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Once Upon a Time Pan DeathWill Once Upon a Time‘s Neverland take a life? Who’s facing off in Wonderland? Will Bones address an alarming mystery? Is Vampire Diaries short a soulmate? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Do you know something about a beloved character dying on Once Upon a Time? –Anna
Reports of such a death are greatly exaggerated — or at least “not exactly on target,” sources tell me. That said, Peter Pan’s shadow is going to do something pretty horrific, quite soon, and the ramifications will be felt deeply among our heroes and villains.

Anything interesting you can tell us about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? – Allan
Tonight’s episode sounds magically delicious, mainly because the gloves will come off as we watch Alice and the Red Queen go toe-to-toe for the first time.

Now that Pelant is dead, is Bones ever going to mention the tampered alarm clock? –Laura
As a matter of fact, yes. It may just take some… time. “We will eventually find out what 447 and the alarm clock meant… or mean,” exec producer Stephen Nathan tells us. “But the series is a long way from being over. Remember, it took a while to find out what Brennan wrote to Booth when she was buried in the car. Patience.”

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If The Vampire Diaries‘ Silas and Amara were destined to be together and Stefan and Elena were each other’s true love, who is Katherine’s soulmate? There seems to be a Paul Wesley-portrayed character missing. Or am I totally misguided? –Bonnie
Vlada Gelman delivered your Q to Julie Plec during her visit to the set in Atlanta, and the TVD boss came back at you with… more questions. “You have to ask yourself: Was it Katherine and Stefan that perhaps were fated and there’s another doppelganger yet to come? You never know,” Plec hedged. “The key thing is that’s what the universe supposedly says. Is the universe real? Is the universe right? Or is it just one big prophecy and it got bastardized over the years? That’s going to be part of the fun of seeing how their relationships all move forward.”

Can you please tell me any scoop you have on The Vampire Diaries? –Karen
Nadia shows up at Caroline’s dorm room this week to talk with her mom Katherine — that will never stop sounding weird — but don’t expect the typical family bonding. “It is going to be a little bit of a power struggle between the two of them because Katherine is her mother and she feels entitled,” says Nina Dobrev. Plus, the former vamp is a strong personality who’s suddenly found herself in a vulnerable position. “Now that she’s weaker, [Nadia] is fighting to take care of her and have her in her life, but Katherine keeps doing things to piss her off. She’s just not good at thinking about other people. She’s having to learn that with [Nadia]. But you learn that she actually does want to have that relationship. She just keeps screwing it up.”

Have you heard anything about what’s going to happen in Criminal Minds‘ 200th episode? –Elizabeth
We of course already know that Paget Brewster will be back to appear in new flashbacks (and more?) as Prentiss. But now I can also report that Jayne Atkinson similarly will reprise her role as longtime (and doomed) section chief Strauss. “We’re getting the core group of people that we’ve had through the years,” Shemar Moore shared with me. “The only one missing is Mandy Patinkin.” What, with today’s advances in technology, we can’t digitally insert him and his beard into scenes…? “I think there’s a lot of politics involved,” Moore responded. “That’s all I’ll say.”

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Will we ever find out what Miles was burning in the shed in the first episode of this season’s Revolution? –JJ
As a matter of fact, yes. It may just take some… time. Saying that the reveal is “definitely” on Revolution’s radar, co-showrunner Rockne S. O’Bannon hints, “The burning of the shed — and its contents — will become shockingly clear as we approach the climax of the season.”

I am dying for some juicy scoop on my favorite TV show, Beauty and the Beast! Could I have some, please!? –Larissa
Contrary to some speculation out there, our first female beast, Tori, was not previously aware of (and thus concealing) her own cross-species DNA. “She’s never seen her eyes glow like that — and it’s sort of unclear what triggered it,” Amber Skye Noyes says. “That is definitely the first time that she has gone through a change like that.” And yes, the B&TB newbie assures me, we will see Tori go full-beast very soon. (Check back Monday for much more from Noyes, including the latest on the Vincent/Tori bond and her episode count.)

I’m totally obsessed with the McRollins relationship on Hawaii Five-0. Any scoop related to them? –Ivy
You’ll be so glad we had this time together when Carol Burnett guest-stars in the Nov. 22 episode, setting the stage for Steve’s visiting Aunt Deb to have a touching chat with Catherine about you-know-who.

