Pilot Scoop: CBS Orders How I Met Your Dad

How I Met Your Dad Pilot Order CBSWe’re one step closer to meeting Dad.

CBS on Friday ordered a pilot of the How I Met Your Mother spin-off How I Met Your Dad.

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The network is calling the buzzed-about comedy project a “kindred spirit” of the original series — only this one tells the story of a relationship from a female point of view.

CBS also notes that HIMYD will be a brand-new story with new characters (lest you think that Slutty Pumpkin was finally going to have her day in the sun.)

UPDATEHIMYM co-creator Carter Bays took to Twitter late Friday to clarify that, contrary to previous reports, the new project’s characters will not be introduced during the existing series’ final season.

“This will be its own, totally new show,” he tweeted.

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HIMYM‘s Emily Spivey, Craig Thomas and Bays will write and executive-produce the potential series alongside 20th Century Fox TV.

Would you watch a HIMYM spin-off? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Bry says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooo! Just let me know when the season and series finale are on.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Ugh. No.

  3. Dylan says:

    Not about the mother we know now? Meh. Not to excited.

  4. the truth says:

    Don’t do this. Just let How I Met Your Mother die in peace. We all know How I Met Your Dad is going to be exactly like that last season of Scrubs (which we all choose not to talk about) and it’s going to end after a 12 episode season.

  5. Kat says:

    They’re missing an opportunity, not having Lyndsy Fonseca headline the series.

    • DL says:

      Seriously, I’d be on board with this, or with Cristin Milioti headlining and having it be about how she met Ted.

      But a new story with zero connection to the original? No thanks. Don’t need to be teased for another nine seasons.

    • Cassie says:

      It’s a good idea, but since she hasn’t even been born yet, they would have to set the show 20-odd years in the future and I just don’t see that happening.

  6. Lisa says:

    As Long as it doesn’t run 9 seasons (more like 4-5) I’m fine with it. I think they could do good things. They need milloti tho

  7. Guy says:

    I don’t even understand what this is. Why not How I Met Your Father from The Mother’s perspective? I don’t.

  8. Livvy says:

    Poverty of ideas.

  9. Martina says:

    I’m sick of spin offs, remakes and TV adaptations. Aren’t there new, creative and innovating ideas out there?!

    • jd says:

      When the most watched show on tv (NCIS) is a spinoff that’s run for 11 years, then no, they will not stop looking for spinoff material. I don’t understand all the backlash. This new show will not affect HIMYM in any way, and fans should give the show creators and writers the benefit of the doubt here. If you like HIMYM, then you like how they cast the characters, how they wrote the show, and how they’ve run the series. They’ve earned the chance to do it again.

  10. Terrie1000 says:

    Leave HIMYM to its own legacy. Great shows don’t have to go on forever or be copied. My son and I have been HIMYM fans from the start. Let the show shine in its final season and then let go!

    • NJD says:

      What about Frasier?

      • S. says:

        The problem is for every Frasier there’s AfterMASH or That 80s Show. It would’ve been interesting to see it from the perspective of the Mother from HIMYM. It might’ve been straining things a little too far though. It’s not like you won’t be using old HIMYM footage for the kids. This way it’s a clean slate and they can create a different world. I’ll admit, it’s a natural thing to think about doing. I can’t blame them at all. It also makes it immediately clear what the ultimate thrust of the series is so that viewers get it and they don’t have to drop a backstory anvil on our heads in the pilot. The whole show is backstory.

        • BenM says:

          Frasier isn’t the only one that worked. Just because some don’t doesn’t mean spin-offs should never happen.
          Having said that, spin offs don’t seem to work nearly so well in this day and age unless they are crime shows.
          I don’t know, though, why so many people want to write this off just because. Perhaps it is because they felt nine seasons was too long for HIMYM and are still slightly bitter at it. But, I’d definitely be willing to give HIMYD a go (but it should be father). Not writing it off from day one.

          • NJD says:

            The thing is this show is completely different from HIMYM, so they can’t “ruin” your relationship with the show or the characters (I’m looking at you Joey).
            It’s just a new series with the same style, I understand some people not wanting to watch it, but what’s up with all the hate?

