Dallas Gets Premiere Date for Split Season 3

Dallas Season 3 Premiere DateTVLine has confirmed that Season 3 of TNT’s Dallas — or at least the first half of it — will premiere on Monday, Feb. 24 at 9/8c, the day before Rizzoli & Isles and Perception return.

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TV Guide Magazine first reported the date, along with EP Michael Robin’s promises that, in addition to hook-ups and betrayals, Season 3 will play host to “the biggest Southfork wedding yet!”

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As first unofficially announced by cast member Josh Henderson back in July, Dallas‘ coming run will be split into two halves — an opening run of eight episodes, and then seven more come summer — with each batch serving up its own cliffhanger, showrunner Cynthia Cidre told TVGM.

Cast additions for Season 3 include 90210‘s AnnaLynne McCord (playing a tomboy-ish ranch hand love interest for Jesse Metcalfe’s Christopher) and Camp alum Juan Pablo Di Pace (in the series regular role of self-made billionaire businessman Nicolas Trevino.

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  1. Patricia says:

    So excited!! Less than 100 days away!! So excited!! Love me some John Ross/Pamela!!

  2. Scott says:

    They really should recast Pam. The character could add so many storylines and satisfy the fans who feel slighted by last season’s story

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    I wish they would just air the whole thing during the summer. Monday’s are already so full of great programming if I want to watch the first half I’ll have to search for it on repeats.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m looking forward to the return!

  5. Thank GOD it’s coming back to summer. Maybe this can be a nice transition into summer-only Dallas scheduling. Although season 2 was better than season 1, more competition in the winter made it perform so poorly.

  6. Kit says:

    Because, AnnaLynne McCord is SO tobmoyish and has the look of a ranch hand…give me a break! Superficial Dallas socialite with a cocaine habit is more in line with her looks and body type.

  7. PS says:

    “They really should recast Pam.”

    No, they should not. That character died eons ago. And there is no good explanation to bring her back. It’s enough that they butchered Cliff’s character beyond recognition, just so they get a story.

  8. Babygate says:

    What is the logic of having these cable shows return the same week that the network shows begin their Spring season? I thought the point of cable was to take advantage of the network hiatus to augment their viewership. This way they are in direct competition.

  9. didi says:

    God, I hate split seasons.

  10. Amanda says:

    Yeah Buddy!!!!! Can I vote to kill of the bothersome Elena and what-her-face’s daughter…they are the only two weak links too the show!

  11. Saabgirlatx says:

    Can’t. Wait.

  12. DavidSask says:

    TNT needs more soap opera shows and less crime procedurals. I think this being Winter series is also bad decision should be late spring summer show and run all the way through!!

  13. Betty says:

    I just can’t wait for it to come back I love Dallas and all its drama it’s not soon enough for me.

  14. Jeanette says:

    Can’t wait! Been long time coming. Can’t wait to see how Patrick handles the lead role. And can’t wait to see if bobby and jr kids fall into the same pattern as their dads did. Big shoes to fill.

  15. Sheri garron says:

    Bring Pam back bring ray and Donna back

  16. Doug says:

    What’s up with split season’s,there was no split season in the older Dallas it lasted the whole winter season. That’s the way this new Dallas should be as well! Bringing back Pam, would be like bringing back a new J.R. It would ruin the show! Let’s see how this new Dallas will be without J.R. . Hopefully they can make it work with Sue Ellen and John Ross being spitefull enough without J.R.’s presence in the show. I hope they can, because I’d like to see this show work! They really need to stop with the stupid split season crap, this show is to good for all that delay crap. It’s bad enough we only get to see about 38 and 1/2 mins. Out of an hour of a show due to all the commercials!!!!!

  17. Rhonda says:

    I can’t wait for Dallas to start again, I wish they didn’t have to split season 3, I want to see all the action and betrayal from beginning to end, besides, John Ross is so hot!

  18. I am in UK, but I love Dallas. However to me Dallas was JR and JR was Dallas. I hope it works without him, but I will miss him so much

    • John says:

      I am a Dallas original fan. I have watched the first two seasons and the season 3 premier. I find that the characters – John Ross and Christopher Ewing have been poorly cast. Yes they are eye for the audience but really, aren’t they a bit too young to have all the business acumen and wisdom of people who run global energy companies. I find these actors are not believable as super moguls. They are too pretty. And the new young women of SouthFork are equally as unbelievable as characters. They look barely out of college yet they possess wiles and business experience usually reserved for older, wiser, experienced folks. I may give up on this show

      • JaJ says:

        So not true! John Ross has JR’s motions down so perfectly it is like watching a young JR. Split season? That really stinks.