When will Alex’s father (James Remar) return to Grey’s Anatomy? –Joanna
Camilla Luddington assured me that Remar “will be back,” though at the time we spoke (Oct. 30), the encore had yet to happen. What she does know is that when Alex’s estranged dad re-resurfaces, “it will not be an easy, good thing. It will be a stressful situation once again, because there’s so much history and hurt there.”

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Is there going to be a second season of House of Cards from Netflix? –Cheri
Yes, when HoC got greenlit, it was for two seasons right off the bat. And the sophomore run is currently ballparked to hit Netflix in “early 2014.”

Will Season 6 of Castle have a two-parter? –Vanessa
When last we tuned in — pre-season — series creator Andrew W. Marlowe said, “If we have a compelling enough reason,” that tradition would continue — though at the time, he was felling like the season-opening D.C. arc checked off that box. And now…? “It still feels like [D.C.] filled the bill,” he says — though the writers have yet to really hash out February’s episodes. “Im not ruling it out,” Marlowe allows, “but Im not ruling it in.”

When will NCIS pick up the Parsa storyline? I am really excited to see it play out! –Jenny
I, too, wondered about when this season’s Big Bad might rear his ugly head again. Showrunner Gary Glabserg told me, “We’ll get back into that story after the holidays – and hopefully kick off the year with something significant.”

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  1. Aimee says:

    I just want to see Prentiss again!

  2. Dr. Rookie says:

    If Shemar said only Mandy is not slated to return, could we see Elle? Matt, you have to ask!

    • kelly says:

      I would love to see Jason Gideon make an appearance! He was such a father-figure for Spencer, it would be wonderful if he could come back and see how Spence has matured. It was really a shame that they couldn’t get him back for Haley’s funeral.

      I don’t really expect Gideon to come back because I remember reading that Patinkin hated doing the show. The horrific crimes depicted were very hard for him to deal with. Seriously, what did he expect? The BAU works primarily with serial murder cases. Gideon was a more interesting profiler than Rossi but Rossi is hella funnier.

      Miss Prentiss tremendously but not Elle.

    • Char Richo says:

      Ugh I hope not, I did not like the Elle character. Can’t even watch those old episodes because she irritates me so much.

    • J says:

      Elle, Ashley, Diana, Jordan, Sandy and maybe a couple of unsubs? Ask about all of them. Would love to see Elle. JJ worked with all except briefly with Ashley but if JJ is in trouble, it would make sense all would come back for her rescue.

      • Linda says:

        I don’t think JJ is in trouble in the episode and even if she was it doesn’t make any sense that ALL would come back. We don’t even know where Elle is or what she is doing. Considering she had emotional problems because of the assault and flipped out on a suspect it is highly likely she isn’t even in law enforcement anymore.

    • Angela says:

      I wouldn’t mind that. I’m also happy that Strauss will pop up again, too, and of course, Emily returning is exciting-sounds like quite the big blowout coming for that 200th episode! Cannot wait to see how that all goes down.

  3. Mary says:

    I’m so sick of Catherine you don’t even know. Enough with her, please! This show is not about her! This show has always been focused on the relationship between Steve and Danny, on the dynamics of the team, being Ohana for each other… why is it changing so much?

    • Alisa Neely says:

      AMEN….so am i and MANY OTHERS…..they’ve nearly turned the show into the “STEVE & CATHERINE SHOW”….and it’s getting OLD….and then, we have them putting her on the 5-0 team….she’s a JOKE….i’m also SICK of the “steve drama”…..wish they’d WRAP UP the doris/wo fat story too….it’s gone on long enough….actually TOO LONG, in fact…..there ARE other characters/actors on the show….we HARDLY get any team time away from work….hardly ANY danny & steve & gracie.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Cry me a river!!!! She’s much better than kono!! Kono is horrible!! A two year old could do her job!! Talk about obvious solutions! She’s so stupid and has to die!!! Talk about a boring storyline! That tokyo storyline is boring and taking way too long!! Kill her already!!

        • Sam says:

          LOL!! You funny!

