Revenge Recap: The Baby Bump

Revenge Season 3In this week’s Revenge, Victoria thinks she’s finally about to bring Emily’s house of cards tumbling down by playing her ace – the revelation that Daniel won’t be her first husband! But not only does the bride-to-be manage to trump her archenemy (as always), a wildcard emerges from the shadows that could make the villainess wish she’d folded a long time ago…

JUST DESSERTS? | Early on in “Secrecy,” we learn that Victoria has decided on a co-ed bridal shower for Emily. (No shock there, the bride-to-be tells Daniel. “Everyone knows your mother prefers the company of men.” Aaand we’re off!) In addition, the queen bee has hired Sarah to supply the temptation — herself for Daniel, petit fours for everyone else. (“It isn’t the worst idea,” she says with a smirk, “to get a taste of what’s to come.”) But, now wise to the former couple’s near-canoodling, Emily stalks her fiancé to the farmer’s market, where she spies him flirting with his ex over ingredients for their wedding cake. (Classy, Daniel. Real classy.) When he leaves, Emily approaches her rival and says “Hello, Sarah” with as much venom as Jerry used to use to greet Newman on Seinfeld. And, though Emily subsequently turns on the waterworks in hopes of guilting Sarah into keeping her baker’s mitts off Daniel, what really convinces Betty Crocker to bail is Victoria. At the shower, Emily’s future mother-in-law gleefully surprises her with the introduction of her first husband — who Emily casually explains she married to save from deportation. (Curses, foiled again!) Disgusted, Sarah calls Victoria on her “psycho obsession” with her son and swears she’s done with the parlor games. Which, of course, she’s not, because…

LADIES’ MAN CAVE | … after Conrad gives Daniel the keys to the secret pied-a-terre where generations of Grayson cads have entertained their mistresses – which Daniel vows never to use – he invites his old flame over. Emily is just like Victoria, he notes, and “I do not want to marry my mother.” So what does Richie Rich want (this week)? Sarah. And, if she’ll take him back – which her kisses certainly suggest she will – “I won’t risk losing you again,” he promises. Right on cue, Victoria informs Emily about the Grayson men’s “secret” love nest and even provides a phone number so that the ultra-discreet butler can unwittingly confirm that yes, young Master Grayson is there with his lady friend. Forced to take drastic action – not that that isn’t her favorite kind – Emily surprises Daniel with a sonogram photo. “We’re pregnant,” she announces. (Is she for reals? Doubtful… )

AND ANOTHER THING | When Charlotte’s blackmailed over a nude photo shoot (that she did to mourn the loss of Declan and their baby? Huh?), Aiden helps out… and helps himself to her laptop. All the better to frame her mother for Emily’s “murder,” he tells Nolan (who looks almost as confused about this as I feel). In his free time, Aiden continues to antagonize Jack (suggesting that what he and Emily had was “puppy love,” and that dog died a long time ago) and makes himself at home at Nolan’s. (Hilariously, Nolan’s roommate agreement is apparently even longer and more detailed than Sheldon Cooper’s!) Finally, Margaux – dumped as publisher by Conrad – decides to put out her own Grayson tell-all, that is, if the informant who’s contacted her proves reliable. And I have a hunch she will be, because, as the hour draws to a close, it’s revealed that – dun-Dun-DUN! – her informant is Lydia, alive and well and looking glamtastic as ever!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Lydia was alive? Where is your rooting value these days? Most message board posts seem very anti-Emily/Jack, so are you pulling for Emily/Aiden or Emily/Daniel? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jake says:

    So glad that this show is sooooo good again, but wait Lydia is alive? Did anyone die in that plane crash? Revenge is as good as ever!!

    • Marlyn Z says:

      Make it real interesting and have Daniel find out the whole story and turn EVIL, and help Emily he can do more damage than anyone else, with the knowledge he has about his family. It would be a start of something interesting.

      • Joy says:

        Yes I think Daniel is borderline evil right now… he definitely has Grayson blood in him but struggles to be good. However it seems like the dark side always wins. To be honest, I think it’ll be Daniel that shoots Emily. Maybe he discovers her real identity and revengenda, which pushes him to total darkness. We know he’s got bad in him–he threw his own father out of Grayson Global! But it would really interesting to see him go full-on evil. Then maybe I’d like him more… right now I don’t know if he’s good or bad so this lukewarm stance makes me dislike him–either be hot or cold!

    • I think the writers have ruined the characters and are ruining the show. I for one do not like Jack he is like a wiener going around barking and getting no where and that ugly boring girl he’s paired with makes him more of a loser than ever.. Charlotte is so boring wish she wasn’t around anymore she serves no purpose on the show! Daniel is also boring and I don’t like that stupid magazine he is running it’s not edgy at all. Emily has become one dimensional and seems to be unsuccessful at intriguing us the way she use to..Nolan can’t do anything anymore ever since he got released from the slammer he has become boring. Victoria lost everything and has nothing to do boring! Emily stopped Jack from killing Conrad this shouldn’t have happened because Conrad deserved to die after practically killing Amanda and Declan.

  2. hannah says:

    um. rude much. don’t make assumptions. a lot of people root for jack and emily. and you didn’t even mention their beautiful angsty talk on the deck; where he told her he could never hate her. and they admitted they don’t know each other anymore. and then she told him what she used to wish for.

