In The Mentalist's Penultimate Red John Episode, 'The World We've Built Gets Shaken to the Core'

The Mentalist Captures Red JohnThis Sunday on The Mentalist (CBS, 10/9c), Patrick Jane will quite possibly best his most incessant adversary ever: NFL overrun.

After being penalized by successive Sunday football delays and in one instance outright sidelined for a week, “My understanding is that’s not going to be a problem,” says co-producer Jordan Harper, who penned the penultimate episode of the Red John arc.

And it’s a good thing, too. When last we tuned in, Jane had lured the five remaining possi-Johns to his house, where it was revealed that Sheriff McAllister, Reede Smith and Gale Bertram all bear the “three dots” tattoo on their shoulders. Shortly after a shotgun-toting Jane separated the extra-suspect trio from Bret Stiles and Ray Haffner, we saw from outside that the gun went off. And then just as Lisbon arrived on the scene, the whole house went boom.

What exactly transpired inside? “The blanks that don’t get filled in [this week] will get filled in,” Harper answers.

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With the promise of the Red John mystery being wrapped up over the course of these first eight episodes of Season 6 (concluding No. 24 with an installment written by show boss Bruno Heller), Harper agrees that he and the other writers have sort of been “passing a baton” from one to another, each tackling a piece of the climactic arc.

“It’s obviously a more serialized set of stories than we’ve ever done in the past, so it’s been a tremendous amount of fun,” he shares. “Particularly [last week’]s ‘Fire & Brimstone,’ this one, ‘The Great Red Dragon,’ and the one following it, ‘Red John,’ which are basically seen as a trilogy” — meaning, Harper had to handle a specifically special set of circumstances. “There aren’t many things harder to write than the middle of a story,” he notes. “I was handed a cliffhanger ending, and had to tee up something for the next episode. It was very tricky fitting in both pieces of that puzzle while keeping the story moving.”

The end result of Harper’s efforts? “A lot of things happen in this episode that can’t be taken back, and things are going to change permanently,” he offers up.”The whole world we’ve built gets shaken to the core.”  Then, with a nudge, he confirms: “There are some deaths.”

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Speaking of the Grim Reaper: Harper, when presented with one Red John theory that’s swirling around, teases that the arguably uncertain fate of one “eliminated” candidate, Brett Partridge — who some fans still have in their virtual betting pool — will be addressed.

“One way or the other,” he previews, “there will be an answer to the fate of Brett Partridge — in one of my favorite scenes, actually, in an episode that’s full of big scenes.”

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  1. Bill Prickett says:

    I admit, I don’t like the sound of ”The whole world we’ve built gets shaken to the core.”
    I’ve heard the rumors that Grace Van Pelt will be revealed to be part of Red John’s team, and that will completely sour the show for me.

    • JC says:

      It would ruin the show for me as well. :(

      • xoxoprgossipgirl says:

        It still is very odd to me that the voice at the end of one of the last seasons was obviously Patrick’s voice. Maybe he is a total psycho and it was him all along. For some reason that would make me happier that it was Grace. And does he ever change his suit? Have we seen where he lived?

        • susan says:

          where does he live?? come on he sleeps in his dead daughters room under the RJ symbol!!! WHO DOES THAT??? killers – I’ve tracked every single episode and its JANE! has all the traits of serial killer, psycho and sociopath – calm demeanor and working with LEO to catch HIMSELF is classic and fabulous! we’ve never seen jane without his shirt….left shoulder?? the house that blew up I believe was ‘cottage’ behind his modern abode of his family days – all RJ ppl get orders via phone, means Jane def on THAT list of callers LOL – and CLUE PPL jane is not on list of suspects being polled! lmao

          • David says:

            A quick point for anyone who has paid even basic attention to detail.

            Bruno Heller said directly at the end if season 5 that Red John WAS one of the list of 7 Patrick Jane had isolated as key suspects, this does not mean others could not be somehow working with/for him but the serial killer we have known since the shows opening many years ago is one of them.

