Daytime Drama: David Tom Returning to Young and the Restless, Replacing Billy Miller

David Tom Returns Young RestlessAt The Young and the Restless, one Daytime Emmy-winning Billy is out, and another Daytime Emmy-winning Billy is in.

David Tom, who originated the role of grown Billy Abbott on the long-running CBS sudser, is returning to Genoa City. He succeeds Billy Miller, who has decided to exit the show.

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TV Guide Magazine soap guru Michael Logan broke the news on Twitter Monday evening. CBS Daytime boss Angelica McDaniels followed with confirmation.

Tom made his debut as Y&R‘s SORASed Billy (who up until then had been played by tots and tykes) in June 1999, and stayed with the serial until summer of 2002. Over the course of that run, he earned two Daytime Emmys nods, converting on one.

Miller, the third young adult actor to play Billy, made his Y&R debut in September 2008, amassing two Daytime Emmys wins among three nominations.

Since leaving Y&R, Tom — the brother of five-time Daytime Emmy winner Heather Tom (Katie, The Bold and the Beautiful; ex-Victoria, Y&R) — has appeared on All My Children (as Paul Cramer), Veronica Mars and episodes of CSI, 90210 and Criminal Minds.

Details of the transition timing — last and first airdates and what not — are expected on Tuesday.

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  1. kd86953 says:

    Oh wow. Such bitter feelings on this! I love love LOVE Billy Miller and his fantastic chemistry with EVERYBODY on the show. But it’s always intriguing when the original portrayers come back. Guh. Not sure how I feel…

    • Shazay says:

      I had a feeling they’d bring David Tom back if things didn’t pan out with Billy Miller.

    • Cindy Roz says:

      he really is a great actor, I’m going to miss watching Billy Miller on Y & R, hope he goes Prime Time

      • Mary Anne says:

        I have watched Y and R for 35 years. I love the show! I loved Billy Miller!! I will hate it without him!! The other guy gives me the creeps! I may stop watching the show because of this. It would have been better if Billy died.

        • Richard says:

          your the creep Mary Anne.David Tom is the 1st & best Billy.There is nothing wrong with how he looks.All you idiots who are threatening to quit watching Y&R after 20 or more years because Billy Miller chose to leave y&r & re-hired a former actor are immature.Grow the hell up!

          • Kass says:

            Are you serious?
            People watch who they like and if they don’t they tune out

          • Richard says:

            I have my favorites but can tolerate the whole cast.
            I never tune it out.
            But your insults about David Tom were seriously uncalled for.

          • Emmy says:

            Hi, I am not alone. Response from fans seem to like Billie Miller. Like I said in my last e-mail to someone that agrees with me. I will watch to see how Billie acts with his wife and the police.
            By the way did you see him in One Life to Live, He played opisite his real sister and did a good job as a villon. Emmy

          • Richard says:

            oh that coment was meant for another petd

          • Richard says:

            I never saw him on one life to live no.
            But my comment was meant for the girl who called him creepy! Sorry,can’t remember her name but I think it was Mary Ann

          • Emmy says:

            Ok, no harm done. Emmy

          • Quizative says:

            Richard….she didn’t say he was a creep! She said he creeped her out. Shes entitled to her opinion. Now heres mine. Hes a pathetic uglyactor. He is not attractive at all. Like it or not looks are part of the dashing, ornery character of Billy Abbott and the under bitten bulldog look of David Tom doesnt cut it. Add to that his lisp and poor acting he doesnt sound agry he sounds whinny and he doesnt sound broken he sounds weak. It is miserable and painful to watch him perform period but especially in this role. The thought of having to kiss him turns my stomach. I would hate to be an actor and told the charming Billy Miller was being replaced with Mr. Tom…he just looks nasty.

