Castle Recap: Dead Ringers -- AKA the Best Episode of the Season

Castle Recap 3kX Killer Returns?The week on ABC’s Castle, Kate, Rick et al found themselves twin piqued by serial murders that hit wayyyy close to home and left a trail of clues pointing to the impossible-ish.

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THE CASE | A waterfront watchman spies a woman apparently standing at the end of a pier — except she’s actually hanging from fishing line, dead. Arriving on the scene, Kate and Rick note that Lanie looks unusually startled, and for good reason: the corpse is a dead ringer for the M.E., right down to her hair products and a new hip tattoo that Javy (and only Javy) could have known about. The victim, Pam, used to be a street-walker, but shortly after moving to New York City, she told her dad, she landed a sweet gig. The source of her good fortune is a mystery, though, with the only clue being the serial number on her cheek implants. traced to Dr. Kelly Niemann. The plastic surgeon explains to Castle and Beckett that Pam gave her a pic of a “friend” she wanted to look like.

Meanwhile, thanks to a selfie retrieved by Tory from Pam’s phone, the boys stake out a boat at the marina, where they find another strung-up body — that looks like Espo. This victim, Daniel Santos, was a former stripper who — stop me if you’ve heard this before — landed a sweet gig after moving to New York City, from Georgia. Whats more, it’s discovered that Daniel was practicing to talk like Espo, too! Scouting out Santos’ digs, Espo is approached by a spooked neighbor, who says that a town car used to pick Santos up regularly. And on his final such trip, he was deposited at the home of… Dr. Neimann.

But no amount of grilling can cause Niemann to break for Beckett. Instead, the good doc explains away her curious connection to both vics by saying that Daniel, a “purely physical” hook-up, had referred Pam to her. What’s more, Niemann’s alibis for both kills checks out — as proven by a video of Santos leaving her place at night, then getting into a car traced to… waterfront watchman Carl Mathews, who has gone missing after quitting that job. Rick suggests that Carl doesn’t “fit” this crime, that if anything he is working with someone — someone like 3XK aka Jerry Tyson, the killer who dogged them in Season 3. “No evidence, meticulously planned… It’s vintage 3XK,” Rick contends. But no sooner does Kate urge him to not chase ghosts do they discover that all of the 3XK files have been stolen (by Faux Espo), as has all the DNA evidence from those investigations (by Like-Lanie).

The team tracks Carl to a motel — the same place (and room number) where 3XK was put up back in the day — and Rick tackles him. In the interrogation room, Carl claims he is no disciple of Tyson’s but his own man, and as such he’ll ‘fess up to only his own kills — “no more and no less.” He then taunts Caskett with this parting thought: “You think you’ve got this all figured out. But you don’t.” Indeed. A review of Tyson’s prison records show that the visiting doctor during his stint behind bars was none other than Kelly Niemann, and that she left when he did. And now, Niemann is in the wind, her tony office cleaned out save for a pen that, Rick later discovers at the loft, harbors a flash drive….

He plugs it into his laptop, and Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again,” quite haunting in this context, begins wailing throughout the living space, visibly shaking Beckett to the bone.

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THE CASKETT | Before the eeriness of the first murder scene set it, we saw Rick trying to plan his and Kate’s honeymoon, suggesting that the right place and best time will in turn dictate their wedding date. But Kate soon gets wise to his subtle plan to have their honeymoon double as a tour of “Middle Earth” in New Zealand. (“I was hoping for something more romantic and less Hobbit-y.”) But when Kate begins suggesting other destinations, they realize that Rick and his previous mates have already covered much of the globe — save for Albania and Finland. Hmmm.

THE ESPLANIE | Some nice moments for the long-forsaken couple, first as we learn that not only are they still hooking up, but that Lanie, at least, has been a one-man woman. Later, when Espo’s doppelgänger pops up, Lanie frets over who’ll be next. When Javy assures her, “I won’t let anything happen to you,” she worries, “What if something happens to you?” And towards the hour’s end, as they observe the questioning of Carl, Lanie raises a chilling: “How long until we stop thinking about what he’s done, until we stop looking at each other and seeing dead people?” Fair point, that.

THE REVIEW | I know the season-opening D.C. arc had its appeal, but when it comes to a combination of A) ca ompelling (if not entirely realistic) case, B) cast inclusion (Lanie! Gates! MyTory!), C) good Rick/Kate moments and D) solid guest stars (in 24‘s Annie Wersching and Lost‘s William Mapother), you’d be hard-pressed to name a more satisfying Season 6 entry than this. Cinching the deal was how it revived the 3XK storyline (and maybe Tyson himself?) to an extent that is TBD. Is he back? Is Niemann just an obsessed fan? (Is there any way that Carl is Tyson?) Yep, I’m going with Best Episode of the Season. What did you think?

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  1. jake says:

    Such a well written episode and a great mystery that would make a great movie — btw, who is this new researcher girl they brought on with zero introduction. Great episode of Castle!!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That is Tory Ellis, played by Maya Stojan.

    • Luli says:

      ikr! She has more lines than Lanie has in a normal episode!!!

      • Annie says:

        I’ve noticed her all this season. All due respect to Matt’s heart-crush but honest to God, my first thought, and my every thought thereafter: “She’s somebody’s girlfriend. Producer’s? Fillion’s?” Don’t hate me, please.

        • gloria says:

          What an episode…. even in my Yahoo Castle group… the messages are slowly coming in… and who is she -the researcher that is? Very easy on the eyes…. and I am a female talking:)

        • scooby says:

          A lot of people noticed her on her first appearance awhile back and thought she was interesting. She didn’t just start this season. We talked about it at the time and wondered if the character could be involved with Espo now or in the future. Kinda sexist to say she’s getting used because she’s sleeping with someone. If a male actor stood out like that, would you assume it was someone’s boyfriend? Maybe it’s her ability to take what ought to be an insignificant part and standing out. She could be great to work with so they keep bringing her back. Many times actors will take a situation like that and get the attention of the producers to the point of becoming a significant player. Janel Maloney on West Wing for instance. A lot of actors on Castle are people that the production uses regularly as part of an extended family of actors. Don’t hate you? Don’t assume Maya Stojan’s very existence in a show you watch is due to anything other than something she earned.

        • Dory says:

          Why does she have to be someone’s GF. She’s pretty she can act. I have believed this before on some cable shows but I don’t feel this.

    • eridapo says:

      Things I noticed about the episode….

      1. The writer best does indeed have a hole above the I (kudos to the person that mention it).
      2. Remember the homeless guy with the hoodie at the beginning. Do you all remember that he coughed before he ran away. Well someone mention that this indeed could have been Tyson since we never saw his face. What had not been mention is that this guy makes another appearance in the episode… If you all watch just before the team arrives at the motel, there is a person that walks in front of the camera. This person is wearing a hoodie just like the homeless guy at the beginning, and he also coughs just like that homeless guy. The scene is just before the team gets of the car…. Ask yourselves why placed this guy there and why have him cough?
      3. So if this is the case… Tyson, Carl, and Kelly are working together in all this which makes this case even more interesting.

