The Mentalist Post Mortem: Did Jane Really Just [Spoiler]? Plus: Red John Showdown Preview

The Mentalist CBI Shut DownWarning: The following contains spoilers from this Sunday’s episode of CBS’ The Mentalist.

This week on The Mentalist — in the penultimate episode of the long-running Red John storyline — the suspect list was narrowed down to two, and then one. And then… Patrick Jane decided to “let go” of the pursuit that dominated his life for years.

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Picking up after the big bang at Jane’s house, Lisbon ran inside to find bodies/body parts, including her unconscious partner. Later, it was revealed that three of the dead bodies had been ID’d as Stiles, Haffner and McAllister — leaving possi-Johns Bertram and Smith, both of whom had shoulder tattoos, on the lam. Bertram tried/failed to get to Jane at the hospital, while Smith nursed a hastily tended-to wound.

Before Bertram’s goon could snuff him, Smith turned himself into CBI and fessed up the details of the Blake Association aka a covert cabal of dirty cops/judges/etc. The CBI then attempts to stealthily grab Bertram, but the Blake Association instead floods the scene with SWAT team members, allowing the target to slip away. Before the CBI can plan their next move, FBI Supervisory Agent Dennis Abbott (new series regular Rockmond Dunbar) storms onto the scene and shuts their office down, claiming that if their boss was dirty, who’s to say they aren’t as well.

“Gale Bertram is being hunted, and he is the head of a law enforcement agency,” notes Mentalist co-producer Jordan Harper , who wrote the episode. “Because of that, actions have to be taken.”

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To drive home the seriousness of the CBI’s dismantling, Harper points out, “The scene opens with Jane’s couch being carted out, which was an idea from [director] Chris Long. That goes a tremendous distance towards underscoring that we’re not joking here.” Another telling touch came courtesy of series star Simon Baker. “During rehearsals, he had the idea of the teacup breaking. Again, these aren’t idle decisions. We are trying to send a message.”

And what about the message Jane sent Lisbon at the end, declaring his decision to give up the hunt? “He’s very clear that he’s not quitting. He’s letting go. And there’s a huge difference,” Harper stresses. Employing a martial arts analogy, the scribe says, “In Judo, there’s the idea not to always push, because while you may feel in control, you’re using your energy and that doesn’t mean you’re going to get your way. To ‘let go’ means to allow things to happen. To move with the flow.”

Meaning, maybe Red John will come to Jane, craving final closure as much as his longtime pursuer does? “I think that’s an interesting idea,” Harper allows.

Looking ahead to next Sunday’s episode, the grand finale of the CBS drama’s Red John storyline, Harper confirms that there’s “tremendous significance” to where where we last saw Jane, seated in a chapel. And as for the eventual face-off between serial killer and adversary, Harper promises it will be a battle of wits worthy of the two men.

“Both Jane and Red John have always fancied themselves as the ‘smartest guys in the room,'” he notes. “And one of them is right.”

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  1. eileen says:

    So we can assume it is definitely NOT Bertram, then, right? I imagine Partridge will be showing back up…

    • Joe says:

      Yes we can definitely cross bertram off the list. Dirty cop??? Yes brutal killer??? Yes. Red John no. In fact he is now the least likely suspect.

      • Robb says:

        The only guy left to be Red John would be Michael Kirkland, Robert Kirklands’ twin brother.

        • p5yl0g1k says:

          kudos to you

        • James says:

          Michael Kirkland? And when did he supposedly shake hands with Jane (remember Lorelei)? Actually, did he ever? And if so, why Jane didn’t recognize him when he met his twin brother? The only logical answer to all these questions is Michael is NOT R.J.

          Ps My guess is Sheriff McAllister is R.J. The spot DNA checks were bogus and made by the Blake association to confuse the CBI. But McAllister is alike and kicking, like those two who were near the wall before the bomb exploded…

    • raymond burns says:

      I agree, you’re right!!! :)

    • Mike says:

      Kirklands Twin or Bertram fit the bill. Who it is is not as important as why. The “why” will make or break all the years of the Red John saga. Red John is written as an episode, hopefully the writing pays off. By the Partridge is weak, and creepy, who follows him? The nerds in the I.T. Department, Partridge is not nor will he ever be Red John.

