Person of Interest Recap: A Hero's Number Is Up

Person of Interest Carter DiesWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of Person of Interest.

Earlier this month, CBS’ Person of Interest offered warning that a “hero will fall” – and midway through this three-episode “Endgame” arc, one did.

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Tasked with making their way to the Federal Building downtown while every dirty cop and gangbanger sought the bounty on their head — shades of The Warriors — Reese and Carter, with wounded Alonzo Quinn in tow, amazingly get as far as the City Morgue, where they hole up for a bit.

Meanwhile, Fusco and Shaw, in the course of assisting their colleagues, are separated when Simmons gets the drop on the former. Tied up in a fortune cookie factory, Fusco is tortured for the location of the safe deposit box where Carter keeps her intel on HR. Fusco keeps mum, suffering broken fingers and beatings along the way — and then sends Simmons on a wild goose chase by “confessing” a bogus lead. Simmons orders Petersen to kill Fusco, while Lin is assigned to snuff his son Lee. Shaw, though, takes out Lee’s would-be killer, while Fusco makes the most of his busted fingers, wrests out of his cuffs and overpowers Petersen. Looks like he isn’t the hero to fall.

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Back at the morgue, while bracing for the final leg of their impossible journey, Reese and Carter compare war stories and the scars that came with them. Discussing such brushes with death, Joss asks, “What was your closest?” John produces the bullet he nearly took his life with, after losing his wife. “What stopped you?” He answers: “A fight with punks on a subway. A cop detained me… and brought me to you,” as in the events of the series premiere. John leans in, his hand caressing Joss’ face, and attests, “You changed my mind, Joss… You changed me” — and they share a warm kiss.

Reese soon thereafter gives Carter the slip, to protect her, as he begins shooting kneecaps and draws the last dirty cop away from the building, affording Carter safe passage for the final four blocks. But at the end of the proverbial day, even after HR had been rounded up and jailed en masse, the criminal organization would claim one final casualty.

After springing Reese from jail, newly re-minted Detective Carter notes that they have yet to locate Simmons. Reflecting on his turn as the POI, John Person of Interest Carter Diessays, “If my number was up, I’m just glad I was with you. No one I’d rather be with at the end.” And then the end comes. Just as a payphone rings across the street, with Finch poised to answer, Simmons pops up out of an alley with gun a-blazing. Reese is shot, Carter, too. But only one of them will walk away.

“I need to see my boy…,” Carter insists amidst her final breaths. “Promise me you’ll tell him….” Reese cradles her and assures,”He knows… He knows.” And as Joss fades away, the Man in the Suit sobs.

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  1. Andy says:

    Why Carter? :(

    • TVPeong says:

      From the time they kissed, I knew that Carter was going to be the one to die.

      • Me too and it made me mad. I really wish they hadn’t do it.

        • Vangie Brown says:

          Yes, I am not happy with that decision. I have to find another show to watch. Although, I
          like Reece and Finch, I thought she brought an added suspense to the program.

          • Dmples says:

            I will have to agree I want be watching anymore….. Very bad decision I am taking it off of DVR as we speak right now….

          • cody says:

            me too bro i am so sad to see carter leave, she was the main character in my opinion

      • PB says:

        Yup. No going back from that and it was a pretty stark departure from their relationship. Actually, a little sooner than that, but it still is a curious decision. They always respected each other, but the amorous implications were strange, almost forced. Interested to read about they reasons why. Did they think they needed to shake things up for ratings? Did Henson want to do more movie work? Carter seemed integral to the show and the securing of information.

        As for the episode, Chapman was fantastic in this episode. He ruled it. I’m excited to see Reese — Man on Fire.

        • Barbara says:

          It is sad to lose.such a wonderful character played so well by Taraji! She was a strong, smart, and fearless woman of color when there are so few (if any!) on TV. Darn you writers!

          • Eloise Harris says:

            I agree that was very stupid of the writer’s to kill off Joss Carter. She humanized both the show and John’s character, not to forget now there are no black major characters on the show. If you had to kill off a character it should have been Root who has no redeeming virtues what so ever, being a kill crazy psycho. PoI fans will not be happy or supportive of this move. I hope you have not seriously damaged PoI show integrity-watchability. I watched the show without fail because of the chemistry between the four main characters which you have now destroyed.

          • Sara says:

            I heard that Taraji wanted off the show.

          • Roger says:

            Agreed, Don’t kill her off writes, if you even read these comments. Let it be her hallucinating or something. She and John have chemistry. It won’t be the same.

          • Diane says:

            Wow I will not be watching this show any more. Taraji charter added spice to the show. I am sure that a lot of people will stop watching the show as well. There goes your rating. Who would have ever thought a main charter would be killed off what was I thought to be a great show.

          • Marilyn Painter says:

            According to an interview with her on EW, she knew of this from the time she signed the contract two years ago. She loves Broadway and knew she eventually wanted to go back to that. Actually, the writers have told them all that any of them can be killed off at any time. POI is essentially a comic book and I hadn’t thought of it that way, but after the writers said that is the plan, I can see that is why the series works.

          • brenna says:

            I didn’t hear that she wanted off the show. I heard that when she agreed to do POI it was with the knowledge that it would be a character arc that lasted 2-3 years. She always knew that this would happen. I’m still sad about it. I love the four main characters and didn’t want any of them to die. What a hero sendoff though. Great acting by Taraji, Jim, and Kevin.

          • robin says:

            My sentiments exactly.

          • Elisha Flood says:

            I am very upset that the writers write off the character played by Taraji! A lot of us in Summerville, South Carolina look forward to watching the show on Tuesday Nights! We all agreed that it was our last time watching Person Of Interest! Put HER BACK IN!!!!

          • The Guest says:

            Something tells me someone like Eloise Harris would be doing a 180 on Root and gushing about her if she were played by a black actress.

          • Chingling says:

            The show is meant to be realistic. What each and every one of these characters has agreed to do is very dangerous. None of us could ever understand something like that. Like Nolan said, every story has an end. Unfortunately, Carter was the unlucky one to fall at the hands of HR. I’m not saying that I was glad to see her go. She will be missed and remembered, but there’s nothing we can do about it. That’s what makes the show so great, because these things happen every day. It gives the show dimension, realism. So, if you’re gonna stop watching the show cause Carter’s gone, you’ll be missing out on something that continues to be a beautiful show.

          • Frances says:

            I totally agree! Carter was such a strong character. Need more of them than the silly women without any depth on most of the shows.

          • Gloria says:

            I am so happy that a lot of people are going to stop watching the show. Arrogant, stupid producers. I hope that ABC orNBC will hired her right away.

          • hilstudio1 says:

            A lot of people haven’t been paying attention…Taraji herself said just after this happened, and repeated it on Letterman in a brief appearance, that this was SCHEDULED to happen from the day she signed to play Carter. She’s a film actor, and is going straight into working on a new film. This has also been repeated many times in these comments.

            I gave up long ago in trying to follow all this here, but do check a few comments from time to time since I sub’d to the thread, and the folder for it pops up every time a new comment comes in. So I will add that I’m in agreement with comments that I have indeed seen that say the evidence of John’s and Carter’s little “thing” were brought into play too quickly and too close to her demise to be completely believable.

        • cactus says:

          I felt the same way about the sudden romantic move by Reese. I was disappointed, actually, and really upset that they killed off Carter! Do they really think Root and Shaw, very one dimensional characters, can successfully substitute for Carter?? I don’t think so and I’m not happy about this cast change up.

          • Monica says:

            Totally agree! Those two female characters are one dimensional and in no way can they carry the show. CBS REALLY SCREWED THE POOCH ON THIS ONE!

          • Susan says:

            I too was very disappointed to see Carter go. She really has a place in my heart. If she wanted to change jobs, that’s something else.

          • ginger567 says:

            agree. bad move by writers.

          • j.a.simms says:

            Agreed. Not interested in a romantic hook-up with Carter and Reese. There was not a hint of this throughout the season. Very upset abut death of Carter — figure out a way to bring her back ASAP. Maybe they want HR to think she’s dead so they won’t hunt her, put her in witness protection or something – it’s Hollywood ,anything is possible.

          • Boots Brownell says:

            Unbelievably stupid move. Carter was absolutely the heart, and soul, of the show. Her pursuit of HR was the total narrative for this season and the thing that kept us watching. I’ve read the writers’ ‘reasoning’: that they killed her off BECAUSE she was the character people cared most about. That’s being shocking just for the sake of being shocking. How idiotic, and totally adolescent. That’s what kids do: be outrageous and hurt people, just because they CAN. I’ve been a tv producer for many years; this death was in no way justified, and was nothing but an assault on viewers. No reason to watch anymore. (Root is loathsome and also boring.) BAD move.

        • cactus says:

          I loved Carter, and I love Fusco. I don’t like the two new female characters; they are too one dimensional. Carter and Fusco had much depth. So upset to have Carter killed off. If the show’s backers decided to kill her off, it was a bad decision. If Henson wanted to leave the show, it’s understandable.

          • YOu cant beleive that Amy Acker ad Sarah Shahi are main characters. They are temps. They will be gone as well. They are one dementional for a reason.

          • Tanya says:

            I am in complete agreement with you. If Taraji wanted to leave, all the best to her.
            At least it would be her decision. If she was killed off to give Root and Shaw more air-time, this will kill the show. Taraji has a charisma that cemented the characters. She was cold, yet she was warm, caring and understanding. I will miss her a great deal. I am sure I will no longer have to decide whether I watch POI or Chicago Fire. There is little interest left in watching POI. the writers have made a grave mistake if it was their decision.

          • Ginette says:

            I’m very upset that they decided to kill off Carter. I have the same opinion, I don’t especially like the 2 females characters.

          • shay says:

            This is crazy stupid. POI was one of my favorite shows and Joss was in-part the reason. And if I may, the only major African American character – great diversity now. OK, her boyfriend Cal had a few short scenes before also being killed off. Root and Shaw? Are they really supposed to replace her. Nice work writers – you screwed up a phenomenal show and I hope your ratings plummet for it. DUMB A** MOVE! Resurrect Carter’s role. Make it seem like it was a dream or something miraculous. Periodic flashbacks are not the same and certainly don’t have the same impact.