      • Mark says:

        I rate with Tysons history and knowledge of the 12th I think PI is part of this plot as well. Think about it starts to make sense he shows up in Alexis life a few months before Tyson steals the files and gets her to move out of her dads house, Costa Rica isn’t that far from Belize where all this seems to have been set up. Just saying it isn’t that far of a stretch…..

        • Mary says:

          Pi also came to my mind for one reason – Castle episodes usually have lots of foreshadowing and in the opening scene Castle was preparing a FRUIT breakfast! In an episode like this? Maybe I’m just reading too much?!

        • Dj says:

          I feel the same way about Pi. I think he might have a 3xk link. But I’m not sure what. I do think before the season ends 3xk will come back and kill Pi.

        • Lori says:

          I had basically the same thought; Alexis hadn’t known Pi for that long before bring him home and 3XK already knew so much about Castle his family and apartment from setting up Castle last season. Plus with knowing that a plastic surgeon was involved with him there is no telling what 3XK looks like now he could be anyone!!

      • act_on_love says:


      • Zod says:

        Excellent observation, had the same thoughts ’bout the homeless guy!

      • J says:

        Definitely the same “homeless” guy coughing. I watched the opening scene with him and paused it on the split second you saw his face……definitely could be 3XK! Good catch!

        I also now am wondering if Pi relates to this as well.

        • Stanatic C. says:

          I think that homeless guy probably was 3XK! I paused on his face as well and it looks really similar to him, granted, half his face was obstructed by his hood and the half we could see was covered in dirt/soot, but what you can see looks like 3XK. As far as the 𝝅 angle, I don’t see him being that evil and twisted but it could definitely be possible. There is a part of me that feels Carl Mathews wasn’t the one to kill the dopplegangers. He seemed extremely shocked to find “Lanie” at the end of the dock but if he had killed her and staged her, he wouldn’t need to be surprised to find a body since no one was (or should have been) around. I wonder if his admiration for 3XK was enough to make him take the fall for a man he might never have met. He didn’t know about the bank account that was paying for the dopplegangers new lifestyles, but in the past when 3XK has had people kill for him, he gave them all the little details that might get them caught in a lie so why wouldn’t he tell Mathews that his victims were being funded through that account so he could claim ownership of it. I am very anxious to see how this plot is expanded upon!

    • Gabriela says:

      She’s not that new btw, she’s been in like 6 episodes now. :)

    • Rich Abey says:

      I believe this is the 6th appearance of the “new research girl” on Castle. So she isn’t new at all.

    • Gennarose says:

      So me and my friend paused the episode at the beginning with the homeless mans face, it resembles Jerry Tyson 3xk, so I almost positive that it was him and he is alive.

    • John says:

      Yes, indeed such a great episode! Stellar acting especially by Stana & also the cast, excellent directing by Rob Bowman & writing by David Amann. Job well done!
      Beckett pretty much knew by the disappearance of the files signed out by the fake Espo & fake Lanie that one way or the other 3XK was back so her stunned, shocked & teary eyed reaction in the end of 6×09 was I think not because of her fear of knowing that he’s back because she knew he was by this time.
      No, I think her creeped out reaction was due to the fact that perhaps she & Castle had an intimate conversation at the loft recently & she had mentioned that that song had a special significance in her life. What scared her was how the doctor (& Tyson) knew about this? Remember in Probable Cause 3XK told Castle while he was in the holding cell that he (3XK) spied on Caskett while making love, going for romantic walks & other intimate details. Kate doesn’t know this, but she’s creeped out now because she knows the music in the flash drive was a clear indication & a message that somehow Castle & Beckett had been stalked & spied on at the loft, their private sanctuary.
      Great great episode!!! Loved it! Thank you David Amann & Rob Bowman, Stana, Nathan, Jon, Seamus, Tamala & Penny!

  2. Kristin says:

    SOOO good!!!!!

  3. Marine says:

    FAV EPISODE EVER! Not only this season, but ever. as an Esplanie fan, it was a real treat, and even esplanie shippers wanted MORE interaction between them, that was already like a Xmas present for us. Jon and Tamala killed it. Wow, what a chemistry! Hope Andrew Marlowe won’t forget them for the next part of the season…They are LOVED and AMAZING together :)

  4. Luli says:

    Didn’t quite get the ending… The song was a message that he was coming back right?
    Also I loved the episode, but I think next weeks ep is going to be amazing!
    Caskett + Baby = one of the best episodes of the season.

    And finally some esplanie!

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah….at first I didn’t either, and it was because I thought the song had some significance. I thought it was chosen because it played at some point in the past during their 3XK investigation. But I don’t recall when that was, so I’m probably overthinking it.

      • Two possibilities: either this song has some personal meaning to Beckett (related to her mother for instance) or Tyson heard it when he was spying them in Rick’s loft preparing his trap for Castle (5×05 episode).

        • lkh says:

          This song is of the WWII era. It was popular in Britain and played when troops left to go to war–many of them probably not coming back. Think there was a movie too. It would not be inappropriate to play it at a funeral particularly for those people who liked that part of history–maybe her Mom, dunno.

      • Racheal says:

        at the end of the episode, does anyone have any Idea what was happening? was it just the song that meant something to Beckett? and about Pi. it is possible he isnt the person you think he is, why is it that castle had no problems with Ashley but when it came to Pi Castle was upset besides the reason that Alexis moved in with him. still Pi has to be apart something..

        • Racheal says:

          Its him! Jerry Tyson A.K.A 3xK is back, I found a pic of 3xK and the face of the homeless guy, I did a little side to side view and then boom same eyes, facial hair but the nose seems a little messed with which means Kelly Nieman is his gf but who knows maybe it’ll be another “clone” to make it the ultimate twist ever

    • Rich Abey says:

      I didn’t quite get the ending too at first. But then after watching the episode again you realize that the song is nothing more than a warning to Kate & Rick that Dr.Nieman (aka 3XK’s gf) will be returning in the future (hence the song “We’ll meet again”). It does open up the possibilities: it could be just Niemen coming back or maybe 3XK himself coming back from the dead (with a new identity+face & with a double threat, what with his super creepy gf).

    • I thought the ending was fairly clear. The song “We’ll Meet Again” confirmed that 3XK is alive. It was a message to Castle and Beckett to not get too comfortable because he could appear at any moment. It’s nothing more than Tyson saying ‘we’ll me again’ thats it. It’s not that the song had any prior signifcance.

    • CC says:

      i believe the message in the song is to Beckett, as she’s the only one the 3XK has not attacked directly yet. so, it may be by the end of the season finale, maybe a cliffhanger, or in Season 7, if there is a season 7 (hope so).

    • CT says:

      Did anyone else notice that the ending was a callback to the beginning of “Setup” when Cadtle and Beckett were standing across from each other in the radiation tent? Similar look of horror. Just not as creepy or subject to interpretation.

  5. Emily says:

    Hands down best episode of the season, absolutely agree with you, Matt. First epi of season six that I haven’t been hired by or infuriated by (the ridiculously bad Alexis plot line).

    More of that level and I’ll be a happy fan again.

    Got to say, next week looks awesome from a purely shallow fangirl perspective. Nathan and Stana playing with a baby? Yes please.

