Beauty and the Beast Newcomer Talks Tori and Vincent's 'Connection,' the 'Fun' of Beasting Out

BEauty and Beast Female Beast ToriThe CW’s Beauty and the Beast (Mondays, 9/8c) added a bit of grrl power last week with the introduction of Tori, the daughter of one of Vincent’s targets who apparently has a bit of the beast within her, as well. TVLIne invited newcomer Amber Skye Noyes to tell us what’s going on behind Tori’s glowing eyes….

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TVLINE | What is Tori thinking there, as she’s looking in the mirror at her altered appearance?
Oh, man…. If she’d seen those glowing eyes a day before, she probably would have been freaked out. But now that she knows what that means, she’s seen her father, she’s seen Vincent, she’s sees what those eyes mean — that she is a beast. She’s totally scared.

TVLINE | OK, because there’s been some debate whether she knew all along that she had a beast within her, and was just playing dumb.
No, that was the first time she’s seen her eyes like that and it’s sort of unclear what has triggered it. Was it just the stress, all this beast action around her, is it just her coming of age….?

TVLINE | A bad reaction to contact lenses…?
[Laughs] Exactly. But this is definitely the first time she’s seen herself change like that.

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TVLINE | With her father dead, in what capacity does Tori stick around? Is she friend, is she foe?
We’re going to find that out, because as fans know, being a beast on this show can mean a lot of different things. You can be like Vincent and be a Robin Hood vigilante character. There’s Gabe, who was bad but is now good. And there have been all the other Beasts of the Week that showed up this season. We’re not sure, and Tori’s not sure either, so she’s going to have to figure out which one she is – and if she has any control over it. But it is pretty clear that there’s only one person she can really talk to about this, and that’s Vincent. So they’re obviously going to have a pretty clear connection.

TVLINE | How far will that connection go, though? They haven’t played anything romantic between the two of them thus far, but might Tori start forming an attachment to Vincent that Cat might not like?
Tori and Vincent, because they’re both beasts, are going to have a very different type of connection and relationship than Vincent and Cat could ever have. Tori’s going to be able to understand Vincent in certain ways, and vice versa. After all, we’ve never seen a male and female beast together, so we don’t really know how that will play out. But it is clear that even though they’re both beasts, Tori’s a new beast, so she doesn’t really know what she’s doing, while Vincent’s more experienced. If anyone is going to be a mentor and teach her a few things, it’s going to be Vincent. So, there’s that dynamic as well.

TVLINE | Talk about the Thanksgiving dinner in this week’s episode. It seems to be quite a motley crew gathered at the table – Cat, her father, Vincent, Tori, Gabe….
Well, what would Thanksgiving be for anybody without a little family drama?

TVLINE | Is Tori a pity invite? “Sorry I ripped your dad’s heart out. Here, have some cranberry sauce”?
Well, Gabe is there, too, which is also awkward. But we’ll find out why Tori and Gabe are there, and it’s for a good reason. And I can say is that somebody definitely “beasts out” at the Thanksgiving table.

TVLINE | Whether or not that person is Tori…. Actors, of course, possess a certain vanity. Are you on board with your full-on beast look?
As a female beast, we’re really trying to find that fine line between scary and beastly. It’s actually really interesting to play, and I can say that I do go into full beast mode in this next episode. Why, or how, who sees it and under what circumstances, you’ll have to tune in to find out. It’s definitely very liberating playing a beast. You really have to let go and channel your inner primal self. It’s pretty fun!

TVLINE | Did Jay Ryan give you any specific tips on how to do the glare, the head whip…?
Yes, totally. But I also wanted to find my own type of beast, since I’m the first girl. What does that mean? And do female beasts move a bit differently? Also, because Tori’s a new beast, she’s not really going to be totally comfortable in her own skin as this beast, so I think fans are really going to enjoy watching her journey. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it empowering? Is it scary?