      • Mike says:

        It just hit me! Red John as we know from spoilers was on the list, but it just seems to simple with all the other suspects. What if “Red John” was Bertram HOWEVER “Red John” was part of a larger group like Visualize but had a small part of under his control. The first part of the episode will be taking down Bertram to realize someone was behind “Red John” they take him down as well. We know club Tiger, Tiger has two parts, law enforcement and also the cult followers of Red John. IE Bertram ran the law side as Red John, but a spiritual leader was behind it or could not stop it, maybe why Stiles helped Jane?

        • Mike says:

          Stiles is not Red John, however, Red John is connected to visualize and Stiles granted the favor getting Loralie out IE Tyger, Tyger. My idea was that Red John was part of visualize in a fringe group, which Stiles knew about but did not control. It makes sense why he could help Jane but not provide Jane with the answers. Bertram is Red John or MacCalister, but in my opinion Red John was part of something bigger like Visaualize. It explains the money Bertram had, Hafener’s connection, the mental side of Red John etc. Red John maybe one man but what he is part of is bigger group, which I think plays out in the episode.

      • DL says:

        Because a criminal mastermind serial killer would never think to hide his identity and real persona behind an unassuming facade.Orchestrating things from the shadows? Pssh.
        Sorry, excuse my snark. But really, the face Partridge has shown to the public is hardly proof of anything. If he’s Red John, we can expect his real personality to be very different.
        Also keep in mind that Red John wanted to be friends with Patrick. Partridge is the only one out of the RJ suspects who’s really, overtly made attempts to be Patrick’s friend.

        • Bill MaGouirk Jr. says:

          Stiles considers himself a friend of Jane. Even thouh they but heads about somethings that is the only reason he had to leave the safety of the embassy, plus he has helped Jane in the past toward catching RJ. If you didn’t like or consider your self a friend why would you put your self in the line of fire of a killer?

          • DL says:

            Yes, but Stiles can’t be Red John.

            The client notes of Sophie Miller, Jane’s murdered shrink, described Red John as “middle-aged” and “in good health.” Both are antithetical to Bret Stiles.

            Furthermore, RJ’s blind mistress Rosalind Harker said that “Roy Tagliaferro” was in decent shape, neither “muscular” nor “soft,” and with “rough, strong hands.” Neither of those seem right for Stiles. She also says “Roy” has short, straight hair, and is just under six feet tall (ruling out the bald, 6’3″ Bertram as well).

          • DL says:

            You’re right, though, that Stiles is a “friend.” My mistake there.

    • MikeFIT says:

      Bertram and Partridge are off the list.
      Confirmed dead by two reliable agents. Long shot for his return.
      he tried to kill Jane when he was unconscious, RJ would never do that. Also, Bertram calling “BLAKE” and asking for assistance, means he’s just like Smith, a Blake organization member trying to get away.

      • I completely agree with this. Bertram appears to be on the run because his association with Blake has been outed. That doesn’t seem like an RJ thing to do.

        Assuming RJ actually IS a Blake member, then the only other option to me is McAllister or Partridge. One of them HAD to have faked his death, and if that’s the case, it’s more likely to be McAllister.

        If it’s not a Blake member, then the only other options are Haffner, Stiles, and Kirkland. And again, ONE of them must have faked their death for this to be true.

        In ANY case where Bertram isn’t RJ, someone’s death has been faked, and my guess is that it was at the house. We’ll find out what happened in there with the gunshot and the explosion next week, and I’m sure that’s where we’ll discover RJ planted a bomb within a corpse, escaped, and had the preliminary lab results falsified in some way.

        • Crap. I just saw a bird sitting on the Virgin Mary in the extended promo (:24). I’m changing my prediction to Partridge. No, McAllister. No, Partridge. No, Haffner. ARGHHHHHHHH! What’s with these freakin’ birds????!!!!

      • Debbie says:

        My thoughts against Bertram would be back when Patrick was on trial for murdering “Red John”, Bertram wanted him put away in jail. RJ wouldn’t want Jane in jail, he wanted him out to play with.