    • Annie says:

      Their talk was pathetic. It showed that Jack doesn’t know who Emily is. He’s in love with his memory of a ten year old girl, and not the person who she became. At this point, Jack’s only purpose is to stick around so that he can go off into the sunset with Emily, but the writers aren’t taking the time to make their relationship believable.

      • wingsstef says:

        Maybe it is only puppy love at the moment, but the friendship part is real. He can still worry about her. That is just the kind of guy Jack is.

        • Nosey says:

          Agree, he cares about her, and wants what is best for her. I actually think the writers are showing how the love is there despite who she has become and who he has become. He fell for her before knowing her true identity, it is beyond the childhood thing. When they kiss it is very passionate. I think his main concern is his son, that is all he has left, I think he think it is better for his son to let her go. But I think both care for each other and have feelings for for each other.

          • wingsstef says:

            Yes, the sparks were there the first season when Jack did not know who she was. Maybe he did always know on some unconscious level like Emanda said at the end of last season. Who knows, but there is some real love there. It definitely includes friendship, but maybe more.

  3. Dan says:

    Can I just say it is a damn shame this show had such a weak second season where viewers fled. No one is watching now and the show has been consistently back to season one standards from the premiere on. I wish fans who bolted would just give it another shot because the gloriousness of it all is back full throttle.

    • Catelyn says:

      I think they might. The previews for the next episode looked pretty good and considering I skipped most of last season and this season, I’m actually interested in what happens.

    • Liam says:

      I bailed halfway through season 2, but don’t think s3 is anywhere near s1-standards! The show used to have a real emotional core to it. Victoria was never evil, just very conflicted and someone who did despicable things in the name of self-preservation (and the preservation of Daniel).
      They are still destroying the character of Daniel, Jack is boring as hell, and Charlotte should have died with Declan (talk about a missed opportunity).
      It’s just not consistent with the characters I got to know in season 1, everyone’s just one-dimensional know (except maybe Emily, but she’s getting there).
      Will watch until mid-season to see if they improve the characters/story-lines. If it doesn’t, I will not come back in 2014.

      • Sam says:

        Yes the show is all over the place. Charlotte is annoying and esp Daniel that i always liked has become almost unwatchable. The stories have become ridiculously over the top. I’m not sure i’ll continue watching. And i clearly aren’t alone here if the ratings freefall this season is anything to go by.

        • Mary says:

          Amen Sam, this season plot is just plain indigestible, the so ridiculous story lines do nothing but belittle the great characters we grew to love in season 1. Someone in said that Revenge now it’s a series of bad ideas strung together by familiar faces just going through the motions, and I couldn’t agree more.

    • Micren says:

      I agree with ever word!…. I just came back when I heard aiden was back…..and here at the University the fan base will come back if they keep emily in the front and getting revenge on all including daniel and she stays with Aiden

  4. britney says:

    Jack and Ems 4eva :D loved their scenes. I can’t believe Lydia is alive. crazy!

  5. Anna says:

    Seriously, they’d better not revive Jack+Emily. If Revenge’s a show about twisted people who have a weird way of showing their emotions, let’s roll with it. So sick of these shows where supposedly soulmates who fell in love while being 8-ish. Has it even ever happened in real life?

    • Anna says:

      Oops, I didn’t finish my sentence. So sick of these shows where supposedly soulmates who fell in love while being 8-ish end up being reunited. Has it even ever happened in real life? This isn’t Dawson’s creek. I hope the writers won’t fall into that trap.

      • It’s not a forever-love. It’s unfinished business. And that’s a darn fun watch!

      • Nosey says:

        I don’t get how people are calling them “in love”, at their young ages, I thought they were friends when the were children, who fell in love as adults. The two did fall in love as adults, it is not hard to fall in love with Jack Porter, and Fauxmily Thorne, Jack had charm and Fauxmily was a sweet girl, and I have seen it happen in real life (friends as kids, lovers as adults). But their relationship is beyond their childhood, they have feelings for each other as adults, both go out of each others way to protect the other.

    • Catelyn says:

      That’s not even the part that bothers me. Personally, I don’t care if they are soulmates or whatever. My issue with Jack/Emily is the fact that they are so boring together and Jack just seems way too naive for Emily. They are both very different people with very little in common and I don’t see how a childhood friendship from many years ago can suddenly blossom into the romance the writers are trying to force.

      • Amanda says:

        Agreed. They are really boring together, and I hate how he constantly judges Emily. And, this may sound silly, but I can’t stand how she towers over him. It just doesn’t do it for me lol.

        • Kiwirevengefan says:

          So true. Emily is smarter than Jack, richer than Jack, taller than Jack, more devious than Jack, less judgy than Jack, less sanctimonious than Jack, oh and did I mention…..a million times cleverer than Jack. How is this relationship ever supposed to work?

          • Monica says:

            You expressed exactly what I was thinking! Jack lost any charm he had a long time ago! He’s like an angry little toddler who is always stomping around and having temper-tantrums. Emily should leave with Nolan after she completes her revenge scheme. They can be fabulously wealthy globe-trotting besties and I am sure they can each find romantic partners along the way.

