Vampire Diaries Stars Talk 'Very Final' Forwood Break-Up, Steroline Teases & Flirting With Jesse

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersElena’s not the only one with a busy love life on The Vampire Diaries.

This season alone, Caroline reunited and broke up with boyfriend Tyler, flirted with and kissed coed Jesse and maybe possibly laid the groundwork for a future with Stefan.

During a recent visit to the show’s Atlanta set, Candice Accola, Michael Trevino and Paul Wesley weighed in on the blonde vamp’s romantic options.

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THE EX | Caroline was dealt a big blow with “her first real big break-up,” says Accola. “Tyler was her first true, true love, so she’s heartbroken. But she’s strong and she’s trying to put on a happy face.” At the start of the season, the normally peppy vampire “wasn’t as spontaneous as we’ve seen her in the past, and she wasn’t as bright and as bubbly, so she’s trying to find that in herself again” throughout upcoming episodes. Getting to a good place is difficult, however, because this split “does seem very final for Caroline and Tyler,” notes Accola, adding that all the gal “really wanted, and what I think she still wants, is to be with” her ex. “Caroline and Tyler’s relationship has been the one thing that [she] can’t control,” explains the actress. “Since she’s become a vampire, she’s able to control her thirst for blood very easily… It seems like this is the one part of her life where she can’t get any control, and it’s the only part where she wants to. This is the beginning of her not necessarily spiraling, but searching and not being as strong and confident as we’ve seen her in the past.”

As for what the dynamic will be like when Tyler surfaces, “It’s anybody’s guess,” admits Trevino. “After any break-up, how’s it going to be when you run into your ex? It’s always awkward, right? And the fact that Mystic Falls isn’t a big city, they’re going to be around each other. So time will tell.” And will Tyler regret his decision to leave Caroline in order to seek out revenge in New Orleans? “I don’t know how to answer that without giving something away,” hedges Trevino.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersTHE NEW HOTTIE | A gal’s got to move on eventually, so while Tyler is MIA, Caroline may cozy up to a handsome upperclassman. “We’re going to see Caroline go through what a girl goes through when she’s broken up with by the love of her life,” previews Accola. That grief process includes “whether or not there are other cute boys at college that catch her eye [and] her trying to figure out what she really wants.” Enter Jesse, who after sharing a couple sweet moments with the freshman is now in the process of being turned into a vampire. (Talk about a new relationship obstacle!) Last we saw, “he’s obviously a bit tied up, but Caroline will start to worry about where he is,” teases Accola.

THE DOWN-THE-ROAD GUY | Did you sense some romantic potential between Caroline and a certain amnesiac Salvatore brother? If so, you’re not alone. “The writers really like to tease [Stefan and Caroline],” notes Wesley. “They always have that there, but they don’t quite do anything with it. I’m always a little confused. I don’t know if we’re going for it or not, so when I do scenes with Caroline, I’m always like, ‘Am I supposed to be playing this platonic, here?’” As for what the future holds, “I would imagine that they’re going to go into that direction because they keep hinting at that,” adds the actor.

His costar, however, has a different point of view when it comes to the pals. “Even though, maybe from an audience perspective, there’s some great, very easy moments with them together [that] could be looked [at] as ‘chemistry,’ I don’t think that the characters in their world see it as that,” explains Accola. “To Caroline, Stefan is just a friend and a companion — and Elena’s one true love. She wants Elena and Stefan to be together.”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. kat says:

    im so happy about the forwood breakup…im really sick of them…and Tyler finally have a great storyline in The Originals…and im the only one who think that Caroline will kill jesse or and still waiitng for i really don’t care..! :P

  2. huda says:

    This>>>. “To Caroline, Stefan is just a friend and a companion — and Elena’s one true love. She wants Elena and Stefan to be together.” i love the Sterolien friendship so’s like Brother and sister relationship…i hope they won’t make it romantic..and it will be werid beacsue Caroline ship’s and i hope Klaus take Caroline to NOLA with him since he is coming back to MF in 5×11..!