        • Emmy says:

          Hi, I agree they should have let Billie die. David Tom stinks as an actor. The person that fired Billei Miller needs to get fired. She is making a mess of the show. Looks like POWER GONE Sour. Good for Billie Miller going Prime Tme. I wish him the best. Sorry too much changing of the actors. If Jeanne were still alive these things wouldn’t be happening to cast members. I will find it hard to watch the show and may not Emmy

          • Richard says:

            To whoever said David Tom is a bad actor.Are you kidding me? If Jeanne Cooper were still alive she would welcome back David Tom with open arms.
            She may have been the longest cast member but even she wouldn’t be able to control who is hired & who quits.

          • Emmy says:

            Hi, I watch the actors very carefully and don’t see David Tom as a good actor. He is not feelig the part. Billie Miller felt the part and convinced me and others he was into being what ever charector he plays. Same goes for Adam. I will wait and see if and when he is on another soap and he does the same things he has been accused of doing. I don’t make a statement unless I see it differently. I respect everyones opinion as I learn from listening to others and watch them very closely. Emmy

          • Richard says:

            to Ennmy,
            your right we are all entitled to an opinion.
            I just wish viewers would reserve judgment until
            David has had time to ease back in the role again.
            I imagine it would be a difficult storyline for any actor to
            have to step in & do.

          • Emmy says:

            Hi, I will watch Billie Tom work his way into Billie Miller’s old job. I know its hard to step into a part and be liked. Billie Tom played in One Life to Live and he was a villen in the show. He did a good job making us dislike him. He was a great villen. Time will tell!!! Emmy

        • Donna shields says:

          Banning the show for the firing of Adam and Billy. Jill has a problem with herself.

          • Emmy says:

            Hi, You are right!!! The new Billie is differet. I think the writers are going to make the New Old Billie may have a personality change because of loosing his daughter. He will go back to his old ways, he is starting right now. He lies to and didn’t tell the cops he shot Adam in the SUV before it crashed. Victoria is getting wise to him. The story lines are sometimes confusing. Emmy

        • Michelle says:

          Agree , David Tom is a creep and a horrible actor

        • belen burner says:

          I agree with Mary there is nobody that could ever play the roll of “Billy Abbott” like Billy Miller…he was charismatic funny absolutely flawless…there is not replacing him…lost interest on thr

        • Dre Bond says:

          I agree, Billy Miller is a sensational actor with the looks that portray the way Billy should look!! David Toms just doesn’t hv the pretty playboy type of look and his voice is kind of wimpy. I don’t care for this new guy at all!!

          • Emmy says:

            Hi, David Tom has the worst hair cut and color I have ever seen. He either wears a wig or he cuts it him self. Being a stylist I would never let anyone walk out looking like that.
            Has anyone seen or heard what Billy Miller is doing. I will watch him on another program if I find him??

    • Kass says:

      I wish Billy Miller would stay on, along with MM as Adam, am considering not watching anymore, gave Days the flick 3 years ago

    • A Hardie says:

      Horrible… First Phyllis now billy and Adam ???almost too much for this long time fan…. Guess ill watch afternoon poker instead :(

      • Karen Savader says:

        Not happy with all the new upcoming changes! Have watched Y&R since day one!

        • Diana says:

          I’m with you I probably won’t be watching Y&R without Billy Miller and MM Adam anymore. Too bad that soap was my favorite. Cast is dropping like flies ….suppose they know something ????

    • Eileen Musheno says:

      is Phyllis’ character returning to the show?

    • Michele says:

      I love Billy Miller. I think he plays Billy better then David Tom. I still love the show and will still watch Y&R. I hope Miller does come back

      • Emmy says:

        We watched Y & R today and Billy got injured. Will they keep him od send him to another soap in the sky. He never looks well kept. Billy Miller look well kept no mater what he had on. If he continues to be on the show I will ignore his part and doings.

  2. Kacey says:


  3. Robin says:

    Oh no!!! I am not happy about this at all! I love Billy who plays Billy! I don’t know how I’ll feel about this guy really….even if he did originate the role of Billy Abbot.