    • honestbuttruthful says:

      RIP JR :(

  19. Jerry says:

    Ray and Donna were divorced in 1987 and she is married to Senator Dowling. She’s out. But I do agree that bringing Ray Krebbs and Jenna Wade back is a good idea. They were married and living in Europe when the original series ended. As for bringing Pam back – stupid idea. Some things are just better left alone.

    • Brandon childers says:

      Here’s how you do it, some woman comes looking for Ray at SF, Bobby called Ray, Ray comes over with Jenna and Lucas, the woman says she is Rays daughter, Donna comes back to retrieve her daughter, also Rays daughter,

      I would also like Gary to be in the new dallas a lot more then he was in the old Dallas,

  20. Carol foley says:

    The New Dallas is just as good as the first Dallas years ago,I watched it then and love it now…The writers are fabulous..Can’t waite until Feb.season 3…GREAT SHOW !!!!!

  21. Cheryl Moore says:

    I can’t believe we have to wait for February for Dallas to return , hurry up already , Canada loves you !!

  22. Enrico Domani says:

    JR was Dallas his character gave life to the rest of the cast. The new generation of Actors are sub-standerd at best,with the old regulars showing the end of an era, even television shows its reseveration by airing it on TNT……..the network with more commercials than show. I see it falling apart after the JR demise………….Heres to you JR you were the beginning and the end………..

  23. James Warden says:

    Have official inside eyewitness confirmation in the season finale 2014, Southfork BURNS TO THE GROUND. No details as to scripting.

  24. JoJo brenner says:

    Can’t wait for Feb.24th.Loved the show back in the day and love how the wtitters kept same themes only with the younger generation included!! Its a great cast.No need to bring Pam back but a few of the older ones back,like Ray,Gary,Val Ect.I “Do Not” like split season..And “Don’t like it being on a Mon. :( I already have a line up on that night..Hope I don’t forget to record..Feel the day change may lesson the amount of viewers!! All in all “Great Show” combing old & new cast that are doing a good conving story lines. Rip Larry Hagmon..From a Dallas show lover.Old & new. :)

  25. rob says:

    They are going to have to bring back more of the old cast , because it’s not the young that is turning in to watch this show, the 80’s were watched by baby boomers mostly!!! I agree bring back ray, donna, bobby son by jena wade , isn’t he a heir to the ewing empire with ray being a ewing son? So let’s root for more nostalgia in Dallas!!!

  26. karl says:

    bring back gary ewing to go against bobby for southfork.

  27. Heather Walshe says:

    When will Dallas be shown on TV this year & on what channel please. Thanks.

  28. Martha says:

    Bring back Pam maybe not however if you need flash backs they could use Marianne Mobley she looks a lot like Pam. Bring in Abby Ewing (Donna Mills) and Gary Ewing, Ray and Donna and Jenna and their kids for their piece of the action. Forget about all the cousins and stuff from the 80’s and early 90’s but you may want to bring back Calley with her child just because it is part of JR. I like Cliff’s Daughter and the actress who plays her. she should stay but get rid of Elaina. She should marry John Ross. Sue Ellen and Bobby are great……..sometimes when Sue Ellen is at the bottom of a bottle they should play flash backs…including Swan Song.

  29. carrie a says:

    i live in scotland and can remember going into labour near 25 year ago while watching an old eposode of dallas back then as fans will remember bobby and jr the great man himself were every womens dream, so i looked forward to new dallas and truely loved every minute how sexy ar john ross and chriss. so please get it back on uk tv fast

  30. visit this says:

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  31. Pam Lyles says:

    Bring Pam back? Would it be the old shower scene again? Come on people, not that again!!!!!! Just bring Pamback in coffin for a proper burial, Southfork style!!! Maybe next to herfavorite brother-in-law, of course, right next to J.R.! Just see the tempers heat up! Sounds very interesting to me.

  32. i did not see when dallas is airing again this summer. please date and time. i dont want to miss it

  33. brenda says:

    luv the new Dallas, don’t like the split season though.

  34. lesa says:

    Now they brought back dallas they should bring back knots landing. That would be too awesome!!!!!!,