    • guest says:

      ^^^THIS. yes. I agree x 1000. their friendship is so sweet and beautiful! and especially after all of the rallying Caroline has done in support of Stefan & Elena as soul mates, it would be weird for her to turn around and start dating Stefan.

  3. dude says:

    I feel like Stefan/Caroline are the only option that makes sense. Damon/Elena are clearly endgame and they’ve jerked Tyler around so much I just don’t see him sticking around so it’s either put them together or have them move on with new characters and I can’t imagine new characters having the chemistry that Paul and Candice do.

    • kat says:

      nope..Steroline doens’t make sense..they are just like brother and stister..a

      • Maya says:

        Agreed. Also it will make Caroline look bad to be with Stefan even when she knows he’s still in love with Elena, and she has constantly said Elena and Stefan are epic and should be together. It would be just way too weird and ruin the only good friendship left on this show

    • Shannon says:

      I agree dude.

    • Hayley says:

      I agree too! I would love for Stefan/Caroline to be endgame. I think they’re cute together.

    • Francine says:

      I don’t know how I feel about Stefan and Caroline. I really love their friendship but they do have amazing chemistry. I just can’t decide. But do you really think Damon and Elena are endgame? I honestly don’t think the writers even know what the endgame will be yet. It’s a possibility, sure, but I don’t think anything is that clear. I still hope both brothers tell Elena to eff off (not gonna happen, I know, but I can dream).

    • Kristen says:

      Damon and Elena are “clearly” endgame? I don’t think it’s as clear as you make it seem. There are still little things Elena says and does that indicate she hasn’t entirely moved on. Not to mention the whole doppelgangers that always end up together situation. I wish she would though, b/c I’m a bigger fan of Stefan and Caroline. :)

  4. sum says:

    banging klaus would be a good way to get over her break up

  5. Pep says:

    I pray they stay far far away from romantic Steroline! Make her his Lexie, nothing more.

  6. mac says:

    Tyler should stay on TO, he rocks there

  7. alison says:

    I am so not on board with Stefan and Caroline becoming anything other than friends, they have a great friendly bond and that’s all it should ever be, not everyone on this show needs to hook up. Plus Caroline is the biggest Stelena shipper, so I don’t see her ever wanting to be with the man she believes is her bestfriend’s true love, that’s so not her style.

  8. Shannon says:

    If they are not going to put Stefan back together with Elena (sue me, I’m not a Delena fan, but a Stelena fan) I would love for Caroline and Stefan to get together romantically.

  9. ruby says:

    Seriously, Caroline is useless in this show! she is just a love interest…Matt, Tyler, “Klaus”, Jesse and some want her with Stefan *eye rolls*. Steroline is a good friendship, nothing more! btw, i like more Tyler alone than with sorry, boring Caroline….

    • jen says:

      that’s why i want Caroline to move to The Originals …the character needs a chance to be explored.!

      • ruby says:

        i respect your opinion! :) but i want to see more of her just in TVD! :)

        • jen says:

          i respect your opinion two :) but Caroline will never get enogh screen time on TVD..beacuse TVD is all about Elena..and her Trignale…i didn’t see Caroline in the last episode’s just like 10 second or something..and it’s sad beacuse Candice is great actrees…!

    • Francine says:

      That’s all on the writers and its a shame. Season 2 Caroline was fantastic but they decided to make her entire life revolve around her romantic relationships. It’s a shame and they’ve done it with Elena too.

  10. jen says:

    i agree with candice >>“To Caroline, Stefan is just a friend and a companion — and Elena’s one true love. She wants Elena and Stefan to be together.” i love the Sterolien friendship’s like Brother and sister need to ruin it ((and caroline ship’s stelena it will be so werid))…and plus Klaus is coming back to MF in 5×11….and i have this feeling we are going to get a klaroline kiss…. ;)

  11. Rose says:

    I love Steroline as a friendship! If anything romantic happened between them, in the end Caroline will always comes 2nd in Stefan’s heart after Elena so a big NO! Not to mention that she keeps calling Stelena epic so it would be ridicolous for her to get in the middle of that!
    Jesse is noone important!
    Tyler chose a different path that led him away from Caroline sooooo it’s obvious who her last love should be, he told her himself, Klaus!!