    • hannah says:

      well its better than getting another new Billy. Billy Miller wanted to leave. I respect him for his choices and wish him the best. Also, David Tom was wonderful as Billy. I was a big fan of him. I do love Billy Miller more though.

    • Quizative says:

      Where is the like button?!!! I don’t even want to watch anymore. Adam and Billy both gone at the same time?!! I understand why they cant keep Adam…no matter how good he was in the part, his behavior was unacceptable but to let Billy go?!!!! I dont even know the show anymore. Can not stand to see the way TOM plays this he sounds like hes whinning. He is NOT a good actor at all.

      • Emmy says:

        Hi, I don’t like him at all. Billie Miller is the best. Why did David Tom leave?
        As far as Adam goes I will wait to see if he appears on another show. I am sure if what he may have done is true he will be black balled and won’t get any work. I believe a person is not guilty till proven guilty. Emmy .

  4. Claudia says:

    Nooooooooo! Nothing against Mr. Tom, but Billy Miller has been so great as devastated Billy as well as sexy husband of Victoria, brother of Jack, Tracy. and Ashley.

    So sorry to see him go :o(

  5. Jen says:

    I am going to miss Billy Miller so much. HE is my favorite actor on the show. It will be interesting to see how David Tom does again as Billy. I guess it’s a good thing his real life sis is no longer playing Victoria Newman.

  6. Mick says:

    Let’s be honest though Billy Miller has reluctantly stayed for years. (not to say he doesn’t love his job) He wants to pursue primetime projects and unlike Michael Muhney he doesn’t need the stability of daytime to support kids. So good choice on Tom he is my #2 Billy.

  7. ame says:

    Noooo!!!! Billy Miller has been FANTASTIC in this role! I get that he might want to move on but man…he will be missed tremendously.

  8. Kenna says:

    Give a a freaking BREAK!!!! This CANNOT be true. Amelia Heinle and Billy Miller are AMAZING together. And Billy Miller was in contract negotiating!! HE WANTED TO STAY!!! Y’all just didn’t wanna give him what he wanted. And now a baby storyline without Billy Miller? Which is what fans have been waiting FOUR years for??? So gutted right now! GUTTED!!!!!!

    • Fran Bolton says:

      I totally agree. Billy was amazing during all the Delia saga. He,s cute and such a wonderful actor. David Tom was good as Billy, but I don’t think he can pull off the “older”. Billy. I know that negotiations could not be reached with Billy Miller, but as far as I am concerned you should have given what he asked for. I have been watching this show since day one and I am really upset.

      • missy says:

        very upset about this, i dont care who played it first, it wont be the same without billy miller! nobody can do as good a job. ive been upset since they split sharon and nick up, then started making sharon out as a freak. i think i will be finished!!

    • Quizative says:

      Same character played by two different men. I would have loved to see Victoria fight for her marriage if it was Billie Miller but with David Tom…Im saying RUN/DUMP HIM. The thought of a baby, I would have been happy now Im saying NOOOOOOO. I can not wathc him he is just gross.

      • emmy says:

        Hi. I totally agree with you. The show is turning into a masqurade. I wish Blly Miller will be back. Too bad they brought David back.. He must feel terrible with the reception he is getting.

  9. Twilight says:

    funny of you think about it though….if David Tom played Billy, and Heather Tom came back as Victoria (I know it won’t happen) but most of those scenes would be pretty awkward…really awkward…

  10. Michelle says:

    NOOOOOOO!!! I love Billy Miller, one of the only reasons I was able to watch all the Delia nonsense the last few weeks! This is not good news!

  11. xandra says:

    Loved David Tom in those days with Billy and Mac I might have to tune back in.

  12. big cheddar says:

    Aww man – that’s disappointing, but he definitely deserves a chance to become more famous. I don’t know if I could see Tom’s Billy with Victoria. While he’s a year or so older than Miller, he looks so much younger.

