Exclusive: The Mentalist Promotes Emily Swallow to Series Regular Ahead of Dec. 1 Debut

The Mentalist Emily SwallowEmily Swallow has been made a full-time member of The Mentalist 2.0.

The Monday Mornings actress — who was originally signed for just three episodes — has been promoted to a full-fledged series regular on the CBS procedural two weeks before her first episode even airs, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Very little is known about Swallow’s character, the enigmatic Kim Fischer, save for this little morsel: she will have a profound impact on Jane’s life. We can also confirm that she will first turn up on Dec. 1, which, not so coincidentally, marks the beginning of The Mentalist‘s post-Red John reboot.

News of Swallow’s upgrade comes a month after the show promoted fellow newbie Rockmond Dunbar to a regular. His no-nonsense FBI Supervisory Agent Dennis Abbott is scheduled to debut in this Sunday’s episode.

Swallow and Dunbar are being introduced in advance of the impending departures of Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman.

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  1. Cristina says:

    I’m soooooo curious about The Mentalist 2.0….

  2. Liz says:

    I’m excited for a post-Red John version of the show (though I’ve been really enjoying this seasons episodes; they’ve all been stellar). As for ‘profound impact’ this new character has on Jane…I hope it’s not a romantic one. I just don’t see him at that point yet, so I hope they’re more creative than that.

  3. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    I’m iffy about promoting series regulars when we haven’t even seen them yet. Kind of counting their chickens before they hatch, we don’t know how the audience will react yet.

  4. Saadia says:

    She looks a little like Van Pelt…

  5. JC says:

    I know it sounds terrible, but the only thing I’m feeling about these new characters is a little bit annoyed. I know they’re trying to reboot the show after Red John, but I think it’s pointless. The show is at or near the bottom for CBS ratings, and I really don’t see it surviving another year, so getting invested in new characters feels pointless (especially since I expect ratings to plummet once the Red John reveal happens – how much of the audience has been hanging on just for that? I guess we’ll see). I wish CBS would just call it the Final Season and give all our main characters a good send off. Right now I’m just waiting for them to catch Red John and find out if Rigsby and Van Pelt survive (still hoping). If the show had continued on with all the team after that, just working on cases and trying to figure out life post-Red John, I would have been on board with that, but I’m experiencing a distinct lack of enthusiasm over this whole reboot idea.

    • flutiefan says:

      i 100% agree with every word you wrote.

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      I DIS-agree with everything you wrote, and I’ve seen every episode at LEAST once! How can anyone expect a show NOT owned by CBS, bounced around to practically every day of the week, and following a late NFL game every Sunday before work the next day! The show should be more popular than ever!

      • JC says:

        What?! I am very confused about what you’re trying to say here. If you’re trying to say that the low ratings are due to the show being moved around and being pushed back so late on Sunday, I’m not disagreeing with you, but that doesn’t change the fact that, other than Hostages, it is CBS’s lowest rated drama. CBS can’t keep all their shows – they have to cancel some to make room for new shows, and with The Mentalist’s age, ratings, and the fact that as you say it is owned by WB rather than CBS all make it a very likely candidate for cancellation this year. Saying that isn’t hating on the show, it’s just looking at reality.

    • Bonnie says:

      You’ve got to be kidding. It’s one of the best shows on TV!

  6. Bee Bop says:

    I sure hope its not a love interest for Jane – this late in the series – with all the investment in the Lisbon/Jane relationship – it would definitely kill the show for me. I too would be interested in them just solving cases – some of the best episodes had no mention of Red John – just Patrick’s amazing abilities! That was so much fun.

    • Via Bona says:

      I kinda doubt it. Lisbon and Jane are pretty popular from what I’ve seen. I’m sure the producers know this. And, personally speaking, I like the developing closeness I’ve seen between the two. Why toss out all that development and good chemistry for an unknown? You can also count me in for looking forward to what this evolution of the series takes us. Change can be scary but stagnation is worse. I really feel the series needed this and I feel it’s a pretty gutsy move. I wish them luck. I’ll be tuning in for sure.

    • I read that there is going to be some sort of love triangle between Lisbon, Jane, and a new character (who I presume is this lady, who ever she is). I’m not looking forward to that. In general I’m really hate love triangles. It’s getting old. Especially after what they have been through together. I was kind of looking forward to seeing the show post Red John, but after reading that… now I kind of fear it.

      • @Carissa says:

        I’m a pretty loyal fan of this series and read any spoiler that comes out about it and I’ve never read anyone from the show even intimate this. But maybe I missed it. Could you link me to the article where you read this? I have read fans speculate about it, never anyone from the show though, who really know what’s going to happen.

    • Monique says:

      I agree. I enjoyed the “non Red John” episodes the best. Solving crime was something they were good at.

    • Pim says:

      Agree entirely!

  7. Bill says:

    It has been reported that this new character will play a big role in convincing Jane to return to the US to resume solving crimes as a consultant, presumedly for the FBI. It is not clear if Jane is hiding out in South America to avoid prosecution in the US or if he is there by choice. If he is hiding out, perhaps an offer of immunity from prosecution will be offered in order to entice him to return as a FBI consultant.

  8. Bill says:

    Previous post should have read: “PRESUMABLY for the FBI”

  9. John Moshier says:

    I think red john is Robert picardo styles right hand man

  10. groveg says:

    Jane hot and heavy with her. I like it. Yes bring it on! She has an appeal Tunney lacks – painfully obvious Jane likes Lisbon in a non sexual, more of a mother.

  11. barbara says:

    i agree with jc on her post rebooting doesn’t sit well with me either. i am happy to say goodwife and mentalist will be on time tonite no football overflow so this is good

  12. gymtruthteller says:

    We want Rigsby and Van Pelt NOT new people

  13. barbara says:

    agree they didn’t even give a reason for them leaving perhaps interfering with there personal lifes. to be honest i don’t no why these shows feel the need to have serial killers just have good crime solving episodes. they drag these killer arcs ib and on to the point you just don’t care

  14. Vivian James says:

    Nobody ever mentions Cho. He is, by far, my favorite character on the show. He is also the best cop.


  15. Helen Hamel says:

    McCallister as Red John – fair enough I guess. But Bertram said that Red John was a high level Blake Society member. This is also eluded to in various other episodes. I don’t see the congruity of the role of a sheriff and a high ranking official. Any thoughts?

  16. maria says:

    Too bad, I love all main characters : Jane, Lisbon, Cho, Van Pelt, and Rigsby….i want all the cbi team working together….

  17. maria says:

    I cannot believe Van pelt and Rigsby are gone

  18. Sasha says:

    Bertram does mention that Red John is a high level officer but you also have to keep in mind that Bertram didn’t really know his identity; he just received orders with no direct contact from Red John himself. He could have easily gotten the impression that Red John was of a higher status than he was. Considering how the Blake Association operates, its not a far cry to believe that Red John was able to retain his anonymity to that extent. Anyway, that’s my take on things.