      Those plans have changed. The network felt male-skewing The Following would do better.

      • jvogs24 says:

        thanks, guess I missed that – though it’s true it probably will do better, don’t they want Rake to get sampled? What are they going to replace it with if it flops?

  28. Vissy says:

    Noooo Mindy!! I am so going to miss this show, best comedy of the season.!

  29. JAO says:

    Too crowded on Tuesdays!! Not giving up Originals and NCIS on my DVR.

  30. Renee says:

    Moving glee back to Tuesdays isn’t going to cure its ills. Move it to the future say 7 years making them current age. Have Brittana and Klaine married. Blaine fathers the Brittana baby with Britt. Kurt fathers the Klaine baby with Santana. Have a joint birthday party. Pair up some of the old New Directions bringing back the original cast. Yes even Dianna. Work in flashback how they got where they are. Then look into the future. And hey they can still sing and dance. But they screwed up royally when they thought they could give us 2.0 versions of the originals. People just never clicked with the newbies. And has anyone noticed that since Heather isn’t there that they throw in like 50 dancing extras to compensate? Yeah that’s how important she is to this show. Glee isn’t perfect, far from it but it still has some very talented actors if only somebody knew how to write for them. Ryan has AHS so he’s really only interested in that and his new show. He should let Ian and Brad take over or someone that cares at this point to help out.
    They thought bringing in Demi and Adam would boost their ratings. It was an epic fail. We don’t want gimmicks, we want quality and continuity. It’s not that much to ask.

  31. Suzy says:

    I canceled my DVR subscription to “The Following” because it is just too damn violent. It really crosses a line. This show as well as others such as “Hannibal,” “Hostages” and “Dexter” treat murder like it is just an “oopsie,” a forgivable mistake or a suitable option or a rush or a bucket-list top 10. I hate to go all Tipper Gore on this, but I believe shows like these are chipping away at our millennials’-old taboo against murder, and may tip young or impressionable or unstable viewers over the edge toward violence. So “The Following” may be returning mid-season, but I will not be watching.

    • Marco says:

      All of these shows treat murder as a dark and disturbing act. Glee, instead, has a habit of romanticizing abuse. Which is worse?

  32. sarah says:

    i really tried to like the mindy project but it’s just painful to watch. but i love the following about time tv other than cable did a dark but compelling show

  33. Tania says:

    The Mindy Project has shown a great deal of improvement. The writing is much wittier than New Girl. I can’t believe I said that since I was such a New Girl supporter. However, NG has reduced itself into childish nonsense. The characters are incredibly obnoxious now.

  34. Ginger says:

    My suggestion for a FOX schedule remake.

    7pm Almost Human
    8pm The Following
    [These show would benefit from football.]

    7pm Bones
    8pm Rake
    [Procedurals on when CBS is airing comedies and ABC and NBC are airing reality.]

    7pm Simpsons
    Bob’s Burger
    8pm Family Guy
    American Dad
    [Strong comedy night transplanted.]

    7pm American Idol
    8pm Brooklyn 99
    [Slim Idol down to just an hour and let comedies enjoy the AI halo effect.]

    7pm Idol: Results
    8pm New Girl
    Mindy Project
    [The same strategy as Wednesday.]

    7pm Glee
    8pm Hell’s Kitchen
    [Something has to air on Fridays, why not burn off Glee with cheap reality?]

  35. Travis says:

    This is ridiculous! As someone who tries to stay interested in glee, it’s getting extremely annoying. First they take a month off, apparently because of mlb playoffs, now 2 months??? Not to mention that it will only be their 9th or 10th episode when they return.

  36. Amy says:

    when is Mindy coming back? I haven’t seen a new episode since Dec 3 and wondered if this was a premature start to the hiatus instead of being from Jan 28?

  37. Christine says:

    Out of all the shows you guys are discussing Raising Hopeis the best. Very funny. Chloride Leachman is awesome. If they cancel that now they haven’t got a brain between them. The Mindy
    project is also a very good watch. Glee fkatout sucks. Its geared for high schoolers and musical lovers. I am sick of shows being moved around. I have a schedule of what I watch and just when I’m set they move em around again. Wish they’d consider moving Rake to a different time slot because I’d really like to watch it but sorry, already dedicated to CBS. And no I don’t have a dvr