            About the name, Carter Bays joked about on twitter:

            “Oh and it’s #HIMYD and not #HIMYF. I don’t want it to get confusing when the news breaks about our other pilot, ‘Hey I Made You Fart.’ “

  11. Mary says:

    No. Nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother was too much.

    • S. says:

      Here’s the thing, if it’s not this show it’ll be something else. You’re willing to commit to a series that’s 4-6 seasons and maybe overlaps with another that manages 5 but not one that goes 9 years? You’ll probably be devoting 30 minutes of time to something on tv. What’s the big deal with seeing if it’s any good? Acting like you’re tapped out before you’ve even seen it, esp. when you’re gonna be dealing with new characters and relationships is silly.

      • taran63 says:

        The problem is that by making it a spinoff, they are trying to appeal to HIMYM fans. I imagine that many fans are like me and burned out on the concept. I know at this point I’m only watching to see how it all ends.
        And now they want me to commit another 5 (or 9) years to watch this concept play out again? With new characters that I have no emotional investment in? No. I’d rather start watching something new with a fresh concept.
        I’m honestly not sure how many people this will appeal to.

      • Mary says:

        I’ve only half way paid attention to HIMYM the past couple of seasons, waiting to see the mother. But now that it’s into the final season, I’m not sure why I’m still bothering other than I still like Lily and Marshall. Some shows go on far longer than they should. This is one of them.

        • Audrey says:

          I went a step further and stopped watching the show altogether this season. After a few great seasons and a gradual slide into mediocrity, this season is so offensively awful, I actually turned it off.

  12. Cory Gilbert says:

    It’s not really a spin-off if all of your characters are new. I KNOW the article doesn’t say “ALL new characters”, but still…

    • NJD says:

      I don’t know what makes it exactly a “spin-off.” I guess it will be in the same universe, like the new 90210 or the CSI shows.

      • darcywilson says:

        Well the new 90210 was connected to the old one though, very much so. Characters from the original appeared on it, and even one of its main characters (Silver) was introduced on the original.

  13. Cruciatus says:

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUDGESICLE! For the love of God, why?!

  14. Ron Matrisch says:

    I was never a fan of HIMYM, so I am sure this is not a good idea

  15. Kre says:

    This is unnessary. All spinoffs are unnessary.

    • sayna says:

      Can’t agree at all. Angel spun off from Buffy and was better in it’s last season than Buffy after season 5. Fraiser is another good example.

      • wingsstef says:

        And technically NCIS is a spinoff of Jag and of course that show is very popular. It is also fairly different than Jag. I hope How I Met Dad is fairly different too. I mean, a parent will till likely be telling a story about how she found her husband or whatever. That might be the same, but hopefully the character dynamics are a little different. Not like the first season of Saved By The Bell the first class for example. It’s okay to be still at the same bar. I am sure lots of people go to that bar. Perhaps they don’t go to it as often. Anyway, I am curious and will check it out.

        • Cory says:

          I never watched JAG but NCIS is one of my favorite shows. I didn’t know it was a spinoff until recently.
          Just because Joey and That 80s Show tanked and tanked hard doesn’t mean ALL spinoffs will. HIMYD could have some potential but it can’t be the exact same premise as HIMYM. Either way, Bays and Thomas better figure out how to get viewers hooked from the pilot until the end without using recycled plotlines and character quirks.

  16. João Amaral says:

    Completely new characters? The ony thing in common with HIMYM is the name and the universe?

  17. Sal says:

    I suppose they’ll hire an older actress to do the narration, when the main actress could do it herself.

  18. dragons3 says:

    I’ll reserve judgment until I actually see the show. Maybe I’ll watch and maybe I won’t. There’ve been some shows I was sure I wouldn’t like and wound up loving and vice versa.

  19. Tee says:


    The only thing good about this season is the unfortunately few scenes with the mother, and her amazing chemistry with the rest of the cast.

    About the only thing I’d WANT to see is more mother, otherwise who wants to watch another set of kids get harped at about every person their parent banged or pined after for years.

    • That’s one of the things I couldn’t even handle about this show. If my parents dared sit me down and tell me about their entire sexual history I would run away screaming for help. You want to tell your kids about how their PARENTS met, fine. That’s sweet. That’s ALL that’s needed.

