Arrow Recap: Back With a Vengeance

Arrow Recap Malcolm Merlyn AliveThis week, Arrow served up not just the Count but one… two… tree bad guys! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

But yes, Seth Gabel’s Count Vertigo was the drawing card this week, as we see in flashback how the quite mad scientist escaped from Iron Heights during The Undertaking. Now, he is exposing random Starling City residents to a more aggressive form of his eponymous drug. Among the early victims: Diggle and ADA Adam Donner (who literally collapses in the midst of grilling Thea at Moira’s trial).

Donner’s incapacitation leaves the trial — namely, the questioning of Moira herself — in Laurel’s hands. As such, Laurel lays eyes on the “trump card” Donner was set to drop on the defendant: that Moira “man years ago” had a fling with co-conspirator Malcolm Merlyn. When Laurel does Oliver’s mom a solid and slips her a heads up, Moira, rather than refuse to put herself on the stand, State v. Queencomes clean to her kids about the indiscretion, which happened “many years ago” during one of Robert’s carousing periods.

Now if I’m one of her kids, I’d seek some clarification: How “many years ago,” exactly…? But apparently neither Thea nor Oliver have ever watched a soap opera. Moving on….

The Vertigo story ultimately was a place-holder, more a means for forcing Oliver to at one point execute his first kill since turning a new leaf, in the name of saving Felicity’s life. (She later apologies for putting him in that position, to make that choice, to which he defers as he takes her hand: “There was no choice.” So many feels, as the kids say.)

Rather, the true headlines of this episode were thus: The Count’s return (re-Count?) was backed by Sebastian Blood aka Brother Blood, whose strength serum is seemingly starting to have its desired effect on his lab rats; and Moira’s acquittal of all (yes, all) charges was not the result of Laurel’s lousy second-chair lawyering but because the jury had been subject to “a little persuasion”… by Malcolm Merlyn.Arrow Malcolm Merlyn Alive

“There are parts of the world where death is an illusion. I’ve been to one,” John Barrowman’s baddie explained when Moira found herself all :-O during this largely unexpected reunion. “I learned to be very convincing.”

Malcolm roars a bit at how Moira lied on the stand so easily about what they had back in the day (those “many years ago”), and then reveals that thanks to a “surreptitious genetics test,” he uncovered a certain truth.

“Imagine my joy to learn that Thea is my daughter,” he shared. To which most of us, I reckon, were like, “Well, it’s just Thea,” but still — a significantly shocking return by the Dark Archer, here pairing his bow with a nice suit.

Elsewhere in the episode: In flashback, Ivo forces Oliver to search the island for his friends when the hosen (arrowhead totem) is found missing from the grave site. When Shado and Slade show up to save the day, they rescue Oliver, who drags along Sara. The hosen bears coordinates for the location of the Japanese sub inside which something that could “save humanity” — starting with, Oliver hopes, ailing Slade, who’s sporting a rather cool “Deathstroke mask” because of his recent scarring.

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  1. mike says:

    season 2 so far have been just awesome The Dark Archer is back awesome

  2. Zak says:

    Can someone name the last show to have a second season surpass its first in so many ways? This is the show AOTS should be and the show I look forward to most all week. Also thanks for the recaps Matt. I’m glad you guys decided to add this show to your semi-regular recaps.

    • Merissa W. says:


    • Lori says:

      Buffy The Vampire Slayer – the second season was leaps and bounds better than the first, but I’m with you regarding Arrow, and I already thoroughly enjoyed the first season of that as well!

    • Fernando says:


    • Eli says:

      Actually, many shows have better second seasons than first seasons, I’d say its the opposite of the “movie sequel rule”. It’s because for many shows in the second season everyone involved has a better idea of what they are doing and where they want to take the show. Also if the first season was (moderately) succesfull, often the budget for season two gets increased (like Arrow had its budget increased this season, though not by much to be fair) which also helps and the show doesn’t have to waste it’s first couple of episodes of the season on introducing all the characters and the mythology.
      Having said all that, yes Season 2 has been bloody awesome so far. In fact I had actually given up on Season 1 somewhere around episode 13 or 14, but when a friend who kept watching told me how awesome Season 2 was turning out, I caught up and must admit it’s been worth it.

    • LaurenTVEA (@LaurenTVEA) says:

      Smallville, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sons of Anarchy, The Shield…those are off the top of my head since they stick out to me whenever I think about those shows.