TVLINE | What do we have you for? Just three episodes, as originally announced?
Tori’s going to be around for a little while. She’s got a lot to discover, she’s got a lot to bring to the story and she’s got a lot to add to the dynamic of Vincent and Cat and also Gabe and a lot of other characters. Like I said, we haven’t seen a beast, from the get go, develop into their own. Vincent and Gabe and all of the other beasts from the show, they’ve been established, very powerful beasts. And what’s cool about Tori is that she’s just learning what it’s like to be one. It’s really going to be a cool ride.

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  1. Neethi says:

    So she’s going to be around for more than three episodes? Damn! I honestly don’t understand the need to explore a new character when justice is not being done to the characters already present. Having already seen episode 7, I can safely say without any spoilers that I do not like the character, I do not like her presence in the show and I definitely wouldn’t be happy about her being regular through the season. I don’t know how many will feel the same way but I feel it’s high time the writers start concentrating on VinCat, Vincent-JT, Cat-Tess, JT&T and I won’t mind Gabe in the mix if his intentions aren’t as bad as people fear. Basically, they are the heart of the show and they are what we fell in love with in season 1. I get they want to attract more viewers but changing the show so much that it’s become unrecognisable to the already existing fans who stayed loyal and fought so much for a second season is absurd and disappointing.
    But thank you for the interview, Matt!

  2. Sammy says:

    Want Tori gone already! I could care less about her. Taking too much time and story away from BATB characters that i love. I want more Cat backstory. JT missed 2 episodes. We want our VinCat back. Too much is cramped. The actress is weak as well. I’m cringing in her scenes. Not believable. Plus, once again Vincent unfaithful to Cat again. Cat you deserve better than Vincent. Leave him and find a HOT deserving faithful man you can trust fully that will make you happy and not cause heartbreak time and time again

    • Ina says:

      Sammy, don’t forget Vincent can’t control anymore whatever feeling he has when Tori is around. I think they both react with their beast instinct and can’t help themselves. And Vincent is still protecting Catherine. He does what her father asked him to do and forces the break up. Tori triggers everything and he has to learn how to get his control back and helping Tori how to handle her beast side. I don’t need her to be around for too long either but I still trust the writers know what they’re doing. It will al work out, eventually! Vincat is destined.

  3. Georgia Madman says:

    Female shippers are intolerable. Hope the producers ignore them. I’d like to see what Tori brings to the show. And maybe Gabe will find someone to crush on besides Cat.

  4. hcc says:

    Great. Sorry, but I just don’t like this at all. The actress is terrible and I’m already tired of her. I don’t need to see a full season of her arc, just get it done already. Why waste time on this when we hardly get anything of substance from the rest of the awesome cast. JT is MIA all the time now, Tess hardly has any storyline of her own except being on the Vincent hate train and nagging Gabe about his crush on Cat. Besides his love for Cat, at least Gabe seems to have an agenda that remains to be seen. We already get less of the main characters of this show, and now they are bringing in this weak actress and we have to sit her to watch her backstory. Not to mention we hardly get any VinCat anymore. Now this Tori will be in more scenes with Vincent all season..ugh. Just go away Tori and don’t lit the door hit you on your way out.

    • Anna says:

      I must agree, I liked it better with VinCat, TJ and Tess. I just started watching this show. And so far I really like it. If they keep the main characters, I would like to see them do at least another season or more.

  5. Shannon says:

    I do not like the Tori bit and I am annoyed they are making her a love interest for Vincent’s beast side! That is just anoying especially with what is already going on and it is just typical they would do the stupid love triangle thing that Cat was already involved in last season when Vincent’s ex finace reemerged and Vincent chose her and it looks like a repeat. Just let the relationships develop and grow and see the process of the bonds between the friends etc..

  6. Shannon says:

    WHat I do want to explore is what Tori possesses in her beast dna that makes Vincent get angry and lose control and other stuff she has influence over Vincent’s beast side. We do not need her to stick around, but JT can truly experiment like he did for 2 seasons and figure things out and come up with a solution.

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  8. theresa says:

    I ditto everything above. Vincat is destined! Don’t need the female beast. 3 episodes and let her go.

