Scoop: Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn to Star Opposite David Tennant in Fox's Broadchurch Remake; Silver Linings' Jacki Weaver Also Cast

Anna Gunn GracepointAnna Gunn is pulling the trigger on her follow-up to Breaking Bad.

The Emmy winner has landed the co-lead opposite David Tennant in Gracepoint, Fox’s limited-series adaptation of the UK murder mystery Broadchurch, TVLine has learned.

Additionally, Jacki Weaver — an Oscar nominee for 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook — has landed a supporting role in the project.

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Gunn will play Detective Ellie Miller, a happily married wife and mother who works as a police detective in the sleepy seaside town of Gracepoint. When a promotion she was promised goes to an outsider (Tennant, essentially reprising his role from the UK version), Ellie is disgruntled — but her disappointment quickly fades in light of tragedy, and she must work her very first murder case with her prickly new 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalspartner. As the case progresses, she’ll have to look at her hometown, and those she cares about, through a different prism.

Olivia Colman plays the Ellie role in the UK series (to great acclaim).

Weaver, meanwhile, will co-star as Susan Wright, a glowering and mysterious woman who lives in the local RV park with only her dog to keep her company. She prefers to remain anonymous, and has a dark history kept fiercely hidden. (This is the role played by Pauline Quirke in Broadchurch).

In Treatment‘s Dan Futterman and Anya Epstein will serve as showrunners.

Thoughts Broadchurch diehards? Feeling more optimistic about this remake of sorts given the impressive cast?

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  1. Edward says:

    Impressive casting choice.

  2. Montie says:

    I wonder if the storyline is going to be exactly the same? Those of us who watched Broadchurch won’t be surprised at all by the reveal of the murderer.

  3. TV Gord says:

    I still think the adaptation is a mistake, but I can see Anna doing a great job in the role.

  4. Colleen says:

    OK so this casting sold me I will admit it Anna Gunn will be perfect Tennett.

  5. Ewa says:

    I still don’t understand the need to remake a show that’s one year old and originally in English… ehh

  6. Josh says:

    So will they be keeping the mystery the game? Given that Susan Wright will be a character, it does sound it…

  7. Aleksa says:

    Is there any indication that the original series will be released on DVD here? I’d like to see the unedited version, I understand there was a lot left out when it was shown here.

  8. Japp says:

    Happy for Anna Gunn! But can’t they also cast someone else from Breaking Bad for a mini reunion? :)

  9. They cannot have the same murderer, as many of us already know who it is. The casting is good but if the plot is the same, so what?

  10. Lisa Benwitz says:

    “Broadchurch” was an excellent series, and I applaud the decision to keep David Tennant, who was brilliant in his role – in fact, the entire cast was brilliant. (See, I start talking about BBC series TV and immediately start using words like ‘brilliant’!) However, I can’t imagine how the show will translate to an American small town and still keep that understated ominous, brooding quality that permeated the BBC series. I worry that it will wind up overdone and overwrought… but even knowing the ending, I will watch it anyway, as I adore David Tennant.

    • Valdar says:

      Any number of Maine and nova scotia seaside towns that could compete.

    • Bob says:

      It isn’t a BBC series. It’s from ITV. The BBC is not the only network in England, folks.

      • Mary S says:

        Bob, Please don’t be so sarcastic or mocking, or whatever was behind that comment…If it comes to America on BBCAmerica, that’s what we know. We do not live in England or Great Britain or any of the other UK countries. Just as people in those countries may not be familiar with all 200 or more networks we have here, we don’t know their networks, either.
        And the fact remains that we PREFER the originals of the show that US networks try to copy, which is a compliment to “whichever” of the British networks produced them.

  11. Molly says:

    I’m going to watch it, but I’ve already seen the British version, so I am not sure of the point because it looks to be so similar. Even with David Tennant being back and the amazing Anna Gunn, I loved the British version so much, I’m not sure how the new one will be.

  12. Elissa says:

    I totally agree with Montie. Are they going to change it up at all? Hopefully it isn’t exactly the same b/c that ruins the whole show. If I knew who the murderer was going in, it wouldn’t have been that good, honestly. Tennant is awesome but I’m honestly surprised he is doing this.

  13. Bernadette says:

    I have enjoyed Broadchurch and can’t imagine a remake that could top the BBC version. I will watch remake as the cast is very good.

  14. Kevin H. says:

    Hell yes! Anna is so talented and working opposite David Tennant and Jackie Weaver will be such a masterclass to see. I bet Matt Smith is ecstatic on Anna’s casting.

  15. Barry says:

    Is Castle about to see 3XK again. The previews “look-alikes” left me with that feeling.

  16. Stu says:

    This cast is amazing so far! Broadchurch was wonderful so I’m naturally curious about this, and I’d watch David Tennant in anything, but I’m even more intrigued now.

  17. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    The original was amazing and I was initially disappointed they were going to so quickly adapt it. However with this cast I must say I’m super excited about it now. I too hope they change the killer even though the original had a perfect and heartbreaking end.

  18. Jessi says:

    I too wonder if the plot will be the same. I really loved Broadchurch (and hope for a second season). Isn’t it going to be weird if it’s the same plot and actor?

  19. Calishamanka says:

    Won’t watch the Fox version… why bother when it was done so brilliantly the first time around? Don’t care how good the “new” cast is, nor do I care if they change it up a bit, the original was truly the best. I always wonder why we Americans feel we have to do our own version of something or repeat something, and then we’re surprised when it doesn’t turn out well…. DUH!