          • this times double infinity-she is so way out of Jack’s league…this storyline needs to go away. I am fine with them either bringing someone new for her or Aiden…also…ughh Daniel is his father

          • Nosey says:

            If she was that smart, then Frank Stevens and Tyler would never have found out her true identity, and she would have found a better plan than to frame Victoria. I actually think Jack is much smarter than she is. She is too stupid to see Aiden for who he is, she is nothing like Aiden, actually she is more like Jack. I also think Jack can be just as devious as she is he does not back down from her. Jack doesn’t cater to her like Aiden does, Jack challenges her, and tells her what she needs to hear as opposed to what she wants to hear. Aiden is the one whining like a toddler, making idle threats to Jack, Victoria told Aiden Jack is courting Margaux, why is Aiden too stupid to start a war w/ Jack, if Aiden senses she has feelings for Jack, why continue to be w/ her. Aiden, buddy, love the accent, love the bod, love the look, but just don’t love you w/ her, Aiden absolutely does not have her best interest. Although Jack is w/ Margaux, he is still trying help her for her benefit, Jack could have just make his move on her, let’s face it he knows she wouldn’t turn him down, but Jack is actually making decisions that is best for her and not for him, which is mature to me!!!!!!!

          • revengegirl says:

            Yes they can work because Jack (who is sincere, down to earth, more mature than you think) can counteract the devilish and proud ways of Emily.
            Aiden is the one who is like a toddler running around complaining and wanting to be with Emily all by herself! Aiden who is more volatile, more manipulative, more shady and million times bad than Emily? Would their relationship ever work???

      • Jenny says:

        I agree, there is just no way they are a viable option. They’ve grown into two different people, they are not the same as when they were kids. They just really want to maintain that Aiden Emily Jack triangle.

        • Caroline says:

          I agree about Jack and Emily. Jack is so judgmental and needs to understand why Emily is the way she is. He lost Declan and his wife when he was an adult. Emily lost her father when she was a child, that has to be more traumatizing. I like her with Aidan, but that’s just because I think he is hot. I think she should be with Nolan. They have great chemistry.

          Also, I feel like Emily is getting farther from her goal of revenge. How is getting Victoria framed for her murder avenging her father? Where does Conrad fit in in that plan? I thought the goal was clearing David’s name and telling the public who really was guilty.

          I agree that Victoria is obsessed with her kids. BTW, since there is one episode left of the season, does Patrick come back into the picture and do we find out his true agenda?

          I like Charlotte, but she is becoming like Declan’s character. She isn’t really adding anything to the picture and she said she has changed from that wild child, but the nude pictures just show she didn’t really change. I understand people deal with grief differently, but posing nude for a stranger after the death of your baby and baby daddy is questionable. She complains that she doesn’t want to be like Victoria, but the scheming to end Daniel and Emily’s relationship just proves she is just like her mother. Doesn’t she have college or something to be busy with?

          Why is Lydia still alive, is she a zombie? I never liked her character. She died twice already and the writers tried to write her of three times: when Victoria kicked her out for cheating with her husband, when she almost/should have died in the rooftop fall, and the plane crash. The one person that she have survived the crash was the detective and the evidence.

          Ok, I am done venting.

          • Nosey says:

            Jack understands the way she is, he just can’t live like her lifestyle, Jack does really care for her though, whereas Aiden is more focused on her mission. Aiden is too violent for her, she is nothing like Aiden, I agree w/ Jack, she deserves much better, Although I ship Jack, I can understand why cannot be together, Aiden is not on my list for her, I rather her be w/ Daniel over Aiden, But I still think Jack cares more about her well being than Aiden, Jack is willing to let her go, Aiden is too obsessed w/ her. All those things she is doing, this is not her, she told Jack this was not him, but this is not her either. Jack’s concern about Aiden is for her own good, whereas Aiden concerns about Jack is out of pure jealousy. I’m sorry but I think she needs to be judged, it should not take her this long to finish this, she should not have to marry Daniel to take down Queen Victoria (btw the Grayson’s aren’t sweating, let along suffering), why isn’t she more focused on taking down Conrad instead of Victoria, since he was the on responsible for that flight, and was the root of framing her father. And like you said, I don’t see how framing Victoria accomplishes anything. So Jack judges her, so what she needs to be judged, people who are suffering are those she is closest to her, including her sister. In all honesty, she does not appear to be happy w/ Aiden. If Aiden is that confident about their relationship, he would not have to threaten Jack. Aiden is the one running around like a two year old. At least Jack is concerned about her.

    • Sara says:

      Are you saying you don’t find your true love at 8 while sniffing butts?

      • Anna says:

        Lol… Did you? I really hate how their story’s written. The fake wedding at 8 then Jack, although seemingly older than Ems, was so hung up on her that he couldn’t see Faux-Manda was an ersatz. If Jack knows Ems so well and they’re so alike, how on earth did he end up falling in love with Faux-Manda? I mean does anyone remind how vulgar she was? No leftover of any sweet innocence about her, such a contrast with the flashbacks and Jack couldn’t tell the difference? The 2 times, Ems broke down in front of Aiden (after finding out about her mom and Aiden’sister), you could see that the little girl of the flashbacks is still somewhere. Anyway, I digress. I’m on Team Aiden. Yes, he behaves like a sick puppy around Ems but they don’t have puppy love. Jack can’t handle nor understand Ems.

    • Nosey says:

      I think putting them together could be a twist, b/c it is difficult to put them together @ this point in the story. It is how they get together that would be interesting, there is so much tension between the the two which could lead to good writing. But I thought the last scene was awesome, see it as an opportunity to get to know each other

    • macie says:

      Yes it has happened in real life! Not in love as kids, but friends when they were kids then falling in love now that theyre adults. so yes, Jack and Emily are believable.