    • Alison says:

      From what I’ve heard Billy didn’t want to leave this time. He wanted to stay but tptb and he were in a negotiations deadlock. Seems like they pushed him out

  13. Cara says:

    I see the Villy fangurls are out. 1. Billy Miller wanted to stay and use Y&R as a money machine while pursing primetime. He didn’t chose to leave they fired him because he wanted too many outs in his contract and he’s simply not worth it. 2. David Tom is the original and the best Billy. 3. Billy as a character has been a hot mess and broken shell of a character since BM took over the role.

    • Jamie says:

      Thing is, it’s not fair at all to blame storyline problems on the actor. They have very little control of where the storyline actually goes. Billy Miller has said in interviews that he is a bit disappointed in how Billy has become somewhat of a village idiot in the past few years, so that’s clearly not his choice.
      And I’m not a Villy fangirl at all, yet I firmly believe that Billy Miller was the best Billy (just my opinion). David Tom is fantastic, but I prefer Miller.

      • Spiros says:

        Actually if you saw the live chat with MTS and JW, Mel stated that they actually have no control on the storyline and even she was shocked when Jess said that a suggestion she made once to the writers was accepted…That said you can understand that Miller had nothing to do with what his character was.
        But. He was a great Billy. That humorous and funny (yet serious) guy Billy has become was a perfect fit for him. And the chemistry that he had with Amelia’s Victoria…I am affraid that it wont be the same with Tom..

    • Marissa says:

      Yes!! Loved DT’s Billy! Now if they could only get Ashley Bashioum back as Mac

  14. Jj says:

    SOOOOOOO Happy right now!! Billy Miller is awesome but so is David Tom. And icing to the cake is if HT ever comes back, then VIlly is done for good. Bring on Chilly, please!!!

  15. Miranda says:

    Wait, so David Tom is returning to play a character who is married to a character that used to be portrayed by his actual, real-life sister? That is just beyond!

  16. leo21 says:

    I will miss Billy MIller but I’m glad they chose David Tom to replace him. That being said, this is the end of Villy. I don’t see it working with him in the role.

  17. Amanda says:

    I’m sad to see Billy Miller leave but I am happy David Tom is coming back. I first fell in love with the character Billy when I was in high school when David played him and that love story with Mac. I really didn’t think they could find another actor to play him but then Billy Miller blew me away with his performance and took the character to another level. David’s the only one imo that could replace Billy. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the character now that David is back.

    • Marissa says:

      The original Billy and Mac storyline was the one of the best ones I’ve seen yet. As much as I loved Billy Miller, there’s no way that he could’ve created that magic with Mac. I was never a fan of Villy, so I’m happy about it for that reason – while I agree DT doesn’t go with Amelia, that’s a plus so that relationship can end finally. If he can’t be with the original Mac (always my first choice), then I’d like to see him with Chloe. But it would be so awesome if Ashley came back as Mac, she could bring him back to life from the state he’s in now.

  18. Laura says:

    I am not sure that David Tom has the sexy factor that Billy Miller has…. Time will tell

  19. Cassie says:

    My 16 year old self just squealed like a fangirl. I have been following the show through recaps and news and will be tuning back in to y&r in February.

  20. Christie says:

    This is so exciting. I have been watching the show for 25 years and David Tom (and Heather Tom) are near the top of my list of actors of all time. I absolutely adore Billy Miller and when I read yesterday that he may be out, I was wondering if there was any way that David would come back. I had read he had some personal issues, possibly some that were drug related, several years ago when he was on One Life To Live. I hope he has gotten past that and is able to bring old Billy back. I have not been able to watch the show for several weeks, thankfully being spared this whole Delia storyline, but I will definitely come back to watch David Tom. Welcome back!!!!!

  21. YandR fan says:

    nooooooooooo! love Billy Miller

  22. Sam says:

    What a shame. Billy Miller did some of the best acting I’ve seen on Y&R in years. His scenes since his daughter died have been painful yet incredibly well acted. Plus, his chemistry with the actress that plays Victoria has made that couple great to watch. David Tom is a great actor, but I am pretty bummed to see Miller go. I’m sure we’ll see him on our screens on another show soon – that kind of talent doesn’t fade away that easily.