          • pthomas says:

            i agree with all of the comments it was a very bad decision to let go of Carter. the 4 main characters make that show! It will be very boring with her gone!!

          • Dea says:

            I agree. With Joss Carter written out of script and no female characters with any appeal, probably will not continue to view this series. It was great while it lasted.

        • Monica says:

          I agree it appeared forced as not since the early episodes did they even hint of feelings between the two. Poorly written! Won’t be watching anymore!

          • I disagree. I felt the connection between them. I was hoping they would have a relationship.

          • Insanye says:

            It seems to me that they have been leaning towards a relationship this whole season. I’ve been wondering this season if they were going to get together. I guess I now the answer.

          • DTC says:

            I have to say I also disagree. Their feelings have been smoldering under the surface from day one. There were signs, including Zoe’s territorial behavior when she first met Carter. IMO, she knew to be threatened.

            Both Carter and Reese have major issues and walls up which made the dynamic less in your face but all the more interesting to watch. Nothing felt forced to me about their romantic moment. In fact, it made complete sense and despite my being insanely disappointed at Joss’ death, I was happy to see them be brave enough to finally admit what they mean to one another.

          • ginger567 says:

            shld have gotten rid of the annoying root. that voice is the worse. love shaw.

          • Jean says:

            I agree with almost everyone – very bad move by the writers. The 4 core characters, with their different personalities, perspectives, beliefs, et al, made the show my favorite by far. Killing off
            Carter was a HUGE mistake, and I think that, unfortunately, the ratings are gonna take an asskickin’. And they’ve gotta get rid of that obnoxious Root – her voice is the most annoying thing. I’m wondering if there will be some conflict between Reese and Finch when Reese finds out that Root claimed she could save him and Carter and Finch didn’t let her help, even tho Root would have been freed and that is a very bad thing. Root totally sux and needs to be written out. I really pity Simmons when John finally gets ahold of him – Simmons is sure gonna get his ass handed to him.

        • AM says:

          I totally agree really Carter is off the show…and what the ….implication of a possible relationship that ensemble just went flat to me..the respect between Carter and Suit seemed more friends than something like that…even the death scene was cheapened due to that ridiculous pretense of a relationship. It sad Carter is off the show…i was just telling a co-worker i liked the cast with Shaw, Fitz, Suit and Carter…Best wishes to Tiraje.

          • Louise says:

            there is no way that people can experience such levels of emotions, fear, excitement, danger & being dependent on each other for survival without the stronger feelings kicking in. I will be channel surfing during this time slot in the future. previous comments have suggested the writers find a believable way to bring Carter back, I agree they should, glad Lionel survived.

      • Monica says:

        I suspected they would kill off Cater as soon as they introduced the two additional female characters! This was a really bad decision and really changes my feelings about the show!!!!

        • Edith says:

          I agree. As soon as they introduced Shaw, I thought, “Oh, great. They’re forcing Ziva 2.0 on us and that makes Carter expendable. She’ll be gone soon.”
          I’m very disappointed that they killed off their moral compass.

          • Cid says:

            As a woman, TV is almost not worth watching. We lose Ziva, now Carter, next it will be Abby. I’m pissed they killed off Carter – not only was she their moral compass on the show, as you said – She is a wonderful actress I wish her the best in the future. Did they really have to Kill her off, root is so boring

        • CJ says:

          you writers suck. I will never watch the show again

        • DTC says:

          I agree. I’ve been suspicious from the moment Shaw was put on contract. I don’t mind the two new ladies being on the show but they have nothing on my fave, Carter or Fusco for that matter. You have three years you invested in layering and fleshing out the core four and you just throw it away? And for what? These two meaningless characters who, in all actuality, have little impact? Very poor decision, IMO.

      • Vickie says:

        He also has been calling her Joss for the past couple of episodes. He always called her Carter. Bells should have been going off then. Will miss the chemistry of the ensemble cast. If this was Ms. Henson’s choice, best of luck. If this was CBS..BAD, BAD, BAD CBS!!!

        • LaRose says:

          We are all totally upset w/Carter’s death. Can it be a short time comma or something? She is just an intregal part of this show.A strong female that can get things done. Very upset & ?’ing if we will cont. to watch the show at all…IF the decision to leave was Taraji’s then a big article should be published stating the facts re:Carter’s demise !!

          • Larry says:

            The production company, not the network, decides the story arc. Except in rare cases, the network shows what is given to them, and doesn’t tell production what comes next.

            If people would read the articles available to them, they would know that Carter was expected to only last 2-3 seasons. The actress knew this, and as much as I don’t want her gone, the nature of the show is that it is dangerous.

            And she died on site. No coma for her. The phone ringing was likely to notify Finch that Carter’s number was up.

        • Julie says:

          Reese calls Finch ‘Harold’ from time to time, just as he calls Carter ‘Joss’ from time to time. Does that mean bells should be going off for Reese and Finch then?

      • Kim R says:

        This. :(

      • gloria jones says:

        I hope they give Fusco another partner-female black woman or of color since right now the show is looking very pale. It was nice seeing a black woman in an action TV series. TVPeong you are so right it was the kiss of death. I really thought she had on a vest under her clothes since she was a detective again. Not happy right now.

        • E.M. Benazir says:

          I am very disappointed that Carter is out. Black women what did you expect, bright, talented, chance of a good relationship of course she was knocked off. Kinda like real life, don’t you think?
          I am still deciding if I will continue to watch. a former loyal viewer.

      • Mike Hammer says:

        Like old World War II movies— the minute one of the characters pulls out photographs of the wife/kiddies/girlfriend back home, ZAP!

        The moment that bullet with his name on it was pulled out and John told Joss how she saved him complete with the loving kiss, BLAM!!

        Maybe Ziva can be visiting NYC from the Mossad Retirement Kibbutz and meet Finch…..

        • Kathy says:

          Now that would be an awesome twosome… Ziva and John… both fighting with what they have done in the past and trying to make it rigth in some small way. I was very upset to see Jos die. I do wish they would have just let her leave to take care of her son somewhere but with option to come back. Death is to final when it is a great character. I will be watching just to see what they have planned next…. come on it is a show..everyone makes bad decisions. Now let’s see how they plan to save their asses..

      • ThatKiss says:

        I’m glad they kissed. I always felt there was so much chemistry between them, so I’m glad they gave us fans the kiss before she left.

      • Susan says:

        Totally unhappy about the loss of Carter. Having her as the “mole” inside the police department offered a wonderful tension; she was always at risk of discovery. Will really miss her. I’ll keep watching POI since I think it’s really well done but she was a wonderful female character. susan

      • Mike S says:

        Yeah, so did I. WHY did they stop in a dark alleyway? WHY? It’s ALWAYS the place to get whacked. And they all were much too confident. I wouldn’t have slept until the Nazi HR freak dude was either imprisoned or shot dead. But noooooooo, they just gotta go “la la-di-da” until someone we love bites it.

        • Lilly says:

          Yea, and as long as we’re picking….
          Why in the WORLD – as she talks about Simmons still being on the loose – would Carter not be wearing a vest? And why, then, would Simmons not try to take a head shot, assuming she was wearing a vest? Well, we know the answer to that last question: Can’t have a touching death scene, especially on network tv, with the hero dying of an instantly-deadly shot to the forehead!
          Also – why would Simmons come at those two armed, dangerous people when they are together? What was his point? He still needed to talk to Carter about where her evidence was. So was Reese his real target? Did he expect the simple element of surprise to permit him to kill two very dangerous, armed people before he was shot?
          Questions … questions….

      • John Moshier says:

        yep I call it the kiss of death

      • KCC says:

        Did you see the interview that TVLINE posted with the EPs? The kiss wasn’t scripted, the actors decided to do it in the moment. It makes me appreciate it so much more.

      • Laurel Lustre says:

        I know!! The kiss did NOT make any sense — there’s no heat between them. I LOVE Taraji! I will really miss her. What will the show be like without her?? It better be good….

    • lewis cato says:

      i thought it was just a way for the producers to keep us glued to the tv by a promo about showing fusco being killed that wsas a mis direction and then when carter killed killed. i mthen thought yeah it makes sense her role was over as far as she got the big guy at the top so her charcter is done. this series is the best i have seen. first time i have ever seen reese cry.

      • GregK says:

        He also gave a rare smile earlier in the show. Best show since Breaking Bad. Hope they turn Root loose on the bad guys.

        • Mike S says:

          If the promo for the next show told me anything, Root will be released for the final HR cleanup. We know Shaw can keep her at bay and has elements of control over her. Really, they all are people with jaded pasts which drive them to be better people. Perhaps Root can be saved. If the machine tells her to behave, she will.

          • onsale241 says:

            I’m beginning to think that the machine/Root’s relationship has been programmed in by Finch. She’s a bit (well, more than a bit) loony and Finch establishes a relationship between her and the machine. Now, as you say, she will do what the machine asks…very convenient for Finch.

        • shay2dst says:

          Hope Root gets killed. Maybe Shaw will do it. Bring Carter back. The producers and writers and should be fired!

          • Sophia B. says:

            Best show this side of TWD.

          • Susan says:

            Have to agree, Killing off Carter makes no sense…Character had so much more to play.
            Really they need to consider finding a way to bring her back..Root is a waste of time, everything about the character is either absurd or boring. Shaw, is another one, ( great actress) playing a ridiculous part, acting like a robot most of the time!
            If they do not bring Carter back, they really need to find a character with some depth

          • juju says:

            Get rid of the Root character. Can’t stand her. Love Shaw! Will miss Carter. Bad move CBS!!

      • Emily says:

        The moment I saw those promos pushing Fusco’s demise, I knew it was going to be Carter. Or Reese (and Jonah & Co. did a great job convincing me they were actually going to do it, all the way down to the wire), but more likely Carter.

        I’m disappointed, in the sense of losing a favorite character, but I’m also okay with it, because it felt right. Carter’s character has come farther than anyone else’s, not to mention that anything they give her after singlehandedly taking down HR was going to be so bland in comparison. POI doesn’t do bland, and it doesn’t drag things out. It’s one of the best things about it, they aren’t afraid of moving forward. The way they plot, it feels like one season is actually two. Carter’s sacrifice will inform all the other characters’ journeys, moving forward. It was the story of a hero that needed to be told. As a procedural in its third season, POI was at a crossroads. They could continue plodding down a complacent path into certain oblivion, or they could take a risk and change the game. I thought it was great.