  12. ree says:

    Car needs to go become a series regular on t.o. the other blonde they are pairing k with just doesnt work for me

  13. Alexei says:

    I’d like to see more Caroline and Jesse. Probably alone in thinking that but I don’t care. He’s cute, sweet and a new vamp. Could be interesting. I’m all for Steroline, just not now.

  14. Jules says:

    I REALLY want Stefan and Caroline to happen. I’ve wanted this since Season 2 haha. Candice needs to get on board ! Lol. I do love Caroline with everyone … Matt, Tyler, Klaus and Jesse I just love her the most with Stefan!

  15. Dewsterling says:

    Has anyone here read the books? Julie Plec and Caroline Dries certainly have and while they take artistic license with the characters and plots (thankfully), Stefan and Elena end up together. Damon accidentally takes the cure meant for Stefan, as I recall, thus no one gets to be truly “happy” such as it were.*

    I like Caroline and Stefan. As friends, as a romantic pairing, I don’t have much care which, they always leave me wanting more. The writers are really working for it and taking their time, which they never did for Stefan/Elena or Damon/Elena.

    *However, too, a ghostwriter has taken the series over from Smith, consequently I suppose the series could turn out differently from what it had been originally written.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yes, the book series has contined on – and SPOILER ALERT – Stefan dies. The most recent book is Damon and Elena coming together over their grief and getting revenge on his killer.

  16. Supernatural Fan says:

    Caroline is the new lexi!

  17. Jazmin says:

    Caroline + Klaus = make sense

    Damon + anyone else but Elena or Katherine (because both of them belongs to Stefan)

    Stefan + Elena = their love is epic

    Katherine + ( the 3rd stefan doppelganger) 😉 = because she’ll love anyone who looks exactly like Stefan 😋

    Bonnie + Jeremy = they belong together

    Matt, Tyler and others = happy with a girl of their choice 😕

  18. Tessa says:

    I really want Caroline with Klaus! Their romantic potential is off the charts! It’s a pity their time was cut short but once the 6th season is wrapped, she can move to the Originals. I don’t see romance between Caroline and Stefan. They have a brother/sister relationship, like Stefan had with Lexi. It would be especially weird considering Caroline is the #1 Stelena cheerleader. She’s been wanting Stefan with Elena the whole time.

  19. Winter says:

    Putting Caroline and Stephan together romantically would be like when Joey and Rachel got together on Friends. It seems like good idea on paper but then all the easy friend chemistry turns to awkward weirdness. However, I would love to see them just hanging out more because I love their friendship.

  20. Babybop says:

    I do not want Caroline and Stefan to get together. If she does end up with him, I’m pretty sure Jeremy is the only guy she hasn’t slept with on the show. Ha ha. Just keep them friends!

  21. Brandy says:

    I don’t want Steroine or Klaroline.I hope she dosent move to TO or even a brief crossover.

  22. A fan says:

    And if those three don’t work out she can always head over to New Orleans and pick back up on her own unfinished business with Klaus.

    Seriously though, the psych student (whatever her name is) hates Klaus and Haley seems much more interested in Elijah (and he seems aweful fond of her). I say wrap up Caroline’s plot here this season then give her a fresh start next season on Originals.

  23. kristin says:

    I agree with Paul, I want a Steroline romance.

  24. stacy says:

    I will always ship Caroline with Stefan. I hate Klaroline and Jesse is more boring than Forwood.

  25. chase says:

    Caroline and Klaus are the worst ship ever. I want Caroline with Stefan and Klaus with death or someone new.

  26. sam says:

    Yuck to Klaroline. I don’t ever see Caroline getting with a mass murder. Her going to TO would be stupid.

  27. cb says:

    I would rather ship steroline than watch her fall for the guy who killed her boyfriends mom. EWWWW! Just no to klaroline.

  28. broski says:

    i think jesse will get killed in 5×09 lol…and Caroline can you get your ass to NOLA..both Klaus and Tyler are there..and plus you can have alot of hot hyrbid sex with

  29. donna says:

    I definitly prefer caroline with stefan. I like forwood next for her. I love her on tvd and her getting with klaus who is responsible for her heartache over tyler makes no sense and would ruin her character.