  6. tina says:

    man the one thing I liked about Daniel was his slight obsession with Emily now that he is on the fence I have zero use for him

    • Alichat says:

      Double this! I just find his character so absurd. He was obsessed with Emily the last two seasons, and now suddenly he just can’t get Sara out of his mind, this woman he hasn’t mentioned or thought about in two – three years. And I don’t understand what happened at the shower to suddenly make Daniel realize that Emily is just like his mother? Did I miss a scene? And one minute he’s balking at his father for giving him a key to the not so hidden lair, how that won’t be him, and the next minute he’s using the lair. He and Sara don’t want to do anything until he can end things with Emily, and the next minute, they’ve settled in for the night?? And I knew the moment Sara was approached by Victoria that Emily would use the pregnancy ruse.

      • Jenny says:

        It’s rather convenient for writers to make him fall for Sara again so there could be an obstacle. But it really makes no sense you are right..he’s been obsessed with Emily the whole show.

        • Terry says:

          IKR! And equating Emily to his mother, where the eff did that come from?!?!

          • cha_sil says:

            well she is! emily is just like victoria, i can’t believe daniel never noticed before how emily is. its not normal to live in the same house and he doesnt even know the first two things about her (literally, like 1. her real name, and 2. that she cant stand to be around him)! either way i hope this works out with sara for him because he is kind of caught up in this whole thing and without sara he’s just gonna be left with one big broken heart!
            when emily (finally) has her showdown (which, as much as we want it to be at her wedding, i’m pretty sure it’s not victoria who shoots her and i’m more than sure that her and aiden will not be riding into the moldives sunset together), at least we wont be feeling that bad for daniel.

    • Kristen says:

      I’m really hoping this current obsession with Sara somehow plays into his scheming ways, b/c it’s annoying. I liked Daniel much more when he was obsessed with Emily. I know the two are an awful pair, but I actually secretly route for them. Ha! I know, it’s ridiculous, but in the back of my mind I hope they both tell all their lies and end up falling in love anyway. Haha

      • Natasha says:

        I do too! Yes, I love the Emily and Daniel combo, they are soooo sexy together (even though Daniel is his father’s son – cheating cad) but, they do have chemistry IMO. Someone should give Aiden the business, he’s a psycho and not to be trusted. Run Em’s run!!!

        • v. says:

          yes! I cannot help myself but cheer for Emily and Daniel, I hope writers figure something out and make them fall in love for real in the end :D

    • Jamie CA says:

      Remember Victoria told Emily several times that Daniel falls in and out of love, and how his “love” for Emily wouldn’t last ….in her words, pass this summer.

  7. Scott says:

    So happy the awesome Lydia is alive & back :). Really loving this season!!

    • Jeannie says:

      Does Anyone remember…why does Lydia hate Emily?

      Also, still wondering if Nolan can be half brother of Emily?

      • Kiwirevengefan says:

        Lydia hates Emily because she exposed her affair with Conrad and as a result Victoria kicked her out of the Hamptons. Also Emily bought her beach house which Lydia didn’t want to sell but had to because of her divorce which was also caused by Emily exposing her affair with Conrad!

  8. Mika02 says:

    When conrad mentioned her name and said may she RIP I so called Lydia was back from the Dead! love it so much though I loved her character. I loved the Jack and Ems stuff I want them together I frankly hate Aiden for her. I’m so done with Daniel he is so wishy washy.

  9. I love Emily/Jack! but then, I watched a lot of Roswell, so maybe it’s just baggage. Cannot stand Emily/Aiden. And Emily/Daniel doesn’t exist. So, Emily/Jack or Emily and Mystery Man We Haven’t Met Yet.

  10. RD says:

    Love that Lydia is back, and the awesome first husband was true business :)
    Also how tall is Barry Sloane – that one scene with Aiden/Jack made him look like a giant

  11. mc says:

    And the next episode happens “3 weeks from tonight”???

  12. L. says:

    This season has been great so far. The intrigue about the wedding and Emily’s plan builds with every episode. The twisted lives the characters live have been great to watch throughout season three (especially after a lacklustre season two). For me, it is and has always been Emily and Jack, and I find all of their interactions this season provide hope for this pairing.

    • Kiwirevengefan says:

      It is amazing how people see what they want to see.

      • coley79 says:

        It truly is. I never have the time to blog but after watching my dvr tonight I just couldn’t help but see what others thought. I have watched every episode and I think season 3 is the best. And while it may be cheesy I do hope Amanda and Jack end up together.

  13. cris says:

    Jack and Emily have exactly ZERO chemistry. Zitch, Nada. I’m team Aiden/Emily all the way. These two people know what each have been through and can be themselves together.

    • Eliza says:

      I agree. I like Jack and Emily as friends but as more? No way. I am one of those who does not see it. Emily will never lead a “normal” life; not after all she has been through. And Jack would never be able to keep up with her let alone live in her ‘world’…. Aiden, on the other hand, could because he is already there. He knows her a heck of a lot better than Jack ever will. If I was Emily, I would want to leave with Aiden when all is said & done… oh, and grab Nolan as well. If she stays for Jack – she will grow so tired of life with him after awhile. But I know Aiden will most likely die or something so Emily can be with Jack. Bored thinking about it….

