Vampire Diaries Recap: Death Becomes Her

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapA whole lot of blood is shed in Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries as Elena and her pals try to resurrect Bonnie.

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The plan rests on “crazypants” Amara and Silas, which is not good. She’s now human and he’s decided that watching Damon’s relationship with Elena go up in flames as a result of his failure to bring back her friend gives him a “perverse amount of joy.” With Silas no longer willing to help, things are looking bleaker than Katherine’s prospects of making it to her next stylist appointment.

Then Jeremy and Bonnie discover that Amara not only remembers Jer from when Silas killed him, but she can also see and feel Bonnie. Since she’s the anchor, she can actually see everything on this side and the other. Thus, another crazy plan is hatched: Perform a spell to make Bonnie the anchor, allowing her to exist in both worlds. To accomplish this, Damon enlists Tessa’s help since she’s still hellbent on getting revenge on Silas and Amara. Seriously, to paraphrase her ex, why can’t she just let it go? Two thousand years of keeping them apart wasn’t enough?

But back to the spell. Tessa needs to draw on the power of the doppelgangers’ blood, which means we get a cool – if overly spin-y – scene of all three of Nina Dobrev’s characters in one room together. “The cute one’s here,” Katherine cheekily announces.

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Just as Tessa’s getting started with the witchy proceedings, Silas interrupts the affair, while Stefan takes the opportunity to grab Amara and lure Silas to the woods. He’s determined to kill the former immortal who put him in a tomb to drown over and over. And he’s not the only one who wants to whack someone. After confessing her love for him, Amara begs Silas to put her out of her misery, but he gets offed by Stefan before he can tearfully complete the task. Then Damon arrives on the scene, but Amara has already stabbed herself over Silas’ lifeless body. Hey, anybody here want to live?

As Stefan buries Silas, Elena asks him if he’s OK now. She needs to know if this will give him closure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be forgetting his pain anytime soon just because his tormentor is six feet under.

There’s a silver lining amid all the darkness when Jeremy and Bonnie realize they can feel each other. But even their lovey-dovey reunion comes with a big caveat: Now that Bonnie’s the anchor to the other side, she will feel every supernatural being’s death, and they won’t be passing through her gently.

Meanwhile, Tessa doesn’t plan to keep her promise to Katherine to help stop her sped-up aging. She’s learned her lesson, and she’s ready to move on to the other side with Silas. “True love prevails. Universe be damned,” she says in a pool of her own blood. (We told you it got majorly bloody this week!)

With her limited lifespan, you’d think Katherine would want to spend it with her newly discovered stylist daughter, but she gives Nadia the brush-off when she asks her to come to Bulgaria. “I don’t want to know you. I’m doing you a favor, Nadia,” Katherine replies. “I can’t be there for you.”

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the episode? Were you impressed by the doppelganger scene? Are you glad to have Bonnie back?

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  1. Nate says:

    Looks like everyone’s wish came true!! Silas & Qetsiyah & Amara are dead & Bonnie’s back

  2. S says:

    Yay Silas and Amara are dead! No more doppleganger story! Bonnie is back and has a story and a great new hair style to go with it! loved it.

    • The Beach says:

      Double yay! I miss the “old days” of TVD without double and triple dopplegangers and where rays of sunshine actually shined on Mystic Falls on a regular basis. Now it’s totally dark and dreary with characters that aren’t fun. I miss Alaric and the Sheriff and the Mayor and Matt and Tyler and all the others. I’m becoming less and less interested in continuing to watch the show.

      • jans says:

        Ya, I wanted to know what happened on the round-the-world tour Matt and Rebekah went on, did Matt get offered the opportunity to join beks as a vamp, or did they have a falling out. I was hoping Matt would be able to find something more to life than being an Elena cast-off.

    • Chantall says:

      Love bonni now she i becoming so much stronger and looking good too and one elena is enough for me

  3. Mike says:

    Yes, but as with all magic, it comes at a price. They never did wonder why Amara was so bat **** crazy. Poor Bonnie. :(

    • Ari says:

      Yes, obviously that would be my first question. Why is Amara acting this way? Of course, our “heroes” would rather do first and ask questions later and have totally screwed Bonnie over.