        • Alisa Neely says:

          kono is ORIGINAL….and was and IS in ALOT of people’s opinions, STILL A MEMBER OF THE TEAM….catherine is a JOKE….imo, she got billy KILLED….and there is 0 chemistry between she and steve….and NO, it’s NOT the chin ho kelly or max or kamekona show…..ever since catherine was made a “regular”, we’ve had her SHOVED in our faces every eppy…..thrown into storylines, just to throw her in there…..and usually walking around, in a bathing suit…..she needs to MOVE AWAY….most were happy to have her as recurring…..steve’s soft side comes out nicely around danny’s daughter, grace and the rest of his ohana…..MORE & MORE people are SICK of catherine.

          • Nicole says:

            While some people might not like Catherine I (and many others) love her character. So I guess to each their own right?

          • CBWBDK1 says:

            How old are you? Some 12 yeard old little danny fangirl? Someone has to tell that idiot to stop with his hand gestures!! Is he trying to do sign language? It’s ridiculous!!!!!

          • Alisa Neely says:

            actually, i’m a nearly 44 yr. old danny & steve fan….and i LOVE danny, just the way he is….and ohhhh, that’s scott caan’s thing….from what i’ve seen…..and at least, danny KNOWS what he’s doing…as far as law enforcement….something catherine DOESN’T…..i’d take 100 danny’s any day over catherine’s and ziva’s (ncis)

          • CBWBDK1 says:

            You’re one of those Ziva haters. That explains a lot. There is no point talking to jealous people like you. Cote de Pablo is a goddes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • H50 fan says:

        Interesting I have actually thought it has become the Chin Ho Kelly show lately!

    • Maryann says:

      All of us have different favorite — and least favorite — parts of the show.
      – I absolutely can’t stand the Danny and Steve “bromance.” In fact, the only time I can stand Danny at all is when he is interacting with his daughter, who is a great character btw.
      – I love Catherine, and Steve and Catherine together.
      – Ditto Adam and Kono. In fact, some of my favorite scenes are of the two of them together. I hope when Kono eventually comes back to Hawaii that Adam will come, too, at least as recurring.
      – I enjoy all of Chin Ho’s scenes, both alone and asset of the team.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        Sorry….but, NOT everyone LOVES that pairing….in fact, it’s OVER TAKING the WHOLE show….and even alex(steve) KNOWS what the winning combo is on the show….and it’s the BROMANCE of “McDanno”….and the show would be BORING as heck, without scott caan as danno….we need MORE of danny with his daughter….MORE of the CORE 4: steve, danno, chin ho & kono….along with gracie, max , kamekona & charlie…..there is 0 chemistry between steve and catherine….100% KILLER chemistry between steve and danny….they need to FOCUS some on the other characters, and give the steve drama a break….

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          “McDanno” I just threw up a little. Thanks a lot danny lover! Just stop with the ……….. and caps. It’s really annoying! Sit down have a drink and try to act like a normal person. I know it’s hard for Ziva haters to act normal, but do try.

  4. Samson says:

    I hope Tori leaves soon on Beauty and the Beast. The actress is weak and should stick to singing. It was cringeworthy in her crying scene and her no reaction to seeing her dad’s heart ripped out. I love the show but they should concentrate on the regular cast. Too much time is spent on guest stars. I want more VinCat scenes together, more JT, and would like to know about Cat’s past. Thanks for BATB scoop.

    • Morgan says:

      You read my mind. The heart scene made me wonder if they got tired and didn’t want to do a retake.

    • wednesday says:

      Me and about half of the fandom agree with you! Tori was awful! The writers have pretty much sucked the heart, soul, passion, love and magic out of the show! They’ve almost destroyed all the characters completely & everything we fell in love with! They’ve all become unrecognizable! We were promised to find out who Vincent, Catherine & JT are! JT has pretty much been MIA since the season started. Tess & Gabe are completely annoying with her encouraging his so-called crush which I don’t believe for one second. Vincent & Catherine’s chemistry has all but vanished. Now they are going to be putting this horrid character & actress Tori front & center who is going to be sucking up all the airtime from the main characters trying to deal with her beasty issues who no one cares about! All the while trying to control Vincent & put an even bigger wedge between Vincent & Catherine! This could very well be the last season & they are losing fans every week! You’d think the writers would get a clue & try to fix the damage they’ve done before it’s too late, but no. They want to continue to do further damage to the show is beyond me & alienate more of their fans!