  6. c-mo says:

    Totally agree, best ep of the season. I was completely creeped out by Dr. Niemann and am looking forward to her future appearances. Also a little worried about the song at the end, Kate’s tears were very troubling because she only cries when it’s reeeeeealy bad. Loved that they didn’t show Tyson because you know he’s watching from somewhere hidden. Dr. Niemann was so creepy that I was wondering if Niemann is really Tyson…

    • The theory is that this song was played at Johanna Beckett’s funeral…

      • Rich Abey says:

        Really? I thought it was just the words in the song (“We’ll meet again”) that scared Kate…

        • Michelle says:

          I suspect there’s something more than just the words of the song too, Beckett really seemed shaken up. I was wondering why her reaction was like that but then nothing else happened so I’m guessing there’s more significance to the song than we know now.

          • frankie says:

            I agree, This song was more than case solving for Beckett. This song has a personal, emotional .meaning for her. Kate’s body shook and she had tears in her eyes, Castle looked confused and concerned. Well acted!

    • Dory says:

      I think you’re absolutely right. Written in 1939. Vera Lynn singer. Published in Britain.

  7. dogged says:

    loved this episode, but Number One Fan is still my fav.
    And what’s with Kate’s reaction in the end? Am I missing something or was she seriously overplaying it?

    • scooby says:

      Folks seem to think it might have something to do with her mother. Maybe played at her funeral? Maybe a song she liked when alive? I’m betting funeral. It’d be something 3XK might’ve been able to find out. He clearly is stalking them to intimate detail.

    • May says:

      Wasn’t that Stana Katic singing? I’m pretty sure it was. If you go to youtube and play her version of “Simone’s Song” you’ll see that the voice is rather similar, at least I thought so.

      • CarlagUK says:

        It was definitely not Stana Katic singing. It was Vera Lynn for goodness sake, the woman who made the song famous in the first place.

        Great episode, arguably one of the best in the series never mind the season. Just hope that we get to see some of the fall out from this. This case realistically would definitely have left scars on the NYPD team, but I doubt we will get to see that. Hope I’m wrong.

      • LL624 says:

        No, the singer’s name is Vera Lynn. Doesn’t even sound like Stana.

    • Kat says:

      I’m sure Stana acted that part exactly how the writers and director wanted her to. So that scene plays the way it was ment to be played, bone chilling and forboding. If the scene was suppose to be less important, then the actors would have acted accordingly, don’t blame them for your confusion.

    • Rich Abey says:

      There is a theory going round that the song has something to do with Kate’s mother..but I think it’s words in the song that totally creeped out Kate. The song goes “We’ll meet again”, which is meant as a threat from Dr.Niemen that she will be back..possibly with her bf 3XK (from the dead..meaning that he really didn’t die and probably has a new face too).
      Still she looked more shocked that Rick. If the song simply meant that Dr.Niemen/3XK will be back to terrorize Caskett in the future, Kate & RIck would react in the same way..but they didn’t , meaning that there could be something more with the song choice..hey I’m just going in circles..that’s what the Castle writers do to us!

      • Castle’s face was more sadness and horror, perhaps some guilt, at being proved right. He blames himself for 3XK and now 3XK has Beckett also on his radar (in Castle’s mind she’s a target now and the gf is giving her a threat) So his face is different b/c he already suspected 3XK was alive. For Kate Beckett – the realization was just made!

  8. Jeremy says:

    Classically chilling. One of the best episodes ever.

  9. eridapo says:

    This was a great episode Matt though I would place Number One Fan ahead of this one simply because more Caskett moments….

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      BUT THE PI.

      • eridapo says:

        Did you really have to mention JarJar?.. Had wipe him out from my memory..

      • April says:

        I was totally expecting a PI mention with that fruit plate at the beginning of the episode.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Totally! Maybe it’s an unacknowledged nod to the fact that Pi’s habits are rubbing off on Mister C? Cause I certainly haven’t seen Castle use so much fruit together before. Still..the plating arrangements made Kate smile…so I don’t really care why. :)

          • Roxie922 says:

            Castle’s fruit plate arrangement, especially the blackberries as the hair, made the plated image look like Pi, enough so to cause Kate to smile.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Regardless of “Pi!” … Number One Fan was a near perfect episode. I did like this week’s episode for the creepy vibe it gave us (in a Talented Mr. Ripley kind of way). 3(frakking)XK!!! I think this new guy could be Jerry post plastic surg.. But I doubt it. Tyson would allow himself to be caught like that. But this guy does look a lot like one of the last rubes JT has used in the past.

      What hit me the most tonight.. Was the body language and look on Kate’s face when the song started. It gave me a chill.. She looked like she was gonna break down and cry. Wonder what that was all about? Just 3XK or something about her mom?

      As for the Honeymoon.. If it. Isn’t going to be on THE Moon, I think they should go somewhere very warm (Stana in a bikini warm).. Like a private island off the coast of Brazil (no, not twilight).. But close enough to civilization, because we all know this is series TV and there will have to be a murder or something to solve or make a reason for everyone to be there. Like Rick rents the island, everyone comes for the wedding, tsunami comes rushing in.. No one can evacuate.. And the next morning, someone ends up dead (like, for example, Pi).. But Lanie discovers he was highly allergic to gluten free fruit and it built up in his system and killed him. Couple days later they all leave the island and Caskett gets to “honeymooning” and BOOM. fade to black, run credits. Ba-nanananana
      … Anyway… That’s how I’d write it. :P

      • Emma says:

        Lol!’re hilarious! Although, I can see that happening….😃

      • lkh says:

        Maybe Kenya–lions there? Linus’ family?

      • Rich Abey says:

        On the honeymoon front, I’m all for anything that ends up with either Pi dead or leaving forever. Or rather I’d have Caskett spending their honeymoon in peace for once and letting the others deal with the murders..the team did function without Kate while she was suspended & off with the FBI.

      • Krithika says:

        I didn’t even read your comment (ok fine I went back and did), cos this one line just made me HAVE to comment:

  10. LMP17 says:

    Anyone else pause on the homeless guy? Look familiar… 3XK familiar?

    • LMP17 says:

      Be honest guys. It’s making me a little crazy so I just want another set of eyes. The last thing I want is to start something way off base.

    • eridapo says:

      No you are not… I rewound the scene to see if it was Tyson, but I couldn’t say if it was.

    • CMG says:

      I was actually thinking the nurse that greeted them in the plastic surgery office and that walked them back to the Doctor’s office was Tyson (3XK). That would be just like Tyson, to hide in plain sight, make Castle and Beckett walk right past him without even paying attention. It didn’t look like him, though.

    • act_on_love says:

      I’m pretty sure that between the face and build, and the fact that a coughing guy in a hoodie walked by the motel at :45, we were looking at Tyson, possible having had some facial surgery done.