  23. Melanie says:

    OMG NO Dont let Billy Miller GO! Offer him more money lol I Love Billy Miller. He IS Billy Abbott. PLEASEEEEEEE

  24. Quentin says:

    Just a small error on DT he played Paul Cramer on both OLTL and AMC but he was a OLTL character. Which means it should say OLTL(Sorry I cut for my soap) That was the baby swap storyline and it hooked me deeper into soaps.

  25. Quentin says:

    Paul Cramer as in Dorian Cramer, Blair Cramer, Kelly Cramer, Cassie Cramer all OLTL characters.

  26. donna says:

    I am sorry to read of his leaving. One of the best actors on tv. I can’t imagine that anyone could even touchj the chemistry between Billy and Victoria (sheis awsome too). Blessings Billy

  27. WARNING: ratings are going to drop without Billy Miller.

  28. Ken says:

    Sorry, TVLine but you got it wrong in this article when you said Billy Miller was the third young adult actor to play Billy Abbott. He is actually the fourth person t play a grown-up Billy! Between David Tom and Billy Miller, the part of Billy was also played by both Ryan Brown and Scott Seymour.

  29. Rose says:

    Guess that goes to show me that Billy Miller is awesome to me, I didn’t even know who David Tom was. I am thinking it’s time to switch channels. I have been watching Y & R since it’s debut but the killing of Delia and the writing to put everything back the way it was was revolting to say the least.They are redeeming Sharon with no accountability for what shes done and to have Dillon end up being a Newman just is too much for me to stomach.

    • Faith says:

      Phyllis has not been held accountable so Sharon getting off is Poetic Justice. Plus, I still do not believe that she changed the paternity results; she hallucinated changing it.

  30. SMF says:

    I don’t know how David Tom will fare, BUT Billy Miller triumphed the portrayal of grown up Billy. He showed that zany and awkward side as well as that dark side. He will be miss, and so far, he is the BEST Billy.

    To me, this has nothing to do with childhood memories as it has to do with Miller being a fan actor and giving a helluva portrayal of Billy Abbott. David Tom is going to have to step up the game. Billy Miller has pretty much carved out that role and had did it fantastically justice.

  31. Trip says:

    Just for the record, there have been four adult Billy’s, not three. The third just didn’t last very long (he was brought back for John’s death and written to move to Hong Kong to avoid his gambling issues quickly thereafter.)

  32. I am happy for Miller as he is freed from this sinking ship. However, I do not think that they did enough to keep him…Otherwise, he’d still be on board. I, for one, will not be watching after he leaves though I do wish him the best of luck. Some say it’s silly to stop watching, but I only recently returned to watch Villy so there is no point for me. Hope the show gets better. And any Michelle Stafford fans, check out the Stafford Project (on Youtube) if you haven’t already. It’s great!

  33. VillyFan4Ever says:

    NOOO!!!I LOVE Billy Miller!!! He is incredible as Billy Abbott and I am OUTRAGED that it has come to this all because Sony refuses to work with Billy Miller and negotiate him time away from the show to work on other projects!

    This is not 1999! My 14 year old self loved David Tom as Billy…partly because I did not know any different! At 28 years old…not loving him so much! Y&R better be really careful because this will cause a ratings fall in a major way! They don’t have an audience for this anymore! David Tom is too young looking to play Billy now. The “Glow By Jabot” kids were popular in their day but it’s over! This is a huge mistake!

    Billy Miller has incredible chemistry with Amelia Heinle! They are the ONLY reason that I am still watching Y&R right now! I LOVE Villy! David Tom will not have the same chemistry with her so TPTB may as well go ahead and admit it, Villy will be over when Billy Miller leaves! Well, I have got news for Sony and The Young and the Restless…I am SO done with this show when Billy Miller leaves!!!