  30. maxie says:

    I just want her with Stefan and far far far away from Klaus.

  31. Lisa says:

    No Steroline! I’m sorry they are better as friends and Caroline ships Stelena enough said. Caroline already got with one of Elena’s exs.she doesn’t need to feel second best again with another ex of Elena’s. Caroline is amazing and should be first choice which is why i support Forwood and now Jessie. I hope when TVD is at it’s endgame Tyler and Caroline find their way back to one another. They’ve been through so much and it’d be sad if this really was the end.

  32. jill says:

    Yessssssssssssss to Steroline… I shipped them since the pilot. They need to happen!

  33. chloe says:

    I fell in love with my best friend and I would rather watch Caroline fall for her best friend Stefan than watch the same old boring good girl falls for bad boy who changes for her story. Klaroline is way overated. I am all for a Steroline romance.

  34. Sarah says:

    I want Steroline. Klaroline doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. There is no way she’d get with the guy responsible for her break up with Tyler.

  35. anonymous says:

    Klaroline sucks! I want to see Caroline end up with Stefan or Tyler. Klaus needs to stay on his own show.

  36. Ashley says:

    Caroline would never get with a mass murder. Caroline needs to be single for awhile then she can fall for her best friend Stefan. I don’t want Stefan with Elena anymore.

    • Francine says:

      Well to be fair and honest- if Caroline would never get with a mass murderer, then she wouldn’t get with Stefan either. This show doesnt really have any boundaries when it comes to anything moral.

  37. Fernanda says:

    for me Stefan and Caroline are like Bill and Jessica in True Blood, however i will ship this two if they will become an item

  38. SterolineRomance says:

    I want Steroline to happen so badley.

  39. Sandra says:

    <3 <3 <3 Steroline!!! I like how people are so adamant about Steroline's brother and sister relationship. You see it that way, but they are NOT brother and sister. I think they are super cute together. I know Caroline wants Elena to be with Stephan, but that shows her character's loyalty, it doesn't mean it will not happen.

  40. wednesday says:

    I could handle Stefan with Caroline, but would really rather see him with Katherine! Anyone is better than Elena!

  41. Cat Morgan says:

    Seriously the only storyline Caroline has is “which man she is going to date?” WUTTT!!! Give the girl a storyline for god sake or send her to NO to explore a relationship with Klaus, if you can’t find one! Caroline has grown so much as a character from the girl season 1 who was competing with Elena for the boy to a beautiful, strong, independent girl. Candice is such a great actress, give her an opportunity to do something else other than be someone’s love interest. Besides if Julie didn’t want anything to happen with Caroline and Klaus she shouldn’t have created the Tyler/Caroline/Klaus triangle, she could of ended that when she knew TO had been picked up. Stefan and Caroline work as friends, they have a beautiful brother and sister bond, just like Stefan and Lexi, why do they want to spoil that with some stupid romantic storyline that’s only going to end in unhappiness because the love triangle is NOT over until the very last act of TVD, everyone knows that. It’s stupid.

    Spend some money and bring in a new character love interest for Stefan to create some dynamic with the storyline instead of just pleasing ships and give Caroline a storyline that doesn’t involve boys/dating and let Candice stretch her acting muscles.

  42. Ann says:

    I’d rather see Caroline get a storyline that doesn’t revolve around a man for once. She’s too good a character to be reduced to a love interest for everyone.

  43. betsy says:

    NO to Steroline romance. I always saw Caroline as Stefan’s new Lexi so I hope they don’t ruin their friendship, especially when it’s so obvious Stefan will go back to Elena eventually. Between Tyler, Klaus and Jesse, Caroline had three love interests in less than a year. Either make her stick with one of those guys or let her be awesome on her own!