  20. MM says:

    “What a wonderful idea”, said no one except CBS execs.

  21. David says:

    Handled properly, a spinoff could work. As someone has already mentioned, however, all new characters does not a spinoff make. Besides, the show lasted this long because of Barney. Make the spinoff about him.

  22. abz says:

    I don’t usually write off shows completely before I at least check out the pilot, but unless this is from Ted’s wife’s perspective, I have no interest in watching them drag out the show for 8 seasons before revealing the father (if it even gets that far) and reusing HIMYM storylines. They should have done How I Lived With Your Mother instead. I’d actually want to see how they started their life together and how they had kids and raised them, but I guess it might just be that the actors are tired after 9 seasons and eager to explore new endeavours.
    I don’t remember exactly, but I recall reading something about how they might introduce these new characters in the series finale of HIMYM which is so stupid. The series finale should be devoted entirely to the characters we spent almost 9 seasons watching, not some nobodies.

  23. DavidSask says:

    No one is liking this last season of HIMYM and the ratings are not that good anymore, so why do this? Come up with some original ideas, no one has asked for this spin off and it will show if you air it!

    • Hubert says:

      Um, as for the ratings, HIMYM is the #3 scripted show on broadcast tv now, only behind TBBT and Modern Family.

      I am sure HIMYD will (if at all) premiere better than anything new on Monday would. Then it will probably take the Joey path and see a big decline.
      But maybe thats all what CBS needs? Few high-rated Mondays? Their Mondays will crater anyway, but this way it may come rather later than sooner.

  24. Ram510 says:

    I think a big turn off is the piggybacking off of the title, but I think this could work with the right cast. Give them a new voice, location, direction and characters and see what happens.

  25. wjrxyz says:

    It’s gonna be, Awe………(wait for it)……………………..ful.

  26. greysfan says:


  27. sasha says:

    it’s a big no for me! Already this season suc* and since maybe season 5/6 it’s not that good!
    And it’s not a spin off but sort of remake because no one from the original cast will be there…
    Joey’s spin off from friends wasn’t a good idea and it was lame and friends was way better than himym so I can’t imagine the same story all over again (even if now it’s from a woman’s pov)

    • Zach says:

      There is no way Friends was better than HIMYM. Friends was a well written show with a funny cast. HIMYM revolutionized the sitcom. It is one of the top 3 comedies of the 21st century.

      • taran63 says:

        Revolutionized the sitcom? You’re saying sitcoms before HIMYM are radically different from sitcoms after HIMYM? I love the show, but I think “revolutionized” is…um, not true.

      • sasha says:

        Revolutionized the sitcom? mwahahaaaaaaaaaaaa stop dreaming! I like (or i liked a lot) himym but the last seasons are lame and I still watch to know how it ends! And Himym in a lot of ways looks like a lot to Friends (I need to find the site who made the comparison

      • JerryTAZ says:

        only 3 comedies had a HUGE audience due to no real Cable competition at thier time of run: Seinfeld, M.A.S.H. and Freiends

      • darcywilson says:

        None of what you just said is true honestly…

    • S. says:

      Joey was a completely different animal. You took the single most dimwitted character from Friends who needed the other characters to carry more than a B story and put him in LA with characters we didn’t care about and set him back to his dumber days. He’d grown a lot and had to go back to being the idiot. The best idea for a spinoff (and I’m guessing one the actors in question rejected) would be Chandler and Monica moving to the suburbs. Probably would’ve depended a lot on the supporting cast. Properly done, it could’ve been great. Maybe even have the others agree to lucrative guest star parts. Bring Monica’s parents in more to help with the kids. I wonder if they suggested it and if Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox said no. I’m not sure Phoebe and Mike could’ve sustained a series just because it might’ve started to feel a little Dharma and Greg-y. I loved Lisa Kudrow and Paul Rudd though so who knows.

  28. Nina says:

    Nope. No.

  29. Holly says:

    No thanks. I’m already burnt out on HIMYM.

  30. A.D. says:

    Becki Newton should star!

  31. Bre says:

    If this was Mrs. Mosby’s pov, yes, I’d absolutely watch it. Otherwise, NO. Absolutely not.