    • Derrio says:

      Without a doubt, Bertram is not Red John.
      Why would Red John try to kill Jane in such a way as in the hospital? After years of playing with him, making Jane follow false trails and making him suffer, this kind of murder would not only be totally out of character but also entirely unsatisfying for the serial killer that is Red John.

      It would also surprise me if RJ would be part of an organization where he is not in total control, even if he would pretend to be an underling while secretly being the one pulling the strings, That would also be out of character. Bertram and Smith both did not know of the explosion or the trap that Jane set up, if they did only one would have survived (and Jane), not two. RJ, as highly intelligent as he is, would never let it come so far that he would be ousted in such a grand way. The scene in the bar is the perfect example of him being not in control, even being quite stupid and unprepared. He would have expected Jane’s decision to make public his findings. If he can calculate the suspects who Jane thinks is RJ, it would baffle me if he could not anticipate this…

      It must be one of the other three or Partridge. I doubt it is Mcallister or Ray. Ray is far too unintelligent to be him, even if he plays stupid and the role of the underling. Partridge’s death seemed a bit rushed but he seems more likely just being an ass than a serial killer. As I said, I do not believe RJ is an underling within the Blake organization, so in my opinion he does not wear the tattoo. This excludes Mcallister for me.

      So it is Stiles for me. The one and only perfect candidate. He might a bit old and too weak for the handy work involving the killing of people. But we all know that RJ delegates a lot, there is no proof that RJ was the man in the mask Jane met. He could be a RJ follower like the one Jane killed in the mall.

      Stiles it is!
      (for 90%, and 10 for Partridge)

    • Ricky B says:

      Grace is red john… Are you all that clueless? It’s Grace Vanpelt…

      • Gina says:

        I read that the writer says that RJ is a man. Plus what about his blind mistress? Doesn’t fit. And who was that sitting in the church in the pew. Didn’t look right.

  2. It was an amazing episode, my favorite of the whole series. I can’t wait to see how this plays out next week!

  3. TVPeong says:

    I’m glad Jane will get his closure

  4. Jake says:

    Enter Brett Partridge

  5. Zeus says:

    Jeebus. When will this Partridge nonsense end?

  6. Cody C says:

    It’s Tony Schaloub

    • ted says:

      hmmm… red sweater in the mall looks like tony during the previous r.j. “_strawberries and cream”_ see theory… interesting,.

  7. shuayb says:

    Its Bertram. It clearly is. Ugh well you never know. It could be Rigsby and Van Pelt too… I am just glad they are putting an end to this already…

    • DL says:

      The behavior just doesn’t fit.
      RJ would never try to sloppily assassinate Patrick in the hospital while Patrick wasn’t even conscious. If anything, he’d at least want Patrick to be awake.
      And PATRICK would never just gung-ho out RJ’s identity to the press. We all know he wants RJ to himself, and we also know the kind of manipulative games Patrick plays.
      For me, this episode was all signs pointing to Bertram NOT being Red John.
      And don’t forget, we still have that secret message yet to be decoded. If Bertram is definitively RJ, what’s the point of that mystery?

  8. T says:

    Red John is Rockmond Dunbar?

  9. BPisRJ says:

    Regardless of whether or not it would be “predictable,” Brett Partridge as Red John would still be the most poetic and best reveal at this point. It would also make the most sense. Plus after seeing that actor as a serial killer on “Criminal Minds,” he totally fits the part!

  10. T says:

    If CBS didn’t suck. Tonight would have been the airing of next week’s episode.

  11. RJ Tyger says:

    Partridge isn’t dead and the proof is the whistling cop walking past the room where Reede is being questioned. It definitely isn’t Bertram or Jane. Funny how those little RJ cameos pop up occasionally to remind everyone there are a lot of Red herrings …

  12. Sally S. says:

    Red John is Robert Kirkland’s twin brother. If Red John really killed him there would be a body and a red smiley face so his brother would have seen it. Also it was Kirkland’s brother who actually killed the follower of Red John in the hospital with air in the IV. If it had been the real agent Kirkland he would have wanted this guy alive to question him on who Red John was as he wanted to find and kill Red John himself. It would be stupid to kill someone who could have given him a name!