        • Lilly says:

          Excellent observation. What would Carter do an an encore to taking down HR?! And pretty much single-handedly!
          I really will miss her character (and think someone OTHER than Root or Shaw must fill the void). But I am coming to terms with the fact that Carter went out a hero, and her death – more than any other character – will both galvanize a response from the team AND make the team stronger. (The death of Reese might have galvanized everyone just as much, but the team would most certainly have been weakened too much to continue beyond revenge.)
          BTW, did I miss it or does Fusco know where Carter hid the documents? Or do we have to be concerned that Simmons could possibly get to the evidence first because he actually still has the key??

          • Mike S says:

            Wondered about Carter’s evidence against HR, too. Fusco would most certainly have retrieved it. But, who knows? The HR story is far from over. And Root is loosed, so, HR had better beware!

        • Emily says:

          Also, there really was a bittersweet elegance to how it all went down. Time after time, the team put their lives on the line to save the person whose number’s come up. Only this time, it was one of their own. It’s fitting that it would be to save one of their own that another one of their own would finally succumb to death in the line of POI duty.

        • JMao says:

          Spot on with your comment. The majority of people commenting here don’t understand good storytelling unfortunately. POI had fallen dangerously close to the formulaic rut that so many series eventually succumb to – in a couple of well written and emotional episodes (Writing this as of episode 10) they have managed to move their main story arc forward and kick everything up a notch.
          It is not often that a series such as POI will actually do this kind of thing, or if they do they use cheap tactics like dreams, comas and alternate realities to resurrect a character to appease the general masses of fools who unfortunately make up the majority of viewers in most cases. The last couple of episodes have absolutely rekindled my interest in this series and I’m glad that I persisted through some of the more bland episodes to see out the glimpses of ultra-cool story arc I have seen throughout the series.

          Also, there’s always been hints of interest between Carter and Reece. Reece always softened his manner when talking to Carter and if people were waiting for romantic sparks and explosions with French kisses from a guy like John Reece they must be watching a different show. For once I actually felt that Carter and Reece’s kiss was one of the least contrived of modern T.V. Land that stayed true to the core of it’s characters – A man like John Reece would take a long long time to trust someone and would barely let his actual feelings show. Absolutely top notch work by the series writers.

          And as one more side note to this epic reply/comment: I saw no promo at all for the death of a major character which made the episode all of that much more delicious!

    • ScrubsGuy says:

      Technically, her number has come up before (1×09) but they saved her then.

      @Matt – Thanks for doing a PoI recap! Questions for the producers:
      1. Was it a network decision to heavily use imagery which suggested that Fusco would be the one who would fall and to heavily advertise that someone would die during this arc, or was that a writer’s room decision as more of a misdirect?
      2. Do you feel that making statements earlier on that someone would fall and having it air during sweeps as an “event” makes the story line less organic than if it were to happen in a different context? Example: lots of secondary characters have died shockingly in previous seasons during the middle with less fanfare, and those were really quite shocking (i.e. Kara Stanton, Mark Snow, Nicholas Donnelly, Cal Beecher). Would it have been more effective not to make such statements and let the audience be surprised? …but you can’t really hide anything from Ausiello, so maybe that doesn’t really matter.
      3. Will you please have more screen time for Fusco?

      Questions for Ms. Henson:
      1. ….can’t think of any except she’s done a fantastic job and really looking forward to her other projects.

      • Clarinda says:

        Joss made the show. There was a huge storyline with her and reese. They can fall in love after he kills everybody involved with her being shot. Root’s crazy self should have died, not Joss. Joss and Reese would have all of is watching each week!!. Bad call, CBS.

        • Leesie Bar says:

          I totally agree that it was a bad call. Who instigated this story line? Did Taraji want to leave the show? Or, did the producers and writers think this up?

        • tab glory says:


        • Madison jones says:

          That was a bad call she should have lived !!!!!

          • SUE says:

            carter should have lived. i’m mad mad , I hope i CAN STILL WATCH THE SHOW, iM NOT SURE. WHY DID THEY KILL HER……….

        • Christopher says:

          Bad desisions happen in hollywierd all the time but mega bad decision every once in awhile, this is a mega bad decision killing off Joss!

          • Michael Stangel says:

            I agree. This has been my favorite show since it started. To kill off Joss is a terrible mistake. She has become a hero with her roll to help clean up dirty cops and help Mr. Finch, Mr Reese, and Fusco with their ongoing determination to get rid of HR. I was so hoping it was time for the main dirty cop Simmons to finally get what is coming to him, a bullet in the head. So dissappointed. Why kill off heros that everybody likes? Dumb. She is one of the main reasons I watch the show.

            Michael S.

        • Monica says:

          I totally AGREE!

        • demetrics says:

          I will not be watching this show anymore . That other chic thats talk to the machine is sooooooooi boring im done with the storyline about.she wany to be the machine best friend carter brought life and heart to a show. I always wanted to watch Chicago Fire.

          • D Smith says:

            I will no longer be watching this show. I am tired of black characters always being the first to die. I thought we had got pass this.

      • RoseMary Finley says:

        Was moved to the core by the tender scene between Reese and Carter. The tenderness and purity of their kiss was shattered at the end by the brutal death of Carter, something I did not expect, for she has always been so important to the story line. Those two actors are experts in their craft, for I am still hurting by the death at the end. Jim, as an actor is beyond words. He can say more in his look than anyone can say with words. Wish the end had been different and no one had died except for the bad ‘guys’.
        RoseMary Finley

        • janice bendel says:

          How beautifully said! Jim Caviezel is the #1 reason I started watching the show. Such a talent, and not hard on the eyes either. Joss Carter was a very important part of the story and will be sorely missed. I’m afraid the show will suffer from her “death”. Or, is she really dead? I’d like to think that somehow, she will survive. I have to admit I sat with my mouth hanging open for a good 19 min. after the episode ended. To say I was shocked is an understatement. Not a good call, CBS.

          • karen prpa says:

            I watched the show this morning never expecting Carter to be the one killed off….I was so elated when Fuscos’ son was saved & than he escaped & felt like it was pointless & deflating that final scene. I hope she is the one who wanted out of the show because I watched at first for Jim Caviezel too but Taraji kind of held the heart of the show for me…I haven’t enjoyed a television show this much in a long time & now I am more than a little disappointed:(

          • Jean says:

            This is the first time I have ever made comments about a show publicly on the net but I am doing so now because I am so upset about Jos getting killed!!!! The show had a very interesting story line and I love looking at Jim Caviezel- he is so handsome. But I will not watch the show after them killing off such a main character. That was terrible, terrible. I would have been mad too had it been Fuscoe or his son that had been killed. Yes I get that Carter and Reese were close but the whole “love thing” at the end seemed so phoney even though I wanted them to have a romantic relationship. Person of Interest was one of my favourite shows. Getting rid of Jos is a huge mistake. I refuse to understand why they did that. At least if they had just made us think that she died and she just lost consciousness or something. I’m so disappointed. After all Jos went through to get out of their predicament and then to get killed like that. Ridiculous.
            From one of your loyal fans until now…. GOOD BYE!!

        • brenna says:

          Completely agree.

    • Kim Moore says:

      I love the character of Carter. I am shocked she is gone. Sad

    • charlene says:

      I LOVE the show…but I might have to stop watching it..very SAD TODAY:(

      • ART B. says:

        It was the KISS.
        Never ever should’ve happened.
        Sealed the demise of POI.

        • demetrics says:

          Dont agree i wanted them ti be together since day one she is a tough girl with a heart but more important she was smart and beautiful.Im so mad at this poi wasmy favorite show. I am African American woman that was so proud ro see othwr African American women to be on network staring role that wasnt a tv sterotype. She wsnt a bitch dumb the maid she was smart.kind and was a cop tthat was a leader and not a sidekick. Iim so. MAD

        • Neela says:

          Totally agree!! Ruined the show for me. Ridiculous, almost forced. Dont know why they had them kiss.

    • RB says:

      I cried with John over Carter. This really upset me. Really sad.

    • Lani says:

      Bring Carter back!! If you must kill off someone from the show…get rid of Root. Does her character even have fans? Why do you guys have to mess with a good thing? Oh well, it was a great while it lasted. Goodbye, Person of Interest!

      • GregK says:

        I am a big fan, not of Root but of Amy Acker who projects a unique characterization and a ton of acting talent. There are many fans of hers if you read the comments on POI recaps.

      • Jax says:

        I am a big fan of Root. She is the reverse of Finch and is necessary to show both sides of the Machine. (the good and the bad, the light and the shadow.) Plus, Amy Acker is doing a great job of portraying her.

      • Kim says:

        Yes do BRING BACK CARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • abz says:

      If it had to be someone. why couldn’t it have been Shaw or Fusco. Why Carter. THIS SUCKS!!! :'(

    • Nettie says:

      I am no longer a person interested in watching this show, no mater who chose to kill of Carter. Bad move. So what was broke that you had to fix…. the show had top ratings, I stayed up to watch and record to watch again. I will get my much needed sleep now on Tuesday nights after next week of course. I hope you have written John to revenge her death to be more of an impact than he death.

      • Monica says:

        Yes, after next weeks show to see how they salvage the show, I’ll have to leave POI, though I loved the show!!!!

        • Tanya says:

          Finch has enough money for an ambulance to quickly whisk Carter away and put her on life support for the rest of the season—-at least until they capture and kill Simmons. Then the threat to Carter will be over. And the series can be saved. Otherwise, everybody, including the producers and writers will die because of lack of a viewing audience.

    • wanye kest says:

      the blacks are always the first to’s a hollyweird rule….even though all the libtards there profess their love for the blacks….they always die first

      • T'LIRA says:

        Yes lets get rid of a good actress and a strong black role model and a character with a strong moral core. Lets make the show all white now, with no more possible romantic ties to Mr. Reese, sound familiar aka the Star Trek Lt Uhura controversy. Congradulations you have pissed off an entire ethic group yet again, not that you actually care about your black viewers out there or there would be more good strong black role models on tv instead of gang bangers and drug dealers.