      • Nosey says:

        Aiden knowing her and caring about her are two different things. I still don’t feel as if Aiden actually knows her, she is not really that person, she is just acting on emotions, she is not a true revenger. Also, does she really know Aiden. She was able to predict what Jack was going to do just like that, but cannot predict and appears shocked at Aiden’s actions, She appears to know Jack more than she knows Aiden. If Jack was able to be w/ her Fauxmanda (who is far more worse, in fact, I think she is more suitable for Aiden), then he definitely can be w/ Fauxmily. I just think Jack fears his son’s life, he told her to stay way from them. Jack is definitely the target as a result of her actions. Sorry I just don’t see Aiden really caring for her, and I don’t think she actually cares for him. I just thinks she thinks she has no choice but to be w/ Aiden b/c he accepts her, but I don’t see any love or chemistry in their relationship. Jack I believe accepts her but has to do what is best for his son. I have always question if Aiden if the true father of Carl, I mean I do believe Aiden was in Japan while Fauxmanda was there.

        • Mike says:

          They already did a DNA test on Carl in season two (SPOILER: Jack is his father, which is pretty grim news for Carl). And of course Emily can predict what Jack’s going to do, since it mostly involves stamping his feet and lecturing her. The most complex thing about Jack is his encyclopedic knowledge of a single summer during his childhood. Just waiting for him to remind Emily about that one sandcastle they built together that Tuesday at 2.18pm, and whine about her not wanting to play on the beach with him anymore.

    • I totally agree Jack and Emily do not ;have any chemistry and even though lots of fans think Jack is cute I for one find him unattractive and boring!!!! Team Emily/Aiden all the way!!!

  14. cj says:

    As a former fan of the show and someone who even enjoyed season two, when they killed declan to appease the haters I stopped watching and won’t be back unless he comes back.

    • missvci says:

      I was never a declan hater, but he definitely was a dispensable character. I did wish they would have taken a less predictable route since we knew a main character was going to die, but seriously giving up on a show because one character got written off is stupid.

      • They should of killed Conrad and Charlotte after Declan that would of been great drama! This show would of been more exciting if Emily’s plans included killing off the Grayson’s one by one.

    • abz says:

      LMFAO of all the characters you stopped watching the show for its because of Declan? Seriously? WOW! I agree with @missvci, that is beyond stupid especially for a useless character like Declan was.

  15. Tamara says:

    I love the heat between Aiden and Emily. I’m guessing after she’s shot, he won ‘t be around. It seems too obvious that they’re setting him up as a potential shooter now by warming things up between Emily and Jack.

    I want to get back to this strawberry business. Sarah mentioned surprising Emily with a strawberry layer of cake, even though she asked for lemon. I remember Victoria commenting to Amanda in the first season that she had outgrown her allergy to strawberries. Anyone think that might come into play in revealing Emily’s identity to someone?

    • Britt says:

      1. Now this strawberry thing is interesting!!!!!!
      2. It was good seeing Lydia back, I wonder if her and Emily can team up to take The Greysons down and then they can turn on each other later.
      3. Now I’m wondering if Daniel shoots Emily because she was shot in the stomach, where her real or fake baby bump would be.

      • Britt says:

        I also forgot to say that I am team Nolan and Emily. I say they should disappear together and find Patrick!

        • Brenda M says:

          Im right there with you…I love Nolan and Emily as besties…and Patrick was an awesome character…would love to see him again also…I say the 3 of them sail off into the sunset and let the rest of them fight about it lol

      • Nicole says:

        Not sure how well Daniel knows Emily, back when fake Amanda was alive it was learned that “Amanda” was allergic to strawberries. Victoria tried to figure out if Amanda was really Amanda by giving her strawberries and also get her DNA. If they really wanted to kill Emily Sarah should put Strawberries in the cake.

    • Nosey says:

      Sara, I believe told Daniel she could not make their wedding cake, so my guess is there will be no strawberry wedding cake. If so, then Victoria is the only one who knows about her allergies, if that is the case then can’t imagine her being the shooter, can’t imagine anyone knowing her true identity being the shooter, b/c all they would have to do is reveal her identity, unless one of them just snaps. But disagree I cannot stand her and Aiden together, she is far from being him, put him and Fauxmanda (may she rest in peace) together, that is where the chemistry should have been. Aiden and Fauxmanda have no problem killing. Aiden does not know how soft Fauxmily is. I think Fauxmanda would have been better @ revenging than Fauxmily and probably more suitable for Aiden b/c neither of them have mercy or remorse, Fauxmily on the other hand has way too much guilt.

  16. Tay says:

    Whyyyy do we have to wait 3 weeks?!?!?!

  17. Et al says:

    This season is so amazing. It’s so upsetting nobody is watching it (live at least) anymore.

  18. Diandra says:

    1) Why do we have to wait 3 weeks?
    2) In the promo they showed Lydia hating on Emily. Why is this? I can’t remember….
    3) LOVED this episode!!!!! I think Aiden looking up guns on Charlotte’s computer is stupid. She will probably be framed and Emily will have to come back…

    • mc says:

      2) She may have remembered that Victoria found out about her and Conrad because of Emily. See: Pilot.

    • Meredith says:

      I think Aiden looking up guns on Charlotte’s computer is genius. If she does get blamed you know Victoria is going to step in and say she did it in order to protect Charlotte. Although as soon as Emily finds out it’s going to blow up in Aiden’s face.

    • Jeannie says:

      Agree. That’s the only way to keep the show alive, when Charlotte gets framed for Emily’s “murder” because of the guns search, Emily can’t go away and can’t die. She has to save Charlotte.
      Also, in the promos, it shows Lydia attacking Emily and that’s when Daniel blurts out that Emily is pregnant.