      • Maria says:

        They damaged Vincent the most. His character is so douchy now, I don’t want him back with Cat. They lost a lot of viewers when he threw Cat. he roof is forever ruined. The writers could have done things differently but they went the lazy route. Tori could have been much younger and Vincat could have protected her together. Instead will see Tori temp the beast side of Vincent and of course, he’ll fall prey… unwillingly.. amirite? Where is this epic love writers promised? Oh, that epic love when he chose Alex over Cat.

        • Nala says:

          I hung on but they lost me as a viewer this week. Triangles need to revolved around Cat and not Vincent. And what is up with these redheaded amazons? Cat is a pixie waif, people will naturally gravitate to protect her, not Vincent, not the redheads, not Gabe. Viewers are female and they’re not going accept Vincent as a graduate of the Tool Acadamy. Also, battery of Cat by Vincent. So sad. I’ll follow tumblr gifs for KrisJay chemistry (Jay basically sucking the air out of Kristins lungs) but that’s it. Writers blew this season. Show is boring. There aren’t enough scenes between Vincent and Cat.

  5. I’m glad to hear that NCIS will pick up the Parsa storyline again. Just hope we’ll get a significant pay off from it.

  6. Maki says:

    Love your TVD scoop! I would love a dorky Sheldon Nerd Human Stefan to appear at Whitemore next season! But Matt where the heck is Matt?

  7. Ginger Snap says:

    Okay, so there isn’t a death on OUAT. Maybe a transfiguration. And just what is the Shadow up to?

    • Stormy says:

      I could do with Neal being magicked to Andromeda or anywhere but on this show.

    • Lysh says:

      Wasn’t the death rumor started by VanCity? I don’t know how reliable he is. Or if maybe it seemed like a death scene but something else was actually going on. I’d kind of like to see Once tackle a big death.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        There’s some leaked pictures of an upcoming episode. It appears that Rumple stabs Pan in one picture, but pulls the knife out of an adult male. If he uses the Dark One’s dagger, anything is possible, including Pan turning into an adult male. Or Pan or the Shadow being some sort of shape shifter. These pictures also show Regina and Rumple laying on the ground. So something happens, but it isn’t death.

    • prish says:

      I am beginning to wonder if our not-so-nice-Pan is really Peter Pan’s shadow that got the power. It would be cool switch.

  8. Kate says:

    Hey Matt!

    Got any news about the new Starz series “Outlander?” I’m really excited about it and would love a little behind the scenes peek!

  9. Jared says:

    I’m loving BATB so far this season. There’s so much going on now that Cat found her bio dad and with Tori and Vincent. Next weeks thanksgiving episode looks epic! Can’t wait to see what goes down.

  10. Drew says:

    Trying to make sense of TVD is like juggling kittens. Katherine is way older than Stefan. Stefan is way older than Elena. If the couple keeps being born and thrown together, there should be tons of them that lived and died already. At least one more Stefan from Katherine’s generation. An Elena from Stefan’s generation. Maybe another Stefan who is actually a teenager now.

    But this isn’t something that should be thought about. The show is purely a “look at the pretty pictures” show. Any attempt to put thought into it leads to the realization that the writing is pretty much random nonsense.

  11. Lisa says:

    How long can the tampered alarm clock go on before it doesn’t matter anymore. Pelant messed with it back in S7. Since I have to assume Booth & Brennan use it doesn’t seem likely it’s a bomb.If it turns out it was a listening device *eww* I wonder if the new Ghost Killer will be the one listening in. Really wish they would accidentally break the damn clock and find out what’s inside.

  12. M says:

    I don’t understand all of the hate towards Neal. I love him an I hope he ends with Emma

    • queerbec says:

      It’s the appeal of the bad boy! As TV watchers get more accustomed to murderers and criminals being the focus of television shows, it’s made bad boy worship okay. Plus there’s always the fantasy that a good woman’s love will redeem the bad boy. (That explains a good 60% of the first marriages in this country.)

      • xx says:

        How does bad-boy-love engender Neal-hate? You don’t get much worse than being a thief, sending your pregnant girlfriend to jail, and abandoning the kid.

  13. Maria says:

    Catherine to be Vincents second choice, again. Rename the show, Beauty and the Beast that wants to date other people. All of V’s endearing qualities are gone. I find the roof flashbacks cringy..especially after he was abusive to her there. Roof was a safehaven to them, that’s gone. Vincent is really unlikeable and I don’t know if he can come back from that. They turned him to a neanderthal who can’t think or reason for himself.