  11. Just one thing says:

    A few observations:
    1.) David Amann should write more Castle episodes. I’ve always enjoyed darker Castle episodes far more than lighter episodes, and likely always will. Just personal preference.
    2.) I remember Annie Wershing from one of the most unfortunate (un-)creative periods of GH, and I never saw her in 24. Therefore, I was stoked to see how well she played Dr. Nieman. I hope to see Creepy!Nieman again soon, with her lover in tow.
    3.) The episode was a nice showcase of Jon Huertas and the under-utilized Tamala Jones, even if it all was a means to a Caskett drama-filled end. More organic uses of Esplanie and the Beckett/Lanie friendship from here on out will be greatly appreciated.
    4.) The ending was dark and chilling and great. Why so many people are confused by Beckett’s response to the song confuses me. That song has nothing to do with her family or her mother’s murder, and everything to do with the fact that she truly thought the guy was dead. That song was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak. No more denial. 3XK is still out there.
    5.) That said, as fun as 6×10 may be, it was hella jarring to go from one of Castle’s strongest doomsday endings to a promo featuring light and happy, joyous baby shenanigans. Whiplash, much? Hopefully Castle and Beckett at least mention their concern, even if it’s a throwaway line before delving into the COTW.
    Overall, a really solid, mythological episode. The most believably dramatic of the season, which will hopefully lead to some awesome end-of-season drama that has nothing to do with Castle and Beckett being idiots. :P

    • Just one thing says:

      Oh, sheeeet. I forgot to say that Gates was fantastic in this episode. So much depth in that “embarrassment” scene with Beckett. Good stuff. More, please.

      • april-ann says:

        I could do without Gates. Undue intimidation might be what her job is just so there’s an arrest of any kind for her to boast, but there’s no embarrassment in following up leads, investigating every angle, working 24/7, looking at everything to your avail under a microscope. Even if the “embarrassment” to her is them not making up leads so there’s a false arrest and that becomes a story, I’m still not into Gates and could do without her.

        • Just one thing says:

          I can see what you mean, but Gates has always been the politically-savvy, hard-nosed boss whose primary concern is to protect the department, her career, and the careers of her detectives. She’s never outright let the team get away with things like Montgomery did, but her loyalty to them has never wavered, either.
          As of that scene, there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest 3XK was alive, and her message was a subtle warning in Beckett’s best interest. Why send the city into mass panic without just cause? Her motto has always been the same: Do your jobs, find the evidence, present your case.
          I feel like these moments are examples of her protecting Beckett, Esposito and Ryan, more than anything else.
          On another note, I’m glad Castle mentioned that the department hasn’t approved Beckett’s time off yet. Solid record aside, homegirl has resigned from the Force twice in two years. She should probably be on a strict probationary period or something for that.

          • april-ann says:

            I’ve wondered why it was a given that she gets her old job back just like that. I know it’s a tv show, but it does seem a little far fetched that, good at it or not, she can leave and decide to come back whenever she wants and her job is still there waiting for her no questions asked. It’s not that I want them to spend alot of time on it (unless it leads to something interesting) but it could at least be addressed in some sort of believable way. Good points about Gates. I have tried to like her.

          • Stormy says:

            IMO The department manpower stretches just so far and if they can regain a detective with a great closure record, they’d jump at it.

          • lkh says:

            Does she have an office now?

    • scooby says:

      You have no idea that the song doesn’t involve her mother. You’re just assuming. Of course it’s creepy and threatening. It’s enough for me that it could be that, but it’s an extra level of creepy if it’s meant to convey that he’s invading her life to mess with HER head now in the way that will get her the worst. Does a Johanna Beckett doppleganger show up somewhere in the future? If he did that instead of kill a Beckett one, I don’t see how she shakes that off.

      • Just one thing says:

        I think I’m making the most logical assumption: “We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when” is a clear message to Castle and Beckett that things aren’t over. There’s been no prior indication that the song is connect to Beckett or her family.
        And if that was the writers’ intention, especially given next week’s episode, they would have explained it in dialogue, even a sentence — which, incidentally, would have destroyed the entire effect of those last few moments.
        I just highly doubt that the show would blend its two biggest mythos in Johanna Beckett and Jerry Tyson into one story. It’s like suggesting Tyson and Bracken will one day team up, or Jackson Hunt is gonna kill Bracken. These long-term arcs were originated/developed separately, and it would be an odd choice for the writers to intertwine them in such a way.
        Do I think they laid the groundwork with Nieman that Beckett could one day logically be a target? Sure do. But I don’t think that’ll have anything to do with her mother, and will haev everything to do with messing with Castle. Just like in Probable Cause.

        • c-mo says:

          Kate’s not going to get tears in her eyes just because Tyson is back, I think the song had much more significance than just an “I’m baaack”. Don’t forget Tyson admitted to Castle that he’d watched everything that had gone on in the loft so he’s got reach, he’s got resources…he paid for Sweaty Von Sweats-a-lot’s 100k heart surgery, where did those resources come from…Bracken’s backer, Ben Moss…?

          • Just one thing says:

            Playing off of someone else’s comment above or below, Kate expressed concern that Rick might start obsessing over Tyson. She’s been adamant for over a year that Tyson is dead, because she wanted to believe it. Her “don’t chase ghosts” recommendation, while ill-advised in this case, was her attempt to protect Castle from a similar darkness that she chased for years.
            Jerry has the resources to break himself out of custody multiple times, assume different identities and destroy evidence because he’s apparently a hacker extraordinaire. It’s not unreasonable to assume that he could also hack/steal the millions required to continue his little game with Castle.
            As for Beckett’s response, she was nearly as freaked out when she reported to the others that “Lanie” checked out all 3XK medical reports. Nearly in tears then, it looked like. So, at this point, I think it’s just the mere notion that Jerry is still out there that unsettles her to the core.
            Clearly something got lost in translation with that last scene, because there’s widespread confusion about it that likely can’t be ignored. I just think people are over-analyzing it a bit, assigning backstory and connections that have never been established by the show — and likely won’t by next week, either.
            The lyrics tell the story; and I believe they were meant to serve as dialogue. They’re all going to meet Tyson again, and there’s nothing they can do to stop him.

          • Marek says:

            @Just one thing, the reason there’s a confusion has nothing to do with the scene and everything with the people who are confused.

          • prof.grum says:

            You mean to say that people who didn’t get this scene are dumb, don’t you? Or may be you’re one of those who think Stana or the show can do no wrong, and go around singing “In Marlowe We Trust” hymns? Good for you then.
            I liked this episode a lot, but Castle’s and Beckett’s disproportionate reactions to the song messed up with my understanding of their motivation. Would be nice of you to give your explanation instead of implying that everybody who didn’t get it is an idiot. I’d be interested to hear it.

      • taran63 says:

        You have no idea that the song DOES involve her mother. You’re just assuming.

      • prof.grum says:

        Yeah, I don’t get Beckett’s reaction in the last scene. She couldn’t be THAT freaked out only because of Tyson, there should be something else. But they didn’t tell us what, and they won’t tell us till the next 3XK eppy, if ever. So I’m left with feeling that Stana totally overacted in this scene.

        • Marek says:

          The confusion about what the song meant? Words fail me. But that’s what I get for reading Castle comments, I suppose.

        • Just one thing says:

          It’s a fair argument that she may have overplayed it, I guess… I just have a hard time believing that Rob Bowman wouldn’t have had her dial it back, and/or used a more muted take instead. With that in mind, I can only assume all parties involved, from EPs to editor, were satisfied with how the moment played out.