            If I was to take a guess of my own at this point I would say Brett Partridge, this based on the fact I feel his supposed death scene seemed hurried and not very significant for a character that has been in the show since episode 1.

            Another link being that when the house explodes with the 5 RJ suspects you would get the impression he would not place himself inside a house that he had explosives in knowing it was going to blow, Partridge is of course not in that scene as he is presumed dead…Bertram seems too obvious, Kirkland we seen getting shot dead and so this leaves us with contenders of Partridge, Stiles (who I do think is linked to RJ closely) McAlister and Haffner, I know they like a big twist but I can’t see Reede Smith being him since he outed the group he worked for and wanted protection but you never know.

    • flutiefan says:


    • HAP says:

      However, it has been widely reported that both Righetti and Yeoman are being written out of the cast during this season.

      • JC says:

        Yes, but how? They get killed? They get unmasked as Red John accomplices? They end up leaving the team for new jobs after Red John is captured/killed? We don’t know at this point. I’m personally hoping for the last out of those options, but the worst would be having either one of them (and the rumor is Grace right now) be revealed to be in league with Red John. I don’t think I could keep watching the show after that. I hate it when shows pull something like that just for the shock factor. This isn’t Dexter, and while the show has always had a darker edge (how could it not with the Red John theme), it has to a large extent been a lighter more upbeat show. Pulling that kind of ending would ruin it as far as I’m concerned.

    • DL says:

      I can’t fathom that being true. It would make no sense. Would go totally against her evil fiance arc.

    • Joanna says:

      i have suspected her

    • briantoohey says:

      That was actually my hypothesis waaaay back when the show began. But I’ve long since decided that option would no longer make any sense.

    • gymtruthteller says:

      Not only will it ruin the show for me but I will quit watching for good if it happens. I wouldn’t put it past them to make Rigsby part of Red John but if they don’t end up happy ALIVE and together I will never watch this show again.

    • gymtruthteller says:

      The fat cop is too much of a show boat to be red John. If he is Red John then it means Jane was fooled by an idiot for 7 years and that is all on Jane. I still say the Sheriff. He has been my guess all along. Until the last episode where now the Captain is my guess.

    • susan says:

      AND don’t forget, first rule of writing is ‘red herrings’ tossed into the mix For example Bertram this week def ‘should’ be red john when he killed the bartender, and went on the lam – smith was likely suspect having killed Kirkland – McAllister was afraid of heights yet plucked jane off that roof no problem—should I go on? those are all called red herrings, false clues – the only NOT clue is JANE!

    • Mike says:

      Its always been jane… ever notice the resemblence between jane face and red johns marking.. I think hes got everyone hyphypnotizd and wrapped around his finger. Its just a game for him

  2. enri says:

    Can’t wait…squeal!

  3. shuayb says:

    I seriously hope that Grace is not involved with Red John.
    I think that started on TVLine. Matt posited a theory.
    I’m sure that Gale is Red John. Its between him and Reede Smith. I seriously CANNOT WAIT….

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      It can’t be Smith. Have you payed attention during any of the Red John scenes? If so you would have noticed that his hands are skinny and not fat. Smith is fat, ergo he’s not red john.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        That’s what you’re going with? The hand size of the random stand-ins used over the years…?

        • Virginia says:

          Ha! Good one, Matt!

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          No matt, you could clearly see it a couple of episodes ago when red john was choking that woman. I think it’s Sheriff McAllister. I hope it is. He was a great villain on Nikita!

        • jean says:

          matt, maybe if the show was more thought out and not written by so many different people details like that could be intentionally hidden or intentionally exposed to the audience instead of just ignored.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Not to belabor this silly point, but…. You are suggesting that the actor playing Red John be paid to come to the set for 5 minutes work to do something with their hands or stand in a shadow. And aside from the financials and logistics (what if that actor is busy with a gig and is unavailable to come to the set to something with their hands or stand in a shadow?), you’re basically begging for some random crew or cast member/long-lens paparazzo to reveal/spoil who Red John is far, far sooner than ever need be.

