Post Mortem: Covert Affairs Bosses on Annie's Face-Off With Henry and Her Future With Auggie

Covert Affairs Season 4 SpoilersWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this Thursday’s episode of Covert Affairs.

After chasing the enemy for months, Annie finally catches up with Henry — and fatally shoots him — in Thursday’s Season 4 finale of Covert Affairs.

Will the act traumatize the spy? Can she return to her old life and pick things back up with Auggie and the CIA? And what does Arthur and Joan’s new bundle of joy mean for their jobs?

Below, executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord sound off on those questions and more.

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TVLINE | What does killing Henry mean for Annie as a person?
MATT CORMAN | It’s interesting you asked that because she’s killed people in different ways. … She could have arrested Henry or detained him or just incapacitated him. But she made this decision. We thought it was important for her character as an evolution of sorts.
CHRIS ORD | And Henry was somebody who, certainly, she and our audience felt needed to be taken off the game board. He’s escaped. They’ve let him live so many times only to create more and more chaos and more and more havoc. [What] we attempted to do in the episode was, after she shoots him, to give it the proper weight that an act like that might have. That’s why we linger on Annie after she shoots Henry and we stay with her as she walks out of the alley. There’s a version of that end on the boat which…if you put a different song in there is much more uplifting, but we wanted to honor the emotional challenge of what Annie has just done.

TVLINE | There was definitely a haunted look about her in the alleyway and in the final scene on the boat. Does this change her going forward?
ORD | This is something we’re exploring, but it’s definitely going to change her. How could it not? We are starting off on Season 5 in the next couple weeks, just trying to think about what the stories are going to be and what Annie’s emotional trajectory is going to be, and this act will certainly factor into that.

TVLINE | Henry is dead, but they didn’t bring him to justice in the eyes of the law. Does that create unrest for any of the characters?
CORMAN | He’s proven so squirrely when it comes to the law that I think they put the Henry matter to bed. And the way and the place in which he was killed in Hong Kong, which is a lawless place, means that we’re going to be able to put the Henry stuff behind us, except for what Chris was talking about, which is the emotional toll on Annie. And now the agency may view her in a slightly different light. She’s someone who’s proven that they are not just able to, but willing to act in a pretty aggressive way, to essentially assassinate someone.

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TVLINE | The CIA now knows that Annie’s alive, but can she get her old job back?
CORMAN | It’s a really valid question as to whether she can get her old job back, whether she wants to get her old job back or whether they have something else in mind for her altogether.

Covert Affairs Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | Annie and Auggie went through a lot together this season — even after their break-up. How would you characterize the state of their relationship at that end of the finale?
ORD | We attempted to have some bridge building in the penultimate episode between Annie and Auggie at the noodle shop. They certainly have plenty to talk about, and I’m not sure they know yet where their relationship may be headed and how they feel about their relationship. Henry has just been so front and center, such the focus of everything in these last six episodes, that now that he’s gone, it’s almost like, “Well, what now?” We need to really start asking those questions. And again, that’s part of the fun of going forward into more seasons.

TVLINE | Would you say that there’s more hope for them now than there was earlier this season?
CORMAN | I guess that depends on what you mean by “earlier.” But they’re in a better place than they were a little while ago. There’s still a lot that they would have to balance out. Helen’s death is still there, and what Annie did with Henry. There’s a lot that they would have to manage and get past to get to a really good place. And it’s an interesting thing that their lives are so taxing that they’ve never really had a moment just to decompress. Auggie fantasized about it in Episode 9, just going to the Galapagos or something like that. Those moments that most people have in their lives — a vacation — don’t really exist for them.

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TVLINE | How will being new parents affect Joan and Arthur as CIA agents?
ORD | These are two Type A personalities. Arthur and Joan’s careers matter a lot to them, but also family matters a lot to them. It’ll be exciting to see them have to try and juggle not only career and work, but a CIA career and work. The jobs they do are pretty intense and high-octane, and it’ll be a question as to how having a child will affect them in their jobs.
CORMAN | In case any fans were wondering, the name of the baby, McKenzie, is Joan’s maiden name.

TVLINE | Since Henry’s dead and the CIA has all this evidence on him, Arthur is cleared, right?
ORD | It’s been a long road, but he, from a legal standpoint, is clear. Now, he’s not yet and may not be reinstated in the CIA. Jail time is not weighing over him anymore, but it’s not like he’s back in his office.