        • LB says:

          Uh… Shaw is NOT white.

          Although I agree killing off the black character is eff’d up, and Carter was the heart of this show.

        • Kathy says:

          You must be joking? This is the problem with black people, it’s always about race isn’t it. There are plenty of t.v. programs on with ALL black casts. I don’t hear you whining about the lack of white people on those or the fact that the token white person on black series are typically there to provide comic relief.

          • Renee says:

            If I started off a discussion talking about “the problem with white people” I suspect that you would be the first one to jump up and declare that all white people don’t march in lock step or think alike. Your post is offensive on so many levels. :-(

          • Kris says:

            When we say there are no programs with black people, especially women, we are referring to primetime drama shows. So I ask where are the black women in those? It’s about representation. FACT, there are 2 shows that are starring black women. TWO. Now, how many are starring white women? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Carter was an amazing character and a great representation of black women. If you don’t think there is something wrong, then I pray for humanity.

          • Neela says:

            Exactly. And Shaw is not white. So what are you whining about?! And how many Arab or Asian have prime time shows?(unless they are geeks or terrorists). Do you hear us complain?

        • agpowell says:

          I agree with you hundred percent. Carter was a strong, intelligent Black woman. I will miss her character and young Black girls have one less role model on Television………….

      • Monica says:

        Yes, I forgot – there is that! Two white women to replace one black woman. Ummmmm!

        • Dennis says:

          one white woman, get your facts straight, sick of people making things about race. it would have been racist NOT to kill her off just because she was black. I’m sure they chose her for many reasons none of which were about race. 1)the death of a main character has the most shock value 2) try to make the watchers believe that no one is safe 3) story wise it will have a profound effect on the other characters as she was the most trusted of everyone else.

        • mars242 says:

          Uh… Shaw ain’t white.

      • Dennis says:

        I really thought Carter was safe, I thought they’ll never kill her off because she’s black and everyone would start screaming racism, but here we are and there are the posts

    • Monica says:

      This is a betrayal of fans who began watching the show because of Taraji! Leave it to CBS to kill off the only black female lead on the network. It ranks up there with ABC killing off Scandal’s Kerry Washington – wouldn’t happen! I will no longer watch this show!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Any of the four original cast members could have died and whoever it would have been would have dramatically changed the show. We don’t know what’s next, but I’m still eager to see. I’m not going to give up on the show just because this hurts. It is tragic that there’s now exactly one black female character worth giving a damn about on the shows I watch (Abby on Sleepy Hollow) but I can’t fault Person of Interest for what amounts to something that is purely incidental. Blame other shows for not having a black female character in the first place.
      This season, I’ve really fallen in love hard for Joss Carter. She is intelligent, bad ass, ridiculously sexy. A ton of awesome in a small package. So I have to say, even though it hurts, the writers had balls to kill off the heart of the show. Her death would have the most impact on every other character. That’s why Carter. Because if Fusco, Finch or even Reese dies, they get mad and then get over it. But if Carter dies, they’ll never get over it. Losing their first ally will ultimately give them a sense of failed responsibility. I just hope I get to see Taraji P. Henson in something again soon. Not soon enough for sure.

      • Doug H says:

        It is now obvious why Carter was featured most of the early season because of her exit last night.. It is a shame they had to kill her off if the actress wanted to exit the show rather than sending her off on a trip but it’s more in keeping with the show….

        For all the people who loved Carter, there are people who like the other characters and now they’ll get more screentime…

        • Monica says:


        • Jae-joong says:

          I agree. She is a wonderful actress and she played her PART AS CARTER wonderfully. It will take getting use to not having her CHARACTER around. But this in no way will stop me from watching the show. Jim ( The Passion of The Christ) was the only reason that I started watching this show in the first place. I have been upset with the show because he was put in the back ground a lot this season. I’m hoping that He will come back full force. AND I LOVE THE DOG, BEAR. HE RULES BIG TIME. Now if they take Bear off the show, I will cry. Not stop watching but cry. If some of you want to make it about race (which this is so not) Then I was wondering where are the strongh Asian actress and actors?

      • Lilly says:

        Well said. Jim Caviezel is the reason I originally tuned in. I’ve grown to really love the Finch and Carter characters as well, and was REALLY saddened to see Carter go last night. But I will keep watching.
        Losing Carter doesn’t have to be the end of POI! They can do all sorts of things – including bring in other black characters of good moral standing – to beef up the show again. (Frankly, I think the show lost a little bit when Carter became a full-fledged team member with Reese & Finch instead of a bit of an antagonist.)
        All that said – I have struggled to accept Root and Shaw as regulars this season. If the writers/producers think that Root or Shaw can fill the hole created by Carter’s deathin the overall story that is POI … guess again!! I am a personal fan of both Acker and Shahi. But I HATE Root (and her whole freaky “relationship” with the machine) and want her gone, and Shaw is too one-dimensional (though I agree with others who have said I liked her more this ep than before). One sulking bada$$ on the show is enough, and Reese does that perfectly.
        A bit ironic if the rehabilitated Fusco is now the show’s moral compass!

        • Emily says:

          I think Shaw will grow on me. For one, I rather like the idea of Shaw and Fusco striking up an odd friendship. And honestly, I think the main reason I don’t like Shaw is because of the way Sarah Shahi plays the role. It screams “I’M ACTING!” It’s the way she talks. I get that from Jim Caviezel’s Reese too, although he makes it work a little better. It’s like Shahi took her cues from Caviezel, but then the whole wooden, tone-repressed monotone thing from both of them at once is just too much. I don’t really have a problem with the character otherwise, as long as they start fleshing her out, which I’m sure they will.

        • Maybe I’m clouded by my fundamental eternal love for Amy Acker, but I’m coming to really like Root. She’s strange and a bit off, but scenes like this just make me feel how cool she is:

        • shay2dst says:

          I agree with te Fusco comment, but I do like him. Root is an idiot! Ressurect Carter

    • Sam says:

      I Love the show but the heros have been slowly losing their cleverness, and genius. They are always duped, out played, out smarted and very gentle to the bad guys, beating a super villains takes herons who need to blow some steam off once in a while. Have a party…kiss a girl…show people bonding more. Somebody needs to blow off steam! Make mad stickl passionate love once and acwhile. the show is about manipulation. But having a super villian contantly outsmarting everyone else is like being in a wrestling match where you are constantly being pined…over and over. A super villain who knows everything gets boring after a while. The writers just keep throwing something new and evil about the machine. It’s lack of loyalty means there will never be satisfaction for the audience.

      I didn’t like killing off the detective. The ensemble was great with the balance of the good, bad, trying to be good and the I don’t care if I’m good…I just happen to be doing a good bit of something now because the circumstances dictate,

    • nobody says:

      The whities always live. She was my favorite! damnit damnit damnit.

    • Rick Tillman says:

      Hey everyone is making some great points about the lost of Cater. Nevertheless keep in mind this is Hollywood. And if CBS sees a drop in ratings from this. You can bet the writers will bring her back. You know, she was wearing a vest and was place in witness protection from Simmons,..Because Simmons had more that just cops and politicians..the organization has mob ties as well…Further, I believe that Taraji ask to leave the show due to her current workload, she in demand with three movies schedule for release. One at the end of this year and two next year. So on that note we just have to take a wait and see approach.

    • sonvisionent says:

      Hey everyone is making some great points about the lost of Cater. Nevertheless keep in mind this is Hollywood. And if CBS sees a drop in ratings from this. You can bet the writers will bring her back. You know, she was wearing a vest and was place in witness protection from Simmons,..Because Simmons had more that just cops and politicians..the organization has mob ties as well…Further, I believe that Taraji ask to leave the show due to her current workload, she in demand with three movies schedule for release. One at the end of this year and two next year. So on that note we just have to take a wait and see approach.

    • Barbara says:

      A bad move. And now nearly every woman on CBS is white once again.

    • Martin says:

      This is terrible! They should retape that episode and kill off Root or Shaw instead! So disgusted with CBS! POI used to be my favorite show. Now POI has lost a viewer. One of many.

    • kstates says:


      • JMao says:

        Has every black person that left a comment on this website only been watching this show because it had a black chick in it? I would never ever watch a show just because it had someone white in it.

        You people are messed in the head.

    • Jean says:

      Great Show! Great Actors!! I see Carter returning…I hope her “death” is only long enough until she can safely return. Fake her death until all of HR is arrested and behind bars. Could be an interesting cliff hanger for next season!?

    • Larry says:

      NOT at all sure this was the correct move for the show. She was excellent and integral to the chemistry of the show. If it was her decision I would like more details. She is a dynamic actress


    • Buhzillion says:

      Love this show, and was a serious shocker no doubt, only issue I have is I think it was too early in her time with the show for her to go, but wow, intense stuff.

    • Amy says:

      I was in shock!! I loved the two of them. I loved her character she was, too me, as integral to the base of the show as Mr. Reese and Finch! I just CANNOT believe this. Where are they going to
      go from here? IT SUCKS. BAD CALL.

    • jade says:

      why is she not wearing her bullet vest in the first place?

    • Sharon K Robinson says:

      Why did they kill Carter off for? If anyone should’ve been killed of it should’ve been the two women. I don’t like them at all

    • Sorry to see says:

      I would have never guessed that Carter would be killed off. She was one of the best parts of the show, because her character was a genuine person…not a billionaire hiding in the shadows. She was a great link with Reece and Finch. I like Shaw, but Carter was real – had a son – and a conscience. The show will not be the same – or as realistic without her.

    • J. Seif says:

      Carter’s character was an inspiration to female cops everywhere (I know, I was one), and she was a major element of the core ensemble. I think it was a huge error to remove her from the cast — it won’t be nearly as interesting now…

      It WAS a big tell when Reece kissed her – I think we all knew then that she would be eliminated. I, for one, won’t be nearly as interested in watching the show in the future.

    • Wcpage says:

      Yes! Why Carter?! How could they?! I can’t imagine going there each week without Carter and all Taraji did with that role. I don’t need this. I’m going to quit before they do something else equally stupid.