  4. Francine says:

    Great that Silas and the others are gone… But do the writers WANT us to hate Elena? I’m honestly asking. She’s been annoying for a long time now but her speech at the end was beyond selfish. Please give Stefan a new love interest and break up Damon and Elena. Let Elena be on her own and give me a reason to give a crap about her. I should not dislike the female lead in a show this badly.

    • clearhaven says:

      *sigh* I disliked her so bad I stopped watching the show. I literally wanted to claw my screens. It’s annoying how I get attached to these fictitious characters. Anyways, when Stefan gets a love interest, I’ll probably start watching again :D

    • Anna says:

      You’re right on. If CW wants to leave the Dopperganger thing the orphan Black they should kill off whiny Elena. Kat is too much fun.

    • Chantall says:

      I like elanas new curls and outfitts i thinks damons made her spunky

  5. Tori says:

    I love that Bonnie is back but Tessa kind of confused me. Tessa in her scene with Bonnie, she act liked she hate her but I thought Bonnie was her descendant? Personally I think Tessa and Silas deserve each other, Amara was the only one who truly deserve peace.

    • ejdax37 says:

      Because Tessa is also Bat S**T Crazy! 2000 years waiting on a guy who is just not that in to her, plus watching copies of the 2 people she hate/loved the most find each other over and over again did nothing good for her mental health. She tricked them, she knew that if Bonnie or the rest of them really understood what she was getting in to she would not have done it and she didn’t care as long as she got her revenge.
      Now the real question is how many episodes are they going to have Bonnie try and hide it? My bet is on 4 Jeremy will start to realize something is wrong in 2 eps. but they wont actually find out for 4. Any body want to place a friendly wager?

      • Tori says:

        After I gave your comments some thought, I think you are right about Tessa’s mental state. I think anyone would be a fool to take you up on your bet. My gut tells me you are right about the timeframe for when they find out about Bonnie’s new problem, lol.

  6. xxxx says:

    So, Silas is dead and he go to the supernatural purgatory and Amara to heaven… so until these two souls are together, the doppelganger will still continue to exist, until the doppelgangers have they happy ending?

  7. Tiffany says:

    I cried when the Besties reunioned.

  8. Ian says:

    Yeah, quite a bit is up in the air. Is Bonnie still a witch? Is she immortal now too? And they got a lot still to deal with, but I’m glad as hell the doppleganger saga is over, I was sure there wouldn’t be a show left! But they’ve got to find a way for Bonnie to be able to stay sane as the anchor, they’ve got to resolve Stefan’s PTSD, they’ve got to deal with Tessa’s and Silas’ ghosts, Katherine finding a way to stop her aging is bound to cause problems, they’ve got to get to the bottom of the mysteries at the university, AND resolve the triangle and if the cosmos indeed is involved. Phew.

    And what’ll be the next Big Bad? And musn’t something happen to Jeremy, since Steve McQueen was cast to play Nightwing on Arrow?

  9. Misilin says:

    Just when I was starting to like Silas especially tonight at the bus station. I wonder what is left to watch, and please not that stupid Delena again, it’s getting boring.

  10. cghyi says:

    Elena isn’t Elena anymore, her scenes with Damon disgust me.

  11. Babybop says:

    Elena’s little “speech” she gave to Stefan was the most selfish thing anyone on TV has ever said ever. “I need you to be okay”. I wanted Stefan to say, “I WILL be okay, but when I am, it won’t be because I want to make you happy. It will be for me”. My hate her for just increased to a level so high, that I am ready to skip all of her scenes, even if it means missing out on some good Ian Somerhalder staring time.

    • Ari says:

      Elena is the worst. That little speech proved it again. I hope she ends up bitter and along for the rest of eternity because clearly the only person she loves is herself.

    • michelle says:

      I thought when he said i wanted it to be you to open the safe what did he do to that person he ripped them apart

  12. ejdax37 says:

    Ok is anyone else confused by the whole doppelganger thing, I feel that we have been given 2 different versions of their origins. When we first find out about the doppelgangers it is said that it is a family thing passed down the Petrova line. That is why everyone assumed that Katherine is the last one because no one knew she had a child.
    One of my main questions was what did Klaus have to do with it? The Vampires where not created until 1000 year after Silas and Amara’s time. I know that they are both immortal beings but different (Silas doesn’t have fangs and can read minds) but their creations had nothing to do with each other as far as we know right?
    Did Klaus’ mother just use the doppelganger as a convenient source of magic? We know that she set a trap for her son that he had to use the doppelgangers blood to lift his curse and become a hybrid, but that with out the doppelgangers blood he couldn’t make any more, classic catch-22. (I love the irony that if he had just let Elijah save Katherine back in the 1500’s he would have saved himself a lot of grief, but I digress.)
    From what we have learned in the last few episodes the doppelgangers where an unintended consequence of Tessa making Silas and Amara immortal because the universe has to have balance and something that can’t die goes against everything. The UNIVERSE created the people who looked just like Silas and Amara to act out their drama (I mean lives) again and again. So no one really wanted the doppelgangers they just appeared to even out the imbalance Tessa created.
    We also have to remember that the vampires are not really immortal they can be killed, it is hard but it can be done, so I guess that is what stopped doppelgangers from popping up all over. Did the original’s Mother know about what happened with Tessa’s spell? Is that why she added a loop hole? Because the originals can be killed it is almost imposable but it can be done. Also are all the doppelganger descendants of Silas and Amara? Maybe they had a kid we don’t know about, or it traveled in their families line? Or is is just random the doppelganger build up backs up in the universe until it has to pop out a Amara or Silas clone to relieve the pressure? Maybe the easiest way to do that is with someone who shares DNA with the original doppelgangers.
    I know I am probably way over thinking this but it is what I do and what else is there to do on the internet?

    • Trenton says:

      I think writers tend put themselves in corners with shows and either by hook or by crook find a way out. The original version was it was part of Katherine’s blood line…but again everything could also be a lie or a myth, much like the one Klaus made up to aid his own quest.

      And now, essentially by it being magic any set rules can be loop hole filled. Maybe anyone that shares in that blood line no matter how distant i.e. not directly descended would count…nothing is set in stone with shows like these. It was fun the dopplegangers, but I kind hope the orphan black tribute stops. No Damongangers please.

      This kind of means the big bad is going to be the vampire at the campus…so he must be some special type of vampire. I’m hoping its Klaus’s other father also made hybrid. That was always a throw away line throughout the show. Klaus has to have gotten his brand of crazy from somewhere…..poppa klaus would make for an intriguing showdown.

    • Carla Krae says:

      There was a doppelganger before Katherine, too. Katherine was Klaus’ second attempt. The female doppelganger seemed to be born every 500 years, which makes 4 of them since Tessa’s immortality spell. Not sure of the frequency of the male doppelganger since Katherine was a vampire for centuries before meeting Stefan, and then Stefan had to be a vampire to meet Elena. One thing we don’t know is if the Salvatore bloodline still exists somewhere. We only saw one cousin, that Damon killed.

      • LizP says:

        But yet…Tessa made that comment about “thousands” of Amara doppelgangers. Remember, when she entered the basement where they were holding Amara? Isn’t that what she said???That confused the heck out of me. Because the statement you made about one being born approx every 500 years is what I thought too based on how the doppelganger was explanained in the past!! It was a bloodline thing of sorts, and then it became a consequential universe issue. Which one is it????? This show just contradicts itself too much. Its like they just hope the viewers won’t catch onto to the inconsistancies. But we do. And it is annoying. But for some reason I won’t stop watching.

    • Samantha Haines says:

      Silas is an ancestor of Stephan “hello brother, or I suppose distant nephew is more accurate” he said something along those lines to Damon and I think the hybrid curse doppelganger and the silas/amara doppelganger was a coincidence as the original witch used that particular girl’s blood as Elijah and Klaus were fighting for her affection I don’t think they knew about silas as they thought they were the first immortals. Hope this helps :)

  13. kevin says:

    fav episode bc one reason : Silas and all his storylines are goneee! He was my least fav character out of all on tvd, he wasn’t very interesting at all. Good riddance! can’t wait for fresh new storylines :D woooo super pumped for tvd now !

  14. Maki says:

    Overall forced development. Only great thing was Paul Wesley. He performed a great Silas this week and a delusional not pittyful elena loving Stefan. I’m interested where His feelings lay and how he will deal with the pain. Maybe one two rippings. The preview for next week seems promissing.

  15. Liz says:

    I hope we are done with all these doppelgängers! I noticed Michael Trevino is still listed among the main cast. I wonder what the plan is for his return?