            In related news, I watched the final Red John episode last night and it was even better than I had anticipated.

      • Kim R says:

        I, too, pay attention to hands and feet/shoes in scenes and trust that the show runners will be consistent (for example if the hands are female or male, rough or smooth, big or small). Continuity people! :D

        • Kim R says:

          I was not suggesting that the same actor who is portraying Red John come in for hand shots. I’m not even suggesting that it is the same actor doing any of it. I’m just saying, that in a well thought out show, there would be continuity. For example, if we get to see any parts of Red John, hear his voice at any time, they would take care that it is consistent. If they hands were big, make sure any time the hands are shown, they stay in keeping with what has already been. And many shows have dropped small clues, things to watch for etc. in just those kind of subtle ways. I don’t think anyone was saying that they had to get the same person to come in for those kinds of shots.

          • CBWBDK1 says:

            Exactly what i was going to write Kim. I completely agree with you.

          • Eve FitzProuse says:

            I completely agree. It does matter about all of those characteristics. For example, in the Wedding in Red, Sheriff McAllister was left handed when he lifted Jane off the roof. We also noted when Kiera Tinsley was getting strangled, Red John grabbed her neck with what could have been with his left hand first.

            Lastly, what was Red John doing without a shirt on, or sleeveless shirt when killing Kiera Tinsley?? Unless, she knew him personally, was working for him and/or was sleeping with him and didn’t expect it.

          • Eve FitzProuse says:

            Tyger, Tyger. Bret with one T and Brett with two T’s. Started the club, just a thought what do you think?

      • henri says:

        unless of course the writers see no need to keep the facts congruous….just like RJs voice is high pitched like partridges…..If bertram, smith, or any others are RJ, Id love to see them do that voice we’ve heard before cause they won’t be able to.

    • Virginia says:

      Apparently, Matt didn’t read any of the spoilers posted in the last episode of TV Guide. There is a lot of information in that Mentalist article. More than anyone else is reporting.

      I also think it’s Bertram.

    • prish says:

      Gale would be totally ridiculous, and Grace would be pathetic.

  4. Lambsilencer says:

    I wonder how big “Red John” is gonna be in terms of ratings. Some say it might even turn out bigger than “Dallas”‘ “Who Done It?”…

    • RockGolf (@rock_golf) says:

      NOBODY says it will be bigger than “Who Shot JR?” (Well, maybe Rob Ford.)

      Mentalist doesn’t even beat the football on NBC, plus there’s big shows on AMC and HBO. Dallas got a 76 share and 83 million viewers.

      If the Mentalist gets a quarter of that, CBS will declare victory.

      • d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

        Just about to post the same thing. That’s a ridiculous statement. I could see it going up above 10 million but 83 million isn’t even a possibility.

        • Lambsilencer says:

          Not saying I believe it. :) Just that I read it more than once over the last few days. It’s not gonna be, if only because of the viewing habits these days. You don’t get that kind of audience for a TV episode anymore, no matter how “important” it is.

  5. Zeus says:

    If the plot involves a lame Partridge resurrection, then I’m going to stop watching the show.

  6. git says:

    None of the above, I think red John just helped Jane uncover the “secret dirty cop club” so they could take them down… And then he’ll (?) show him(?)self.

  7. Kim R says:

    This has been going on so long that I wish I had made notes. Was this a serial killer than randomly hit Jane’s house and killed his family? Was he specifically targeted? Is Red John some how connected directly to Jane? I, for one, just want it over with already. I hope Cho is not involved or any others in Lisbon’s team but however it ends up, I hope it was worth the LONG wait. :)

    • liz says:

      its always been clear that Red John targeted Jane. Back when Jane was a showman he insulted Red John on tv and so he came after him. And then he just enjoyed playing mind games with him for a decade.
      If Cho’s in on it, I’ll be livid.