    • MPK says:

      I think yours is a burning question in a lot of minds today…why Carter? The writers created so much chemistry among Reese, Harold, Carter & Fusco, I’m still in a quandry about that move. Shaw’s character is impressive, too but to me, Root would’ve been the expendable one. Ms. Henson has done a commendable job in this role and, for the life of me, I cannot fathom the reason she was written out of the script…very disappointing decision in my humble opinion.

      • Sheila says:

        She was written out because the showrunners did not like her speaking up about being left off the magazine cover (entertainment weekly? tvguide?). Reese and Finch were on the cover and she complained in a tweet. BOOM – she’s off the show. I am disappointed in CBS. She should not have publicly complained, but that is a minor thing compared with the importance of her role on the show. I was a fan of her character and the show. Root and Shaw are not improvements. I will not be watching this show any longer.

    • Sherri says:

      A shocker indeed! Maybe this means Fusco will get more into the “system” as Carter did. she has the wherewithal with the PD. Reese and Harold need a good inside person. And, now I wonder where they will take Root ….. psychotic as she is; maybe she allies??? Stranger things have happened in story lines. Oh, and I am glad to see Shaw is with them; had hoped she would aligned with the guys.

    • She was one of my favorites~~~

    • Buddy Thomas says:

      They just wrote themselves into a corner. The police detective connection will never have the same appeal. You intimated a possible relationship between the two and you pull the rug. I do not watch programs that intentionaly jerk the sensibilities. You writers could have taken a lesson from NCIS. They killed off Kate but replaced her Ith Ziva and did not dare do it again. I hope you have a replacement as good as Henson. Some how I doubt it. I don’t think you ever intended to. Time to change the channel. Too bad . You lost a lot of viewers. Hope your advertisers understand better than we do!!

    • Dee says:

      Okay, First and foremost. I just want to put it out there that I love POI been watching since day one. I need CARTER’s character to be more of a near death experience… where there would be some type of miracle to bring her back.(Then have her lay low for a while.) I love Taraji, amazing actress, and a phenomenal asset to the show. It will be hard to watch without her. I have been also waiting for a connection to happen between her and the man in the suit. Writers/Producers take this in consideration. #BringbackCarter

    • dbb1 says:

      Again everyone needs to get off this white and black thing. It tears people apart and it’s just a TV show. The lady is a good actor. The writers wrote the script I’m sure they were not thinking along civil rights act when they wrote the episodes.
      Get a life people.
      You want to know why carter is dead tune in to Craig Ferguson late late show tonight. She’s going to be on the show. 12:35 est.

      • Mary says:

        Thank you!! In hindsight, Carter was probably killed off 1) Because it would make a big impact (killing off Fusco would have had NO impact because everyone was expecting it. 2) Carter had served her purpose, which was to bring the corrupt HR to its knees. What would be next? Her working again with Fusco on Finch’s cases?

    • John L. says:

      I HATE they killed off Carter. Won’t be as interested anymore. Shame on the writers!

    • Veronica says:

      My heart is so heavy right now! Why did they take her out?? She is gonna be missed!

    • Michele R. says:

      I loved the ending, but hated to see Taraji Henson leave the show, of course they could always play it out that she did not die and bring her back. LOL

    • Juli Probasco-sowers says:

      She was part of the magic. And it would have been cool to see their relationship grow. Was she offered a different gig? Why did they have to kill her?

    • Ray says:

      When Shaw and Root were added it was only a matter of time til someone was gone. I just recently started the show, watched seasons 1 and 2 straight through.It almost felt like Carter was under used. Fusco seemed to get more involved in the cases. Even the fixer ( can’t remember her name) got better used. Carter’s only really great storyline was when her cop boyfriend was murdered.

    • Laurel Lustre says:

      WAIT!!! She’s not really dead! She was merely hallucinating…fantasizing about the HR takedown!!! (writers… PLEASE bring her back!!!!)

    • Debby says:

      I agree why Carter? I think she made the show and her and John seemed to have awesome chemistry. I had wanted them togeather for so long so disappointed. It won’t be the same.

    • Chery stubbs says:

      I am very upset if she is off the show! hoping it is part of the show to have her join the crew I will stop watching the show!,

    • Lou says:

      The show was great the first season – just saving people who’s number came up. Then they had to get so complicated bringing root in – we have already lost interest because of that, now with carter gone – that means more of root which means less of us watching what WAS a great show!
      John used to handle everyone by himself and when he needed a little help, they would bring in Zoe. They did not need shaw – even though I like her better than root. Root she is horrible and we usually mute when she comes on. Bad mistakes writers!!! You’re loosing viewers because of a problem that could be fixed! The show is getting almost too complicated to follow – please get rid of root and make it fun and easy to watch again! Try to redeem yourselves by bring carter back and kill off root!

      • Lilly says:

        I’m sad that Carter is gone, but I do not believe it is an error that cannot be remedied by new characters and good writing.
        That said, I agree with you that this show is doing what a lot of other shows do that lose me: In the interest of “developing characters” they add murky sub-plots (like serial killers who never die, or past issues that keep coming back and coming back), which require us to watch EVERY episode or we’re lost.
        Root was an interesting diversion for a half-season arc. I hate that she’s still there as a main character. The HR thing was starting to wear thin, too. The one thing that WILL ruin Carter’s heroic death for me is if HR isn’t really gone – like there’s another super-secret big dude who was pulling Quinn’s strings…. Sheesh!

    • veronica grier says:

      I think it is terrible that they kill off one of the major characters in the show. The only Afro American person that was truly a hero to thousands of children around the world. I liked her character because she was fighting for the good guy. I am very disappointed in the writing.

    • Rick Tillman says:

      Hello Everyone the record is straight now…. Taraji P. Henson, during her interview tonight on David Letterman stated the following: When she signed on to do Person Of Interest she did not won’t to be on a TV show for several years. Taraji went on to say that she prefers film over TV, so the writers knew the agreement she had with the show. She also said only two other people knew, her mother and grandmother.

    • sonvisionent says:

      Hello Everyone the record is straight now…. Taraji P. Henson, during her interview tonight on David Letterman stated the following: When she signed on to do Person Of Interest she did not won’t to be on a TV show for several years. Taraji went on to say that she prefers film over TV, so the writers knew the agreement she had with the show. She also said only two other people knew, her mother and grandmother.

    • After next week’s episode I will probably not watch the series any more. Taraji was the reason I started watching the show in the first place.

    • Daniel says:

      I’m really sad and depressed Carter could have died. On the other hand it should be unrealistic the goods always go succesful in all senses. On my own, I’d rather expect some surprise with Carter: during the morgue scenes she was showing Reese her bad wound received during the gulf war and survived. Cross the fingers….

    • Richard J. Ross, Sr says:

      Yes! Why Carter? Or why even Fusco, as was anticipated? I figured there had to be a legitimate reason for writing Carter out of the script. Is Taraji P. Henson unavailable because of another commitment…a better offer. I will miss seeing her. She has the most beautiful lips of any actress I’ve seen. Love her smile, her pout and her serious look.

      RJRoss (Delaware).

    • Omara says:

      The main thing about the show that is likable is the characters. Charter’s character had just become deeper and richer. What a bad move to kill her off. CBS likely did it to have more money to pay Shaw. I like her too but why kill Carter? So wrong. So Wrong.

    • Doug says:

      Why Carter? JJ Abrams!! He can be a jerk!! He pulled this same type of crap in “Lost”. God Help “Star Wars”!!

  2. Lena120 says:

    I fell for the Okie Doke. I should have known that Fusco was a misdirect but I never thought they’d do Carter in. She was one of the best written female characters I’ve seen on TV in ages. We no longer have her, but the amazing Root and Shaw are still here to bore us to tears with their one-dimensional characters? Sigh. I’m still in shock. Also, I never saw John and Carter as a romantic pairing but this episode, the chemistry was coming out of the woodwork! The moment I see it, they kill her off. They showed me the goods then they took them away. Poor Travis. I’m interested to see what the rest of you guys think. We need a support group.

    • BananaTheGreat says:

      You are right. I definitely need to join a support group after this episode.

    • Tonia M. says:

      we definitely need that support group.

      • cat says:

        I don’t think it is a race issue. I am black and I like all the characters on poi. I would feel bad if any of the characters die. that being said I don’t care about root because she is not a original character so if they wanted to kill someone off it should have been a character we did not fully invest in aka root. I still will watch until further notice.

    • George says:

      I am in shock. Boycotting the show from now on…………

      • eridapo says:

        Why? It looks like this was Tariji’s decision… so you can not fault the show….

      • Jessy says:

        That was just awful what them writers did, i can’t believe this, i was just starting to enjoy joss and John as a couple and There they go killing my favorite character on the damn show. I’ m done, i don’ t even wanna watch the show anymore :(( why did they do this to us? Why??

        • Jax says:

          Read the posts above. It was her decision to leave the show not the writers.

          • Kris says:

            Who cares who’s responsible for her leaving, Carter still died and I still won’t watch after next week. *shrugs*

          • Lena120 says:

            That’s actually not true. Read the whole interview EW did. They have one with her and one with Jonah and Greg. They never planned for Carter to last more than 3 seasons. They said they sat Taraji down and told her about this a long time ago. They say nothing about her making a decision to leave. She was aware that it was a short-term character, but she didn’t force them to write her out now. This was all on the writers part. They said at some point, every character on the show will die.

        • maria t says:

          I so love this show ! I am so into the show. I love all the characters, especially that handsome super hunk John Reese!!!! He is s fine actor besides that. I love Mr. Finch, Carter and Fusco. Why did she have to be killed off! In the beginning, Carter was very hard nose and later on a loved her. Don’t like the way she went out. She did not have to go, that nut who killed so many and tried to kill Mr. Finch, we had enough bad people on the show to deal with.Now I’m worried about Reese going bad and lost again. Finch has his work cut out for him.

        • Clare says:

          I totally agree. I watched POI because of Taraji, not anyone else. I have now seen my last episode ever. I will not support the show again no matter who is on the show. I am a Taraji fan not a POI fan.

    • eridapo says:

      No kidding…

    • Lisa G says:

      I completely agree. This, “John is in love with Carter,” thing came out of nowhere (he’s much more believable with Zoe.) As soon as it did though it was clear one of them was the final victim. I had a hard time believing they would kill John, but since Carter was the only non-white cast member I also thought sure she had to live. I’m ok with Shaw if she continues to humanize, but Root is so annoying. Nothing can save her.