  19. GeoDiva says:

    Knew Lydia was coming back! Emily needs a new man, because Jack and Aiden don’t cut it anymore.

  20. Ms Thing says:

    Team Emily-Aiden!
    I miss Patrick already.

  21. N says:

    Loving Nolan!

  22. says:

    Team Jack/Emily all the way. Most of the time people based their choice on who is more good looking. I get that Jack knew Emily when she was 8 and that she is a total different person now but you can’t ignore the chemistry that they have. They have it since S1. I am saying they are meant to be because every scene they have together I can feel the angst, love, fear and affection. I won’t necessarily say that Jack is my favorite character on the show but he is whom I pick to be with Emily. It’s very possible to hang on to your childhood crush, at least that’s my opinion.

  23. A says:

    So, so glad Lydia’s back! And the next few episodes look so good, just a shame about the wait :(

  24. Perry says:

    Why do they have to ruin Daniels character?! I’m a diehard Emily & Daniel fan.. I don’t understand how he’s just business to her when in the first season she obviously had feelings for him.. But I hope if the show continues past this season that they’ll find their way back to each other.

  25. Ewa says:

    Roommate agreement! Gotta love Nolan:D

    Also, I lol’ed at Daniel’s “It’s like cakes for elves” – you little mouthbreather, you… not a cunning bone in your body

  26. Jenny says:

    Jack and Emily are so darn boring, hope it never happens!!! Daniel and Emily is not even an option given what’s going on. ..not sure why they make Aiden seem like he can’t be trusted but Emily and Aiden make more sense than the others. That said this show is so freaking good this season. Great episode tonight. Sucks we have to wait 3 weeks.

  27. Ruth says:

    They should get a better guy that suits Emily. .she’s strong willed and smart,Jack is boring,Daniel is a child and Aiden. ..well I just don’t get him..but as you know childhood sweethearts always end up together. .so…it’s just predictable

  28. LOST says:

    They give some lame excuse on Lydia to hate Emily and she’s the one that shoots her. Either that, or Patrick.

  29. Nicola says:

    I know I’m in a minority but I actually like Emily/ Aiden.

    • Terry says:

      If the only other options are Daniel & Jack, then I agree with you.

    • Kiwirevengefan says:

      You are actually in the majority. Every poll I have seen has more people wanting Emily to end up with Aiden than Jack and Daniel combined.

    • Charlie says:

      I’m with you! I’ve always thought that Aiden was the best man for Emily. The promo for the next episode concerned me though. When they mentioned “manipulations”, not only did they show scenes with Lydia and Emily, but also Emily and Aiden! I think she’s been playing him (how could she??), and he might be the one who ends up shooting her. Just before she gets shot, she says “I’m sorry”, remember?

      • Aiden and Ems are good together!!! Intense, intelligent, clever, and physical chemistry…the real deal!
        jack needs a slap upside the head to wake him up! So glum, so dull…Maurgaux is NOT a “good” gal! She has some sort of agenda. And she is TOO OLD for Jack.

        Daniel is a Grayson. It’s the grayson way of manhood. Just sayin’.
        Hoping for season4.

        • mel says:

          Too old? Looking mature does not mean being old. Check your fact please. Even in reality Karine Vanasse is 5 years younger than Nick Wechsler.

  30. Phil says:

    Loving this season. I did not hate last season, but it was not as good as s1 and s3 so far! Here’s hoping people come back!!!! This season has me hoping for a s4

  31. jen says:

    Emily and Jack! They DO have chemistry, for me I see it pouring out of them. Note to the author… you didn’t even mention their scene on Emily’s porch. Jack admitted he could never hate her, and that he’s trying to protect her. Of course your message boards will be anti Jack when you spin it that way. Team Emily/Jack!

  32. Tony says:

    I think Sara is part of a long con by Emily. Em needs Dainle for her plan to take down Vic but wants to know that after she dissapears that Danile will ok. That’s where Sara comes in. She wants them to reconnect just not take it further untill she is gone.

    • Lorilei says:

      I don’t think Emily cares whether Daniel is OK or not. She genuinely cared sbout him in S1 but he blew that by protecting his father. Who knows whether the wedding will take place or not, but it will be interesting to see how Victoria treats Sara if she does become Daniel’s love interest. I can’t believe Sara is dumb enough to fall for it.

      • alison says:

        Pretty sure the wedding happens, she is shot on a boat, the boat that’s taking them and his family on their honeymoon.

  33. clark says:

    This show is sloppy and stupid, how its surviving is a mystery to me. The women are unattractive and boring, with the exception of emily and victoria.

  34. Mandy says:

    Love jack and Emily….. And does Lydia ever die??? How many times has she been killed only to come back?

  35. Jane says:

    Am I the only one hoping that Aiden and Jack kill each other, Daniel goes off with Sarah or dies or something and Emily sails off into the sunset with Nolan. Maybe not in a romantic way but the two of them are the only ones that have any real spark with each other. Honestly the only people I can stand on the show any longer are Nolan, Emily and, I am embarrassed to admit and have no defense for, Conrad.

    • CJ says:

      I actually love Conrad too – he’s the only character that’s 100% honest, in that he doesn’t try to hide what an a-hole he is. I felt so badly for him when Charlotte was lying to him earlier this season, because it was the first time he really got scammed.