    • RJ Tyger says:

      That’s a good point…I forgot about Kirkland’s twin.

    • Jacob says:

      you are probably right. the poem The tyger, where the phrase tiger tiger comes from, is about how can a god make a really bad tiger, and an innocent lamb. robert kirkland could have been the lamb who was just trying to redeem his brother, while his brother michael could be the evil brother, leading us to believe that michael is red john.

      the only problem with that, is jane never shook michael kirkland’s hand.

      • jessica says:

        jane may have shaken michael kirkland’s hand when he was pretending to be his twin bob? or it could even go the other way… michael kirkland might be the good twin (he would’ve been the one killed by reede smith while masquerading to be bob and trying to kill off possible red john suspects)… either way, i think the most likely red john suspect is one of the kirkland twins.. one is good and was killed and the other is red john

    • DL says:

      The issue I have with this is that the timeline doesn’t fit with Kirkland’s description of events. Red John has been killing since at least 1998 (though it’s been revealed that his first murder was actually earlier). Michael Kirkland was an unrepentant alcoholic for quite some time, and it’s hard to believe he could’ve operated as Red John during this period.
      Furthermore, if he WAS Red John, who is the person who helped him overcome his addiction? A likely suspect could be Bret Stiles, I suppose, but then it seems like Bob Kirkland should have been aware of his brother’s association with a large organization like Visualize.
      I don’t discount it as a possibility, but I don’t find it to be likely either. If anything, I might like to see Michael Kirkland pop up as one of the final Red John henchmen Patrick has to “do battle” with in the last RJ episode.

    • mallory says:

      great point!!

    • p5yl0g1k says:

      Exactly my point.. why would they explicitly mention Kirkland has a TWIN brother if it makes absolutely no use to the series.

  13. RJ Tyger says:

    And the Kirkland twins have dark hair … Like the woman sitting in the back of the church when Jane walked in. Hmmmm …

  14. enri says:

    I still think it Might be Haffner. Can’t wait til next Sunday.

  15. The tattoo is cut out of the corpse’s arm. “What do you think it means?” Patrick asks.

    That’s a very good question.

    To me, there are two answers.

    1) When the association kills you as a member, your membership ID is taken away (the tattoo).

    2) There never was a tattoo on this particular body because it’s not Partridge. This is highly unlikely to me as the illusion is given away if Cho bothers to look at the face, which he DOESN’T. Come on, Cho!!

    What bothers me worse is that the promo allegedly includes Red John’s voice using the actual RJ actor. “The game’s over and I won.”

    It sounds so much like Partridge or Dr. Linus Wagner (from the pilot). Zeljko Ivanek is one of the classic TV bad guys, but dramatically, Partridge would be amazing since he was the very first casualty this season. It would also fit that if he did fake his death, he would have actually been present to talk to Jane on Lisbon’s cell in 6×01.

    So, I’m very conflicted about all this. They’ve gone through so much trouble to make Bertram look like he’s RJ this episode, but rules of Hollywood state that things aren’t what they seem.

    • DL says:

      I’m starting to get very worried about Cho.
      What happened to his painkiller addiction? Echoes of Reede Smith’s story. Please, Cho… Don’t have the Blake tattoo!

      • OMG — My thoughts exactly unless he can be their inside man.

      • zaza says:

        I considered that as well. Rigsby and Van Pelt have seen each other naked, so they would have noticed a tattoo on the other, but we’ve never seen Cho without a shirt (damn it!), so I suppose it could be possible, but I don’t like it. Cho has always seemed such a straight arrow it would be really sad to see it turn out other wise.

        • mikeo says:

          actually there has been an episode where Cho was shirtless, and that was the time he was still dating his CI a few seasons back. no tattoo there.

  16. i’m still hoping for stiles
    how do you get malcom mcdowell & not use him to his full advantage?