  8. dbCoop says:

    Bertram. That guy has always given me the creeps.

    • Windoula says:

      That makes him too obvious. Plus, he’s in a position of authority, and I feel like Red John is probably not as high up in the regular world as he is in the underground world.

  9. Andrea says:

    They should’ve ended it with Bradley Whitford being Red John and moved on. That was an epic 2-part ep, then it was ruined S4. Nevertheless, I’d like to know if the character that ends up being Red John was the original choice from the beginning or if they changed it after the course of the 6 seasons.

    • Bella says:

      I agree – they should have ended it with Bradley Whitford. I’m more than ready for this storyline to be done with.

      • Angie says:

        I also agree, that should have been the end of Red John, it has been gone on for soooo long, how will they keep the audience’s attention now??? IMO after the “Red John” thing is done what will they do to hold our attention ~ or ~ will they lose it????

  10. John 1138 says:

    At this point anything less than Lisbon being “Red John” would be a letdown.

  11. luke says:

    Gregory Itzin is Red John!!!

  12. Torsten says:

    Michael Kirkland Red John

  13. Smeagol says:

    Patrick Jane is Red John but he doesn’t know it.

  14. Torsten says:

    no Simon Baker is Patrick Jane. Red John is Michael Kirkland

  15. GildedRose says:

    I would be SHOCKED if Jane hadn’t looked at Partridge’s body at that house. That would just be phenomenally lame on the part of a man who is supposed to be so smart and who knows what Red John is capable of. I think it’ll be MacCallister simply because I like him. I find him charming in an odd way, plus he fits that description of the blind woman who was his lover. There’s something about him. Too smooth? Too calm? Yep. Totally think it’s him.

  16. mike says:

    you might as well cancel the show every one is tired of red john I’m done watching it

  17. Bill says:

    I can’t see Van Pelt being in RJ crew. She killed her fiancée a few seasons ago when he tried to kill the team. Wouldn’t RJ have told him that Van Pelt was in his club? Maybe Rigsby, that’d be more than enough for Van Pelt to leave the CBI. 2 love interests part of a cult

    • gymtruthteller says:

      Go read the wikipedia Mentalist page where it talks about an episode where the Van Pelt wanted to go to some kind of class but the captain wouldn’t let her then he changed his mind. That is where he got her. The Captain is Red John and Van Pelt is involved.

  18. kelly says:

    It’s Rigsby.

  19. Rusty says:

    If they kill off Van Pelt or Rigsby or have them involved in the RJ cult, I will fly off to California find the writers and producers and tie them over an ant hill with syrup dripping over them or something like that. Better yet Van Pelt gets pregnant and she and Rigsby decide to leave to raise a family. Anything other than a happy ending for those two is totally unacceptable. If they do something bad to those two…., they will loose millions of viewers overnight.

    • gymtruthteller says:

      We better get your ending and not the endings everyone here has pulled out of their butts. I have pulled the same conspiracy’s out of my butt myself (Rigsby being part of Red John) but if they don’t leave the show together and happy I am done watching forever

  20. J says:

    Love all this Mentlaist scoop! The cryptic Brett Partridge reference now has me wondering. This is going to be one major episode and I am glad it is in the capable hands of Jordan Harper. I have always highly enjoyed the eps he’s written.

    I don’t know who Red John is and I don’t know who survived the bombing. In the day and age of instant spoilers the show has done a good job keeping this all under wraps.

  21. Susan says:

    Ray Haffner is Red John!