          • prof.grum says:

            yeah, I would think she was given some specific direction to play the scene and appear so much more terrified than Castle (who has more of a history being freaked out by 3XK). But as there was no explanation or even a hint, I am left to think that this is either director’s or actor’s fault. That is really my only complaint about this eppy.

        • Mary says:

          I´m pretty sure Stana DIDN´T overact! I believe the song has more to it than just the certainity that Tyson is back and Kate´s reaction was a way to make the viewers guess what it is:)

        • Ciara says:

          Beckett was freaked out because she realises that it’s not only Tyson who will be back, Kelly Neiman will be back too.
          If you have noticed, Tyson targeted Castle since Season 3 but now he has a female accompalie that is fascinated (in a psychotic way) by Beckett. Neiman kept calling Beckett ‘so beautiful’, ‘perfection’ at least 10 times in the episode. She is clearly frightened of having a serial killer couple behind her and Castle, that too when they are planning thier wedding.
          It’s like Brennan and Pelant except in Bones, Pelant didnt have a psycho girlfriend chasing Booth.

          • prof.grum says:

            I understood the meaning of the song concerning the return of psychos. I didn’t get why Beckett was so much more frightened by the song than Castle. It looked like there was some additional meaning for Beckett that we were supposed to get but I didn’t.

          • Just one thing says:

            As you said earlier, @prof.grum, their responses felt disproportionate. Though I think it could be argued that the song was more confirmation for Castle than the first sign, like it was for Beckett. He never believed Tyson was dead, so this wasn’t a shock to him — just his last bit of proof. For Beckett, who has been in denial, she pretty much can’t ignore the evidence that the guy who stalked them, watched them have sex, etc., and nearly killed them, is still alive and well.
            Had they both expressed the same level of terror, the scene would have come off as melodramatic. Had she expressed the same stoic level of fear that she has in the past, perhaps it would have been less confusing to so many viewers. But would it have had the same effect — making the audience as stunned and apprehensive as Beckett and, to a lesser extent, Castle? I’m not sure.

          • bres_08 says:

            No.. in Bones Pelant was the psycho, “boyfriend” if you will, going after Brennan & creeping Booth out.
            Castle reversed it, same way they reversed the premise—best-selling (female) author of crime novels teams up with a (male) law-enforcement officer, as an advisor/consultant, and helps him solve cases.

            Even borrowed some of the Bones plots for several episodes in the first few seasons.

      • Krithika says:

        What if Kate is simply worried about her and Rick’s future? Have you thought about that? I mean, after everything they’ve been through together: Tigers, freezers, bullets and so much more, she’s just about ready to begin a family with this guy and have a real shot at building familial bonds. What if the thought that a cold-blooded serial killer, who was presumed to be dead, resurfaces again and threatens to ruin her new-found shot at happiness, is just too unbearable? What if the thought, that she’s really looking forward to a future, that might or might not even exist, all because of one man’s vendetta against her fiancée, makes her want to just break down? And if you say that Castle looked comparatively calmer that her in the scene, I think it’s because he was trying to be strong for her, for them. That’s just my one cent on this scene.

    • Apples says:

      The ending didn’t affect me as much as others (it is simply foreshadowing a future episode showdown with T/N versus C/B).
      I loved the scene in the archives with Castle riven by his guilt about 3XK and Beckett telling him not to chase ghosts. A beautiful role reversal and showcased Beckett’s character growth over the past few seasons in one simple line. Fillion and Katic were outstanding all episode but that scene blew me away.
      I loved Castle’s takedown of Matthews and his unrepentant snark about how he was going for double-digit broken ribs. We don’t see badass!Castle often enough.
      The show often switches from really dark and angsty eps to light-hearted ones. Target/Hunt were followed by the very campy Scared to Death, or Recoil by the lovey-dovey Reality Star Struck last season, for example. Even the proposal itself switched tones rapidly from angsty to funny in the space of one Beckett line (“Oh my god! Oh my god you’re proposing?!”). So I don’t mind that rapid shift in tone. It is how the show walks the line and maintains its dramedy status.

      • Apples says:

        Oh, and I loved the meta irony of the comments about Beckett’s “amazing face” and making it “perfect” given Katic’s past of plastic surgery (not dissing Katic, just thought it was funny as well as an incredibly creepy and tense moment between Beckett and Nieman).

        • Just one thing says:

          That particular bit of irony made me supremely uncomfortable, actually. I felt like they were opening the door for the conversation and critique among fans. Guess she’s just super zen about it in real life. Certainly more than I would be.

          • Apples says:

            I think it is just part and parcel of being a professional actress in Hollywood. I equate having minor plastic surgery to having a personal trainer so I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all, just amusing.
            Whether that is fair and what is says about standards of beauty in socity etc is a whole another question and a debate of a more serious nature for another time.
            They have made plastic surgery references before as well- I remember one funny line in S4 with Beckett looking down at her boobs and cracking a joke about how she doesn’t need implants to Castle.

          • Dory says:

            Stana has a past with cosmetic surgery? Did not realize that. In all 6 of the season she looked the same to me. The hairdo in season 1 not so great. Wow

    • nicademus11 says:

      I say yes to all your points including Gates. I adored the ending and the off balance of reactions from Kate and Rick have everything to do with the fact that Rick ALWAYS believed Tyson survived that fall in Probable Cause and Kate needed to (and convinced herself) he was dead. So the flash drive and the song does absolutely take the wind out of Kate because it is all really happening. And lest we forget the stakes are higher – they are engaged now and they witnessed first hand how close Tyson got to Rick last time. It was a wonderfully creepy and uneasy episode and ending. One of the best of the series as well.

      The only thing I would add to your list – Robert Duncan’s score for the episode. It’s ominous and peril inducing from the start. The score that is underneath the crime scene dialogue at the dock tells you everything you needed to know about where this episode was going.

      And was it just me, but I had to rewind and pause just to convince myself that the guy on the docks that night that gets scared away wasn’t Tyson himself.

  12. Scott says:

    Great episode…..Here’s my 2 cents on the long game for this…..with that look Beckett had on her face there has to be a connection to her mom’s case (Amazing acting by the way, Stana had such a horrified little girl look on her face). This also sets up a new mythology for them…the Super Crime Solving couple vs. the Super Serial Killer Couple….sounds good to me

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes. Totally looking forward to a twisted showdown between Castle/Beckett and Tyson/Nieman.

      • Christina says:

        Yea, I’m actually pretty psyched by the idea of them having a legit big bad to track down that’s not related to Beckett’s mom.
        Btw, Just one thing, I agree with you on that behemoth of a thread above. I think the song had nothing to do with her mom’s murder and everything to do with the fact that she legitimately thought 3XK was out of their life forever.

    • lkh says:

      Not just the look on her face, and the start of tears but also the look on Castle’s face–was he reacting to Beckett’s reaction?–he looked very concerned for her. At least that’s what I saw on his face. She doesn’t usually react that way to stress–usually she looks determined.