  17. to easy to overlook Stiles. Wheres the body? Seems very convenient and Stiles always thought that he was the smartest person in the room, plus he was recently revealed to be a killer anyway.I think Vanpelt is the insider. After all the song says “red headed women aint got no soul”

    • DL says:

      Jane’s shrink stated Red John was as middle-aged man. Stiles definitely doesn’t fit that bill. And I’m pretty sure RJ’s blind lover said he was at least in decent shape.

  18. Lord Gerald says:

    Everybody is missing the vital clue..

    The person sat praying at the back of the chapel at the end.

  19. A so says:

    Did anyone else notice that triangle symbol above in the chapel at the end. Is that a normal religious symbol or is that related to Vizualize?

    • crisssbit says:

      The triangle is one of the most important symbol of christianity. It makes perfect sense to see it in a church.

      In any case, from the shot of the man breaking the window it looks like McAllister, but from the shot in the church it looks like someone else…

  20. Amanda Bazan says:

    If Red John turns out to have faked his own death, it would be an interesting homage to Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”.

  21. Julie Omdahl says:

    I do not believe we will ever know. The writers don’t, they even say they just keep passing it around. They can’t figure out how to end it. It has been dragged out waaaaay too long. I’m actually losing interest!

  22. Amanda says:

    Did they explain the gunshot before the explosion at the end of last week’s episode? I think I missed that part.

  23. jmartnwa says:

    Not sure why, but all season the one person who the cameras keep finding and who always seems to have a marked expression that looks out of place…

    Is Agent Van Pelt, who also has red hair of course, whatever that means.

    I have no idea if its her, but she arrived new to the team in the pilot, or at least was relatively new… I have continually this year believed she has to be involved — even though Heller made it clear the person was on the list. Even her reaction when the FBI showed up…almost like she needed that cover and losing it but RJ in eminent and final danger.

    Just a theory…

    • DL says:

      But that theory has two holes:
      She doesn’t have the tattoo, meaning she isn’t part of the Blake Association (if she did, Rigs by DEFINITELY would’ve seen it by now).
      And in the case that Red John himself doesn’t have the tattoo, it’s already been stated and confirmed that RJ is one of the 7 suspects at the top of this season.

      • DL says:

        (We also know that RJ is a middle-aged man via Jane’s shrink, and from RJ’s blind lover Rosalind Harker that he is a man neither “hard,” nor “soft” and also just under 6 feet tall–ruling out Bertram, by the way, who is 6’3″.).

        • mo says:

          She said he was just under 6 feet with short GRAY hair. It is mcallister or haffner. They are both just under 6 feet and the therapist said that roth is in amazingly great shape . We know the best person to fit thatnis ray. Also Ray is very close to “Roy” which is one of RJ’s alises

          • DL says:

            STRAIGHT hair, not gray. How would a blind person know someone’s hair color? Still, McAllister is a definite possibility. He’s my #2, my #1 is Partridge.

    • Em says:

      I’ve long had Van Pelt in the mix. Remember the earliest episodes where van pelt was written as someone particularly interested in faith… Was that deception to get accepted by the team? The one catch is that janes family was killed 10 years ago which would have made her too young to do it…? Is she the woman in the chapel?

      Both hers and rigsby’s contracts end after this next episode, I think… So it is conceivable that both get killed. Does it happen during the RJ reveal? Is van pelt part of Blake and rigsby discovers it? Seems like the closer jane gets, the colder she is towards rigsby. Maybe she sees where things are heading and doesn’t want to hurt rigsby more…

  24. jmartnwa says:

    Typos above, apologies — iPhone typing not recommended but I’m not an idiot.

  25. Bill says:

    If van pelt was in on it rigsby would have to be too cuz I’m pretty sure they’ve seen each other naked..would’ve had to have seen the tattoo at some point.

  26. Bill says:

    Unless van pelt is red John and only the minions get the tattoo

    • jj says:

      Isn’t she a bit young to be Red John. RJ killed Jane’s family 10 years ago. And was killing people before Jane’s family. Van Pelt would have been like 20 years old when Jane’s family was killed. And even younger when Red John first started. I would buy that she was a follower of Red John, but Van pelt as Red John starting in her teens doesn’t seem to fit.

