Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez Talks Callie-Centric Episode, Her Own Expiring Contract (Gulp) and Life After Arizona (With a Man?!)

Sara Ramirez Leaving Grey's AnatomySomething has been lost amid all the hullabaloo surrounding the expiring contracts of Grey’s Anatomy‘s original sextet — or rather someone: Sara Ramirez. Like co-stars Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, James Pickens, Jr., Chandra Wilson and official departee Sandra Oh, Ramirez’ current pact with the show is also set to lapse at the end of the ABC hit’s current 10th season — a fact the actress confirmed to me earlier this week during a visit to TVLine’s NY HQ.

VIDEO | Sandra Oh to Shonda Rhimes: Don’t Kill Off Cristina

But Ramirez’ uncertain Grey’s future was but one of several hot topics on the table during our candid chat, which you can view in its entirety below. The Broadway vet also previewed this Thursday’s flashback-heavy Callie-centric episode (answers are coming!), teased her alter ego’s reaction upon learning Arizona has been playing doctor with intern Leah (“It’s how she finds out… “), and looked ahead to Callie’s own rebound relationship — with a woman or a man (cough Owen?! cough).

Oh, and watch as Ramirez casually reveals which Grey’s cast member is her workout buddy!

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  1. Tess says:

    I Love Sara Ramirez and here interviews. This episode will be so good

  2. Francesca says:

    Sara Ramirez is SO GREAT! They better re-up her contract after this season!!!

    • S says:

      Sara Ramirez is one of my favorites to watch in interviews. She is always so invested in her character and Arizona and Callie’s relationship. You can tell she really loves her job. Sometimes, people on this show(especially in the past) don’t really appreciate or acknowledge how great this job is. But Sara really does. And I agree with Michael, Callie and Arizona are made for each other. They are one of the few staple couples on this show, past, present and future. It’s gonna be a long ride, but I can’t seriously believe that they wouldn’t eventually get back together after all those years together. Too much time was invested in them. In real life, maybe they wouldn’t given the circumstances, but this is far from real life, it’s a TV show, and for that reason Callie and Arizona will eventually make their way back to one another.

  3. Ashley says:

    she really is flawless.

  4. Jenna says:

    I really love your interviews with both Sandra Oh and Sara Ramirez this season. You have such a great history from the start with Grey’s Anatomy that it has been a real pleasure watching these. Hope before the season ends, you get a chance to interview the rest of the actors who have contracts that “may or may not” end before season 11. Thank you Michael. This was wonderful.

  5. Francesca says:

    And NO, Michael Ausiello, NO NO NO Callie/Owen. Good lord…. just no.

  6. Maki says:

    Such a great and funny person. I love Sara she is such a great actress, so funny, so many emotions, just tremendous. I really hope they leave Calzona alone and don’t push them together anymore. For me it really doesn’t feel good anymore since S07 and Arizona’s pregnancy induced departure and the cheating was really bad executed even though I loved Hilary’s character on the show.

  7. Trista says:

    I am so glad that they are not forgetting that Callie is bi-sexual.

  8. Emma says:

    There will be no moving on there will be Callie reacting to Arizona and Leah, Arizona finally accepting she has made mistakes as has Callie and then Calzona working to get back to each other. They are each others happy ending, they are MFEO. And Callie and Owen, that is just a big NO. We saw a glimpse of what that would look like in If/Then and it was not right, they are much better friends,.

  9. Rose says:

    Callie and Ginger? Ewwwwwww…

    • trainwreck says:

      my reaction would not be Ewww but some what Meh.
      Remember the “What If?” episode – when in alternate reality, Callie was married to Owen! They both weren’t actually happy.

  10. Drew says:

    Can’t believe I’m commenting on Grey’s Anatomy, but here goes…

    Arizona moved on before the relationship was even over and she hasn’t even really looked back. I think they’ve gotten to a point where they don’t need to get them back together, because it seems like that would be forced. The end of the relationship was pretty natural and a long time coming. So just end it. Move on. No endgame whatever.

    Callie and Owen? There have been worse ideas, but it might be nice to bring in someone who doesn’t work at the hospital. It’s feeling way too incestuous around there already.

    • Jenna says:

      The problem with dating outside the hospital (even in the case of Emma/Owen right now) is at some point there is no real reason for the person to constantly be at the hospital and let’s face it, these characters primarily live at the hospital. For instance, with the character Finn in S2-3, it almost became a case of him stalking Meredith. He was a vet, should have been VERY busy, yet seemed to be at her hospital constantly to the point of being creepy. They can be patients (which didn’t work so well in the cases of Denny, Henry) but if you really want a character like Callie to move on, then I’m thinking it’s gonna have to be a character in the hospital already for ongoing SL sake, or perhaps “if” that is Shonda Rhimes & Co long term intentions, they can add a character (I know I know. it feels like we have a few dozen as is) but dating outside the hospital thus far, only works short term really.

      • trainwreck says:

        agree to everything state above! Unless shonda finds some way to make Callie’s next catch a hospital employee, i don’t see any outsider survive the relationship. May be a new Harper Avery management person or with Cristina’s departure, a new Cardio attending?