  13. K says:

    It’s was clear that Beckett doesn’t want Rick to fall down the rabbit hole the hole castle just rescued Kate from. Kate looked like she was shaking and panicking when she heard the song playing. She stopped dead in her tracks. She and castle just stood in place not being able to move. They were pondering over what the song message was and what Tyson was trying to convey to both of them. Beckett doesn’t want to believe Tyson is back even though she believed it was Tyson who was framing castle for murder in 5×05. Rick and Kate both saw him fall off that bridge. There’s no way he survived to Beckett, but castle thought the opposite that he did survive that nasty fall. The line about not chasing ghosts and it nothing being worth it is so symbolic. To Beckett was it worth finding bracken even though she has yet to get justice for her mother and herself? Was it worth the agony she put herself through for 13 years? She nearly lost herself trying to solve her mothers case. It was all she knew. She put a wall up because she didn’t want anyone to get close to her because she didn’t want to get hurt.
    And a side note I feel like some fans are so demanding. Even if castle and Beckett kissed in every episode fans would still complain about the lighting or lack of clothes they are wearing, the main thing is not kisses itself, but intimacy. Castle and Beckett had that in 6×08 where Kate buried her head in ricks shoulder when they hugged briefly. We got so much physicality between Rick and Kate the first 4 episodes of the season. I am not worried at all about 6×10 because it’s written by Terri who always produces good episodes. She wrote the ice cube line and you can see me naked in poof you’re dead. Terri’s episodes without Marlowe are amazing.

  14. greysfan says:

    100% agree. It was the best episode of the season by far and the 3XK storyline back is great. I knew we hadn’t seen the end of it.

  15. Tom 027 says:

    I’ve said this before but even more with ABC having so many low rated shows and not enough time for all the characters on this show – I’d go for a Lanie (sp) Espo spinoff

  16. lauri5567 says:

    Really liked this episode.
    I liked how Ryan tried to protect Javi, who then was protecting Lanie. Any of the scenes with them, I loved the emotion.
    I, also, lioked how you could see Gates being protective of her cops. She’s never going to be their buddy, but there’s a great deal of loyalty. I’d love to see her and one of the others locked together for an episode and have to talk to each other.
    I think Kate was stunned because she believed Niemann and Carl were truly copycats right up until the moment the song started. Rick was less stunned because he never truly believed 3XK had died, this for him was just confirmation of the fact.

    • lauri5567 says:

      liked, not lioked. Maybe I shouldn’t type at 1am.

    • asdf says:

      That’s what I think. Beckett really only believed that 3xk had survived when she heard the song. Castle recognized the hallmarks pretty quickly– but I started to suspect it was 3xk right around the time that they found the faux-espo’s body. I love that he won and the team lost.

      This has been a fantastic season. I loved the time travel episode, and now this one provides us with some much-needed gravitas. Notice how they slipped in there that he took the files for 26 other unsolved murders? It drives the point home– Tyson and presumably Niemann have been gleefully killing all over New York and elsewhere with total impunity. And since Castle gets a love interest, they give one to Jerry Tyson. She’s suitably creepy and driven and beautiful and cold and professional– the ideal nemesis for Beckett (who’s already full-up on nemeses).

      BTW, “Niemann” is german for “new man”. Very sly, Marlowe….

      Not a fan of Tory. Nothing wrong with her in particular, but not really interested. Attractive hacker type… kind of generic, don’t you think? I liked Karpowski instantly. Beckett’s replacement was very meh. You know who would be a great recurring character? That guy LT, a uniformed cop who’s been with the precinct since Season One. It’s funny how you notice people in the background like that, but he has some real stage presence.

      (Finally, it does look like Stana Katic had a nose job, which is sad, because I really liked her old nose. Kind of a Jennifer Grey case, if you ask me, someone stunningly beautiful who stayed pretty but became more anonymous and generic. YMMV I guess)

  17. Teri says:

    Is Castle not the best show ever? I was riveted from beginning to end. Stellar acting and script. Castle deserves more accolades from ABC.

    • Dory says:

      You said it all. So happy to have such a great show. Its my only tv viewing except for some news and reruns once in a while of SVU.

  18. april-ann says:

    My tv screen is enormous. Very wide. And you know who’s NOT lookin’ wide these days? Rick Castle, that’s who. Man is lookin’ fine. Very fine indeed.

    • Maria says:

      Agreed. You can see a difference from about a year ago until now in Nathan’s face…it’s noticeably thinner and his eyes aren’t “hooded” like they were in the final scene of Always. Nathan looks great. :)

      • Dory says:

        I like him no matter how he looks but you are correct he has improved his appearance. SEXY GUY. I also like that he’s not a pretty boy. They are not very dependable and a dime a dozen.

    • Dory says:

      Late comer agrees.

  19. Luiza says:

    Wow. The episode was amazing, but Stana’s performance in that final scene is beyond words. I have never seen Beckett scared before, and think that that was the reason the scene was so creepy and intense. Best episode of the season!

  20. abandonedriddle says:

    The darker castle episodes are my absolute favorites, I tend to enjoy them a lot more than the lighter ones not only because of the plot but perhaps because I think these episodes are superlative in terms of performances too. I absolutely adored last season’ Target & Hunt as well as Probable Cause too. Seeing these characters have fun and banter is expected but when they face these situations they are beyond wonderful.

    As for Kate’ reaction to the song I personally think its not related to her past/mom or any other thing. It is a creepy song and moreover it implies they are being watched/stalked by 3XK no matter where they are, what they do. They may put him at the back of his mind but they are always in his every thought/movement and the song is a message/promise they will meet again and the fact that the lyrics are super creepy in this context just serves to heighten Kate’ fear. If he can target lookalikes, he can also hurt any of the people they love which is a scary scenario. To be stalked by one crazy serial killer is a nightmare as it is, to have two psychos out there waiting, hiding, planning to attack you can definitely be a haunting experience for anyone including the indomitable Beckett.

  21. Dani says:

    Ok Matt i’m pretty sure i’m Tory’s #1 fan, but i’ll share her with you, it’s cool.
    I love 3XK episodes sooooo much! This was a really creepy episode, the ending with that song…. seeing beckett shaking like that made me feel things man! that was amazing acting by stana. Speaking of great acting, the interrogation scene between beckett and dr. niemann was spectacular! The close-ups really helped bring an intensity to the scene that was both creepy and, dare i say it, kinda hot (hey, if you put two attractive women in a room i’m gonna notice ok).
    Being the nerd that i am, i should mention that the lighting and directing/cinematography on this episode was on point and rob bowman is my favorite director on this show, his episodes are always so beautiful to watch.

  22. mkayvee says:

    That episode definitely had my attention for the entire hour!! Definitely the best of the season!

  23. Scott says:

    I really did not like it I hated the ending to be honest this did not feel like Castle at all in fact this whole season has not been great at all .I wish this had been more like the last episode with Tyson I mean it need to have more Caskett scenes in it and this did not and the ending the way Kate was so terrified was and shaking was not fun to watch at all .I wish they would have said something to each other than just standing there face to face .

  24. James D says:

    wow that was like the best castle episode ever. I mean i saw the 3XK connection a mile away, but goodness gracious Annie Werching was awesome hope to see her and Michael Mosley back whats worse then one sociopath serial killer? Two sociopath serial killers. loved the last scene and by the look on Beckett face the song has some meaning and or connection to her mother.