      • wordsmith says:

        Agreed on all counts. I’d also add Justified and Grimm to that list.

        • Katie1227 says:

          Grimm is the first one who jump in mind, first season was slow, mostly stand-alone without really a background story (’til the last couple of ep) and S2 started (and kept going) with a bang

    • wordsmith says:

      Attack of the Show should be more like Arrow? Am I getting my acronyms confused?

      • Zak says:

        Meant Agents of Shield, but added the T out of habit for all the times I talked about Attack of the Show.

        • Alan says:

          why should shield be anything like arrow? they are 2 entirely different concepts linked only by the fact that they are based on comic books. i keep seeing these comparisons on the internet and it just baffles me because its like comparing apples and shaving cream. anyway i would also like to point out that at this stage last year the internet wanted arrow to die a horrible death too so if they were being compared on a level playing field then shield wouldnt look so “bad” since its quality is far higher than arrow was at this stage and is improving at a far quicker rate than arrow did.

      • Karen MT says:

        So glad I wasn’t the only one confused!!

    • Alan says:

      any show written by joss whedon

      • Joss Whedon Fan says:

        Just imagine how awesome Firefly Season 2 could have been then!

        On the subject of this episode, I could have sworn when I watched it that he said “Imagine my joy to learn that Thea *isn’t* my daughter” and shook his head slightly as he said “isn’t”. I assumed that she had told him that Thea was his daughter to help protect her family from him and how he’s happy to know that he can do whatever he wants to them, because he doesn’t have a daughter after all. Or something like that…
        Am I the only one who heard it that way?

        • Connie says:

          He said “Thea is my daughter.” But I can see how you heard “isn’t.” When I watched it again, I noticed that John Barrowman kind of slurred “is” and “my” together to sound like “isn’t.”

    • Seanathanial says:

      Second seasons are usually better I’d say, since first seasons are usually “still working out the kinks”, by the second season, they have a better idea of where they want their story to go. Personally, I loved the first season, I thought the finale was one of the best first season finales I’ve ever seen, and the second season is even better, I just hope they don’t ruin it when they start having super powers

  3. nate says:


  4. Drew says:

    The episode was really cool. I loved seeing that they didn’t dance around the fact that the no-kill policy doesn’t work when you’re facing bad guys who are trying to kill you and/or others.
    I liked that Moira’s release was obviously due to something sinister and she wasn’t just found innocent and released on her own merits… there really was no way that it would make sense.
    Laurel making the case against Moira should have been enough to declare a mistrial. To say that it was a conflict of interest would be putting it mildly.

    A very good episode. Except, I don’t like Merlyn coming back. Oliver came back from the dead. Sara came back from the dead. Now Malcolm is back from the dead, and I don’t think it is a good thing. It cheapens the first season finale, not only emotionally, but it makes Oliver look incredibly stupid. Not to mention the countless people who would have handled the body afterward.
    Season 1 had a strong arc, with the Merlyns at the center of it. The finale was a great end to that arc, with one dying in his attempt to kill others and the other dying in his attempt to save a life. With Malcolm coming back, I think season 1 loses something. We just didn’t need to go back to the Dark Archer after that plot was resolved. I feel like it was just done to bring back the actor who people seem to love for some reason.

    • Drew says:

      And the Thea revelation… Do writers still think that this shocking twist is a shocking twist? It happens in pretty much every series to air within the last 15 years.

      • A says:

        Couldn’t agree more. And so many happening at the same time. I mean there’s the Deacon-Maddie thing in Nashville, in BATB you’ve got Kat, we allready had the Charlotte thing on Revenge.. It’s really getting old and annoying and boring and just blegh, just no.

        • Drew says:

          It’s getting to the point where it might be easier to name the few shows where everyone’s parents are their actual parents and the dead parents are actually dead.

    • Technically when Oliver was with Tommy when he died, Tommy asked “Did you kill him?” and Oliver answered “No. I didn’t.” So, I was really confused when everyone thought he was dead, since Oliver had said he didn’t kill him.

      • Drew says:

        So Oliver didn’t kill Malcolm… and he didn’t arrest him and make very sure that he couldn’t get away? He never followed up on that?

      • Alichat says:

        Oliver lied to Tommy. He told him that he didn’t kill his father because Tommy didn’t want Oliver to kill Malcolm. That’s why Tommy’s last words were “thank you.”