      • Lena120 says:

        That’s the thing. I never got a John/Carter romantic vibe at all. I always saw that with him and Zoe, so when they kissed I was like wait WHAT?! I always got a sibling vibe from them. Then they were flirting at the end of the episode and at that moment I knew, I knew the other shoe was about to drop. :(

      • coupons says:

        The fact that she’s the only nonwhite cast member ensures us that she WILL BE THE FIRST TO DIE. NOT interested in the up coming shows….Her relationship with John…..was not feeling it until the last two shows. I was hoping that Laz Alonso whould become a regular, now I could ‘see’ something between the two of them.

        • TomTruthteller says:

          That’s just an unnecessary, racist comment. As a white male, Carter and John’s characters have always been my two favorites and made the show for me. That comment, and what it implies, is over the top. I would guess that Carter’s character was a favorite of loads of white folks who watch the show. There’s no reason to imply that the writers and producers would write Taraji’s character out of the show because of skin color. Those kind of comments are meant to incite distrust between races of people.

          • minowarrior says:

            It is not a racist comment. It is a fact. Black characters have always been the first to die in mainstream TV and films. There are very few shows with non-stereotypical, complex black female characters and losing one makes a difference. Even though ABC has taken a chance on a black woman/ white male romance and garnered ratings success, the Caucasian Broadcasting Company was too chicken to take the chance.

          • NaomiP says:

            That is so a racist comment. Why bring color into this at all? This is a great drama–I never check people’s skin color and count up what color is killed first, good God, what the hell is wrong with some of you? I loved Taraji’s character and will miss her very much. That being said, the show’s producers and writers have been saying no one was safe. My first feeling was shock this was kept totally spoiler free. Appreciate the acting and the drama of the entire episode instead of making stupid racist comments. This had the same dramatic feel as NCIS did when they killed off Kate.

          • Don Groover says:

            I totally agree. I am so tired of Blacks and Libs playing the race card just to get their way. It’s been nearly 50 years since the Civil Rights Bill. We even have a Black President. Blacks have as much opportunity as Whites do. I am White and am just as disgusted as any Black person about her leaving the show.

            She was a key part of the show. She played the character of Joss extremely well. She is a very good actress. The only way I can justify her being written out of the show is if it were either her decision to leave or that she was just too difficult to deal with. Otherwise, I will not continue to watch.

        • JEst says:

          Sarah Shahi is Iranian and Spanish so technically she isn’t “white”

          • JEst says:

            She is American and somewhat light skinned, but if you’re issue is minorities in general, you are incorrect.

      • Sarah says:

        Stupid, stupid kiss! I admit, as soon as I saw the mushy stuff coming on, I wanted Carter to die. Yes, she was a great character, but that scene (not her death) was definitely rushed in there and potentially ruined the whole series for me. If all that “fight in a subway… lead me to you” crap dialogue didn’t exist, I would have been more upset with Carter’s untimely end. But now I’m glad she’s gone.

      • Mike S says:

        I think the machine will tell her to behave. The machine is the only one, besides Shaw, who can tell her anything.

    • dena says:

      I couldn’ agree more. I’m very disappointed to see a quality female character of color dismissed!…

      • eridapo says:

        She wasn’t dismissed. She is tweeting the episode, and she has various movie projects in line. One of which she was listed as “rumored” most likely because they were waiting for this episode to air… It is a starring role in the James Brown Biopic…

      • eridapo says:

        Taraji P. Henson ‏@TherealTaraji 1h

        Why am I so nervous?! I know what happens!!!! HA!!! #Goodwriting @POIWritersRoom @PersonInterest #Poi

        Taraji P. Henson ‏@TherealTaraji 1h

        “@POIWritersRoom: .@TherealTaraji It has been a privilege working with you. –Jonah, Greg, and your family at POI”<~ I love you guys so much

    • DJ says:

      Yes, we do need a support group, count me in. :(

    • You’re right. We need a support group and lots of alcohol. My new theory is that Carter didn’t die, but was put in hiding until Alonzo Quinn is dealt with. Why wasn’t Carter wearing a vest? I am shocked and sad.

      • George says:

        AMEN to this. LOL

      • Lela says:

        This is what I thought. This, and Elias is helping her hide.

        • Lena120 says:

          I know right. I’m hoping she’s not dead and she pops up during the season or SERIES finale and she’s alive and well on a tropical island where John goes to retire. Sigh. There has to be a reason they killed her so early in the season. Doesn’t this feel like a finale move to you?

      • JW says:

        I hope you are right that Carter was not really killed but will be kept in hiding until after the trial. Somehow it seems a possibility with the phone left ringing at the end of the episode.

    • Jewels says:

      I have to agree here. I saw it and thought: John and Jos? But then I was like WOW! To have her killed off..I hope she’s not really dead but unconscious (yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. Pipe dream).

      I wonder the fall out of all of this. Finch is going to bear some responsibility – what if Root was offering condolences for Carter?

      Great episode! But dang…

    • uh huh says:

      I knew it wouldn’t be Fusco because of the oh-so-obvious misdirect in the promos, but NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS did I think it would be Carter. I was thinking it would be Bear, to be honest.

    • Dennis says:

      I love Root and Shaw I think they a lot to the show. I do hate to see Carter go, great character, I thought the show had a good balance 3 guys and 3 women

  3. Anna says:

    Shocking and sad. Not what I expected at all. I figured it was Fusco, not Carter. I am bummed.

    • eridapo says:

      Mind blown… I can not believe this, but I’m guessing it was her decision to leave the show. Wow… Now I see why they brought in Shaw and Root to the scene. It wont be the same without her, yet these writers never disappoint. I went in there expecting to lose K. Chapman, and instead I see T. Henson.. WOW.

    • John 1138 says:

      Cusco would have been the easy out. Carter is the gut punch.

      As the interview shows, this show is run by fans of the gut punch.

  4. this is no way to treat your fans!

    • eridapo says:

      It seems from Tariji Henson’s tweets that she is okay with it, and it might have been her decision to depart with the show….If it was, I hope only the best for her.

      • Jacqueline says:

        If it was her choice to leave, I have no problem with it. My issue is how violently they took her out for so-called storyline purposes. She could have easily left town for a better job with her son in tow. I know may fans are going to be it’s great for the show when I’m side-eying the producers on the path they took if it was Taraji’s decision to leave, JMHO.

        • uh huh says:

          Actually, no, for the purpose of the show, this was the way to do it. Reese was getting a little too domesticated, a little too “normal.” Something needed to happen to put him back on edge, to make him unpredictable and even menacing again. And boy, this’ll do it.

          • Josh says:

            Carter git Fridged! :p

          • T (@trayej) says:

            You are right…Reese was getting a little warm and fuzzy, so it will be nice to see him back in full force….just sad to see Carter gone as she was really great to watch each week. At least Reese will keep his distance from Zoey for a while….that pairing NEVER made any sense to me! #RIPDetectiveCarter!

          • Meghan says:

            so it’s okay to kill the women to give the guys manpain, and new stories to tell… alrighty.

          • Lilly says:

            Agree. Reese was looking softer than Shaw lately! And I wasn’t buying the all-of-a-sudden romance. I think Reese’s hand on Carter’s cheek would have been perfect instead of a kiss. I wouldn’t have wanted to see Reese and Carter “in love” on the series. This is POI, not “Castle”I!

          • meem says:

            To Meghan: And if the actress wanted to leave the show, should they have sent her on a trip and killed Fusco instead? Carter’s gender was never an issue on this show–she was every bit as capable and as smart as the men. So why does her gender become an issue now? You are suggesting her character was killed BECAUSE she’s female? Don’t be ridiculous.

          • Mike S says:

            I agree that Reese had become sloppy. A couple episodes ago, when he met Carter outside somewhere and handed her a beer–and drank one himself–I thought he had become complacent. After all, he was doing all the work at the outset. But as shows go on, the lead steps back, and he has been in the background for way too long. It was necessary, though, to allow Carter to have the limelight in bringing down HR. Difficult for me to imagine Fusco continuing with the PD. He’ll probably join Finch & Co.

          • Meghan says:

            to meem: I’m suggesting she was killed to advance Reese’s storyline. There’s a term for that. It’s called “getting fridged” where a woman gets killed to move a man’s storyline forward. It’s a term from comics, and it’s exactly what has happened here.
            Not because Carter is a woman, but because they were stuck, and needed more storylines, and what’s better than to kill the woman the guy loves, to give him something to grieve about, and a new reason to get revenge.
            I’m tired of fridging, it’s something that happens way too often on shows and in movies. (and comics)

        • JEst says:

          Your idea would have limited impact.

        • Jax says:

          This is not a warm and fuzzy show. It deals with dark subject mater and moral ambiguity, All of the heroes are broken human beings. If you think the right way for THIS show to have a character leave is by riding off into the sunset and living happily ever-after you have not been paying attention.

      • ladybug says:

        if it was Taraj’s decision to move on to other projects I wish her much success. However I feel there needs to be a Carter charachter in the show to keep it successful. She and John made the show. Are they looking at other actresses to play the part of Carter if they bring her back?

        • meem says:

          Not happening. Now we know why Shaw and Root were added as regular characters. They knew going in to this season that Carter was going out.

  5. rflairfan1 says:

    I thought it was a very well done episode. I hate that someone needed to die (maybe she wanted out to focus more on movies) regardless I think this can help the show in the long run. I think there are still some questions that need answered. I was a little disappointed that Elias didn’t play a role in it, although Finch did say he was willing to sit it out. Question we know Carter helped Elias and kept him in hiding. But to out knowledge the boys don’t know this correct? Also Simmons will have to die a horrible death and he has the key still. There were times when I though everyone was at risk. Except Root she is a caged animal, that they apparently let out and give her guns next week. That will of course end well. LOL

    • Bob Smith says:

      Excellent episode and the show is getting better and better. POI has become the best show on TV!

    • Joan Contrady says:

      Why wasn’t she wearing a vest? Was she without a vest for the whole show? Too much shooting to make this a factor and then die after all the shooting earlier is over. She played a great part in this show.. it is one of the best on TV. Fusco also did a great show..he is talented, too. When there is talent like this on tv, race is not a factor.