  25. One (of many) question I had at the end was why did Beckett visibly shake when the song began to play. I thought she was going to say it related to her mother or both parents, but no one said anything.

    Kate’s the only one left not DIRECTLY victimized by 3XK. He stole Ryan’s gun that ended up killing a girl. He framed Castle for murder. He had two innocent victims made up to look like Esposito and Lanie and then had them killed.

    • DarkDefender says:

      What would be super creepy.. is if Dr. Neiman came back looking like Beckett and somehow got Castle to believe she actually was Beckett.. then, of course, they find and kill 3XK.

  26. Apples says:

    Best ep of the season, and one of the best of the series. All the actors, writing, directing team- everyone brought their a-game. Loved it.

  27. prish says:

    The husband thought it was too much like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. His opinion is “Nah” it was not the best episode of the season. Too choppy for me.

  28. Rick Katze says:

    Like, most of the people, I thought it was a very strong episode. Verey tight. Looking forward to seeing the continuation of the story line probably in the next sweeps period.

  29. May says:

    Stana Katic should be named performer of the week. That last scene was pure gold.

  30. Girrl says:

    Tiny nitpick: The man in the beginning was Pam’s uncle, not her father.

    Other than that I loved this episode. I can’t wait for the next installment in the 3XK saga.

  31. terri says:

    I loved this episode!! (honestly, I loved all the episode but I still like the 1st episode – as I liked to see Stana “running” – she is so well fit!
    The end scene, with Stana’s shaking, and with teary eyes – well done! that song “will meet again” makes me wonder – is Dr Neiman is the 3xK? 3xk changed his appearance? now he is a woman – hiding his identity? I’m wondering during the interrogation ( by golly – good performance of both women!) as why the camera keep on showing the “their shoes”??
    and showed the legs of Dr Neiman? sounds creepy but possible!

    • Connie says:

      It’s possible 3XK isn’t a Kelly Nieman. She was a prison doctor that attended to Tyson when he was in prison. Although, he could have made himself a woman by killing the real Kelly Nieman and become an expert in medicine.

  32. Astrid says:

    It was sooooo good!
    I agree. Best episode of the season :)

  33. Come on!!
    Kate teared up because the song was CREEPY and it meant that Tyson is out there, always one step ahead..

    Yes, Best episode of the season.

  34. Man, this episode was so GOOD! I love when the show keeps getting better and better. The ending definitely creepy if you putting like that, I mean seriously the face of Castle and Beckett were showing it and camera closed up slowly which makes chills. Great job. Can’t wait how they will continue with this case. What if 3XK and Nieman shows up as a pack? I wonder

  35. Mary says:

    Yep, Matt, I´m going with best episode of the season so far, too:)
    Loved, loved, loved it! So freaking, creeping and amazing good! But to be honest, altough I enjoy the happy and lighter episodes, I prefer the intense and dark ones as they bring out the best acting of the entire cast! This one was no exception, so well acted (and yes, I know they don´t have a chance for the performer of the week).
    After an episode like this, I wish Castle was a serialised show – because I really want to know the meaning of that song in the ending – that made Kate froze in place and the way she and Rick were staring at each other it hit him too! And who knows when we´ll find that – but if Kelly Nieman really is a recurring carachter, maybe this season?

  36. Rich Abey says:

    Hands down the best & creepiest episode this season. Every scene was pretty much spot on. Special kudos to Anna Wershing. Being a 24 fan, I liked her Agent Renee character a lot..but then she was completely different here..smug & creepy beyond even 3XK himself. The way she was obsessing over Kate’s beauty…ugghhh!! Creepy on so many levels.
    And THAT END SCENE..a chill did run though my back..well more than one! Plus totally ruined that song for me..for a lifetime.
    “A Chill Runs Through the Castle Fandom” would be an ideal description of the state of the Castle fans right now.

  37. Maria says:

    Absolutely the best episode of the season. Excellent writing, stellar acting, super creepy, and the lighting and music in the tension-filled scenes were just perfect.

  38. Kelli says:

    This was my favorite episode because of Lanie and Esposito and even Gates, but I also enjoyed the episode with Alexis and her Dad getting the guy off of death row. Any episode without Pi is a good episode.

  39. Delena forever says:

    I have 3 things to say

  40. Dory says:

    Very good ep. The song more from my Nanas’ era. Can,t figure the significance. My concern is that a guy has beenwith so many other women that , inthis big world they can,t find a honeymoon spot. I heard Beliz mentioned?

  41. Plot Hole says:

    Big plot hole why did the security guard play the charade of finding the body in the beginning if he was the one who killed her… even calling out to to her? , there was no one around to witness it except for us to watching (figured he would come back some how though because of the actor playing him “Lost” alumni William Mapother)…does not make a lot of sense other than to throw us off!

    • Badpenny says:

      Many killers like to insinuate themselves into investigations in some manner. They need the stimulation and rush. And he had no way of knowing if anyone else had come to the area since he placed the body, so he had to play his part just in case.

      • Jess says:

        But no one was around. It was filmed where he was just a guard walking around and then saw the woman. He called out to her and then discovered she was dead. It did not make any sense for the killer to act that way with no witnesses around. It was a bad piece of writing just to confuse us the audience.

        • Badpenny says:

          The fact that we know there was no one around doesn’t mean he knew that no one was around when he want back to find the body. It’s the 3rd wall.

          • Badpenny says:

            Forgot to add: Not to mention that someone was around. The guy in the hoodie was there, and there could have been others, so he needed to throw suspicion off and make it look like he found it by accident.

          • Jess says:

            No that does not hold water. You are a fan of the show and have to be a white knight about it I know. Fact is the homeless guy ran away before he “found” the body. It’s simple – if he wanted to be the one who reported the crime to the police, he kills her, then calls the police to report the body. He doesn’t walk around, call out to the person, then act shocked about the death.

            Shows have plot holes all the time – and this one is no different. It was written and shot to throw the audience off the track. It just could have been handled in a better matter. This was not.

          • Badpenny says:

            You’re missing the point in your rush to bash the episode. If I were going to kill someone and then be the person who “finds” the body I’m going to act like like normal while doing so. I’m not going to walk directly to the body or do anything out of the ordinary. Why? Because I have no way of knowing how might be there. Maybe a warehouse worker came early to get some overtime. Maybe a group of homeless people sneak in to find a place to sleep. Maybe some teenagers broke in to steal something. There’s a million things that can happen in real life, so of course I’m going to act normal when finding the body; just in case someone I don’t know about is around. That’s like serial killer standard practice.

          • Just one thing says:

            Jess and Plot Hole make a great point. The entire first few moments were a charade designed to throw off the audience. And it’s one they could have easily solved by having the security guard paroling with a buddy. That would have justified the otherwise unnecessary calling out of “ma’am” and all that. It was a great twist, and kudos to them for picking a less obvious killer this time, but upon re-watching, it’s clear how lazily manipulative those first few moments were.
            Side note, someone’s posting a freeze-frame/screencapture of the homeless guy on Twitter, and it totally looks like Tyson. Assuming that picture hasn’t been doctored by the fan posting it, that’s a pretty awesome Easter egg inserted in there for later storytelling.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Here is Coughing Guy in Hoodie:

            I could be convinced it’s Michael Mosley.