  16. sarah says:

    sadly it feels like the vampire dairies has run out of idea’s, i think the show needs to end before people walk away. take the characters that are worth it to the originals e.g stefan and caroline and the rest kill and/or give a happy ending.
    damon isnt any way near as good as he used to be
    i always hated elena and bonnie

  17. Jake says:

    Why anyone would watch this crap fest is beyond me. This show is so over-hyped and now a spin off, please!

  18. Elijahismyfavoritebadassontheoriginals says:

    Elena is whiny and selfish in the books that’s how she is suppose to be there is no killing her off it’s not an option and it never was and never will be. Elena is the main character of the story so that’s the way it has to be. In the books when she’s with Stefan and she sees Damon caring for another she gets jealous becuz Damon and Stefan belong to her. How her Stefan met was the same but different how they started out and her way was selfish beyond belief trust me I think she is probably worse in the books.

    • dmac says:

      In the books she was never this bad. Her speech at the end to Stefan was beyond horrible it was boarding on narcissistic. Please get better so I won’t feel bad about how much fun I have been having??? WTF was that. In the books you didn’t hate Elena but I am boarding on really detesting this Elena. And if we are going to compare the books and the show Elena may have kissed Damon but she never really gave her heart to him that was all Stefan.

      • Damonisthebest says:

        I think I actually have to read the books all over again it’s been years since I read them they been in storage and since I moved they are out so I think I will have to read them again and see how Elena is you maybe right that Elena wasn’t so bad. I just remember certain parts where she was selfish or jealous or cruel. But L.J Smith said that her books were about Elena falling in love with Damon that he is her true love. Yes I am a fan of Damon and Elena only becuz he truly loves her the way she is he doesn’t try and change her. I think they belong together and don’t get me wrong I love Stefan and Elena together but he tried to changed her when she said she didn’t want the cure if it meant putting her brother in danger. Even know he was doing it becuz he loves her he should of respected her wish of not putting her brother in danger. It’s just what I think that they both love Elena I’m there own way and Stefan and Elena maybe each others epic loves but as it was pointed out earlier Katherine loves Stefan so I think he still loves her even though he denies it. I think they will be together again and he will see a different sweeter side of her and fall back in love with Katherine. I do believe Damon and Elena are true love. I wish there was a couple things they made the same in the show that were in the books like Damon’s overprotective ness and love for Bonnie his little redbird.
        Sorry for writing a lot sometimes I get carried away with writing something that I’m thinking

  19. Miles R. says:

    Very happy that the extra characters are gone. Silas, Tessa, Amara…it was too much. I would love to see Katherine become a vampire again. She is too wicked to remain human. So glad they did The Originals spin off, it’s one of my favorite new shows this year. Cheers to crossover episodes!

  20. .D says:


  21. IMHO says:

    The writing on TVD has become a tortured mess.
    The Producers must of moved the competent writing staff over to start the “Originals”

  22. Chris says:

    Idk why everyone is hating on Elena. I happen to really like her! I also love Katherine and I think Nina Dobrev does an exceptional job at portraying them so differently. I was worried because the show was getting a little dumb but I think it’s turned back around and is getting good again! I hope Katherine doesn’t die though!
    And is Bonnie immortal because she’s the anchor? and is she still a witch?

  23. bluegossip says:

    I love elena, i love her even more as a vamp, and i saw nothing wrong with her speech, the girl felt guilty she needed to know stefan would be okay before she could forgive herself…whats hard to understand about that? Also the doppleganger mythology is pretty straightforward. Tessa created immortals, dopplegangers were the balance, the ester 1000 years later used the blood of one of them to create new vamps and bind klaus’ curse, as we know the thing that binds a spell needs to remain for the spell to keep working, so a doppleganger needed to exist to break klaus’ curse luckly tatiana was already part of a doppleganger curse…done!

  24. bluegossip says:

    And nina is fantastic, not many people can play 3 characters and make them all so different.

  25. Kellie Griffiths says:

    Leave our vampire diaries alone, it’s boss!!!!!!!!

  26. Kaswanna K. says:

    Is it bad that I wanted Silas and Amara to be together. Granted he did a lot of bad things but, his love for her is the only redeeming quality about him and I don’t like Tessa. I know she was betrayed, but all that time she hated him, she could have found someone else to make her happy.

  27. Mario says:

    Will Bonnie ever get her witch powers back