    • Alichat says:

      I have to agree with you about Merlyn coming back from the dead. He was never an interesting character to me, and frankly it lessens the season 1 finale by having him return. And we could have done without the Thea being his kid reveal. Tiring twist. And how Oliver and Thea reacted to the news was absurd. You don’t have to watch soap operas to wonder about the timeline when she’s vague on the when. Plus, I imagine Laurel mentioned specifically when the affair was in cross examination. That should have raised questions too. Best thing about this episode, except how entertaining Seth Gabel is as a lunatic, were the scenes with Felicity and Oliver. I like that their relationship hasn’t moved past friendship, but their revelatory moments ring truer than anything he has with Laurel.

      • fatalsin says:

        It would have been more shocking if it was Oliver instead of Thea… More interesting atleast… Thea is boring for me. The only upside for her is she is with Speedy

  5. Sparky says:

    Funny I was just thinking how good this show is….nice gradual build on S2. Gotta love Greg Berlanti…love his shows.
    Can someone remind me if Felicity is in the comics? Both her and Arrow have great chemistry. I think I read that she isn’t which is a shame.

    • Drew says:

      Felicity is in the comics, but she is very different in the comics. She’s not a hero herself, like she is on the show. She’s more of a side character. Step-mother to Firestorm.

  6. All you people complaining and whining about Malcolm Merlyn being really dead, I TOLD YOU SO.

  7. James D says:

    Sweet Baby Jebus on ice skates. that was a heck of a twist. I kind of figured Malcolm wasn’t really dead, and knowing the comics i knew Thea had to be someone else’s daughter but i didn’t think it would be Malcolm, so well done Arrow that was some good stuff.

  8. Garnet74 says:

    Great episode! It is like a soap — no one is every dead and everybody pregnant is carrying somebody else’s baby. LOL. I’m going to miss the Count. I hope this Blood guy steps up in a big way to become a menacing bad. right now i’m not feeling him. Looking forward to seeing where Moira’s secrets about Thea lead and if Malcolm will be whispering in Thea’s ear. Will she go dark? Wouldn’t shock me. Really loved the Oliver and Felcity stuff. That was some seriously sexy stuff this week. Oh the feels, indeed!

    • Eli says:

      Welcome to the Wonderful World of Comics my friend. :)

    • kcc says:

      Whoa! I like the way you think! It would be relly interesting to see Thea go dark and pit brother against sister or rather Thea against Felicity (who I hope they start training soon). I doubt that they’ll have the guts to do it though.

  9. K says:

    Well, Oliver Queen was NEVER meant to have a sibling/sister at all..He was the ONLY “QUEEN/CHILD”..So, her being not TECHNICALLY a QUEEN is the right way to go.

    Who cares about thea anyway..The bitch could’ve/would’ve cost her mother her life, if ONE wants to put it in technical terms.

    • Alan says:

      i like thea. im eagerly anticipating the eventual storyline where she joins team arrow as speedy along with roy as red arrow/arsenal.

  10. Jenny says:

    I LOVE this show…so good! Don’t care for Merlyn though OR Thea! Loving Felicity and Oliver, Felicity should learn some moves so she isn’t so damsel in distress all the time :P

  11. Mikaylah says:

    Definitely not surprised by the “twists”. I assumed Malcolm was alive, since they never recovered a body, and as soon as Moira admitted to the affair I suspected Thea would be revealed to be Malcolm’s daughter. That is heartbreaking for Thea, and I suspect will be a major source of conflict for not only her, but the entire Queen family. I wonder if Malcolm suspected when Moira became pregnant. I don’t see why he wouldn’t. It’s possible Moira faked the first test results, and lied to Malcolm about it, making the betrayal (from his perspective) even worst. He’s a terrifying man, and not someone to be underestimated. I think he just became a lot more dangerous to the Queen family. On a happier note (kind of), I loved the Oliver and Felicity scenes. They’re amazing, and I am enjoying the slow burn to their (potential) romance.

  12. Mikaylah says:

    Also, I have to wonder when the writers decided to make Thea a Merlyn, considering she was crushing on Tommy pretty hard in early season 1… Lol.

  13. julio says:

    Love arrow. Love this season and love ollicity. Can’t wait for next weeks episode with the flash.

  14. nate says:

    Hello people it IS television the whole “he’s not your father” thing is gonna be around forever.. GET OVER IT!!!