  36. MP says:

    So, I think we can be certain Emily is not really pregnant, but I loved that THAT happened! Definitely makes for much more interesting television. So, after she said ‘we’re pregnant’, my mind immediately went to the first ep of this season. Okay, so if Emily is ‘pregnant’ why was she holding a glass of champagne? Unless it was ginger ale… and if everything went according to plan, would Victoria seriously shoot Emily? I mean, yes, she is a bit insane (wink, wink) but I don’t think she would seriously kill her own grandchild. Would she? I don’y know, maybe she ‘loses’ the fetus at some point? I’ll be ripping my hair out until the 3 weeks are up. Amazing episode!

  37. William says:

    STOP TRYING TO MAKE JACK AND EMILY HAPPEN, IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Part of the reason why Jack’s life went into shambles was because of Emily’s vendetta. Far too much has happened for them to ever get a happy ending. The writers need to put that fantasy to rest because it’s unrealistic. I’m tired of Jack’s inconsistent ways. One minute he wants nothing to do with him Emily’s agenda, but when it fits his convenience suddenly he wants in? Whatever. At the end of the day, Aiden’s the only person Emily can be her true self with in a romantic sense. The writers have to stop toying with their relationship because he’s the only solid love interest Emily has.

    • Deion says:

      While this is a largely true post, You have to admit that Emily’s current relationship with Aiden doesn’t feel like the one from last season. She is clearly playing him. While a Jack/Emily romance probably won’t survive the baggage, the Aiden/Emily romance seems doomed as well.

      • Magreeda says:

        yeah, I’m not anti-Aidan/Emily but I think this season it has felt much more like Emily is using the romance to keep Aidan in line and less like she’s really into it. All her moves at Aidan seem to be in reaction to things that happen with Jack. If they sold it more as Aidan being her true soulmate, I could go there with them but they’re not.

        Personally, I think this season has actually been the first time since S1 I can see Jack/Emily having a chance because he knows the truth and he still can’t stay away. I almost think that was the point in killing Declan because now Jack understands the reasons behind a revengenda where he might not have before. She keeps pushing him out of her life and he keeps bringing himself back into it. He was pretty jealous, it seemed, that she was running off with Aidan when it was over.

  38. Deion says:

    Great episode. All Emily has to do is hold on for two more weeks. But Daniel’s flaking has reached ridiculous levels. I have to wonder if his obsession with Emily wasn’t firmly rooted in Victoria’s disapproval. And when you almost get everything you ever wanted with the girl your mom can’t stand, you just go out and revisit the girl she always hated more.

  39. ee says:

    Aiden or Daniel?? Daniel is still a viable option for endgame and Jack’s not? Hahaha. Wow. Just goes to show people can watch the same thing in such different ways. For the record, I was and still am a Jack and Emily fan. I keep hoping she’ll chuck this whole revenge thing to be with her loved ones(aka Charlotte, Jack and Nolan.)

  40. Kristina says:

    Overall I liked the episode but Lydia back from the dead? Really?! I know this is a soap but come on. Enjoyed the Emily/Jack interactions, it’s nice to see them getting back to a place where they’re friendly. Getting more tired of Aiden every episode. Hope he goes off the rails like they seem to be setting up, so he will be out of the picture finally. Daniel’s character has slowly devolved into someone I cringe at every time he’s on screen. Hook up with Sarah, don’t hook up with Sarah, either make him likeable again or make him go away!

  41. LaLa says:

    I loved the appearance of Emily’s first husband, and the way they were able to turn the tables on Victoria. That was the most fun part of this episode. I really don’t care who Emily ends up with – they’ve drawn this whole thing out too long. Last episode, Nolan executed his revengenda against Bizzy in one fell swoop. See how satisfying complete that was? Yeah, I’m ready for a new storyline. Clarke vs. Grayson has officially become stale and overlong to me.

  42. HBH says:

    i love this show and all, but i think its becoming very dull recently. I see absolutely no chemistry with anyone, neither Emily/Aiden or Emily/Daniel. In the previous seasons she at least tried pretending like she loved him, but now it looks like they’re super distant (even before sarah came in the picture).
    I also see no use for charlotte. they need to try making her work things out with emily instead of just hating her and staying at Jack’s while doing absolutely nothing.
    they really need to stop this Jack/Emily thing going on. it is soooo boring. they have no chemistry at all. just leave it alone and move on

  43. Amy says:

    I don’t understand how everyone is saying Emily and Jack are boring together when they haven’t actually gotten a chance to be together on the show for real. Maybe let it play out before judging it?

    • Catelyn says:

      If it’s already boring before it happens, it can’t possibly be entertaining when it finally happens. Besides, they have had interactions and shared a kiss in season 1. I still didn’t care for them then but that’s just my opinion.

  44. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m not reading all these comments so sorry if this has already been hashed out but REALLY ?!?! The fake pregnancy card. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And this back and forth with Emily and Daniel is really getting old. Some say this season has brought this show back but from my standpoint, last night’s episode was three steps back. Ugh.

  45. David says:

    I was very disappointed that they ruined Daniels character so that he and emily will never happen and brought in some british bore who is supposed to be some trained finely honed ninja killing machine but mopes and pines and has his strings pulled by Emily. I do not see any real feelings from her for him. Feels like she’s using him. Not much for Jack, I do think he’s boring but these moments when Emily isn’t so focused on her revengenda… she’s just as boring. After she succeeds in destroying the Greysons I can totally see it.. him sulking behind the bar.. her sitting there whispering her plans to do nothing for the day. I think they should end this show after this year unfortunately. Started off really strong s1 and while i do love the actors, the show has become convoluted and most of the characters have gone through such changes, they aren’t the characters we fell in love with.