  9. Vicky says:

    Would rather see cat and Vincent together finding things to accomplish!

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  11. Clair Scott says:

    Tori’s lines are very similar to Alex in Season 1. The way that she affects Vincent shows me that his love for Catherine and their mutual trust is not on a strong footing. Would all female beasts affect him this way? Vincent still has no qualms about hurting Catherine, because she has always looked the other way when he did questionable things. If you truly love someone you would never do anything to risk the loss of that love and trust. Vincent and Catherine will have to fight very hard to secure their relationship.

  12. Shannon says:

    Cannot find an article relating to the November 25th episode yet so will post here before I forget. I thought it was a good episode and left things interesting but I had mixed emotions Happy, Sad, disappointed. Last season we Vincent was all about Cat, but then we had to suffer through him seeing his ex and get those things out of the way and she tried to kill Vincent. Hence, it was annoying that Vincent was in love with Catherine but he chose his ex fiancé and that was his human side choosing and chose wrong. He told Catherine he was in all the way and would never do that to her again. This season he had his memory wiped and cat saved him and slowly got glimpses of their past and was getting back into things and then this silly female beast happened. She enhances his beast self which is annoying. It was more annoying because the episode showed that Vincent does not really trust Cat and chose the female beast and his beast side. Cat had what she needed and was doing what was right and Vincent would have known Cat was in the car and yet he caused her to crash and did not seem to care or check on her while in the car. She told Vincent what her line was she could not cross and begged for him to stop and he did not. He did not trust Cat and their love and caused Cat to take action against him. Hence he chose his beast side and the female beast and it is like living last season all over again. WTH? Cat is risking everything and he continually chooses wrong. How will Cat heal from this time? Why do we have to suffer this female beast who affects Vincent’s beast side greatly? Will Tess and JT be able to help either one? I feel like Tess really need to have a hard talking to with Vincent and help her friend. JT has been there for Vincent for 10 years and even with his memory gone and slowly getting it back he turns his back on a friend who has been with him protecting him for over a decade. Will Gabe admit his feelings for Cat with they try something out if they are trying to pull a Vincent/Tory beast romance thing? How why did Tori become a beast and have it be dormant for so long? What are her powers? We know she affects male beasts. Cat’s dad is in jail and did the right thing in the end but will happen to him and who will cat and Co battle next? I did enjoy Gabe in this episode especially when he told Cat to go arrest her father and that he isn’t stupid he is not getting in the car and will wait for the bomb squad that was funny. I am glad he was there as a friend to give Cat some comfort.

  13. Shannon says:

    It also appears Vincent affects Tori too. I think it is funny Tori goes from not wanting to be a beast to being fine with it to being lets kill everyone and Vincent goes long with things. What is Vincent suppose to train the new female beast and let his beast side take over? Please come up with something else besides Vincent choosing another and we have to suffer through him making mistakes so easily. I will say they both right now need some distance.

  14. Shannon says:

    How is it that Vincent can trust these other females and hurt Catherine and yet he never fully trusts Catherine when she has loved him and truly helped him in so many ways? Eevn Tori is red like Alex of last season. How many times is Vincent going to hurt Catherine and when is he fully going to trust her? Will it take Catherine going out with another, JT or Tess talking him off or soemthing for Vincent to see what is right in front of his eyes? It amazes me how he has protected and watched over Cat and yet he is so easily turned by a past love and now this new beast. He could have resisted to kiss Tori. Cat has been pretty honest with Vincent and yet he is not nearly as honest with her not even last season. More to say but just tryng to process everything and my thoughts and feelings.
    It looks like Cat should go visit her sister in Florida for some R and R and get some distance from Vincent and all things beast.

  15. Kelli says:

    Why would Vincent cause cat to crash and not even check on her to see if she is okay? Seriously, you cause your love to crash and when you probably knew she wa sin there and do not even make sure she is okay. Clearly they are tryng to shift the balance more to his beast side. Cat has done things many times without question and the few times she has asked him to do something and not cross a line he does it and crosses anyway. It seems like his dream last season about hurting Cat and hence why he was afraid to consumate it is coming into frutation this season in different ways. Why hasn’t JT taken Vincent’s blood and analyze his new DNA? I want to see more of JT and his experimnts to try and help Vincent and understand things like he did last season.