  44. Tari says:

    Im a fan of stelena not delena ..caroline shld be in luv wif klaus he is a bit charming…..pliz writers bring Bonnie back and make a story of her orignal witch maybe the original witch was from africa.thnk you i luv vimpr diaries

  45. Darius LT says:

    There’s so much I wanna say, but I’ll try to shorten it.
    -the reasons why I think Stefan & Caroline would work-:

    First, some think that Klaus & Caroline — “Klaroline” should be together, even believe they belong together. Now, I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t feel that way, you can do whatever you wanna do, ijs don’t get your hopes up on something that doesn’t seem plausible. q.) Would you go out with the same person responsible for your break up with an Ex? That’s what Caroline would be doing if she got together with Klaus and it doesn’t seem in Caroline’s nature/morals to do something like that. Which means “Klaroline” is out of the question. The rest of the Original Family should stay on “The Originals”.

    Next, it’s simple when you really think about it. And again, I’m not telling you, you can’t, ijs let’s not get those hopes up. Elena in the beginning was with Stefan – things happened – then they broke up — if they were really “meant” to be together, Elena wouldn’t have decided to be with Damon. I see a lot of others saying, “the Novels say this … their “love” is so ‘epic'”. If that was the case, then they’d still be together now. The way the Show has been going, it wouldn’t seem right to put Stefan and Elena back together AGAIN after breaking them up. That would mean being indecisive and I don’t think the Writers would let that happen. Elena would seem like a variation of Mid 1800’s Katherine; not sure which Brother she wants to be with. And because of this, — “Stelena” doesn’t seem to be an option.

    Finally, for the ones that think making them a Couple will destroy their BestFriendness or will kill the one good friendship this show has … I have to admit, you might be right, however, isn’t it worth the risk? Caroline & Stefan’s Chemistry is amazing and would be a huge tease not to see where the Writers could take it. Those two deserve to be happy and they already have something that “Stelena” did not — a genuine friendship, a bond they have been working on for 4Seasons. Friendships can evolve into Relationships. HOWEVER, if Caroline & Stefan cannot be together, it would be nice to dig deeper into Stefan’s Life: There’s probably so much we don’t know yet about Stefan’s Past (TV Version). Maybe there’s a Girl from his Past that will pop back up. [something to be hopeful for]

    ( For the record ) — Stefan might have some lingering feelings for Elena; but I think it’s safe to say He’s not in love with her anymore.

    • Rose says:

      Safe to say he’s not in love with her anymore?! I’m sorry but have you forgotten the…”I’ll take her back in a heart beat…” and the fact that he kept his humanity in that safe by thinking of her?! That’s not someone who’s over Elena for me!
      Even if Stefan should develop romantic feelings for Caroline, she would still come second in his heart AFTER Elena! And as much as I love Stefan, I want someone who sees Caroline as THE ONE AND ONLY for him, she deserves it….and for me that someone is still Klaus!

  46. Darius LT says:

    Yeah, I remember, but Stefan also said, to Elena, &quoting, “Your acting out Stefan this isn’t you” – “Sure it is, you’ve just never seen me like this” … “You just don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you”. Change is inevitable; after everything that has happened, making Elena & Stefan go out together AGAIN starts getting redundant. It’s pointless to continue a Love Triangle when two people have already made their decision. Stefan should and IS slowly moving on. Stefan still has feelings, he’s just not in love.

    Moreover, I still don’t see how Klaus & Caroline would work. I don’t see Caroline compromising her Values/Morals to be with him. And I believe Klaus would respect that after what I’ve been seeing in “The Originals”.

    Now I’m not saying Caroline & Stefan should just be together period it needs to happen … I’m just saying let’s not rule out that possibility. It makes more sense then anything else.

  47. amahlydia says:

    i lv stefan and caroline together and i cant wait to see the both of them fallin in lv with each other i adore caroline so much she should not get upset with what has happend between stefan and katrine since it all hapened behind her back

  48. caroline says:

    i love caroline so i think steroline will be great

  49. Tavonalia says:

    I know people might respond to my comment with harsh words but I’m all for Caroline getting her own storyline but I’m also all for the rebirth of the Forwood love spark. I want Caroline and Tyler to get back together because Caroline brings out the good in Tyler, she makes him actually fight for the things he wants and they have an unnaturally strong relationship that’s defied all odds! Tyler makes Caroline second guess her decisions and hope for something more than just a fairytale ending! Their perfect together.