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  1. shuayb says:

    I just hope Annie and Arthur can get back into the CIA. This show was much better when they were in there. They did great work and I really want it to go back to the old days. They’ve basically made her in to Ben Mercer. Which sucks. Annie has always been a patriot who went the extra mile to get things done. This sucks! Damn you Matt and Chris!

  2. Sarah says:

    It would be so great if they could get Eion Bailey back, because I think more than ever, Annie and Ben can really relate to each other’s experiences in the agency. Annie isn’t a rookie or naive anymore, and I think losing that will change her and Auggie (not necessarily in a bad way).
    I actually guessed that McKenzie was Joan’s maiden name, I assume he’ll be nicknamed Mac.

  3. Doug H says:

    To me this looks like a reset… I do wonder if they’ll bring back sis for an episode now that she’s alive…I know many liked her double life and domestic world in the early seasons so maybe throw them a bone. But she needs to get out there all kick-ass I am glad they had her knock off Henry… Maybe Gregory Itzen will be on the new 24 show next summer. He was still alive in the world of 24..

  4. Shan says:

    Joan and Arthur have kind of been surrogate parents to Auggie and Annie, so I am sure they will be fine parents to their new bundle. It was a nice episode. I too was hoping Annie’s sister could brought back as I liked her. Plus, her sister can kind of be there for her emotionally dealing with killing Henry as her sister is usually levelheaded plus it would be nice to see the sisters reunited. I’m not sure if I wanted Henry killed, but I guess that was the result needed to truly stop him he did bring up valid points to Annie in the episode. Still do not trust Calder and who was that guy in Braithwaite office when Calder told them about Helen. I think they could have done more with the Helen character and still not really convinced of her death. What did Henry have on Bianca to tank Arthur’s case?

  5. LEP says:

    Two things:
    (1) They should have asked the question about how does this affect Annie’s relationship with her sister.
    (2) It finally struck me last night that one of the reasons why I like this show so much is because it reminds of me of Jennifer Garner/Sydney of Alias. Strong, smart, highly emotive female lead.

    • B says:

      1. I don’t think this is something Danielle would just get over, since Annie chose it rather than being forced into it. I was really bothered by the fact that we didn’t get to see how Danielle is. And on that subject, why didn’t we see her last season when Annie nearly died?
      2. That is the exact reason I love this show and Nikita! This season definitely does resemble Alias more closely, with CIA corruption, fake deaths, etc. I still miss Alias. *Sniff*

      • covert affairs yes, nikita no for me not even the originial nikita. I just loved this show, I never miss an episode.In fact I recorded the last 6 eps. on comcast,but then I decided to get Direct.Tv I didn’t have a chance to clear everything up so I went and looked up covert affair on satellite.I went through everyone listed and I mean everyone (all 16) and was able to record the last 8 just to remind me of little things.

  6. Ellen S says:

    they couldn’t have gotten rid of the Henry storyline fast enough for me. it really dragged out for me and at this point, I don’t know if I even care to give this show another go next season. I can’t pinpoint a single character that I have an interest in anymore.

    • Phyllis Strickland says:

      Couldn’t agree more! If they didn’t off Henry in this episode I was planning to cancel my Tivo Season Pass. Too much Henry for too long, I was getting bored with it.

      • Alichat says:

        I agree. He was seriously the most boring villain on tv. I’m ecstatic that he’s dead. But really, I think I’m more annoyed with the fact that they had this prime opportunity to really play with Annie’s looks and show some cool spy moves, really pull some twists, and they couldn’t even be bothered to put a stinkin’ hat on the woman when every law enforcement lawyer in Hong Kong is looking for her. Change her coat? Put on some shades? Nothin’??

        • EL says:

          “But really, I think I’m more annoyed with the fact that they had this prime opportunity to really play with Annie’s looks and show some cool spy moves, really pull some twists, and they couldn’t even be bothered to put a stinkin’ hat on the woman when every law enforcement lawyer in Hong Kong is looking for her. Change her coat? Put on some shades? Nothin’??”

          THANK YOU!!!! I know the real world is not James Bond 24/7, but at least take OFF your coat and throw on a hat! IF you have time to steal a cell phone, you have time to steal a hat! Good heavens!

          • Ted says:

            Couldn’t agree more — I thought maybe she’d come out of one of those shops with a shaved head, but nope, nuthin! If they were just going to kill Henry (brilliant plan) why wait so long? They didn’t know he’d go to China. Finally, I can’t even remember what the heck he was so mad about. Why and who killed Jay? They should bring him back.