    • Ah. I had a feeling he was interested in doing other projects. Why shouldn’t he? He’s a good actor. They should have negotiated for sure. It’s a soap. They could have made a story up. Whatever. Oh, no more Y&R for some of us, at least.

  34. Linda says:

    Terrible….Billy Miller is Billy Abbott….David Tom is a terrible actor! No one can replace Billy Miller, but this choice is horrific!

  35. Carl Mape says:

    He was STUPID to leave to begin with. Thought he would make it HUGE (like the actors who used to play Ryan adn JT) and his career crashed and burned. SHOCKED he is back! Billy Miller is awesome, but his storyline has been STUPID the past 1-2 years

  36. Richard says:

    I’m happy David Tom is back.Ive never likes Victoria & Billy as a couple much anyway so don’t care if the show is going in a new direction with the character.
    I get there is a lot of Billy Miller fans but common people your going over board with your threats to quit y&r.the recasting could have been way worse! Welcome back David! I can’t wait for his 1st air date back on.
    Now if only the show could get rid of nu Noah (can’t stand this actor) & bring back Kevin Schmidt.

  37. Dolly says:

    Big mistake. Billy was so right for this role. I don’t blame him for leaving but I don’t think I’ll get used to David Tom.

    • don says:

      You will get use to David Tom fast since he played the role before trust me. I am glad that he is back to the role cause the show needs fresh blood to survive

  38. Gail says:

    Too many changes coming to fast Billy is a big part of the show. It will only get worse with each actor leaving. Y & R needs to do something to keep their actors/actresses. Just not as good as it was, and I have been a die hard fan.

    • Sha says:

      I agree with you Gail! I have always been a fan of Y&R! But, with all the changes, replacing our favorites! Like Billy! Who can replace Billy?? Michael is amazing as Adam! Phyllis!? Just let her character die! TOO many new faces!! Its just not gonna be the same! Sad & disappointed!!

      • don says:

        Remember that David Tom who got the role first and Billy Miller was good in role but Billy Abbott needs to go to a new direction which Billy Miller can not do. There is a lot of speculation that Victoria and Billy will split up after the billy switch happens.

  39. Sharon Barnes says:

    With losing Billy and Michael….HMMMMMM! Not very Happy! Billy is a awesome actor, great to look at, loved the way he played Billy’s character! Michael, as Adam! He is AWESOME! What the heck are you doing to Y&R???? Two main characters gone around the same time! It sucked that you let a little girl be killed off the show! Now you fired Michael! Billy is leaving! They brought life to Y&R! This is a stupid move! If you have noticed Soaps are being cancelled! Yes, you have been #1! But, I feel it’s because of these two strong actors! Very unhappy!

  40. jerry says:

    We are planning an “end of the series” party on 30Jan.2014
    Goodby Y&R!!!!! RIP

    • Richard says:

      are you serious Jerry? Big deal that a few actors are leaving.Michelle & Billy Miller chose to leave to pursue other stuff.I think it’s awesome that y&r is bringing back Emmy winning David Tom as the new/old Billy Abbott!
      I can’t wait until his first air date.And Sharron Barnes he is also great to look at.The Billy character needed a new direction & David is a perfect choice for this.
      I am upset the show is losing Michael Muhney though.Adam is one of my favorite characters.
      I hope one day down the road he returns and the show doesn’t recast the role.
      But I’m not gonna quit watching the show after 30 years just because of cast changes.Actors come & go in soaps it’s nothing new.I nearly quit watching the show in the late 80’s when Brenda Dickson (original Jill Abbot) was fired but kept watching.As long as it’s on the air I will continue to watch it.

  41. Vickie Lutz says:

    Don’t like DT have watched y& r for 35+years and I think y&r should have worked around his scenes schedule like did SB. To fly home Tennessee & Wouldn’t be these problems.