  15. Knight says:

    Brother Cyrus feels stronger? Am I the only one who thought Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy? Althought that might be wishful thinking. With Flash getting his own pilot it feels like they aren’t going to do superpowers or metahumans yet. Unless it’s drug induced like venom or the supersoldier formula that Slade will likely be getting later this season.

    On the plus side of that; Slade is likely to get his supersoldier upgrade soon which means Deathstroke the Terminator will be making his apearance eventualy. I suspect Grant or Joe Wilson will be introduced eventualy; probabaly in the season that explains why the mask was on the bonfire on the island.

    Malcom not being dead was obvious when they revealed he was trained by the league of assasins. The question is are they going to use Lazarus Pits as the explanation or will they find some other way to explain surviving an arrow through the heart? Thea being his daughter was a nice touch to explain her origins. I suspected something was off about her since it’s uncommon for two fair haired parents to have a child with such dark brown locks. Although, the general suspension of disbeleif that is required of TV viewers made me overlook it at first blush. Still this is a twist that will be fun exploring and it also makes Thea’s love for Tommy SUPER creepy since they are SIBLINGS!

    I’m a bit sad they killed the Count, Seth Gabel’s over the top acting wasn’t my cup of tea (like him as an actor mind you) but it would have been great to see him grow into more of a super villain. I’m not talking Count Vertigo meta human with psychic abilities but i still think they could have done more with him as a character. For example aerosolized vertigo that let him disorient opponents not unlike his comic counterpart would have been fun and interesting since it would have given him an advantage in a fight despite his lack of combat skills. Oh well.

    I love that this show has become more comic book styled giving us alot of content in such a short time. H.I.V.E. hiring Deadshot, Nyssa al ghul and the league of assassins, Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. each one of these groups can provide half a seasons worth of storytelling H.I.V.E. could supply Ravager (Grant/Rose Wilson) as well as any other mercenary like Sportsmaster, or any member of the Fearsome Five, Nyssa and the league could add Lady Shiva, David Cain, the Sensei, and more, Amanda and A.R.G.U.S. could give us the Suicide Squad, Team 7, or any other Government related character including characters like Steve Trevor, Cole Cash, Capitan Atom, Rick Flag,. and even Hal Jordan and John Stewart. there’s so many possibilities I can’t wait to see how they move forward.

    If there’s one thing that’s wrong with this series it’s that I can’t tell if it’s part of a bigger DC universe. Are we in a Nolanverse No superpowers with Talia, Bane and Ra’s dead? are we in the new DC Universe (Man of Steel/Batman vs Superman) or are we in an Arrowverse that plays by it’s own rules? Despite stellar writing and a super enjoyable series this has been bothering me since season 1. At the end of the day, I want to know if I’m investing in a complete DC universe or simply enjoying a DC story on what is the equivialnt of Earth-2


    • wordsmith says:

      Holy wall of text, Batman. Good point about the accidental almost-incest, though. Glad they never actually went there!

    • Magreeda says:

      The Deathstroke mask was still on the stake when Ollie went back to the island at the beginning of S2; it wasn’t bonfire-d.

    • Kapico says:

      Seeing they announced Katrina Law to be Al-Ghuls’ daughter in a future episode…I’d say this is a parallel DC universe to the NolanVerse. In fact, I would say this is it’s own TVerse than even Smallville (or Birds of Prey). It’s gets screwy if you try to combine them. New Superman/Batman is rumored to have Nightwing and Flash cameos and so is Arrow. A different Flash than Smallville no less. SHoot, even Green Arrow in Smallville was different. So post in short…it’s Different.

    • Alan says:

      you are right about that guy being cyrus gold. not sure how i feel about that because thats just not solomon grundy and if you dont jump in with both feet with a character like that then why even bother?

  16. Hodan says:

    I wasn’t surprise by Malcolm but it was great to see John Barrowman as The Dark Archer. Since League of Assassins is in play, it makes sense to bring him back. I too think the Lazarus Pit got a shout out. I also loved that they some how made Oliver the only Queen child. Brother Cyrus aka Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy rises! So, Oliver is some how responsible for Slade becoming Deathstroke…lol.
    And, these Olicity feelings may kill me by the end of this slow burn journey.

    Over all, it was a great episode.

    Quick question Matt: Is the Hourman which CW is developing a spin-off Arrow as well? Cause the serum Arrow is focus on this season is also what gives Hourman his powers.