    • DL says:

      Can’t be. Don’t forget Jane’s deceased shrink, who identified RJ as a “middle-aged man,” And RJ’s blind love Rosalind Harker, who said “Roy Tagliaferro” was a man neither “hard” nor “soft.” Plus all the glimpses we’ve seen of RJ’s hands or build have been masculine.

  27. prish says:

    Well, this episode ruins the reruns for me. I liked Bertram. I’m bummed, but if the husband likes how they handle it, it’ll be ok. Thank goodness, only one episode to go and the RJ thing is over. Our household misses the earlier years’ format, with Jane harassing the truth out of the guilty, humorously. I hope they can save the series.

  28. Kinzi says:

    The preview for next week has a snippit where the guy says, “the game’s over and I won” sounds like Ben Foster! He seems a little too young to be RJ but to be that intelligent he could have started at a much younger age becoming a serial killer and most likely woild have started young and the game just became more intense over the years. When I heard the voice on the clip I knew it sounded familiarnd racked my brain thinking. Ben jas always reminded me of Giovanni Ribisi for some reason but searching him got me know where and then I remembered he played in Alpha dog and found out his name. I feel better, I’m excited to know if it really is him! He is good at playing intelligent and warped characters so who knows.

    • Kameron Cruz says:

      Sweetie, the voice is just something RJ does when he’s in character as RJ. It’s not the character’s actual voice. The Tv guide interview also confirms that RJ is one of the 7 people on Jane’s list.

  29. Kinzi says:

    The preview for next week has a snippit where the guy says, “the game’s over and I won” sounds like Ben Foster! He seems a little too young to be RJ but to be that intelligent he could have started at a much younger age becoming a serial killer and most likely would have started young and the game just became more intense over the years. When I heard the voice on the clip I knew it sounded familiar and racked my brain thinking. Ben has always reminded me of Giovanni Ribisi for some reason but searching him got me no where and then I remembered he played in Alpha dog and found out his name. I feel better, I’m excited to know if it really is him! He is good at playing intelligent and warped characters so who knows. I should have spell checked before posting.

  30. Janet says:

    Since Rigsby and VanPelt are leaving, I’d like to see a spin-off private detective series titled, “Mr. and Mrs. Rigsby.” I don’t want any of Lisbon’s close colleagues to be Red John, to whom we bid good riddance!

  31. Fudgefase says:

    SOOOO bored with the Red John stuff. Last time he ‘caught’ RJ we were assured he ‘came face to face with Red John’ and yet he didn’t. I no longer care about RJ.

  32. Melanie says:

    What about the photo of Lorelei with Styles (her step father). How does that play into this ?

  33. Kim R says:

    A few seasons ago Jane and Lisbon (pardon my bad memory for details) set up some sort of sting in 3 hotel rooms to trap Red John. If I’m not mistaken, Bertrum showed up but then the entire thing got interrupted by someone else. I know. The details are sketchy but at that point I started thinking it was Bertrum or at least he was very much involved. Does anyone else remember this? :)

  34. Bob Smith says:

    Red John is either the Kirkland twin or its Sheriff McAllister (he faked his death). My wife also thinks it could be Stiles as he was awfully quick to point out the other “dotted tattoos” and he faked his death.

  35. Seon says:

    Bertram is Red John??
    Come on, it was way to obvious. No mystery here.

    My money is still on McAllister or Partridge.

  36. barbara says:

    wow a great edge of your seat episode. poor bartender bertram is a very coldblooded killer. i was to the point everyone was creeping me out. I’m still wondering about vanpelt and rigsby vanpelt this season been different and last nite cho was acting different more so than his usual self. hope cho not part of this i really like him. vanpelt and rigsby leaving anyway so possible they are followers wonder if one or both will leave unharmed or be killed. can’t wait til next sunday will finally be over

  37. Tom says:

    Lets hope Red John goes out in a blaze of glory and murders this tired, boring show. It would be a mercy killing.