    Writers basically killed everything good from the show. Cat’s real dad, sister, Evan.. her boss.

  14. Devin says:

    Love Catherine and Steve together. I think she is a wonderful addition to Hawaii Five 0!

  15. Maryann says:

    This season is not nearly as good as last year. Everything really special about the show is gone. That said, I still don’t want them to pull it.

  16. Rich Abey says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the two-parters of Castle, especially the one back in S2 when we had Dana Delaney guest-starring on the show or even the one last season where we had some real fatherly emotions on display from Castle (plus we finally met Rick’s mysterious dad..which was a huge bonus..Josh Brolin!). So I’d love me some two-parters this season too..or given that we’ve had sort of a three-parter with the DC arc, we could have one special episode..maybe have Agent Jordan Shaw back? It’s highly plausible you know..what with Dana’s show ‘Body of Proof’ now cancelled, clearing her shcedule up a bit. Plus Dana was a fan-favorite on Castle..out of all the guest stars we’ve had, Dana’s character probably had the best chemistry with Kate & Rick.

    • Saskatoon says:

      It was actually James Brolin, not Josh Brolin. James Brolin actually revealed in an interview yesterday that he’s returning to Castle this season in an episode that they start filming in a week or so. That’s probably 13th episode this season airing sometime in late january or early february.

  17. barbara says:

    i also like steve and catherine together as far as steve and dannys bromance you have to have some humor these shows. this thing with pelant coming back just ridiculous hope it just a video or something why do we always need serial killers for storylines that just drag on

  18. Babybop says:

    I don’t know if I like Stefan and Katherine together…

  19. Ruth says:

    Do you know if Nicholas Brendon will be on anymore episodes of Criminal Minds this year? He is an underused actor. I hope they put him in more episodes. Thanks!!

  20. Sam says:

    I don’t care who end up with Steve, all I want is the show to focus on other casts beside Steve/Cath. Personally I think they are boring and definitely there no chemistry between Alex/Michelle.

  21. colleen says:

    Excited about Paget Brewster’s return to Criminal Minds for #200 and hopefully many more episodes. Erica Messer needs to finally make Hotch/Prentiss happen like she promised.

    • Linda says:

      Except they just had an entire episode devoted to Hotch realizing that he and Beth should be together. So I’m pretty sure Hotch/Prentiss wouldn’t be in the cards even if Paget came back to the show.

  22. Angie says:

    Remember when Steve was against Catherine join five-o in the beginning.By joining five-o could getting her kill he did not want her involve in the case find Kono and Adam I’m pretty sure Catherine making enemies that five- o has, that could kill her this season.Steve sign her death sentence.

    • JM says:

      Good point. Wonder if they’re setting this up?

    • Brendan says:

      I’ll tell you something. Kono is a stupid character and she’s is starting to lose interest in many fans of that show. Also, Steve and Catherine’s relationship is interesting to watch, but some of us do fear that she may up getting killed like Renee Walker did in 24. I loved the Jack/Renee relationship of 24 and was livid when they killed her off. I bet the same thing might happen to Catherine.

  23. Paula Baum says:

    I really got interested in The Glades this past season only to find it dropped. Is there any chance it could be picked up by another network?

  24. Peace says:

    I think there’s plenty of room for everyone on Hawaii Five-0. I love Kono, but I also love Catherine. I love Steve. I love Danny… I love all of them. I’m not sure why everyone has to argue this ridiculous core 4 bussiness. So many shows have cast changes over the years, additions and subtractions. Steve/Catherine was established way back in season one just like Kono. Steve and Danny are best friends and will doubtfully ever have a romantic thing. Just not that kind of show, folks. Why does there have to be so much hate?

    I’m just going to keep watching and enjoying all of my favorites!

    I wish we could have Emily Prentiss back on CM for good, but at least we get an episode. I’ll take it!

  25. Sam says:

    The answer to “Will Castle Season 6 have a two part episode?” – Venessa – has a misleading answer. Maybe there is no two part episode completed coming – but this week’s episode with the nefarioius Anne Wershing disappearing is a direct lead to a future episode. Maybe not in Season 6, but next year almost definately!