  7. Alex says:

    Annie is a murderer plan and simple she should be in prison she’s killed at least 4 people in cold blood

  8. barbara says:

    good grief I’m glad she killed henry was about time glad he’s gone she kills for a reason she’s cia they kill bad people. i like calder didn’t want to take new job because it was joans plus wanted to really get annie home and safe he’s changed and i hope he stays on the show. even tho it might take awile i hope annie and auggie resolve everything. great episode looking forward to next summer

  9. CovertFan says:

    What is the name of tune at end of show with Annie on boat riding thru Hong Kong harbor?

  10. Priscillia says:

    I hope that Annie can get back to the CIA, is that Annie and Augie will be stronger than ever, they just perfect together, I can’t wait until this summer

    • Bee says:

      I agree completely! Annie and Auggie need to have some quality downtime together. They keep each other sane. I love seeing relationships that start as strong friendships.

      • Priscillia28 says:

        I agree, Bee. Annie and Auggie need vacancy, I’d like to review Danielle

      • EL says:

        Love this comment! I just feel that the two of them are phenomenal at their jobs, but they’ve proven UNSTOPPABLE together. With all Auggie has been through via war, personal loss and so forth, if anyone is going to be able to understand Annie, its he. They already have such a connection, that while Annie might need some time to reconcile what she just went through and achieved, there isnt anyone (well, maybe besides Ben Mercer) that will understand her better then Auggie.

        • Christelle Nelson says:

          I want Annie & Auggie get back together , with this experience they will be stronger than before, for me they have the future Joan & Arthur, I want Danielle back I miss her

      • andrea says:

        it should be annie and auggie. the reason why i like the series is seeing auggie and annie together. there’s no one else for annie but auggie

    • Wanda Walters says:

      I’m kind of hoping that Auggie and Parker and Annie and Simon end this series together.

  11. Fido says:

    I felt let down that they didn’t have Annie shoot him again in the head, or at least stoop down to confirm he WAS really dead. With all the high-tech bullet proofing clothes he has access to, no doubt some containing fake blood packets to simulate wounds to fool assassins, we should have seen her make sure of his deadness. Without this the culmination of the season felt a little lacking, which is a shame. :(

  12. John Moshier says:

    all this season why didn’t annie disquise her self better changing the coler of her hair just doesn’t do it . and maybe he was wearing a bullet proof vestshe realy didn’t check him

  13. HAP says:

    When Annie shot Henry, I had a similar thought that this might be a redux of what happened when Calder shot Annie.

    However reading what the producers just said in this interview, “we’re going to be able to put the Henry thing behind us”.

  14. barbara says:

    gosh i hope henry is dead!!!!!! look what happened on bones pelant was shot now he’s coming back in some form. they need to make sure these villians are dead i agree with fido

  15. Shaun says:

    I think they need to add a fresh agent next season to take Jay’s place.Annie going into the field solo is crazyness.Maybe a new lady partner for her.

  16. A says:

    GET EYAL BACK!!!! and make him a series regular! or give him a spin off! I really dont care if he is with Annie or not (but dont make him the villain)

  17. GeoDiva says:

    Eyal needs to come back, we barely saw him this season! Glad Henry is dead otherwise, I wasn’t coming back next season.

  18. Emgee says:

    These past two seasons have really really impressed me. I enjoyed Seasons 1 and 2, but nothing really tied those seasons together as a whole in my opinion. Season 3 REALLY stepped up its game and Season 4 even more so. I look forward to what they have in store for Season 5.

    • Priscillia28 says:

      I think that Eyal has to have its show, and not as regular character in Covert Affairs I think that for his fans, he would be interesting to follow his adventures in Mossad and in world, and sometimes characters as Annie, Auggie ,Joan and Arthur appear the time of 1 episode or 2

  19. Ellenz says:

    It’s dosent look like Henry is dead
    I agree with other people comments
    Annie should shoot him in head to be sure he’s dead

  20. MichaelTX says:

    I hope Anne Dudek is back next year. I really miss the relationship between the sisters. To my mind, that relationship was half the attraction of the show, how Annie balances her work responsibilities with her home life. I was especially looking forward to how seeing how the Annie/Danielle relationship would change after Annie “read her in” on what she really does for a living.