  42. Binky says:

    I have watched young n restless for more than 30 years… I have chosen it over any other show in dvr when home after midnite from work- n I am so so so bummed about billy miller leaving!!!! I am very upset about Michael M. Leaving— isn’t their any counseling or some type of other punishment- they make this show- it was bad enough after Michelle left— there are a ton of actors/ actresses who could be cut to have kept billy miller– Kyle, Courtney, Tyler, Neil’s gf- so boring can’t remember her name n watch daily- fen, bring back Ashley… Keep billy…. N on b&b getting rid of ridge was catastrophic to show- bringing on new ridge is a joke- horrible replacement – no chemistry at all- awful replacement – need to bring Phyllis back!!! Wyatt n his mom r a disgrace to day time- n Pam’s security beau- ugh- these 2 shows are going down- very sad!

  43. Renee in CA says:

    I’m so sad these actors we have grown to LOVE are leaving. It appears though, it’s been
    a domino effect. I’d like to know if the bullet killed Adam first or did the burning car kill him? Hopefully there will be an autopsy on the Y & R show and we will hear about this from
    Paul. Also will there be a funeral or memorial for Adam? Just curious. I would like to add
    if any of the writers of the Y & R are reading this. The old girlfriend stalking and being
    invisible is B O R I N G material. I’m sure others who read my post will chime in and

  44. Linda Bright says:

    Bad ideal getting rid of Billy Snd aDs part I have watched this show for over 38years know.more

  45. SVThomas says:

    I too, cannot believe Billy Miller is leaving the show. Personally it means that I will not be watching Y and R any longer….have been a fan since day one, but the best chemistry was between Billy and Amelia. :(

  46. Sharon Burden says:

    Watched Y&R also for 30 years ,plus. Am very upset over both actors leaving, loved them both. Maybe now I can get some things done because I’ll have more time since I won’t be watching the soap anymore unless Adam returns!

  47. latasha says:

    i miss billy that just left. he fit the script perfectly and i hope h returns otherwise the show will be boring and i wouldn’t won’t to watch it. this new billy dose not fit the part.

  48. Lisa says:

    As a kid, the Y&R was watched every evening in my house. As an adult, I continued this tradition until a few years ago. The story lines seemed to weakened and I began to lose interest in the characters; however, when changing the channels, if I saw Billy MIller on the screen, I always stopped to watch. The chemistry between him and Amelia was fabulous, plus he’s super hot!! With him gone now, and David Tom in his place, there’s absolutely no reason to watch this show. When he previously filled the role of Billy, I found him dull and whiny, but now picturing him with Victoria is like watching paint dry, painful.

    • Emmy says:

      Hi, I agree with you. Billie Miller was one of the best actors on the show. I hope he will return when changes are made. I wonder how many more are going to be fired. hey had thye right combo with BM playing Billie.
      I am wondering how MM Adam is doing? He was also fired for groping. I hope its not true .
      If its true good firing if not another bad judgement. Emmy

  49. Kass says:

    MM gone, Billy gone, Y & R so boring now, not worth watching, if MM is not reinstated I’m off, cancelling Foxtel
    as I only signed up to watch Y & R so might as well save some money and check out Days to see if it has improved

    • Emmy says:

      Hi, Days has improved. It gets crazy yet has a mystery going on and on. I like that in a soap. I watch G. H.. and Y &r too.I will watch Y & r for a month longer and see if I want to stay with the program. I Liked it because it was a solid soap. Emmy

  50. Jaclyn says:


    • Richard says:

      I can’t believe all the people quitting y&r because they switched an actor.Once they give David Tom a better storyline it will be better.He should have been brought in once this whole Adam/Deila’s death story & his divorce from Victoria was final.Its difficult for any actor to come in
      during a major storyline.I think he is doing a good job so far,and he is very aware of the big shoes he has to fill.
      After awhile he will own the role again & make it his own.
      Its not the actors that are the problem here.It’s the bad writing & curent executive producer who are making a ton of people stop watching.But aparently ratings are high for this show right now so it’s confusing.I will continue to watch it