  17. ABBY says:

    Was anyone else’s first thought that Thea used to crush on Tommy her now half brother?

  18. Biff says:

    A lot of shows have had better second seasons than first seasons: Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Dexter to name a few, and now we can add Arrow to that list.

  19. Kathy says:

    I am thrilled where Season Two is going. I am not thrilled that the midseason is December 4!

  20. nikki says:

    Don’t really care about Thea. She’s the Charlotte Grayson / Grace Florrick is this show.

  21. nikki says:

    Don’t really care about Thea. She’s the Charlotte Grayson / Grace Florrick of this show.

  22. Sara says:

    I get annoyed when shows bring back characters from the dead. The CW does it constantly. Why can’t someone just stay dead? Do they not have the capacity to move the story along without them? Ugh

    • Marc says:

      I tend to get annoyed by that too. It always diminishes the fallout following someone’s death when the character is brought back to life. You witness people grieving, the guilt, whatever emotion or effect the character’s demise causes, then poof, it’s all for nothing you know? However, I had a feeling that Malcolm was going to come back, I was never fully convinced that he was really dead, so in this particular case, it doesn’t bother me. But yeah, I get you.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      He was never dead, he faked his death

  23. Marc says:

    Why didn’t Laurel excuse herself from the Moira Queen case completely? She had the perfect excuse: she had a personal relationship with the Queen family. Instead, she compromised her license, the prosecutor’s case, then added a ton load of guilt onto herself when she acted as co and then replacement counsel. I don’t get it. Is this just another way for the writers to pile it on about how much Laurel’s life suck bigtime? This whole situation regarding the case could have been entirely avoided.

    • Alan says:

      because then there would be no drama. welcome to the world of television where logic is secondary to the need to make storylines.

    • Ella says:

      I feel like they’re trying to make the audience hate Laurel more. Which is ridiculous, since she is the great love of Oliver’s life in the comics. Realistically, it would be a HUGE conflict of interest, though Laurel did say that, as she’s new at the D.A’s office, she doesn’t have the power to refuse cases that were assigned to her. Still, between their character assassination of an actress I love and all this ridiculous Ollicity nonsense that is being forced down our throats by a bunch of squealing teenagers, I’m losing my patience and interest with the show.

  24. Kal says:

    Doesn’t it make it a bit creepy now that Thea had a crush on Tommy last season? Just sayin.

  25. Ano says:

    So last episode y’all were all screaming bloody murder over one little sentence Oliver said to Felicity and now this episode sooooo much more happened between them and there’s only one little sentence in the recap about it? Now is the time to scream bloody murder! I mean that was just awesome interaction between the two, so sweet.

    • Marc says:

      LOL. I told my hubby last night after the Felicity/ Oliver scene that the message boards were going to explode in ecstasy or dismay (depending on who they ship) over this. Ha! I guess the MM and Thea (of all people) reveal was just too shocking.

      • Ano says:

        Haha. I thought so too that everybody would just be flipping out about that, especially since the last episode everybody was talking about that one sentence Oliver said. Instead it’s all about the stupid cheesy boring reveal that in my eyes makes the show lose credit concerning great story telling. But I’m sure I’ll get over it, just love the show too much to not forgive them for a tiny dip in storytelling.

        • Kapico says:

          I think the writers are “fixing” what was wrong with Season 1. Merlyn was a great villain and they needed him back. They just need to cut back more of the melodrama, though. TV court room drama is for police procedural shows. Unfortunately Laurel is a lawyer. If she’s not Black Canary I say she needs to leave.

  26. Ashley says:

    I somehow managed to miss that John Barrowman was coming back to Arrow, and thank God I was spoiler-free for it because that reveal was awesome. I expected the Thea twist as soon as the trump card was mentioned, but I wasn’t expecting Malcolm back. Ah, man. I love this show.

  27. Katie_Mead says:

    Count Vertigo, Brother Blood, The Dark Acher plus The Dollmaker (albeit only in one scene) makes four, rather than three, main baddies, besides any villains in the Island flashbacks.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thanks for checking my math, but I’m good with what I have.

    • Azerty says:

      Thank you! I couldn’t remember who was the other guy escaping the prison but yeah that’s the dollmaker and that explain how he escaped to torture the Lance’s family. Nice touch Arrow.

  28. TL says:


  29. b says:

    This episode felt like a mid season finale. It was great. I just started watching this season and Ive enjoyed it thoroughly. I have to buy season one on dvd. The CW & Bart Bass, another example.