  6. Mike says:

    This one hurt. Hope they skip the noble path, and let John go on a rampage.

    • helen says:

      omg i am so pissed off to see carter get shot and die. i loved her she was the best female cop on tv. i am dissappointed in people of interest writers. boooooooooooo

    • KCC says:

      Dear TVLINE,
      for “Lots of Questions”: Where was the FBI when they were trying to take HR in? Why didn’t they help?;
      for “Best Lines”: Fusco’s line: Yeah you broke my fingers, which made it easy for me to break my thumb; and
      for “Performer of the Week”: Kevin Chapman (Fusco)

  7. Melissa Lee says:

    Heartbroken over Joss’ death on POI tonight. Love this show and all the characters!

  8. Spoiler Junkie says:

    This was a heart breaking episode that left me empty. I am going to miss her terribly. :(

    Now I know, how the Game of Thrones fans feel when major characters get killed off.

  9. pauly says:

    Do not like this at all

  10. ozi says:

    nooooo. the kiss was a violation too. mixed emotions. why do they still have to kill blak people first? ok before i get attacked, im joking. cant wait for next week. reese better kill all them suckers. im surprised they didnt let root out. i thot he would and she would redeem herself. i thought she was supposed to be part of the appocalypse according to what the machine told her. i guess with a new starring role, she will have more to do.

  11. Ms Thing says:

    I can’t believe that it is Carter who dies in this story arc.

    I wonder if Ms Henson’s departure story dictated or if it is another “business move” by CBS.

  12. Mil says:

    I am so sad by the killing of Detective Carter. I loved how Taraji played that role for 5 1/2 years!! RIP
    Detective Carter. Now Reese, finish the job!!

  13. kelly says:

    that just sucks.

  14. Jenai says:

    BOOOOOOOOO! I don’t like this at all. Just no.

  15. Cynthia says:

    I’m still in disbelief. How could they kill off Taraji’s character? I’m done with Persons of Interest.

    • Nidoking says:

      …why? Why are you done? HR is just about done, and Carter was seeking vengeance for Cal’s death. She toppled Quinn. Needless to say, that is the storyline for Carter. Be open to the storyline.

  16. Chris says:

    What an episode. I hate that we lose such a great actress, but it shows that this tv show isn’t going to be stale. What an unbelievable episode – I’m in shock.

  17. This was a devastating episode, she will be missed for sure. I thought the whole Fusco is going to die was a big red herring, but I bought into it when he had the goodbye scene with his son. This is my favorite show on TV today, and I hope for many more years, but inevitably, every member of this crew will be lost. Something tells me John is going on the warpath next episode, and I cannot wait to see Elias’ reaction.

  18. Jacqueline says:

    Why am I not surprised? I loved the character of Joss but the writing was on the wall that Taraji’s days were number when they brought in Sarah Shahi on as a regular cast member. I am just so tired of the women of color being discarded like an after thought. I knew the moment that she kissed John her fate was sealed.

    I’m going to miss Joss Carter but I know Taraji Henson’s star will continue to shine.

    • Donna says:

      Her star better shine! She’s an Oscar nominee!

      • Jacqueline says:

        I’m sure that she is going to be more than okay. I just hate that if it was her decision to leave, they decide to kill her in gun violence, SMH. Also, it does rub me the wrong way that her being a Black Women, they killed her off so violently, so unnecessary, especially since she had survived so many other close calls. I guess the show and writers felt they really didn’t need her on the show, shrugs.

        • Katelin says:

          I absolutely love Det. Carter and Henson but I don’t think that the decision the kill Joss had anything to do with her race. I think it has everything to do with the impact her character’s death would make because she was so loved and the best and most honest cop on the entire show. And as for the gun violence that’s just how you exspect a cop to die on this show. She was going to die somehow. Woud you have thought it better for her to be stabbed or blown up?

        • uh huh says:

          I’m sorry, I don’t understand anything you have written here. Because she is a black woman she *shouldn’t* have been shot and killed? Despite that fact that people on this show get shot and killed every week? Despite the fact that she single-handedly investigated and brought down an enormous crime syndicate, filled with people who routinely shot and killed people? Assuming it was the actress who wanted to leave, how would you have killed her off? And if it was her decision to leave, how would that result in the writers feeling “they really didn’t need her on the show?”

          The character risked her life to bring these people down–like you yourself said, having many close calls in the process. That she would fall, violently, as a result of this pursuit is really neither surprising or shocking. And the color of her skin has absolutely nothing to do with it–unless you’d rather we hadn’t had 5 seasons of a butt-kicking black female cop hero on television? She knew she could die as she fought to bring these people down, and she did. A hero. A black female hero.

          • uh huh says:

            Ugh. That should be 3 seasons, obviously. (I’m counting this one since Carter was so integral to it.)

        • Lilly says:

          I am sorry that Detective Carter is dead. And I honestly will miss that great actress every week. But why did they kill her violently?!?! Um…. She almost single-handedly took down HR, which by all accounts was woven in to the police and crime sindicate EVERYwhere. She wasn’t playing tiddly-winks. As much as I love Reese, he ain’t gonna die of natural causes in an old folks home either! This wasn’t a black-white thing; it was the best thing for the story line (well … aside from leaving Carter alive, that is).

    • Mike S says:

      Shahi could be the death of the show. One of my favorite shows of all time was Life, and in the second season, her butt took over the story lines. And in Fairly Legal, it was the same. Both shows are now defunct. The day Shahi’s character has a fling or shows her butt (which will most likely happen), we can kiss POI goodbye.

  19. WW says:

    they reall Kept it secret – I am glad – I have anticipating something – btw thought Fusco was going to die – the POI writers payed us like a fiddle – Carter’s number didnt come up but the phone ringing was ominous

    Hoping she is still alive –

    • WW says:

      reading my post obviously still shaken up from the death of one of my favorite characters – we should have seen it coming from the whole exposition with her ex husband – to the potentially forbidden love of her and Reese – Carter had a big target on her chest – ? Why is she not wearing a vest –

      If she is dead sh will be missed

  20. leah holley says:

    Why Carter and not Fusco? I thought Fusco would be the logical person to kill off. Great episode…Sad but great.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah I thought he was going to die after Shaw chose to go take care of the guy who was to kill his son. But then they had him break his thumb and escape the cuffs and take out the guy who was supposed to kill him.

  21. J3 says:

    Please ask if Taraji P Henson wanted to leave the show.

    • John 1138 says:

      She apparently accepted the gig knowing it was relatively short term as it fit with her career plans, movies etc.

      • Lilly says:

        Indeed, according to her interview on Letterman last night, she told THEM she wasn’t in this for more than 3 years. “I can’t give you 7 years” she said she told them when they hired her.

  22. Mike says:

    It’s so funny to see all the so called “fans” get butthurt over Carter’s death. Vowing they are done with the show and the ratings will plummet. Give me a break. They will continue to watch.

    • KCC says:

      But ratings have plummeted for many shows. Greys Anatomy, CSI, Survivor, Mentalist all these shows used to rule in the ratings, but where are they now? People will stop watching.

      • ben says:

        Survivor is doing just fine in the ratings. So is Greys. It is pretty rare for shows to dominate ratings for years. But I agree, that Carter’s death is going to lose some people. But any death can do that.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes, most will still watch. However, when a show kills off a central character, especially one that brings a large part if the emotional aspect to a show, it really does alter the chemistry of the show. What might bolster ratings for a bit will ultimately change the shows dynamic and not always in a good way.

  23. The next victim of a fatality on the show should be whoever decided to get rid of “Carter” & not “Fusco” (who a LARGE # of fans have taken to calling “Just-Go”)!!!

    • Jax says:

      You do realize it was her decision to leave the show, right? Maybe you ought to put the torches and pitchforks down and just be glad that we got to enjoy her character as long as we did.

      • Ellie says:

        Not exactly. It wasn’t her decision to leave but she knew that her character was probably not going to make it to the end of the series and she was fine with that. She said in her interview that she figured she would only last 2 or 3 years and she was happy as long as she got to go out as a hero and have her death make a big impact on the team (which I think everyone can agree it did.)

      • Kel says:

        At last someone rational. All of these people saying they’re mad and will stop watching the show and that the ratings will plummet… This show is one of the better ones and television right now and part of that is because the writers are willing to make bold moves such as killing off a main character. It’s not a procedural show, there’s a greater storyline to it. And Carter’s storyline is finished now that HR is done. Also, from what I hear Henson only expected her character to be around for 2-3 years.

        It’s a dangerous job, that there are going to be casualties is realistic. I liked the character and will miss the onscreen chemistry between her and Reese and Fusco, etc. but in the long run, I think the show will continue to get better and stronger. The writers have done an excellent job thus far and viewers should keep an open mind and see how the show progresses before ceasing to watch the show over a knee-jerk reaction. The fact that people are so upset with a character death speaks volumes to how well the writers fleshed out the character.

  24. Tee says:

    Won’t be watching anymore

  25. Tonia M. says:

    My, oh my!!! What a twist? So sad, I had tears falling before I knew what was happening.

  26. kelly says:

    did the actress choice to leave or writers’ decision?

    • Aimee says:

      There is a great interview with her on the EW website. It wasn’t her decision to leave BUT she was aware from the very beginning that her character was only going to last a few years and she was OK with that. She thought it was the perfect way for Carter to go. Protecting “her boys” as she liked to think of them.

  27. Love Huskies says:

    I agree with all the above remarks…sad, disappointed, BUT looking forward to John giving hell next week.

  28. Chris says:

    I love these “fans” who are saying they won’t watch anymore. Really? Because a character is gone? She wasn’t the show – this is about Reese and Finch. The other characters, while great, are part of the team, but in no way more important than the two main guys. Give me a break.

    • rflairfan1 says:

      I agree with this. I kept saying that I would quit watching had it been Finch. But I wouldn’t have at all. If the writing is done in a way to help the storyline I have no problem with it. There are a lot of shows that don’t have the balls to kill of a main character. Don’t get me wrong there may be some people that leave, but I highly doubt it will hurt the ratings.