  22. Megan says:

    I guess Partridge would have been too easy, seeing how effing creepy he was. His first scene I thought “Red John!!” His voice sounded identical to Red John’s too. Just saying…

  23. liz says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching The Mentalist since it started, but I’ve never been ‘OMG I NEED TO WATCH IT’. This season though, these episodes – I have been. I cannot wait until Sunday. I need to know!! They’ve been so excellently written and acted. Just so excited for this climactic end … and the new beginning it represents for Patrick + Lisbon

  24. Bill says:

    Ray Haffner is Red John. Red John is a Visualize member. That’s how Brett Stiles knew where Christine Frye was in Season 3. Red John’s first murders were at a Visualize farm in 1988. Ray Haffner was the Visualize “kid” who painted the RJ smiley face on the Red Barn.

  25. Russ says:

    All good ideas. But, I’ve been watching the show since the beginning and I have an idea. Patrick is going to wake up on death row from another nightmare he created after he killed his family.

  26. Tom says:

    Yawn. This show is tired, The Red John thread was old two seasons ago. Please end this stupid show and replace it with something fresh.

  27. enri says:

    No stupid football overruns and I’ll be happy.

  28. Lisa says:

    I tend to think that the whole theory of Grace working with Red John is a bit of a red herring. I think she will find out that Rigsby is the one that is one on Red John’s team. I’m thinking of continuity and thinking back to O’Laughlin. The writers made it pretty clear that she was unaware that he was on Red John’s team. Of course, she ended up killing him. Not to mention that if she was working with Red John, and Red John wanted to kill Hightower, she had the opportunity long before O’Laughlin arrived on the scene. Of course, finding out that both a fiancé and now her husband are both part of Red John’s team, could shake up her world enough to send her packing, or could lead to one of both of their deaths.

    I also think that the tattoo might be a red herring. It may not have been Red John himself that killed the woman. We know that at least one other person represented himself as Red John, in order to further Red John’s plans. So, it’s possible that one of them was acting on Red John’s behalf. It is also possible that the real Red John used a temporary tattoo. Basically, If someone brands an animal, they don’t brand themselves too. I would think that the tattoo would be the way to distinguish who is a member, but I would also think that the leader would not have that mark, in an effort to conceal his identity.

    I have thought on many occasions that Bertram could be Red John, I’m still not entirely convinced that he isn’t. The tattoo kinda makes me think maybe not, because I do think it’s a red herring. With Bertram, there’s been very subtle hints, so it is possible.

    Thinking of Red John’s ability to lead, influence, and even (dare I say) brainwash the massive amount of people he has, does lend credence to the possibility that Bret Stiles is indeed Red John. Of course, I believe Bertram is capable of that also. I don’t see it with the other two. So, honestly, I’m down to Bertram or Stiles. Unforunately, so much points to him, that I tend to think they will veer away from it, for someone less likely. I’m going to stick with Stiles as my first choice and Bertram as my second. I’m sticking with Stiles because he does come across as powerful enough to make it all happen AND they seem to be trying to point us away from him now. Either way, if the logic I’ve used is off, and it is one of the others, I’m pretty sure it will be interesting to see how the writers have decided to unfold the end to this story. Sorry for the length.

  29. JustineK says:

    Well, my pick (since the 7 suspects were revealed) was Sheriff McAllister. Mostly because of the actor (he’s SO GOOD as a villain)!
    But now, considering some spoilers (TVGuide magazine!) I’m guessing it could actually be Gale Bertram, which I find kind of… strange? Not sure I how I feel about it, tbh.

  30. Sara James says:

    If ANYONE on Lisbon’s team is with Red John or is Red John, I will be so ticked off. I can handle any of the other people they’ve encountered or worked with being him or working with him, but not that. It will ruin any enjoyment of ever rewatching the series, if I know that all along, for example, Van Pelt was helping RJ. I don’t think any of the people on the team have the charisma that RJ apparently has to sway so many people to help him, though. And they’re kind of young to have been a serial killer as many years as Red John has been. It’s been at least ten since he killed Jane’s family and he was killing before that.