  38. Mike Q. says:

    I don’t think it’s Bertram — there’s a twist left for next week. Partridge’s shoulder was scooped out. That’s where the killer got the tattoo of the 3 dots (yuck) that the dead girl saw. RJ was a step ahead of Jane. The real RJ is probably Styles or Hafner and just faked his own death. My money is on Styles, because he’s been around the longest and is tied in pretty deeply to the RJ storyline.

  39. RockGolf says:

    I can’t believe no one is discussing the departure of two mainstays from The Mentalist’s family! No, I’m not talking about McAllister and Styles, I’m talking about Jane’s couch and cup.
    Word backstage is that they were both difficult to work with. The couch kept missing rehearsals and the cup was demanding a higher salary at the end of its contract. Both were unceremoniously let go.
    Rumor is that they both took it badly. The couch just lays around the house all day and the cup has completely gone to pieces.

  40. John says:

    I think anyone who is expecting a solution that makes total sense within the context of the show’s 5+ years of convoluted history is in for a disappointment.

  41. Michael says:

    It’s not Bertram. He would have had no need for FBI credentials from Smith to access CBI facility to poison off the secretary who killed Bosco. There was no need for that to have been included in this episode except as a clue to the great red dragon’s true identity.

    Jane used the press again for a reason; and, Bertram is merely another red herring killer, unless he’s the head of Tyger Tyger. In any event, he’s not Red John.

  42. AngelaG says:

    With all the years of cat and mouse play between Jane and Red John, the REAL Red John would never try to kill Jane while he was in a hospital, unconscious, he would want to taunt him first!! I also don’t think Jane would ever give away or ‘out’ the real Red John or any clues pertaining to him, to the public, so Bertram isn’t Red John, just false information to make Red John think he has fooled Patrick once again. We have to see a showdown between the two, in whatever fashion, to come to a real resolution or it will be completely disappointing!!

  43. PFitzDC says:

    And this is why I’ve hated the way they’ve played out the Red John storyline…because there’s NOTHING about the interactions with the final 5 that gave me the sense that one of them was “the smartest guy in the room.” The writers on this one shot themselves in the foot on this by creating the BEST confrontation with Bradley Whitford. It was short, but the superiority and malevolence and creepiness of the character was worlds’ better than any of these suspects Jane has had multiple interactions with. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • Lambsilencer says:

      I still keep thinking that the season finale with Bradley Whitford was in fact the moment the writers wanted to end the Red John storyline, but CBS got cold feet and ordered them to keep it going, because they feared ratings would drop once that arc is finished. Now, it’s pretty much the other way around: Viewers have had enough of Red John, and if CBS wants to keep the viewers it still has, they have to end this arc now and inject something fresh into the show.

  44. RAGGEDT says:

    I didn’t Visualize that the unacknowledged Franklin & Bash (Reed Diamond/Malcolm McDowell) crossover would come to such a violent end!

  45. Aaron says:

    Red John And Patrick Jane
    Who’s right? Who’s Going Down?
    And Who’s This Powerful Group Inside The FBI, Are There More Of Them?

  46. Skrable2 says:

    Matt, here’s a question for the Lotsa Questions column:

    When the FBI takes control of CBI, why didn’t they sequester everyone in the CBI building and only release them after assuring that they didn’t have the three-dot tattoo?

    • DarkDefender says:

      My question would be: After watching this week’s penultimate episode in the Red John arc, does anyone actually believe that Gale Bertram is Red John? And if he is, would this go down as the most poorly written non-existent character development and the most implausible (and disappointing) television series reveal of all time?

  47. KISHO says:


  48. Karina says:

    Kirkland’s Twin bro might be dead. Real Kirkland would be perfect RJ.

  49. Kerry says:

    It’s Rigsby….
    Wouldn’t that be a twist…..

  50. JohnMackenzie says:

    I hope Red John doesn’t turn out to be nothing more than a name, a concept, an idea the Blake Organization uses to put fear into people. Imagine Jane walks into a room of Blake cronies and they all turn to him and say “I am Red John”. Anyway like someone has already posted whoever it turns out to be , it won’t make complete sense there’s just too much back tracking the writers have to do since the pilot, too many plot lines and clues they have to somehow connect to the one man I just don’t see how that would be possible at this stage.