  21. ayoasiwaju says:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Auggie lose his sight before joining the Agency? In his flashback of Helen’s ‘death’ he was an agent and he could see…

    • Priscillia28 says:

      Auggie and Helen they are been sent to form Teo so it becomes spy, Auggie and Helen have fallen in love, Helen was faking his death for keep his career as a spy, Auggie has lost his sight in Iraq. In 2007. during a mission, Auggie lost his sight two years before Annie is a recruit of the CIA

      • ayoasiwaju says:

        My point is that Auggie was a soldier when he got blind and that’s definitely before joining the Agency so how come he could see when he was on a CIA mission with Helen?!

        • Dimera says:

          He became spy after university. After Helenas Death (or fake death anyway) he has fallen for the geeky hacker girl and after brake up(CIA Did not allowed their relationship to move forward) he needed brake from CIA and went to army. In Iraq he lost his sight and came back to CIA. 2 Years after Annie walked in to his life :)

    • andrea says:

      i also had that thought. i was really confused when was auggie got blind.

  22. michael says:

    Since the female star has become executive producer, I think the show has more action.It was getting a little boring.

  23. cynful says:

    Most of the comments I certainly agree with! I did enjoy s1 &2 but 3 and 4 have me hooked. I also agree Henry was dragged out quite a bit more then it could have been, but it certainly left room for characters to evolve and lose ends to be tied up. Annie and Auggie are amazing together in pretty much every aspect, but do we really want another Joan and Arthur as much as I love them! Calder has become one of my faves, he went from being the hated untrusted to one of Annie’s closest allies! As for her sister hell’s yes bring her back! I do think that Annie should have another field partner…perhaps a woman would be a nice change. I could think of a few people who would rock at it with her! Piper is one of my favorites, she is amazing at everything she touches but Covert takes the cake! And if her side kick became Eliza Dushku I WOULD NEVER STOP WATCHING THE SHOW! OR EVEN OLIVIA WILD! Anyway bring on season 5!!

  24. Annie Walker says:

    Annie & Auggie needs to come back together

  25. Paulus says:

    As a UK viewer I love CA, the Henry shooting in an alley is classic spy death, but Annie should of returned again to Henry’s body & shot him in the head, walk away again slowly, crying. Yes Annies sister should return (shes so damm naturely sexy) & Eyal should return as there is a chemistry between them when both on screen. Now the twist……Henry’s wife was not as inocent as we think she is in all this as she helped Henry so to frame her partner to gain control of his business for future nastiness in season 5 CA.

  26. rossim02 says:

    Great series but where do the producers get the idea that Hong Kong is lawless. It’s far from it – 150 years of the Royal Hong Kong Police and their continuation after 1997 as the HK Police. It might be part of China now with certain things eroded, but lawless it ain’t.

  27. Lil mama says:

    All I care about is Annie and Auggie. I want them to get back together maybe even get married they already know everything about each other so why not that?

  28. nyakahuma Francis says:


  29. elizabeth moore says:

    I think it would be awesome for Eyil to be back in season 5. Have the season start with Annie on his boat watching the sunset with him. If anyone can understand her and help her it is him. And wow! Chemistry between them was SO much better than with Auggie.

    • Sharon says:

      I totally agree with bringing Eyal back as the chemistry between him and Annie propells the show forward. It would be interesting to see them both defending their countries in a massive plot of some kind or one of them rescuing another (with maybe their families involved if that is possible in the CIA/MOSSAD). Working as a team on something would highlight skills in both agencies.

  30. Laura Lopont says:

    I thought season 4 would have been like previous seasons with Annie & Auggie together it would have been amazing, but too much Henry Wilcox and too many obstacles between Annie & Auggie, I hope in the next season Annie & Auggie will be together for good and no obstacles in their way, more adventure Annie in different countries it will be more fun.

  31. Ben says:

    i have liked the series and the characters, but I don’t know if the going foward is in good shape. Auggie really sunk as a character and will be hard to bring back. Calder and Joan outshined Annie who hung in there. we will see…

  32. Bates says:

    So who killed Henry’s son Jai?

    The Annie-Auggie “romance” is so forced, there’s nothing there. The Mossad agent, Eyal would be much more believable.

  33. Al says:

    Just once I’d like to see a spy series were the agents are good enough to get the job done without turning into murderers. Regardless of the motivation, I’d like to think John Drake or even first-season Sydney Bristow would have found another way.