  31. stephanie says:

    I believe red john is Lisbin always have thought so

  32. Jenatude says:


  33. Bill MaGouirk Jr. says:

    Red John is going to be revealed as Brett Partridge’s twin brother. Before you say they said “Its going to be one of the 7” and he’s not included. Well they are going to use the fact that he is a twin therefore making him and brett one person since they have the same dna.

    • AnnieM says:

      I think you mean’t Kirkland , And my friend thinks that also.
      As he put it ”The same guy will still be playing the part it just means a bit of a twist ”
      I liked Kirkland :) To be honest i found him kinda cute in a way ………….But what a fantastic actor ! x

  34. AnnieM says:

    I believe that the ”Tattoo ” Lot are the ”Protector’s in some way or another , Or ”The good guys ” if you will.
    I believe that Brett is Bret Stiles son and that he is still alive , In a way i have thought for a long time that HE is red John .
    But i believe that the only way that the writers can put ”Red John to bed for good ” and not change to evade capture/Escape/Carry the story on is for whoever is Red John to die naturally for sure and then that gives us Red John = Bret Stiles.
    Also remember Loreli said ” You would have been good friends after shaking hands ” Etc etc , Well Stiles is the ONLY one that Jane ever had any rapore with really.
    One a final note ,Loreli is still alive as she had a bandage on her left arm in the video and did’nt have one when ”Found dead”
    Van Pelt is working for Red John for sure and i think that is why she had to shoot her future husband dead because he would give the game away , I think she really cares about the team but things went to far and she got in to deep and now there is no turning back for her.
    It would not even suprise me if Kirkland was still alive , Remember ”He tried to get away and you had to shoot him ” Then why did they say that he died in prison ? Blank bullets ?
    Maybe Tiger Tiger is a pass word for the good guys and Red John is just teasing by mentioning it to let ”People” know that he knows about the ”Protectors” as i like to call them .
    We shall see my friends ! I have been watching since episode 1 season 1 and i think it is such a good programme and nothing else has even come close :)
    ENJOY and i shall see you all on the otherside when alas ! RJ is revealed, And i am sure we will not be disappointed ! :) x

  35. Lee says:

    My vote would be for Haffner, but if the tattoo thing is true, he wouldn’t be one, so my vote of the three remaining is Reede Smith. I just don’t get the impression that Smith is all that bright enough to pull of the Red John murders.

  36. Anton says:

    It was easier to see who red Jhon was before season 6 started. Now that it has, it seems the possibilities are endless. One scene in the last episode where bret styles tips blood over the girl and then turns to the other girl and almost doses the exact same thing as what happened to Lisbon with partridges blood on her face, must have some significance to the Red Jhon Story, otherwise they would not of shown it. This scene has no other significance to it but to tell you that styles was the one who put the smily face on Lisbon face or at very least, the grey link between the Red John story line and visualise is now a blue active link. Busted visualise. Bret Styles is right in there. Number one suspect for the third time for me.

  37. Scott says:

    As everyone will see soon enough, the 3 dots tattoo is no so much a red herring as a future spoiler because it’s going to be the focus of the Tyger, Tyger storyline which will cover the rest of season 6 which is the “super law enforcement” arc rumored for months. Anyone with the 3 dots tattoo is part of Tyger, Tyger and could not be Red John, which eliminates CBI Chief Gale Bertram, Agent Reede Smith and Sheriff Thomas McAllister.

    Jane split the 5 suspects up which means Red John is either Bret Stiles or Ray Haffner. The smart money is on Ray Haffner because of his Visualize connections since before the events of the pilot. If Red John isn’t Ray Haffner, I will be genuinely surprised because he ticks every box: former-CBI, part of Visualize, can walk into the CBI unnoticed and unchallenged, etc.