          • Just one thing says:

            Yep, that’s the image! It’s gotta be him, no? And if it is, Psycho Security Guard’s “Buddy, I’m gonna have to ask you to move along now” would have far deeper meaning. I really hope they revisit this arc sooner than later.

  42. Kimmie says:

    I guess I’m in the minority – I did not like this episode at all. Tyson is as over the top Scooby-Doo villain as Pelant was on Bones. This is a guy who can do anything, and never get caught – it’s getting awful old.

    1) I didn’t understand the opening scene – if the security guard was the bad guy who was he acting for when he “found” the body? And ditto if Hoodie is really Tyson.

    2) The “official” recap at says Kate and Castle were freaked when the song played because it made them realize Tyson is still around and after them – no other hidden meaning.

    3) So this bad guy hooked up w/Tyson somehow – and then spent $$ to hire the Lanie lookalike, put her up in amazing digs, worked w/Espy lookalike – all so they could steal some files and such – then killed them – then when caught, basically said “oops, my bad, yeah, you caught me, now I’ll confess to all my murders…” I don’t get that at all! Do file clerks really know everyone so well that they would recognize Espy’s voice or even know the ME? And why have the body tattoo’d like Lanie’s? What’s the point of that (other than to freak everyone out). And…if I drank two drinks like normal – and then woke up the next day w/NO memory of how I got home or into bed or anything, I would be freaking out, telling my bff (Kate), doing something to figure out what happened, going to a Dr to see if I was Roofied – not forgetting about it until it was convenient (for a case) to remember.

    4) So Castle reached for the pen in the Dr. office – and from that she knew he’d take it – and then play with it – and find it was really a flash drive (and seriously – one day the office has a full staff, desks, files, etc. – and the next it is all 100% gone – but no one else around noticed a giant moving truck in the middle of the night moving out every single thing in the office? Again – come on!!)?!

    Too much suspend your belief in this episode. I think Castle, like Bones, works best when it sticks to being light and charming – YMMV.

    • Jess says:

      RE: 1). It was done to trick us the people watching the program. Not great writing.

    • Stormy says:

      Well, a lot of the outer office furnishings could have been mock ups [like the cardboard TVs in furniture stores]. Only the Dr’s office needed to be real [ever seen the film The Game?]. The attention to detail [Lanie’s tattoo] was meant to unsettle them. Tyson is a psychopath, it’s all part of his twisted mind. Stealing all the records takes him off the grid and loses the PD’s cred with other law enforcement agencies.
      The details that bothered me were that they played the flash drive when it could have been a destructive virus or worse. Lanie [as I perceive her ] would have tested herself for a roofie the next morning. Why would Carl make it so easy unless Tyson has promised to get him out or make it all go away? Castle hasn’t been married so many times that the world isn’t big enough to provide a venue for honeymoon [Disney World, Iceland, Mongolia/Tibet/Nepal, Zanzibar?].

    • Viv says:

      I’m with you. Didn’t like the episode. It’s not the worst either. But too many loopholes (Kimmie listed all the ones I had, and more) and loose ends to appreciate it.
      I don’t get why people say it’s the best of the season, maybe even the series…
      To each their own…

    • LL624 says:

      1) I thought that too. Though it could be another double.
      2)The official recap on ABC’s site says the song “leaves Castle and Beckett with some very disturbing fears.” No mention of either Tyson or a significant meaning. Though my personal opinion is that “very disturbing fears” is something significant, not just a warning of return. I don’t think she would have been THAT freaked out if it was just that. She’s never been scared of Tyson before. That was almost a Kill Shot type of reaction.
      3) I don’t think it was the guy who hired the Lanie/Espo (not Espy) lookalikes and had them steal the files. The plastic surgeon did that. And she had this guy confess just like Tyson had Marcus Gates confess in the first 3XK episode. The file clerks do know Espo. He’s been down there before. More than once. But it doesn’t matter if they “know” them or not. Proper ID is probably all they need. Remember Marcus Gates got what he needed just by being dressed like a cop. So did Tyson in Probable Cause. The point of having the body tattooed like Lanie’s is to show that the doppelganger looks EXACTLY like her and demonstrates just how close this killer has gotten without anyone noticing. Ups the creepy factor just like when Tyson revealed that he watched Castle and Beckett in bed.
      4) Yes, that’s how she knew.

  43. Morisot says:

    As the music played and Kate looked sick, I said to my husband, “If she says that is the song that was playing when she found her mother’s body I will never watch Castle again.”

    Thank goodness she didn’t. But I don’t like a Red John/Pelant-type story line either.

  44. Morisot says:

    …and, if that pen was left by a master criminal, I wouldn’t have picked it up and been playing with it, let alone take it home! It could have been contaminated with something lethal. Or it could have had some camera or microphone. I think that reveal just made Beckett and Castle both look stupid. Arrrgh.

  45. Lori says:

    No question a great episode. I liked that all of the 12th people were used so well and yet it was still Caskett at the helm. Really well done. I think someone else mentioned the Beckett/Lanie scene. That was great for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was that it showed them talking about Lanie’s issues not Becketts. True friendship shining through.

    Sorry, I know I’ll get pounced, but I prefer the Alexis free episodes, though that means less Martha, which sucks.

    And yes, more Lanie please!

    • scooby says:

      I dunno, the Pi-free Alexis ep where they’re trying to solve the death row thing deserves more credit than the ones where you have to deal with actual scenes featuring Papaya Steak Boy, surely? I don’t downgrade episodes just because he’s in them–it felt like I was supposed to be annoyed in those scenes–and Alexis’s arc seems organic to me. 19yos are not lacking in the ability to be insufferable. I get the allergic reaction to Pi in storylines, though. Don’t feel like you need to defend that. ;) Loved this ep so much. The level of creepy from start to finish was excellent. I’m always for more Lanie. Glad she got featured this way. Those contacts she and Jon had to wear must’ve been a real pain, but they were totally worth it. Yup, super creepy.

  46. auntiemm says:

    Come on. This is way too much like Bones and Pelant. What next….he’ll stop them from getting married? The plastic surgery angle was good but enough of the “I’m back” with the baddie.

    • scooby says:

      Oh brother. 3XK came well before Pelant, 2 years before in fact, and he appears very infrequently, always to maximum affect. This time he was messing with the whole team in a huge mind game. If anything, the ‘he’s back vs he’s dead and gone argument’ is more Voldemort/Harry Potter than Bones. Neither Castle nor Bones is the first show to use a serial killer in a storyline that makes things personal, and they won’t be the last. While I’m thinking of it, how’s that Red John thing going on The Mentalist? It reminds you of Bones does it? Zzzz. Keep on trollin’.

  47. Ana Rubio says:

    I also think it’s the best episode of this season so far. No words. FANTASTIC.

  48. Lisa says:

    Everyone definitely brought their A game to that episode.

  49. Gennarose says:

    I paused it on the homeless guy an it looks like 3xk so I definitely believe hes alive!!! crazyyy