    • Babygate says:

      The relationship was ended by infidelity. In what universe is that natural? Callie’s world has been turned upside down. She still loves Arizona but has to deal with the fact that Arizona has so much anger towards her because of the amputation. That’s a lot of crap to deal with. And Arizona may have cheated and is using sex to avoid the situation, but she still loves Callie. If the fact that she showed jealousy when Callie met Emma is not proof enough, consider that she still hasn’t taken off her ring or the necklace. She’s still hanging on even though she’s the one that walked away. Point is that none of this is natural. They both need some serious help. And until they do, they won’t be able to commit to anyone else. Arizona is having all the sex she wants with Leah, and hating every moment of it. She took off her necklace for the first time last week but still kept her ring on. I mean, who does that? If you want to move on, then let go and move on. But she’s stuck. Again, nothing about what she’s going through is natural.

      • Drew says:

        Ending a relationship because someone cheats is pretty natural. Cheating shows a lack of respect. Lack of commitment. Lack of love. Arizona might want to go back in time, but the relationship is dead. She spent a year pretty much hating Callie before that cheating happened. Making them a happy couple again would just be silly after two years of implosion.

  11. jj says:

    If you would have asked me last season I would have said that Arizona is Callie’s happy ending. However, the way things have unfolded this season, to me, it feels like they are over.

  12. Sam says:

    It’s so cute that Sara and Sandra are workout buddies. Love them both.

  13. Tony says:

    How I wish they would have pushed the time frame back a few weeks so we could see Mark alive in the hospital.

    As for her and Owen…… Yes Please!!!!! In If/Then they both had issues at the time they needed to work though and have since then. I think they would be an amazing couple.

    • Ninna says:

      They’re pushing that story now with Emma. Two people very alike that mightn’t work in the long run. In the If/then episode Callie and Owen wanted the same things in life, though they were not happy with each other. He was pinning for Cristina and she for Arizona and didn’t even know why. So, I think we are about to see that exact same story, but instead of Callie they’re using Emma. Or he might have an attack of good judgment (which is rare in that character) and choose to let Emma go before he really breaks her heart. Because everyone, except him already understood that he is not ready for dating yet.

  14. Annemijk says:

    I love how she was very clear and open about bisexuality, a lot of people really don’t get it. So many times ive seen comments (or even articles) saying: o but she is gay now or this character is in a relationship with a man so she is straight again, it is great to show how it actually works

    • Babygate says:

      Amazing that after all these years she still has to break it down to people. Like every time she goes on The View and Barbara makes some kind of ignorant comment that Sara always has to correct.

  15. Babygate says:

    Love, LOVE her. I love how invested she is in her craft. And I love how she can switch from drama to comedy and back so seamlessly and being always on point. Her comedic timing, her expressions and her delivery are always on point. I’m enjoying the lighter side of Callie this season immensely. And for crying out loud, don’t even kid about bringing Owen and Callie together. That is just cringe-worthy. I know Greys has no moral compass but this would be wrong at so many levels. Callie and Cristina may not be BFFs but they respect each other and care about each other. Cristina is Sofia’s godmother, for pete’s sake. For them to get together not only would put a target on Callie’s back but it would break Cristina’s heart. That cannot happen. Owen and Emma are good together. Vanilla. Non-threatening. They have no chance of overshadowing Crowen. I love how Sara reacted to that idea. Completely agree with the sentiment. And I really hope that she stays on the show. She’s literally the reason I started watching. Without her I would have no incentive to watch…

  16. Willowon3 says:

    Love Sara Ramirez, love her voice and she has such a beautiful smile. She has a great sense of humor too. Callie must be sent from heaven if she took Arizona back after learning that her estranged wife not only cheated with a random woman but been sleeping around with an intern. I didn’t see her feeling bad about it though. So I agree, Callie should just leave Arizona and move on with somebody else. With a man or woman doesn’t matter but not Owen please hee hee. A new character maybe. A hunky and funny doctor perhaps. Calzona endgame is too far fetched even for a tv show.

  17. Lea says:

    Callie become one of my favourites this season. I think her away from Arizona had something to do with that.
    I really can’t see how they will reunite them without being forced, sometimes love is not enough, though I don’t see the love between them. It wasn’t shown on screen this season. Arizona is disgusting and selfish, and both Callie and Sofia deserves so much better,

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Selfish? Well, regardless of her actions, she still has been through a lot. She lost her leg, she almost died out in the woods. It’s completely believable that she resents Callie for Callie’s constant complaining about how much SHE lost out in those woods, in that crash, when Arizona *ACTUALLY* suffered.

      Granted, that doesn’t JUSTIFY cheating, but it EXPLAINS where Arizona was coming from. Callie was so busy with her “woe is me, I’m not getting sex! I lost Mark! Oh I have to help you!” whining that she never even saw how hurt Arizona was. I am not a fan of cheaters, and have a hard time forgiving even TV cheaters, but honestly, there is so much suffering and pain between these two that I can’t pick a side.