    • Lisa says:

      Ok, so the Tyger Tyger storyline will continue. I meant that it’s a red herring as far as the actual identity of Red John himself. I do see your points about Ray Haffner, he just doesn’t come off to me as powerful enough, nor smart enough. Although he does have the connections to both the CBI and Visualize, which has been alluded to in the past. It’s possible that while in public, he downplays his intelligence & power. Since Bret Stiles seems MORE likely, it is possible that it could actually be Haffner. I would think his public persona would be more controlled and would be an attempt not draw attention to himself. Bret Stiles & Bertram are noticeably powerful and intelligent. Haffner does not present himself that way. Of course, Red John is intelligent enough to know that if he presents himself as powerful, persuasive and intelligent, it will turn attention to him. So, yes, I think I can get behind this.

  38. dennis says:

    Whatever happened to Patrick Jane’s dad? Is he Red John? Or is Jane himself?

  39. Z says:

    Red John- Grace has red hair…….oooohhh :) maybe she’s red joan lol

  40. JB says:

    It’s getting to the point where I don’t even CARE anymore!!!

  41. coldplay says:

    I think patrick’s father is red john.. the guy that taught him tricks way back when jane was a kid.

  42. gymtruthteller says:

    The writers insist Red John was on the list of 7 so unless they lied which would be stupid the 5 remaining and never seen dead guy from grounded for life are the only remaining suspects. That being said they never told us that others could not be involved with Red John which means the whole show is suspect until it ends.

  43. Daniela says:

    I think Patrick Jane is Red John…

  44. gb says:

    Grace being in with red john would not ruin it….it would make perfect sense actually. Because it seems like he has had someone with access to cbi since the very beginning and we all remember when she joined the team in the she seemed naive and innocent. But Ive had a gut feeling about her since the pilot. On another note..what are they saying about Brett Partridge? No way he is still alive. Cant be!

  45. Kevin Scott says:

    Red John is McAllister

  46. Dexter says:

    In the TV Guide, it says that Rigbsy and Van Pelt set up their ow private firm once the team is disbanded. So, unless they are wrong, it involves neither of them.

  47. barbara says:

    matt your a stinker already watching it. i did read also when this rj episode ends they fastforward two years which makes no sense to me and i still think vanpelt acting strange this season. guess we will all find out soon. i truly hope when rj dies they make sure he is dead not like the nonsense on bones with pelant coming back in some form

  48. David says:

    Not many comments nominating Haffner? He has the strongest feelings for Lisbon from the bunch which would explain not killing her.

  49. Jack says:

    Sadly, my judgement here so far is that the writers/directors have screwed up.

    During most of past seasons, they had been so happy creating a virtual “Red John”, who is TOO powerful TOO smart to be any character in the story! They/CBS are so indulged in the success of getting so much attention of TV viewers due to RJ.

    Now, with the coming of the end, they are trying to land RJ onto some existing character – only to find it’s too late: no role in the show can possibly match the capabilities of RJ.

    That’s why you are NOT feeling convinced when one of those suspectes or characters is said to be RJ, because you can so easily point out somewhere in the previous show that does not make sense.

    I really hope I am wrong, as I spent so much on the show and hope it could have a decent ending, somehow like Breaking Bad.

    • David says:

      You need to legislate for the fact Red John could have followers or indeed could be a more than one person, this would take care of many peoples concerns of how a mastermind could have still been behind it all but used a lot of help.

      There’s no doubt Red John had access to CBI intel since he has always been one step ahead and stayed out of the radar, the issue however is that every suspect in some way or another is connected to law enforcement.

      The Blake association being revealed when it was will prove significant, I think it will detail how indeed so much could happen in Red Johns favour for so long, because he had a company of people to help him with certain things even if they did not know he was Red John or sme of them didn’t.

  50. gb says:

    Matt since u seen this coming sundays reveal already. L…at least answer me this……were u surprised by the red john reveal? We all know jane revealed betram as red john to draw out the real red john amd get the rest of the cops chasing betram. Were u really shocked at the reveal or did u have a feeling of who it really was? I will say this..if u watch the preview….u can tell jane releases a pigeon to distract red john in the he can shoot him. I seen the pigeon on the statues shoulder in the preview. Red johns phobia is birds!