    • adona says:

      They ruined Daniel character, totally agree! They ruined Charlotte character. They ruined Conrad character; All the Grayson characters have a master grade in stupidity. The show is about Emily-Aiden vs.Victoria. All the other characters story line are ruined, unbeliveably stupid. Daniel fought over 2 years to have a relationship with Emily, and as the showrunner didn’t want that happens he destroyed this relationship for a ninja english boy and a spineless girlfriend. Moreover, they still show us this tiring true love, who by the way doesn’t know how to mind his own business. Mama Mia! A lot of useless characters! Whatever, Revenge is a soap opera, where people can change lovers as they change dress or shirt. That’s all for me! That’s also a NO forever!

  46. Maryann says:

    You can really tell there is a new showrunner this season. The show has lost it’s heart and soul. All of the characters have become two dimensional, particularly Emily. The first two seasons, they were real, layered, three dimensional people. Emily had layers. She was conflicted over Daniel; she actually had at least some feelings for him. Victoria was three-dimensional, with some redeeming qualities. Charlotte made us care about her. Now everyone’s like ice, and everything is totally plot driven, with no feelings getting in the way of anything — even Emily’s so-called actual love interest Aiden has a cold relationship with Emily that feels like they are just using one another. This whole season feels like the author of my favorite book series died, and someone who just doesn’t get it has taken over the authorship.

    • wingsstef says:

      I still enjoy the show, but I have to agree that it feels different. I don’t like Charlotte this season. I still like Victoria though. She cares about family. And in all seasons you feel like you can tell she feels bad about what happened with David. But she still did it and now has to live with the grief. Similar to the Patrick situation. The Jack and Emily scene on the porch talking about the past was intriguing, a multi-layered message? Sara and, now Lydia’s returns though might be even more interesting. I am curious enough to find out.

    • Jen says:

      I think there is more depth this season than last. You can actually see Emily’s emotional growth over the last few years – this season alone, her emotions have been out there to see far more than before. Like when she actually admitted that she was wrong about the priest, and how upset she was over his death. She told Nolan and Jack that they were two of the most important people in her life, she has expressed sorrow that she is leaving Nolan, Jack, and Charlotte behind. Even her brief little outburst to Nolan about how she can’t stand Daniel anymore. She has become much more emotionally accessible than before. Aidan might be cold a lot of the time, but when they’re together, he is so not cold, and neither is she.

      I feel like there’s been a lot of heart and emotion this season, at least from Emily, Nolan, Victoria, Conrad, and even Aidan. Jack has emotion, but I don’t understand a lot of it – he’s mourning his wife, but has yet to actually ask Emily who his wife really was. He walks away from any conversation as soon as Emily makes a point, so they never really have a full, real conversation. Now, Charlotte – she is incredibly boring. I can’t even remember why she dislikes Emily.

      Emily VanCamp is an incredible actress – she brings so much depth to that character and can express so much emotion with a single look. I hate how overlooked the show and cast are – Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe are so deserving of Emmy nods.

    • xzhu says:

      I totally agree with you, this season has lost its heart and soul. It’s time for Mike Kelley come back

      I have same feelings too, this season has been pretty flat, I think season 2 on twists and turns was better than now (even the initiative was boring and off the rail), I really miss the old showrunner Mike Kelley who was also the show creator, clearly the new showrunner does not love this show much and does not know how to keep the show thrilling like before, it’s time for Mike Kelley come back and put a good ending to the show. Even I hope this season would be the last season of the show, I really hope it could have an outstanding ending that it deserves.

  47. Maryann says:

    The only redeeming feature of this season is that Jack still has feelings for Emily. But have they written Emily this season so that she no longer has a soft spot for him? Aiden is just cold, and Emily doesn’t need him. Writing her so she has her future plans with him just emphasizes the coldness in her, rather than writing her so that she still has qualities underneath that we can root

    • Nosey says:

      I don’t think she is cold at all, I think she is really soft, I just don’t think this is her at all, her reactions when something bad happens is very remorseful. I think she will eventually learn that this is not her (just like she told Jack). The fact that she undercover and still have not put a dent in your plan, that should reveal that this is not her. She is way too emotional, and has remorse for her actions

  48. Maryann says:

    Why on earth would Emily consider she had gotten her revenge by framing Victoria for murder? I thought Conrad was her main target. What gives here?

    • Nosey says:

      Agree, I don’t get it either, Conrad is the one responsible for everything. The only thing I could think of is she is running out of time and has nothing, other than that I don’ think it is a good plan at all. She is definitely not a true revenger, Jack asked if she knows what she is doing, and I seriously don’t think she does.

  49. MrsMarsh says:

    i really think Aiden should die, he’s kinda excess baggage. I’m also thinking Victoria will be framed for Emily murder (which we all know is the plan) then turn Conrad and co in for the “david clarke patsy drama”. Conrad goes to Jail. Emily gets what she wanted and sails off in to the sunset with Nolan, patrick, charlotte (being her sister) and a new yellow lab. Victoria releases her guilt and goes back to being an art buyer in obscurity.. lydia becomes queen of the hamptons… daniel and sarah also run away togther. Jacl and his son leave the hamptons and go live elsewhere with a new woman… not margaux.