  20. Sam says:

    Oh my god. I thought maybe when this show was conceived it would be Tennent playing the same character and solving a murder in the U.S. But since Gunn will be playing Miller and Weaver will be Wright, it looks like a photocopy. Meaning we already know who the killer is. Whoopee.

  21. APP says:

    I love David Tennant, but I don’t understand this at all. I just watched the UK version of Broadchurch. It was brilliantly acted and a heartbreaking and intriguing story. But why in the wold would I want to watch a multi-part Who-done-it, when I already know who done it? There’s spoilers and then there’s just insane and this is the latter. I haven’t seen anything that indicates that they’re doing anything other than a straight remake so what’s the point other than changing some of the accents?

    • Bob says:

      People at Fox are assuming, probably somewhat correctly, that a vast majority of American TV viewers have no clue what BBC America is and that they showed an eight-part series called Broadchurch. For the most part, people commenting on here saw the show and follow news about it and the remake. Thus all the “why bother” comments. Fox is just hoping for the other 98% of viewers who are completely clueless to tune in.

      • Zeph says:

        The problem with that is that it also assumes that those 98% don’t pay any attention to any public media sites (such as this one) where the show has been repeatedly discussed – and even in the discussion above – the ending has already been spoiled.

  22. MDS says:

    As long as they change who the murderer and some other plot details I’ll watch.

    I don’t see the point of remaking this if it’s going to be an exact copy of the original. Why remake a great series that’s less than a year old (and in English) and not change a thing about it?

  23. Bobbi says:

    This seems like the dumbest idea ever. I loved the BBC Broadchurch. Why would I want to watch the same story with different actors, for the most part, so soon? I’m sure there are many, many people here that didn’t watch the original and I hope it is a hit. But, I’m not watching this story again. In other words, when does BBC play their second season?

    • Katie T says:

      I don’t think the second series will appear here in the UK until late 2014 at the earliest given I think the plan is to start shooting it in Spring

  24. JM says:

    This makes no sense whatsoever and I agree with all the comments. It would make sense if it were the same format (one case followed for ten weeks set in a broody, seaside town) but with a completely new mystery.

  25. Lauren Kanocz says:

    I absolutely love the casting choices so far but I agree with a lot of the other posts. If the story is still the same than there’s no point in watching it if you watched the original.

  26. GildedRose says:

    Is this going to be a literal translation of Broadchurch or are they going to shift up the mystery?

  27. R.O.B. says:

    Agreed with everyone as well. Would love to see a different plotline so the many of us who watched will be surprised. I will also miss having to put the subtitles on in order to understand David Tennant.

  28. April Toro says:

    I think Anna Gunn will play Ellie perfectly for the American version. I am sooo glad David Tennant is reprising his role for us here in America. Even though we die-hard Broadchurch fans already know the storyline and outcome, it will be refreshing to see how the U.S. version will hold up. Can’t wait!

  29. abby says:

    great casting but i’m still not sold on the idea of a remake. anyone know, will tennant appear in series two of the BBC version?!

  30. M3rc Nate says:

    This is stupid. I get some shows you remake because we havent even heard of them on American TV….but come on. This was on BBCAmerica, and was done PERFECTLY. Will not watch unless they specifically say the story is different and the killer is not the same. But still….David is the guy again…soooo….i just watched this a few months ago! Its gonna feel like rewatching it and worse cause i bet the British version will be leagues better.

    • tahonia2 says:

      I agree that the British version will be hard to improve on. I watched it twice once online and again on BBC America and even knowing the perp the second time it was great just watching the background. Olivia Coleman was excellent as Ellie.

  31. Huskygrl says:

    I’ll watch because I’ll take any excuse to watch David Tennant, however I do hope they change up the mystery, or it won’t be very MYSTERIOUS now will it?

  32. Tahonia says:

    I adore David Tennant, but I think Olivia Coleman was even better in her role, so I’m sorry she was not also recast for the USA show. The writer of broadchurch who is also doing this screenplay, has said it will not be the same guilty person as in broadchurch. Since he had several ideas for the ending I think it would be awfully fun as a writer to redo the show with a different ending. Maybe Tennant won’t be in the second of the BBC broadchurch, but Olivia Coleman will………

  33. Meghan says:

    I don’t want to watch this show, because I loved the original.. but it’s David Tennant.

  34. Jane says:

    Why do they do this ? the original was brilliant, perfect casting great story will a sexy young thing improve it at all I think not but America always thinks the best shows need their input and most of them end up awful (Life on Mars) being one example

  35. Mary S says:

    As someone else said, I don’t understand the American need to copycat shows that we have already seen on BBCA – I loved BEING HUMAN on BBCA and did not like the copycat version made for Syfy at all. Yes, I did watch it, but I kept noticing the differences. It’s hard to explain, but if they are going to copy something, they should NOT change “little” things. Use the same premise, but with a whole new storyline….I kept waiting for things to happen that never did, and saw things that really didn’t fit with what I knew of the characters.
    I love that Tennant will be in it, I don’t care about the rest of the cast.
    I’ll watch and hope that they use the same premise but a whole NEW STORY: Say he’s come to America to escape the negative publicity about the original case. Arrives in a small Maine town with people just like the ones he left behind – “Small towns are the same, no matter where they are located.”. A murder occurs, and it becomes a “busman’s holiday” with him helping solve it. But it’s a different kind of murder and a different set of circumstances and a different murderer with a different motive.
    Now, THAT would be fun!

  36. Almost every thing “remade” for U.S. markets fails: Skins, Being Human, Queer As Folk, Torchwood, etc.
    Broadchurch is magnificent and any remake will be shortlived.

  37. Andrew says:

    Reblogged this on Gracepoint.

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