  18. Mareesa says:

    Good interview. I hope she and Arizona both move on.

  19. Jill says:

    She’s so articulate and lovely and talented and gorgeous and a brilliant actress. What a great interview! I love when she does comedy, and I also love her drama. She tore my heartstrings out during that fight with Arizona! I’ll be so sad if she leaves.

  20. greysfan says:

    Callie and Owen? Hell no Ausiello. Don’t even go there! Sara is great and have loved the interviews you have been doing. The way she performs on camera she hasn’t been given the credit she well and truly deserves.

  21. tahina says:

    My girl crush for Sara went up 1000000 times. <3<3<3<3<3

  22. DarkDefender says:

    I think a Callie/Avery thing.. Would be awesome..

  23. chris says:

    Such a lovely, intelligent, well spoken woman, not to mention a fantastically talented one!

    I hope ABC sees fit to renegotiate a fair contract for her to stay on board with Grey’s. They would be smart to sweeten the deal by signing her to a future/post Grey’s development vehicle as well.

    I’m sure SaRa will knock it out of the park in this episode. Its just a shame that the writers have to ret-con the Callie/Arizona storyline for a sweeps episode, rather than having developed their story organically and coherently over the past two seasons.

    The idea of throwing flashbacks now to bring the audience some semblance of understanding of the hot mess the writers have made of the C/A story, may well be as fatally flawed an approach, as the treatment plan Callie developed for the patient throwing clots to his legs in this episode.

    As Callie’s treatment plan didn’t work, likewise a one shot ret-con now of what should have been shown, on screen over the past two seasons of this couples journey, may do little to repair the damage done to the audiences appreciation of them.

    Greys hacks have done C/A wrong, and no ret-con can repair the massive damage done to their credibility and likeability.

  24. Jan says:

    Nice interview. Ramirez is such a class act!

  25. Marci Garrett says:

    Callie is my favorite character and Sara is my favorite actress if she leaves I’m done with the show I hope she renews her contract!!

  26. jessica says:

    Sara is my reason for watching the show every relationship without misunderstanding is no love. I love everything about calzona and if she leaves, I will stop watching

    • Summer says:

      I personally think that ‘Calzona’ should be endgame. They both have made a lot of mistakes, gone through a lot-maybe Arizona made some few more than Callie but the thing is, these two characters invested such a lot in their relationship, the show invested such a lot in the relationship, its authentic, its beautiful, it has real problems and it would be difficult to picture Callie with someone else. I’d much rather see the writers letting them go through all the ups and downs-while constantly growing until they get to the point where they have really matured enough to handle a relationship with ups and downs. Quite a few times I got upset with the way Arizona has treated Callie but I’ve also seen relationships coming back from the worst to make it (in real life). I agree that Arizona and Callie are each others happy endings. They both just need to ‘see’ it and mostly understand it. I would be very disappointed if ‘Calzona’ is not endgame or they kill one of the characters off or one of them die naturally or if one of them just leave. Before Arizona, Callie has been portrayed beautifully, in relationship with Arizona, aslo beautifully portrayed, but a core point has always been their relationship, their internal and external issues, how they relate towards others, how it branches out in their daily life situations, etc. – in other words, what most relationships in real life goes through. For example, people married for 50 years will tell you that they went through many of the things ‘Calzona’ is going through. Many times it takes yearsss before two people learn how to maturely handle the ups and downs of a relationship without walking away at every down.

      In my personal opinion, the show would lose viewers if Calzona is not endgame or if one of them is paired with someone else – whether someone from inside or outside the hospital. The writers of this show took the time to invest in the Calzona relationship and when they did that, I’m sure they knew the viewers would start investing in it too – so they shouldn’t let it slide away in some wishy-washy way. Many relationships go through the worst and the toughest but they do survive in the end. Calzona is a beautiful relationship even though right now it shows the opposite but the beauty will always lie in the authenticity given to it – so any relationship with such authenticity can survive – I really do hope they allow Calzona the chance to be one of those relationship.

  27. Summer says:

    I want to add by saying that since it looks inevitable, Calzona should be allowed to evaluate and re-evaluate their relationship, their external obstacles that led to the inner conflict, they should be allowed to grow, develop but because of the investment in their relationship they should be allowed to smooth the rough patches out and work their way towards each other again. It would be a grave injustice to their relationship if it does not happen. Have you notices how TV writers nowadays does not make a big issue about bi-sexual or same sex TV relationships – they don’t put emphasise on it as ‘Type-D’ (different) relationships but it just naturally becomes part of a storyline and all other characters just naturally relate to it – but then you find that on all bi-sexual and same sex TV relationships there seems to be an expiry date (it never lasts; its never endgame; one of them always goes back to a man; one of them always die) – and then you realize but in placing an expiry date on it, they do in fact emphasise the ‘Type-D-ness” of these relationships after all.

    So, I hope the writers of the Calzona storyline change the tables around for once.

  28. jessica says:

    I love their relationship so much and callie is my reason for watching the show. If callie leaves, it is a death end for me.