  30. do it says:

    Would have been a cooler twist if OLIVER was Merlyn’s son . . .

    • Ano says:

      Is it just me or does the comment section need a thumbs up/thumbs down function. I constantly feel the need to puss a button to show I agree with a comment. LOL

    • K says:

      There’s just SOME THINGS that can’t be CHANGED and the FACT that Oliver QUEEN has NO SISTER! They’re giving in already, for the FACT that “thea” is his HALF-SISTER instead but AT LEAST, she’s NOT A QUEEN and that FOLLOWS comic and comic history to some extent..WE, at least get that MUCH!

      So, no, OQ being a Merlyn is STUPID and WILL NEVER happen, I’m sorry and yes, I get that you’re joking but still..NOPE!

      Anyways, who CARES about ‘thea’..Her actions toward her mother has BACK-FIRED and would’ve COSTED her mother dearly if not for MM. Her being “supportive” isn’t too much to ask but WHO can ask that spoile bitch anything.

      I’m sorry..I just really don’t care nor like thea much.

  31. Matthew says:

    I’m lost. I wanted nothing to do with Arrow until a friend got me to watch the 1st few episodes & got me hooked. I watched the whole season (including re-watching the episodes I’d seen) in 3 nights after work. I loved the show’s take on Green Arrow & the universe they built around him.

    Haven’t had the chance to watch any of season 2 yet, but the same friend who got me into the show told me they’re not watching it anymore & after hearing their reasons why I looked into season 2 & WTF? After the way season 1 ended, I thought season 2 would open up with Arrow being a more accepted presence in Starling City (particularly with Detective Lance & the police department) & Laurel & Oliver having an awkward distance between them because of their hookup immediately followed by Tommy’s death & them feeling guilty/attracted/uncertain/etc,

    but instead

    Sarah is alive & she’s the (Black) Canary? I thought they might pull a Smallville move (Lois lane = Chloe Sullivan’s cousin) & have Dinah Lance be a cousin of Laurel’s, but Sarah? & she was on the island with Oliver?

    Malcom didn’t die (or did he?) & he’s Thea’s real father (or is he?)?

    Oliver went back to the island to emo pout?

    I realize that all our comments are our personal opinions & that the personal opinions here only represent a low percentage of the overall Arrow fanbase, but the pro-season 2 plot devices also seem to be accepted by everyone I know that watches Arrow (siblings, friends, co-workers) & also preferred over season 1 (with the exception of the friend who got me watching the show). I’m sure if I sought it out specifically I could find opinions similar to mine, but what I’m wondering is did I miss something obvious in season 1 alluding to events unfolding as they have in season 2? Or are my musings as to the direction I thought season 2 might take inhibiting me from enjoying the Splendiforousness everyone else I know seems to see in season 2?

    Let me be blunt here, my personal opinion is that season 2 feels like it dropped the Arrow it established in season 1 to become more like Dallas.

    I dunno. It’s just a show & if my opinion & tastes differ from the direction it’s going in then I can just say thank you very much for season 1 & go my separate way. It just picks at me that I feel like I missed something.

    • Mike says:

      You’re right, it has changed a lot. Season 2 is way more ‘soapie’ than the first season was. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that the arrow has kind of lost his mission. In season one he had a mission: to save his city, and the story revolved around that. In the season finale we saw him fail that mission and I feel like season 2 is missionless and therefore become way more focused on all of the personal relationships surrounding Oliver than being the arrow and having an ‘arrow mission’.I can see why some people who aren’t that into the drama of it all have decided to leave the show behind. I’m just hoping they’ll make some changes that’ll draw that audience back.

      • brenna says:

        The action scenes are fantastic and I think the mission this season to for the vigilante to become the city’s hero. I loved season 1 and love season 2 even more. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you didn’t get involved with the characters and their growth, I don’t think you could care about the show as much.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Way more soapie WWWWWHHHHAAAT are you on

    • Carla Krae says:

      Watch Season 2 for yourself. When you put things in proper context in the actual episodes, it all makes sense. Don’t decide on Season 2 until you’ve viewed the content yourself.

  32. Allison says:

    With all the “OMG twists” that I saw leading up to the episode, they all had been anvil’d last season. Thea’s freak out over Moira and Malcolm was a HUGE clue that there were potential paternity issue. 50/50 as to which Queen sibling. Malcolm being alive was always a possibility given there was no confirmation he was dead. Moira going free was the only option. She wasn’t as interesting in jail. She has probably been freed to be killed.