      • Lilly says:

        I disagree. Reese or Finch get killed, and I’m out. The show is about them. And the machine (which is why I REALLY hate Root’s story line and her freakish “relationship” with IT).
        Other than Reese and Finsh, though, I agree all other characters are expendable. I don’t like that Carter is gone. At all. And I think they need to introduce another “moral compass” to the show. But Carter died a hero. And her death will change Reese again.

    • Tonia M. says:

      Let them “grieve.” It was my knee-jerk reaction also, but I know I will keep watching.

    • Rob says:

      Completely agree. The entire show is built around the characters of Reese and Finch. As much as we adored Det. Carter in her supportive role, she was “expendable” in the big picture.

      • abz says:

        I disagree with this completely. She definitely wasn’t expendable character to the show and I hope it wasn’t in fact it was Tajari’s choice to leave and not a writer’s decision. Reese and Carter were my favourite characters and the reasons why I tuned in each week. :(

    • tp says:

      Well this “fan” is done with the show. After the winter hiatus I will no longer be watching. I watched for Reese and Carter. Not Finch. Killing her killed the show for me. It doesn’t make e any less of a fan than you. Finch and Reese were important to you not me. So after Reese kills everyone involved I’m done.

      • ner says:

        I agree. Reese and Carter were the show for me. I doubt I’ll care enough about this show going forward to remember to watch it. up until tonight it was my only real appointment TV show left, so I’m grieving the loss of my favorite show.

    • T (@trayej) says:

      Reese and Finch?!??? I thought it was about BEAR?! Isn’t it???

    • john says:

      Yep, boggles my brain how they refuse to watch anymore, I thought Reese was going to die and be replaced by shaw, as hard as that would be to watch I’d still want my poi.

  29. Holly says:

    Is Carter really dead? Like REALLY dead? And if so, why Carter and not Fusco?

    • eridapo says:

      Tariji Henson has been tweeting, and from the looks of it this is the real deal…

      • ben says:

        They have been pretty heavily setting this up as the real deal in the media. So – it would be really very epic, one of the best fake outs ever, if she survived.

  30. Mara Kiffin says:

    Very sad and upset to see Carter go. Still cannot believe it. Plus I can’t stand Root. She is no replacement for Taraji P. Henson.

  31. Allan says:

    I just don’t know what to say or feel right now. smh

  32. Duke says:

    Fusco seems a little too obvious.

    I was almost expecting it to be Finch, for the shock value — he was the only one seemingly not in danger through the whole episode and I was worried that meant they were misdirecting us.

    Never would have expected it to be Carter.

    • KCC says:

      I thought that it was either going to be Finch and then Root would take over his role
      Reese and then Shaw would take over his role. Little did I know…

    • uh huh says:

      Honestly? I thought I was going to be pissed at the show because the much-hypes “hero” who “fell” was going to be the dog!

  33. Scott says:

    Had to be one of the original 4 to have a big enough emotional impact to drive the story. Carter’s fate was sealed when they kissed. Wonder how many will be posting the “I’ll never watch again” lies. Show obviously going in new direction after next week. Can’t wait to see Jesus go off on HR dude. Love the show and confident in the new ride.

  34. SH says:

    Please take the “recap-carter-dies” off the link. No point in putting a spoiler alert at the top of the page when the web page address steals your headline. :(

  35. Sharon says:

    some tv producers don’t know ****! we loved the show just the way it was…WITH TARAJI P HENSON! We hoped to see more connection between the characters. And they would kill a black actor off the show!

    • Kathy says:

      What does her being black have to do with anything? Must black people make everything about race? Plenty of characters have been killed off of television shows that were white.

  36. Chris says:

    This was tough. As others have said, i knew as soon as they got lovey dovey there was a problem. I was positive there was a problem when everything was good…she took down HR, got her job back, and was in love. Her story was complete.

  37. JT says:

    Stunned, just stunned. Using Fusco as a misdirect through the whole show was a great idea. But, manm WOW! My brother is going to go banana’s when he see’s this episode because he’s such a huge fan of Taraji’s character.

  38. George says:

    Why was Taraji P. Henson killed off.

  39. Rose says:

    Shocked and heartbroken. A great character and a great actress. I hope it was her decision to leave, but it still hurts.

  40. Tonia M. says:

    Maybe it was a mutual decision between Taraji and the producers that she exit the show, but that doesn’t make it any less sad.

  41. Mushiya says:

    Great writing!!!! Now I hope Carter did not die just passed out and will show up in another epidode or come back as a twin..still have my options open.

  42. Katelin says:

    I had a strong feeling Fusco was a misdirect but felt that no one was safe. The entire episode, every time they would focus on a character I would think, “no please not him/her!” Joss’ death had me in tears now all I can hope for is that John finishes what Carter started and takes Joss’ final words to heart and not let her death destroy him. RIP Det. Carter.

    • Katelin says:

      Also I just want to say that I really like Fusco and am happy that he is still alive. I think he brings the show down to earth and is a great contrast to “Wonder Boy.” Fusco is just an average guy not a genius, assassin, or former super spy. I am also happy that Shaw is still around, I feel her character has definate potential. So all you fans out there grieve for Carter but please stop trying to offer up these two as sacrificial lambs in Carter’s place.

      • NaomiP says:

        Oh, thank you so much for saying that and I agree TOTALLY!

      • Aimee says:

        Well said Katelin. I completely agree. I am sorry to see Carter go but it is just stupid to dump hate on the other characters. It’s not their fault.

      • Tenney says:

        Katelin I could not agree more. While I am really sad that Carter is gone and deep down I am hoping that this is just a fake death and we’ll see her again in the future, I still love the rest of the team, especially Fusco. He is different than all the other team members because he is the average guy and not a super sniper/spy/assassin. I also love Shaw and what she brings to the show; she a badass who does not let emotions get in the way of what has to be done. I am super disappointed that Carter is gone but I am still going to wait POI because I think it’s one of the best shows on TV.

      • Carm says:

        I love Fusco and like Shaw. I wanted Root to die since I hate her character. I knew Carter would die but kept hoping I was wrong. Carter was my favorite character along with Reese. I will definitely miss her but still looking forward to the conclusion of the HR story.

  43. Re says:

    There is nothing on the internet that says that Taraji P Henson was leaving the show. I can only hope that means she is somehow still alive. If not, I can’t believe they’ve done this. I felt so entirely empty when this episode ended. Why would they do this. I hope this was her decision and not CBS. She is such a strong character and good actress. I absolutely love Jim Caviezel so I’ll keep watching but I won’t be happy.

    • JEst says:

      In this day and age, where we expect every piece of information to be known months in advance, it is probably a good thing that nothing pointed to it.

      • Ellie says:

        I agree. The biggest surprise of the night was not that they killed Carter but that they managed to keep it a secret.

        • Alaine Williams says:

          She went out guns blazing and protecting someone else’s life. Mr. Reese would have gone out saving her in the same manner. I always hoped there would have been more of a romantic mystic between the characters. I’m sure Mr. Reese will have flashbacks and regrets and they will play out in bits and pieces throughout the season.

  44. Christy says:

    As shocked and sad as I am, Taraji went out on out on a high! This has been one of the best seasons. I’ll never forget how she handled her rookie in the bar! lol

    • Tonia M. says:

      right on..

    • Lena120 says:

      I agree. This whole season thus far has been all hers. She was such a strong character. She was always 2 steps ahead of HR. Plus, she had a moral code and she was an awesome mom. Seeing how she handled her ex-husband last week. Ugh. She’s everything. God I’m going to miss that woman!

  45. Paul J. Reedy says:

    Saddened by the death of Detective Joss Carter. She played so well off of Reese. If a member of the original 4 had to go Carter would make the most impact moving the story forward. This is not going to end well.

  46. Tammy says:

    Going to miss Carter, did not see it coming. The show is not going to be the same with her gone. She was a great charter and is a good actress. Hope they can fill her void..

  47. Cynthia says:

    Shocking. I didn’t want Fusco to go either, was hoping it would be Shaw. Can’t wait Til next week, will have my guns ready too!

  48. prish says:

    We’re bummed, but a woman actor has a smaller window of time to make it. I wish her well, and the husband is moaning on the coach, “Not Carter! What’s it going to be like without her? Oh, wow, heavy.”

  49. Vincent C. says:

    This was a big surprise to me. Like others I will miss Ms. Henson, and my wife says she may stop watching. I do want to see John take revenge. Simmons must die.

    • DD says:

      That is the part that I also look forward to. It looks like John is in a rage. The writers did not wrap this up well. They finally show affection for each other and she gets killed off in the same show?

      • says:

        I am very disappointed that you kill Tara p. HENSON OFF the show. She was played a significant African American female officer on the person of interest, every time we have an good African American actors or actress play a well part on a tv show, the writers are always killing them should not have taken her that was one of the reasons I watched the show. I love Taraj, she is my one of my favorite actress. I will not be watching the show ever.

        • c.w says:

          I agree. I take exception with those who claim that in noting the absence of central black female characters, people are playing the race card. If anything, it’s playing the cards that have been dealt. It’s a statement of fact acknowledging the deplorable lack of diversity on broadcast TV. With Taraji’s departure, so goes the last black female main character on primetime CBS.ka

        • Sonata says:

          agree. This person has lost interest. Seems the writers just don’t have the imagination
          to think up fresh plots instead of killing off the main characters. Very disappointing ending.

          • shay2dst says:

            I concur whole-heartedly! It is a travesty that the one main character that gets killed off is African American (AA). It was bad enough that her boyfrien Cal Beecher got killed by HR, another AA. Hmmmm…an UNACCEPTABLE pattern on POI. I am w/ you…this person has lost interest as well. No offense, some of the Caucasian actors are great, but some are ridiculous and they get to stay. “Carter’s” character was not only entertaining; it provided hope. Her character not only needs to be reinstated, she needs a raise! And while you are at it, eliminate Root’s criptic character and give that time to a more entertaining persona!

            The writers and producers who concocted that story line should be eliminated with Carter’s character! I thought this network was FINALLY GETTING IT…BUT I SEE I WAS WRONG!

          • kali says:

            CBS has a history of doing this. They wrote out the only latina character on Blue Bloods and killed off the only African American character on Ghost Whisperer. I’m thinking this is a trend. First, get a diverse crowd to initially watch the show. Once thay are hooked on the show kill off the character that got them to start watching in the first place.