    • Sharon says:

      that truly pissed me off and the writers actually screwed that particular scene. if at all Vincent loves her, then his thirst for revenge would not come at the expense of Catherine’s safety, especially since he has admitted to how much she protects his safety and well-being. Vincent is beyond being an ass! He is weak in character!

  16. SL says:

    Will we see a recurrence of Vincent’s scar from last season?

  17. Vicky says:

    Get rid of Tori and let Vince grow a pair of…….and choose Cat!! Am getting close to not watching this show any more.

    • Sharon says:

      honestly so am i. Compared to the 1st season, this season is quite poor in their story-lines. Too much dependency, less confidence, and Vincent needs a strong taste of his own medicine where Cat is concerned. Losing her, will challenge him to work his damnest to get her back. The only thing i like about Vincent is his change of appearance as a beast, and the fact that he can control it more. do miss the scar.

  18. Denise restin says:

    Please get rid of Tori. More JT and Tess. Cat always is dealing with pain, let’s see some happiness.

  19. Andrea says:

    I certainly enjoyed the romance and character interaction in season 1. Unfortunately, these elements are missing in season 2. S2 is more action packed perhaps in an attempt to capture a wider audience, but it is unappealing to the female audience. I understand Tori’s antagonistic character, but it is very similar to Alex’s influence on Vincent. As for Vincent and Cat, they seem to be drifting farther and farther apart, it will be interesting to see how the 2 will reconnect. I also hope that they integrate the other characters like Tess and JT who have been left out.

  20. Sharon says:

    Tori does need to go!!!! Vincent needs to lose Cat and then suffer the pain he has put her through. Gabe is there for Cat, he loves her and obviously will do whatever he can to make her happy. Cat should give him a chance. I really want Vincent to feel the pain of losing Cat to someone more deserving of her. Sometimes we need to lose something in order to appreciate it more. At this particular point, I am so glad Cat did not let Vincent have his way and shot his butt. It would seem that Vincent needed to know that there are limits with Cat and just because she loves him, she will not compromise one of her greatest principles. Vincent needs a taste of the heartache he inflicted and is continuing to inflict on Cat.
    Tori is a snarling waste of tv time.
    I miss JT sense of humour, and Tess being tough as she was before. Both JT and Tess need to have a hard, and brutally honest conversation with Vincent and bring to him his ongoing stupidity when it comes to appreciating Cat and the love she has given and still gives him.
    More JT, and a more independent Tess, just as the 1st season.
    Dec 6, 2013

  21. Shan says:

    Also I liked how Vincent was getting his memories back by having certain stuff trigger it like the elevator scene triggered a memory of when Cat first met Vincent by him saving her in the subway. We need more of that..

  22. Shan says:

    We need more JT/Tess using their skills to help and also being friends to Vincent and Cat. We need less of Tori who shouldn’t be in the limelight and others like JT/Tess/Gabe pushed to the sidelines.

  23. clearhaven says:

    I think season2 has been great but it’s not going in the direction I had hoped it would go. I don’t like the fact that Cat has done so much for Vin and he keeps crushing her efforts. I believe she should draw the line somewhere and just let him go. Unfortunately, I fear as/if she tries to move on, the red headed beast would probably make Vin commit some crime that Cat would be inclined to cover-up AGAIN. Season 2 may be great, but it sure has a way of playing with the viewers’ emotions.

  24. CPrice says:

    I’m all for new storylines, but the newest addition of Tori as almost got me to the point of no longer watching the series. Her character is weak and undermines the connection and purpose of Beauty and the Beast. Though I can agree that she is a ‘beast’ in comparison to the true Beauty of the show!

  25. TVfan says:

    Can’t wait to see Catherine & Vincent together again! Go Season 3!