    The trial and legal portion were crap. They should have taken an hour and completed some research to at least make it interesting. It turned Arrow into a comedy with how laughably bad the trial was handled. The length of the trial was too short and reduced the anxiety to nothing.

    The things that work for Arrow are restricted to Team Arrow and crossing names off the list. The long arcs are biting them in the butt. They aren’t well-planned and need to much suspension of disbelief to be enjoyable. When the details are shoddy and remove you from the plot, then you’ve failed.

  33. ed says:

    Ho COME ON ! this is just so ridiculous, i try to defend this show but it’s getting harder and harder, full of non-sense. Seems like everyone is brought back to life with no good explanations, Malcolm Merlin, Laurel’s sister (which is even less convincing because of the fact that she is not played by the same actress…), can’t they just add new bad guys instead of bringing useless one to life ! The DC univers is full of it, they just have to chose whoever they want.
    The only point is to make something new about Thea which is NOT interesting in a “super heroe” serie. This show is getting closer to Gossip Girl with all these families issues.
    And now we are just going back to a full set of episode with “i cannot tell the truth to my children and i feel guilty -why did you lie momma i’m so heartbroken, i will never forgive you” !

    I heard that Green Arrow could appear in the Batman vs Superman movie which i though was awesome, but i really cannot see how this could be possible viewing that the quality of the movie is miles away from the poor story telling and intrigue of this show.

    You know what just make Diggle and Laurel sleep together so we can have another “i trusted you as my friend, and you betrayed me bla bla bla stuff” and then make Diggle brother come back to life (cause apparently that is what screenwriters of this show are all about) but it would not be his real brother but a robot sent from the future by Oliver’s dad who would have travelled in time after not being dead even though he shot himself !!!!

  34. Ella says:

    Eh, it’s just Thea. Can’t stand the character or the way the actress talks through her teeth. UGH. On the other hand. it’s really creepy that she had a thing for her now dead half brother…

  35. Sheldon W. says:

    This was the best ep of the series right up until the Days of Our Lives soap bubble revelation of Thea’s true parentage.

    I had no problem with Malcolm’s ‘resurrection’ because of my previous familiarity with The League of Assassins and Ra’s Al Ghul and a certain revitalizing pool that kept him around for-blinkin’-ever in the comics – but the Thea thing was more daytime soap than superhero soap.

    Even with that slight misstep, it was still at least an A- ep at worst.

  36. Am I the only person hoping Thea goes to the dark side in Season 3 and becomes the new bad Merlyn in town, taking after dear old dad? ;)

  37. Sunshine says:

    Don’t you know Capt Jack Harkness is immortal… you can Kill Him over & over & over and he keeps coming Back!! ;) seriously tho Love love love having John Barrowman back as Malcolm Merlyn aka The Dark Archer. If I can’t have sexy Hero Capt Jack then I’ll take sexy villain Dark Archer.
    Now… If they could just get Eva Myles to play a character partnered w/JB. I’d be REALLY happy. Mini Torchwood reunion.
    The reveal about Thea…. I saw that coming since Season 1!!! Not sure how or why but I always did.
    No to olicity! Ugh. I like them as friends. Why can’t they just be good friends and confidantes… Nothing more. I like him with Laurel. I actually see the potential there.

  38. None of my comments posted here are showing up…

  39. Andrea says:

    You just can kill captain Jack Hartness folks!

  40. Tom says:

    Seriously? Malcolm Merlin being alive is the stupidest twist i’ve ever seen in any tv show. I’m done watching this crap show – this whole season has sucked. Maybe if I had grown up with the comic books stupidity wouldn’t bother me, but unfortunately I get annoyed by little things like gaping plot holes, cliche twists, and nonsensical plots (eg. when Oliver first crashes the Count’s lair, only to be mocked and taunted about not being able to kill anymore. He just leaves! Looking very upset and sulky too. I thought the next scene would be him crying to his mum about the bully who made fun of him).

  41. Adrian says:

    I just wonder if the writer are lacking of stories that they have to bring back Sara and Merlyn.This show is getting lame.

  42. Josh says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that during the escape from Iron Heights, count vertigo also frees dollmaker? didn’t Canary kill him in episode 2.3?