    • the girl says:

      This would have been great if, after seeing how successful HIMYM was for two or three years, they cast the mother and started telling her version of the story concurrently. This last season could show us what she’s doing to prepare for the wedding instead of just having her missing for weeks at a time. Unfortunately they decided to string the reveal along for years.

  32. Stephanie Weissinger says:

    O gag me….

  33. erin says:

    Ugh, no. CBS whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? And it should be called How I Met Your Father so the titles are at least parallel.

  34. TVLine_FanGirl says:

    Since this is such a good idea they should also launch 2 and 1/2 women and the “Theory of Evolution” (women biologist living together). . . Just kidding. . .This sounds awful. . .

  35. kavyn says:

    Lyndsy Fonseca or bust.

  36. M says:

    What new torture is this? No.

  37. Robin says:

    Ok I am actually pretty excited about this…I literally just inhaled and said “Oh it’s happening!” Then I clicked and read an was like oh wait…B/c see I kind of want it to be The Mother’s story…but I guess we’re getting that in that episode coming up right..

  38. Babybop says:

    Still no.

  39. Fernanda says:

    i hope there will produce only the pilot and we could see it online or in the final dvd of HIMYM as special feature, I don’t want to see how CBS ruins the HIMYM legacy

  40. Claire says:

    Absolutely yes! I’ll miss the characters of HIMYM, but I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about the potential of a spinoff. I trust Carter and Craig and anything they create will be amazing.

  41. I’m curious to find out who they’ll get to voice the older Mom, and I’d really like them to get an old 80’s child star to play the best friend, like they did with NPH.

    Remember people, it’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey.

  42. Viktor says:

    Can anyone say “That 80s Show”?

  43. Toia says:

    I’ll reserve judgement for now. But it seems like this isn’t a good idea. I can think a few people I know who are only still watching the show now because it’s ending (myself included) I also know people who just stopped watching all together. It doesn’t seem marketable to extend the idea right now. We all know that the show runners can extend the idea to long and many may not be willing to sign on for an extended run with this concept a second time. Right now I can’t say I’m ready to jump back on board. Plus the idea of a mother telling an extended story of how she met the dad just doesn’t fit for me.

  44. neha says:

    Call me an optimist, but I *think* this could work. The reason that HIMYM got stale was because they ran out of stories to tell (which is why they keep rehashing the Robin/Ted/Barney triangle). But, with presumably 5 NEW characters, with new personalities and backgrounds, this could be a fresh story. I think that the “How I met…” simply allows the show to do flashbacks, flash forwards, and hypotheticals. Other than that, it’s not much different than Friends or Happy Endings. I like the writers and think that they are capable of doing something fresh.

    • T says:

      Yes!! One of my favorite things about HIMYM is how it tells a story. I love the flashbacks and flash forwards. I love how they touch on something briefly and then revisit it later in the season or even a year or two in the future. For me the show was never really about who the mother was. It was about these 5 friends and their relationships with each other. So I’m super excited about the possibility of a spinoff – if only to keep the brilliant storytelling style in play.

  45. cjeffery7 says:

    this isn’t American Horror Story. HIMYM is not designed, nor does it have the audience if we’re being honest, to spawn spin-offs that are largely unrelated but share the same title/concept as the original. then again, it shall all remain to be seen.

    • neha says:

      I mean…HIMYM has been averaging 8 million viewers this season. So, it definitely “has the audience”. For comparison, AHS gets about 4.5 million (but it’s obviously much different standards for a cable show).

  46. A.B says:

    Just like everyone else, a big NO. However, not sure how old the actress who plays Teds daughter is now but it might be cute if the show was about how she met her kids father.

  47. Dave says:

    Bad idea regardless, but I feel like the logical thing to do is have the actress currently playing the mother be the lead and seeing her on her journey towards meeting Ted.

  48. Theo says:

    If they have a gay version of Barney or the gay couple version of Lily and Marshall then that would be different and interesting. I would watch that show otherwise it’s just going to be the same dreck with different people

  49. Light says:

    I’m on board as long it’s a good funny show, with good characters and some connection to HIMYM… and they change the name to How I Met Your Father.